and I think I half-knew Anthony Mackie was in it but I was still surprised


Summary: You were invited to a very exclusive private party with the intention of meeting people to help you advance professionally. A fateful meeting changes everything.

Warnings: Bit of fluff at the beginning, but so much pain at the end. I’m so sorry.

A/n: This is my entry, albeit late, for @sanjariti‘s Game of Prompts. My prompt is the song Alone by Halsey. This story turned out completely different than what I originally planned, but apparently, I’m good at writing angst and pain so here we are.

I stood on the balcony, resting against the handrail. Cold air making my hair fly behind me, and the drink in my hand feeling like fire as it went down my throat. The horizon looked like nothing more than a pale blue light against the darkness.

Chatter behind me, as lively as when I arrived, snapped me from my daze. The party of the month happening mere feet from where I was standing. I had received the invitation in my email by my boss saying that I should “take a break once in awhile. It would be good for you to go, there might be important people there”. Networking, go figure.

I decided to go back inside and socialize for a little longer before calling for a taxi. While walking around I saw a couple of people from work, and others from other shows and movies from the same lot. Some with whom I’ve worked with before, and others that I only knew by name and social media.

I was half way through my last drink when a hand fell on my shoulder.

“(Y/n)?” A familiar voice rang behind me, and I turned on the spot recognizing it almost immediately, “Hey sweetheart, it’s been so long!”

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Happy Accidents - Part 5

OKAY so I am trash and had to work for almost two straight weeks and I had no idea really what I wanted to do next exactly so this has taken me a little longer than usual and is a little shorter than usual. I’m sorry for that -grovels- But I know exactly what I’m doing with the next part and work is back to normal so it shouldn’t take me as long/be as short. ANYWAY lol Without further ado:

Pairing: Sebastian x plus-sized reader
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: At this point I really don’t think anyone counts swearing so none
Word Count: 1.7K

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
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It has been a week and a half since Sebastian almost kissed you and you are losing your damn mind. He’s barely answered your texts, and when he does the responses are half of what he would normally respond or stupid one and two word responses. It’s driving you nuts and you almost wish he’d never fucking tried to kiss you in the first place.

Okay, so maybe he does have feelings for you (or maybe he was just half-drunk, whatever). So what? You would give all that up to have your friend back. You’ve gotten so attached to him in the nearly two months he’s been your neighbor. That’s it, you decide. If things ever right themselves with him, you’re not going to pursue him. You’re not going to swoon over him or wish he’d feel the same about you. When he gets sick of you and breaks up with you you’ll lose him forever and losing his friendship is not something you’re willing to do. That is, if you ever get it back in the first place…

You’re startled out of your thoughts by your phone ringing. Anthony’s face appears and yours scrunches up in confusion.

“Hey,” you greet him like normal, pressing your phone between your ear and your shoulder as you pace around your kitchen and living room mindlessly. “What’s up?”

“Do you know what’s up with Seb?” he asks. “He’s been super down and acting all weird and he won’t talk about it.”

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Three Days

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x reader
Warnings: smut, swearing, fluff 

Originally posted by little--batman

‘Hey, you again' 

You look up to meet a pair of bright blue eyes belonging to a gorgeous man, smiling widely. You recognized him from three days ago, walking straight into him whilst struggling to hold on to your, well, life basically. 

You just locked the door to your apartment, arms clutching to your leather bindings, full of writing. You were in a hurry to meet your publisher, your mind still soundly asleep in bed, completely functioning on autopilot. Coffee in one hand, your bag barely dangling from your shoulder. 

Without looking where you were going, hence: autopilot, you walked towards your car. Before you set two steps out of the walkway from your front door, your frame met with something that resembled a brick wall making you drop pretty much everything from your arms. You looked to he ground and to your hand and thanked the heavens that your coffee hadn’t been a victim. 

'Oh shit, I’m so sorry’ an apologetic voice sounded next to you.  

Turning towards the sound, you looked at the brick wall that caused you to drop your life on the curb. 

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Mutual Help (3/3) {Smut}

Summary: You and Sebastian help each other out in times of need (Still suck at summaries

Word Count: 3,447 (I’m a wordy bitch)

Warnings: Swearing, unprotected sex (if you can’t protect your rocket, keep it in your pocket), oral sex ,Sebastian Stan, use of the word “baby girl”{Thought it was mention worthy}


*Sebastian’s POV*

The chilly air of the room pulled me out of my sleep, but lucky for me I have a human sized space heater next to me.

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One Night Only - Chris Evans

It has been exactly two months, fourteen days, twenty-one hours and forty-five minutes since you saw him. Since you felt the warmth of his touch or heard his voice.
Away on a press tour, Chris hasn’t had much time for you. Leaving you alone and cold in the large apartment made for two.
Until late last night when you were about to drift off to sleep, alone in the king size bed, again. Your phone rang, expecting it to be your favourite cupcake. Your heart started to race, fingers running through your hair as you saw the name flash across your screen.
“Seb? Is he okay? What happened?” You panicked, answering the phone.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down little lady, Chris is fine. I just wanted to ask you a favour.” Sebastian laughed, calming your nerves a little. “You know how it’s Chris’ birthday tomorrow? Well Mackie and I have been racking our brains trying to think of something cool and exciting for our Evans and thought, why not fly you over for a night?”
You heard the laughs of Anthony Mackie in the background as he made a few jokes about Chris finally being able to get some. Rolling your eyes, you sighed and thought about their proposition.
“I can’t just pack up and leave, Seb. What about Doger? I don’t even know where you guys are at the moment.”
“It’s us, you know we’ve got it all planned out. We’re in Chicago for the premiere tomorrow night. Bring something sexy to wear to the event, that’ll really surprise him.” Mackie answered.
“Fine. But you boys owe me.”
“Believe me, with the amount of fucking you and Chris are gonna do - you’ll end up thanking us.”
To say you were nervous was an understatement. Why? That was still a little unsure. You knew Chris would be surprised, and he loved when you wore your slim red dress that showed off the better parts of you.
Sebastian and Anthony had came and picked you up from the motel and hid you from the press as you entered the red carpet, ensuring no one would leak that you were here to Chris.
They talked to the event management team and asked for you to be seated next to Chris, making sure the surprise would be even funnier if it was half way through the movie.
You were currently standing outside the theatre, waiting for Sebastian’s signal to enter the room. As Seb stepped outside, pretending to go to the bathroom he winked and wished you luck.
The movie theatre was dead silent. Everyone watching the action film, everyone watching your beautiful boyfriend kick ass.
As you found him, you noticed the spare seat beside him and thanked that no one thought to sit there.
You make your way down the aisle and quietly sit beside Chris, who pays no attention to the sudden person beside them.
You use this to your advantage, swallowing hard and resting a hand on his thigh, watching closely as he tenses up. You lean in closer to him, being able to smell his cologne for the first time in months, and whisper in his ear.
“I’ve missed you, cupcake.”
You squeeze his thigh a little harder, abd nibble on the bottom or his earlope - something you know turns him on.
You can hear the giggles of Sebastian and Anthony from behind you but you ignore them, watching as Chris turns to face you, his mouth forming an “o” shape.
“Oh my g-gosh! What are you doing here?” He whispers. The smile on his face reminding you how much you missed him.
“Blame the annoying kids behind me, Happy Birthday Babe.” You winked.
Chris took you by the hand and lead you out of the movie theatre, proceeding towards the bathroom.
“You can’t just turn me on like that, babe. You gotta follow through with it.” He says, pushing you against the bathroom door as it opens.
“I’m only here for the night, Evans. Make it count.”

Model Behavior-Sebastian x Reader

This is my very first imagine that was requested of me, please be kind.

You are a high fashion model invited to the Met Gala and your boyfriend surprises you.


“Y/N, look over here!”
“Who designed your dress?”

Questions were being thrown at you as soon as your foot stepped foot on that carpet. There was a short moment of anxiety where you wished your boyfriend was there, but you tilted your chin up and faced your fears. You were invited to this year’s Met Gala after moving quickly to the top of being America’s most sought after models list. It was an honor to be invited by Anna Wintour after only being in the industry for a couple of years.

The theme was fashion in a time of technology and you were inspired to represent one of your favorite comic book characters. Your dark streamlined gown had a high rounded neck barely pinched together at the tops of your shoulders with a black leather corset filled with rows of straps and buckles that almost screamed steampunk. You faced away from the cameras before turning your head towards them, having them focus on the expanse of skin that was showing. The dress was almost completely backless and exposed the two dimples in the small of your back before the dress flowed effortlessly into a small pool of black silk at your feet. The true homage to the comic book character, and fitting the gala’s theme, was one silver lame sleeve on your left arm that went all the way down to your delicate wrist. It was broken up by narrow pieces of black chiffon that made it look like it were stolen from a piece of Medieval armor. The only thing it was missing was a red star, but that would have been far too obvious.

It was too bad your boyfriend’s work schedule didn’t allow for him to accompany you. He would have enjoyed this dress, you thought with a smirk.

It wasn’t like you were hiding you relationship, but you both didn’t enjoy flaunting it either, both of you understanding the need for privacy when living in the spotlight.

You waved off the questions when you ran into a dear friend of yours, Lily. She was dressed in a gorgeous deep v-cut scarlet gown that flaunted her toned tummy and back. She gave you a brief hug and you both stopped to pose for a few pictures together.

