and I just need alana or beverly to hug him okay

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PLEASE DON'T FEEL LIKE A LOSER!!!! prompt: Hanni asking Will to dance with him when a slow song starts playing at some party they're at, Will being hesitant at first but ending up saying yes :3 (first kiss maybe???) ((i need my daily dose of fluff)

Thank you so much for this! I still feel like a loser but you’re so lovely for giving me exactly what I needed! *hugs*

God I loved this, I think I’m gonna do another version of it later. I hope this is even remotely close to what you wanted.

The annual office Christmas party was one of Will’s least favorite things in his life. He hated parties, the throng of people all huddled together and drinking heavily while they flirted or spoke ill of everyone around them.

The only bright spot this year was the bartender. Will had never seen someone pour drinks that expertly or with such flourish, flirting and winking with everyone who came up to the open bar. Will couldn’t stop staring, though every time he was sure the man saw him he made sure to avert his gaze.

He was sitting at a table with his favorite coworkers, who also happened to be his closest friends: Alana Bloom and Beverly Katz. The other people at their table all ignored them, talking amongst themselves.

“…and then Will said, ‘Boy that bartender is sexy I can’t wait to get all up in that.’”

Will turned his head back from staring, blush on his cheeks as both Bev and Alana smiled at him.

“Shut up.”

Bev laughed, pushing his shoulder.

“You’ve been ogling him all night long! Go up there and order something sexy! Like a Blow Job or a Slow Fuck.”

Will hissed, “I am NOT asking for that. Just shut up, okay? It’s bad enough I have to be at this stupid party without you both…”

A waitress came over and put a drink in front of him. Will frowned.

“I didn’t order this.”

She smirked. “Hannibal sent it over, said you looked thirsty.”

She left and both Bev and Alana burst out laughing.

“Will, it’s a Cum Shot.”

Will’s cheeks were so red he put his head down, even as Bev said, “You have to drink it real slow and watch him the whole time. C'mon Will, I’ve never been flirted this hard by someone before you have to!”

Alana smirked over her drink when he lifted his head.

“You need to, Will. He’s a stranger, you don’t even have to go over there or talk to him. Just drink it.”

Will sighed, lifting the drink and looking over at the bar.

Hannibal, apparently, was watching him with a smile. He downed the shot in one go and put the shot glass down hard licking his lips.

Immediately he turned away, sighing.

“I’m going home.”

Bev and Alana both grabbed his arm.

“No! You have to stay till the last…”

The music changed and he smiled, hearing the opening notes to ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas.’

“I love this song.”

Suddenly there was a tap at his shoulder and his least favorite coworker, Frederick Chilton, who looked like he’d had way too much to drink asked, “Dance with me, Graham.”

Will glared. “No. You’re drunk and I have no desire to smell you that closely for an extended period of time.”

Chilton grabbed his arm and Bev said, “Fuck off, Chilton, he said No!”

Will went to pull his arm away and he was surprised when a strong arm did it for him, taking Will’s hand in the process. He looked up and saw the bartender, Hannibal, glaring daggers at Chilton.

“I believe the man said, no. There is still only one meaning to that word is there not?”

Chilton glared, storming off and Will found himself unable to look away.

“Hi,” he said, swallowing, “Thanks for the drink it was…”

Hannibal finished, “Smooth and creamy?”

Will laughed, “Yeah. I’ve never had one before, ” he blushed, “I mean…”

Hannibal kissed his hand, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Would you care to dance?”

Will nodded and Hannibal led them to the floor, never letting him go. He pulled Will flush against him, Will staring into his eyes and asking, “Won’t you get in trouble? Leaving the bar?”

Hannibal swayed to the music with him, turning Will expertly as the music got slightly faster and shaking his head. “I am entitled to two fifteen minute breaks, this is the first.”

Will breathed into his neck, shivering when he felt himself growing hard in his pants the more Hannibal moved his hips against him.

“I’m not…I don’t dance much.”

