and I'll stare out the window

My perfect day.

Marie nursed a warm mug in her palms, gaze glossed in thought as stared out of Levi’s office window. When it was quiet long enough (with the occasional movement on Levi’s part), she switched tongues for discretion reasons.

“He’s not a dog. He won’t stay on the balcony and sleep.”

There’s a bag full of Stiles’ most priced possessions, only the things he couldn’t absolutely live without, on his right shoulder. His hands sweat underneath his gloves, and his red hood hangs over his face as if it were able to hide him from what was in front of him.  His bat hangs like an anchor from where it’s strapped against his belt. It weighs him down, drowns him in unseen waters as he chokes on the stillness of the air.

Derek doesn’t move.

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Miserable - HEAVNS (Nagi p.o.v.) fanfic

WARNING: Season 3 (Love Revolutions) spoilers! Also, relatively a lot more swearing than usual for my fics. Not that I’m usually light, either.

Nagi stared out the car window, glad it was darkened and no one - on the outside at least - could see his uncharacteristic expression. He wasn’t crying, he was much too exhausted for that. He wondered to himself how this could have happened, why it happened, and how things had gotten so bad.

His eyes fell closed, slow and reluctant. He wanted to sleep, yet was too tired to drift off. No, not tired… Too heavy, he decided. His eyes, his whole body really, felt so, so heavy. He felt like he was going to cave in on himself. He felt tears just barely begin to form and sighed telling himself if tears will come, they’ll come. He was too exhausted to fight it any longer. He didn’t want to do it anymore. However, in the end no tears came.

He opened his eyes slightly, just barely taking in the street lines flashing past. He wished these things could pass so easily as that - just flash by and be gone, just like that - yet he knew it couldn’t. Things were too broken and they were all too hurt.

Tension between he, Kira and Eiichi and Eiji, Van, Yamato and Shion, had finally reached a boiling point. He closed his eyes again and thought, “all because you couldn’t keep your loud mouth shut.” He recalled the burning memory with ease, as the memory was hardly a half hour old.

Eiji had been giving him that look again. It was a look that made Nagi, would make anyone, really, uncomfortable. It was a look of hatred, disgust, disapproval, envy and probably worst of all a deep, almost hidden sense of longing. It had been the only look Eiji had ever given him since their first encounter. …

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