and I'm really excited to be done with it so I wanted to post it ASAP

Hi everyone! Thank you to everyone that filled out my survey. It motivated me to do this, and I’m really excited!

So first off, rules:

1. You must fill out this application (x)

2. Following me is not required but it’s much appreciated if you do!

3. Please reblog this post

4. Don’t tell the person who you get picked to be Secret Santa for who you are ahead of time! It’s a secret for a reason c;

5. Try to follow the deadlines. If, for some reason, you can’t meet a deadline it’s okay! Just let me know so I can accommodate you.

6. If you fill out the application and you realize you no longer want to participate or you can’t (I understand! Life happens) let me know ASAP

7. Post your gift on Christmas and tag the person who you get assigned to! Please also tag me, and I’ll reblog it and it’ll be all nice and make me happy. You can also tag #vlbjsecretsanta2017

8. Sending little gifts like nice anons to your person are a good bonus!


  • Submit your application by 11/5/17
  • I will message you who you got and their info by 11/12/17, so just let me know you got the message and that you still want to participate
  • Post your gift to tumblr on 12/25/17!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!