and I love how much she cares for other

The relationship between Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) and Raymond Reddington (James Spader) on “The Blacklist” has always been complicated. They clearly care about each other very deeply, but is it romantic? Is it father-daughter(ish)? Nobody really knows, which is kind of the beauty of the relationship.

Boone tells Zap2it that even she isn’t entirely sure about the nature of their relationship, but she does know that will have to be answered by the show.

I think people see how much Red loves her, and it is a confusing kind of love,” says Boone. “I think that will have to be answered. How do you love someone that deeply – no matter what the circumstances, but especially when the circumstances are mysterious?

With any interesting TV relationship, there is always a contingent of fans who ship them (i.e., want them to be together romantically – Author Andrea Reiher). Boone says that she doesn’t think it’s a romantic relationship, though the fans perhaps misconstrued a comment she made a year ago to Gold Derby about the show being a “love story.

I think she loves him,” says Boone, “but I don’t think there are romantic feelings. … I don’t necessarily think it’s a [romantic] love story between Liz and Reddington, even though there are people out there that really feel that’s what they want.

The actress does get a kick out of the shippers, though.

I think it’s interesting that people have so many feelings about Liz’s love life, especially when it’s really not the thing that’s on the forefront of her mind,” says Boone. “She has so many other things that she’s concerned about, but people are like, ‘Just forget about your own identity, and all the things you’re thinking about in your own life and just settle down’ [laughs].

“The Blacklist” returns Thursdays in the fall on NBC.

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Ooh, can I combine two of the prompts on your list? Childhood friends with adjoining rooms/houses au + channeling their inner romcom and having an epiphany about how much they care about each other and RACING TO CONFESS THEIR LOVE au (and Korrasami, of course). c:

The rhythmic catch and release of the tennis ball in Korra’s hands anchored Asami to the present. All day, she had been hopelessly lost in her own head evaluating her life that the moment she’d gotten home, she texted Korra to come over and bring her home. A second later, Korra burst into her room via shared balcony and tackled her in a hug. 

It didn’t help.

Korra was actually the root of her problem. She could see how cute Korra looked laying on her floor as she threw the ball up in the air (up, down, up, down, up down), concentrating as hard as she could not to throw it too hard and smack the roof which would thoroughly upset Asami’s father.

Asami was in love with Korra. Her best friend. Since childhood.

“Sams,” Asami rolled her eyes at the nickname, “Bolin wanted me to go to this party tonight, some college house. Would you maybe want to go with me?” Korra asked. She had sat up in order to look her best friend in the eye. Something about the question felt deeper and Korra’s eyes were too hopeful.

“I’m sorry, I’ve sworn off drinking for a month. Remember last time?” She tried to make a joke, but it fell flat. Korra’s tense shoulders fell and her eyes were downcast.

“No, I remember. So I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” Asami nodded. She watched Korra leave, wary. Asami’s head felt foggy. Why did it feel like she missed something? Something big? Korra was just asking her to go to a party with her-

Oh. Oh.

Korra never asked. It was expected and demanded that Asami tag along. And Korra only used that childish nickname when she was feeling particularly vulnerable. How did she miss it? Korra was asking her out (stupidly subtle, but that was Korra, obnoxious when she didn’t need to be, quiet when she did).

Asami tore out of her room towards the balcony just in time to see Korra turn the corner down the street. Ugh, now she had to run. It was tough to run through her house with all it’s tight corners and stupid rugs that slid under her feet, but she managed to get out and turn the same corner her best friend did.

“Korra!” she shouted the moment Korra’s back (her favorite) was in sight. The girl stopped and turned on her heel. Asami knew she looked ridiculous running down the street half in her pajamas, but vanity was out the window.

“Asami, what’s wro-”

“Yes. I’ll go with you, yes” Asami clutched strong shoulders to keep herself from falling over. “Also, I feel like I should clear the air and tell you I love you because it felt like that’s where this was going and I think we should just skip that awkward step” Korra beamed at her.

