and I was thinking about this earlier


Sangria: Am I just crazy, or is Venus just a little suspicious. 

Razzy: I don’t know… maybe. Why? What were you thinking?

Sangria: Well earlier at the dinner table the Drift’s started asking her questions about her family, and there were a few things that seemed odd. 

Razzy: So you think that she’s lying about her family? Why would she need to do that?

Sangria: I don’t know… I think she may be hiding. I just have no idea what. 

Razzy: I don’t know San… she’s so far from home and she’s not allowed to talk to any of them. Maybe she’s just having a weird time.

Sangria: You may be right. But I kind of want to look into it, at least just a little bit. 

Razzy: If it will put this to rest, then I’m in. 

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Rate my pokemon team? Alolan Ninetales, Lopunny, Chandelure, Leafeon, Wishiwashi, Beautifly.

  • i love alolan ninetales so that’s already an automatic 10/10. 
  • lopunny is… not my favorite pokemon but i’ll add 2 points for it so 12/10. 
  • chandelure is a good choice, fire and ghost is a nice combo. i was just thinking earlier about trying a playthough with a litwick, the only downside is i can’t get behind the whole living candle thing. 4 points, takes you up to 16/10. 
  • leafeon, an eeveelution. as a member of the lgbt community i am automatically required by law to love every single eeveelution so that’s an instant 10 points, taking you up to 26/10. 
  • wishiwashi is cute, kinda small but overall adorable, 2 points for it. 28/10. 
  • and finally, a beautifly. now, this is my own bias but i’ve never been the biggest fan of bug pokemon. that being said, beautifly is on the cuter side of the bug spectrum and deserving of at least six points, taking your final score up to a solid 34/10.

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(anon about alec's line from earlier) i just kinda wanted to explain my thoughts more cuz i think using 'creepy' gave the wrong impression. the reason the line didnt sit well with me is b/c we have seen suicidal!alec as canon (literally he tried to kill himself) and magnus was the one who saved him, and for the most part the show ignored it except for like one scene. and while i am a big fan of the show, that's always bothered me so fucking much because i've loved people who thought their (1/4)

lives were worthless and so were they and it’s fucking terrifying?? and if the show were to actually talk about alec being suicidal and not just make it an intense plot moment for 3 seconds, i think magnus would still be terrified over that too. so (and i know this wasnt the show’s intention) alec saying ‘i dont think i can live without you’, if alec being suicidal wasn’t just to spook the fans, would scare the fuck out of magnus. and i love malec so much!! they mean so much to me,(2/4)

and i always thought i could count on them as being a healthy lgbtq+ ship, but with this line it terrifies me that the show is just gonna reduce magnus and alec into drama involving their relationship and ignore them as whole characters.i love them, i really do, but alec saying he can’t live without magnus is not only ignoring his shit ton of emotional problems, but it also reduces him to loving magnus and only magnus. he has his entire family, and yet with that line it seems like they just(¾)

threw that out and pretended like the only person to ever actually matter to alec is magnus. and same w magnus when alec asked him for help to close the rift, magnus made it seem (at first) like he couldnt care less about the rift & demons escaping and killing people just cuz he was mad at alec. and i know eventually he gave in, but that was only after alec talked to him for awhile, which is annoying and gross b/c i dont believe magnus would ever hesitate to do something if it saved lives.(4/4)

again, i know this wasn’t the show’s intention, but these scenes being written this way makes it seem like the only reason magnus and alec exist is to be malec. (and there are good scenes that counteract my argument, but it still bothers me that the scenes i am talking about are written this way) anyway. i know this is all me just reading way too far into stuff, but i’m just worried that i’m gonna have to see this ship burn because it’s being written like this. (5/4 miscounted my bad)

Ok, nonnie. First of all, I don’t want to sound like a dick but I disagree with you completely, like I understand what you are trying to say and every single one of your points, but I really disagree with all of them, and I understand why you are scared about this becoming an annoying or bad on screen relationship but I just don’t see it that way.

