and I'm still hungry even after eating

  • Chili: Ayyyyyyyy Cilan. Cilan. Cress and I are going out tonight. You're gonna have the gym all to yourself. You should invite Iris over. You and Iris together. Alone. In the gym.
  • Cilan: ...
  • Chili: This big ol' gym, all to yourselves. Where no one can hear you.
  • Cilan: ...
  • Chili: You can even have a nice dinner together. Alone. No one can hear you talking--that is, if you do any talking at all.
  • Cilan: Chili.
  • Chili: If you're still hungry after dinner, well, I'm sure Iris would love to have you eat something else. In this gym, where you're alone, and no one can hear you.
  • Cilan: Chili, no.
  • Chili: Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy B)

anonymous asked:

I am going insane!! ALL of my friends calorie restrict and workout like crazy and it's really triggering my disordered thoughts around eating because they're getting skinny and never seem to be hungry even though Im still hungry even after eating 2000 cals? It's making me question whether to start restricting again. they are losing weight and I'm not, I know it's not about that but it's making me super anxious X

Noooo girl! Please don’t start restricting again! Okay let’s just take a step back for a second. Yes your friends may seem like they are totally happy and aren’t hungry but trust me behind the senses they aren’t happy! No one is truly happy when they are restricting! I had a similar experience in high school one of my friends was always thinner then me and she had better “self control” and was never as hungry as me. But turns out she was bulimic behind closed doors and now (5 years later) is struggling with health issues and weight gain!!!

Health and weight loss are a long term journey! In 5 years time you will be happy and healthy because you stuck to this long term! and if your friends keep up this restricting they will completely mess up their metabolism, hormones and so much more. This is a crucial time for you to be fueling yourself correctly, your setting yourself up for the rest of your LIFE!! Restricting may give you short term weight loss and quick results but at what cost? Do you want to go round and round in circle for the rest of your life restricting your calories? Hell no!

I know you want to look and feel your best but please know that looking a certain way is NEVER more important then your health. If you want a fit body then exercise is key NOT restricting! But always ask your self! Why do I want to look like this? Is it because I want to FEEL health and fit or is it because of social pressure? You are enough and beautiful the way you ARE don’t go comparing yourself to other girls who aren’t even happy with themselves!

You are young and have power to make the right decisions for your health that will really help you a lot later in life. I wish everyday I knew about this lifestyle when I was younger! Be strong, go against crowd and do YOU! 💜