and I only wish that there is so to come

“…He stopped fighting, going limp in the water as his screams stopped bubbling and his mind crumbled in on itself. Dread and helplessness and cold, fear, desperation, lost, why me- come back- don’t go- where are you- why did you leave me- exist- shouldn’t exist-

I wish I didn’t exist.”


Radio Silence: Wirt’s Nightmare

Oh my god, this chapter. This story so far. This entire series!

My hearts just aches so badly from both love of what going on and pain from what is happening. Syl-writes-stuff and Skimmingmilk, both of you, do such a phenomenal  job writing this. I can only express my gratitude for your hard work with pictures. Truly, thank you for coming up with this and continuing to write it. I look forward to drawing another beautifully illustrated scene from your well crafted words. 

H50 McDanno Fic Recs

Mythical Beings&Creatures






if only i was waking up to 
the smell of fresh coffee coming from the kitchen,
or maybe, 
if only i could wake you up to fluffy pancakes and fluffier love love
would this saturday be fulfilled

i sit quietly and think of you
i think of the last time we met
wasn’t that a while ago

i can’t help but wish my week was full of you
but even more i wish my weekends were too
it’s such a pretty day outside
but you’re not there to hold my hand

i seem to have everything else
all i am missing is
your smile
your laugh
your funny (sometimes kind of lame) jokes
your company in general

i miss your voice,
the way i shiver at your touch
i don’t know what you’re doing right now,
or where you are,
but i wish my saturday morning wasn’t here,
but there, with you

—  saturday morning blues by emotionsarecrazy

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AJ, I always felt like the ugly duckling when I was with my friends. I always looked so humble to people but in reality I was sabotaging myself... Sadly I keep doing this. I am slipping into depression.. Do you have any tips of how to lift my self esteem..?

Sorry it took me a little bit to answer this. I was thinking really hard on it, trying to come up with a solid and insightful thing to say. But to be honest, I just don’t know. Everything you’re describing? That’s how I see myself. That’s how I’ve always felt. I’m not really sure how to help myself, let alone others.

So I can only give you the advice I use myself that seems to work a little bit. “Fake it until you make it”. I know, how unhelpful does that sound? I really wish I bad a better and more helpful answer for you. I’m struggling with my depression more and more lately, I feel like I’m cutting myself off from people and sinking into a pit… So I’m just trying to take it one day at a time now that my emotions are getting rocky. Get through one day, smile a little, get through another, smile a little more. Pretend I’m okay, pretend I’m not hurting, and hope some day I just won’t have to pretend any more.

I notice that when I push myself through the hard days, the aches in my chest, all of that… It doesn’t necessarily get easier? But you personally get stronger. Forcing myself to smile makes me feel a little better, forcing myself to socialize when all I want to do is cry alone makes me really happy I got to see my friends that day even though it was hard. I just tend to make myself do things that I know are “good” for me like connecting with people or doing baby steps of progress for myself. Can be as small as picking up the trash or taking a shower, or the big stuff where you spend the evening with those friends you’ve been putting off forever it seems.

The only comforting thought I’ve always had, knowing it’s never too late to start trying.

anonymous asked:

I'm only 18 and I just got out of the whole libfem culture and your blog has helped me shape my own views based in radical feminism. Just wanted to come and say that I think you're pretty cool and that you deserve all the best ♥ have an awesome weekend!

You are so sweet and I wish you so much love in discovering radical feminism :3

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Meh. At least he is scum who stays the fuck away and doesn't try to be something he isn't. You and your kid are awesome.

This is true. There are a lot of times when I wish he was around, I’ve literally begged him to see Bronson, but only because B is so incredible that I feel bad he’s missing out. But I’ve come to terms with it and know we’re all far better off this way. And thank you :)

30 Days of BTS - Day 28 Your BTS Merch


I apparently have more BTS stuff than I realized.



I didn’t buy all of this.  My best friend bulletproof-bad-wolf is an enabler when it comes to BTS, lol.  She is also a wonderful person who tried to cheer me up during some of the darkest moments in my life. <3

So, I have at least one pair of each of these.

Also, hi… I have a photocard problem.  But only when I find them cheap on ebay. :D

Also, I have shirts.

And albums, I still want Skool Luv Affair Special Addition, but that will have to wait. :(

And DVDs, Photobooks, etc.  I wish I had Now in Thailand, but that shit is crazy expensive.

And then there’s miscellaneous stuff

And my Bangtan Bomb!

And oh yeah… My Hip Hop Monsters.  :D

I have a Bangtan problem like whoa. hehehehe

And it’s probably only going to get worse after the Hilights Tour because then I will have a signed poster to go along with the two that I forgot to take a picture of (Oops).