“I thought you were bringing your boyfriend as your date?,” Lily whispered as she started to move further down the carpet.

You gave a brilliant smile to the cameras while saying through your teeth, “He’s promoting his new movie so I probably won’t see him until later tonight.”

You and Lily had first met in high school and you became fast friends after learning you both had parents that were involved in the entertainment industry. Her dad was a rock star and your parents cowrote many Oscar winning screenplays. You understood the crushing pressure of Hollywood and she loved that she was just Lily with you, not the actress daughter of a world famous musician. You had always been content with being the mystery friend that drove her getaway car whenever the two of you went out. You certainly didn’t envy her fame at the time.

But when Lily was approached to model for Chanel, she had asked for you to be featured in it as well. You remembered the terror that coursed through your veins when Karl Lagerfeld gave you a cursory once over before agreeing. That man was incredibly intimidating!

You had thought it was just a one time thing, a fluke. When the magazine spread hit the newsstands you were suddenly offered jobs to model for various fashion designers and magazines.

Your first big shoot had you laying down in the lap of Sebastian Stan and the photographer was having you arch and twist your body into borderline erotic poses. Sebastian had brought two of his costars from his newest movie and they were both giving him hell.

“You think you can do better that Chris?”

“I don’t think Seb knows what to do with a beautiful girl like that in his lap.”

Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie were in the back of the room cracking themselves up after they walked through the door and the shoot was half over. It was supposed to be for a high fashion magazine and the pictures were purposefully suggestive. The article accompanying the photos was focusing on the tortured bad boy Sebastian enjoyed playing in many of his movies.

Once the photographer thought he had all of the pictures he needed, you and Sebastian had walked up to the MacBook to see some of the pictures that were being edited. The photographer went to some of the earlier photos before enlarging one particular pose where you were standing behind him with his head tilted just slightly back while still eyefucking the camera. Your head was nestled in the crook of his neck, placing an open mouth kiss there as your hands snaked over his hips and were pushing his jeans dangerously low. Sex definitely sells.

“Holy shit, Sebastian! I knew you were brining sexy back but damn,” exclaimed Anthony.

Sebastian laughed awkwardly and licked his lips before replying, “It wasn’t too difficult to pretend with Y/N.”

You laughed at that, “You’re not a bad looking guy Sebastian. You’ve got to know that the minute that photo gets published I’ll have fans wanting to skin me alive.”

The boys laughed and you continued, “I’m sure your girlfriend would be first in line after seeing these pictures.”

“Oh Seb doesn’t have a girlfriend,” Chris explained.

“Won’t your boyfriend be upset?” Sebastian asked.

“Nope, I’m sure he’ll understand that it’s just a job…if I had a boyfriend that is.”

Anthony elbowed Sebastian in the side after you said that, but he just lightly shoved him back. You cocked an eyebrow at them wondering what the hell that was about before you said your excuses to go change into your normal clothes.

There was a knock on your dressing room door and when you opened it, you were surprised to see Sebastian. “I would be an idiot if after all that, I didn’t take the chance to ask you out, Y/N. Would you want to maybe grab some dinner?” Sebastian finished with a sheepish smile.

“I thought you’d never ask,” you replied with a smile.

A brilliant smile graced your features when you thought about that first day. You and Sebastian have been together for almost 2 years now and while it was definitely not the easiest relationship you’ve been in, you wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

More bright flashes were going off and the yelling got increasingly louder. You couldn’t understand what they were saying until someone’s hand wrapped around your waist pulling you flush against them. You braced your hands on their chest ready to push yourself away until you realized you were looking into the twinkling blue eyes of Sebastian.

You started to tear up when you felt his hands on either side of your face. You gave him a watery smile while he used his thumbs to keep your tears from ruining your makeup. In that moment, you half registered that the photographers were probably having a field day and the other half couldn’t give a damn. Your boyfriend was in your arms after you hadn’t seen him in almost a month.

“I didn’t think you’d make it, Seb, not after all of the interviews you had to do for Civil War,” you said as your voice wobbled.

He was still holding your face in his hands when he looked into your eyes, “I’m sorry I’m late. But I wasn’t going to miss this for the world, knowing how much this means to you.”

You took a deep breath to calm yourself before the two of you faced the paparazzi to pose for several pictures together. “I’m really loving your dress. It just screams that you’re my girl,” Sebastian said with a shit eating grin. His warm hand was splayed possessively right above the inward curve of your lower back.

“I’ll always be Team Bucky,” you replied when the crowd on the carpet starting chanting “Team Cap!”

“RDJ is going to be pissed when he sees this,” he said as he pulled his phone out to record of the screaming crowd.