and I love this scene

Things I Learned From 481

1. Sasuke was a lazy spoiled baby

2. Sakura was emo before it was cool

3. Sasuke blushed. A lot.

4. Sakura had many plushies.

5. SP hates SasuSaku (I already knew that but this episode was a slap in the face to shippers)


WESTWORLD | 1.01 | Hector & Maeve

First scenes together

thatkevinsmith: The episode of @cwtheflash I directed airs in 3 weeks! Been working on the edit with my ep editor Nathan and we’ve got it down to a PACKED 42 mins. The episode is called #KillerFrost and @dpanabaker absolutely CRUSHES in it, while @tha_los has one of my favorite moments ever filmed for #TheFlash. Get your tissues ready, Super friends: you’ll need them not just for all the Feels but for all the geekgasmic moments involving major reveals too! I love this episode so much: EVERYONE gets a killer scene in which they show off their acting chops (and some folks get to show off abilities and super powers far beyond those of mortal men & women)! Thanks to Speedster scribes @andrewkreisberg & co. for the intense script and @gberlanti for bringing the @dccomics Universe to life on @thecw as an amazing playground where a 46 year old boy can play with life-sized action figures! And huge thanks to my in-the-trenches episodic brain trust of Bob, Kim and Lexy for making me keep look like I know what I’m doing! Can’t wait until my ep airs in mid-November but in the meantime? It’s back to work on Day 2 of 9 on @supergirlcw (my first day with the cape and costume)! #KevinSmith #daniellepanabaker #carlosvaldes #thecw #flashseason3 #supergirl #vancouver

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About the last episode, I don't think it's a proper closure for her feelings because she didn't receive a proper answer. I mean, of course it's a million times better than what Misty received, but still... And I've got a little concerned because of Ash's reaction. He didn't appear half as surprised as I thought he would be in this kind of situation and his eyes were sparkling. Any thoughts on his reaction?

Closure was the only word I could think of at the time even though I too thought it didn’t really match the moment. Maybe a better word is resolution (even if it’s one-sided)? It basically went about as far/as much as I expected it to go as a ship because, as I’ve said a few times previously, Serena’s feelings for Ash have always been a very defining trait of hers. They weren’t so mild a subplot that the writers could have gotten away with brushing those feelings aside or just leaving a potential door open for her later on. There had to be something more definitive, and, hey, definitive is what the fans got.

A lot of fans still think that his reaction was very neutral, maybe because he didn’t understand the kiss’s romantic nature, maybe because he didn’t feel the same way, I don’t know. His eyes sparkling could have just been a shojo stereotype. The animation during the scene in general was blown up into outrageous beauty, so it could have been because of that.

Ash definitely just stood there. He didn’t kiss back, he didn’t blush. Take his reaction to Melody’s kiss back in the second movie as a comparison. After she pulled away, he immediately responded with a dopey little smile, like he enjoyed it. None of that happened here. And much like any other time in canon when Serena did something he couldn’t understand (because it was romantic in nature and he doesn’t get those things), he had a very delayed reaction, even if it was positive/neutral (like a smile). There’s always been a barrier between his psyche and Serena’s romantic feelings, and this final moment between them was no exception.

As for Misty’s farewell, honestly, I thought her final scene with Ash went flawlessly based on how formulated and developed Pokeshipping was at the time. Both characters are ten, we gotta remember there’s only so much that can happen, and the romance subplot was never as definite or as defined as Amour. Serena’s feelings for Ash will always be a huge part of her, where as Misty’s feelings for Ash were more… slowly developed and shown intermittently when necessary. But Pokeshipping still received more mutual interaction, Misty’s feelings were still treated respectfully and brought to the same importance in the end. She left feeling as though she definitely knew how Ash felt, and she was smiling happily/acceptingly about it. To me, that says that she felt Ash reciprocated her feelings but didn’t know it. And that’s why she was at peace with leaving him behind.

Serena left acknowledging that Ash didn’t feel that way, that there was more she wanted/needed to do in order to get him to return her feelings. Still positive on her end, much like Misty, but more hopeful and less mutual.

