and I just love that

reasons why spark is ur problematic fave:

• he has ran around shirtless with the team instinct symbol on his chest
• probably jumped off a roof to impress a cute guy
• dabs constantly
• “this is my jolteon i named daddy”
• looks like guy fieri
• naruto runs to gyms
• no gag reflex
• favorite song is toxic by brittany spears
• got hit by a car multiple times trying to catch a pikachu
• is a weeaboo

Korean Keith Headcanons

because i have a shitton on my rp blog and i just wanna compile them:

  • keith has lived with his 이모 (aunt) after his mom passed away when he was young. she’s not related to him, but she was close to his mother.
    • she married a japanese man, hence keith’s last name becoming kogane once she adopts him
    • before adoption, his last name was park
      • his korean name is kim soo, which aunty uses more often than keith (like shit keith is so hard to say in korean fucking “th” sound fuck that “th”)
      • imagine….kim soo park…박김수…rolls off the tongue so nicely
      • 경은 무순 이름이야??? 헐….
  • korean was his first language, since that’s all aunty spoke around the house. once he goes to school, he starts speaking english more. now he speaks konglish to her, since he isn’t as fluent as he used to be
    • like “이모, 나 four to seven group project있어. pick me up at emily’s. address text할께.”
    • she understands english somewhat and responds in korean
    • but in like 3rd grade til 7th grade, keith had to attend korean school every saturday……
      • korean homework, putting on a korean play, learning how to do the mask dance, earning stickers for completing his homework….exchanging stickers for a prize
      • because it was run by the church, he had to learn bible verses in korean too….
      • korean history was a bitch and he barely remembers anything

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okay but imagine all the amis carrying around little packs of gold star stickers to give to people when they make an accomplishment! not the big accomplishments.the little everyday ones that should be celebrated.   

Cosette and Jehan probably started it all but it slowly spread to everyone until it became amis tradition

Bossuet went a day without injury? Gold star! Ferre learned a new thing about moths or stars? gold star! Bahorel didn’t pick a figh all week? gold star! Grantaire got out of bed today? gold star!

then when they’re having bad days they can just look at all those stickers and remember they may not always be the best versions of themselves but “hey i got a gold star. i did something good today.”

also grantaire being bombarded by a determined enjolras with stickers on his bad days like “was a great boyfriend today” “didn’t forget my morning kiss” “knows how to make the coffee i like” “makes great art” and basically any reason he can think of

(based off this adorable song)

I just wanted to draw a gas mask and a bnha distopia AU came out,perfect.I immediately pictured Kacchan as a bandit or some kind of a loner who has a vast arsenal of guns and hunt knifes.I kind of picture the society and hunt system like in The Last of Us.

Maybe I’ll do the others too.