“I guess it’s good we’re on the same page. I love you too” Her face was beautiful, her cheeks rosy and her grin wide. Her eyes looked watery too.

“I mean, I kinda figured. You may be subtle, but no one else can read you like I can”

“I love it that way”

Next time you say something salty about Harry think about the fact that if it wasn’t for Harry we wouldn’t have this amazing pop album, Taylor’s happiness, her amazing new style in clothes lately, her short hair, Taylor on tumblr, Sweeran, Taylor and her friends, that WANEGBT pop version, the Enchanted/Wildest Dreams mashup, this amazing success she has because of this album, her confidence which resulted in a lot of things one of which is the fact that people stopped making jokes about her writing songs about her exes, cut and basically the 1989 era.  It’s amazing how much a person can influence your life. I hope they hold onto each other even if they’re only going to be friends because they need each other. Harry’s changed since 2012 too and it’s all because of Taylor. She was and still is one of his biggest inspirations and influences. Hopefully, one day they’ll be confident enough to hang out as friends and not care about what others think cause everyone loves them together now and 2012 should’ve happened in a time like this but the again, without Harry there wouldn’t have been a time like this.


Skyeward Week: Day 1 (Monday 18th of May): Favorite Scene

There are so many I could choose from, but I always come back to this scene in 2x10 which shows just how much they still care about, and trust each other, despite everything that’s happened.

  • Ward seeing that she is special just like Raina told him she would be.
  • The way he flanks her as soon as her and Cal attack the soldiers.
  • “It’s love.” And the look on his face confirming it to Skye.
  • Skye looking to Ward when they hurt Cal.
  • The way she gets worried as soon as they mention making Ward comply.

She asked Ward to pick a side, and he told her he had, this scene is where he reveals it to everyone, he’s always been on her side.

Okey, but can we talk about how much I love Sarada? That girl is literally amazing
  • she knows how hard it is to be without a father and she told Chōchō to go to the training not because of the exam, but because Sarada wanted Chōchō to spend some time with her father
  • she found Boruto during his hide-and-seek game with his father and when Naruto asked her if she didn’t see his son she pointed other way than where was Boruto actually hidden so their game could last longer
  • when Sakura destroyed their house and fainted, Sarada asked Shizune to take care of her mother and she returned to her home’s ruins to retrieve a photos of her family which are very important for her
  • when Naruto headed off towards a place where he was going to meet Sasuke, Sarada started to pull Chōchō in order to hurry up but Chōchō fell to the ground and Sarada felt really guilty about that so she immediately started to apologize to Chōchō and was worried if she was alright
  • she saw how upset Boruto was because he didn’t make it in time to give a lunch to his father so she offered herself that she would have been more than happy to pass along his lunch and despire Boruto refused her help she told him if she were in his shoes she would have gladly hand delivered it herself and she also pointed to a fact that that lunch is not only about Naruto to have something for eat when he is hungry but it is also about a fact that his wife made something especially for him which made Boruto to think about his mother and that persuaded him so he gave that lunch to Sarada and she promised that she would deliver it to Naruto
  • when Chōchō said she couldn’t run anymore Sarada’s joke about ,,rolling the whole way there’’ was pretty good
  • when Sarada gave Naruto his lunch it reminded him of Sasuke and Sakura - she is literally a perfect mix of her parents
  • she was able to manifest the Sharingan at a very young age, with the thoughts of meeting her father spurring the awakening

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Maybe it's a stupid question. why peopke here love sarah? Is she different than other wags?

Because people got used to her, she was “with us” for 7 years. She was authentic, funny and down to earth. A beautiful model but still really natural. You could see how much she loved Bastian and how much he loved her. She made or more like helped Bastian to become a “better” person - from the foolish Schweini to the leader and captain Basti. She was always by his side, cared about him and never hesitated to openly talk about their relationship - people like that.

She’s just really likeable. A strong, indipendent woman and yet so lovely. She’s clever and open-hearted and I melt when I see her smile. I know no one who doesn’t like her. For good reasons. I mean why should they?

