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Richonne is the Way and the Truth...

I told a few of you about my sister who was completely anti-Richonne since season 3. Well, we had an interesting conversation earlier in the week. She admitted that she thinks that there was potential for Richonne a while ago and (for anti-Rick reasoning) she was trying to deny that they had crazy chemistry. She said to me that she thinks TPTB had Richonne canon planned since they introduced Michonne. She just didn’t want to admit it then, but now that 6B is almost here, she has finally conceded. She actually told me this morning that she wants Rick and Michonne to be together. It took a while, but we got there! *sighs* finally we can have nice things in my family! LOL 

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everybody on twitter is talking about Troye and Connor breaking up and now I'm kind of believing it? like Connor is acting weirder than usual when they're separated. it's also weird that he'd go to Portland the day after Troye leaves? Like wouldn't you think he'd go a day or two earlier go see Troye? it's all adding up and I think they might've decided to take a break...

Okay, I’m so done with this rumor. People are treating this like now it’s suddenly likely that they’re on a break but they don’t seem to realize that these rumors happen so frequently and can be very convincing if you don’t refuse to put up with them, even though they’re proven incorrect time and time again. So I suggest ignoring them and existing in a state of limbo. Wait until they’re reunited to draw any conclusions, because honestly as someone who’s been active in this fandom every single day for the past year, I can tell you this isn’t out of the ordinary. People are turning something that happens all the time into tremendous drama and it’s driving me up the wall.

man, the more i think about it, the more i want a fire emblem game where yusuke kozaki is the illustrator, but the art director is literally anyone else other than the guy who did awakening/fates

like, if you look at kozaki’s twitter, he does a whole bunch of sketches of fates characters in casual garb that don’t look completely ridiculous

no battle panties, no single strapped-down boob, hell, it would fit right in with the earlier games - slap some plates on it and it’d work just fine as something a character could plausibly wear in battle

i guess what i’m saying is, please give kozaki more creative freedom with the FE character designs, or at the very least, bring on an art director who isn’t toshiyuki kusakihara

