and I'll stare out the window

In the dream, we are strangers knee to knee on a train. It’s the most we ever touch. I still write about you. I still end up here. There is something to be said for a love that refuses to melt. A love stored in the freezer, in a ziplock bag. Stashed behind the ice cube tray. Always waiting to be pulled out. Willing to thaw, to forgive like spring, to pick up right where it left off. You, cradling a phone in the crook of your arm. Me, crying about produce. You call, and I answer. You say, “Do you know what an air traffic control room looks like? All those switches and buttons blinking? When I hear your voice, everything lights up all at once for me. Nobody else does that.” I don’t say anything eloquent. So we’re back on the train, with the knees, only this time you’re looking me in the face and I’m staring out the window. What do you think happens when love gets left out too long?
—  Trista Mateer

My perfect day.

“I wonder why there are so many wild sunflowers around this summer.” She asked peering out the window of his truck, entire fields of sunflowers flickering by.

“Didn’t you know? They heard there was a girl who lived in this city, that loved them a lot, so they had to come and meet you.” He grinned as she hid her smile behind a sleeved arm, eyes reflecting the thing she loved most as she stared out the window.

When he said it like that, it almost sounded like a miracle

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

Prompt from here!

Summary: Keith gets stranded in an unknown city on a cold day with no way to get home. He calls Lance to come pick him up, not knowing that Lance is already sick and should be resting instead.

Last bus: 10:45PM

Next bus: 6:15AM

Keith stares at the sign. His shoulders sag, his breath leaving him in a cloud of white.

He’s doomed. He’s stuck in a city miles away from his own house, and he’s just missed the last bus of the night.

Shivering, he brushes the snow off of a bench and sets his bags down on top of it. His fingers feel like they’re turning to ice, so he shoves his hands into his jacket pockets, trying to keep his body from shaking too badly.

This is all his fault. He’d been the one who had been insistent on coming all the way here. He’d taken a bus after lunch, travelling miles and miles from home just to reach this obscure city–it was the only one that happened to have motorbike parts he needed, and he’d planned his trip so he could navigate using his phone and get back before it got dark.

As it turned out, he’d ended up getting miserably lost in the city, and his phone had died on him due to the cold weather. After spending hours wandering around, he’d finally found his way back to a train station on the other side of the town.

And the last bus left half an hour ago. Just his luck.

He doesn’t know anything about this city, doesn’t have anywhere to stay for the night. It’s too far to walk back, and it’s too cold to sleep out here.

He glances up. The snow slants as it falls from the gaping sky, snowflakes turning gold in the sparse light of nearby streetlights. Shivering, he pulls his jacket closer around him, the spare change in his pocket rattling from the movement.

Change. There’s a payphone across the street.

Keith hates bothering people, especially when it’s this late at night. There are not that many people that he trusts enough to bother in the first place, and most of them are unavailable. Hunk is out of town, Shiro and Allura live too far away, Pidge doesn’t have her own car yet. But maybe if he asks nicely enough, he can convince Lance to drive him back.

He picks up his bags, wincing as his fingertips brush against the frigid bench railings, and starts off to cross the street. This is a bad idea, he’s sure, but he’s tired and cold and he can think of nothing better.

He just really, really wants to be home.

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I'll Make You Believe

Tyler Joseph Imagine

Part 1

Pairing: Tyler Joseph x Reader (as best friends and maybe a little more)

Request: The reader is suicidal and wants to commit, but doesn’t want to hurt those that care

Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, depression, panic attack, fluff

Words: 1,833


It was cloudy and cold, a perfect match to describe your mood. You stared out the school bus window as it drove through potholes filled with rain water. You were in 11th grade, on your way home from high school. It was a long and tiring week. Each day dragged on and you were grateful tomorrow was the start of the weekend. High school was a waste for you; you had the attention span of a brick wall and zero concentration or effort. You also lacked in any type of social skills. All of these things combined equaled absolute torture for eight hours straight and five days a week. That’s not even mentioning the other factors that made you even more mentally unstable.

