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Say to that friend that ur gay and she will leave you alone

shes not my friend friend shes a family friend as in my mom’s friend and lmfao you think i havent told her multiple times i dont wanna marry him and she and my mom start laughing about it and are like “you’ll change your mind one day” or are like “sure you don’t” sarcastically also 70% of singaporeans are openly homophobic. do you seriously want me to be thrown out of my family or smth lol some of you really give dumbass advice not all of us live in freedum liberaltown

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random throwback video of the day #7: jonny and kaner (and soupy) get named to the all-star team

things of note:

  • “WE DIDN’T EXPECT THAT ONE” – icu there sharpy
  • ugh the team loves jonny and kaner so much. SO MUCH LOVE THERE, VERY OBVIOUSLY. i find it hilarious that kaner just takes all the abuse love, while jonny is obviously attempting to go on the offense (definitely chirped sharpy there for not making the team) and getting it ever worse than kaner lol
  • kaner is tiny. i mean yes i know he’s not on his skates. BUT TINY IS TINY. i mean


  • i wanna shout about kaner talking about his family voting him in. !!!! he looks so bashful and just asldfh'lask’s stop being cute kaner
  • “i think i went from like 7th to 1st in one day. i was just oh… mom, STOP VOTING PLEASE.”
  • seriously, i’m gonna shout about it!!!!
  • soupy bending down during the group shot so kaner won’t be alone all the way down there, HA!

So I’m here because one night I had ten cocktails at a wedding. As one does. And then I passed out in my own vomit. As one does. The next morning I got in my car and a cop stopped me, as they do, when you’re weaving. And, turns out, I was still legally drunk from the night before and I got arrested, as, again, one does. The judge sentenced me to come here every day for a month. My plan was to knock out these meetings, get my court card signed, and go back to being as angry as I could with just about anyone I could think of. My mom, my dad, my job, West Covina, men who wear skinny jeans. But that whole time, there was one person I was really angry at. Myself.

i think that annabeth hurts about her father ignoring her more than she really should because she knows in the back of her mind that being busy is just a matter of priorities, and her father decided that his job was more important than spending time with her. It’s also the feeling of being unwanted i think that really got to her. As a child, she never knew her mom and she probably was that one kid in her 1st grade class whose parent wasn’t able to attend “bring your mother/father to school day”. Sometimes her being independent is mistaken for her being strong (emotionally), and i hate that it is such a common misconception. It’s more of the fact that she is really good as masking emotions and she isn’t used to being doted on and wants someone to love her and be with her forever, but just doesn’t know how to let them in.

while we’re on the topic of bucky…how much of his choice to go under do you think is motivated by his sheer desire to simply rest?

leave aside the fact that now he knows without a shadow of a doubt that he’s a time bomb waiting to happen. leave aside how distressing we know the possibility of being triggered is for him (he broke out of that cage with a desperation that made me ache.) leave aside that he’s being targeted for capture even more strongly than before, with his name and likeness recognized by the world over and absolutely no possibility of living under the radar anymore. leave aside, even, the way he worried and looked visibly upset about the fact that steve’s friends, his life, his legacy is being affected by the way he’s protecting bucky.

just think about this one line: i remember them all.

think about: your mom’s name was sarah. you wore newspapers in your shoes.

think about the fact that bucky can call to mind some random day coming home from rockaway beach, hot dogs and hot red-head number and all.

think about the notebook he keeps, with memories and scribbles.

think about the way that bucky has lived for so long, remembering nothing, knowing nothing, except his handler’s orders, the mission, how to kill. and now, in addition to intimate knowledge of how to take apart the human body in the most violent ways possible, he’s got the memories of a life he can never have. a person he will never again be. not only does he have every single ghost of every single merciless kill still in his head, now he’s a ghost too.

think about how even if bucky could escape the constant battles (”it always ends in a fight”) and his own feeling of worthlessness (”smart. good strategy.” and “i’m not sure i’m worth all this.”) he would still be left with the NOISE in his head. how do you get rid of that? how do you flee?

you sleep. you sleep a sleep so deep that the nightmares don’t penetrate. 

so, yeah. bucky wants to keep people safe. but maybe, just maybe, this is his chance to be safe for a little while too, for the first time in literally decades.

