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I think I love bumblebees so very much because by all accounts, they shouldn’t be able to fly, it just shouldn’t work, and yet despite it all, they do. Never let anyone tell you there are things you cannot do, things you cannot be. You create you, every moment of every day, and nothing can stop you from fulfilling every secret wish you may have. Whatever it is, do it. Be it. Fly.

blue night radio ♡ 160724

jonghyun: the ids and passwords for all of my internet accounts are almost all the same. there’s also a certain number that i use for my bank account, but they won’t permit my password (that i usually use)! i like this password a lot and i go: “but i want to use this!” …, but it doesn’t work. it’s unsuitable. you have to use capital letters (in your password there). it’s so … complex. i’m not doing it! but i guess i can’t hate something (too much) that provides security, right? (source: cosmicsticks)

agleerph theme pack: 21-23.

I’m still slowly going through themes I’ve made in the past and revamping them a bit to fit my current style. Please contact me if you find any glitches with any of these. I haven’t personally used them, so I’m not 100% sure if they work as they’re supposed to. Either way, I hope you like them!

terms and conditions:

i. do not steal any parts of this coding and use it in your own. // ii. do not use this as a base code for your own theme. // iii. feel free to edit as much as you’d like for personal use. // iv. do not take my credit off or move it somewhere else. // v. message me here if you have any questions.

just a quick note:

Each theme will be completely blank once you put it on your blog. No colors, photos, sidebar background… nothing. Don’t freak out. Just put the pictures & colors in, your desired pattern (it looks better, in my opinion), the description and all that. Once you’ve done that, it’ll look normal again, promise. Additionally, photo sizes are on the previews!

previews and codes:

theme 021. ★ control. ( live preview & code )
theme 022. ★ castle. ( live preview & code )
theme 023. ★ haunting. ( live preview & code )


Long time no see!!!

Finally I’m almost done with all the stuffs about graduation and planning to study abroad. There were really so much things to do and I was driven crazy. 
I’m SO nervous and excited thinking that I’m going to study in NY this year. 

Well, these are some of my works since the end of june.
Ummm…a lot of KAITOs_(:3
The first image is for a project on twitter (#青い空青い海青い兄企画2016 , which is perhaps “blue sky, blue sea, blue bro project”???). It’s the first time that I’ve drawn a scene under water! It’s pleasant to have a brush of blue in the hot summer, I really appreciate this project!

(OMG, is my English getting worse? I feel I can’t express myself clearly and properly, sorry!)

Make short of long, I’m trying to adopt some different drawing styles (I mean “絵柄”, in Japanese) recently! But this is really difficult!

And I bought tooooooo many goods of KAITO recently that I totally run out of money ( ; _ ;  ) (No time for chatting now! I should go back to earn some money!)

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your ship is disgusting die pls they see each other as siblings and always will pls die

Aww.. You’re so polite! Since you asked nicely with a please, I am feeling like I should indulge you, but you see I have prior commitments.. Life to live, work to do, people to be with and stuff.. Nothing much. But I’d still have to decline on the dying request.

As for my ship… you know you might be right. They might be disgusting. They might see each other as siblings and might always do so. But I still ship them and will always do so. I am so sorry for your grievance, but you see internet is FULL of disgusting shits like me shipping disgusting ships and most frustrating part of that is you can do NOTHING about it.

Again sorry for your grievance and thanks for your politeness, dear anon.

PS: Again, won’t die. Not for you :)


“This Project (’W’) Is Very Challenging. Honestly Speaking, The Script For The 1st & 2nd Episode Was Very Entertaining, & I Didn’t Have A Huge Amount Of Parts In Them, So I Thought I Could Handle It. I Didn’t Realise That As The Episodes Progressed, I’d Have More & More Screen Time. I Think If I Do This Project Well, I’ll Have Gained A Lot At The End Of It. Amidst The Challenges, It Helps That I’m Working With Han Hyo Joo Noona, Who Is A Sunbae. I’m Grateful That Even When The Camera Isn’t Recording Her Facial Expressions, She Does Her Best To React To Me. She’s Also A Much Brighter Person Than I Expected. I’m A Drama Mania. I Watch A Ton Of Dramas, & Like Them Better Than Movies… My Tastes Are Pretty Generic, So When I Read Scripts I Picture The Scene In My Head & Get A Feeling Of Whether It’ll Be Appealing To The Public Or Not.” - Lee Jong Suk

What Dating Shownu Would Be Like

Happy extremely belated birthday to the lovely @thewhoshirt !! I hope you and everyone else who reads this enjoys this! I’m finally back from my very long, unannounced hiatus! Requests are always open, so please feel free to drop by our inbox and request something! I have started working on requests, so expect this blog to be a l o t more active from now on (this time it’s for real lmao).