Note: Retail therapy is not the best idea but it’s something I sometimes do.

I feel relieved sometimes that I thought I was a lesbian for so long before figuring out I was bisexual … I suspect that if it had gone the other way I would’ve doubted myself a lot more, had a lot of “what if I’m just a straight woman who wants to be special?” anxiety.

I already feel like being bisexual instead of being a lesbian makes me not real somehow, and wish I could just have stayed a lesbian sometimes, but that would mean never having been with my ex, which is a prospect that makes me sad to contemplate.

I know I’m not Just Straight and Doing It for Thrills. But I feel like, for me anyway, this certainty only comes out of having ID’d as lesbian 1. first, and 2. for so long. 

And even with that … this absolute certainty that I am not straight does not translate into absolute certainty that I belong in the LGBT community. I’m definitely not straight, but am I gay enough? IDK.


Henry Lau: Idol Life

Things I Have Said While Gaming

“Yeah, it’s behind your AAAAAAAAAASS!”
“Fuck your spinning wheel of shit.”
“I will take your motherfucking stick and shove it up your ass.”
“Fuck your fucking motherfucking keyblade"
“If you think I care, you’re wrong the fucking maid took my last ability to give a fuck.”
“Instead of that consider that you’re a little bitch.”
“Everything changed when the statue decided to fuck me.”
“Only good things can come of hiding in an Iron Maiden.”
“I find it very unrealistic that he still has clothes on at this point.”
“I don’t hate you, I just wish you’d stop existing.”
“Please stop contorting your neck like that.”
“I would be concerned but I have a dog, so….”
“That would be sexy if I wasn’t dying.”
“Why are you so precious it frustrates me.”
“You fucking scare the motherfucking shit out of me, I love you.”
“Fuck your rooster.”
“So… basically she’s jealous of my boobs.”
“You know they mean business when they give you a flame thrower.”
“That’s nice but no.”
“Aw, yes the sound of my guts being torn out is my favorite sound.”
“That’s like some Carrie level shit, I don’t want that shit.”
“If she died I am resurrecting her just to kill her.”
“Please don’t show me your dick I can’t handle that sort of trauma right now.”
“I wonder what he’s compensating for with that huge ass sword.”
“Okay but what did the table do to you?”
“But what if I told you that your hair is ugly.”
“This reminds me of the time I didn’t give a shit.”
“Fuck your salty ass ice cream.”
“No I do not want to make it rain right now.”
“Go buy a car or some shit don’t try to make me your little meat biscuit.”
“Just because I have boobs does not mean I have a vagina, okay?”
“Why does it look like someone ate it though?”
“Did we come all this way to find out he’s a cross dresser?”
“I will feed you nothing but THIS DICK!”
“It was the car not me.”
“I didn’t fuck your wife okay she’s a lesbian, I hate to break it to you.”
“Ah, yes. What kind of day would it be if a bazooka didn’t conveniently fall next to me?”
“Why are you so gay though?”
“I would counter your argument, but I don’t have any good puns about getting my fingers cut off.”
“I know that was supposed to be cute but it reminds me of what I’d imagine porn would be like so….”
“I know that, you only repeated it 60 million times.”
“I have spent a year fighting this bitch why can’t she just not?”
“Don’t worry, death’s merciful embrace is coming for you.”
“Now you’re more salty than the blood you’ll be choking on when I slit your throat.”
“I’m up here, why are you so stupid?”
“Why is he dreaming about her I don’t understand.”
“Why are you… no… no… noooo…. NO NO NO NO NO NO!”
“Fat ass zombie bitch goes down like a fat ass zombie bitch.”
“Please don’t eat that, I need that. Aw.”
“Yeah, put a thin tarp only covering half his body over it they won’t suspect a thing.”
*Hums the Pink Panther theme*
“Where did you come from where did you go? Where did you come from COTTON EYE JOE?!”
“Hi, yes, what on this menu doesn’t contain human meat?”
“What did he do that was so wrong? He’s totally inno-okay never mind.”
“I am the victim in this situation! I mean, sure, I killed your friend… BUT THAT IS IRRELEVANT!”
“You go down these stairs PROPERLY, or I will kill your family right in fucking front of you.”
“Hello naughty children, it’s interrogation time.”
“Pffffft! I can totally make it! Never mind, that didn’t go the way I wanted it to.”
“I’ll put this here, so they’ll be all ‘the fuck?’ and then the thingy will be like BOOM BITCHES!”
“I have the right to FLIP YOU OFF!”
“The joke ‘I can hardly decide what to eat for breakfast’ just came back to bite everyone in the ass.”
“Begging for your life won’t make a difference, you stole my animals, you’re dead.”
“Is he? Did he? But… I threw him in fire? Lord why have you forsaken me?”
“Where’s that shrug emoji? INSERT SHRUG EMOJI HERE!”
“Um no you can’t make me hit my queen I will let her murder me.”
“Next time you fuck somebody over, use protection dumb ass.”
“Please don’t become the personification of everything evil, I trusted you.”
“She’s not on the cover, so she’s gonna die.”

before i came out as a girl at my school i was thinking of coming out as a gay boy just because it would’ve been easier for people to understand and most people thought i already was a gay boy anyway but i was scared of that too and plus i wanted people to know i was into girls too! and now that i’ve come out as a girl i figured i could also come out as bi (easier than saying pan bc ppl dont know pan ) really easily but it’s like.. now everyone thinks even more so that i’m only into boys which is !!!! because there’s no real way for me to get ppl to understand that .. like ive told people im bi but everyone thinks it’s just bc i want to fit in still or something like.. Who u like and who u identify as are two different things!!! and i wish ppl would realize that bc like every girl i meet thinks im into guys!! or maybe they just think im rly ugly & thats why nothing ever happens also bc i dont make any effort ever to make the first move bc im scared 2 but yea

roommate!luke always having to contain himself when he saw you walk around in just a towel, or in the mornings when you would get up and would only be wearing some underwear and a baggy shirt (sometimes his shirts). he wishes the fantasies he builds up in his mind would one day come true, for now settling for simply using his own hand to release some desire. he thought he would be able to keep his little crush on you a secret, of course until one day you walk out of the washroom after your shower and straight into him room to ask him for a shirt, stopping dead in your tracks when you saw him with his hand around his cock, low moans mixed with your name leaving his lips. everything made sense; all those times he looked in pain and quickly ran off to the washroom. you never missed the looks he gave you, his eyes racking over your body when you wore next to nothing. so when he saw you standing at his doorway, looking like a deer caught in the head lights, you simply smirked and said “mind if i join?”


That moment when you run into one of your very first students, who was in your very first class, who is now 18 and has a beard! And you realize his voice has changed, and he has changed, and you have changed, which also means all those other amazing students who once sat in desks in your class have changed. Then you think about how much you miss each of them, love each of them, and wish you could catch up with each of them.

I owe a lot to the students who have walked through my door. They have shaped me not only as a teacher, but as a person. This student in particular I especially owe. He’s one of the main reasons I started my blog; he is beyond hilarious! MANY of the quotes from my first two years come from him. He and his classmates are the reason my blog got spotlighted, which is the reason Joserisms found me, which is the reason I met the person of my dreams and have lived oh, so happily since!

Happy 18th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Macleod!

      I am here to wish you the merriest or perhaps the most important day of your life. You have shown incredible wisdom when it has come down to helping others find solution to certain strenuous problems – even some of those are just as easy as slicing into a slice of humble pie, but that’s a whole other thing. As for what you have been accomplishing or will be soon, I congratulate you on those successes. You may disagree with me on those, but I won’t allow you to because you do so much good. I can’t believe you’re only 18 and I had just started speaking with you for a few, yet lengthy, months. You have out so much energy in my life, which has caused me to make slight, but major changes in my every day (and academic) life. You provide the most pertinent information to help us understand the very sad, yet jovial, world around us – a gargantuan task that I would have trouble fulfilling to be completely honest with you. I hope I can remain along this long as winding road as you start and find the right path for you. I am only beginning, and you are already heading into the greatest of directions, but remember you are still on the path of self-discovery. Wherever the road may find you remember this: I am here, us at Tumblr, your friends, family, and whomever you’ve created an impression on will be here looking at you as you continue to flourish in the hellish world. You have proven to be quite the friend I have always longed for, and I think you will continue to do whatever you can to promote the best life for you, your family, and us.  May you day be filled with great happiness and might your fast approaching days enter in a special kind of grace.

Your friend,

Charles Edwards (a.k.a Chuck)
The Legacy of One Direction.....

Every single one of you need to read this. It’s not often the media gets it so right. This gave me chills. I am so thankful to each and every one of you for being the most amazing group of people I have ever come across. I wish I could meet and thank each of you for the incredible impact you have had on not only my life but the lives of everyone else in this family, and that is exactly what we are a family. Everything you do is incredible. I love you all so much!


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you know what frustrates me? i do believe stiles and lydia are gonna be together in the end, but i think we've had enough of the dragging. i had hopes that by the end of season 5b, they'd be together, but now that season 6 was confirmed, i think jeff is gonna drag it even longer.. what worries me is that they're only gonna be together at the very end, it's just that i wish we could have at least a whole season of them being a couple, not only an episode, and stiles's still with malia and ugh sos

i agree. i love slow burns, but there comes a point when it’s been too dragged out and it’s almost ooc for the charcters to not be together yet :p apparently jeff had said that 5b was written as if it was the last season and nothing drastic is going to change. so (hopefully) we’ll get to see stydia as a couple in season 6 :D

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what happened in a-nation? I wish I could understand what they were saying :((( They looked so happy and relaxed.