Someone recently told me a story about their six-year-old son who one day was watching the news, they were watching the news together, and the little boy out of the blue said, “I think Hillary Clinton will be president.” And his mom said, “Well why do you say that?” And this little six-year-old said, “because the other guy called someone a piggy.” And he said, “you cannot be president if you call someone a piggy.” So even a six-year-old knows better. A six-year-old knows that this is not how adults behave, this is not how decent human beings behave, and this is certainly not how someone who wants to be president of the United States behaves.

Sending a mother’s day card to the mom who thinks I should be greatful that she didn’t kick me out and told me how disappointed she is about me being gay wooo….

And how my dad lovingly says it’s not fair on her if I dont send one.

Cause last year I had enough and didnt send her anything at all cause on Christmas break she man handled me and tried to break my door down when she got angry at me for something she did… but I’m the unfair one….

Anyone else wanna be my mom?

His Princess

Summary: There’s a side of Emma Swan that only Killian Jones is privy to. Also on
Warning: disgisting amounts of fluff as per usual
Word Count: ~ 3 200

Emma thinks she has grown quite a bit. Nowadays when Mary-Margaret hugs her she relaxes into it immediately, soaks in her warmth and feels a small content smile tug at the corners of her mouth. She has a mom now, who worries about her being cold and eating enough and hugs her any chance she gets and she has a mom. And when David shows up at the station with coffee for the both of them, she takes it with a smile and thanks him and calls him ‘dad’ and she has a dad now too.

So, yeah, she thinks she has grown quite a bit. And even if she rarely seeks her parents’ affection (because there’s still that small voice in the back of her head, telling her not to be a bother, telling her to just take what they give her, to follow their lead) she certainly never hesitates about accepting it and relishing it and ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ roll off her lips more easily every day and it’s home.

With Killian it’s different. She has no idea what he bribed the little voice with but it never makes a peep when she’s around him. It knows that somehow, no matter how stubborn or annoying she is being, Killian is never bothered, and he has already given her everything he has, everything he is, and he has always led her lead, always given her the power.

And she’s only a bit freaked out when she finds out that it’s that voice in her head that has been putting a muzzle on her inner princess all her life. Without it? Well, only Killian knows what that is like.


It starts rather early in the morning. As soon as her alarm goes off actually.

Emma had never been one to oversleep, not when her bed was only semi-warm and often not nearly comfortable enough to entice someone into rolling around among the sheets.

Now when the annoying sound assaults her ears she scrunches up nose, only burrowing deeper into Killian’s side. She’s warm and her muscles are still aching in the best way possible and he makes this happy little noise in the back of his throat, arm coming around her waist and pulling her half on top of him.

And she would have never pegged Killian as the responsible, ‘get up as soon as the alarm goes off’ type but then again she also wouldn’t have pegged herself as the ‘dating Captain freaking Hook’ type a couple of years ago. It seems to her that there is still a bit too much lieutenant in him and a bit too much fairytale princess in her because he’s the first to crack an eye open and sooner than she would have liked his voice pierces the stillness in the room.

“Rise and shine, Swan.”

Depending on how sleepy she is Emma either whines or growls at him. She rubs her nose against his nipple and kisses the skin just above his ribs and when all she receives in a quiet laugh and a nudge and another prompting to get out of bed, she rolls away so that her back is to him (but still pressed firmly against his body because the need to sulk a bit is no reason to deprive herself of his warmth so early on).

“I don’t wanna,” she mumbles, head half-buried in her pillow, both voice and brain still tainted with sleep and making her sound rather pathetic but she’s in the safety of her own bedroom and it’s Killian and she really can’t bring herself to care that early in the morning. “I’m comfy.”

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Holding you close

A/N: This is based on The Princess Diaries for @sincerelysaraahhs July Writing Challenge. It’s a bit long but I had so much fun writing it! 

Summary: You and Bucky are relatives and when you spend some time in the compound you fall head over heels with Peter Paker.

Warnings: none, i think


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You couldn’t really complain about your life. You had a great mom, an amazing best friend, a fat dog and most of all, your notoriety. No one knew who you were, no on even seemed to notice your presence most of the time and you liked that. Most of the times. Sometimes people failed to notice you in a way that they would sit on you, but overall being invisible was good and you liked it.

As the last day of school before summer ended, you couldn’t be more excited to get home. Your mom said she’d make you a special treat, which meant good food, your dog would be warming your bed for the two of you to watch endless hours of Netflix. Except something was wrong. Your mom wasn’t cooking, she was sitting in the dining table that you never used with a man sitting across from her. He looked like he was in his mid to late 20s, hair put back in a bun, very big, strong arms and piercing blue eyes. Much like yours. Both turned to look at you when you closed the door, a tension in the air that could be cut by a knife. All you could think of was how he was a bit young to be dating your mom.

