and I love how much she cares for other



I really loved this moment.

Regina and Emma work really well together. And I love when they work together and they do too, I’m sure, but this moment was so important. Because it shows how much they truly believe in each other. Regina knew Emma would get their transportation ready and that she didn’t really need her for that. She didn’t even blink when she came back and the wardrobe was ready.

Emma on the other hand didn’t waste any time going to look for Regina. She knew Regina could take care of herself, even in a place where she was wanted for murder. And when Regina came back she wasn’t surprised, it actually seemed like she had expected Regina back earlier.

They both trusted each other and believed in each other and made it look as easy as breathing. And I love it.

I also love the contrast of Regina thinking that everyone was better off without her in the Wish Realm and then how clear it was that Emma wasn’t. And how she clearly disagreed with Regina herself.

This episode was all about belief. And the transformation/change/growth that can occur as a result of it. And the subtle but central belief we have in this episode that spans the entirety of it, is that of Emma and Regina in each other.


A great leader is not born but made through exhibiting constant care and support for others, putting others first no matter what, enduring suffering and hardship often in silence, exerting great humbleness, having a continual struggle for self-improvement, and above all, giving the most thorough and sincere love to each and every member.

Though we call her God Jihyo, every human has their limits, and now she needs us most. Although she may never show us all of the pain, stress, and both physical and mental injures that she has incured, we know what a tough road it’s been. Twice wouldn’t be the Twice we know without her amazing leadership. Twice’s leadernim fighting! God Jihyo fighting! #GetWellSoonJihyo

Soo… I saw Rogue One again last night on IMAX. Some random thoughts:

In the bunker while little Jyn waits for someone to get her, in the low glow of the lantern light, you can see her silent tears rolling down her face. At eight, she learned how to cry silently. I imagine that, until she saw her father’s holo on Jedha, from eight until twenty-two, it was the only way she ever cried if she cried at all: alone and without a sound.

I’ve been pronouncing Chirrut’s name wrong for months now. I’ve seen this movie twice before. His name is not a text post. What the hell is wrong with me?

You can see how much Jyn and Saw cared for each other when they reunite on Jedha. There’s a lot of hurt, but also a lot of love that never went away.

The looks on Baze and Bodhi’s faces when they see NiJedha destroyed breaks my heart. You see it pass through their eyes: their home is gone, everyone they ever knew is now dead; incinerated.

I got chills every time Cassian shouted “JYN!” because this guy has no chill and I love it.

Jyn lashes out at Cassian after Eadu because he has lied to her and had intended to kill her father, but it strikes me that the hurt is amplified because up until then, she has trusted him more than she has trusted anyone else in almost a decade. And like in the novel, she doesn’t just feel like he lied to her–many people have lied to her–she feels betrayed because he mattered, and he’s shown that she matters to him somehow, too.

The first time I watched it, I was totally in the uncanny valley with Tarkin. Less so the second time, and this third time, I was like oh yeah, that’s cool, that looks fine.

TARKIN IS TALL. I never noticed this before, but he’s a giant. After we got home from the movie, we put on A New Hope and yep, Tarkin was always super tall, but he looked average sized because he was always standing next to Darth Vader who is a giant.

The lack of personal space, oh my gawd. I mean I noticed it the last two viewings and obviously during all the times I stared moonily into the various gifsets, but seeing it on IMAX, like whoa. They’re six inches away from each other practically every time they speak. One stumble and they’re making out. WHY DID THEY NOT STUMBLE EVER? STUPID SURE-FOOTED REBELS.

Ben Medelsohn nails the look of terror when Krennic meets Vader. By all accounts from the Rogue One press tour, he was legit terrified when he shot those scenes, and it shows, and it’s perfect.

Felicity Jones is fucking amazing in this part and I’m literally the fight me emoji (ง'̀-‘́)ง to all the haters because if all you want is obvious scenery-chewing to represent deep emotion, then get out of my face you clowns.

By the time we get to “welcome home,” Jyn and Cassian are so into each other, like, I cannot even.

Oh, Bodhi. You were key to all of this. Your bravery was the first domino to fall. Without you, none of this would have happened. And then, taking charge on Rogue One. Giving orders. What a change from the shell-shocked, post-Bor Gullet Bodhi on Jedha. Galen would have been proud of you, too.

When Baze smiles my heart melts a little bit and then I die inside because he’ll be dead soon, too.

“Your Father Would Be Proud” kicks in as soon as Cassian saves Jyn from Krennic on the tower, and I was barely holding my shit together right then and there.


Jyn and Cassian walking to the beach is like peak handsomeness and beauty. Goddamit, Diego and Felicity. And goddamit, Gareth Edwards, you done good.


Every single one of them died knowing that they had completed their piece of the mission. Bodhi patched through to the Alliance. Baze and Chirrut turned on the master switch. Kaytoo helped Jyn and Cassian get the data file. Jyn and Cassian successfully transmitted the plans. But none of them never knew for sure if the Alliance got the plans. They’d never know that the Death Star would be destroyed. They’d never know that they were all parts in the sum of the whole. But they all died knowing they gave it everything they had to give.


Happy International Women’s Day!

Noodle from the virtual band Gorillaz:

Noodle is a strong and independent women who’s willing to do anything her heart desires. Whether it’s playing music, driving a race car, dancing, or just having fun! She influences young women to stay strong and fight for their dreams. That’s why I love Noodle with all my heart. I love how passionate she is and how much she cares for her band mates and her fans. She’s smart, strong, creative, inspirational, and of course, she’s stylish! She may not be real, but she sure made a huge impact on me and many other females in the world. Here’s to you Noodle! And here’s to all the other great and powerful women out there in the world! Stay strong and fight on! <3

y'all were joking that Sombra would reveal the gay characters, but that might be true af, because like she said in her origins video, she finds people’s weakness. During a match she could provoke the other characters by threatning to hurt their loved ones, and the way they reply can easily tell how much they care for their supposed lover.
Just imagine.

Sombra: “That omnic monk might be useful to have under my control. I can easily hack him.”
Genji: “I won’t let you harm my master.”

Sombra: “It would be such a pity if Mercy’s valkyrie suit just happened to malfuction middair *giggle*”
Pharah: “Don’t you dare./While I’m here nothing bad will happen to her.”

Sombra: “In a blink of an eye, I can get rid of Tracer.”
Widowmaker: “Back away. She is my target.”

Sombra: *talking to Roadhog* “Let me try to find a picture of what your real face looks like.”
Junkrat: “Oi, leave my big lug alone.”


Koogi dominating four genres on the English Lezhin site. I’m shook. Learn where to read/how to get coins to read KS here.

Show Her

A/N: So this is my first Marvel imagine and of course the first had to be Bucky bc who doesn’t love some Bucky. I’m going to warn you right now, it’s probably terrible so shoot me if I don’t do him justice. Okay :) (Credits to gif owners!)

All everybody had been saying for the past few months was ‘show her’ and now the words were repeating in his head among other things non-stop. He cared for her oh so much. Maybe she never noticed how he felt but she did always reciprocate the love he showed. When he couldn’t sleep, or when he just needed advice to ask a girl out that wasn’t her, maybe even when he was insecure and even asked her what to wear the next day because he didn’t know what color looked best on him.

Yep…she was there. For the stupid little things and all the way to cleaning him up when he got home from a mission. Bruised and battered, a split lip or a bloody nose. She’d even patched up a gash on his last living arm, the 'good one’ he called it. The one that made him stand out unlike the rest and the glob of metal for an arm on the opposing side of his body made it harder to go undercover with Steve. Y/N even helped scrape dirt out of the crevices in the monster of an apendage.

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I wrote about this yesterday, but I just love how Regina can never say it.

Mention Emma’s name specifically in relation to who she cares about. How she can never acknowledge how she feels about Emma specifically and Emma feels about her. When it comes to actions they’re both there, right there, showing how much they love each other.

But when it comes to putting it into words, oho, Regina is all generalizations of “someone”, “everyone else”, “my friends”, “my family”. Or she just completely skips over it. Like she doesn’t quite have the words.

I think she was trying so hard to avoid mentioning Emma as being significant to her to the Queen this episode she actually goes “I gave you some of my love, love from” then she looks like she’s about to start stuttering or have an aneurysm and then she continues with “Henry and Robin and the people I care most about”. At some point I think she actually went “Henry and my family.”

I can’t even anymore.