Preference #243 Faking It
  • Liam:You stumbled yet again in your heels, still huffing from being out of breath. Liam seemed fine, moving swiftly through everyone easily, even though an hour earlier he was complaining about his dress shoes were starting to hurt. No one payed any mind to the newlywed couple rushing out of the hall, apparently deciding the booze and music was more important. Liam finally stopped you two once he had pulled you into a random coat closet. “You want to explain this now, Payne?” you said, smoothing out your hair now that you had stopped jogging. “I need you to make me cry.” Liam explained, nodding to himself. “You cried earlier today. Exactly why do you need to cry more?” You questioned. “A bet.” Liam said easily. You groaned, knowing that seeing Louis and Liam alone earlier was going to lead to this. “Apparently Harry is nervous about his speech and he thinks no one will care of cry so Louis bet him 100 bucks that I would cry and if I do, he will split it with me.” Liam said, grinning. “You dragged me in here for 50 bucks. That you know Louis probably will not even give to you?” Liam narrowed his eyes for a moment but then shrugged, nodding. “Yeah basically.” You blinked a few times, turning around. “This was supposed to be a surprise, but if you want tears, I got them. Unzip me.”
  • Louis:Louis waved again at some person you didn’t know, hand still firmly on your waist. “I have no idea who that is.” He said through clenched teeth as you chuckled. Niall still had eyes on you two from across the room, and you narrowed your eyes at him until he wandered over. “You know, I lost 200 quid because of you two.” He said as he approached. You furrowed your eyebrows. “You two, you know.” He said, gesturing towards Louis hand on your waist. Louis snorted, “Oh, no. We’re not, you know.” Louis said, gesturing between the two of you again. “Oh I know. But you two keep up this fake date thing all night, and I know you’re not going to be able to handle yourselves. We have been waiting on this for years.” Niall said, taking a sip of his beer and walking away. “That is the fourth person that has said that to us.” You observed, praying that at this point Louis might catch on and make a move. “Yep.” He said, popping his ‘p’. “We've basically been dating for months now anyways, we should just, you know.” He said after a few moments of silence. “Say it, Louis. Say you want to date me.” You said, singing and poking at his chest. “I’ve wanted to date you since the first week we met.” Louis said seriously, smiling softly at you.
  • Zayn:It was still silent in your room, save for Zayn’s hard breathing. You glanced at him, the sheets around his hips and his arms crossed over his tattooed chest like a petulant child. You pursed your lips, trying not to show how amused you were at his reaction. “Do you want to talk about it?” You asked, flipping onto your side to face him. “I would like to just go to bed and forget the betrayal.” At that statement, you couldn’t help it, you snorted. “Betrayal?! The drama, Malik! I am not the first woman to fake an orgasm, and I am surely not that last.” You said, defending yourself. “Yes, but not with me! Now I am questioning everything.” Zayn said, head in his hands. “Will you calm down? I said I was tired but you insisted and then took your shirt off which you know is distracting to me, and you know, it didn’t happen.” You said, shrugging. “Are there support groups for this?” Zayn asked no one in particular. You rolled your eyes again, leaning over him to shut off the light. “You might’ve gotten away with it if you weren’t so terrible at faking it.” Zayn mumbled angrily, despite grabbing at your waist and pulling you into his warm body. “Excuse me? I was very convincing, you never would’ve known if you were a normal boyfriend, but apparently you pay very close attention to me in that moment.” You grumbled. “Oh so now you’re saying I’m too attentive?” Zayn quipped, launching another bickering session.
  • Niall:Your left arm was being shaken furiously, and you swear if it was Niall waking you up in the middle of the night to cheer on about how x team in y country at some ungodly hour won a stupid game, you might actually divorce him. You poked open your left eye, instead seeing your five year olds messy blonde hair, her face bright red. “What’s the trouble bubble?” You asked, mumbling through your sleep. “Sick. I think I have a fever, can’t go to school.” She whine, stepping closer to you. You tossed off your blankets, sitting up. “Okay, let’s check your temperature.” You mumbled, pressing a hand to her warm forehead. “I already did.” She said, thrusting a thermometer into your hand. Through your sleepy haze, you were able to make out a temperature of 108.3. You glanced at the other side of the bed for the first time all morning, noting Niall was gone. You narrowed your eyes at your daughter, cocking your head to the door for her to follow you. You quickly made your way across the hall to your kids bathroom, not shocked to hear a hair dryer running and Niall mumbling to your son. You shoved open the door, Niall pushing your sons hair back, hair dryer in front of it. “Really?” You deadpanned. “The children might have begged me to let them stay home because I might’ve mention the band was coming over when I got them up.” “So instead of just asking me, you’re trying to burn their faces off?” Niall frowned. “This is a good skill to know.” He defended. “A skill you suck at, by the way. The temperature was at 108. If you’re going to teach them these things, at least teach them correctly.” You said, kneeling next to your son, ready to explain just how to play hooky.
  • Harry:“And you just had this, lying around?” You said, looking at it in the light again. “Some place sent it to me.” Harry said, shrugging, keeping his eyes on the road. You glanced that the engagement ring again, smiling softly. “I’m starting to feel guilty about this.” You said after a few beats. Harry groaned, “We aren’t hurting anybody. If you’re that worried about it, I will buy the one we like best anyways.” When Harry had called you that morning asking you to marry him, you were a bit lost, seeing as Harry had been oblivious about your feelings towards him for years now. But he explained that he read somewhere that a couple of friends fake an engagement in order to try out some wedding cakes. Harry was amused, and you were recruited, and you did enjoy a good cake. Harry parked outside the bakery, throwing it into park. “We need a good engagement story.” He said, biting his thumb nail. You snorted, “You would so propose at a fancy restaurant and stumble over your words and all that.” Harry shook his head, “Absolutely not. You hate PDA, I would do it at home. Very little fluff since you don’t like that either, just like an I love you, marry me.” He said, simply, increasing your heart rate, because he was right. That was the way you would want to be proposed to. “And I would probably say I guess.” You said, rolling your eyes. “Good enough for me.” He said softly, eyes shining.
  • notes:hope you enjoyed!

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I think the jointed ponies are actually really good because so many (marketed as) "girls" toys are stiff and meant to focus on beauty practices and domestic practices while "boys" toys have more jointed and movable toys allowing them to develop motor skills a little better or something earlier idk for sure I did a paper on it in HS. The accessories are super weird though and the knife is pretty yikes.

that’s a good point. although i’m less concerned about them making action figures and more confused about why they had to make them look angry and serious and give them weapons. also i don’t think the celestia figure is even posable, it’s just an angry statue

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Shandy for the ask

when I started shipping it if I did:
I shipped them even before I saw the show LOL. I saw so many Shandy gifs on my dash! But yeah I think it was when Sharon offered to come with Andy to his daughter’s wedding. He was so flustered and adorable asking how he’d introduce her.

my thoughts:
My fluffiest and most adorable OTP out there. They are so cute that you just wanna go them and hug them. They are perfect !

