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Hello, the name’s Lukas and I feel bad about having to make this post, but I need to. I currently have no job. I got rejected for a few jobs and had to turn down one job after applying because it would affect how I perform on school (it was a weekend job, meaning I would have no free time at all.)

I’m in need of money for personal reasons. I can not borrow money from my parents, and since I have no job I have no income. My income is my art but it’s hard for me to find people who wish to commission me. So with this post I hope I catch someone their interest who is willing to spend money on me in exchange for some art.

Lined n painted! These come with shading and everything. the only thing not included are backgrounds! If you wish to have a background it is +$10 ! every extra character is also +$10 !

Lineless paintings !! Extra characters are +$15 and backgrounds are +$20 !

Every drawing also comes with a speedpaint! These will be unlisted and linked to the person who commissioned me, and made public if they wish. They also decide the song used. Examples: [x] [x] [x]

Please, even if you do not wish to commission me for any reason, please do reblog this so other people can see this and maybe consider it! It helps me a lot! Thank you for reading!

I dedicate this to the forgotten souls: The happy molds from our childhood;
before stress and anxiety and depression.

I dedicate this to the time we had REAL smiles
And not just curves drawn on blank faces
so white that they willingly accept any color painted on them by mediocrity
Or so black that their individuality is not seen.

This is for YOU!
You who regale tales of happiness
but is trapped in a bubble of sadness
wishing for an escape
Or a hero in a red cape.

This is for her -
overdosed on her own thoughts
and poisoned by yours.

And him;
frustrated by his own shadow
so he only comes out at night.

And me;
too afraid to tell my own story.

—  c.handy // And me

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Soo i dont if you remember but im the girl in a long distance relationship from ireland my boyfriend new york and i dont know i just remembered i told you once about us and well we were planning for him to come here next year in like june but i saw an ad for cheap plane tickets and i might be going to him at the end of december ! The only thing im not sure im going to have to talk with my parents tomorrow but omg ! Wish me luck i guess ? Haha:)


Someone put away my technology I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s so good. I love Amber.

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Your blog is one of the first autumn blogs I followed. I think it's been 3 years now? There is only summer where I live so autumn has always looked magical to me. I wish I could tell people it's my most favorite season but I haven't experienced it yet and they might laugh. I'm sure I will someday because it is my dream and I will make it come true!

Hey there long-time follower of mine! It has been 3 years since I made this blog! Wow, I’m honoured that you’ve stuck around with me for this long :)  

To tell you the truth, you might be surprised how people will respond to you if you say it’s your favourite season. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who HATED the actual season. I mean, there are people that might hate the fact that the sun sets earlier or that it starts to get cold (which is understandable because I’m one of those -  but I’m talking -20 Celsius + windchill cold) — and all of those reasons are dumb because that’s not ALL that Fall is. My point is, I don’t think people will laugh if you say it’s your favourite season even though you haven’t experienced it yet. I think they will understand. 

I do sympathize with you and everyone else who loves this season but lives in a place where it’s always summer because I, too, used to live in such a place. I used to imagine what it would be like to actually see the pretty leaves on the roads, what stepping on leaves would be like,  what the chilly, cozy air would feel like. And I didn’t get to until I moved to North America and it was everything I imagined and more. So with that being said, I love love love that you’re determined to one day experience it. I support you and I believe that you will and that you will fall even more in love with it. I promise you that it will be worth the wait.

Until that time comes, stick around these corners — maybe even start a blog of your own! (Hey that’s a great idea!) 

Thanks so, so much for taking the time to leave me this message, my friend. I hope you have an amazing week! 

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Do you consider Sakura as an uchiha bc I don't and a lot of people don't either I just want your opinion on it

Shisui: Well I can’t consider her so because Sakura is not Uchiha by blood or marriage.

(basing that off the blogs little underdeveloped story)

Admin: and if you are asking me, then no. I don’t consider her Uchiha, it’s simply a name change. I don’t even agree with her and Sasuke’s marriage, finding it to be toxic and unjustified. The only good to come of it was Sarada. But also saying that, I find it to also be considerably realistic, because relationships like theirs happen everyday. Remember this is my opinion, and I wish you to respect it, as I will respect yours. 

Also, if ever any of you would like to discuss Naruto things, feel free, it would be interesting.  

I’m watching an older season of Hell’s Kitchen and there’s a bit with a guy who had a shitty abusive childhood getting triggered (and like, nobody uses the word “trigger” but it’s pretty obvious: his eyes glaze over, he becomes spacey and disoriented, he bursts into tears at inopportune moments) by Gordon Ramsey calling him by a nickname he associates with his abusive father, and like, he explains this to Ramsey, and Ramsey is like “I totally understand and I’m sorry, I only wish you had told me about this sooner so we could have avoided this issue compromising your performance in the kitchen” and it’s like… there’s all these ridiculous anti-sj types who are like “TRIGGERS R DUM, NO TRIGGER WARNINGS IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!” and meanwhile Gordon fucking Ramsey, the guy whose JOB it is to berate people until they break down on television, understands the validity of trauma-based triggers and is willing to work around them? like come on

Someone gave my mom an old photo album. I really wish they hadn’t…

by reddit user sleepyhollow_101

Every once in a while, something very interesting will come into my mom’s library.