“Hi honey, could you come here for a moment?” Your mom tried to smile but it looked more like she had eaten something bad.

“Yeah, sure.” You sat by her side, facing the handsome stranger. Taking a closer look at him, he reminded you of your grandfather. You’ve never met him, but you’ve seen pictures. Everyone has, he had his own section in a museum. Being a war hero and Captain America’s best friend had its perks.

The silence that installed between the three of you was unsettling. It seemed like it was something more serious than meeting a boyfriend but then again, your mom was pretty dramatic.

“So… who are you?” You looked at blues eyes, who was clearly uncomfortable with this situation. He looked into your eyes and kindly smiled.

“I’m Bucky-“

“Sweety, remember how your dad told you about his father?” Your mom interrupted Bucky-blue-eyes. She was biting her nails, which she only did when she was really nervous. What the hell is going on?

“Yeah, grandma was pregnant, grandpa left for the war and died when he fell off a train saving Captain America. What does this have to do with anything?” The confusion was clean in your tone and face. You thought about your grandfather, you never met him, but from the stories he sounded like he’d make a pretty good grandfather. You were also extremely proud of him, not many people would give their lives to save a friend.

“Well, Bucky is your grandfather.” You turned your head so fast it hurt. You looked over from your mother and Bucky-blue-eyes. She looked like she was about to have a heart attack, one hand on her lips, another tapping on her knee. He, on the other hand, just smiled, a happy, genuine smile. That’s when you started laughing.

How dumb does your mom think you are? Your grandfather, if alive, would be about 90 years old. The guy in front of you definitely was not. You didn’t even understand how she thought you’d fall for that.

“Y/N, honey. Stop laughing.” Your mom put a hand on your shoulder, her tone serious. Cleaning the tears that left your eyes you looked up to find both of them looking at you, no one was smiling anymore.

“Mom, c’mon. This is ridiculous. He is not my grandfather. Grandpa died. I don’t know what you’re doing but I’m not falling for it.” It was your time to be serious. It’s not fun to joke if you’re the only one laughing.

“Please, just let Bucky explain? You’ll understand it.”

You were staring at Bucky with tears in your eyes. After the most heartbreaking story you’ve ever heard, you couldn’t hold them back anymore. You saw his jaw clenching, and he pulled his left hand to rest on top of the table. The shiny metal reflected the light above you and the first thought you had was just how flawless it looked.

You reached over to touch it. You could see Bucky was tense, but he didn’t pull back and you took it as permission. It felt cold and hard but as he moved his fingers to hold your hand you could swear it felt like real fingers. You left a little giggle, looking at him again.

“So, I have to call you grandpa now?” He smiled. Bucky never thought he would have a family, but when Steve told him he had a granddaughter he couldn’t wait to meet you. He wasn’t really sad his son had died, he never met him. It just felt like another part was missing, but he had so many of those it wasn’t so bad. Looking at your face smiling made all the spaces fill for a moment. Having a family meant having something normal and your smile upon his arm made his heart swell. He promised himself right there he would be the best grandfather ever.

“You can call me whatever you want. We can start with names until you’re more comfortable.” They were both smiling. You have been wanting a grandfather forever. This grandfather. The war hero. “Oh my God! You know Captain America! And Iron Man, and Black Widow.” Your eyes widen with the realization. Not only was your grandfather about ten years older than you, he had the coolest friends ever. He chuckled at your excitement.

“Yeah. They’re all great, I’m sure they’d like to meet you.” He stayed in silence, trying to decide if he should say it or not. Your smile made up his mind. “Actually, I was wondering if you’d like to spend the summer with me. So we could get to know each other.” He averted his eyes rom yours, actually fearing you’d say no. for some reason he thought if he didn’t see the denial in your eyes he’d feel better.

“Yes! I mean, I have to ask my mom, but yes!” You just noticed how your mom wasn’t there anymore. You got so caught up in Bucky’s story that you didn’t see her get up.

“I asked her already, she said it’s fine. Nowhere safer than with a bunch of superheroes.” You got up from your chair and ran up to him, hugging him to tight it hurt your arms. He put his arms around you, enjoying the feeling of your body heat. He didn’t get a lot of hugs nowadays. You pulled away, felling a happiness fill you.