Tbh, Poke and Amour seem on the same level as far as their development and final scenes.

Started 1% of Something...

2 shower scenes in the first 6 episodes. Thank you.

The gems clearly don’t want Steven around when Peridot finally arives, but hiding the truth from him was only gonna make him more curious about the subject.

I’m sure he’ll still find a way to be with the gems when that happens, but still.

And yeah, he’s scared after they told him, but at least he understands the stakes.

Now they can all figure out a plan together.

I love this scene so much.

Just… Steven has grown up so much in these past 50 episodes. The kid has really come around as the emotional leader of the team.

Now that’s some nice symbolism.

And a nice way to end the episode too.

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Hi! I hope you're having a good day. I was wondering and wanted to know your thoughts on why Lucifer wouldn't let Chloe touch his scars. Why do you think he reacted the way he did?

Short answer: Because he is an idiot who Does Not Think Things Through.

Long answer: Because in Lucifer’s narcissistic little brain, he thought that he would walk out naked, Chloe would see him and be immediately overcome by lust, jump his bones, they would have sex, and thus he would successfully get over his crush on her. Of course, because this is in no world a move that actually works on real women, she was just like “you are naked… WHY… PUT SOME CLOTHES ON AND LET’S GO DO OUR JOB.”

But then of course, the wing scars catch her eye. She’s concerned, she comes closer, she grabs his arm and gets close to him, but not to commence passionate nookie. She wants to know about this most intimate and wounded and tragic part of him, she wants to touch the place where he cut off his wings (or had Maze cut them off, CAN WE HAVE A FLASHBACK TO THAT SCENE, preferably when he gets them back, because it will kill me). The core of who he is and why he left hell and his rebellion against Dad, all the truth about him. She wants real intimacy, not a cheap hookup, which as we know, Lucifer can 0% deal with. He uses sex and humor to make himself feel better and avoid confronting real issues, and in that moment you see him realize that this was a big mistake. He doesn’t want Chloe to start caring for him and wondering about his pain and getting close to the source of it, he wants (at this point) to get over this weird crush on a human and get on with his life. But instead, it backfires majorly, to the point where he has to catch her hand and ask her not to touch, when he was just, you know, trying to seduce her by showing up naked. Then he immediately runs off and is like “yup you’re right clothes work let us forget about that little business right there whooooops.”

So yeah. It was all about Chloe responding by asking for intimacy and not being interested in jumping his bones because naked him was so irresistible (because again, that was his thought process on the whole thing… Lucifer you’re an idiot). Which is really them and the challenge that he’s been struggling so hard with in regards to her and loving her in a way he hasn’t with anyone else, and how that changes how he acts around her.

I actually liked this quiet scene, in fact I lovee seeing Beach city at night.



Yeah, sorry dude but you kinda brought this upon yourself. I know you’re trying to protect your citizens but I imagine they can get by without electricity for a couple days. They’re more angry because you lied.



(shuffle&write) - 07 - YouRiko

07 •• Internal struggle, Grey’s Anatomy score

Pairing → YouRiko
Plot → “Sometimes it’s good to be scared. It means you still have something to lose.” - Richard Webber. Hospital AU.

Can someone stop me from listening to sad songs???

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“For the umpteenth time, You-chan …” Riko articulated, her voice harsh and bitter, “… I’m fine.”

You cautiously eyed her girlfriend, noticing how quickly Riko’s fingers and knuckles turned white after she seized the banister in a deadly grip, how trembling her legs were, how unsteady her stance was.


“I’m … Fine.” Despite the fact that she had to catch her breath right in the middle of her very short sentence, Riko’s tone was severe, and You knew she couldn’t insist anymore.

So, she watched her lover climb the stairs, ever so slowly and painfully, knees ready to give in at any moment.

You holds back the nauseous wave building up inside her, as the sickening, antiseptic smell of the hospital deliberately attacks her nose. She gulps and forces herself not to bounce her knees, preferring to pull on the sleeves of her light green sweatshirt several times, while she waits. Again. And again, and again.

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