and I love this scene


Seeking faith and speaking words

I never thought I’d say.


i was dreaming of bigger things in
wanna leave my own life behind

every so often i wonder that if phil actually got accepted onto big brother, would he have been the housemate that got into a romance/showmance, would he have been the quiet but loveable housemate that the public falls in love with from day one, would he be the funloving housemate who gets along with everyone, would he pretend to be someone he’s not to get more airtime…… think about it, it’s fun


Mike Ross ~ Hoodies and cockiness, look good on him.

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xaxaxa i wrote wrong in that question, I mean " Why didnt he surprised that Nina was dragon? xaxaxaxaax im laughing so hard!

Lol It’s alright! Like I said before, I think he’s just super good at hiding his emotions. He did seem a little thrown off when he heard Nina’s voice at the beginning of the episode, but then he quickly gained composure again.

To be honest, I don’t really know. I was anticipating that scene quite a bit and was disappointed when he didn’t react to Nina being friends with the enemy or her being a dragon. Either he doesn’t believe it or he does and just doesn’t want to press the issue further until he can talk to her alone. 

Actually, I had a theory a while ago that Char might have already known Nina was the Dragon (bc of her super strength and speed) and that was the reason he had gotten so close to her. To investigate. But I threw that theory out the window when he had that soft expression while staring at the pepper. 

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I think it'd be interesting to kinda explore PB's supposed inferiority complex, since the whole "Moshimo always like Robotboy more" thing is a little concerning

Yeah, it concerns me too. :c My poor root beer son. ;A;

I’d love to see this explored more and learn more about why Protoboy holds such an intense grudge against Moshimo and Robotboy, other than the fact that Ro is like the perfected model while he was the unstable prototype.

Maybe this can be something Protoboy discusses with his Dear as she’s repairing him? She asks why it’s so important for him to kill his little brother and father. This way we can get more of an insight on Protoboy’s psyche and meet his Dear at last as well as see their relationship. c: