and I love how much she cares for other

It’s always kinda bothered me when people make fun of others for wearing neon colors. Like the ONLY reason I own neon green polo wraps is because my favorite older barn kid was leaving and she gave them to me. That is literally the only reason I have them. I will probably never get rid of them because of the reason I got them.
So shut up about people wearing neon colors because what colors they put on their horse does not determine their riding ability or how much they love their horse.
Your horse could not care less if s/he is wearing white or hot pink. Could. Not. Care. Less. If dressing up their horse in neon colors makes them happy, let me. Who are you to say what colors or bands they can put on their horse?

With as much care and love she showed my own son and so many other children through the years, I can’t even imagine how much she’s going to love on this precious baby. Congrats to Taylor and of course Jaime and her family! 


Bran + empathy and selflessness


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 38


Rick is the leader. Michonne respects Rick and she believes in Rick. She doesn’t hang out that long with someone she does not respect or believe in, you see with the Governor she was out quickly because she could see this guy is bad at the core and she can see with Rick this man is great at the core. So she has a respect for him and she’s willing—she actually wants to enhance that part of him sometimes…she believes in his leadership abilities and she actually wants to remind him that’s who he is…she chooses to ask him what the plan is because she wants him to remember who he is. She wants him to remember who he is. Michonne definitely has leadership components, but at the same time she really respects Rick and she wants to keep him in his identity which is a leader. Rick is a leader. But Michonne could lead, too.  

Danai Gurira in response to who is more powerful or the leader—Rick or Michonne?


She’d had enough of it stinging her eyes half-blind and washing down her cheeks like she was crying. Wolves never cry, she reminded herself again.


Annie according to character tropes

Perhaps my favourite within a damn near flawless ensemble, April Ludgate has been a revelation. Starting out life as the apathetic intern, the series has followed her growth into a hardworking, passionate woman, for whom anything is possible. To reduce Aubrey Plaza’s performance to her trademark deadpan would be to underestimate both the actress and the character. Each season has afforded April new layers and, with that, allowed both Plaza and April to realise their immense potential. Her relationships with Leslie and Andy, in particular, have helped her develop, and debunked her internalised notion that caring only leads to rejection and/or heartbreak. In loving Andy and being loved back, she learned how rewarding it was to care about others and open up. As a result of letting Leslie in, she found a mentor in life and in work, as well as a true, lifelong friend.

I’ve found most of April’s development moving as much as humorous, given that the predilection to be angry or apathetic about the world is so entrenched in the minds of young people nowadays, myself included. As a feminist, there are times when I feel so disheartened by the state of things. You turn on the news and it’s inevitably bad, worse and terrible. It’s hard not to want to protect yourself from it by shutting off, by choosing not to care. April’s arc has reminded me of the rewards of not doing that, of letting people in, of fighting for what you believe in and finding things that are meaningful to you. She has inspired me to be inspired. For that reason, I will miss April the most.

Undoubtedly, Parks and Recreation depicts an optimistic alternative world, but nothing in Pawnee makes me more optimistic than April’s character development.


'You're my best friend, Shay.'

"I just don’t think love is meant for me."


Samantha is named Queen of the Witches

Isn’t it sad that this isn’t as outdated as it should be? An argument over the ability of a woman to be in a position of power with her career AND being able to have a family? Even to be…*le gasp* the President Queen?


Charlie & Monroe (feat. Connor) | 2.13

"What are we crooks now?"


We’ll search high and low for the missing kids. You have my word. But not before we secure this camp.