and I'm still hungry even after eating

  • Chili:Ayyyyyyyy Cilan. Cilan. Cress and I are going out tonight. You're gonna have the gym all to yourself. You should invite Iris over. You and Iris together. Alone. In the gym.
  • Cilan:...
  • Chili:This big ol' gym, all to yourselves. Where no one can hear you.
  • Cilan:...
  • Chili:You can even have a nice dinner together. Alone. No one can hear you talking--that is, if you do any talking at all.
  • Cilan:Chili.
  • Chili:If you're still hungry after dinner, well, I'm sure Iris would love to have you eat something else. In this gym, where you're alone, and no one can hear you.
  • Cilan:Chili, no.
  • Chili:Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy B)