Everyone at school was stupid and annoying in your opinion, including yourself. People in their dumb popularity groups, dumb fads, dumb people using that-one-filter-every-single-living-soul uses on Snapchat. You hated it all. You hated possibly every single person that tried to talk to you. Talking to people was a risk- you didn’t easily trust people. Even your parents didn’t understand you because of how much of a mystery you are to them, but of course they don’t know that. Opening up to them was still as hard as talking to anyone else.

The truth was, even though you despised others who tried to talk to you, you couldn’t be more thankful for one particular person that did. Honestly, you were surprised this person even talked to you in the first place. You stopped staring out the window and turned to the boy sitting next to you. He was looking down at his phone, one hand in the pocket of his favorite yellow hoodie. The dark haired boy was wearing his earbuds, blocking out all the chaos happening from various parts of the bus. He looked up from his phone for a moment, turned his head, and made eye contact with you and smiled before looking down again. You scooted slightly closer to him before getting lost in your thoughts once again.

The boy’s name was Tyler and he was your life saver. Tyler was the one person in the world of seven billion people that you trusted. You met him on your first day of freshman year. Tyler was the new student and out of 2,311 people he decided to ask you where the science wing of your school was. You were grateful for that day, but often felt anxious about how different things would be if he didn’t end up talking to you. Tyler told you everything while you tried to tell him everything too. You were still slightly scared to talk to Tyler about your personal issues sometimes, but whenever you did he made you feel way better. He always comforted you and made you realize you weren’t alone. Even though Tyler didn’t know exactly what you were going through and how you felt, he reassured you that he wouldn’t leave you. He wouldn’t stay during your best moments and fade when you were at your worst. But you still had doubts. There was still that nagging voice in the back of your head spitting harsh yet believable things to you.

He’s pretending.

For two years? Tyler cares. He’s stuck by me for that long.

Oh please, he’s too good for you. Don’t deny it.

That was something you did believe. You snuck a quick glance at Tyler before looking out the window again. Heat was slowly creeping to your face, making it turn a light shade of pink. Tyler was attractive. He had warm brown eyes that made you melt whenever you looked into them, dark brown hair that looked soft to the touch, and full lips. At first glance, yiu would think he was a jock. But Tyler didn’t take advantage of those perks about himself. It was one thing about him that confused you. He never tried to make many friends or talk to any of the other girls. There was a high chance that Tyler could probably date anyone or be part of any group he wanted to, but he didn’t. He didn’t attend any sports events or go to many parties.

Tyler was actually very quiet. He kept to himself and usually wrote in a blood red, hardcover notebook daily. Songs, Tyler would say whenever you asked what he was doing. He would usually only show his friend Josh and you for some reason you didn’t understand. You didn’t really know Josh, but according to Tyler he “played drums and liked kittens.” It made you feel awful that Tyler chose to spend more of his free time with you being emotionally unstable while Josh was all alone. “Don’t worry,” Tyler would normally say, “he’s probably at a pet store or something.”

Tyler nudged your shoulder to remind you that you’d be getting off the bus soon. You hadn’t taken anything out of your backpack, so you waited for Tyler to put away his belongings before following him down the narrow aisle of the bus. As you were walking, you noticed many people eyeing Tyler as he walked by while looking at you in disgust. This made you feel ashamed so you hung your head low and walked faster, eventually bumping into Tyler as you reached the front of the bus. People near you snickered.

“Sorry Ty Guy,” you mumbled a quick apology. “Ty Guy” had been a name you called Tyler within days of meeting him. It stuck ever since.

“No big deal,” Tyler smiled at you once again.

Tyler and you stepped down the bus steps and walked towards your home. You two were only four houses away from each other, which was very convenient. The walk from the bus stop to your house took about 15 minutes.