You’ve always been happy with your little family, but having a new member felt like you were a little more complete.

While driving to the Avengers compound you started to wonder how much this would change your life. A new member in the family could change a lot, especially someone special like Bucky. He was a little bit odd, he didn’t really know how to behave around other humans, you could clearly see that. When you stopped to get gas, he was so uncomfortable to talk to the cashier you had to do it.

It would be good to you and your mom to have someone to look after you. You have never felt so safe than with Bucky by your side. But something else happened on the gas station.

A guy came over to you, asking to take a picture with Bucky, thanking him for fighting for the country and gushing about how awesome he is. That made you think about your invisibility. You didn’t want to give that up, but you had a feeling that if you started to hang out with Bucky, and the rest of the Avengers, the whole world would get to know your face. Nothing scared you more.

You tried to shake it off, family was more important than your social anxiety, you could get through it. You’d at least try. The rest of the drive was smooth, you and Bucky talked a lot, getting to know each other better. He already asked you for help with some technology stuff, he was too shy to ask anyone but Steve, and he was no better. It was easy to talk to him, it felt like you’ve known each other forever.

You were blown away by the size of the compound. Everything was huge and in numbers, so many cars, bikes, jets and mostly people. People that were looking at you. You felt Bucky’s arm around your shoulder, giving it a squeeze. Your horror was probably stained in your face. Bucky understood how you felt, it was a bit overwhelming to be around so many people. It was selfish, but he liked that you had that in common. He felt a little bit bad about what was waiting for you inside.

Bucky led you to the living room were the group of superheroes was waiting for you. They had a banner with your name, cake, pizza, balloons…

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know they would go all out.” Bucky whispered into your ears, trying to ease you. You could hear your heart pounding but it all dissipated when you saw him. The cute, skinny teenager with brown hair and eyes. Bucky’s voice shook you out if your transe and you could feel your cheeks burning when you noticed you were staring.

“Guys, this is Y/N, my granddaughter. Y/N, this is everyone.” He smiled. He was so proud of this moment. The joy of showing you to the team filled him, he felt almost normal.

“Hi.” You gave a small smile. Captain America took a step forward.

“Hi Y/N, I’m Steve. These are Tony, Wanda, Natasha, Sam, Peter, Rodhey, Clint and Vision.” Your eyes roamed through the people in front of you. It stayed longer on Peter, the cute boy, but you made yourself look away so you’d catch everyone’s name. “it’s really nice to meet you, Bucky has been talking non-stop about meeting you.”

“It’s really nice to meet you all.” You waved. There’s so much flowing in your head, but mostly you were looking at Peter. He was looking down at his feet.

“So, we can really call you grandpa now.” You heard the man named Sam speak. Everyone laughed,except from Bukcy that groaned. You held back your laugh, stayimg by with bucky. Family stays together. Sam’s voice startled you, he was loud but his charisma pulled you in. Wanda, your personal favorite, walked up to you and gave you a hug.

“It’s really nice to meet you. We need more girls here.” You smiled. You never knew what to say in these situations, but thankfully everyone started to talk among themselves. You and Wanda talked for a bit until Bucky cut in, showing you to your room.

“if you need anything, I’m just at the end of the hall.” Bucky gave you a last hug before leaving you alone. Your room was big and simple. A king size bed, two bedside tables at each side, a TV on the wall and huge windows. It was cozy.the bathroom was pretty big too, it even had a bath. You settled yourself in, and left your room, wanting to explore.

You’ve been with the Avengers for about a month. You and Bucky were really close, you even called him grandpa sometimes. You felt almost comfortable around everyone, but Tony and Sam still make you wary. You never know what will come out of their mouths.

You also got really close with Wanda and Peter. She was a really great friend, and even though she could probably read your mind, she was just as shy as you. It was easy to be around her and because she didn’t train physically as much she’d keep you company when Bucky didn’t.

Peter was also a great friend. He was funny and dorky, a bit of a nerd and just as socially awkward as you. He was such a mess around you it made you feel more comfortable around him. You were sure you were in love with him. Every time you’d see him, you felt your heart literally skip a beat. You’ve never felt that, being so excited to see someone your palms would sweat, wanting to touch that person, just hold hands or hug. Any kind of interaction made you nervous and excited at the same time. The feeling at the pit of your stomach every time he smiled. All you wanted was to be with Peter, all the time.

