Okay, so idk if anyone else sees it, but I’ve been studying this scene every time I watch it.

But guys, do you see that when he puts his head down, it kinda looks like he’s kissing her shoulder?!?! Because that’s what it looks like to me!

Also do you see how she grabs onto his neck! Like she doesn’t want to let him go! And the way she nuzzles him! Like oh my gosh! I’m dead. They killed me. I can’t with this scene. Too many damn feels


UtaPri Repeat [Ren] : May

Fascinated by Pianoforte – English Translation

i’m trying to get one out each month but my hw is piling up ahdjad but i’ll try my best :)

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My co workers wife is having a baby. And she’s being induced on march first. And I’m so so happy for him. He’s been so stressed about the health of the baby. He’s been so worried and I can see that it weighs heavy on him. Today he shared with all of us that the induction is happening and he had such a big smile on his face. The baby is growing and is healthy and is over due.
And it reminds me of how people say they want kids whenever they see a cute baby. I see people who pray for children, who lose sleep over the health of their babies, who stress and plan and prepare for this big thing that some people treat so casually
Idk that is why I don’t have baby fever. I want kids. But I don’t want to romanticiZe having kids. Because this shit is hard
Anyway he and the wife told me that if I want the kid can call me Auntie Nissi. And I’m excited for that. I’m ready to be cool auntie of my work niece

I mean I still see a handful of people complaining about floriana and really I’m just to a point were I can’t even see how people are STILL offended.
I can’t be one to speak I guess either (EVEN if I am latina and bisexual) I wasn’t really offended nor am I at this moment offended with the situation.
IDK like i said if I am allowed to say anything about this. 
BUT I am happy knowing that no matter what I know Chyler was also behind having Floriana as Maggie because she just felt that connection with her. Because she wanted to make it as real as she could.
AND THAT I think is amazing really…no matter that WOC issue. Yeah I get it people are upset but really its not worth not enjoying sanvers over it.
Floriana portrays Maggie really well and she puts her heart and soul into portraying her as amazing as she can. I really don’t think I can imagine anyone else as Maggie with how Flo has brought her to life for us.
I think we can at least appreciate that.

people who like yuri on ice are so split…there are like 2 camps for everything

  • “viktor is so pretty wtf we all want to be yuuri” / “YUURI IS SO HOT VIKTOR IS A LUCKY BASTARD”
  • “my gay sons…my sweet boys…so soft” / “i would sell my soul to have yuuri katsuki step on my dick in stilettos”
  • viktor/victor
  • yuuri/yuri
  • don’t get me started on otayuri and viktuuri
  • poignant, emotional fanart and text posts / “knife shoes”, “heart mouth motherfuckers”, “katsudon fatale”, general shitposts
  • “MORE CHUBBY YUURI” / “i want to rub myself on yuuri’s glorious lean thigh muscles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

lmao this fic I’m reading is from Ruby’s perspective and it’s just like

Ruby: My sister is straight.
Yang: *sees Blake*
Yang: *tells Ruby about how pretty that girl was and how she wants to get to know her over a drink*
Yang: *enthusiastically flirts with Blake the moment they start to interact*
Ruby: ??????

idk maybe i’m exaggerating or something but it hurts a little (a lot) when I see Namjoon say that Bang PD wasn’t sure if Spring Day was a good song after hearing Namjoon sing it and that maybe they should let one of the vocal line sing it instead to see if it was good or not…..or when Jin mentioned that he wanted to do some choreography for his solo performance for the Wings tour but he was shut down after he “took a couple of steps”……I understand they probably shared those stories with us to make light of the situation or share “funny” behind the scene stories but like……they’re trying so hard every day to improve these things, it’s obvious nowadays that they have become ambitious and want to try these two things that they may not have initially felt confident in more willingly but they still get put down in one way or another. it’s just sad.