They aren’t fooling anyone.

no but i don’t think you understand how much i love cinder? she was not only physically but also emotionally abused during her childhood, and still remained hopeful and kind??!!? she was so resilent and strong and beautiful, and so inherently good and afraid of hurting others!!! she! never! wanted! to! hurt! anyone! because of her being part cyborg, she was relentlessly discrimated against and faced horrible prejudice every single day of her life. she was made to feel worthless and disgusting and that she had no place in the world. her best friend was a robot that she loved for and cared for. she lost her parents at a very young age, and was put into the care of a woman who cared more about the color of her shoes than cinder’s wellbeing. and yet, your girl managed to stay cheerful and was literally grateful towards that piece of shit we call adri?? she thought she was unlovable and unworthy of kai. cinder is a fucking blessing to this earth. cinder is a literal goddess do not fight me on this.


Okay so…
It’s Zen day today! It’s kind of weird, but I’m trying to do something different for each character for @mysticmessimagines ’s Valentine’s Week and so, since I couldn’t come up with anything to do for Zen, I thought I’d rant a little about my opinion of him and why I love him.
It might be a bit of an “unpopular opinion”, but I truly consider Zen an older brother. Like, of course in his route he is really romantic and I love it, I really do. But to me, in the end, he will always be a big brother. He is just so caring and protective (like in the screenshots above) and just seeing him in the other routes made me realize how much he actually worries about MC and wants her to be safe. He puts her well-being before his own, he makes sure she eats properly and is safe. Like in Jumin’s route, he is constantly worried about her and it’s not just because he “hates” Jumin, no, he is concerned for her in his own way and I find that super adorable. Even in his own route, the way he tries to protect her from himself and from “the beast” shows how much he actually wants her to be comfortable and how important her feelings are to him.
Another thing that makes him the best big bro to me is the fact that he is always willing to give you advice in many occasions, I especially noticed that in Saeyoung’s Valentine’s Day After Ending. I’m just so happy that he still cares about MC in the other routes as much as he would in his own and yeah I just thought I’d make a Zen appreciation post because everyone I know underestimates him or doesn’t particularly like him because of his narcissism. People, appreciate Hyun Ryu pls

Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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Warnings: A bad relationship with a significant others family (?). Fluff. Involves reader being a muggle-born.
• He’s literally so sweet to you.

• He’s a lover not a fighter.

• After the war his dark mark turned into a scar and you had a muffler specialist remove it and skin graph the area on his request, of course.

• His mom is more excepting of your muggle roots than his father is.

• She doesn’t care as long as you take care of each other and she tries especially hard to get over the muggle-born stigma she’s been taught because she can see how much Draco loves you.

• But Lucius hates you.

• “I can’t believe he ended up with a mudblood.” / “Call me that again and I’ll kick you so hard your dick goes inside your body.”

• “Lucius!” / “Y/n.”

• “I mean it. Next time you talk to me like that I will kick your testicles inside your body.”

• “She means it, father.” / “I believe her.”

• Narcissa fucking loves how badass you are.

• But Draco loves that you’re only really a badass around them. When your both in private you turn into a tiny ball of cuddles and hair stroking.

• You don’t like being woken up.

• You can cook. To an extent.

• You introduced him to muggle fast food and now you get him McDonalds on his birthday.

• You were feeling pretty vengeful on your birthday one year so you took the Malfoy’s all out for Chinese.


• He is the best kisser EVER

• He loves to kiss you. It’s like an addiction.

• Draco is the little spoon.

• You are prohibited from going to the public wizard library because you come home with a book bag full of books and then ignore him for a week while you read.

• He likes hearing muggle fairy tales.

• One time he was super sick and he was in Mungo’s and you sat at his bedside the whole time.

• Narcissa and Lucius were listening to you two talk from behind a curtain because Lucius was sick too.

• “Tell me the one about the beast.” / “Beauty and The Beast?” /“Yes… that one..”

• Lucius was listening too, secretly.

• Draco just wanted to hear fairy tales the whole time, if he wasn’t sleeping or drinking healing potions that is.

• “What do they do in muggle hospitals?”

• “They give you IV’s of medicine depending how sick you are.”

• “Odd..” / “Get some rest, sweetheart. I’m gonna go get some food, want anything?” / “Pudding..” /“ ‘Course baby.”

• He loves you so much. It’s his only weakness.

