and I'm extremely happy about it

As requested by anon, have some reasons why I love Allura~

  • likes sparkly stuff
  • plays roadgames with the mice
  • the closer she is to someone, the more she shows her real emotions
  • “PALADINS YOU MUST GET BACK IMMEDIATELY” despite the paladins being engaged in battle/locked in/etc.
  • does hair makeovers when she’s bored
  • works herself past the point of exhaustion to defeat Zarkon and help everyone
  • didn’t know how to hold Galran guns 
  • likes gossip
  • doesn’t take her earrings off for sleep
  • *folds hands in front of body*
  • realized that she treated Keith wrongly and apologized with a hug, emphasizing that she came as a friend and not a superior 
  • pretends to be strong and cold when she’s scared and insecure
  • THE PRETTIE S T;;; i’m sobbing she’s so beautiful 
  • likes relaxing baths
  • can communicate with the mice via thoughts
  • can shapeshift!!!
  • was born and raised as a princess - her demeanor effortlessly demands respect
  • probably used to wear jewelry  
  • has a temper that breaks through sometimes
  • her weapon of choice is a staff
  • was so happy when the paladins finally started working together
  • “your ears” “my ears…?” “they are hideous!”
  • went to sleep in the middle of a battle and wakes up to an empty castle full of 5 strange aliens she has never seen before but doesn’t seem put off by it
  • can hold heartwarming speeches
  • has the Diplomat Smile that allows her to keep smiling through anything
  • sacrificed herself to save Shiro
  • almost died, got magic 0.3 seconds ago but still kicked Haggar’s ass
  • wanted to sneak out to make sure that the Galra weren’t tracking her
  • is stubborn
  • loves her father unconditionally and wants to make him proud
  • *is happy* *puts hands together over chest*
  • has a glowy (!!!) crown/tiara/headband thingy
  • can’t deal with children under a certain age
  • was extremely disappointed when she wasn’t allowed to go to the space mall with the others
  • very strong and presumably super skilled at hand-to-hand combat 
  • her earrings are communicators
  • knows a lot about all kinds of civilizations
  • -.-

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I've worked seasonally in a nursery for three years now and I'm about 95% sure the Demon Rose is a De La Grifferaie. They're leggy, got huge-ass thorns and are extremely cold-and-pruning-and-poison resistant. Normally not quite as neon pink but that color indicates she's really happy where she is. If it makes you feel better, they're particularly good for a lot of Native Wild Bees, and any further attempts that are not actually illegal are doomed. Enjoy your immortal rose!

Looking that up on google I’d say that could sound about right, were it not for the fact that it says the roses are highly scented and Demon Rose has little to no scent at all. But perhaps she’s the bastard off spring of that and something else.

The Addams Family Musical Songs [Broadway Version]
  • When You're an Addams: screw societal norms this is Halloween motherfuckers
  • Pulled: What's demiromantic?
  • Where Did We Go Wrong: Wednesday? Something's not right. The corners of your mouth are pointing up. Maybe you're running a fever.
  • One Normal Night: Just for the love of everything holy PLEASE don't show off the pet lion and man-eating plants
  • Morticia: I haven't talked about how much I love my wife in the last five minutes, anyway she's beautiful and amazing and I'd literally rather die than see her unhappy
  • What If: Friendly Sibling Rivalry taken to the upmost extreme
  • Full Disclosure: Wednesday remember what you said about pretending to be normal well fuck that
  • Waiting: posts a bunch of personal shit then deletes it next morning
  • Full Disclosure - Part 2: doo doo do-do-do
  • Just Around the Corner: Morticia don't joke about that kind of stuff
  • The Moon and Me: that's rough buddy
  • Happy/Sad: Wait this is Addams Family I'm not supposed to be crying
  • Crazier Than You: I have worse self-preservation instincts than you I'll prove it
  • Let's Not Talk about Anything Else but Love: Avoiding the Question? Son you're in the Addams House we talk about our problems here
  • In the Arms: I'm like 90% sure someone was high when they wrote this but idk they did a good job
  • Live Before We Die: Nice but we deserve like 800x more Morticia/Gomez songs get to it
  • Move Toward the Darkness: So I guess all's well that ends well. Also Fester's on the moon now.