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Have I ever told you how much I love you, Agnes?

who’s the cuddler: Eli for sure. There was some post a while back that said that Eli was the clingy one, but even before I always imagine she really likes Nozomi’s body (chubby or not) and always steals quick hugs and such

who makes the bed: They probably let whoever stays in bed the longest take care of it while the other makes breakfast.

who wakes up first: Eli. Nozomi would probably be the one to say ‘just five more minutes’, and Eli would let her until she finishes breakfast.

who has the weird taste in music: I don’t think either of them has a ‘weird taste’ but Nozomi probably really likes whatever u’s makes(because she is their mom how could she not love it) and Eli maybe enjoys listening to more orchestra since it reminds her of when she used to dance ballet. 

who is more protective: Oh this is a tough one. I think they’re both really protective of each other. Like how in season 1 Nozomi really tried to help Eli, and in season 2 Eli did the same for her. Idk man.

who sings in the shower: Both, Eli goes over their upcoming song lyrics, while Nozomi only sings when she knows she’s alone(she’s just embarrassed even if she won’t show it lol). 

who cries during movies: ELI! She’s such a sap omg she can’t handle romance movies at all. Nozomi just hands her tissues, and smiles amused.

who spends the most while out shopping: Eli. Once she gets going, not  even Arisa knows how to stop her.

who kisses more roughly: When they first started dating, Nozomi was the more bold one by default, but Eli slowly gained more confidence and eventually got really good at it.

who is more dominate: Like stated above, Nozomi at first, then Eli caught up and now I guess it’s whoever feels like it at that moment.

gets jealous the most: Nozomi, she’s fucking obsessed with this nerd.

one headcanon I have: When Nozomi, Eli and Nico became friends, Nozomi liked to annoy Nico by making dumb perverted jokes on Eli, which Nico would always retaliate with ‘get a room’ or ‘what are you, married?’ and somewhere along the line when Nico and Nozomi were alone Nico just

‘Nozomi, are you and Eli dating’ 
‘Niccochi wtf’
’Wait you aren’t? Aren’t you like heads over heels for her?’
And that’s how Nozomi realized she was fucking doomed to this adorable chocolate nerd and she’s forever thankful for Nico’s existence.

nicknames: I can’t really see them calling each other something else than ‘Elichika’  and Nozomi.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 9. They are so healthy and work so well together but things keep getting in the way for them and they don’t know how to cross those hurdles without hurting the other so they often end up taking the blame or something and ahhhhhh

I don’t think I’ll ever be over the ethan/vanessa friendship. he cares for her so honestly and so much and loves her so dearly. and he looks for nothing in return but she mirrors his friendship and supports him even through her own enormous struggles and. I just. it’s so important to me how much they care about each other and how little that has to do with sexuality, or sexual desire for each other.

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What's wrong with the fandom?

Sorry if this offends anyone but I have time to rant so:

1. Like I previously stated, the exclusivity
2. How if you had your tumblr longer you’re better than ppl who just made their tumblr????
3. Reblog your self, everyone does it, I don’t care but when it’s like “hey Taylor today I met someone named Taylor omg love me invite me to your house we have so much in common lol” like that gets annoying like ugh idk but Taylor’s such a sweet angel she’d probably comment on it and be like wow you are beautiful!!!!
4. There’s ppl who get mad at other ppl who reblog themselves
5. Ppl who send them selves hate or only answer their hate messages when Taylor’s on in hopes that she’ll respond to one
6. The pop tarts joke
7. How every joke is carried on for like 8 years and it’s just so annoying and old and just omg stop
8. Some ppl are like so creepy and don’t let Taylor have any privacy at all
9. The ppl who attack Taylor bc she left tumblr for a bit or if she does something wrong they’ll like hate her but then the next day they’re like lol reblog me taylor!!!!
10. Ppl who like force the Kaylor relationship or the Sweeran like you can ship it but don’t get mad when Taylor gets into a different relationship lol
11. The fact that if ppl never saw something on their dashboard then it never happened like omg
12. Ppl who tag Taylor in their posts 288593928373715173950 times and I have to scroll 19 miles bc I’m on mobile
13. When ppl get noticed by Taylor like 4793027 times and invited to her house and then the next day they’re like :((((( Taylor why do you hate me I feel like you hate me!!! :’(
14. Just like the whole thing about if you have less followers or if you don’t have a Taylor follow then some ppl basically treat you like you’re worthless and ugh
15. Ppl who like guilt you into reblogging their stuff like most of the time I’ll reblog it unless it has Taylor swift tagged in it like 373828 times but sometimes it gets lost in all my messages but some ppl are like “you don’t have to reblog it but my mother will never love me if Taylor doesn’t love me and see this post but don’t worry it’s ok if I don’t get bread tonight for dinner” like obviously it’s not that extreme but it’s stuff like that
16. Or ppl who ask for your follow or for you to reblog you but they don’t even follow you!!!!!! Like no plz me a little nicer and come talk to me and be my friend and if you’re nice I’ll reblog whatever you want but don’t just intrude
17. Ppl who say yes be my friend I love everyone but then you message them and they never get back to you lol
18. I met this more popular blog in Toronto awhile ago and in her bio it stated that if someone ever recognized her they should come up and say hi and stuff so I did that and she treated me like I was some trash can for a peasant
Ya that’s just some I’ll probably think of some later but ya I’m sorry if this offends anyone

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Describe what makes Cait a nice person. What does she do that makes her so nice?

Her genuine care she has for everyone she speaks too.
She genuinely cares for everyone, even those who have betrayed or hurt her. She has such a huge heart with so much love to give. Caitlin is nice; the simple word “nice” doesn’t even cover it.
The amount of time and effort she puts into her friendships, and relationships is insane. I have never met anyone like her. She doesn’t hold grudges, she can’t she’s too nice. She has a hard time saying no to people because of how nice she is.
She is a wonderful soul, and her care for others is what makes her so nice. Her soft side is so beautiful, watching her speak to kids, or even to someone her age is so great. If someone needs her, she’s there with the snap of your fingertips. She cares for anyone she comes in contact with, even a stranger on the street..she’ll throw a comforting smile their way just to show them she cares enough to show even the slightest bit of compassion.

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I'm keeping little Pink in my thoughts. I hope things work out, she looks adorable :) and also pretty happy/unbothered yeah so I think you're doing well to try and have the surgery instead of the other "option". Best of luck to you both!!

thank you so much! 
y’all are such sweethearts and I love that some of you geniunely care for my girls. 

Pink is so freaking cute even with her bulging eye. I caught this picture of her yesterday while she was taking a nap. Look how freaking cute! 

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Yeah, sure Stalia is canon, but asides from the making out, they dont have that much. Stydia are always figuring stuff out together and protecting each other and theyre basically the most important people in each others lives with Scott. THATS AN OTP!

they put a stalia make out scene in the trailer cause that’s all they do.



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I seriously have never seen the happiness I see with Robert and Kym. Just look at all the pictures from today (and every other day); It is truly something miraculous. It sounds ridiculous, but have you ever seen people look at each other like that and genuinely care for each other in that way? There is no question in my mind, the stars (no pun intended) aligned for them to meet. I think they will definitely last.

You are so right and this seems a good time for me to rant (positively) about this whole thing. 

They just look so ridiculously happy together. It’s absolutely incredible and I love seeing them like that. But even more than that, they seem to be best friends. Like you can just see how much they care about each other and how much they love spending time with each other. It’s just really really special. 

And I’ve already said this today, but I can just imagine he would give her the world if she asked for it. He is so in love with her and there is something so magical about seeing them together.

It took 10 years and 20 seasons for something like this to come out of this show. I understand that lasting romantic relationships were not the intended outcome of this show, but let’s be real. I’m shocked it took this long and it’s about damn time. I’ve shipped anyone and everyone since the days of Sabrina and Mark. To see Robert and Kym meet and fall in love on this show is seriously everything I’ve been waiting for and I’m just so excited about their future together. 

