and I'd watched that video and laughed with it

  • Co-worker Lydia: Oh! I wanted to tell you I heard the new Niall song today and really liked it! What's it called....Hand Jive? Hand Jobs?
  • Me: omg it's Slow Hands but you're not NOT right

so i watched episodes from this short french animated satirical show who just exists to ruin your childhood lol

it’s about a social worker and the people she listens to except they are all from famous cartoons, TV shows, video games, movies, just pop culture and it’s hilarious and there’s this episode with mario and luigi and i just died laughing because i don’t know about you but this REALLY reminds me of some other “brothers” we know, it’s on point lol

#therealjacksepticeye #jacksepticeye
  • I wanted to tell you about one of your biggest fans. My son Jaxon Horne. He's 5 years old and can't get enough of your videos.
  • I'm not too much of a fan and no mother in her right mind would let their 5 year old watch such .. I don't want to be harsh but it's annoying useless info for me. BUT there's a story behind my message to you. Jaxon fell deathly ill and couldn't get around much so the phone occupied him. One day shortly after he fell ill he found your YouTube channel. I tried in every way to get him to watch anything else but he'd scream and cry until I let him have your channel back. I tried deleting, lying and saying you were gone. The site was deleted. NOTHING WORKED. He had to have your YouTube channel tucked in his phone and watching it continuously. He was so sick, I just gave in after a couple fights. He'd sit for hours softly giggling at your screams and cussing. Numerous times I heard him laughing and repeating all your vulgar rants. But at all times he watched you, he was happy. He had cat scratch fever and his lymph nodes had swollen under his arm to the size of a golf ball. The nodes retained so much infection they liquified poisoning his whole body. He was deathly ill. But you were always there. You took the pain away and made him forget he was only 34 lbs of aching bones. He was really beyond extremely sick. Even at his worst I could hear him cussing and laughing. Repeating your actions. After the cat scratch fever and surgery to remove the liquified nodes his immune system was severely weakened and he got sick again. He asperated in his lungs and caught pneumonia. He couldn't walk because the pains in his back where the pneumonia set in shot pains down his legs. He was completely immobilized. But still he could work his little fingers to pull you up on YouTube to gaze at your videos. I'd see faint smiles and brief times when he didn't have streams of tears rolling down his cheeks just watching you. You mesmerized him into make believe and again took away the pain from a deathly ill child. I can't thank you enough for your infectious characteristics that polluted a little boy with joy and happiness. If I hadn't had you there I don't know how Jaxon would have coped with all the days of pain. So you are my angel in a weird way. The joy you brought him was truly amazing. Again I thank you for the happiness you spread into my sons life. No one else could have so vulgarly, oddly, totally unorthodoxed, with the crap content you convey, brighten up a room the way seem to have a total knack of doing. Jaxon Horne really IS one of your biggest fans. He's better now. Still skinny but his appetite is coming back. It's been months now with no sickness but he has gotten neumerous ass wippings for cussing the neighbor kids. But on the bright side you taught him to use the words correctly. He's learned not to cuss as much but I still hear him hiding around the house repeating you word for word. Totally rewinding and saying the worst parts over 2-3 times. I don't say a word. You are keeping him occupied and laughing. Sorry this message is so long but I really wanted you to know Jaxon loves you and thinks you hung the moon. Oddly you were a blessing in our time of need and I'll never be able to show you the graditude you deserve for being a complete troll on a silly YouTube page. Maybe you can make sense of it all. I really can't but I'm not going to try to ever take you away from him again. Earlier i told you that you were my angel. I think you're Jaxons as well. Im going to place this post a couple places in hopes that you actually read it and know how much 1 little boy adores you. I'm sure you get tons of messages but every mom thinks their son is special and this has been weighing heavy on my heart to tell you your impact over a whole family in a very dark time in our life.

My love for terrible fake names has a long and storied history, but it really crystalized with this video, which I watch once a week and still I laugh.

dan and phil watching teens react
  • teens react girl: dan is hot, not gonna lie
  • dan: *laughs*
  • phil:
  • phil:
  • phil: ... *moves closer to dan on the couch*
  • dan: phil?
  • phil: *stretches arm around dan's shoulders*
  • dan: you are so possessive
  • someone else on teens react: he's attractive
  • phil: *pauses the video*
  • dan: wait what why did you-
  • phil: *gets up, drags dan forcefully towards the bedroom*
  • dan: oh wow okay
  • ***
  • downstairs neighbour: *picks up phone, calls police* yeah hi i'd like to file a complaint against my neighbours, my chandelier just fell down.

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I'm not part of the LGBT+ community so I'm aware I'm probably not your intended audience, but I'd just like to say that you're probably my favourite person on YouTube. You're awesome. When I'm having a bad day, I'll go watch one of your videos because you never fail to make me laugh. Thank you so much for just being you and bringing a little happiness into all of our lives.

