and I'm sorry if you disagree


“The Doctor showed me a better way to living your life. You know, he showed you too. That you don’t just give up, you don’t just let things happen. You make a stand, you say no! You have the guts to do what’s right when everyone else just runs away.”

  • Me, on a date:So what do you think of-
  • Date:wait aren't you gonna get your purse ready?
  • Me:what
  • Date:you're gonna ask me something that i disagree with and then you're gonna stuff your purse full of breadsticks and leave saying that you need to go right now and never to call you like that meme
  • Me:*sweats nervously*

what I’ve come to realize is that tumblr in itself is so 0 to 100. There’s no grey area for anyone or anything when in fact it is vital that there is one. There is right and there is wrong, but there is also the act of being human. The ability to have faults gives people character and important experiences. Lessons. I can say that I love my family but some things that they say I disagree with. I still love them deeply. Do you see how that works?

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Don’t worry, Disney acquired Marvel to gain the make consumer audience; they will follow the money. That’s what Disney does.

Unfortunately, I have to disagree. Yes, Disney bought Marvel, but they did so to buy the market that’s aimed at boys, as they already own the one aimed at girls. It’s perfectly obvious once you walk into any Disney store - there’s a boys’ section, containing Marvel merchandise, and a girls’ section for the princess line.

Look, I’m not saying capitalism is evil, I’m just saying that there’s a difference between making movies for profit and making them because you have a story to tell. Marvel found its target audience, found a formula that works and now gosh-jolly they’re going to milk it for what’s it worth.

So, yeah. This is me, bitching about the fact that from what I’ve read in the reviews, half of Ant-man is devoted to making excuses why Hope van Dyne couldn’t be the hero of this movie.

What the hell is wrong today? I leave for a few hours to inappropriate tagging to arguing between people I care for…

Why is today so bitter? I wasn’t aware it was tearsday…

Stay Stay Stay: one girl's thoughts on why this song is underrated

The few reviews I’ve read of Taylor’s song “Stay Stay Stay” from her album Red have been negative and I have to say I disagree. Strongly. I mean I get why, on an album packed with lyrically dense, heartbreaking ballads, this song wouldn’t be your favorite. I get why, after listening to “All Too Well” or “The Last Time” or even “Begin Again” you wouldn’t exactly be in the mood for the light-hearted, some may say sugary, perkiness of “Stay Stay Stay”. What I don’t understand, and what I strongly disagree with, is the idea that a) happy Taylor isn’t worth listening to because her talent as a songwriter only extends to matters of heartbreak and b) that somehow the entire point of the song is as silly and as easily dismissed as the breezy cuteness of the delivery and arrangement. I disagree with the underlying idea of negative reviews of “Stay Stay Stay” which are, essentially, that the concept is silly and simplistic and not worth your time. I love “Stay Stay Stay” and while I agree that it may take more than one listen I think this is an incredible and deceptively affecting song that has at its heart a certain vulnerability, fear, and hope that only Taylor could manage to infuse into something that is so…cutesy.

“I’m pretty sure we almost broke up last night. I threw my phone across the room at you.” So the song begins. It’s like the setup for a romantic squabble between teenagers that even the highschool chick flick the scene is from parodies. As one reviewer noted, “It’s not cute to throw things at people even if you are a leggy blonde.” But that’s the point. Taylor, or at least this version of her, the girl in the song, wasn’t being particularly nice. At least not in that moment. She was being petulant and bratty, childish if you like, and she knows it. The opening lines are sung with a smile but inherently they’re sad. I’m pretty sure we almost broke up…I’m pretty sure this is over, she says, because every time this has happened before, every time I lost my temper or acted like a baby it all went up in smoke. One dramatic fight and then BAM. Gone. I find it heartbreaking and tragically indicative of the transitory nature of this girl’s past relationships. I mean I’m no love expert but really? Really?!? One fight and it’s over? If you’re in 7th grade that kind of behavior makes sense I guess…. And it makes me wonder about all of the times Taylor has mused on the fleeting nature of love and why she does.