You are laying in your bed watching TV when you hear a knock. Bucky’s head pop inside with a smile.

“Can I come in?”

“Of course.” You patted on the bed beside you, motioning for him to sit. “Whats up?”

“I wanted to talk to you about something.” He was really anxious, not really knowing if you were close enough to have this talk. You were smiling at him, which made him feel more at ease. “you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but what is going on between you and Parker?”

You felt your cheeks burning just by the mention of his name. You took a deep breath, not sure on what to say. You trusted Bucky but you never really had a talk like this.

“We’re, uh, we’re friends.” He looked at you with a high eyebrow, not believing you. It was clear for everyone that the two of you were in love. You’d hang out every time he was over, he was always looking at you with those big brown eyes, and Bucky could swear that if he looked close enough Peter was always drooling a little when looking at you. And you were right behind him, although you could hide it better, it was still pretty obvious.

“Really? Just friends?” You blushed even more, as if it was possible.

“I mean, he’s really cute… but yeah, just friends.” Your tone gave you away. You sounded so sad because you were just friends and nothing more that Bucky hugged you.

“You know… I think he likes you.” He shouldn’t intervene in your life, but hey, he just wanted you to be happy. Peter was a good kid; he’d make you happy.

“Bucky, stop. You don’t have to say that. It’s fine, we’re friends.” You tried your best to sound indifferent but you knew he wouldn’t buy it. He decided to drop the matter, you clearly didn’t want to talk about it.

“Ok, it’s fine then. I also wanted to ask you if you’d be my date to the Avenger’s beneficent party on Friday.” His smile turned into a frown when you didn’t respond. You wanted to, but the idea of going to a party with the Avengers was scary. You knew how beneficent events worked, a lot of press and a lot of people. You know that you’re not going to be able to avoid the public eye forever but you hoped it’d be longer than this. “If you don’t want to, it’s okay. It’s just that I want people to meet you, meet my family.” Your heart swelled with his declaration. There is no way you’d be able to deny him now.

“Yeah, I’d love to!” Your smile was genuine, the glow that emanated from Bucky was heartwarming.  

“Great! Dress something nice, Peter will be there!” He gave you a quick kiss on the head before running out of your room. Peter will be there. He will be there wearing a suit. He probably looks great in a suit. He looked great in anything, but you are sure it will make your heart skip two beats. You have never been so terrified and excited for an event before.

The red carpet didn’t go as bad as you expected. Bucky was so excited by your side that you couldn’t contain a smile, you focused on him the entire time and it made it much more bearable. The interviews were okay, he did most of the talking. You managed to only embarrass yourself once, when you saw Peter for the first time. You imagined him in a suit a few times but nothing prepared you for the real thing.

You stared at him, the whole world around you seemed to stop, there was only him and his smile. So when the interviewer asked you a question and you didn’t answer, both Bucky and the interviewer followed your gaze back to Peter. Being embarrassed didn’t even begin to cover how you felt, and Bucky rushed you inside, wanting you to be as comfortable as possible.

Now you’re sitting in a big table, all of the Avengers were there. You were sitting between Bucky and Sam, and in front of you was Peter. You kept stealing glances at each other throughout the dinner and the donations. None of you had much to do and because you were at the front, you were not really comfortable with engaging in a conversation. All of your focus was on not making anything wrong, like spilling your drink or something like that. Being the center of the attention was definitely new to you.

Tony announced that the dance floor was open and Bucky asked you dance. You felt really awkward, dancing with your stunning grandfather, seeing other woman on the surroundings looking at you with jealous eyes.

“I feel like one of them is going to murder me anytime now.” You whispered to Bucky, who responded with a loud laugh.

“They wouldn’t, they know I’d kill them all. That’s why they are so mad. Family always comes first.” You stopped dancing to look at him, he wasn’t laughing anymore, you knew he was dead serious. Right there you realized that even though you were just a normal person, you’d kill for Bucky as well.

“You know, if any woman ever breaks your heart, tell me. I know you’d never hit one, but I will.” He laughed again.

“If Parker ever breaks yours, tell him I’ll be much worse than I was at the airport.”

“Bucky will you stop-“

“Speaking of the devil.” Bucky didn’t even let you comprehend his words when he spun you around, leaving you to be caught by much skinnier arms.