I haven’t got an intended audience :) our videos are just about having fun and FUN should appeal to anybody! :) 

Conversation with mum about celebrity crushes
  • Me: I'd choose Troye Sivan
  • Her: but he's gay
  • Me: but he's perfect
  • *shows video*
  • Mum: we has nice eyes.
  • Mum: 'porn blog?' 'Watching porn?' I'm not sure about this
  • Me: it's like a joke mum *gets up 100k subs video 'getting naked'*
  • Mum: What
  • Me: just watch
  • Mum: he has beautiful eyes
  • Me: he has beautiful everything, it's Troye Sivan
  • Mum: *laughs at video* I like him actually.
  • Me: welcome to the fandom.

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Hello! Could elaborate on the context of the "I'd still s-s-struggle handling him in the night." line? Thanks!

Nov 2011: Capital FM Interview. <I am going to use a very good analysis that I found on Youtube but has been deleted since. But I kinda have the video still. Transcript by me, comments taken from the analysis I mentioned.>

Watch the video, because Louis’ high-pitched voice and Harry’s barking laugh are golden!!!

Int.: If you were a girl for a day which member of the band would you want to date?
Louis: Is this just for one day?
Int <agrees>
Harry: For one day I think I would definitely date Louis ‘cause I think I’d just have fun with him.
Louis: is this the day and the night or..?
Int: Er.. let’s go with the day and the night. Does that change things Harry?
Harry: uuuhhh.. not sure… then 100% confident
: I don’t think so. I think I think I would show you a good time.

Please note his <fake> hesitation in answering there. Louis on the other hand insists on being a bit less obvious:

Int: What about you Louis, you’re gonna return the favor or you’re going with.. Zayn?.. <hesitates>: Or… Liam?
Louis: errrr
Int: … Niall …
Louis: I have to pick one?

In case you missed it, let’s review that I-really-want-to-pick-you-because-you’re-my-boyfriend-and-I-love-you-but-we’re-not-supposed-to-be-this-obvious face one more time. Just for fun. And he snickers. And the high-pitched-voice-he-only-uses-for-Harry of doom.

Louis: <still very much hesitating.>
Harry: What about one for the day and one for the night?
Louis: that is a good idea!
Louis: oomph.. <undecided>
Harry: No pressure.

No pressure Louis. I am only your boyfriend. But go ahead. Take your time. No biggie. I only answered AS SOON AS he asked the question, even though no one even called on me. But no pressure.

Louis: ah.. haha <hesitant>
Louis: I would take <finally has an idea, points finger at Zayn and snickers, proud of himself> This is good. 
Louis: <smug face>: I’d take Zayn for the day… ‘cause I don’t think I’d be able to handle him in the night….. I’d take Harry for the night
Harry: Thanks man.

What I really meant was: YAY, thanks babe, I love you! But apparently we are being subtle so…  Yeah thanks man.

Louis: However.. I’d s-still s-s-st-struggle with handling him in the night.

<After this Harold laughs a very manly laugh out loud> Well. he has never been able to be subtle, has he?

Int: how do you know you’d struggle with handling him in the night?
Louis: I just mean the way that vibrant personalities …may.. er.. (it was hard to understand this). Er..
Harry: … tire you out
Louis: … confuse me (what I heard)
Harry: Oh.
Int: and also party quite hard? Is this what it is about?
Louis: <confident voice>: No.

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Time Travel Anon: Fun game to play with past David and Gillian -- show them pics and videos of them today and have them speculate on whether Gillovny is real or not. I'd love to hear them try to explain away their future selves' behaviors. Bonus: Imagine them watching the Cutting Room video...

OH MAN. I laughed so much when I first read this. Forcing 1998 David and Gillian through the confusing torment of modern-day Gillovny would ONLY BE FITTING. 

“Are we fucking? Naaahhh…definitely not. …Look at our faces though. Are we??? No, no. WAIT, ARE WE THOUGH?? What are you whispering to me?? Why am I looking at you like that? WHAT does my t-shirt say? Why would I say that if we weren’t…nah, I must just be just joking. Why do we look so married though? …Naaahh. … …???”

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So I'm watching a promotional video on a new fly reel I want and the guy presenting it is a brit. The way he keeps saying aluminum (5 times in a row so far) has me ugly laughing and I'm not sure why but I thought I'd share that with you. :]

haha you guys say “aluminum”? … Not “aluminium”?
You chaps knock off i’s as well as u’s now, do ya? ;)
I’m tryna imagine how you pronounce it. *opens youtube*

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Tyler! Hey! So I just want you to know how amazing you are. I've been going through a bit of depression lately and I know you probably hear this from a lot of your viewers but your videos really do mean a lot to me, as do you. Your videos make me smile, and laugh every time I watch them, and I hate most humans, so that's quite a big deal c; You are helping me whether you realize it or not, so thanks! Just thought I'd let you know. Stay classy (; <3

Thanks love<3

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I just wanted to let you guys know that watching your videos helped me get through a very dark patch in my life. There were days where I just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up, but instead I would just marathon your videos and laugh and somehow I'd feel better. Thank you guys, seriously.

Thank you for watching. Trust me I’ve been there. I know it doesn’t seem like it but there’s nothing in the world that can’t be overcome. Laughing at the world helps sometimes. I hope we never stop helping you laugh.