and THAT

i say “i’m so terrifyingly empty that
when i look in mirrors,
i get vertigo”
and he laughs like
sparrows taking flight and when
his hands tangle in my hair and our lips connect
i’m sure he thinks i’m feeling something
besides a vague regret

somehow i have gone so far from where i belong
i have witnessed my own downfall and
my hands never stop shaking and my stomach
never settles down and i don’t know if i wanna die
or i’m just in love with being six feet underground

what gets bigger the more you take out of it?
a hole, a girl, a brain that is rusting her teeth and
sinking her ships and holding her hostage

last night, did you see?
she almost cried
about something.

kinda okay, kinda wishing
something might just come and
kill me.

—  I think about having myself committed daily.” /// r.i.d

anonymous asked:

Boo hoo, straight people getting sad because queers are frustrated with the lack of representation of queer people. It's obviously your choice to do whatever you want but holy shit, getting pissed off at them doesn't make you look good. There are very legitimate reasons for their frustration.


Okay first of all, I’m not mad at them (I mean queer people in general) I’m mad at those one or two anons who won’t lay the fuck off.

Second, pushing their preferences on what MY character should be like doesn’t make THEM look good.




It’s part three of the current Gallifrey Records fic tennis, because it wouldn’t be Gallifrey Records fic tennis if we weren’t spilling over into new posts with our wordiness. Here’s Part One and Part Two if you’d like to catch up, or you think you missed something. As Allison has mentioned before, we’re touching on the theme of memory loss in this story, so please savior “fic tennis” if you want to avoid the topic. 

Rose has never been so relieved to see Donna in her entire life and she’s up off the wall in a flash, wrapping Donna in a hug.

"How did you — how are you here? Oh my god, Donna," she nearly crumples as Donna slips her arms around Rose, returning the hug for a long moment before pulling back.

"Turns out someone overheard the conversation you had with your friend in there in the grocery store, and snapped a picture of the two of you. They posted it to Twitter, and suddenly the internet’s on fire, talking about the world’s greatest Doctor and Rose impersonators," Donna says.

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