You looked up to find Peter’s face closer to yours than it’s even been. He had his hands on your lower back, holding you close to him. You were dancing slowly, your arms draped around his neck, both of you completely lost on your little world. You couldn’t think of anything better than being in his arms.

Peter was in awe. You were more beautiful than any other person he’d ever seen, but tonight you looked like a princess. He was sure you were the one and there was no way he would let you leave tonight without knowing that. He just wasn’t sure on how to tell you.

When a more up-beat song started playing he took your hand, guiding you out of the room. You stopped in the balcony. There wasn’t much of a view, the inside was far more romantic, but it was quiet enough for a love declaration. You were facing each other, admiring.

“I need to tell you something.” It wasn’t louder than a whisper, but you are so close to him that you hear. You waited for him to continue, looking him in the eyes. Your smile was the last drop of assurance he needed. “I love you. Not only as a friend. You are my best friend, but I’m also in love with you.”

Before your reply, he connected your lips. The fear of you saying you didn’t love him back struck and he needed to kiss you at least once. He was overjoyed when you kissed him back. It was a slow, tender kiss, your lips moving as if they belonged together. You moved your hand to the back of his neck, pulling the small strands of hair there, earning a groan from him. He pulled you closer to him, hips on hips, the pressure making you moan in response. He slipped his tongue in, heating things up. What was minutes felt like hours and you pulled away to breathe. He kept you close, forehead to forehead.

“I love you too.” You said while lowering your foot, you just now realized popped during the kiss.


I really hope you liked it!

i want to apologize in advance for this headcanon

so i was making cookies when all of a sudden i thought

gee you know, anakin probably was never able to make cookies with his mom. i don’t think his mom could just be like “hey ani let’s take a break and bake some cookies together” nevermind the fact that they probably had no access to the proper ingredients

imagine ahsoka finding out about this one day and being downright appalled. “what do you mean you’ve NEVER baked cookies before???!” “exactly what it sounds like, snips”

so she resolves to remedy that situation

the following ensues

🔹anakin trying to mix the flour with the egg/butter/sugar mixture, subsequently getting ahsoka COVERED in flour

🔹ahsoka eating tons of chocolate chips, anakin getting adorably frustrated because he really wants the recipe to turn out perfect and he NEEDS THE EXACT MEASUREMENTS OF EVERYTHING

🔹ahsoka also eating the cookie dough as they go along, which both annoys and kind of worries anakin because it’s technically got raw eggs in it and he doesn’t want his snips getting salmonella

🔹ahsoka convincing anakin to try the cookie dough. he is begrudgingly amazed by how good it tastes, but is typical anakin and goes “it’s alright i guess.” ahsoka knows him though and can tell he really loves it, but she doesn’t say anything, just kinda smiles

🔹anakin being super impatient and worried while they wait for the cookies to bake. “i hate burned food, ahsoka. it’s coarse, rough, and irritating in my stomach”

🔹finally getting the cookies out and ahsoka has to slap his hand away because anakin is about to burn himself by reaching immediately for a fresh cookie

🔹cuddling up in blankets, watching holoTV, eating cookies (which anakin gets all over himself), and drinking blue milk

🔹next day, anakin and ahsoka are sent off to cato neimoidia (season 5 episode 17)

hiii, i’m sure you’ve seen posts like these that are too many to count but if you’d take a few minutes out of your day and keep reading it would mean so much to me. first off, my name is natalie. i’ve been on tumblr for around 6/7 years which sounds insane when i actually think about it, but i turned into a “one direction blog” in 2013. throughout that time being on this website, i never thought i’d do something like this but it’s gotten to that point.

my mom and i are really struggling financially - the worst we’ve ever had - and it’s really difficult. my mom has 2 jobs to keep us stable and they’ve cut her hours a lot. enough to where we don’t have any money for groceries, barely have enough to pay bills. the rent for where we live is due the 5th and i don’t even know if my mom has the money for it or not. if it’s late it’s an extra 90$ late fee and then after that we could get kicked out of our apartment. my mom wants to get a loan but that’s just another bill to pay in the future. we almost got our electricity turned off and my mom is terrified that her car will get repossessed because she can’t make her car payments, which would make everything 10x worse if she didn’t have a car because then she couldn’t get to work and neither could i. that being said, yes, i do have a job. i only work part time because to put it short - the company i work at doesn’t make enough money to have me there longer, and obviously to pay me. i’ve started looking for a second job already, which is just more stress because anyone who has a job or is looking for one knows how damn hard it is.