-Admin Jojo

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  • He would be so shy at first
  • He strikes me as the type to like someone so much he doesn’t even know what to do with himself
  • Get ready for a lot of shy glances from him
  • And him either looking away or pretending to look elsewhere whenever you catch him
  • But rip because the goofy, sheepish smile that starts to tug at his lips always gives him away
  • This boy would honestly be such a smiling and laughing mess with you
  • Whether it be initiating some skinship with you
  • Or just seeing you this boy  just can’t stop himself from going :DDDDDD !!!!
  • Always cooking your favorite meals
  • Constantly checking up on you to see if you’re doing okay
  • Whenever he’s away for a long time he tends to make videos or take pictures of himself to update you on what’s going on
  • Sometimes he tries to take cute pictures for you with the most cheesiest captions that just end turning really dorky and awkward
  • But it’s okay because he’s cute and you love when he’s like that and tries for you
  • Back massages when you’ve had a long day at work
  • Lots of cuddling!!! ft playing with your hair as he hears you talk about your day
  • He’ll probably never admit to it out loud, but having you close to him and listening to your voice is his favorite thing in the world
  • It’s what makes him realize that despite all the bad he could go through, you were worth it all
  • Let’s you take videos and pictures of him
  • Lowkey loves when you tease him
  • Intense eye contact when talking to you at times
  • “You’re giving me that look again’’
  • “What look?’’
  • “You know.. t h a t look”
  • “Oh, sorry, it’s just… I love you so much I can’t help it :D”
  • Gross Hyunwoo go away
  • Expect lots of dancing
  • Whether it be him trying to impress you
  • Wanting an opinion on a choreography
  • Or just wanting to dance with you as a way to not only have fun, but be close with you
  • Dancing is heavily involved in this relationship
  • Lowkey clingy
  • Especially if he hadn’t seen you in a long time
  • Likes when you sit on his lap
  • Tends to step out of his comfort zone for you
  • Sings you to sleep
  • He’s the type to brush your hair to the side and slowly lean in for a kiss
  • Lots of back hugs!
  • It’s one of his favorite ways to show his affection for you
  • Improptu date nights to the city
  • Okay but hold on can we just take a moment to seriously discuss how cheesy this boy would be?
  • He would tell you to put on a really fancy outfit for your date
  • Only to end up going to some arcade 
  • Or maybe play some Walmart Bingo
  • Most likely something really dumb, but fun
  • Bet you it’ll be something he either stumbled upon on the internet or he listened to Minhyuk’s advice because he thought it was a pretty good idea
  • he’s just an overall dork, honestly
  • And constantly looks for ways to make sure you have fun 
  • He always gives you the best gifts!!
  • You don’t know how it’s possible
  • Or how he even does it, but he gives you the best gifts
  • Pays really close attention to your habits and mannerisms
  • Highkey finds them adorable, tbh
  • He’s always able to sense when you’ve had a bad day???
  • How???
  • This pretty much results in him spoiling you
  • If you let him, he would practically make you have a garden by how many flowers he gives you
  • He gives you lots of stuff animals, too, so you can pretend it’s him when he has to leave
  • He’s just really in love with you okay

mylittlefandomfanfictions  asked:

Hello darling! Can I have 24. "I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.” and 25. “I fell in love with my best friend." with Steve please? (If you can only do one of them then just do either) I love you darling! Keep up the fantastic work!! Xo

A/N: Thank you so much darling! You are so wonderful, I hope you like this! xo

Prompt: Sleepless nights are the time for confessions 

24.“I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”
25.“I fell in love with my best friend.”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: None


Originally posted by thatplaidnerd

Your screams echoed through the hallway, waking up just about everyone at the mansion. Sam, Clint and Steve rushed to your door, hesitating as they weren’t sure if they should enter or not. Another scream escaped your mouth as you tossed and turned on your bed, sweat painting your forehead as you fought through your nightmare.

