and I'm personally inclined to believe they do

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If there is an evil twin, do you think it's our Ciel or the Real Ciel? I came across the 'evil and good twin' trope the other day, and I don't think it's what Yana is going for... but now I can't stop pondering it! I'm inclined to believe that due to Sebastian's influence, our Ciel is more "evil".

It’s hard to say at this point since we don’t know that much about real!Ciel’s personality yet. I mean, if the theory that the shooter was real!Ciel was true, then it would mean that he has changed from this

to this.

We don’t know whether the ruthlessness with which he shot Soma and Agni is his true nature or if his personality was possibly manipulated by someone.

Though either way, considering that they were (most probably) both Vincent’s children, I think both of them might have had the potential to become “evil” to some extent^^;

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I mean, it IS rather curious that the hickey has teeth marks that match murdoc's.

Right?? Again, though, I was under the impression that a different explanation had been confirmed but if it hasn’t then like…what on earth are they doing and whyyy.

Unpopular (ish?) opinion but I feel like 2D0c fans today are more inclined to believe that if 2D0c had “happened,” (which again, it probably hasn’t, we’re speaking hypothetically here) it was most likely to have happened during phase 3 but I personally feel like it’s faaar more likely that happened during phase 1 or 2, honestly tbh, Demon Days hickey being Exhibit A.


It is not difficult to make a gif in Photoshop, here is how you do it. Click for captions if you need!

I am far more inclined to trust the program designed to prevent and warn me about virus infections than I am to trust the word of the person linking to a program that brings up warning flags.

“the reason its seen as viruses is because someone took this a while ago and remade it with viruses”

If you admit there is a ‘version’ filled with viruses, then what reason do I have to believe that my antivirus software is wrong here?

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I recently joined the TSDF forum, and [spoilers if you don't want to know stop reading ] Emily has not been seen on set at all this season. Whenever Beth or TD is brought up, the admins always joke or laugh about it like there's no way she'd ever come back. Given that they have contacts on the inside who constantly feed them entire episode spoilers, I'm inclined to believe them. How do you keep so confident? 😔

Here’s my confidence. What do I care if she hasn’t been seen? Lenny wasn’t seen on set last season but surprise surprise, there he was after it was all said and done. Emily wasn’t seen at all after Coda but lo and behold, she popped up again in WHAWGO. So personally, I don’t give a shit if she wasn’t seen. That means nothing to me in terms of her reappearance. TPTB proved last season that where there’s a will there’s a way. If they want to keep an actor from being seen around, they can do it. If they want to keep something a secret, they can. Easily. 

They don’t have contacts on the inside, unless you mean the food people and I wouldn’t consider them “inside” people. They’re caterers. But no, what they have are respondents who run around during filming seeing what they can see and reporting back and they have traitorous screeners who spoil entire episodes disrespecting the privilege they have of getting to see the episodes early in order to review or whatever it is they do. But as we all know, there are ways of getting around that as well. After credits sequences are lovely. We also have season finales which never get spoiled to my knowledge. At least the last one didn’t so suffice it to say there is some wiggle room for surprises and ways to slip under the spoiler radar.

That’s my confidence and it’s swayed before but I’m past the point of giving a damn because I’ve already been through all the stages of grief and then some. I’ve been on one side of the fence to the other back and forth and even propped right on top of it for a bit. I’ve argued with myself several times and had some very heated debates in front of the mirror. Don’t get me started on that. There is no upsetting me on this issue anymore. There is no getting under my skin. I accepted what was shown to me after a while but now I’ve chosen to reject it after reviewing all of the evidence to the contrary. I know my choice is the path less traveled but I give no fucks (which is a wonderful feeling btw) and I apologize to no one. The great Nicki Minaj said it best. “Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin’ nothin’. A hundred motherfuckers can’t tell me nothin’.” Beth is alive until I see a gdamn body or a grave and I just don’t care anymore what anybody has to say differently about that because I’m too damn old to be doubting myself ok.