You trailed a couple paces behind Tyler, pondering about various things. Suddenly, the same voice returned to your head and you had another silent conversation.

He’s not looking back at you, probably ignoring you. It said.

It’s fine, Tyler probably doesn’t realize.

Exactly. He doesn’t care, he’s trying to get rid of you. Explains why he’s walking so fast. He smiled at you because he feels bad for you. He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings but really he hates you there’s so much evidence.

You felt your heart drop hearing these things. It’s just your head, it’s not real, you thought. But at the same time it was real because it was inside your head. You were thinking these things and you believed them.

You stopped walking for a couple seconds to see if Tyler would notice. He didn’t. He kept walking and didn’t look back; it was like you didn’t even exist in his world.

Correct once again.

Somehow within only a few minutes or even seconds, the sky and pretty much everything seemed to grow darker. Tyler was now nearly a speck in the distance. The trees casted eerie shadows and the clouds were haunting. You felt panic rising. Your best friend didn’t notice what was happening, he didn’t remember your existence. Was Tyler even your friend? Were the echoes in your messed up mind really true? They knew everything didn’t they.

You felt a feeling that you hadn’t felt in about a week. You felt like everything was trying to suffocate or drown you: the clouds, the air, your own skin. You didn’t understand why a panic attack chose to happen at this random moment, but then it hit you. Tyler. Tyler helped you, Tyler was always there, Tyler’s soothing voice saved you. But now there wasn’t any of him. Now he was gone and you couldn’t see him anymore. You were alone in the dying daylight.

Your heavy backpack made your knees give and you crumpled to the ground. It felt like your heart wasn’t working properly. It was as if you were paralyzed and broken but somehow going to spasm at any given moment. Tears flooded your eyes and you hated yourself for it. You hated being so weak and for crying in the middle of your neighborhood. Your breathing became uneven and you didn’t know how to fix it. You didn’t know how to do anything because you were completely disconnected from the world. Muffled hearing, blurry vision, and nausea struck you.

Suddenly, there was a familiar voice. A familiar sound. You turned your head as best you could and saw the dark haired boy who could fix anything sprinting towards you. And then there he was in front of you dropping his backpack on the sidewalk and crawling towards you with emotion flooding his eyes.

Tyler immediately wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you towards him. You flinched at his touch and your breathing became even more uneven. Tyler sat with his legs out in front of him and pulled the top half of your body onto his lap. You looked up at him, struggling to breathe.

“Ty-” you began.

“Shh, (Y/N) don’t talk just listen, it’s me Tyler. I’m right here. I’m not leaving anytime soon.” Tyler said quietly.

He slowly rocked back and forth with you in his arms.

“Okay,” he continued. “You need to breathe. Look at me- no- don’t close your eyes. Look at me.”

Tyler gently placed his right hand on your stomach while his left arm still supported you. You squirmed at his touch and almost screamed while trying to escape. Tyler pulled you back towards him.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, I just need to make sure you’re breathing evenly. Copy me, I know you can do it. In and out- yeah! That’s good. Keep doing that. Look how easy breathing is,” Tyler said.

You started breathing regularly again, but you were still nauseous and dizzy. It was hard to focus on Tyler’s face that was only inches away from you. Tyler began rocking back and forth again while wrapping his arms tighter around you. His careful embrace made you feel safe once again. You stayed like this. Sitting on the sidewalk with Tyler’s and your belongings scattered everywhere. Tyler kept whispering comforting words to you and rubbed your arm slowly. Eventually, he started to quietly sing one of his songs to you.

…I hear a second voice behind your tongue somehow

Luckily I can read your mind

Flies and cobwebs unwind.

You closed your eyes, clinging onto Tyler and the lyrics he was singing.

They will not take you down

They will not cast you out.

All traces of day had vanished and streetlights became the only source of light. The last thing you remember was being picked up carried home by Tyler.

“Thanks Ty Guy,” you said wearily.

