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Hey! You asked for story's so here is mine. ( I'm gonna blow up your inbox I'm so sorry I'll number these so it's helpful) 1) When I was about 8 my family went up to Vermont for a family wedding. We had a free day before we had to meet up with family, so my parents decided to spend the day driving around stopping at any place that looked interesting. So we're out driving through mountains when I saw the tower of what looked like a really old mansion, I had never seen anything like it.

2) I was amazed and something in the pit of my stomach told me i had to stop there (I have been able to to some research and I’m 99.999 % sure that the building is called Wilson Castle). So I explained to my parents that we had to stop there. My parents tried to tell me that it could be someone’s house and that we probably shouldn’t stop and bother the family. Man I lost my shit, I was the calmest kid but there was something about this house that just lit a fire in my stomach

3) So my parents reluctantly agreed (I’m assuming it was just so I would shut up). We eventually found the driveway that led up to the house, my parents parked and I jumped out and ran to the front before my parents could even unbuckle their seat belts. Running past the old oak trees, seeing the beautiful brick work that covered the house. There was something about this place that just felt familiar, it was like coming home from a long trip.

4) Now this mansion had been turned into a museum, you could see the rooms decorated how they would have been a century ago or take tours of the home that would tell you about the history of the family who once owned it. My parents and I decided to take the tour, which isn’t something I was very happy about because I felt like I already knew my way around.

5) The Tour Guide was a woman probably in her late 40’s. Now this woman new the Ins and outs of this place but for some reason I did to. Before this woman could even open a door or begin to explain a room I would have already said what it was going to be. I did this correctly with every room in the house.

6) I remember the tour guide walking past a a room and I asked “why did you skip the bedroom, it has a great view of the fountain?” She then opens the door so I could go look out the window to see if I was right, and I was there was the fountain. She quickly ended the tour after that, rushing down stairs to whisper about what happened. My family didn’t stick around long after that, but that was not the last time I would see the house.

7) When my family returned home to Florida (about a weak later) the dreams started. Now these dreams are always of the same woman, except it’s like I am the woman. Even when I was 8 knew it wasn’t me, I was her; walking around, talking to people, sometimes even dancing and laughing. The best way to describe it was like a memory, I was there but not in control of the actions I/her would make. I never see the woman, it is like I’m seeing out of her eyes.

8)Like I can look down at her/my hands run my fingers on her/my clothing (based on the clothes I think it’s the mid 1800’s). I walk around the mansion but it’s like I don’t have control, I interact with people but i don’t feel in control. I’m It’s like someone else is stealing the ship.

9) The dreams/memories were slow at first maybe one every 3 months, but as I’ve gotten older the dreams have become more frequent. I am now 19 and I am lucky if I get one night a month with a normal dream. As the dreams have become more frequent they have also become more violent. I have woken up with bruises on my arms from where she was grabbed by her husband, pine needles in my bed after seeing her running through the woods.

10) I have spent over 10 years of my life watching this woman but lately something is different. There is almost an urgency in her/my actions. Now the dreams/ memories don’t come in any real order but I know something horrible is about to happen to her/me. Like I said the dreams/memories don’t come in a real order I’ve just kinda been trying to put them all together but I’ve had the same dream since I was 8 of her/me running through the woods like her/my life depends on it.

wow this is a lengthy one! the one question i’ve had running in my mind reading your story/experience is.. did you ever tell anyone about this? i feel like i would lose my shit if i were you, and i would’ve definitely told someone (most likely a priest or a psychic) to see what my dreams meant and if they would ever do me harm. 

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