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I feel like Emma was all of us during that confrontation. She basically abolished every single one of Hook's reasons and forced him to confront the real reason why he was so afraid to tell her. Because despite how far he's come, how much he's changed, and how even though he's earned forgiveness, he still hasn't forgiven himself for his past deeds as Captain Hook.

Right. It makes me incredibly glad that she didn’t care about what he did, because like she says it’s all in the past. It was the lying that got to her, because she thought they were past that. And they are, but I understand where Killian is coming from here.

And that’s why I love this moment so much. Because like you said, like he’s said, he earned forgiveness from others, it’s just himself that he has to forgive. 

Ugh don’t you just love him?

you ever think about how gai-sensei said he’d literally die if rock lee died??? and that rock lee was his reason for living?? or when he first introduced lee to tsunade and she said “he’s one of your students?” and he replied “yes he’s more like a son” ??????

he was the first person to ever say anything encouraging to lee about his training. they love each other so much…

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Lumiere/Plumette and Stanley/LeFou for the Ship ask, please.

Lumiere x Plumette

  • Who said “I love you” first: Lumiere. Then he went off on this tangent where he nearly implied that he only loved her for her looks and nothing else because he was so nervous she didn’t love him as well that he tried to cover up how much he really does care about her.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: They both do, Lumiere cut himself out of his because he just wants Plumette to take centre stage, Plumette’s picture is them cosying up and looking really happy.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Plumette does. She always showers first because Lumiere takes a surprisingly long time and she needs to get on with things. She leaves him notes as a thank you for letting her use the shower first (and sometimes as an apology for using all the hot water)
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Lumiere does. Plumette adores it.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Plumette did, Lumiere was so dazed and happy he nearly tripped and fell down the stairs.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Plumette kisses him before she heads off to shower.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Lumiere. He’s not as ticklish as Plumette is.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: When they get days off they always shower together, they know it’s too distracting to shower together when they have to go to work so save that for their days off.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Lumiere does, Plumette always likes getting on with things and doesn’t like stopping for food. Lumiere makes sure she does.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Lumiere was, he just couldn’t believe she agreed to go on a date in the first place.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Plumette likes telling the story of the high-pitched squeal of fright Lumiere let out when he saw a spider lurking in their room. She’s used to spiders lurking in dark corners and doesn’t worry about scaring them off with her duster.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Lumiere does. Plumette doesn’t get as drunk as often as he does.

Stanley x LeFou

  • Who said “I love you” first: Stanley did. 
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: LeFou does. He likes showing people how cute his boyfriend is.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Stanley does, it’s how he found out LeFou’s getting better at reading when LeFou came out all smiles one day and pinned him against the wall to kiss him (he’d written let’s stay in bed all day).
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: LeFou does, Stanley loves it.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: LeFou started nervously babbling after accidentally admitting that he wants to kiss Stanley and Stanley waited patiently until LeFou had finished talking before kissing him.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Stanley does as LeFou’s a heavier sleeper than he is.
  • Who starts tickle fights: LeFou does. 
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Neither asked, the first time Stanley stayed at LeFou’s, he just ended up joining LeFou anyway because they just couldn’t let go of each other.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Stanley does, he finds LeFou’s delighted expression at being spoiled like this an incentive.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: LeFou was a nervous wreck the entire time because he is still in awe that Stanley wants to be with him.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Stanley does because he’s taller and can reach them better (or at least that’s the reason LeFou insisted he did it, “No, Stanley, I’m not afraid of spiders, now stop smirking and just get rid of it.”)
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: LeFou is prone to this (Stanley likes it because LeFou usually tries to save these proclamations until they’re walking home from the pub laughing and clinging onto each other)

i just love clarke so much. 

i love her stupid stiff upper lip and her little moue every time she has to make a call that she hates making. 

and i love that she keeps making those calls because it’s what she thinks is right, even when it fucks her up. 

and i love that she lets herself get fucked up over it again and again, she tries to close herself off to it but she can’t and she just keeps doing it because “your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first”. 

i love how open she is to falling in love again even after being burned so badly. 

i love how much she believes in her friends and how much faith she has in people even when she knows that people are unpredictable. 

i love how much clarke values other women. 

i love how much she relies on her friends for support and strength. 

i love how much she looks to bellamy to help her carry the weight of leadership and how much she trusts and respects him.

i love how fucking close she feels the need to stand to him, girl me too 

i love that we get to see her indecision and see her be weak and confused and floundering but pull it together and do her best anyway. because sometimes her best isn’t enough but it’s all she has.  

i just really love clarke okay. 

