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TFW you think you BF is about to be really smooth but instead just smashes your heart

What iwa totally meant was “the stars in your eyes,” he is just a little rusty with romance thats all

why it matters to me, a gay kid, that Hikaru Sulu is gay

Why it’s important to me, a gay person, that Hikaru Sulu is canonically gay in the reboot movies?

I understand George Takei’s hesitation.   He doesn’t see Hikaru as gay because he never played him as gay in the original series.   He doesn’t believe that simply making a character gay is the way to support LGBTQA characters.  His is an opinion that I greatly respect, both as an actor who played the original character and as an out gay man and LGBTQA activist.   

At the same time something that I think Star Trek has always been known for is its diversity.   Of course, the Star Trek Beyond producers and writers could have written in another gay character.    Of course they could have written a character specifically for him to be gay and to Make a Statement.  But the reality is that a new character, one without history, one that was not grounded in the original series would not have the significance culturally that Hikaru Sulu has.

Hikaru Sulu.  Gold shirted, command division, pilot of the Enterprise, eventual Captain of his own ship, Asian-American, fencer, friend, crucial member of the Enterprise’s crew throughout the three seasons and multiple movies starring the original cast.

Hikaru Sulu has a weight to him as a character because he’s been around since the sixties.   Making his reboot character canonically gay is more than just a cultural statement.   I had a conversation with a friend where they expressed their concern about the choice, not because they disagreed with it necessarily, but because they believed it was merely a cultural statement.

Here’s the truth – it is a cultural statement.  But it’s also more than that.  It’s a character whose sexuality was never explicitly stated in the original series, who was significant in a show that celebrated diversity, who was one of the first Asian-American characters to be a primary role in a hit TV show.    Making this character gay says something about Star Trek and it’s choice to “boldly go” to where most major franchises will not go with their main characters.   The willingness to have a gay character is not merely a statement.  I would argue that it’s not even primarily a statement.  It’s a recognition of the reality of gay characters, gay actors, and gay people, and it’s incredibly refreshing.

So Sulu is gay.  He’s precious, and intelligent, and in this movie he is so much more than simply a out, happy, gay man in a committed relationship with a daughter.   He’s showing signs of the captain that he becomes in the original timeline in his courage and leadership in scenes where he protects, directs, and speaks for the Enterprise and its crew.    He’s an incredible pilot, a gutsy pilot, and a husband.   His sexuality is not the most important thing about him in this movie, but that’s part of why it is so nice to see.

So thank you, Justin Lin and the rest of the Star Trek Beyond team.  Thank you for making a creative decision that gave  lots of gay kids the chance to see themselves as part of a historic franchise in a way that did not feel forced.  

Now the only complaint that I still have is that the Sulu kiss was cut from the final movie.   I only insist that it makes the bonus features!


1D Authors Appreciation Week: Visual Fic Rec

For 1DAAW, I wan’t entirely sure how I wanted to contribute. I’ve seen a lot of people doing fic recs, or graphics of some sort. I wanted to combine the two, so I came up with the idea of a ‘visual fic rec.’ It’s nothing special, but I had a lot of fun making it! (I’m also exhausted.) 

I only included 7 fics in the video, but under the cut I’ll link more, as well as the fics included in the video. :) I also plan to make more mood boards for other fics, so watch this space! :)

To the writers that may find themselves on this list: Thank you. Thank you for your creativity, hard work, and dedication. It does not go unappreciated. Though it may feel as such sometimes, that is just what makes you all the more amazing. Pushing through insecurities, hatred (in some unfortunate cases), criticism (good and bad), road blocks, and any other things that may deter you from writing - thank you. You inspire me, as a writer, to work as hard as I can.

To the writers that may not find themselves on this list: Thank you. Thank you for your creativity, hard work, and dedication. It does not go unappreciated. I know it’s hard to put your all into something and not have it recognized as you so believe it should. I’ve been there before. It’s all about patience, practice, and persistence. Keep writing, and never stop. You are important.

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the more i look at my own art style the more underwhelmed i am

For an introvert, my confidence drops remarkably low when I’m alone…

ILLUSIONS SHATTERED.     can i just say i’m not really interested in shipping,   unless it occurs naturally ;   i’m all about that slow burn kind of relationship   & this,   is very typical of natasha,   when she loves,   she loves with her whole heart but it takes some time to get there.   still,   shipping is NOT MY PRIORITY on this blog,   not just because of natasha’s general abstinence but also because i’m more interested in CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.   i want threads to challenge her,   make her feel something,   make her change her thinking,   put her into difficult situations   & etc.   i’m just getting tired of people not being interested in writing with me once i say i’m not interested in ships,   i am not here for that.   i want long term plots,   worlds   & universes.   i want something i can invest myself into. 

Bless all of you wonderful people, I’m finally done with university for this semester. I can’t believe it :’) Thanks to everyone who endured my posts and messages complaining about writing long essays, and who left sweet messages for support. I really apprechiate you in my life, you’re so sweet! :’) I’m going out with friends to celebrate the end of the term today and I’m probably gonna be drunk … so uh, have a good night you’ll hear from me tomorrow :’D

Kevin Rudd is too good for this country.

I’ve had it with the way Kevin Rudd has been treated by the government over the last seven years. This man was the best Prime Minister we’ve had at the very least during my lifetime. He saved Australia from recession. He made significant reforms. He supported renewable energy, and among many other things, he was and is a beautiful human being. Literally the only things they could get on him during three years in office was that he picked his ear once on camera and he yelled at one flight attendant while on the way back from a highly stressful conference.

And who got thrown out of office mere months before the election by his own deputy? Who got the blame for said deputy’s disastrous term in office and the problems that resulted from it? Who was shot down at every turn when he tried to make a comeback and get things back on track? Who has now been denied a job he is more than suited for?

I am never going to stop loving Kevin Rudd. What has been done to this man over the last few years makes me absolutely furious, and my heart breaks for him every time he’s shot down. I hate this government. I hate everyone who ruined this man’s career and cost us a chance to actually become a better country.

I hesitate to bring out the “cinnamon roll too good for this world meme”, but that’s how I personally see this man.

I don’t know if you read Tumblr posts, Kevin, but you have no idea how much I want to give you a hug right now.