and I'm so ignoring the woman at the end

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well i found a lot of season 2 boring bc it was a cishet storyline, but i'm loving season 4 so far

Okay. I found season two boring because it romanised a man not respecting a woman saying no and him pressuring her about sex when she said she wanted to wait and that they never had chemistry or fell in love with each other’s personalities and him ignoring her after she told him his brother raped her and STILL got together with him in the end and when she wanted to have sex with him he said a super rapey comment even though he knew that she had only had terrible experiences with sex and men in general so far.

But that’s just me. If they had been two girls or if William was trans I would still hate the season.

Tumblr: Wonder Woman fought Nazi’s in the 2017 movie and-

Me, scrolling past: YOU IGNORANT SLUTS

she was red, and terrible, and misunderstood.

yo so tonight instead of doing any of my work I have become consumed with melisandre emotions/analysis so congratulations you lot get to reap my early-morning-stream-of-thought bullet points yee haw I apologise for the general incoherency.

melisandre is one of the most heinously underrated and misunderstood characters in the entirety of GoT/asoiaf, and it’s for one big reason (a reason that is - shock!!!!! horror!!!!! - prevalent in both the show and the books. that may terrify those who uphold the books as the paragon of narrative brilliance, but at this point I’m too tired to do anything more than chuckle feebly in that direction. also it’s beside the point. but whatever).

anyway, what I’m getting at is that whenever I try to discuss melisandre or attempt to glean another’s opinion of her, what I get met with the vast majority of the time is this:

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Thanks, Joanne Kelly, for setting the record, er…straight! :)

It’s sad. Ichigo, Rukia, Tatsuki, Ishida, Chad, Matsumoto, Nelliel, even friggin Kubo knows and appreciates Orihime’s worth and that she’s her own friggin’ person, and yet the Bleach fandom doesn’t, for all of their shouts of ‘feminism’ and ‘female empowerment.’

First of all, having big breasts does NOT mean Orihime is worthless, or an object, or that she isn’t intelligent and doesn’t have a personality. Is this the message you want to send to young women in the real world? That having big breasts and being attractive is a bad thing?

That’s why I know they never read the manga closely because she didn’t JUST care about Ichigo. She helped her friends whenever she could and she even beat herself up over being a burden to them! She improved herself so that she could be stronger for them, not just to protect Ichigo. She cried for Riruka, for godssake! She reached out to Ulquiorra when he was whittling away to dust! She gave herself up to keep Ichigo and her friends safe because she thought it was teh right thing to do and no one would miss her! 

After so many countless instances, in the manga ALONE, of friends and allies reassuring her that NOTHING is wrong with her, that she’s not worthless and that she’s a strong woman who can hold her own, I am shocked at how a lot of people missed Orihime’s growth as a character and a person. She grew from an innocent, funny girl to the determined, positive young woman who finally believed in herself and her own strengths.

She wasn’t all about Ichigo. She indeed had her own character development, but the fandom were so willfully ignorant and blind to her development that she amassed the hate she doesn’t deserve. And that is the reason I am fucking glad Orihime’s got her happy ending, because for all the shit she’s been through and all the shit she gets, she’s EARNED IT.

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Kill la Kill - two girls kiss, go on a date. People scream "JUST FRIEEEENDS". The Last of Us: Left Behind - two girls kiss, and dance to a song about being in love. People scream "JUST FRIEEENDS". LoK - Two girls hold hands and gaze lovingly into each others' eyes while romantic, uplifting music plays, after baring their hearts to each other. People scream "JUUUUUST FRIENDS!". Man and woman look at each other. "SO ROMANTIC". Man and man look at each other. "SO ROMANTIC." *twitches* :|



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I'm freaking out a bit. I've been out as a lesbian for years now but recently I've met this guy and he's super special to me. Makes me laugh, is intelligent and I'm attracted to him. But, for as long as I can remember I've always known that I was gonna end up marrying a woman someday and I feel guilty that I have to hide my feelings for this guy because I'm afraid people are going to question my sexuality all over again. Help?

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Sexuality is fluid. Fuck what people think, if they have a problem then they’re ignorant. You can identify with whatever you want whenever you want. This is a part of you that you didn’t think existed and that’s beautiful. No one has it all figured out - we discover more about ourselves everyday and if someone says they don’t then they’re not growing and that’s their problem. Take it as a blessing and explore yourself and your sexuality.