Suicidal!Alec is canon but like I said before I don’t think alec said it in a “If you don’t get back together with me I’m gonna kill myself” way, I think it was more in a “you are always gonna be a part of me” way. I think that, yes, Magnus hearing Alec say that may scare him and make him think that he can’t leave Alec but Magnus is not with Alec just because Alec can’t live without him or because Alec is forcing him to stay by emotionally manipulating him, Magnus is with Alec because can’t live without him either.

Now, what you are saying about the show reducing Alec and Magnus to only malec and giving them drama about the relationship….. yeah….. no… the “drama” we’ve seen on screen is literally not like anything I’ve seen on screen for relationships. It isn’t “I’m jealous because this person suddenly started talking to you” “I’m gonna cheat on you because I thought you were cheating on me” “You told me one small lie that didn’t matter so now I’m mad at you and I’m gonna forget you exist”, it’s not silly relationship drama for the sake of drama, the multiple arguments they’ve had is around one thing and one thing only, the fact that Alec is part of a privileged group and Magnus is part of a group that is being oppressed by them, it all goes back to that. 

They are a healthy relationship because even after all the problems, they always talk and go back to being ok, it never piles up, they have great communication and their relationship keeps growing. 

The “I don’t think I can live without you” is giving their relationship more development than taking it away. And not just their relationship but also Alec as a whole character, he went from “Am I gonna give up my life for you?” to telling Magnus he can’t live without him.

Also, what you said about the line making it seem like he doesn’t care about his family because it makes it sound like he only thinks about Magnus……… Alec has always been shown as someone that protects the people he loves (that’s literally what his name means) and it has been shown how much he loves his family. At the beggining he was shown as a very cold person but did you see the way he smiled and hugged Izzy, the way he smilles at Max whenever he sees him, the way he comforted Jace even tho he didn’t know what was happening, the way he knew when to start treating Clary with kindness because he knew he cared about her enough? 

He has always been shown as a guarded person, the only person he has shown complete affection, kindness, sweetness and even weakness to is Magnus, because Magnus is the only person he has an intimate relationship with, the only person who has even gotten him to open up emotionally, and the only person he trusts with his emotions. That’s why there is a difference between his platonic and familial relationships and the relationship he has with his partner Magnus.

And are you really telling me Magnus Bane wouldn’t have saved all those lives if it weren’t for Alec telling him people were gonna die? Af it weren’t because Alec talked to him? Magnus bane would never. I know you are saying the writting made it seem that way… but really? is that really how you are gonna leave? thinking Magnus would?. He would have probably shown up at the Institute anyways to see how he could help. In my house we treat Magnus Bane with the respect he deserves.

And lastly i do understand what you are trying to say but everything about their storyline as individuals and as a couple has been great I don’t think there’s anything we should be worried about really. I’m sorry if i sounded rude or harsh  with everything I explained above, but really, everything is fine my dude.

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Lol. "Does Jody even know Cas exists?" She lives with Claire. I think she's heard of him.

Yeah, I was talking with @mittensmorgul​ about that earlier today, wondering exactly how hilariously described Claire’s account of her 4 dads was when trying to tell Jody exactly what was going on to make her end up there. 

I mean, remember in 10x10 where she was talking about her 2 dads and how Cas wanted to be her third dad and then in 10x20 Cas was her 3rd dad and Dean was getting in on being the 4th dad (”bring your daughter to work day”… neeever over it). (Oh, and cool uncle Sam who taught her credit card fraud, of course.) So, I mean, put all that back into the mouth of snarky, say as little as possible Claire… trying to sum up how the heck she ended up with Sam and Dean being sent to Jody and…

Well, maybe it’s time to go rewatch 11x12 assuming Jody knows about Dean n Cas in the garbled way Claire would have sulkily interpreted it for her… Pretend like she thinks she might know what’s going on in Dean’s head when he makes that comment about a mom to talk to him about boyfriends and stuff… 

But yeah, obviously that is something that I think Jody would need to know, and, honestly, they probably already told her in barebones details in 10x20 off-screen when checking it was cool to send Claire to her, since there’s a difference between “she’ll open up to you when she’s ready” and telling Jody the immediate trauma Claire has suffered which she’s going to need to know about.