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Is it just me or did Dean's "point one for her!" line to Mandy a couple eps ago seem a little fake? I mean, i try not to let my destiel goggles fuse to my face so badly that i can't see past them, or project what i *want* to be the case onto the scene, but Dean's body language (his facial expression, way he moved his hands/arms as he said it) just seemed way too exaggerated? Like the way someone laughs too loud at a joke that's not funny. Idk, it just stuck out to me.

Yeah, it stuck out to me the exact same way. Because the “point to her” was at his own expense. Like, he accidentally called himself on his own BS there, and it struck a little too close to home.

What could he say in response to that? He could either keep up the banter upping it into even more flirtatious territory, or he could admit defeat and let it drop. Because his flirting on Cas’s behalf there wasn’t meant to get results. I think he was relieved when the wifi kicked in and they could drop the pretense and go back to discussing the case at hand.

I mean, that’s how I read it.

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Hiii i've started watching skam and it's so good????? anyways my question is, why does everyone on tumblr disapprove of william and noora? i mean yeah i understand a bit but idk. could u explain? second question: i've seen people ship eva and vilde because they've kissed and yeah they're so adorable!!! but are they gonna end up together???? i want to see the lesbians!!! (i ship eva and noora a bit tho but vilde is so cute with eva hdjfcnfhdhgh)

Hey! aaah I’m glad you like it anon

Personally I just really don’t like William. They managed to make me feel a little bad for him at the end but agqhsdshjdg. I hate how he blackmailed Noora into going out with him, how the beginning of their relationship is based on him manipulating her. I hate that they did the “she says no but she’s just playing hard to get” thing. And the “asshole becomes better thanks to a girl” thing. And the “feminist girl falls for a fuckboy” thing. CATCH THESE HANDS. And honestly since they spend 90% of the time arguing it’s hard for me to root for them lmao. Noora just deserves better than someone who’s constantly undermining her you know? 

Also Noora SHOULD be with Eva????? what were they thinking
S1 looked sooo gay, all this time spent on Eva hesitating to add Noora on facebook, trying to find the right thing to say in her first message, Eva arriving in the classroom and wanting to sit next to Noora but the seat gets taken by a dude but then Noora leaves to go sit next to Eva? It felt like the beginning of a lesbian romance movie???

I ship Eva and Vilde too because Vilde is DEFINITELY into girls, she has to realize it, let her date a girl! They really are cute together.. Who knows if they’ll write them as a couple, it’d be soooo nice or maybe Vilde could be the main of a season and fall in love with a new girl?? I don’t know, they just make sure we know Vilde has Gay Thoughts so act on it, pleaaaase

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Sana and Jihyo fought?? When? But I agree those 3 seem to be the most intimidating along with Chaeng (but she's young so...). Based on my observation, Jihyo and Nayeon seem to butt heads the most (not like 2yeon who have like lovers quarrels) but if you notice their facial expressions or Idk the vibe...You can feel that at times Nayeon and Jihyo are "mad" at each other. I feel like Jihyo is more mature than Nayeon and wants to have the upper hand but Nayeon's older so it gets tense.

Yeah I agree, Nayeon and Jihyo are really close friends but I can see a lot of disagreements happening between them as well. Nayeon is the eldest and hierarchy suggests she take lead on decisions, but Jihyo is the leader and the most mature member so they’d clash a lot. But yeah Sana mentioned in a video that she and Jihyo were fighting, and it was sort of joking, but not really. I can’t for the life of me find the gif set where I first saw it. 

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I self dx'd myself as autistic and I was just getting to a point where I have been accepting it, but I accidentally followed a blog who is anti-self dx and I read a post that talked about how 'you can trick yourself into thinking you have 'x, y, z' and now I am back to square one. Also, since I recently became close to someone and I want to tell them about some of my issues but if I don't even know if I really have these issues I don't want to talk about them but I don't know if I should (1/2)

(2/2) I don’t want to talk about it if I just tricked myself. I was thinking of just not saying anything and him just see it himself. Idk. i am so conflicted. Basically, my questions are 1.) can you actually trick yourself into thinking you have autism? and 2.) What should I do about telling the other person? Should I? or Should I just not say anything?

