and I love how much she cares for other

Between Pidge and Allura I seriously can’t decide which character I’m more in awe over. Pidge adds a brand new mod to a 10,000+ years old Mecha Lion and continues to improve it all while maintaining her secret identity until she willingly reveals who she really is. And Allura who refuses to stay in the sidelines and continues to praise and care for her Paladins and their different wants and needs. The second to last episode of the first season always kills me with how hard she goes in and tries to fight but then sacrifices her damn self to save the Shiro because she knows damn well that without his leadership, the other Paladins would be lost. God, I love this show so damn much.

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I want Mags”

“I just need you to need me too!” She cried as they stood together under the rain. “I spent so much time waiting for you to show me you care. It’s just too hard, I can’t stay when someone doesn’t miss me when I’m gone.”
They stood together in silence, him not being able to mutter even a single word. Both of them knew that it was over. It wasn’t because they didn’t love each other. No, a blind man could see how in love they were. Sometimes no matter how much you love someone it just isn’t mean to be.
—  It wasn’t because you didn’t love me, excerpts from a book I’ll never write #17// 4am

“I just don’t think love is meant for me.”

Perhaps my favourite within a damn near flawless ensemble, April Ludgate has been a revelation. Starting out life as the apathetic intern, the series has followed her growth into a hardworking, passionate woman, for whom anything is possible. To reduce Aubrey Plaza’s performance to her trademark deadpan would be to underestimate both the actress and the character. Each season has afforded April new layers and, with that, allowed both Plaza and April to realise their immense potential. Her relationships with Leslie and Andy, in particular, have helped her develop, and debunked her internalised notion that caring only leads to rejection and/or heartbreak. In loving Andy and being loved back, she learned how rewarding it was to care about others and open up. As a result of letting Leslie in, she found a mentor in life and in work, as well as a true, lifelong friend.

I’ve found most of April’s development moving as much as humorous, given that the predilection to be angry or apathetic about the world is so entrenched in the minds of young people nowadays, myself included. As a feminist, there are times when I feel so disheartened by the state of things. You turn on the news and it’s inevitably bad, worse and terrible. It’s hard not to want to protect yourself from it by shutting off, by choosing not to care. April’s arc has reminded me of the rewards of not doing that, of letting people in, of fighting for what you believe in and finding things that are meaningful to you. She has inspired me to be inspired. For that reason, I will miss April the most.

Undoubtedly, Parks and Recreation depicts an optimistic alternative world, but nothing in Pawnee makes me more optimistic than April’s character development.



ALRIGHT LISTEN UP. Rose is nearly exactly how we assumed she was, gentle, motherly, ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, but besides that she knew how to have fun, liked music, and took care.

Greg universe is an amazing guy. He sings, meets this chick ONCE and falls in love instantly. Without a moments pause, without hesitation. It’s so beautiful.

It’s interesting to see younger Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet, how they interact with each other and with Rose, for instance, Amy and Pearl seem much closer, it’s really cute. Garnet is adorable. This is like seeing their baby pictures. Though I do hope we get to see their warrior forms later on. Mom characters are fantastic, but mom characters who kick ass are even greater.

It’s important to note that Greg’s manager was an emotionally abusive person. He was purposefully deterring Greg from going to someone he loved, and putting him down on the grounds that he was a ‘dumb spaced out kid’. This is probably why Greg sometimes seems lax with Steven’s choices or gives well thought out reasons behind his own actions. Greg wouldn’t want Steven to be discouraged like he was. He learned from a toxic environment and used it to be a better father.


All in all, I see so much of Steven (and Connie) in his parents now that I see them together and interacting. Two crazy kids with the stars in their eyes.


As if it’s nothing, I want to hold your hand


To me, the CaptainSwan hugs have always meant more than anything else.

By getting close they are finding comfort in each other’s embrace.

As she buries her head in his neck she is saying “I love you” without even uttering a single word.

As he leans down and strokes her hair he is saying that he will be there for her, forever.

All that they do in a hug just elaborates how much they care for each other.

So you wanna tell me that they don’t love each other, that they’re not endgame; let me tell you something honey.

You are dead wrong.

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Hey. Just now, for tonight, let it go. Not even you can save the galaxy before breakfast.”  Han smiled gently. “You take too much on yourself. Always have. And you’ve been through too much lately. So let someone else take care of you for a little while.” She felt some of the tension drain away from her. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?
Yeah, I’d say I have a pretty good idea.” Leia mock-punched him in the arm, and Han chuckled. “C’mon. You know I love you, too.
Yes,” she said as she tilted her mouth up for a kiss. “I know.
Star Wars: Bloodline (2016)

“They’re at it again…”

i did say that i’d draw it myself so

but really!!! you don’t know how happy i am to finally have something about kido’s sister!!! she’s wonderful i love her! i can finally draw my headcanons aahhh…

there’s actually more to this one but it was getting long and my neck started hurting so i’ll finish the rest some other time idk

claimed the poster for a movie
about a cisgender heterosexual white Christian couple
falling head over heels for each other

Well, sometimes neither do I.
But funny enough I’ve never found a story
that explains
why love is dead
to me.

Tell me the story of the girl
who felt so much pain and
faced so much rejection
that she decided the only way
her existence would matter
would be for it to end entirely.
Tell me how, though millions of
people around the world used
the dust of stars to tattoo
across their broken and bleeding hearts,
the two people who should have
cared for her most in the world
had the nerve to disrespect
her and all that she stood for
by engraving her tombstone
with the name of a boy.

Tell me the story of the boy
who fell so deeply in love
with his best friend and
who was in turn loved
unconditionally only
to have his happiness annihilated
and all the hope drained from his eyes
when he returned home to find
the person he cared about most
in the world - now in oblivion -
as shattered on the outside as
he felt on the inside and

my erasure is
“not a big deal”
when you’ve always been able
to see a reflection of yourself
up in the lights of the theatre
where all the “normal” lives are played.

to just “get over” my fears
when you’ve never lain awake
at night terrified that
anyone you know
could turn on you the moment
they discover what you are.

that “love is dead” because people
don’t fall for each other
like they used to.
They do.

is only dead
people who show affection
are being murdered for
that very reason.

is only dead
the people who love
are too.

—  stop killing us (x)

I’m so sick of anyone who has the audacity to speak on Taylor in any way but a positive light because honestly, how? How do you find anything problematic?  People could pick on any other celebrity I love and I’d be like “wow, you’re an asshole” and go about my day. But with Taylor it feels so personal because its like…she’s my person. She’s my family. She’s so genuine and authentic and real and she GENUINELY loves people. She genuinely cares. She gives so much of herself, her time, her money, and doesn’t even publicize it. She just does it because she has the means to do it. And all she gets is shit on for NO reason. People call her fake, cold, calculated, and I sincerely do not understand how people can find her fake because like…you can fake something. You can fake something ALL you want for awhile. But you can’t do it forever. You can’t keep it up. She has ALWAYS been like this. For TEN years she has not wavered. She does so much for people behind the scenes that goes unknown because she doesn’t thrust it out into the public sphere. She donates thousands of dollars to cancer research, to fans, to an autistic child’s need for a service dog, to various people in need of some kind of assistance. She visits sick fans in their last days. Facetimes them. Calls them. She sees a fan struggling with someone and reaches out to offer them support, whether financially or with a few, meaningful words or a song playlist. She’s only gotten bigger and bigger as the years go by, but she’s gotten closer and closer with us, only shown us more and more how she loves us just as much as we love her. How all she wants in life is for everyone to be happy, to be taken care of. But that isn’t what the news sources pick up. That isn’t what media reports.She didn’t do it for the fame, or for the accolades, she does all of it because someone needed help, because she cared, and because she could. Love isn’t a big enough word for how I feel about Taylor Swift, and it’s about fucking time the rest of the world started feeling the same way, because someone like her deserves nothing but nice things.

taylorswift Hi tay my name is Deanna and I am a HUGE fan, you honestly have no idea! I have been a fan since the very beginning ever since I heard our song on the radio I made my dad go buy me the album.. I have been to 4 shows so far and I make posters for every one of them. I have been a fan for sooo long and all I’ve ever wanted is to meet you.. I am coming to your show show on July 24 and it would mean soo much to me if I could meet you (and my mom too, she has brought me to all the shows so far and I can’t thank her enough).. I remember her and I driving for hours just to come to your shows when you were only the opening act and I love watching how far you’ve come and it gives me hope that someday I can be something. You’re music has influenced my life and personality so much and I’ve learned not to care what others think of me.. I could go on forever about everything that I love about you but I just wanted to let you know you’re AMAZING!!! It would literally been the world to me if I could meet you during this tour but I know not to get my hopes up. I know you probably won’t read this but if you do you’re AMAZING and thanks for all you do for your fans.. I don’t know what I’d do if I net you because I’m sitting here crying just writing you this note that you probably won’t see.. Love, Deanna 💕 P.S.– our seats our in section A6 row 5 seats 9 and 10 P.P.S– I’ve never been this close before and the anticipation is killing me

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taylor swift has taught me it’s okay to cry over boys and it’s okay to be heartbroken. but she also taught me to get back up on my feet and that someday, everything will be okay. I see a lot of people telling each other “oh just get over it. he broke up with you” or “he doesn’t like you back. Who cares?” And Taylor does the exact opposite and shows you it’s okay to be sad and heartbroken and it’s okay to feel like sleeping for 358393 years but she shows you how to get back up on your feet and get on with your life. I am eternally grateful for her, and her support.

I need to mention this because not only did she get me this gorgeous necklace (would have worn it in a pic but got it all on one shot this way and put it on right after, trust me) and send this card, but she forgot amidst playing with Leyton to give it to me and had her guys bring it back to me a few minutes later. She’s such an angel. This isn’t to gloat, because honestly I don’t even deserve any of this and I am so humbled and beyond thankful. This is to give a reminder of how incredible she is and how she goes out of her way for others, and her love of children melts my heart so much. I’m at a loss of how to ever thank her, to be honest. To any of you who ever feel down, please let me tell you that she does care so much about all of you. Her heart is pure gold and you will meet her someday. I know she wants to and I know she loves you. Hopelessness is the worst feeling and I promise you it is something you don’t need to feel because you matter to her. When you’re having a rough day, please remember this. Remember that you matter to this amazing human being and I’m not sure what could be more incredible. I keep trying to think of a way to thank her enough and I don’t even know how it’s remotely possible.


Here you are, ice—blades! Presently I’m a Gruvia and Jerza shipper but when I first started Fairy Tail, I actually shipped Gray and Erza together! They just looked good together and…. *shakes head* 

Well that was before Jellal woke up from his brainwashing and I saw how much he affected Erza. She loves him. And I can see that he does too. Mashima also started showing how Juvia wasn’t just some fangirl of Gray’s and genuinely cared for him.

The way Gray fought and defended Erza in the Tower of Heaven arc was so touching I just.. But know I’m getting Mashima’s picture of their relationship being that of supportive siblings that understand and would fight for each other to the end.

So I put my Grayza ship down. Not begrudgingly though. Those two still look cute together!