If you can avoid working with all adult straight men then please do, because the quality of humor I have to sit through leaves a lot to be desired.

Today’s example from lunch break:

Straight 1: *eating a hot dog* “so I was thinking about Jesse earlier”
Straight 2: *immediately starts laughing so hard he can barely speak words completely* “you said you were thinking of Jesse and then looked at your hot dog, you’re a fag! You’re a fag!”

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There was an ask earlier about how dark likes to seduce his potential victims. Well, how would he react to an asexual potential victim. The sly smiles, that special looks in his eye, even the dreaded neck thing (tm) have no affect on them. Would this fill him with rage, or make him try even harder to win them over?

The thing with Dark is that it seems to me that it’s not always about seduction. I don’t think sex is the only way he can get to someone so I don’t think they would be any harder or easier to manipulate.

He is an expert at reading people so he would find that one thing within a person that makes them tick and use that to get what he wants, whether that be love, companionship or even financial security. He would find your biggest desire and promise to fulfil it if it meant you let him in.

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Hello! I think the Anon from before (about deviantart) was talking about the Terms of Submission, which is difficult to find, and not linked to the terms of service and copyright policy. There's been a lot of talk going around, especially about "3. License To Use Artist Materials." (I don't post my art online anyway, but I looked at it and it /does/ look weird.) The ask doesn't let me add links, but if you want one, I can try to send it through messaging. Have a lovely rest of your day!

I can see that. I mean, to me every terms and conditions are shady because everyone can interpret them differently. When you think about it, it can be either to display your content and, if they start to collaborate with other sites, to grant them the licence that you’d granted them earlier, or it might be to sell you with your family and friends. Like, I guess the only safe option is to disappear from the internet. I don’t really want to do that. I’m on dA from the beginning and it’s comfortable for people to browse my art and comment there. But yeah, there’s a huge chance they just want to fuck everyone and have a lot of pleasure from it :)
Has anyone ever sent them a message asking about those stuff? If they have right to give artists materials to third parties (e.g. give your design to the t-shirt shop and take the money for that???) If they say they don’t claim the right to your art, and that the licence you grant them is only to enable them presenting your content can they sell your work then?
Every time you register on some site big companies have your data, they use it, they sell it, they make money out of you. Every day, when you like something on facebook, when you publish a tweet or reblog some post you’re analised and all the information about you is used to adjust the market and make those huge companies rich and happy.

Anyway! Thank you for your message :) Lol, I hope my answer isn’t that pessimistic… But yeah, it’s true, unfortunately. Despite that sad truth about our world, hope you have a great rest of the week ;) <3

Dark's Heart (part 7)

*Warning there is some heavy stuff going on here but bare with me. also I will instantly write the next part after this. its going to be a feels night sorry but im sending all the good vibes and hugs I can.*

You stand infront of your house waiting for Dark to drive up the street. You look at your phone at the last text you got from him.

Edgelord: Be ready by five. I will be picking you up by then.

Earlier in the day he called you to your surprise just to ask if you were ready for his plans for the date. You joked with him if he was going to make you pay for the dinner but he said simply he was going to handle everything. His tone was different than usual, like he was being serious about the date rather than taking it like it was just his job being fulfilled. You decide not to think about it to much because you already think he is just going it to get to you in the end. That was the whole idea right? For payback for humiliating him. You went into this expecting to get burned in the end already prepared to get hurt in some way. You didn’t want to feel anything but you did.

You liked being around him. Even if others only saw him as a evil manipulator to you he was someone who looked like he just needed someone to show him he is much more than that. Yes he likes the power and the rush it gives him to know others can bend to him but you felt even so he must be lonely in the end. He didn’t have to come to your house that day you called but he did. You also will not admit to actually feeling him brush his thumb over your lips or that you did notice he was leaning in for a kiss. This was you telling yourself he was only doing to get something out of you but then it felt so real to you.