Before you drifted to sleep, you could’ve sworn you heard Tyler say one last thing.

“(Y/N) you’re gonna be alright, okay? I promise… I love you.”


To be continued…

we are all ghosts,
haunting the houses
that are our bodies.

we are isolated and alone
inside of ourselves,
waiting for someone to move in—
to breathe life into this
abandoned, deserted sanctuary
that was once called home.

the walls are cracked,
the paint is peeling,
and the furniture is old and dusty.
still we linger;
staring out the window—
promising ourselves that, this time,
we won’t scare people away.
—  the ghosts that haunt themselves | m.a.w

anonymous asked:

Viktor stared out of the window from where he sat on the train to Hasetsu. NHK had been a great success. Gold medal safely tucked away in his luggage, resting in the carry on compartment. It had been a while since he'd last seen Yuuri, and every time, Viktor always found himself anticipating it more. This time around, they'd be staying at a local onsen in Hasetsu. Unlocking his phone, Viktor typed out a message: <To: Yuuri> I'm almost there, beautiful. I'll see you soon. xoxo, Vitya~ ♡

It’s been ages since the last time Yuuri came to Japan. But of all places Victor had to pick, it had to be meeting him after the NHK Cup. That however wasn’t all bad because for one, he got to visit his family again and he felt the rush of nostalgia and a relief from a homesickness he had never felt until he was back in his room, posters of Victor still up on the walls.

His work phone vibrated and knew exactly who that was.

I’m almost there, beautiful. I’ll see you soon. xoxo, Vitya~ ♡

Yuuri blinked, suddenly registering what time it was and he had not yet dolled up for his meeting with Victor. Which hotel was it again? He scrolled through his inbox to find no details of their rendevouz for tonight. He speedily changed into a black silk chiffon top and changed into his fit tight pants while trying to type out a text:

Sorry, Victor. I think there was a glitch when I turned my phone off on my flight here to Japan. Could you send me the details again please? I’m on my way out.

And hits send.

You know I would treat you better” he says
“I know” I state as I stare out the window watching the trees blur past
“Then why won’t you let him go?”
I close my eyes for a minute and listen to the soft sound of the radio
“Because he still has a piece of me. I love him with my every being and I can’t let that go. He has the part of me I love the most. When I’m with him I’ve never been so happy. It’s like the world makes sense when I’m with him. Does that sound crazy?”
“No, that’s the way I feel about you

Silver age fluff (or an attempt at it) for @pluckyredhead, set during the Mike Murdock debacle. 

Foggy wedges the phone under his chin as he fumbles a bottle of scotch. “Nel—oh fishsticks—son.”

“Bankrupt the firm yet?” an amused voice asks.

“Matty! Spot any flying saucers up there at Carter College?”

“I didn’t spot much of anything, Foggy,” Matt says wryly, “but the lecture went well.”

“Bring home any co-eds?” Foggy jokes, but it’s flat as soda left on the coffee table the morning after a shindig. He sighs. “Matt, I think I might hate your twin brother.”

Matt snorts. “But he’s the life of the party.”

“Not any party I want to go to,” Foggy grouses, hooking his finger under the telephone cradle and taking it with him while he paces. “He’s–he’s a clown. And a cad. I know he’s Daredevil, but–saints alive, Matt, it’s hard to believe he’s related to you.” He sighs again. “Aw, don’t listen to me, I’m just bellyaching. So when are you coming home?”

“Miss me already?” Smirking tone.

“Every day.” Foggy says without thinking, then blinks. “I mean.”

“You mean what?”

Foggy hesitates as he watches ice cubes swirl in the glass of scotch. He’s seen more of Mike Murdock than Matt in the last weeks, and he’s also been under the thickest, blackest, most jealous raincloud of his life. He’s not so much of a fool that he thinks the two have nothing to do with each other.