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I really didn't like Dovewing, up until I read "DoveWing's silence" and I realized how hard she tried to do the best things for her clan, and how much she genuinely loved her sister. She never blamed Ivypool for the Dark Forest and thought the Dark Forest cats didn't deserve the shit they got and she cared so much about everyone and I'm v ery eMotional ab out dove right now o k??

And that’s another fucking thing people act asif there’s this huge wedge between Ivypool and Dovewing and there was for a bit but then they look out for each other and support each other and hep each other but people always act as if Dovewing did nothing but cry and complain about Ivypool. I’m so mad right now. I’m so mad

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Hey, I'm the guy who was in love with his best friend that had a girlfriend if you remember? I couldn't tell him and I won't because I took my time and I realized that I'd destroy everything. He still has his gf and I start thinking that she may be the one for him. He's really happy with her. We still spend every minute with each other but I can't look at him the way I did before because I know I love him. I don't want him to be sad when I tell him that I have feelings for him, so I don't.

Im so sorry and proud of you. I know how difficult it is to not tell the person we love how much we love them even more if it’s your bestfriend. But you probably made the right decision take care of yourself and thank you for keeping me updated

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Do you have any Rokino relationship headcanons? ( btw I love your headcanons. They are simply amazing)

Yes I do have Rokino head cannons. I love Rokino so much. And thank you so much sweetie your so sweet! I hope you enjoy!!!

  • Rogue still apologizes for the boob grab… all of the time. Yukino still blushes every time he brings it up.
  •  Yukino and Rogue like to make frosch’s oufits together.
  • They like to take walks together. They don’t really care where they’re going, only that they’re together. (I’m just one big ball of cheesy cliches aren’t I?)
  • They have a lot of quiet time together. Just being together in each other company whilst reading, playing with Frosch, or something like that.
  • They mostly go on simple dates to places like restaurants or just on walks together, or a picnic.
  • Rogue likes watching Yukino train with her spirits. He gets to see first hand how much she has improved, and he loves the relationship she has with her spirits, like family.
  • Any time the go to watch a movie or go to a show of any kind, there isn’t much disagreement on what to see. They have a lot of the same taste in what they find entertaining. 
  • They are usually always together. They don’t feel the need to be away from each other a lot so if you see one of them you’re bound to see the other nearby. 
  • Although neither one of them feel like they need more space from each other. Even though they are together a lot, they don’t feel like they have to do anything different than if they were alone. They have nothing to hide from each other.

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Deanee doesnt exist outside if work days as much as renee and her stans wanna make us believe!! No pics at all!! No off day pics, no airport arrivals or leaving town together pics. Not one single one! For 2 people who dont care about other opinions it isnt a normal couple behavior. So if renee made up the love story im asking myself how crazy or desperate can someone be? I mean there is nothing to back her story up, she should have known that a lot of people dont buy her saying .. -BT


“There’s been another man that I’ve needed and I’ve loved
But that doesn’t mean I love you less
And he knows he can’t possess me and he knows he never will
There’s just this empty place inside of me that only he can fill.”
     -Torn Between Two Lovers, Mary MacGregor

And that everyone is the core of McAuthor. This is the core, and the core is that no matter how much Carla and Stanford might care for each other, Stanley Pines will always belong to Carla McCorkle, and she to him.


Game of Thrones 30 Day Challenge

Day 2: Favorite Female Character

And this is another one that didn’t take me long to think about: Margaery Tyrell.

I can say that this is the only definitive case where I enjoy the TV show character more than the book character.

Probably because we’ve been seeing more of her in the show than reading about her in the books.

I love how much Margaery cares for her family. Her scene with Tommen right after she found out Loras had been locked up I loved so much (although, I do hate what they’ve done to Loras on the show…but that’s a whole other topic of discussion). I love how Margaery isn’t falling for any of Cersei’s fake pleasantries. I love how Margaery cares about the smallfolk. I love everything about her!