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Remember during the Drought of 2016 how we kept ourselves alive with the hope of what the Dunkirk red carpet might look like? How we imagined how proud Harry would be? Standing beside titans of the craft? How beautiful he would look? Aglow with excitement? What he would wear? And how it would perfectly reflect his own style while still respecting the magnitude of the film and it’s ensemble cast? 

 And remember today? How we watched him in true Harry Styles fashion do just exactly that but somehow, impossibly, even more, even better than we ever imagined?

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I have this new addiction and it’s called Critical Role. It’s a show on Geek and Sundry where a group of voice actors play D&D and it’s magnificent. For the past couple weeks I’ve been watching an episode a day and I can’t stop! It’s just so great!

This piece is dedicated to an obsession within an obsession: Gilmore the wizard merchant and Vax’ildan the half-elf rogue. They are… more or less canon…?

Anyway, go watch Critical Role!


Ace Visconti

I forgot about these. One def an older work was on my twitter ever since forever but forgot to upload here. This survivor very under appreciated while he is the best smug bastard who actually carries HOPE to the team. His positivism is delightful and alas my second favourite survivor obviously needed some more artworks. His white hat is magnificent piece of art. As his voice actor said; 

“Death is not an escape” but glorious fashion lives on forever.

Regardless to say the white hat one was dedicated to S.V. Wrigth. :>

The finger guns were birthday present to @uneshoboshaman for their birthday as they main Ace ;3

  • You, A fool: The Great Comet's producers switched Oak with Mandy because they are racist assholes, who can't see real talent, and because of that I will not support the show.
  • Me, not a fool: The Great Comet's producers did not think about race in this situation at all, they thought about money and keeping the show alive, ya know what they need to think about. I do agree that they could've explained it better but they announced it to the public like they did when Brittain was switched with Ingrid Michaelson. It was the public eye that made this whole thing into a big deal AND Oak I love the guy I really do but he could've and should've handled the whole situation like a professional. Great Comet is a great show and no matter how bad this whole thing looks you should support the show. please. Just think of how many amazing actors will be out of a job. Lucas Steele, Denée Benton, Gelesy Bell, and so many other magnificent actors. Please support the show. please please please please. this show deserves way more that want it has been given. I love the other shows but this one holds a special place in my heart. It was my first broadway show I ever saw and I felt such a connection to every person in the audience and every actor and,,, sorry im rambling and I don't really have much to say other than support this show please please please, spread the word to every inch of the broadway community, buy tickets! it's actually pretty cheap compared to everything else. BUY MERCH!!! A very easy way to help them just do whatever you can.