What makes me happy about them:
How comfortable they are with each other. I love relationships which are based on a strong friendship and those where they couldn’t stand the others presence earlier but then ended up being friends and fall in love are precious. I like the pace of their relationship, how we saw them falling in love. I think the fact that Sharon Raydor who has been by herself for such a long time. Has faced a lot when it comes to relationships before with Jack found someone she could trust in Andy. The touches and those glances. Andy Making heart eyes. Like I said the fluffiest ship of mine!

What makes me sad about them:
I think it’s pretty obvious they are in love, and I expect them to say it to each other soon. I’d like to see them kissing once in a while. Holding hands more and I REALLY REALLY NEED A SHANDY HUG!

things done in fanfic that annoys me:
Not any as such. I like angst, there aren’t many angsty fics out there. But whatever I’ve read so far is perfect. The fandom has amazing writers. Though more multi chapters please :D

things I look for in fanfic: Angst, Story. I like fics with a proper story. I’m not a huge fan of pwp, if there’s smut, I like seeing fics building up to that moment. I love AUs and there are very few Shandy AUs.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: As of now, maybe none. I kinda sorta might’ve shipped Sharon and Fritz a bit (a tiny winy bit) during closer but none as such. If it has to happen them maybe an oc, a new character.

My happily ever after for them:
Many many years later, Andy has retired and Sharon is about to retire too. They are married (not necessary) and are on the beach, walking hand in hand and their grandkids come running to them. Making ‘ewww’ sounds when they steal a kiss from each other. Andy lifts up his youngest grandkid (Ricky’s son) and perches him on his shoulder. Sharon is carrying Rusty’s kid in one. Nicole’s eldest walks ahead of then and Emily’s daughter is holding Andy’s hand and Nicole’s younger kid holding Sharon’s and their walking towards the team and their kids waiting for them. A party to celebrate Sharon’s retirement. A happy family.

Massive Influx of Guilt

Earlier today, an individual messaged me asking if I had one of my nests available. I said, “Absolutely! Send them on by!” The day goes on and I’m in my classes and busy, not thinking about much aside from RL junk. Get home finally, I’m exhausted and have completely forgotten about this previous conversation.

It is at this time where I realize that Plague probably needs my help in accepting fodder from our Public Buy thread. Immediately I am swarmed with CRs because the OPEN window had just started. Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared. So far this week, my help has been during the later part of the OPEN hours so I hadn’t had that much “business” so to speak. This time was a complete shock.

Well, I start accepting the fodder immediately and exalting this. Doing this as fast as I can. And then when I finally get a break, I see a PM: “Thanks! Here’s their food!”

My heart sank. I accidentally exalted this person’s breeding pair! I have PM’d them and offered to help in any way I can, but I’m not sure how I can. They have yet to PM me back, but it seems like they have taken the food that I returned in the PM so they’ve at least read it and know what’s up. I know that FR allows 1 free “return exalt” and I haven’t done that yet, but I doubt they would make an exception and return both. Only other thing that I can think of is either trying to find a replacement pair or trying to compensate with treasure (since I have little to no gems).

I feel extremely bad because 1) this person trusted me with their dragons and 2) this person trusted me with their dragons. Honestly, I’m at a loss. I really don’t know what to do in this situation.

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Rewatching the bed video earlier and I can't stop thinking about what it would be like to lay in a bed with either Gillian Anderson or David Duchovny. I can't decide. I want both. I'm in the middle.

I want to sit in the chair in the corner and film.

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Hey there! I wanted to ask how you think the series would be different if Jon Snow had been legitimized by Ned Stark earlier in childhood?

Thanks for the question,

I don’t see in what scenario Ned would do this. I talked before about why I think Ned didn’t in OTL, and I don’t see what would make him change his mind. Ned couldn’t just do it on his own - he’d have to get Robert’s assent, and while best-buddy Robert might not care terribly what best-buddy Ned does with his wartime byblow, it would bring more royal attention on young Jon. That’s not exactly helpful for Ned, who has done his best to hide Jon’s potentially regime-shattering secret. Compound that with Catelyn’s love for Ned: he knows it hurts her to watch “his” bastard be raised like a member of the family; it would be absolutely crushing - and really without precedent - to petition the king to legitimize Jon too: suddenly his bastard would be on equal footing with her eminently pedigreed children for Winterfell, for no reason other than, on face, to spite her (that was, at least, the reason Aegon IV legitimized his bastards when he had a legitimate heir, Daeron; otherwise, legitimization is limited to naming a new heir to a House).