Your replaying the times you were with him. How he made you feel save instead of afraid. How his word however harsh made you feel better because they spoke the truth. When he handled you he was rough but his hands felt so comforting on you. When he looked at you his eyes only saw another person to throw away but yet they not seemed like they only want to remember every feature of your face.

You hear a car pull up and look up to see Dark’s car come in. You walk up to the car and Dark steps out of the car and walks up to you. “If we are going to do this I suppose it has to be proper.” Dark opens the car door for you and takes your hand leading you in the passenger seat. He closes it after you get in and goes back to the divers seat. Then he looks at you up and down. “I hoped you would dress up for the occasion.” He snaps his fingers and a black mist comes over you and once it disappears your dressed up nicely and even your hair is done. You look at your lap and find a red rose there. “Better.” Dark looks at you then starts to drive off.

You fiddle with the rose and sniff it, it smells nice and relaxes you. You look over at Dark, “ Well aren’t you a gentleman today. So where are we headed to?”

“You will have to wait and see wont you.” Dark pulls into a parking lot. You look around to see you are in the city and people are dressed up getting out of their cars heading to the entrance of a restaurant. Dark opens your door and you get out, “This seems really fancy.”

“O are you afraid of a little nice dinner?” Dark smirks at you. He has you hold onto his arm and leads you to the restaurant. As he tells the host in the front about his reservation you notice Dark has on cologne, it smells really good. A waiter brings you both to a table that is in a separate room.

You look around to see the room saids reserved on it and when you walk in you are taken back. The room is big, big enough for a dinner party of 15. There is a single table with two chairs in the center close to the wall and dim lighting. You notice there is a small dance floor placed infront of the table that takes up most of the space in the room.

Dark moves your chair for you to sit in and moves you in place before he takes a seat across from you. “Wow you really went all out.” You look around and then at Dark who is looking at you intensely.

A waiter comes in and you both order drinks and once you are both alone you don’t really know what to say. “So… ummm this must have cost a fortune.” You laugh softly. 

“It’s worth every penny.” Dark saids. You feel nervous now. His gaze on you was making your heart beat faster. Why were you feeling this now? You have been near him before so why is it this time you feel so shy. 

You look at the menu then. The prices were so high that your eyes go wide. “Crap this is expensive. You such this is where you wanted to go? I’m a simple person. I could go for Denny’s or Applebees if you want. Hell I could get two tacos at Jack in the Box and be content.” The waiter comes in with your drinks, you got water and Dark had some wine.

“No. If I am going to do this then I wanted it do be done right and this is how I see it when I think of a date.” Dark sips his wine calmly. He is thinking to himself if he really did go overboard for this. When he thinks of a date he thought of something fancy like this but you look uncomfortable and nervous. He knew you were different but he wanted to try it, to see what it felt like to have a real date.

The waiter asks then if they are ready to order and you have no idea what to get. Instead Dark saids you need more time and the waiter leaves. “Havent you been on a date before? I would have thought you would be used to something like this.” Dark tilts his head curious.

“Not like this. My dates consisted of McDonalds and if to be fancy Olive Garden.” You shrug. “So all of this is new to me.”

“I see.” Dark looks off to the side. He thinks I really did go overboard with this.

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t like this. I mean its really nice.” You say fast. You look at the menu again and look back up at Dark. “So recommend anything? Im more of a burger person but if you know something good then get it. I’m warning you though I really can eat so don’t you even think of getting a small salad for me.” You smile at Dark. He looks back at you as you look at the menu humming to yourself. Dark wants to make that smile reserved only for him and no one else.

When the waiter comes back he orders for you and then tries to make a conversation going. For once he doesn’t know what to say. “(Y/N) why am I your favorite ego?”