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yo this blog has me fucked up.. my bias is tae but i feel like i'm swerving for joon 'cause now that i read your posts, tae comes off as a lil cold and not as cuddly as i thought. but with joon he's an intellectual like me (lmao) but tae has been my bias for a long time, i even run a fanpage for him on instagram! what do i do i believe i'm being biaswrecked lol

this ask just made me realize i make tae sound like such an asshole on this blog bc i talk a lot about negative sides of him so this will be a taehyung appreciation post™

- his sun and moon aspects with jupiter make him such an amazing friend and person to be around, it’s no wonder he has so many friends. he has an optimistic , “larger than life” attitude. he’s extremely generous and will go to the ends of the earth to make his friends and family happy. if sunshine was a human it’d be named kim taehyung

- capricorns have such a bad name when they’re one of the most reliable signs in the zodiac. if u want to find someone who has their shit together, look for a cap. caps come off as a cold, and detached but it’s only a front. once they’re comfortable with someone they’re extremely affectionate and loving. they just need time to open up

- in a relationship, tae would make sure you’re always cared for, secure, and happy, and he wouldn’t dare look towards anyone but you. would spoil the shit outta u, ur parents, and ur dog. this is a man you can Trust

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Is gud?

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Is very gud…

hey yall ‘member that time i was homestuck garbage

hiveswap is a really cute and charming game, i’ve been playing act 1 a lot because theres just so much cute dialogue to find through replays. i really like it!!

listen tho im sharing this with you bc ive been cooped up sick all day and out of curiosity decided to translate this to do list in xefros’ hive and i was really sure “dams hive” was “damnheck” and im extremely disappointed its not but im gonna call him damnheck

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Hi!!! I love your writing so so much and it honestly makes me so happy💕I know that you are so so busy but can you please write a fic about Betty getting hurt really badly and Jughead absolutely loosing it and then is extremely protective over her and doesn't let her out of his sight. I'm obsessed with protective juggy!!

“I’m fine Ronnie. Really, I’m okay.” Betty lifted herself slowly from her desk, clutching its sides so hard her knuckles turned white, the classroom went silent, too afraid to move but completely attentive to the badly injured blonde cheerleader they all loved so dearly.

“Let me get your bag.” Reggie mumbled, nearly tripping over his feet to hand her the tote

“Girl, I can bring your lunch here if that’s easier.” Josie spoke softly, inching closer.

“I can carry you to the lunchroom, it wouldn’t be a problem.” Moose Mason drawled, his hands extended as if to lift her up.

This had been going on for two weeks, ever since Betty had been dispatched from the hospital everyone was treating her as if she were some porcelain doll ready to shatter at the mention of movement. Maybe they were right, these days even the slightest shift had Betty biting back tears, her ribs were cracked so breathing was difficult and her broken arm made it nearly impossible to function, not to mention she was just gaining vision back in her right eye, the swelling now dulling to a faded deep purple and red bruise, blending perfectly with the rest of the bruises littering her face and body.

Clifford Blossoms Minions had found out about Betty being the one to find and share the hard drive, apparently you don’t make much money when your boss is dead. One cold night on her way home from cheerleading practice she had been grabbed. Five older men had taken turns beating her and recording her, they tried to force her into saying it was all the Serpents fault, that she had lied and altered the tape. They were messy though, leaving a ransom note on the steps of the Riverdale Register, Old Lady Milly had seen the thugs leave the note and Betty was found that night, the men had been taken away but the memories were still fresh I Betty’s mind.

That night after her bones had been set and her stitches sewn up she remembered clearly the sight of her boyfriend shoving through the hospital room doors, tears falling carelessly down his cheeks as he held her and sobbed.

“I love you. I love you so much.”

Betty had repeated his words back to him and let her own tears fall.

“Alright I’ll take it from here.”

The familiar lazy tone of her boyfriend drew her out of her thoughts

“Juggie.” She whispered smiling.

He made his way through the crowd of people surrounding her and quickly swung her bag over his own, looping her arm in his.

“Back up people, she doesn’t need you breathing all over her. She’s alright.. just…. scatter.” He mumbled irritably.

Betty giggled at her annoyed boyfriends hand wave, one thing she had learned through this whole ordeal?

Jughead Jones was fiercely protective over the people he loved, she was lucky enough to fall into that category.

Leaning on his shoulder as he protectively wrapped an arm around her waist, being extremely careful not to touch her ribs, Jughead took most of her weight, carrying her slightly off the ground.

“Ready for lunch my fair lady.” The dark haired boy quirked an eyebrow comically and dropped a tender kiss to his girlfriends forehead.

“Certainly my lord.” She added a posh British accent, giggling when Jughead rolled his eyes.

They were halfway down the hallway and Betty was going on and on about some new Author she had been researching when all of a sudden she was pushed , her cast hitting the locker as she whimpered slightly, everything was still a bit sensitive, in a flash she was being placed gently to lean on the lockers and jughead had the freshman who had shoved them cornered.

“Apologize.” He growled, turning the small boy towards Betty. “You pushed my injured girlfriend, clearly you have vision problems since you couldn’t see that she is in a cast and by pushing her you could have inevitably made the healing process longer, typically I feel bad for people with vision impairments but not today, so get yourself some glasses and apologize to my damn girlfriend. Now.”

The short blonde boy shuddered visibly under Jugheads glare

“I’m.. s..ssssorrry” he stuttered out.

