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You didn’t want us. That’s not true. I remember when Mom first walked through the door with the two of you. You ran right over to me and you leapt into my arms. You bonded with me instantly, and it made me a little uncomfortable. Oh, so you just didn’t want me? No. It made me uncomfortable because my own mother was never very affectionate with me. Grandma? She softened up over the years, but she just wasn’t nurturing in that way.  And when I looked at you, I saw me as that little girl who yearned for her mom to hold her and comfort her. And I guess it scared me a little, and it made me sad. And then one night, you had a bad dream. You woke up crying, and I came into this room and I held you and my heart broke right open. I felt so much love for you and so much compassion. And I realized, in that moment that this sweet, sweet little girl was sent to me. She was sent to me to heal my little girl inside.


Day 5 (Rucas Week 2016): The Moment(s) You Think Is Most Underrated

2x20 Girl Meets Texas Part One
3x01 Girl Meets High School Part One
3x07 Girl Meets True Maya:

i’m trash n cannot choose one moment that is both underrated n so very important. i took these three moments from these three episodes as their underrated moments bc this truly defines them. 2x20: “yeah, yeah i knew you would” how important is it to believe in somebody simply bc of the person that they are? 3x01: “you are just too much for me riley” this is so important! they are no longer middle school crushes. they are growing, they are learning to grow n feel, they are going through it all together – everything cannot be happy n pretty all of the time. even those in luv know it. 3x07: I NEEDN’T SAY MUCH. this is so beautiful. riley thinks the world of him.

Bungo Stray Dogs - Corruption

“Rest, Chuuya.”

Osamu Dazai -> Majin

Nakahara Chuuya -> Kayleigh

Photo taken and edited by the lovely @rythme  <3 and me! Thank you very much dear! It turned out AWESOME! 

Costumes are selfmade~