“What? I thought I told you already or are you that egotistical and need to hear it again.” You playfully shack your head at him.

“True but is there more to that?” Dark asks. He wants to know how you see him, if there is more to how you think of him.

“Well..” You look down at the table then back up at him. “You want to know the truth.” Dark is curious and sits up straighter. “I was alone for some time. When I was in jr high school I had an old group of friends that decided that they didn’t want me around anymore. They said I needed to change the way I am in order to keep hanging out with them. So I left instead. I was alone for quite a while, and I saw that they would tease me not that I was gone from them. I felt so alone and home wasn’t any different. My parents didn’t like the way I was too and wanted me to be better. I just felt so alone and I ended up acting out. I gave myself piercings and started failing at school. My parents wanted to know what was wrong but when I wanted to tell them no words came out. My parents wanted me to be their perfect child and I wasn’t doing that. So now in high school I was with the wrong kind of people.  Missing classes and failing them to. Then once I was a senior I thought what the hell am I doing. I was miserable and didn’t like who I was…” You take a breath. “ Then I surprisingly graduated and went to college. When I got there I felt still out of place and started dating my now ex. Then one day I was on YouTube and I found Mark. I thought he was funny and I looked more into his videos and I found the ones with you. I saw other peoples interpretation of you and I didn’t think much of it other than you were a dark persona. Then "A Date with Darkiplier” came out and you changed so much. You have more depth to you and took on a new role. I saw the live stream where Mark talked about you and said how you were. And yes your only do things for yourself but I saw something different. I thought you looked lonely…“ That made Dark look at you curiously. "You looked lonely to me just like the way I felt. I felt dark and alone in my own little void wanting to be let in but I wasn’t. So I decided to forget what people think of me and be myself. If they didn’t like it fine. I just wanted to be myself without anyone wanting me to change. And you changed from a jump scare into something more and you love the power your image. You don’t care about others and what they say about you, you stay to who you are and if someone cant handle that you lead them to the door. I wish I had more confidence like that even if I continue to be myself I still feel nervous toward others wanting me to be what they want me to be. So I admire you for that.” You finish with that.

Dark never heard someone say that about him. He wanted to say something but the waiter comes in with food. You get happy and dig in fast. Dark watches you devour your food and he is amused when you have your face stuffed and look up ay him. You swallow and smile at him shyly. You both finish and then Dark stands up walks to a waiter and whispers something to him. When the waiter leaves Dark Stands at the door to the room waiting. Suddenly music begins to play over the speakers in the room. Its a soft piano song. Dark then walks over to you and give you his hand, “Dance with me. If your wondering you have no choice.”

You take his hand and he leads you to the center of the dance floor. He places your hands on him where they should go and he places his hand on your waist and holds your other hand. He leads you around and you don’t know if you can dance but Dark leads you slowly to keep up with him. The music is so lovely and calm and it makes you feel at peace’ it sounds like a love song. Dark lets you go to twirl you and then pulls you back to him but closer to him so your chest is pressed to his. He starts to only sway with you back and forth. You look up at him feeling so warm and fuzzy. Your blushing so much and Dark chuckles, “What? No one has danced with you before?”

“No… I never did go to prom.” You say softly.

Dark smiles. Your taken back by it because it feels like a real smile. “Then I’m glad to be the first.” He lifts you up and spins with you and slowly brings you down to him. His eyes look so intense but soft. He puts a hand on your cheek brushing it with is thumb. He stops moving and he just looks at you. Your heart feels like it is going to burst out of your chest. Then you hold your breath as Dark slowly leans in but as soon as his lips brush yours you push off from him.

“Please stop it…” You look down at the floor. “I know your only messing with me. You don’t need to take it that far.”

Dark makes you look back up at him. “And if I’m not messing with you.”

“I mean this was your plan all along right? Make me feel like you care and trample over it.” You look at him with sad eyes. You get out of his grip and back away from him. “I think I should go home now…”

Dark begins to feel angry. “Im the one messing with you… o no.. your the one who has been messing with me this whole time…” His shell has a small crack. “You always texting me and trying to get to know me. For what? TO get to me? Was that your aim this whole time?”