!) I think it is possible to be confused about what you have. You can have symptoms that look like autism but that are actually something else. Don’t feel bad for self-dx, though. You can try to get a professional opinion if you can.

2) I don’t know. It depends on if you want to do so. You can tell the person that you are not 100% sure but that you have symptoms that look like something?

Reveal fic idea

One day adrien wakes up late for school because *insert any valid reason here* and doesn’t have time to do his hair like he usually does. So he ends up going to school “styled” how chat noir wears his hair and during class marinette starts to see a similarity between the two and is theorizing if not completely convinced that adrien is chat noir.

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Hey Liza what are your thoughts on a lot of people assuming that the CS adventure won't actually have the 2 of them together (based on Natalie's post). Idk unless Adam was blatantly lying, I just don't see how an adventure has romance and passion if the couple isn't together during it. Sometimes I wish Adam wouldn't tease stuff like that, because it creates expectations that weren't there previously, and will prob leave a lot of ppl bitter if the adventure doesn't have the 2 of them together.

I don’t have thoughts on other people’s assumptions, they can assume what they want. Also I will be bitter if Adam doesn’t deliver on his promise, so I sure as heck can’t blame anyone else for feeling the same way. However, that hasn’t happened yet.

As to the crux of your question, I agree, I don’t see how an adventure can be “epic” and filled with “danger, romance and passion” if they’re not together. That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. That answer made me wonder if the adventure is happening in the final 2 hours of the season…

I hate group chats so much like I’m in one for the people I’m going to tokyo with but like….idk none of them seem like they like me and they just kind of ignore what I say I’m probably overreacting but like….I dunno they all have some academic major and I’m in art so they like talking about their classes and stuff and I’m like… wait….please no I hate this I want someone to be my friend please don’t leave me alone

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How is chardee lesbophobic? I'm also confused about how recent season have focused just on macdennis when Charlie and Dee literally made out the season before last... if you don't ship it that's obviously fine but it's been there just as much as macdennis. Like, the gang misses the boat wasn't even the first time Charlie and Dee kissed. I don't understand why so many people are so anti chardee. I can't help but wonder if a lot of it is people just wanting no focus on Dee on the show

idk why the focus has been so heavily swung towards mac and dennis the past couple years but i’m REALLY over it… dee is barely even IN the episodes anymore and charlie’s characterization is getting pretty bastardized. like as much as i’m living for the macdennis narrative finally happening i would also like for it to just HAPPEN already so maybe we can start seeing a little more balance in who gets focused on.

as for the lesbophobic thing, that’s admittedly a joke– i personally headcanon dee as a lesbian who’s DEEPLY closeted and struggling with compulsory heterosexuality. chardee becomes a lesbophobic ship in that sense, but in canon there’s not necessarily anything pointing to that (although i think the argument can be made that dee is still canonically bi).

i really don’t think people dislike chardee because they don’t wanna see dee on the show. speaking just from my own feelings and observations, it seems like it’s either that people headcanon dee as a lesbian, or else they just don’t want what precious little screentime she gets lately to be focused on a relationship between her and charlie. all shipping aside, i know that i personally am MUCH more interested in seeing dee bitter and angry and scheming than in seeing her and charlie kiss, just because i think the former is far more interesting to her as a character.

and i mean…. charlie kind of did slap dee twice before kissing her in s3? and she quite visibly freezes up and doesn’t kiss him back when he pulls that on her? and then he slaps her AGAIN after he pulls away. i know there’s no Sunshine Ships in always sunny but i personally have a pretty hard time looking past that (even though that isn’t the case in s10).

ship what you want by all means, but i’m personally just not a fan of chardee. that said, it absolutely IS NOT because i don’t want to see dee in the show.