Betty shook her head rapidly
“It’s okay! It was just a little push, I think I’ll survive.” She smiled softly to the little boy and he nodded gratefully practically sprinting away.

Jughead came back to Betty’s side trying to ignore the narrowed eyes she were shooting his way.

“What was that about?” She finally asked

Jughead shrugged his shoulders, approaching their lunch table.
“He pushed you.”

“He tapped me!”

“Doesn’t matter, you’re hurt. He shouldn’t push you.. ever. But especially now.” He gently lifted Betty up and slid her into the picnic table, stiffening when she winced at a particular pain in her ribs.

Suddenly Jughead was digging in his backpack and pulling out an orange pill bottle

“Take with food.” He read off the label, smiling at her so charmingly, his prior anger fit was momentarily forgotten.

“Yeah yeah yeah, hand me the meds.” She rolled her eyes, a hidden smile peeking through.

When the doctor had prescribed Betty with the different kinds of pain killers she had seen the pain in her boyfriends eyes, the genuine worry and fear, when she confronted him about it he had explained his concerns. His father had become addicted to pain pills after an injury to his back that’s what started his alcoholism and Jughead was terrified Betty herself would become addicted. So they had made a deal, she would only keep with her the pills she needed for nighttime and morning, he would keep the pills for the rest of the day, he could keep an eye on her and he was around her twenty four seven anyway, not that she minded, she loved him and while some girls would find the presence overbearing, Betty killed for the time she got to be around him. She could tell how strongly he felt about her willingness to trust him with her medication, it meant something to him, something Betty didn’t quite understand yet, but hoped to one day find out.

Veronica, Archie and Kevin joined them at the table. Lunch went by quickly and soon it was the final period Bell. Veronica and Betty shared this class together so Jughead had to leave her.

“If you need me, you just text me okay. I promise I will be there in a minute flat, I may not run but i do barrel pretty fast.” He winked at his beautiful girlfriend, anxiety written in his eyes.

“I’ll be fine Juggie, we’re pros at this system now.”

He dropped a kiss to her lips, pressing his forehead against hers and sighing
“I love you.” He whispered, not a day had gone by since the incident that Jughead hadn’t told Betty he loved her atleast three times a day.

“I love you more.” She pressed a lingering kiss to his lips and gently pulled back.

“Not possible sunshine.” He grinned as Archie pulled him along.

Betty’s laugh rang through the crowded halls of riverdale, putting everyone at ease. If Betty Cooper could make it through everything that she had gone through and still be happy…

Well, life wasn’t so bad.

honestly it’s baffling to me how the entire party can be So Bad at reading vex outside of percy and pike (if she’s there) like even vax is extremely hit or miss on saying what vex wants or needs to hear and as a whole vm just. likes to dismiss a lot of vex’s more serious feelings as jokes.

I’m gonna say something that might make people angry...

I ship BlackSun…

AND Bumbleby

I don’t care that one may become canon while the other doesn’t. Both relationships offer unique dynamics that are extremely entertaining to watch, envision, imagine, and dream about. 

Why does it have to be a war? Why can’t everyone be a piece of multi-shipping trash like me?

So I’m officially in a relationship for the first time in 3 years with a guy I’m crazy about. This guy treats me better than I’ve ever been treated before and we’ve only been dating for 2 weeks. It’s kinda crazy how quickly I’ve developed feelings for him because I’m usually extremely cautious and hold back.

I’m taking my mom out to lunch today and telling her about it today. He wants to start coming over and helping out around the house with things my mom needs fixed.


lance is literally the only paladin aside from Zarkon VISIBLY SHOWN to be able to change the shape of his bayard, because when Lance is using the red paladin’s bayard it has both a shorter build like his blue bayard’s gun and ALSO the sniper rifle form he uses in S3 E6, and yET THE SHOW JUST GLOSSED OVER THIS LIKE IT WAS NOTHING?????? 


Let’s talk about mental illness in Killing Stalking

As someone who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, I’m pleasantly surprised by the depiction of the mental illness in Killing Stalking. (Although there is some debate about whether “borderline personality disorder” is meant to apply to Yoonbum or Sangwoo, I’m fully confident that Yoon is the one with the mental illness, something I’ll explore in this post.)

I’ve noticed that Yoon experiences many of the same symptoms I do, and (while I’ve never broken into someone’s house) I find a lot of his behaviors relatable. I believe his characterization to be very true to someone who struggles with borderline personality disorder, for the following reasons:

He acts impulsively. 

BPD is often characterized by having trouble controlling one’s emotions, leading to impulsive actions and sometimes inappropriate emotional responses. We’ll go with the obvious: Yoon breaks into Sangwoo’s house after stalking him. Whether or not he planned it, it’s an action taken without much thought as to the consequences, and he acts completely on his emotions for Sangwoo.

He has a history of unstable relationships.