“What no. I thought you were cool and wanted to talk to you. I know you were going to only just toss me in the end but I did it anyway. I talked to you and I got to spend time with you. I know how you are and I know how you act. But even so I let myself get swept up by you.” You begin to tear up.

“Well its not my fault that you have relationship issues and don’t know how to trust others. Its not my problem they you have daddy issues that still haunt your judgment in men.” Dark huff.

He realizes what he just said at the end. “What…” You look at him hurt. “Why do you know that…”

“I told you its what I do… I find things that hurt others and use it against them. I know your parents separated and you hold resentment to your father because he left you. That’s why you felt so unloved by the first man in your life and that is the real reason you acted out. Just someone begging to be noticed by a parent that left you.” Dark doesn’t finish his thought because you slapped him on the cheek really hard. His eyes are wide and he looks at you.

Your a mess. Tears are coming out like a river. “I knew you would do something to mess with me but I didn’t think you stoop that low… I really was confused it you for once liked me… or were you messing with me the whole time. For me.. I meant it.. I meant it and I shouldn’t have… I hate you…” You run off instantly.

Dark stands there alone. He breathes deeply and hard. This is what he wanted right to humiliate you. But when he brought up your father he felt so stupid and hates himself. Dark bites his lip so hard it cuts him a small drop of blood coming out of the wound. His fists so clenched it makes his hands ache. He thinks to himself he destroys everything he touches…

Already far from the restaurant you try to find out where you are on your phone so you can walk home. But as you look at it you hear footsteps come close to you. “Wow what are the odds?”

You look up to see the group of people from the park infront of you. “Hey look im in no mood to deal with anyone right now. So please just let it go.” You sniffle.

“Awwww come one whats the matter did your boyfriend dump you? I thought so.” Girl two laughs.

“O look they are crying poor baby. He saw you are actually not worth it.” Guy one shoves you. You move back a little.

“Please leave me alone…” You try to walk away but they have you cornered.

“You thought you were special but your not. Just because you got Dark to notice you.” GIrl one pokes you in the chest. “Just because he threatened anyone who comes near you doesn’t mean anything.”

“He what?” You look up at them.

“What you didn’t know? Dark put up a post that he will personally handle anyone who tries to mess with his darling.” Boy three saids.

You didn’t know he did that. And he said you were his darling… you look back at the restaurant. He said those things because you assumed he was messing with you and when you put that on him he felt like he cant ever have someone and lashed out. You feel stupid. You want to run back to him and go into his arms and tell him your sorry and you should have known… You start to walk over there when girl one grabs you.

“Hey we aren’t done with you.” You notice guy two has an Icee in his hand and he takes off the top. You try to get out but he already dumps it on your head. You cold all over and feel sticky. The group laughs at you. “And to be honest we aren’t really fans of Mark we just kind of wanted to mess with the event but failed and you were the one who took the spotlight.” Girl one saids.

“Hey its all on you… this is actually my favorite flavor.” You smile at them.

“Stop trying to act better than us!!” Girl two shoves you hard.

You didn’t realize you were standing at the edge of the sidewalk. It feels like slow motion as you fall into the street and the car lights shine on you at your side. You hear the car breaks shriek and then you hear someone yell your name. You look to the side fast enough to see Dark running to you looking so panicked. Your still falling over and smile at him with a tear coming down.

“Im sorry…” You whisper.

Then a loud thud sound happens and you black out.