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I really wanted to ship Ninessa because Bensnavi is so obvs real, but the soundtrack didn't give me much to work with. Last night I watched the show in London, and Ninessa was confirmed they're sO GA Y

There is a little bit, my favorite bits are:

  • Nina rushing to Vanessa’s arms, hugging her when she arrives at the salon
  • they keep holding hands and Nina is like “I called you all morning!!” and then begs Dani to let her have Vanessa just to herself for a while
  • during No Me Diga Vanessa is so fucking proud of Nina, touching her hair and being so cute and smiling a lot
  • at Nina’s dinner they are both totally supporting each other on every point
  • like Nina says hey let’s go dancing and Vanessa, nevermind that she agreed on a date with just Usnavi, is like oh yeah come dance with us please
  • throughout the dinner scene they also hold hands a lot
  • they’re literally girlfriends sorry 

(Honestly I don’t ship Benny and Usnavi romantically or sexually. If I gotta ship two characters played by CJack and LMM I’m shipping Whamilton.)

Majoring in CS as a woman


@thisgirlcodes had some great things to say on the subject here, the only other thing I would add is that every time someone asks me what I’m studying and I tell them computer science, I hear nothing but support. I have had some lovely conversations with people in the industry and made connections for future internships just by studying the same thing they studied.

So my point is I don’t know where you live or go to school, but I don’t think you will get as much resistance as you may expect for choosing to study CS. Even if you do, I hope you will let your interest in coding and working on cool projects be the main things that motivate you to keep going despite any naysayers. 

I love this quote that really drives this message home: “There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say, ‘watch me.’”

xprofessionalfangirlx  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say I admire you so much for how much you don't let the haters bother you! Your reactions to them make me laugh all of the time!! XD I am currently not so good at dealing with haters and they have really been getting to me lately but I'm working on not letting them bother me!!! Love your blog and you do some quality work if I do say so myself!! 😊👌

Thank you! That’s really sweet for you 💕

(Funny thing is, I’m only good at dealing with haters because of years of bullying I went through in school. After dealing with being the “Freak” everyday, you learn to kind of make a sort of mental wall where stuff like that just kind of bounces off of you lol)

darthmcsquirrel  asked:

Amazing blog. So much to educate myself with - Thank You! Wondering if you could lend me a hand though? Trying to translate into correct form: "Let the Ravens feast"... The closest I get is "láta hrafnar hátíð", but this is a modern day use of Icelandic. Do you have any suggestions to get this phrase in to Old Norse (with an intent of having it then translated into a runic representation)? Much thanks in advance, & keep up the inspiring work!

Góðan dag og þakka þér fyrir, darthmcsquirrel,

I am more than happy to lend you my assistance, in fact, I found this question to be rather enjoyable to answer. I hope you do not mind that I also contributed some advice for the runic representation you mentioned. Anyway, you are most definitely on the right track, there are only a few specific elements that I will be addressing, depending on how you intend this phrase to be used. You may choose whichever version you prefer. I had to do some guesswork on your intensions, so I will provide various possibilities for you.


First, let me break down your statement into its basic parts. After we have discussed some of our word possibilities, we can then bring them together to formulate a sentence. I will bold the words we are discussing:

Let the Ravens feast.”

The verb you used, láta (to let, allow, permit), would definitely be the best choice. Although it has many meanings, it is much more common than the other choice, which is the verb leyfa (to allow, permit).

“Let the Ravens feast.”

The Old Norse word for “raven” is indeed hrafn, with the nominative plural form being hrafnar. Since “the Ravens” is the subject, the case you already used is correct.

However, there is one slight detail we should bring up. I noticed that you specifically wrote “the Ravens” and that you also have capitalized “Ravens”. In Old Norse, there is a specific way of adding “the” to a word, called the definite article. So I had to ask myself, are these special ravens? Are they specific or unique? If so, the word undergoes a slight change.

When a word is not used with an adjective, the definite article is added as a suffix to the word itself. For a masculine, nominative, plural noun like hrafnar, the suffix would be -inir. Yet, the initial -i of the -inir suffix is always dropped in the nominative plural (for masculine and feminine nouns). So, the resulting word would be hrafnarnir.

“Let the Ravens feast.”

The word that you used, hátíð (feast, festival; literally: high+hour/divine service), does mean feast, however, it denotes a thing and not an action. The full definition means feast or festival, making it an event. In your sentence, the ravens are doing the feasting, making it into an action. Therefore, we must employ a verb to tell us their action.