Hannibal lifted his head to smile. “A beautiful creature such as yourself should be danced with often, and with someone who knows exactly what they are doing.”

Will let out a breath, his cheeks red and he pushed himself deliberately against Hannibal who smiled wickedly at his burgeoning boldness.

“You could teach me.”

Hannibal turned Will around as the song ended, pushing his cock into Will’s ass from behind. Will bit back a moan, tilting his head back as Hannibal whispered, “It would be a privilege and a pleasure, though I have yet to learn your name.”

Will said breathlessly, “Will.”

Hannibal kept up their dance turning him in a twirl though there was no music.

“It has been a pleasure, Will.”

Will smiled. “Yeah, Hannibal it has.”

Hannibal smiled dipping him as a new faster song came on. “You know my name.”

Will laughed, “The waitress told me, though it is on your name tag.”

Hannibal looked down and smiled at him. “I see. I must return to my duties, I hope to share a dance with you later, sweet Will.”

He kissed Will’s hand and left him, Will’s smile so bright he felt lighter than air sitting back down at his table.

“Look at you,” Alana laughed, “One dance and you’re smitten already.”

Will looked over at the bar, sharing at smile with Hannibal. “Maybe.”

Bev threw down a five dollar bill on the table. “Five dollars says you swallow a real cum shot by the end of the night.”

Alana giggled and threw down a five. “I say their next dance is in the bathroom.”

Will blushed, looking down.

“I hate you both.”

He took a ten out of his wallet and put it on top. “Ten dollars says I’m not the one taking the shot.”

Bev and Alana both burst into laughter even as Will ignored the glares from the rest of their table to look at Hannibal again who winked.

He had no more reason to go home early. After all, the night was young and he was still very thirsty.

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sorry i just need someone to hold me while i cry about beverly ok. i'm honestly crying. i can't. another woman, a fucken WoC, killed. another woman off the show. abigail dead. bella down and out. georgia dead. bedelia gone. i don't even fucken identify as female any more but god fucking dammit. i'm still navigating a female body. i don't know what i'm feeling. i'm at least happy that hannibal is finally being shown as the fuckign villain he is but. i don't know. i need a hug. i'm sorry.

[…] about beverlys death fuller said “It’s horrific for everybody because they see somebody who’s just broken down into elements, and it’s heartbreaking, but I felt like it was a great gut-punch for Will and a great launching point that brings Will, actually, closer to Hannibal as a result of his reaction to it.” i just. pls be my big nord and let me burrow into you and cry at women dying to push male characters together. i’m so tender right now. this is fucking me up big time.

♥ [giant viking bear hugs] :( don’t be sorry sweetie, i feel exactly the same way. i’m disgusted by last night’s episode and even more now reading this bullshit fuller said about it. like jfc, “a great gut-punch for will”??? (x) ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME. i literally can not believe he said that shit, even though i’ve been angry about what he did to abigail (and how he tried to justify that shit too) since last season.

him trying to explain and justify killing off the only main WoC (and one of the smartest people on the show) as a big plot development and launching point that brings will closer to hannibal… which is the exact fucking definition of fridging pisses me off so much. they even ignored everything we know and love about bev just to fridge her for will, jack and hannibal’s benefit. bev katz, forensic queen extraordinaire, smart as hell and never takes anyone’s shit… suddenly goes all alone without back-up to check on a potential lead on the chesapeake ripper, because will told her to? but she was wary and doubting him two episodes ago??? it’s gross and ooc and ugh. abi’s dead, miriam is missing an arm and went through god knows what, bella’s dying, georgia is dead, bedelia is gone, freddie’s destined for a horrible death, alana is a shadow of her former self ruined by shitty writing, i just… wow.

yet jack, hannibal, will, chilton, gideon, price and zeller are all fucking a-okay and will probably have lots and lots of lovely character development based on all this angst all these dead and mutilated women will bring them. killing bev was the final straw for me. thanks for nothing, mr. self proclaimed “feminist writer” fuller.