We live in a small town, so people often go to the library for answers, knowing that my mother has an extensive background in researching things like history and genealogy. Those are the people we get most often, actually: people with questions about their own family history. Oftentimes they’ll come in with partial records and ask my mother to fill in the gaps. She’s always more than happy to do it. Not only is she good at it, but it also serves as an acceptable reprieve from the relative boredom of small-town life.

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“This little boy was in slavery because of the color of his skin. He was in slavery every since he was 5. He was tied to a tree. So, I decided to do something about this. I paid for him to be free. Now, he is with a loving family. Be the change you wish to see in the world. I hope that people will finally come to realize that there is only one ‘race’ and that’s the human race and that we are all members of it. ”


Lay loves you 😙


Henry Lau: Idol Life

Dialogue Prompts

1) “I want people to tremble when they see me.” “And I want some coffee sweetheart, and let me tell you, only one of these wishes is gonna be coming true.”

2) “I’m not as damaged as I seem, I swear.”

3) “I will move sea and sky to ensure their safety.”

4) “This isn’t me, I’m not this person.”

5) “I’m so sorry.” “Don’t you dare say that word like it changes anything you’ve done.”

6) “Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore.”

7) “Stop treating me like a little kid!” “You are a little kid.” 

8) “If you keep screwing around like this you’re going to get yourself killed.” “I hope so.” “You shouldn’t joke about things like that.” “Who said I was joking?”

9) “I have no words left for you, I won’t waste my time here.”

10) “Darling don’t try that, you know it’ll never work.”

11) “You make me sick to my stomach, in all honesty, I’d be fine never seeing you again.”

12) “So from the bottom, of my cold, dead heart, screw you.”

13) “Don’t waste your time on me love, I’m a lost cause.”

14) “The skies are crying for you darling, some call it rain.”

15) “You’re wrong.” “I’m always wrong.”

16) “Please don’t do this, you’re only going to hurt the people you love.” “Who said I ever loved them?”

17) “I know this isn’t a smart decision-” “Then I would recommend not doing it.”

18) “I hope you know how much I-” “Awww, love me?” “No, hate you.”

19) “I trust you.”

20) “Well this has gone horribly wrong.”


“What’s happening to them?” I looked in time to see him shrug. Something twanged in my chest.
“I wish I knew. But they keep coming back despite it.”
“Why does anything cling to something? Maybe they love wherever they’re going so much that it’s worth it. Maybe they’ll keep coming back, until there’s only one star left. Maybe that one star will make the trip forever, out of the hope that someday—if it keeps coming back often enough—another star will find it again.”

if ultimate story time comes to your town please go support the show!! this show was amazingly written, casted, executed and all of the above. it was ridiculously diverse and contained something for everyone. the songs were absolutely incredible and went along perfectly with the plot. this show contains some seriously talented people that deserve a heck lot of recognition. with only 5 actors and a limited props I was in awe. I’ve never seen a show like this, and I think I never will again. this show was so rare and so pure I wish everyone could see it. I was kind of disappointed to see such a small crowd because these people deserve a lot more. while watching I could definitely tell how much time and effort that went into this show, which I really appreciated. so many important issues were addressed in a way that I’ve never seen before. this was such a quality production and I feel so honored to be one of the first to see it. I cannot stress it enough, PLEASE GO SUPPORT THIS SHOW!! tickets are relatively cheap!! I would definitely go see it again!! It was so creative and refreshing to see something so different!!

Laura Hollis Backstory

So the fairy queen offers Mel a wish, Mel doesn’t explicitly turn it down and it immediately comes true. 

The fairy queen offers Perry a wish, Perry explicitly turns it down and it doesn’t come true.

The fairy queen offers Carmilla a wish, Carmilla doesn’t explicitly turn it down so and five hot seconds later a tiny Laura Hollis appears.

I mean, I’m not going to say that Laura has no backstory because she was literally created in that moment to fulfill Carmilla’s wish. That Laura has no mentioned past because she didn’t exist before that moment. That the father we only hear vague mentions of isn’t some kind of fairy magic. That she was created to be exactly what Carmilla needed to grow. That there wasn’t some kind of magic that first brought Laura to the basement and then made them roommates. 

I mean, I’m not going to say those things but… 

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Don’t ever ask me for tattoo designs.

If you need to hear this tonight, here you go: stop killing yourself to attain a body you think is perfect but will never be realistic.

I chased an image in my mind of this imagined “perfect body” for so long to finally find no such thing existed.

Stop exhausting yourself to workout because you feel like you have to, not because you’re actually enjoying it.

Stop eating something that you hate only because you’ve heard of the supposed metabolism-boosting effects of it.

You woke up this morning. You’re here. You’re breathing. And that in itself is an incredible thing.

Don’t wish your body away because you’re struggling to love it right now. Glory comes from struggle. Strength comes from weakness. Don’t change your body, change your attitude.

Eat foods that nourish you, move in ways that make you feel good, and understand that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Make your lifestyle one to be proud of, and be happy with where you are NOW, because all you have is this moment.

This earth built you. The universe is in you. You’re more than a number. You’re more than a perfection that doesn’t exist, you’re already as perfect as they come.