my mom and i both work really hard and seeing my mom cry once or twice a week because we don’t have enough money is hard and heartbreaking. that being said, i’m setting up a donation page for anyone kind enough to help me and my mom out. i know it’s such a weird thing to ask, and i hardly feel comfortable doing this, but i really really need it. my mom really needs it. i wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t. if you feel so kind to donate, you can do that
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It was a slow night in the Blue Moon pub, too many of the girls were rostered on which meant there was less to do. The good thing about it meant that Andy could relax a little, chat to the regulars and catch up on the books. But a phone call on the landline earlier had punctured her productive process, causing her to take a seat at the bar next to a familiar face, despite her technically being on shift. Being the owner’s daughter and pseudo boss had it’s perks that way. “Sorry– you don’t wanna hear me complain about my mom all night. It’s just fucked up, y’know? My birthday was in May… you’d think a few days late, or maybe a week is bad – but I won’t be surprised if one day she wakes up and forgets she even has kids one day. Go figure, she didn’t even wish Ollie a happy birthday for last month. –Can’t even depend on Oliver’s dad to check in on him and see how he’s going after the 4th. Man… Why do parents have to suck so much…”

When I Came Out

Every day across the world, people are coming out — to themselves, to friends, to family, to strangers, as gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning. And every story is unique. Some are funny. Some are disappointing. Some are inspiring.

When I came out, it was first to my friends about being pansexual. It was nice that not all of them were serious, ’cause laughing really helps dissolve tension. Then I came out to my mom about being an FTM, but no one who knows me has really been surprised, although I don’t think this has really sunken in for my sister or one of my best friends (a straight male).

When I came out as bigender to my close family and friends they were all cool about it. My girlfriend still thought I looked hot haha. The only person that got kinda angry was my youngest sister, but only because I told her last. (She’s always the last person to find out about anything.)

When I came out as bisexual to my best friend I told her over a text and she said, “I kind of already knew that. At the very least I knew you weren’t straight.”

When I came out as lesbian to my sister I was scared. She asked me if I had a crush on anyone I said yes. She asked me about “him”. I showed her a picture of her and she hugged me and said that she will always love me.

When I came out, everything went through better than I expected. When I discovered I crave a woman’s touch, I felt terrified and proud at the same moment. But in some way I felt embarrassed. I was only 14. And when I told my somewhat best friend I was bisexual, she just smirked and said, “I know”. And since then I feel free.

When I came out to one of my best friends, he told me he didn’t care if I was gay and that he would support me no matter what. A few months later I told him he was the one who I was in love with. He said that it didn’t change anything for him and he still wanted to be friends. Of course I feel a bit weird now being around him, but I hope that with time it will pass. He’s probably one of the best things that ever happened to me.

When I came out, it was to my sister.
Me: I’m pretty sure I’m 500% homosexual.
Sister: Aight.

When I came out in 11th grade, my mom treated me so differently that I went back in. Having a dad as a pastor, I knew it would be hard. Now at 27, my mom has met my girlfriend!

If you were the Disney kid growing up i’m sure you got asked “Why do you love Disney so much?” question a lot. You were told that you can’t live in a fantasy world. You were told it was for kids. And I think I finally can put a description as to why going to Disney meant so much to me growing up and now.

Its my anxiety free place. 

Besides the joy of having a day off, it being vacation, it having fun things to do there. Its one of the few places where I can go and I just feel normal. I know people (for the most part) will be nice. I can forget about the outside world while i’m there. And I even am brave enough to make phone calls there. Like literally making phone calls to people other than my mom gives me major anxiety, but I can call Disney no problem. Its a place where i’m physically, and mentally free.

When conflict arises in the park, like a bad experience or being with someone who triggers my anxiety/stress/depression what have you, I just can’t take it. I have to walk away. I can be independant there.  I have power to make the situation better for myself there. 

Just being inside Disney gives me the strength that I need, and its taken away from me outside those magical walls. I know the difference between fantasy and reality. I know that at some point I have to face reality, but my reality is that inside Disney I am the best and strongest version of myself. Even if that means knowing when to walk away and not take abuse. So why are you belittling me for my love of this magical place. 

