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Oh shit. sudden Hartwin plot idea…

Eggsy doesn’t shoot JB, Harry says he’ll sort this out when he gets back. Rest of the  movie happens.

and then, in a supremely disappointing twist, after Vday, Eggsy doesn’t get knighted. He failed his test, saving the world didn’t change shit, and didn’t matter to the stiff weak-chinned posh assholes that are still around the knights’ table. 

So Eggsy gets compensation from Kingsman, enough to save his mum and daisy and move somewhere else and keep his one suit and he’s out to drift. And it sucks, and eggsy doesn’t know what to do with himself anymore, he’s so jilted at this point. He gets some schmo job just to keep an income, at a grocery store or someshit, maybe a personal trainer at a gym? idk. doesn’t matter. whatever it is it’s thoroughly unfulfilling and eggsy gets morose and resigned while dealing with his Vday ptsd and mourning Harry and his own life/future/potential lost. 

Then bam. nearly a year later guess who shows up on Eggsy’s doorstep. None other than his Harry and its a strange and sad reunion. Eggsy doesn’t even get why Harry’s bothered with him at this point he’s pretty deeply entrenched in his own self-loathing. 

then Harry proposes a thing. Reminds Eggsy that he said he’d sort this out when he got back, and it took a while, but now he’s back, and he’s sticking to his word and he’s sorting this and Eggsy should really go and quit that shite job, Harry has a better one.

And Eggsy perks. Harry proposes him to be his own knight. Harry’s own personal agent. Directly under Arthur’s orders (for thats who Harry is now. They are still interviewing new Galahad recruits over at Kingsman). Like a ghost operative I suppose, because Harry needs him, wants Eggsy to stay (even if he won’t admit that to the boy), and Harry has tasks he cannot entrust to kingsman at large. Espionage within other mercenary spy organizations and the like. 

Eggsy will need to be better than he was, better than a kingsman, more specific tactical training, better at just about everything because he has to be that much more careful hide from goddamn spies, but Harry trains him at night, and eggsy moves into his home and in no time at all the boy is infiltrating kingsman without getting caught just to pop into Arthur’s office carrying lunch.

Eggsy gets his spark back, his soul, his eyes bright, and he performs for his king immaculately. he does anything and everything asked of him and does it perfectly because its all for Harry, his Harry, back from the dead, and Eggsy would burn the world for that man (had contemplated doing just that instead of saving it on Vday if burning it would have brought Harry back). Eggsy is gorgeous and dangerous and isolated and maybe a bit unhealthily obsessed and its just…yes. 


be still my ovaries

Abed Nadir is such an important character because he’s an Autistic person being written by an Autistic person who acknowledges the existence of Autism and he’s not some annoying white dude.

What about if everyone thought that Bard and Thranduil would make a really good couple and tried setting them up on dates and in suggestive situations and they are both like what is going on??? And lots of things like that happen and then they eventually are confused enough to ask people what is going on and everyone kind of ashamedly explains that they had been trying to set them up and Bard and Thranduil just share a look and then are like, but we already are together????

bf: “what are you thinking about?”

me: “oh nothing.”

me, internally: “How did Hide escape Noro? I mean the way that Tatara and Noro went ham on Seidou, it really doesn’t make sense that Noro would just let Hide walk away after seeing all that. The way that Hide greeted Kaneki in the coffee shop was also a little weird. Was this Ishidas way of telling us that the Pierrot theory was true? I mean, even if it comes to be true in the anime, will it also carry over into the manga? Would Ishida be that cruel to take away the only friend that kaneki has ever really had?? Also, if he is involved with the clowns, did he set Kaneki up to be messed around with Rize? Is that why Hide pushed for Kaneki to ask her out? What is really going on with this poor boy? How cruel and deep can Ishida Sui really get?”

the ridiculous and sentimental new year's day post

so it’s january 1st of another year and ha 2015 when the hell did that happen

a year ago I never would have guessed that a blog devoted to bob’s burgers would have become such an important part of 2014. I mean, I started this blog mostly on a whim and figured that it would mostly be me and photoshop and the occasional gifset

but holy fucking hell this whole strange blogging experience has been so much more fantastic and ridiculous and wonderful than I ever would have guessed and that is entirely due to all of you — you amazing spectacular fools and HA this is so unbelievably sappy whatever it’s fine

anyway this is really an unnecessarily long way of saying thank you. 2014 was sort of all over the place but having this blog and this show and this wonderful belcher family has been absolutely amazing.

so really, thank you for everything and shoot, here’s to 2015

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