I will try to translate what I remember. 

So, Seungri said they were happy to come back to Japan and Kansai region. He said they missed Japanese VIP because it’s been a long time (according to them) since they had a concert (it was only at the beginning of the year though). He said they’re sorry they missed Tokyo’s A-nation but it’s still awesome to meet their fans in Osaka.

Seungri also said that Dae is sexy especially since his shirt is revealing his chest. Dae just bumped his chest a little and said that Osaka is so hot he wants to go home just to come back and feel the wave of excitement again.

Top said that he’s happy to see the Japanese VIPs again and that he wants to have fun for the whole night.

Jiyong didn’t talk much (as always when in Japan); he just said it’s been a long time  Then Seungri told him that his fashion is so cute today. So he said, “Isn’t it? It’s always cute.”

When Bae talked, he was trying to get the audience hyped-up and all. So Seungri said, “We don’t have time, we need to move to the next song” so Bae just gave us a carefree pose. And Seungri told him, “You’re cool as usual.”

After they sang Bae Bae, Seungri tried explaining ‘chapssaltteok’ since he sensed that the Japanese fans didn’t understand what it meant. He started going about the Korean meaning of rice cakes and Dae just interrupted him, “We don’t have time, they can google it when they go home.” And Bae (the bully Haha) found his chance to queue in saying, “As usual, V.I doesn’t have any sense.”

Overall, it wasn’t one of BigBang’s best live performances to be honest. I know when they sing well live. In Osaka, their voices got muffled few times. Especially Seungri, his voice cracked more than once. Even his normal speaking voice was husky and not too well. But the strength of BigBang is that no matter how tired they are, they will make the audience jump from the beginning to the end. Even if their voices weren’t in their best condition, they still had fun and made us have fun too. I had Bae on my side most of the time and he kept giving hearts the whole time. It was so cute ^^

Seungri promised that when they come back to Japan for the MADE tour, they will have all of their new songs in Japanese.

That’s pretty much what I remember. I hope it helped.

Happy Birthday to the always beautiful and amazingly talented Ahn Daniel
♡ ε(´•Θ •`)з :  

The handwritten message roughly translates to:

“Dear Ahn Daniel, I wish I could go see you on your birthday, but unfortunately I cannot. However, I wish you all the best every year and hope that you are happier each day ♡ I love you. Happy birthday, ah… only you’re an angel.

ଘ(ε´•Θ •`)з ♡



This is the second time I’m here for your birthday, and I am hoping for many more days to come. Though I still haven’t seen you yet, I’ll never forget about you and I’m still holding onto hope that I can see you one day…I remembered I wrote about if you ever wanted to go solo in last year’s birthday message, and thus you actually went solo and I am extremely proud of you for doing so well on your solo debut. The first song you came out with during the beginning of your solo promotions was none other than your self composed song, “Affogato”. When I listened to it and saw the music video, I immediately loved it and was impressed by how you actually thought of such beautiful lyrics to piece them together, creating a lovely tune that gave off the feeling of bittersweet love. When your actual title track “Lovekiller” came out, I also immediately loved it and loved how beautiful the music video turned out; I knew it would become a hit single and an award winning song and thus it did! On February 27th, 2015, you received your first win with “Lovekiller” and I was completely blown away and immensely happy because I knew how hard you worked during the time span of preparing for your solo promotions, and I honestly couldn’t be more proud. The next day on Music Core, you won again and I was completely ecstatic about it, the fact that you won twice in a row is truly an honorable accomplishment for someone who just had their solo debut. All throughout your solo promotions, I stayed up to watch every one of your comeback stages and bought your album as soon as it was available online. I enjoyed every track on oNIELy, and I listen to the album in its entirety quite often. When “Spring Love” came out, I fell in love with you again over how cute you were in the music video and over the fact that you wrote another song (Memory) for that album. Though you had such great success with your solo debut, I admired the fact that you prefer promoting with Teen Top instead. I could talk about how proud I am of you for always doing the most for Teen Top but you already know this. You already know and heard plenty of times from other people about how talented you are. Never give up on anything you want in life, and never lose faith in yourself because without your existence, Teen Top would not be Teen Top. You matter so much; you are so essential to the world; you are so beautiful and gifted and I don’t think I’ll ever love anyone as much as I love you; you’ve accomplished so much in your life already and never cease to amaze me and those who love you. I wrote too much this time but once again, Happy birthday, please always remember to be yourself because only you can be you. ♡