To some people Disney isn’t real, its all smoke and mirrors. To a LARGE amount of people, not just children, Disney’s magic is real.  It all depends on how you look at it.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

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Version: - Shan and Tian met in kindergarten. Shan gave him his lunch "beef stew" Tian remembers the taste of food.))

im so so sorry for how late this reply is, anon!! it seems ages since we last talked about the possibility of he tian and guan shan having met each other before the fight, but im still screaming about this one particular possibility because IT WOULD BE SO SO CUTE!!!!!!!! 

i have the feeling that he tian didn’t have the best of childhoods (im kinda imagining him having very distant parents or not even having a mom), so he probably never had anyone preparing him homemade lunch boxes, and this message made me think about he tian being upset about something one day and skipping lunch, hiding somewhere on the kindergarten grounds, and while he’s there brooding he’s approached by a red haired kid who asks him why he’s not having lunch with everybody else, and he tian just tells him ‘i could ask you the same question’ and the kid just shrugs and says he prefers eating alone, but then proceeds to sit down beside he tian and share his lunch box with him, which is possibly the best thing he tian has ever eaten and he is so surprised to hear that the kid made the beef stew almost all by himself

and then years later he meets guan shan and he reminds him of that kid, but he’s not sure about it until he actually tries his beef stew!! aah, i don’t know how likely can this be because it wouldn’t explain why guan shan doesn’t remember him, but i love the idea of them meeting as kids!! it would also mean that we could have some more flashbacks and i really really want to see guan shan as a kid (he’s the only one left @ old xian please deliver!!!!)

Sharing My Future with You [Mark Tuan]


It’s not new that every time you are changing, Mark likes to casually come into the room and take a look at your body, however, today he was really into skinship. It started with waking up with a lot of kisses in random places of your body, clinging to you like a koala while you were doing breakfast, and now, he just came into the room and hugged you from behind.
You looked at him through the mirror and smiled. Mark gently started to caress your belly and you blinked.
What are you doing?” You asked.
Did you ever thought about having a baby?” Mark asked, resting his chin on your shoulder.
You were a bit shocked by his sudden question but slowly nodded your head. I think every girls dream is being a mom one day.
No, I mean, right now, at your age.” He said.
Right now? No, never. I mean, I am so young. Would you want a baby right now?
Mark nodded his head and pulled you to the bed with him, he sat at the edge with you on his lap.
I really want to become a father at a young age, I mean, having a little me or a little you running around the house, that would be so cute. We are together for a long time, don’t you think it would be amazing to finally give another step in this relationship?
You looked at the ceiling and tapped your chin, thinking.
Yes, that would be amazing, in 10 years or so Mark.” You said with a serious expression. “We are so young, you are 20 i’m 18, I mean our parents would kill us. It’s a baby and it takes a lot of responsibility to raise a baby, I can’t even take care of myself. You just debuted, your life is being amazing with GOT7, we are in that stage of life that we just need to have fun and try new things.”
Mark nodded and rubbed your back with his soft, slender fingers.
It’s just, I love you a lot and I think I would love to see your belly growing and growing, I would love to sing for the baby, feeling the baby kicking and I really want to experience it while i’m still young. My mother also says she doesn’t want to be a old grandmother.” He laughed, rubbing his nose against yours.
I’m not going to give you a baby right now Mark, but I promise we are going to be parents in the future. I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be here with you, there’s no other boy for me, you are the one that I want to be the father of my kids and I’m pretty sure we are going to be amazing parents. Let’s just enjoy our life and when we become real adults, we can start thinking about having a kid.” You whispered, caressing his cheek with your thumb.
Yeah, I think you’re right. Good things come for those who wait, right?
You nodded and cupped his face in your hands, before pressing your lips against his. Mark smiled and kissed you back, hugging you closer.
We can start practicing though.” Mark whispered against your lips.
I think it’s an amazing idea.” You whispered back, before throwing the sheets over the two of you.


The Importance and Stress of Korean Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has never held a particular importance for me. As a self-described pansexual with asexual tendencies, with absolutely no (current) desire to be loved by anyone or anything but a cheeseburger, I could really give less than two shits about February 14. That being said, I recognize that it does make some of friends in relationships quite happy, and my mom usually sends me a box of I’ll always love you even if you die alone and single! chocolates in the mail, so I don’t have any beef with the holiday itself.

That is, until I moved to Korea. One might think that Koreans aren’t nearly invested in Valentine’s Day as the Western world is, but one would be wrong. Koreans have fully embraced coupledom and hell hath no fury like a Korean displeased with your relationship status.