He thinks of the obnoxious tilt of Mike’s grin, a funhouse mirror reflection of Matt’s charming, genuine smile, and jumps in with both feet. “I mean. Yes. I do mean. Matt, I miss your face when you’re not here.”

“You can just look at my brother’s,” Matt said, dryly.

“Mike can take a long walk off a short pier and hug an octopus,” Foggy says, and Matt makes a sharp, surprised bark of laughter. “And you’re dreaming if you think I could get by without you in my life.”

“Fog…” Voice startled. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re an enormous heel sometimes, Matt. But you’re still the best man I know, and if I didn’t have you, I’d. My whole life would be.” He breaks off. “You’ve ruined me for all other men, Matt. Your brother included.”

Matt clears his throat six or seven times. “Have you been drinking?” Matt asks, airy as a falling anvil.

“I sure am holding a drink. I put some ice in it. I’m watching it melt.”

“Do you mean it? That you love me like you said?”

“Love? Who said anything about love?” Foggy says lightly, but he can’t keep his voice even, and he coughs. “Yeah. I mean it. I used to think that, you know, if it wasn’t going to be you and Karen, or you and some other amazing lady, it’d be you and me. Sometimes that meant two crotchety old bachelors having a drink at the end of a long day, sometimes it meant something else.”

“Something else like. When I come home, I come home to you.”

“Yeah, something like that,” Foggy says, trying to keep the wistfulness out of his voice.


Foggy knuckles his eye socket. “Yeah?”

“Look outside.”

Foggy stares at the receiver like he’d never seen a telephone before, then drops it and runs to the window, and standing at a payphone, in a circle of streetlamp light, his face tipped up towards the window of Foggy’s apartment, is Matt.

Hot chocolate

“What’s happiness?” You asked me, your eyes gleaming with a hopeful look.

I had to think for a bit.

“Happiness is having hot chocolate on a cold day, with someone you like”

You went quiet…

“So if I have a hot chocolate with you today, I’ll be happy?”

I was speechless, did you just tell me you like me? Am I reading into this too much? I have to know.

“Are you saying you like me?”

“Well we won’t know until we have a hot chocolate together”

We both kept staring at each other until we started laughing.

And later on that day we had hot chocolate together, and I felt happy, a feeling I haven’t felt in such a long time. But I knew deep down that nothing this good can last a long time, and how right I was.

Now I’m sitting in this lonely cafe, staring out the window looking at how everyone is happy, whilst I’m here all alone, a hot chocolate in my hand, yet it can never warm up the coldness I feel in my heart.

You continue to only exist in my memory.

me preparing for long car trips: brings three different books, game boy, downloads fun apps, lots of activities,
me on long car trip: listens to a single song on repeat for two hours while staring out the window

If I Lived On Pages

I went through all my old writing today- from before you left us, and my God, I was naive.

I believed that grief was portrayed as staring out windows while it rains- by screaming and punching walls in bouts of pain.

I believed that looking into someone’s eyes would one day make it all go away, that suddenly my old self would come back to stay.

But I’m not longer naive.

I know that grief is the inability to get out of bed in the morning and making dark jokes just so no one looks at you like you’re broken.

I know that grief is tear stained pillows and blankets that never get folded.

Grief is not fixed in a month by looking into a person’s eyes. Because it’s almost been two God Damn years and his eyes make it better but he can’t make your life stop haunting me.

I wish I was my characters. I wish I could punch a wall and kiss my lover to make it all go away.

But I wasn’t written on black and white pages, and I know I’ll be stuck on you for ages.


Prompt #201

cxtou submitted: prompt: the strange feeling you get when you pass a dense forest by car.

She’d lived in Norway for a year now and still struggled to accept that the season they were enduring was classed as ‘summer’. She leaned her head back, staring out the window as they drove home, late in the evening. Her eyes were glazed as the forest merged into a mixture of greens and browns. She was startled out of her trance when a sudden red flashed into her vision; blood.

