and I hope you know how much you continue to inspire me ♥

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Ahhh we don't talk much, but you seem pretty nice? A lot of people like you and, quite honestly, I'm a bit jealous. I'm actually more than jealous, I'm just confused and wondering how you managed. But I'm really so happy for you and it somewhat makes sense because you're just really nice and positive and, well, bright! You've said so many positive and encouraging things to me that have inspired me to continue my hobbies. And for that, I thank you and I wish only good things come your way. -Cnon

Anon omg..i
I’m actually crying about this. I wasn’t expecting anyone to message me and you just. Thank you <3 I really wish I knew who you were and I’m sorry we don’t talk much. I’m very awkward until I get to know a person xD 

I’m just shocked that you said a lot of people like me but I just alkdfjalsdfja why omg xD I’m so awkward and just kinda there but thank you 

I’m glad that I was able to help you continue your hobbies! You should always do things that make you happy <3 Do things for yourself and the people you care about! Sorry that I’m just rambling probably just repeating myself a lot but I just…I’m just so happy 

Thank you for this sweet message anon <3

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I think you have brought Piper to life in this amazing beautiful way. Piper is a freakin awesome cannon character, but your love for her is so apparent. The development and headcannons you put into her are just awe inspiring. Honestly, because of you I am very much considering making a Phoebe.

i’m ????? did one of my favorite buffy writers just SEND ME SOMETHING as beautiful as this? wait, hang on. let me breathe please, i think my heart stopped !! do you know how much respect i have for you? you are just so unbelievably phenomenal and i’ve always loved the dedication that you’ve put into buffy. i remember watching this show and falling in so much love with her and to see how easily my love went from tv to you so fast had me feeling so proud of myself for following someone so talented. your endless dedication for buffy to be seen as someone important and valued is so remarkable and i hope to continue on following you and seeing you become so great and so important to yourself as well.

Lena Hall,

You are the greatest inspiration in my life. You will never know how much you have changed me for the better, but please know that you have. You have, somehow, helped me through many difficult times I’ve been going through for the past eight months. You inspire me to be myself, to no dwell on what other think of me, and to always go after my greatest dreams. Having the reminder of “Lift up your hands” that I have tattooed, which you wrote for me in P-town, has helped to guide me through many obstacles, and I know it will continue to do just that the rest of my life. You may not know how much it means to me, but what’s important is that I know. I aspire to be at least partly as talented as you one day. But most of all, I hope to inspire someone the way you have inspired me. You are amazing, talented, beautiful, and a driving force in many people’s lives. This past year you have made so many accomplishments, and I can only hope that things keep on this way. You have worked your ass off for the past fifteen years or so, and now you are finally receiving what you deserve. I can only hope you have in incredible birthday filled with happiness, laughter, alcohol, fun, and most importantly love! Volim te, volim te💕

Victoria Lluis

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Hi! Just wanted you to know that you've inspired me so much and it was enough for me to give myself a chance to pursue an education in graphic design. But right now, I'm struggling to find myself a job/internship in graphic design. I was wondering if you're able to help me out on this, such as having to make a portfolio. Unfortunately, I'm starting over. So, I need some help and I hope you could help me on this. I'd appreciate so much if you helped me. Please continue on blogging and making vids

Hi, I’m sorry I could not answer you, sooner. I really appreciate this, it means a lot to me. I think it’s best to start up your own blog mainly for your work. Share it to everyone you know so you can get even more recognition. That’s how I started off- social media and blog posting in general. Create a photo blog here on Tumblr!

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☮ = you inspire me

I can’t tell you how much this means to me. But Imma just say a lot, because it is true. It’s truly amazing to me how I inspire people. I’ll never know how but I just feel truly blessed for that even when I can’t see how. I hope I always continue to inspire you because this is one of the best compliments anyone could ever wish for, or even receive.

In honor of the birthday of the dopest twins ever, I share this #tbt. Mi prima stimanan, pabien! Y'all reached flirty thirty. Mi por pone henter un historia as to how much I love you two and how happy I am to have you as my cousins. But there’s not enough room for that. Just know that you two continue to inspire me on a daily base. I love you, I miss you and I hope to some day be as great and awesome as you! Thank you for not hating me anymore 😂 #iamanalfa #family #love #twins #inspiration #curacao #bonaire #aruba #netherlands