and Rancho

Honestly if anyone is proof of Drift compatibility being a real thing it’s the McElroys. Like they are so constantly in synch with their thoughts and humour that you can totally picture them still blasting off one-liners and goofs while simultaneously suplexing a kaiju in their jaeger, Rancho Greatjob


This is the heartwarming moment a circus lion feels grass and soil beneath its feet after spending 13 years locked in a tiny cage.

The big cat, named Will, had travelled in a small cart for more than a decade, forced to perform as the circus moved around America. But Will’s fate was to take a dramatic turn after he was rescued by Ranchos dos Gnomos Santuario in Brazil and given a new home. After being released from the cold metal cage, the lion immediately ran over the soft soil and grass, rubbing its paws into the earth before rolling over and taking in all the new sights and smells.The amazing footage was actually recorded back in 2006, but has only just been made available to the public. (Source)

ok i’m so sorry but here are a few more shining moments of pure beauty from the mbmbam pilot

  • “one time i saw a video of a rancho molt its skin and my eyes went to hell”
  • it’s so hilarious that griffin, who was in an anti-bullying PSA as a tiny babe, again speaks out against bullying, holding a basketball like a hip 90′s kid
  • griffin mcelroy only carries $3 in his wallet
  • when the spider guy tries to bring a molted spider skin into travis’s spider-free palace the boys are like “nononono seriously stop.” what good bros
  • ranchos are the coolest. and i gotta tell ya, babes dig ranchos the most. eight legs of justice
  • “please don’t trip. please don’t trip. oh no he tripped! he’s rolling down a hill onto the highway! he’s in a lake! why are you filming, help our dad!”
  • why were they eating spaghetti in a pool