// Thank you for the submission @cxtou ! xox //

Piano [S. Smythe]

Summary: You had no idea Sebastian could play the piano.



Both of you

“Man, it’s really coming down out there.” Sebastian announced as he stared out the window of the music shop. The snow was piling up by the doors. You and Seb could leave if you wanted to, but it just doesn’t seem safe out there.

You’d stopped by the music shop to pick up a new pair of drumsticks for your friend’s birthday. The snow wasn’t comimg down as bad at the time. You’d run into Sebastian while searching. There were only four other people in the shop: an older couple and two workers, plus you and Sebastian.

“How much longer do you think it’s going to last?” You asked. You couldn’t see how heavy them storm was due to you keeping your distance. 

You and Seb were enemies in glee clubs. He would always talk to your friends, and even if it was mainly to talk trash, he’d never spoken to you directly. You didn’t know why, but he always stayed a good few feet away from you no matter what. You figured he just didn’t like you.

“I dunno.” Sebastian shrugged, turning to walk somewhere else in the store. You signed. “I’m gonna run to the restroom,” you mumbled, “I’ll be right back.” You went to the bathroom and did your business, before coming back out. You searched around for Sebastian, as he’d apparently disappeared.

“Sebastian?” You called out. You made your way around the store, searching for the man. Off in the distance, you heard a quiet sound of a piano being played.

Slowly, you peered around the corner, surprised to find Sebastian carefully tapping his fingers on the keys of the piano, playing the instrument beautifilly. You walked over, smiling. “I didn’t know you played.” Sebastian shrugged, pausing his movements. “Well, I picked it up when I was younger,” he told you, “Everyone in my family played.”

Hesitantly, you sat down next to Seb, not seeing the faint blush on his cheeks. “You play?” He asked, but you shook your head. Sebastian began to play again, but instead of a random tune, it was a familiar, cliché one.

It’s hard to believe
That I couldn’t see
You were always there beside me

You smiled, beginning to sing along shyly.

Thought I was alone
With no one to hold

But you were always right beside me

You grinned at Sebastian, who began to sing along with you.

This feeling’s like no other
I want you to know

I’ve never had someone
That knows me like you do
The way you do

I’ve never had someone
As good for me as you
No one like you

So lonely before
I finally found
What I’ve been looking for

You stared at Sebastian as the two of you finished singing.

Oooooo, ohhhh

The music stopped, and the two of you continued to stare at each other. Slowly, Sebastian leaned in, you following suit, and suddenly, your lips met.

And if Sebastian knew the snow storm had lessened half an hour ago, you didn’t need to know that.