Mor: *has shown for hundreds of years how much she cares for Azriel*

(some of) The Fandom: Nah, I don’t see it, she doesn’t love him.

Cassian: *has met Nesta like three times in his life and licked her neck*

The fandom: Ohhhh hotttt, he is In Love With Her, Cassian has all The Feelings for Nesta!


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i still love how yuya turned out to be just like both of his parents despite being adopted like he’s as much a hardcore entertainer as his father and lives to make others smile, and then he’s also just as much the problematic, reckless child as his mother was when she was his age basically jumping into things headfirst in order to save his friends not even caring if he gets arrested in the process

he may not be theirs by blood but he is very much yusho & yoko’s love child *thanks the writers for once*

Nesta + Cassian “Shredded” Theory

I’m just going to put my thoughts down here about a possibility that will occur in ACOWAR. It’s been bugging me SO MUCH and if you all have any ideas about this please share! 

So in ACOMAF Feyre is describing to Cassian about how fiercely Nesta would protect those she loves. It seems as though the only person on that list of loved ones is Elain. Even Cassian remarks on it.

“She barely seems to care about anyone other than Elain.” (ACOMAF pg 559)

Obviously I think Nesta cares for Feyre as well in her own way. (Even if Feyre might not see it clearly.) Nesta has been willing to defend and fight for Feyre since ACOTAR when she was taken away by Tamlin. 

“Nesta snorted, her face grave and full of that long-simmering anger that she could never master. “He stole you away into the night, claiming some nonsense about the Treaty. And then everything went on as if it had never happened. It wasn’t right. None of it was right.”

My hands slackened at my sides. “You went after me,” I said. “You went after me—to Prythian.” (ACOTAR pg 264)

Fast forward to the release of ACOMAF in which we are introduced to Cassian. What struck me the most while reading was the use of the word “shredded” when Nesta and Cassian were brought up. The most notable and heart-wrenching case comes from when Cassian protected Azriel at the sacrifice of his wings.

“Cassian twisted, wings flaring wide as he shielded Azriel.
His wings—his wings—
Cassian’s scream as his wings shredded under talons of pure magic was the most horrific sound I’d ever heard.” (ACOMAF pg 602)

Then with Nesta it is stated that she too is willing to lay her life on the line for her loved ones.

“But the few she does care for … I think Nesta would shred the world apart for them. Shred herself apart for them.” (ACOMAF pg 559)

Now imagine this coming to play in ACOWAR. Since Cassian defended his “brother” Azriel then perhaps this means Nesta will rush in to protect her sister Feyre from a potential deadly attack. I say Feyre, because this would be a pivotal moment for Feyre, Rhysand and the others to realize that Nesta TRULY loves her youngest sister and would be willing to die for her like she would if it was Elain in her place.

I’m not saying that this is some sort of “redemption” tactic. I just think that the parallel between Cassian and Nesta toward their loved ones may foreshadow a major act of sacrifice on Nesta’s part. I EXTREMELY doubt this will result in Nesta’s death (’cause her and Cassian NEED their own book), but what if she is injured to the point that it spurs Cassian into action with a mating bond? 

He is more than likely going to be torn up about not keeping his promise to Nesta about protecting her and Elain after the Hybern incident. This may have him pushing Nesta away in the beginning of ACOWAR, because of his guilt. But once Nesta is severely harmed in battle defending her sister, this could be the catalyst that sparks Cassian’s fire to admit his bond to her. Or maybe she might confess to him if she believes it may be her dying moment???

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bughead for the ship thing lmao

haha thanks 

honestly this ship is so pure. they are very supportive of each other. Jughead is so sweet to her. they’re always there for the other. 

also, i’m such a slut for when one of them is not a people person, and the other is the only exception. jughead is so sweet with her omg

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“I know who you are” like omfg kill me


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honestly the only brutal thing i can think of is maybe archie telling betty he loves her and she might still like him, but lili pretty much made it clear how much she cares about jughead and how the two characters feel about each other and need each other.

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it