She’s an artist who seems to draw a certain breathless excitement from situations and relationships that are fragile, changeable, unpredictable even while highlighting the pain that such uncertainty can bring. Some part of her is fascinated by how quickly things can change or fall apart and, worst of all, some part of her seems to think that this is how love goes, that this uncertainty is inherent in the nature of any romantic relationship. Are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods….Braced myself for the goodbye, cause that’s all I’ve ever know…Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts…You and I walk a fragile line…And I guess things fell apart in the usual way….

For all of her starry eyed and romantic views on love, Taylor is actually rather pessimistic about it. I mean, you could say she possesses a heightened sensitivity to the nuances of romantic relationships and is at once fascinated and awed by their very fleetingness and you could argue that this only makes her a more interesting and perceptive songwriter. But sometimes I can’t help but think that she dwells a little too long and spends a little too long romanticizing what is essentially instability. Just long enough in fact to convince me that she doesn’t really buy it at all. That what she wants more than anything else is stability and certainty. Someone to love her “even when she’s mad, mad, mad”. Someone who stays. To me the most powerful line of the song is the saddest, happiest and silliest line simultaneously. No one else is gonna love me when I get mad, mad, mad… I say it’s the happiest and the saddest because the fact that she says this means that everyone else who came before didn’t love her when she was mad but in the context of the song it’s full of an almost giddy joy. Some dork in a football helmet agreed to talk about their fight “cause she read you should never leave a fight unresolved” and it’s the greatest and sweetest thing he could have done. Because, to me at least, that is the most quintessentially Taylor line of the entire song. Of course Taylor wanted to discuss it; of course she has read and will follow magazine tips on how to handle fights. It’s endearing and self-aware and completely serious all at once in true Taylor fashion. And that’s precisely why this imaginary guy, this complete and utter dork, couldn’t have done anything better than agree to stay and hear her out because that’s recognizing that a persistent and relentless drive for perfection is part of who she is and his agreeing to stay means that he’s brave enough to deal with the maybe sometimes not-so-nice parts of her personality.

It’s possible that I’m overthinking this. It’s possible that I’m projecting my own wishful thinking into a situation that didn’t actually mean that much to Taylor. I mean, if you think about it logically, whoever this guy was/is, she isn’t still with him. Obviously he didn’t “stay stay stay”. The song is purposefully placed directly in the middle of an album that chronicles dramatic heartbreak. It’s almost contradictory really. This is a song about staying in the midst of an album about a guy who clearly didn’t stay. But the reason I love it, the reason it means so much to me is because, however fleeting it was, whether it lasted or not, whether this guy existed or not, and I have my doubts, in this song Taylor gets what she wants. Somebody stays. And maybe the reason people dismiss this song is because they sense that it’s imaginary, that taken in context it must be a pure daydream. But it’s an important daydream. It’s an important reminder that stability, and not excitement, is what she truly wants.

I would just like to say. We may disagree on certain things or have different views. We may argue or get upset with each other. But, at the end of the day; we all are human and we need all the love we can get.

So, let’s spread some love! Anyone you spoke to with anger, message them with an “I’m sorry.” or “We can agree to disagree.” and let’s move on! 😁👍✌

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Perhaps, but I was just trying to inform you.

{ Okay, please allow me to inform you of something for a second.

Have you stopped and thought for a moment why so many people are upset about this update? It’s fine for you to do things the way you want to, but this update interferes with the way we do our replies and disrupts the flow of RP in the community.

It’s perfectly okay to disagree with the opinions of others on this matter. What’s not okay is to imply that everyone who doesn’t agree with you is paranoid and act like your way of thinking is right and everyone else is wrong, especially when you harass others about it.

Thank you for your concern, but please, sit down for a moment and think about what I’m saying. }

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hey i'm the anon who asked what you didn't like about feminism... as a feminist, sorry these other anons are being rude. and tbh the're whining that 'it's the same thing!' but at the same time are getting pissy with you for using one word and not the other. you haven't even said anything offensive... #tumblr

I don’t think anyones been rude? I’ve gotten plenty of messages from people saying they agree even though they’re feminist and using either label its fine. Everyone so far has been pretty polite. :D  

Other stuff is usually down to misunderstandings between terminologies, which is understandable. I’d say in a discussion about something, instead of putting someone down when they show a different position, just explain your position. Its usually better making sure you’re both on the same page first. 


