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Incubus!Nyx and Succubus!Lunafreya concepts done for the AU that @destatree and I are working on! They were already mentioned and revealed in chapters early on and I finally did some visual stuff to fall back on when I have the spark for drawing them on their own again! Succubus and Incubus physical traits only differ a little. One has wings while the other has a tail instead :3 I just wanted them to be different from one another in the AU and they got their own perks too! (Twitter doodles)

“When I was 17 and heading off to the Naval Academy ...”

- Red Reddington, S05E04

*Me, an intellectual who did some research years ago on the Naval Academy, Red, what he did during his training and what it means for the timeline*:

Flashback to my essey on Ramond Reddington

The eligibility requirements are:

-          you have to be an United States citizen

-          you must be of good moral character

-          you have to be at least 17 and not past your 23rd birthday

-          you are not allowed to be married

-          you may not have a child or dependents

Uhu, yes, alright.

Wait … what did Ressler say during the glorious first season?

Thank you, Donald.

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Now he probably graduated at the age of 21, which would actually be remarkable, other than graduating with 24. That gives him more time to do stuff like: be a spy, meet Katarina, getting married. Screw continuity.

There is no plan. Face it. There is. no big. plan.

They roll with it, there is no point in doing theories when we don’t have clues we can count on.

Maybe there are two Reds. Maybe there are three, maybe there is none and it’s all in Liz head.

So the other day I reblogged these ship prompts (X X X X) but I didn’t get any requests. But I still wanted to do some, so I made a list of all of my favorite ships and used a random number generator to decide on the ship and the prompt.

I got Kidge with “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

A sudden gust of wind made Pidge shiver involuntarily. She looked up at the sky, just as the first few drops of rain came falling down.

“We need to find shelter.” Pidge turned to scan the area for a cave or something to get them out of the rain, but Keith remained still, staring at his outstretched hand.

“Keith?” Pidge called when she noticed that he wasn’t moving. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

Keith suddenly jerked, as though awakened from whatever daydream he was having.

“You’re right. Shelter.”

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i've ul the email they sent me but no links allowed in asks, so i'll also message you the link, this is actually suppose to be for the $2 drabble, but err... the website also asks for a $2 fee to keep it running and I kinda thought that's ridicules so i put in $10 for the drabble instead... don't ask how my brain works after midnight. So prompt. Sterek, accidental magic, please make their lives crack-ish with some magical friendly fire.

Thank you for donating, I got the image with no problems! You still have 4 more prompts available, so just send them on in when you think of them and I’ll get on them ASAP! For this one, I drabbled a little side scene from a fic you know ;)

For anyone else that would like to get a fic prompt in this fashion while donating to a good cause, I’m signed up for the Fandom Loves Puerto Rico charity auction, where you can buy $2 askbox prompts like this from my buy it now auction until 6pm EST tonight (10/19) as well as bid on longer fics from my regular auctions!


In front of him, the wolves milled around the building like confused dogs, fur bristled and ears up for any sign of danger. Stiles stared up and up and up at the sprawling farm house, none of its outer walls matching any of the others, all of them looking as if they had come from different points in history. Some had vinyl siding. Some were brick. One was cobblestone. There was a spire, the sort Stiles imagined would be at home on a castle in ancient France, sticking out from one side.

“I’m not going in there,” he said. It was the only real shelter they had see in at least two miles.

We don’t really have a choice, Derek said, his shoulder leaned against Stiles’ hip, fur making a small warm spot. Stiles could definitely appreciate the comfort. We can’t outrun this storm.

“And that looks like a better option?” Stiles asked incredulously, gesturing at the zombie-Frankensteined house. A loud scraping, shifting sound carried to them on the wind as the house folded open a wall and began to grow a new room.

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*slides u $20* update how darwinian

hahahaha *sweats*

I actually have an entire chapter written but like

I dunno I’m just not suuuuuure about it

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So I’m going to open up requests

I’m thinking like character posters and moodboards, for your apprentice or your apprentice x their love interest. 

I’ll probably set the limit at like five to start with? (if I get that many lol)

But if you would like one, I have a few examples of some posters i’ve made for Ellana under the tag /my+edits.

So just send me:

  • Who you want - Apprentice or Apprentice x Love Interest
  • Whether you want a poster (4 in all, w/ their name and a title, the title will be ‘the apprentice’ unless you choose one) or a moodboard (9 squares)
  • Your character’s appearance and/or a tag for them on your blog
  • A bit about their personality, who they’re romancing, maybe their backstory if there’s anything there that would help me
  • If they have a familiar, what and who it is
  • Some of their interests, or what is important to them; their favorite colors, favorite season, their grimoire profile, prized possessions, favorite places, etc. (doesn’t have to be specifically those examples, just whatever is important, but the more details i have the better it’ll turn out)
  • Anything specific that you’d like included

If that doesn’t all fit in an ask, you can put it in a submission! I look forward to seeing your beautiful apprentices :D

Edit: Probably going to be closing this for now since this is kind of a test run. I’ve got four right now that I will try to get done during the weekend :) Thank you guys for sending them in! I’m doing Adelaide, Cerys, Roah, and one I didn’t catch the name of yet.