and I just love you a lot and everything you do makes me want to be a better person

i actually feel a lot better tonight? like, i don’t want to jinx myself and i’m not going to pretend that everything’s fixed but taking a night just to do things that make me happy has been really, really helpful. and my anxiety level’s been pretty low today (because i think that’s really my problem lately, i can deal with being depressed but my anxiety sends me into helpless levels of desperation and angst)? i really hope that getting to go back to oregon in a few weeks and seeing my parents will make things even better. 

y’all have been so lovely to me lately and i just need to say thank you. i really do appreciate it even if i suck at replying and being grateful. i don’t deserve y’all but i’m so thankful for you anyway. 

okay so i was at 200 this morning and i was gonna make this post bc of that but tbh i feel so bad bc i’ve never acknowledged all the endless talent and dedication of all the ppl who follow me so i’m making it anyway :’^) 

anyway i just want to say thank! you! so much for putting up w me and everything bc i know i can be annoying and kind of a bitch sometimes but most of y’all have stuck w me anyway and that’s fantastic and ily all <3 

i rly would like to interact w more of u since i know i don’t do that a lot so if u ever want to pop in my inbox just to say hi or scream or anything i promise i can be the chillest person in the world and i would love to get to know you all better [no matter who u are] bc ur all super great and it honestly makes me so happy when i get a lil anon message or even just see all the notifications on my phone it’s just ahhhh 

and again thank you so much !! you’re all so sweet and beautiful and i hope u get everything u want in life bc u bbys deserve it <3 

anonymous asked:

How do you know when you'e in love?

It’s different for everyone but for me it’s just when someone is your best friend you know? When something awesome happens they’re the first person you wanna tell and when something bad happens they’re the only person you want to talk to because they always make you feel better. Love is really complicated and there is a lot that goes into it so i could talk about this for a while but for me it’s just this moment where you realize that you really want to spend your life with someone. you know it will be hard and sometimes you’ll wanna quit and give up but no matter how hard life gets you always have this feeling as long as you’re with them everything will be okay.

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Hey I just wanted to say I started my first year of college this past week and I felt the same way you do ( I read your tags sorry >.<) and it went a lot better than I though it was going to go! Don't worry too much, the people in your classes will most likely be feeling the same as you, you'll make friends ^^

hii there ;u;
omg don’t be sorry, thank you for letting me know about your first experience in college ;u; i actually feel better knowing that! & i know most ppl are going to feel the same as me but idk i’m a very shy person & i’m kind of scared ;n; i hope everything goes well<3
i’m glad things went well for you! wishing you the best sweetie~! ;;

Endless love

Dear you,
I want to start by saying you are the best part of me. Your a person that makes me feel me, makes me feel like I can do anything i set my mind to and thats very hard for me. I know me and you had many ups and downs but I’m glad that this time around we can communicate a lot better. I don’t ever want to lose you again, if I do I swear you would be leaving with my heart. I love you. I really love you. Your smile, your chinky eyes, your neck, everything. Everything about you drives me insane. You just you, saying your name, hearing my name come out of your mouth, god.. The way you make me feel sexually, emotionally, mentally, physically. Me and you connect in a different level, almost like a spiritual deep level, where we can feel our souls slowly unite, the way they should have united a long time ago. Thank you for being you and for fighting a hard life because if you hadn’t i wouldn’t have met the angel that saved my life. I love you..