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every time you post pics of that fate/ game i swear to god i feel like i'm having a stroke cause the english they use is.... so.... Off. i can't be the only one who thinks that right

oh, not at all - pretty much all the content for the game’s launch was kinda wonky because aniplex USA kept pushing a localization team of like three people to have the game ready for launch by mid-july when it clearly wasn’t ready

they’ve been pretty upfront about that, and their current plan is to use the lulls between major content updates (usually 2-3 months) to go back and re-review the translation for the earlier content

this event is the first post-launch content added to the game with any significant amount of text, and while it still has its moments (see the artemis dumpling rant i posted), the translation as a whole is much better than what we got at launch, so i’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they’ll have the kinks ironed out by year’s end

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Story anon from earlier. I was talking about Avatar the Last Airbender, but I didn't want to make myself obvious. Its just that I find so much value in that story, especially the parts with you and your nephew. To see others point out all the flaws an none of the good points really discourages me. And it makes me wonder if I'm not looking at the story the way I should and my praise is blind.

That is the funny thing about stories. We all see something a little different in them, I think. That does not necessarily make your interpretation wrong. It simply makes it different.
It's Just a Spark, But It's Enough | Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Another thank you is in order! Spark just reached 3k hits, and I’m constantly overwhelmed by the love and support I’ve received from this fic! I truly live and breathe within this world, it never leaves my mind and I’m constantly thinking of things to add and to improve.

So thank you to anyone who’s ever given it a chance! Spark is my first fanfic ever, and I’ve met some lovely people through it, have developed as a writer and I’m learning new things both about myself and the written word every day because of it ^.* 

Just reading back on earlier chapters and reading what I posted earlier this week, there’s such a difference, and I’m so grateful I can share this journey with y’all ^.*

Thank you again, and here’s to the next thousand ^.^

The Arcana - a 2:46am theory

AKA I was asleep until this idea popped into my head, and now I can’t sleep until I write it up, even though I’m not fully awake help me aaahhhh

Guys, guys, guys. I just remembered something. Aurora says this

in Chapter 4 Part 1, in her second dream about Asra. And I suddenly wondered how many times she’s had this dream. Or, this memory? I was also thinking about that Nadia thing I mentioned earlier, about her seeing things in dreams but they’re actually memories? What if that’s the case with the apprentice?

So let’s say that Nadia just dreams about probable futures. Cool. But the apprentice has these nightmares over and over, and they’re actually memories. They’ve seen Asra doing something or going somewhere, but their memory has been wiped, and they don’t remember what they saw, so their dreams are looping until they remember? Did that sentence even make sense? 

If this is the case… Asra, you naughty boy, what are you up to? Can you imagine if he’s done this hundreds of times over? What does our apprentice actually know? Or rather, what did they know, because Asra took their memories. If Asra took their memories. Maybe he didn’t, but it is strange as well how Aurora, who is supposedly very close with Asra to the point where random strangers are like “whew, you two are close, wink wink”, knows absolutely nothing about his past. Nothing at all. What? Unless she does. DUN DUN DUN.

I’m tired and this idea is probably totally wrong because there’s the new update to think about. 

Also, just as an aside, look at this man. Look at him. Look at his face. You can’t hang this man.

Also also, when you ask Asra where the crossroads lead in your first dream:

“Depends which one you take.” 

No shit. Thanks, Asra.

Sorry, that was a double tangent right there. I’m going to go back to sleep now. I apologise if this was totally irrelevant because of the update or because of my rambling. I also apologise because the structure, the pacing and probably even the grammar of this post are all so skewed that I just can’t even bear to think about it. Sorry.

iOS, stop messing around. I mean it.

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Why do you think Rose would be angry with Emilia and Kit's relationship


Put yourself in Rose’s shoes. She’s on and off with a guy for years and they move in together. But he has a very attractive bestie who post pictures with him and they together play one of the most popular couples in TV history, look at each other as if they were having sex a minute ago, and they also filmed a steamy sex scene. I love Rose but she must have great tolerance because wow…

I joked about that earlier don’t take this seriously AT ALL it’s just wow 

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GASP. Idea! Awkward boner headcanons. You can pick the characters xD pleassseeeeee 💛💙💓 and maybe some headcanons of their female s/o helping them take care of it somewhere where they can't be found?