So, unless you have a better scenario for why Ned would do this (other than just completely changing his character), I can’t come up with an AU. Sorry.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

kink is legit my coping mechanism

Literally one of the first things I did when I left that fucking cult was dive head first into all the things I hated and hurt myself for, this became my fucking refuge from the pain and suffering my earlier involvement with it caused me.

The 21 year old cult survivor was lost and confused, she had her friends and family and stuff, but she’d also only now realised she is a woman, broken up with who she thought was the one and only love of her life, had left the god and goals of her entire teenage life. She needed something to keep her safe, something that had been a constant in her development.

Fuck yeah I’m a kinky fucker as a result of this, I’m legit always thinking about this shit. I needed something to be there no matter what and this was it.

At the meetings they love to bring up the prodigal son story, they love to turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy for anyone who dares leave the cult, they tell you oh you’ll see how terrible the world is and when you’re done there we’ll welcome you back with open arms and forgive you.

I am always in the mindset that I’ve probably internalised that bullshit, I know where my old hall is and I have the number for my old bible study lying around somewhere. So yeah, to put it off course I’ve turned towards sin at fucking full force, I’m gonna be the kind of person they wanna see wiped from existence when the end times finally come.

Kink is something sinful I can embrace without harm, something I can set the rules for and something that doesn’t hurt anyone. There are other sins I embrace but this is the one I have the most control over and the act of embracing it is a way to reclaim the pain those fuckers caused me. It’s my coping mechanism and my safe space.

So yeah, as mentioned multiple times already, this is why “u need jesus” is a horrible joke that needs to fucking die in a fire.

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Earlier today I found a tumblr post (I tried to find it again, but couldn't ;-;) about how people really do have daily sexual attration, and do go "I'd tap that" and want to spontanously bring someone to bed, and that the statistic that people think about sex every seven seconds (or something) isn't that far off of reality. And I'm just. This is real? It really does happen? It's not some exageration for fanfics and plots?? My brain can't even

well, i think it’s different for everyone

i severely doubt that it’s every seven seconds, but i would believe that people think about it quite frequently

i mean, i’m pretty biased tho, since there’s a constant stream of gay anime sexytimes playing on the backburner of my mind at all times lmao

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we never found out who the hickey was from or why Dean was walking funny please

I’m filing these things in the “Irrelevant Things That Will Hurt My Brain If I Think About Them Too Much” file.

I’ll just stand by the things (here here and here) I wrote earlier today about that scene, since they did choose to leave it open and without any sort of clarification.

And for some reason this post won’t let me add tags on it, so imma post it and then go back and edit it and hope it’ll let me tag it then. Grrr. (ETA: YEP THERE WE GO> TAGS AHOY!)

My nanaddan spent most of supper speaking with the company of the things that they found in the royal rooms while searching around. They had come across small toys and fairy tale books that my mother used to read to us.

After supper, I asked them if they had chosen to stay in the rooms and they both agreed. Kíli, having already claimed Dís’ room earlier, had made sure the room was ready for them for tonight. Fíli said that he would prefer my old room. He would have been fine with Frerin’s room but the mural of the river did nothing but remind him of our escape from Mirkwood, something that he firmly wished to not think about if at all possible.

Dear Diary

30th April, Monday

Dear diary, 

I saw him in class today. As usual, my heart started beating really fast as soon as we locked gazes and when he slung his arm over my shoulder, I thought I was going to faint. 

Anyway, the topic in class today was about LGBT rights. Although I usually don’t pay attention in class, this particular topic caught my attention. For once, I actually listened to the teacher, mostly because I was gay. Of course, I did sneek  a peek or two at him, who was sitting beside me.

My heart broke a little when he approached me after class, and told me that he was straight. Then, he asked me about my sexuality. I lied that I was straight, not wanting him to think that I was weird and his lips stretched into a wide smile, I felt butterflies in my stomach fluttering in circles.

Hmm…what else? Oh yes! Other than that, I jolted notes down in class earlier on, you know, for future references. I actually planned on pasting them here but it’s all gone. My nose decided to bleed at that particular moment, staining all my notes. Well, I can’t say it’s a bad thing, because right after that, he offered me a tissue! Squee!!! 

