and I love this scene

Hannibal finale

That was such a beautiful and satisfying finale omg.

Not enough words to express how I’m feeling right now, but goddamn, Bryan Fuller. (slow claps) (joins the standing ovation)

Also, Richard Armitage absolutely deserves an Emmy nomination after this. Up to the very end, such a nuanced and glorious performance.

Post coitum omne animalium triste est

Throughout The Books, I *love* every single post-coital Jamie and Claire scene. Once they’ve regained their senses and momentarily sated their physical desire for each other, their minds take over - deepening their connection by sharing anything and everything. They’re always honest with each other, especially in these moments - and have been from the very first time (“I didna realize ye did it face-to-face”).

This passage follows an especially - intense - encounter in Book 5 (The Fiery Cross). Jamie said to Claire “I must have ye now, or die” - and after he has her, he’s sheepish about how he went about it. But Claire (in true form) not only didn’t mind - she really enjoyed herself:

“Ye dinna hate me?” he asked abruptly. Taken by surprise, I laughed.
“No,” I said. “Do you think I should?”
His mouth twitched a little, and he rubbed his knuckles across it, scraping on the stubble of his beard.
“Well, maybe so,” he said, “but I’m glad if ye don’t.”
He took my hands gently in his own, his thumb rubbing lightly across the interlaced pattern of my silver ring. His hands were cold, chilled by the dawn.
“Whyever do you think I might hate you?” I asked. 
…“I havena let my pride get the better of me in some time, but I couldna seem to stop myself, what with wee Phillip Wylie preenin’ about, smirkin’ at your breasts, and—”
“He was?” I hadn’t noticed that part.
“He was,” Jamie said, glowering momentarily at the thought…
“And then, draggin’ ye out of the house in your shift and going after ye like a ravening beast—” He gently touched my neck, where I could still feel the tingling soreness of a bite mark.
“Oh. Well, I quite liked that part, actually.”
“You did?” His eyes flicked wide and blue in momentary startlement.
“Yes. Though I rather think I have bruises on my bottom.”


Doctor Who Gifset Utopia-I love the Doctor’s concern over Professor Yana in this scene. He is really trying to understand what is ailing the Professor and actually listens to him without judgement especially when Yana tells him that he is hearing a constant drum beat inside his head. Plus on a personal note, if he to was sit down and look at me like that I’d tell him everything too crazy sounding or not. 

A FanArt Drawing Of Donnie n Ice Cream Kitty

i really loved this episode when donnie got all Mikey Style hahahaha i did laugh specially his psycho laughter hahahaha as u can see this is 1 of the scene when he said that ice cream kitty is eating his brain hahahaha soooo i decide 2 draw this scene hehehehe i still love it n hope u guys like it 2 :3

I can’t tell you how much I loved this scene with these two.

I know we’ve seen Serena shield Bonnie before when something dangerous happens, but this time just felt so different. Sometimes, danger would happen so suddenly that the “protect Bonnie” action would happen just as fast. Other times, there would first be a shot of the whole group, followed by something going wrong, and then cut back to the group with Serena already protecting Bonnie (in other words, we actually miss the two actually coming together like this). In the past, I would see the whole “protect Bonnie” thing happen and just continue on with watching the episode.

But with this scene, I went back and watched it several times. I felt like it happened much slower than previous times. I just found it so adorable and sweet. Bonnie was the one who wanted protection and Serena gave that to her without question because she was frightened, even though both of them had no clue on what danger was about to happen.

I don’t remember all that much with the AG series but I’m sure May did the same to Max, but you expect that to happen because the two are family. While Clemont would probably do the same with Bonnie, if he hasn’t already, though I’m sure he did, idk I forget, this whole sister-like bond these two have is beyond cute and I can’t get over it.