  • [bangtan holding a conference]
  • yoongi: let's decide the agenda for this este—
  • jungkook: im not listening to anything you say you didn't pay for the lamb skewers last night
  • taehyung: you went out on a date without asking me for any advice?
  • jimin: excuse me are you saying you'd rather give jungkook sex advice instead of cuddling with me?
  • hoseok: who wants to guest star on hope on the street next?
  • namjoon: I swear hoseok don't you dare ask me
  • seokjin: [stares out from the room window] sighs I'll go make dinner then
  • [everyone collectively] NO WE EVEN HAVEN'T DECIDED THE AGENDA YET!!!!
fob album aesthetics
  • tttyg: exes. getting out of town. punching holes in bedroom walls. sitting in parks in the middle of the night.
  • futct: locking yourself in your room. vinyl records. daydreaming. ranting to your best friend.
  • ioh: stargazing. writing poetry. driving at night. staring out the window and wondering what it would be like to run away.
  • folie: bonfires. feeling like you're truly at home. finishing a good book. wishing on a star.
  • srar: not giving a shit. bloody knuckles. confidence. putting your middle finger up to the world.
  • ab/ap: rainy days. missing someone you've never met. sparklers. thinking that it might be ok again.
Dear Headmistress Schnee, we are responding to your query about our son's semblance. Yes it does create a field capable of rendering any aggressive creatures of Grimm as harmless as house pets, no there is no drawback to this ability. Enclosed is a picture of our son, Vermiculus, scratching a Beowolf behind the ears and the Grimm reacting as a dog would. I hope this clears any issues, please contact us if any more information is needed. (Sent by anon)
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, placing the letter down and sighs, staring at the photograph: Blake...
  • Grimmfuture!Blake, nodding and disappearing for a moment, reappearing with a file: The student's file.
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, watching it plop onto her desk as she takes out a pen and begins writing a response of her own: To the parents of Vermiculus, while I understand your heavy belief in your son's ability, I would like to remind you that within this school there are students who see Grimm as horrific threats that must be dealt with immediately. While your son seemingly believes that any creature of Grimm can be made as harmless as a small pup, his fellow students may remain skeptical; thus killing his newfound pet the moment they see it.
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, with a yawn, shakes her head, watching Blake place down a tea set, and pour the two cups: Thank you love...
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, clears her throat and continues her response: And not only that, but a semblance with such power must have drawbacks, it is simply the nature of such things. I would much rather not have him learn the existence of these faults on the field, leading to his or any of his teammates' death. As the Headmistress of Beacon it is my responsibility to mold these young children into not only the saviors of Vale, but the saviors of Remnant itself, I cannot have any die before we reach that goal. Unfortunately I have already given the order to your son to only use his semblance when in the presence of a much more experienced Huntsmen, I hope you understand my decision.
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, gives out a long sigh, signing the bottom of the letter: Signed, Headmistress of Beacon Academy, Weiss Schnee.... Blake, if you would, please take this down to the mail room.
  • Grimmfuture!Blake, nodding, taking hold of the letter: Of course Weiss, are you sure the student will listen to your order? He seems very overly confident in his semblance.
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, standing up to turn towards the large window that sits behind her desk, watching out upon the bustling school grounds: If not mine. Then certainly the one who I appointed to watch over him.
  • ~~~~~
  • Grimmfuture!Jaune, stroking his chin with one hand, his other firmly placed on the top of his cane, staring down at the order from Weiss: some brat puts too much hope in his own power eh?
  • Grimmfuture!Jaune, with a smirk: Well, I'll take care of that.
Lyrical Starters: TØP Edition
  • "A Kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me, okay friend?"
  • "Please leave me alone,"
  • "We're broken people,"
  • "I've got a migraine,"
  • "I don't know why i feed on emotions, there's a stomach inside my brain,"
  • "Does it bother anyone else that someone else has your name?"
  • "We're all terrified of what's around the corner,"
  • "I took some food for thought, it might be poisoned,"
  • "Wish we could turn back time to the good old days,"
  • "Nobody else is dealing with your demons, meaning that defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning friend,"
  • "Can you save my heavydirtysoul?"
  • "I can't take this on my own,"
  • "Down in the forest, we'll sing the chorus, one that everyone knows,"
  • "She's the tear in my heart, I'm alive,"
  • "She's the tear in my heart, I'm on fire,"
  • "They say stay in your lane boy, but we go where we want to,"
  • "I'm a goner,"
  • "I heard the echo from his secret hide away,"
  • "Right time, wrong place,"
  • "Hello, we haven't talked in quite some time, I know I haven't been the best,"
  • "I'll stay awake because the dark's not taking prisoners tonight,"
  • "They told me I was gone, they told me I was gone,"
  • "Sometimes quiet is violent,"
  • "You should take my life, you should take my soul,"
  • "Fight it, take the pain ignite it,"
  • "There's some people and I who have a really tough time getting through life,"
  • "There's hope out the window, so that's where we'll go,"
  • "I will make you queen of everything you see, I'll put you on the map, I'll cure you of disease,"
  • "He's seen too many stare downs between the sun and the moon,"
  • "I wanted to be a better brother, a better son,"