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Things that happen ALL the time to pregnant women: invasion of their space, people touching them without consent, doctors ignoring their concerns, everyone and their dog telling them what to do and how to eat and shaming them for veering off what is perceived as the “right” way to be pregnant, shaming them for the way in which they became pregnant, the entire process being hijacked by doctors or family members. And that’s women who aren’t even remotely famous.
Bottom line, pregnant bodies don’t magically become public property and touching a pregnant person, talking about what they should or shouldn’t do, asking for details when they haven’t offered…that’s all invasive and creepy. Speculating about someone’s pregnancy is invasive and creepy. Back the fuck off it. Pregnancy is fucking terrifying and personal and it’s none of your business. 

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I'm looking for this one fic where Dan gets mad at Phil and leaves the house for a while but takes a glow in the dark star with him and wakes up in a park in the future (I think) and I'm pretty sure Dan is an actor and Phil is married

If Lost Return to Phil

One of the best phanfics of all time. Everyone read it.