Why is that concept so hard to understand? Sorry we don’t all agree with how fantastic you think a ship is and I don’t give a fuck if your ship is canon or not. Don’t fuck with people because they ship something you disagree with, for goodness sake.

I’m two seconds away from going off at my family. The Caitlin Jenner comments are one thing, but then to then say “oh she will be dating a black guy just like the rest of them.” I’m going to scream.

And they’re supposed to be Christians. Well you know Jesus wouldn’t be making those comments. He would pray with them and for them. And he would be with them.

If you disagree with people’s choices, it is not your place to make nasty comments. It’s not helping anyone in the world with your negativity.

Jeez I understand that Taylor’s in the wrong here and I completely disagree with what she did but I keep seeing posts calling her trash and being super vicious and stuff over this one thing like I’m sorry celebrities are human beings and make mistakes? She’s done a lot of good lately and it’s like you were all sitting there waiting for her to fuck up somewhere along the line. Congratulations! You successfully predicted human error. Give yourselves a sticker and chill the fuck out.

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pfffffffffffffffft what a joke. everyone knows the power of love is a way better celine dion song

um. excuse. what about “if you asked me to”

What the actual fuck?

Seriously I’m gone for a week and suddenly the hate fest goes into full swing.

I don’t understand how disagreeing with someone’s head canon (which is called a head canon for a reason! Because it more than likely isn’t actually canon!) about any character (In this case Ryou) being Trans and/or using a binder makes someone transphobic?

A head canon is a PERSONAL OPINION AND/OR INTERPRETATION of a character, NOT THE ACTUAL CANON FACTS. That means people can disagree with it. Period. You don’t have to like it but they’re still entitled to disagree.

And for the record at no point has it ever been officially confirmed that Ryou uses a binder or is Trans, so what the actual fuck is with telling Sphinx that they’re twisting the canon? There is no canon to twist!

A great example is Marik; He has no canon sexuality, so people just interpret it as they see fit. Sometimes they make him gay, sometimes straight, sometimes Bi or pan or so on. That is their PERSONAL OPINION and naturally not everyone see’s it the same way and that’s just bloody fine.

All a head canon is is a personal opinion, not a fact. Quit harassing Sphinx over it and calling them Transphobic when there are actual transphobes out there doing real harm to Trans people. Sphinx never expressed hatred or contempt or ill intentions towards any Trans person, they just disagreed with an opinion about a character.

It’s a freaking head canon people. Grow up and quit losing your shit over it.

I was just rereading the reviews for Fallen and realized something. People may disagree, but I have to say this.

Fallen is not a fic to bash Vorona. 

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things are exactly the way they seem.

❛  I… have to disagree.  ❜

There was a silence that followed, one that wasn’t unpleasant, but no less thick as he waited her argument. Leaning her back against his chair, she plays with the glowing orb floating in front of her, leading it on a merry little chase.

❛  Everyone thinks you care for nothing, Dad. But you love your wife, and you love me, don’t you? We seem like a normal family, but no one knows that I’m not really your daughter. Monsters seem imaginary, stuck in the imaginations of children, but….  ❜

Glowing pink eyes glance up towards her father, a small smirk pulling on her lips as the light shot upwards and exploded into small falling stars as both magic and pink hue faded away.

❛  We also know that’s not true. ‘All that we or seem, is but a dream within a dream.’ Dreams are filled full of fantasies and imaginaries. Why leave what it seems to be instead of delving deeper? That’s just boring, Mr. Frank.  ❜

wow I forgot what a triggering place tumblr is. like you can easily find 10,000 notes on a picture of a girl who is obviously at least seriously ill if not suffering from chronic malnutrition. maybe this is an unpopular opinion because I’m sure people will say that you can’t assume anything from appearances. I also disagree with making comments about people’s bodies in public as conversation or whatever like I’ve had it happen to me quite a few times and it makes me very uncomfortable but this is something else. it’s quite sad really that people just deny and glorify that image of someone who is very likely at serious health risk. yes there are some people who are ‘naturally thin’. there are also LOADS of girls with eating disorders. guess what there are even naturally thin people that have eating disorders as well.