People with BPD tend to have trouble with relationships, particularly maintaining them. This is not because of a lack of emotional attachment; rather, (in my case) it’s because of overly strong attachments to others, sometimes swinging between feelings of intense love and extreme hatred. People with BPD can form very close bonds with other people and have a persistent fear of rejection or abandonment. Yoon is an interesting case, as he feels a deep attachment to Sangwoo despite the obvious abuse, and he even fears not being “good enough” for Sangwoo. These types of thoughts are at the root of my mental illness, and I resonate strongly with Yoon’s need to be “special” to Sangwoo. We also know that Yoon’s relationship with his uncle is…strained, at best, yet he decides in one moment that even that is better than living with Sangwoo.

He self-harms.

It’s very typical of those struggling with BPD to self-harm, have suicidal tendencies, or engage in self-destructive behavior. Sangwoo points out Yoon’s self-harm scars and even taunts him for it, to which Yoon responds that he did it because he was “lonely.” This feeling is often the trigger for my self-harm episodes as well.

He has hallucinations/delusions.

In my experience, borderline personality disorder is sometimes confused with schizophrenia because of this symptom. (In fact, I was once misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and received the wrong kind of treatment for a time.) One difference between BPD and schizophrenia, for me, is that, while the images I see or the voices I hear are startling and sometimes terrifying, I can usually differentiate between “fantasy” and “reality.” People with BPD may, when under extreme stress, hear voices or have horrific hallucinations, like the body parts Yoon sees in Sangwoo’s washing machine. 

This is all based on my experiences alone, but from what I’ve seen, Yoon is definitely a relatable case, and I’m actually really happy for the representation in Yoon. I’ll be looking forward to future chapters to see if there are any instances in which Yoon dissociates or if we get more history on his previous relationships. Overall, 10/10 character representation.


Amelia dropped by to hand over a gift to a fellow nerd.

Woah, it’s a really big box! She seems really excited for you to open it.

You wonder what-

it’s Lucy with a pink bow tie on her head and a letter expressing her love for you

You weren’t sure what you were expecting but Ame seems extremely happy about it.

(She hopes you are too.)

Journalism imply that when writing articles, you’re supposed to be as objective as possible (except for reviews). Jeff Benjamin has not only been spreading misinformation, but he’s belittling major kpop acts such as BIGBANG, Wonder Girld and Girls’ Generation, making it seem like they had it easy just because they’re from the big 3. And he does it because he got personally offended when kpop fans joked about billboard, and continues to do this because certain fans are praising him and calling him daddy. What the fuck? Btw I’m not discrediting BTS here, they won the social media award, an award fcking created because of beliebers - an award won by Bieber the past like 6 years until this year, when BTS won and that’s amazing!!! I saw their thank you speech, I was genuinly happy for them as that was a major milestone for them and for kpop yes! However belittling the success senior kpop has, by stepping on the fact that they literally paved the way? Giving misinformation about kpop in general; Just because Jeff get off by the thought that a bunch of teens calls him daddy? I have no fucking respect for Jeff Benjamin.

  • Caroline: I have some concerns about moving to New Orleans.
  • Klaus: I'm happy to alleviate your fears, sweetheart.
  • Caroline: *opening and enormous color-coded spreadsheet* I don't want to be late for dinner, so I'll highlight the red areas of extreme concern for now. (1) is the flying Jesus ability limited to snowflake uteruses? (2) At what point will I be unable to detect someone being murdered in a bed beside me? (3) Will the inexplicable, ongoing crying jags hit me the second I cross the city limits?








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I don't mean to be rude, but I have a question about being ace/aro. Does that mean you aren't sexually or romantically attracted to anyone? Or is it more along the lines of extreme platonic affection? I'm just a bit curious about it and I'd love to learn more about it. Also, I love your art! It always makes me super happy 💚 again I'm sorry if I'm being rude, I hope I'm not overstepping boundaries.

eh, i’m just not interested to dating any hooman or “creature” i guess. i’m too lazy for it, not because i’m afraid of “broken hearted” is the fact that, ppl to whom i will date will start complaining or get bored of me for not giving “lovey dovey affection”. << i can’t be that at all lololol

so kudos to y’all out there who can manage to do those “date” or “love” stuff w/ each other for quite sometimes heh. i’ve never experience “love” and never will (hopefully) (except for my family’s love, i’ve experienced that)

^lemme summary that whole thing. i’m only willing  to date myself (or my art actually) lmao

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Guess my sign?? I'm an extremely optimistic person and I'm very spontaneous. I love socializing, but just as equally happy in my own company. I'm right in the middle of extroverted and introverted. I'm a thinker and a doer. I LOVE laughing and think having fun is most important in life. I'm brutally honest, but can be just as sensitive. I can never make up my mind about things. Sometimes I can become very withdrawn and melancholic.

Sounds like a Libra.