But thinking of it again, it’s nothing special, right? I mean, after all he’s my best friend, Park Chanyeol.

3rd May, Thursday

Dear diary,

today was the worst day of my life. Chanyeol told me that he had a girlfriend. He looked so in love and I immediately knew that I would never have a chance. 

The news must have hit me too suddenly for a drop of blood trickled down from my nose. Luckily, I caught myself just in time to avoid fainting in front of Chanyeol. However, he didn’t seem to notice and continued chatting happily about his new girlfriend.

I listened half-heartedly, each word that came out of his mouth pierced my heart like a dagger, stabbing it endlessly.

It hurts. It hurts to see the one I love, loving another person. But if it makes him happy, then I’m wiling to let him go. Even if it means feeling blood dripping from my ripped heart. 

Speaking of blood, I’m getting nose bleeds and headaches often these days. Hmm… I should get a check up.

5th May, Saturday
                                                                                                                                 Dear diary,

I went to the hospital this morning and did an x-ray scan. The report came out in the afternoon. And guess what? I have cancer. Three months, only three months left before I leave this world forever. What should I do? I haven’t graduated yet. I haven’t experienced love yet. I haven’t gotten married yet. I haven’t had kids yet. There’s so many things I have’t do. I don’t want to leave yet.


1st August, Friday

Dear diary,

gradation day was supposed to be fun, right? But why do I have a bitter-sweet feeling inside me? I didn’t see Chanyeol all day because I avoided him. Why? Because I might lose control and confess to him. 

Today is probably my last day on earth and I’m scared. I’m scared that I might never see him again. I’m scared that after I die, he’ll forget that I existed before. But mostly, I’m scared that he’ll blame himself for not noticing. 

This marks an end to this diary. Goodbye, Chanyeol. I love you, forever.

Sincerely, Byun Baekhyun.

A/N: (I don’t own anything except for the story)

Hello, I’m back. I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading! I love y’all! <3 <3 <3        (btw, who’s up for part 2?)

trying to get a male compy atm. If you bring a dragon compy catching you’re gonna have a bad time, but not for the reason you’d think..

Lumisade like I said earlier don’t give a fuck about other dinos. she keeps killing mine on accident when dilo or raptors attack me. 

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I just saw that post about the quote "Stiles saved me". I don't think people are understanding the true purpose of that quote. The purpose of that sentence was for Stiles to find redemption, not just for Stydia reasons. They don't mean it literally.

i think the reason why that line has upset so many people is that it seemingly belittles the packs’ joint effort. it wasn’t just stiles who saved her, and getting lydia out of eichen was the catalyst for bringing the pack back together so people are understandably upset by that not being acknowledged. that being said it’s important to note that lydia said ‘they saved me’ right before she addressed stiles directly and i personally think the last line was a nod towards the emotional tether theory and how stiles was the one to bring her back from the brink of death instead of being directed towards the actual escape from eichen

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Im sun in Aries and asc in Virgo. I hate my virgo asc, I hate all virgo trairs, I have no other planets in my chart in virgo. If I was born 20 min earlier I would be leo asc:/ I act like leo here and there but most of the time I dont:/

Lol don’t hate yourself!! Astrology is a way to love yourself…. maybe you’re just reading the wrong descriptions.. I think Virgo is very misunderstood, I myself am trying to learn to understand it, with my Jupiter in Virgo/Mercury and Mars in the 6th house, it’s a part of me I haven’t really brought into the light (also my 12th house is Virgo so that’s partly why..). There are things to love about each sign, including Virgo. Virgo is the earth angel, the healer, the analyzer, clarity, helping, organizing, discerning.

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Hey! It's the Erasmus anon here! I was thinking the exact same thing about how if there's no real build-up, it'd probably be quite a boring exchange. That being said... *falls to knees and begs as much as I can* pretty, pretty, pretty please write this amazing headcanon? Hahah, I'm really glad I got you thinking about it though. <3

Yes, you definitely got me thinking about it with your earlier ask! Thinking about it further, I would love to have Erasmus for some reason come across Laurent topping Damen, which would further cement in Erasmus’s mind Damen’s position in serving Laurent, because the king would never.

I don’t have a story idea in mind that suits Patras and Torveld and Laurent and Damen visiting there or them visiting Akielos/Vere yet. But I have it in the back of my mind. Perhaps something will come to me.