DOUBLE GASP! Love your idea! Ah your’e so sweet to let me pick, but i’m so indecisive! Gah! Anything for you sweet sinful anon! <3

Nsfw warning.


  • Oof, awkward boner time during training. He wasn’t thinking dirty thoughts! He swears!
  • He might have been looking at s/o train nearby, getting worse when she came over to train with him
  • Trying to think of literally anything else to bring it down, he loves training with you
  • He loves it a little too much right now.
  • Once training is over she catches him in the hall and drags him into a secluded area. Questioning the confused boy about his very evident boner from earlier.
  • Oops now its back when its brought up, gradually worsening as she stands so close. She realizes and smirks to him, knowing he isn’t the type to just ask so she pulls him into a make-out session while they’re alone.
  • She trails down to his pants to shrug them down off his legs to help relieve him.
  • Cums relatively fast as its his first blowjob, hands tangled in her hair hoping hes not being too rough with her.


  • Gets super annoyed when he gets a hard on during lunch, seeing her on the other side of his table, talking to Kiri about something stupid, not like he was paying attention to that
  • His thoughts were elsewhere~
  • The second the bell rings he jumps up to grab her by the wrist and lead her away quickly to the first unoccupied room he could find.
  • Ended up being some sort of closet. Good thing hes not picky.
  • She would have been confused if it wasn’t the millionth time hes dragged her away like this somewhere deserted to get down and dirty. 
  • She knows the drill and moves her hair aside as he smashes his lips against her then guiding her down to use those lips of hers somewhere else.
  • One hand pulling at her hair, the other clenched in a fist as he thrusts into her mouth mercilessly.
  • Takes a bit to get there since he wanted to drag it out as long he could, he wanted to fuck her mouth longer but he knew they had class. 
  • Swallows most of his cum, licking up any that dares to trail down, knowing how much he loved it when she took in his whole load.
Help please!

I am in an abusive relationship. I told my abuser/partner today that I was going to go donate plasma. I really went to the ywca to start getting help. I didn’t really think about how Derek is going to expect me to have the money I would have gotten from plasma.

I just need twenty-five dollars. I have a PayPal, it’s

If you could just send a little, please. He has isolated me to the point where I don’t have friends that will help me. I don’t have any family members I can ask for help. I can’t get a hold of my Bishop. Please. I have an hour in which to raise this money.

I’m scared to go home without that money. He called me earlier and told me he’s been drinking. Please don’t make me go home to an angry, drunk, abusive partner. Help me if you can.

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(Last anon) I understand you, I feel the same thing about being like Logan or Virgil. I think The Sides videos changed me a lot because I feel I was super rude and cold before watching them, now I'm working on it, but I'm still not as bubbly as the others. And that's fine, we don't have to be like that. You're nice enough how you are right now, I followed you recently and I feel I should have done it so much earlier

You seem to be learning about cheesy inspirational talking. Glad you like following me and I’m glad you’re here now.

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3, 13, 22, 45!

aw hiiiiiii

3. In your opinion, what’s your best fic?

the laws of fate, for sure…… i don’t even know how that twisted chaos came to be and i’m shocked by it, truly. although second fave is days in a lifetime but that one i just….. have a lot of feelings about.

13. What’s the biggest change between your style when you started in fandom and today?

its still evolving definitely, since supercorp is the first pairing ive ever felt motivated to write for. but as i’ve gotten a better grasp on the characters, the emotions have come through much stronger than earlier pieces and i think the tone of voice (specifically for lena) has definitely grown into its own. 

22. Has there ever been anyone who’s made you freak out because they read your work and followed/favorited/reviewed?

that @capricious-wind is pretty cool, i gotta say ;) 

45. If you had to call yourself an author of a single genre (besides fanfic) what label would you give yourself?

i suppose it would just be romance/drama? essentially i want to be the lesbian nicholas sparks and/or write books that can be cheesy hallmark movies. although i say this and then i dabble in ridiculous things like angst and magic fantasy so….. as usual, i defy labels.

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