There are two options I found, but I think the more preferable one is the verb eta (in the infinitive). This verb means to eat or to consume. It may seem unsatisfactory, since the word “feast” carries a specific tone and connotation for the english version. Yet, Old Norse does not seem to have a verb for “to feast”. This also means that I cannot form a participle to denote “feasting”. 

Instead, it seems that other words would have been used to denote the action of eating at or participating in a feast. That being said, you can still feel free to use the word “feast” in your english version. Our language has grown to use such a word to denote the action of eating in a “feastly” manner. The Old Norse, when read and understood directly, could easily take on such a connotation, depending on situation and tone.


So, now my question came to be the voice. Your statement seems to be a command, which would mean that the first verb, láta, would need to be in the imperative voice. However, Old Norse only uses the imperative voice in second-person singular. In other words, it would only take the imperative if this statement was being directed at one individual. If it is directed at a group, the verb would be in the indicative voice (for the statement of a fact) instead.

If the statement is being directed at a group, there are technically three possibilities. If the person saying this statement is part of the group being told the statement, we must use the first-person plural (we). If that person is directly addressing a group, we must use the second-person plural (you all). Lastly, if that person is referring to another group, separate from their own group or from their self, we would use the third-person plural (they).

In order for these versions to make sense with your tone in the indicative, a preterite-present verb must be added after the main verb, láta. These verbs adjust the meaning of the main verb. “Shall” in english is an example of this type of verb. I will use the Old Norse preterite-present verb skulu, which means “will” (obligatory sense). This preterite-present verb can also mean “must” or “ought”.


Now that we have covered most of our grammatical concerns, I will finally present to you the possibilities I came up with:

Imperative version (a command to one individual):

Lát Hrafnarnir eta!
Let the Ravens eat (feast)!

Indicative versions:

First-person plural (we):

Látum skulum Hrafnarnir eta.
(We must) let the Ravens eat (feast).

Second-person plural (you all):

Látið skuluð Hrafnarnir eta.
(You all must) let the Ravens eat (feast).

Third-person plural (they):

Láta skulu Hrafnarnir eta.
(They must) let the Ravens eat (feast).

Runic Representation

As for the runic inscription, I will leave that up to you, since it would be quite a pain to write out all these possibilities. I have a suspicion that you will be using the elder futhark, so I would like to make some suggestions, if you don’t mind. Rune carvers did not begin to use dots (:) or small “x”s to indicate spaces between words until the tenth century. Before this, words strung together completely. By this time, the younger futhark were beginning to take hold over the elder futhark, so I would suspect that many elder futhark inscriptions lack such spacing methods. I still have a great deal of work to do when it comes to my knowledge of runes. I would offer more advice, but I am not confident enough in my level of knowledge to do so.

Aside from that, I wish you the best of luck. I would be more than happy to help you with the runic representation, if needed. Anyway, if you need anything else, feel free to ask!

Skál og ferð vel,
— Steven T. Dunn



Geir T. Zoëga, A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic. (Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 2004), 119, 186, 188, 208, 263, 269.


Jesse L. Byock, Viking Language 1: Learn Old Norse, Runes, and Icelandic Sagas. (Jules Williams Press, 2013), 64, 176-177, 180-181, 193, 271-272.

just wanted to drop in and say that i have not fallen off the face of the planet. things have just been very…idk. i got the stuff done i needed to get done and work’s slowed down so things are less stressful but…i kinda feel like i’m wandering in limbo without a whole lot of motivation to do much of anything…but hopefully i’ll get tired of feeling like this soon and do something about it…minncon’s coming up in a few weeks, so that should put a bounce in my step again. :)

i have been reading some destiel fan fic lately than i usually do, though, and here are a few of my recent faves:

i’ve also made a pretty decent breakthrough for iatofp - got nearly 5k written for the next chapter, so plan is to get that done in the next few days. and then going back to working on @sh2destiel after that. :)

hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend~ <3

Wearing the gorgeous @jasminestaceycollection ‘Foxy’ set this morning! Looking forward to a relaxed Sunday with my maid of honour doing a little light shopping for some wedding decor to get inspired for styles and some direction!! We are only a few short weeks away from finalising the venue but we still have a few things to check off before we officially lock anything in! In the mean time I’m trying to stay calm and not get too over excited just in case. I’ve learnt so much already through out the course of looking at wedding venues! One thing I quickly learnt is not to try and force a venue to work for you! If it’s not feeling right for you there’s probably a good reason why. I did this myself because we found a venue we felt would please everyone but in the end it just wasn’t feeling right! In a final attempt to convince myself that venue was “the one” I booked in a few more viewing sessions at some other venues I had considered but hadn’t seen, funnily enough in less then 24 hours the entire decisions for the venue and style of wedding had changed! I realized we finally found the proper venue that was “the one” and left me with no doubts or concerns only an incredible amount of excitement! Fingers crossed all goes well and we will have an official soon enough!! #excited #weddingplanning #lingerieblog #lingerieblogger #lingerie #instalingerie #love #beautiful #luxurylingerie #intimates #lingeriefashion #lingeriemodel #lingerielove #lingeriestyle #lingerielover #lingerieaddiction #lingerieaddict #lingerielife #thelingeriefiles

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When you get a chance, do you think you can gif the scene from the Daily Show (I think from the 19th) where Trevor makes fun of Darryl Glenn for insinuating that black parents aren't around for their kids, and he says the bit about moms having to work two jobs and dads getting arrested for trumped up charges? Thanks so much!

Yes definitely. That was on my to-do list.


Hey guys :) it’s been awhile since the last day I posted something here, I just saw and it was two months ago??? I thought it was less than that!

Things have been a bit complicated for me, I had to take a second job and that left me with no time to play or do anything else really, working 14hrs a day (between the two jobs) is hard, I’m past exhaustion at this point xD this last week was quite busy and I couldn’t handle it anymore, I’m very very tired, so I decided to quit my ‘new’ job (and take care of my health first) since they rejected when I asked them to work part-time. Anyway, too much boring personal stuff, better talk about something else, right?

I’d love to say I’m back, but everytime I say that I tend to disappear so yeah, let’s keep it safe: “it’s just a visit” haha. How’s everyone doing? I’ve missed you so much!!!

I saw I have a ton of notifications, tags, messages, and new followers. You guys have been busy huh <3 I really want to say thanks so much for your concern and for all the love you sent me during my absense, I’ll try to reply and get back on track within the week… let’s see how it goes.

I updated the game this morning, sadly a lot of mods and CC doesn’t seem to work so I’m cleaning my mods folder, oh joy xD

I can’t wait to play for a bit it’ll be interesting to see the Scarecrows again ^_^ and of course, what I want the most is to catch up on your blogs, *hugs everyone* feels nice to talk to you again!

PS: someone please teach me how- to- tumblr lol

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Hello! Could I have some fluffy relationship headcanons for Rhajat, Scarlet, and Felicia ( with a female s/o?) thank you so much!


  • Rhajat has a hard time being in a relationship and how those work so while she goes out of her way to try and spoil her girlfriend it’s always in a roundabout and slightly awkward manner
  • While she’s very roundabout in her methods she never lies to her
  • Rhajat isn’t physically affectionate usually, but makes exceptions in private for her girlfriend and, at times, will hang on her arm
  • Will absolutely praise her girlfriend, loudly and without thought, willing to curse somebody for talking badly about them


  • Scarlet, being artistic and fashionable, enjoys playing with her girlfriends hair, painting nails, and talking about art with them (even working on art together, or simply talking about next ideas)
  • She’s not one to show off for the sake of it, but doesn’t mind showing off a bit to impress her girlfriend- she’s totally the one that can lift her girlfriend like a weight for giggles too
  • She’s one for cuddling, if the situation allows for it, and is all for her girlfriend sitting on her lap where she can wrap her hands around her waist and kiss at her neck
  • Scarlet takes her girlfriend for some wild rides (atop her bedazzled saddle) and is generally overjoyed if her girlfriend gets along with her wyvern


  • Felicia is really good at massages, which she enjoys giving her girlfriend because she doesn’t mess it up
  • She has a stuffed animal she adores and likes to keep it close when she needs comfort and will fight her girlfriend over this animal, unafraid to beat them with a pillow in defense of the (once) white bear
  • She isn’t very physically affectionate because she is on the job a lot of the time, and she shouldn’t be verbally either but has a hard time reigning in spontaneous compliments and confessions when she sees her girlfriend around
  • She gets all kinds of flustered when her girlfriend flirts with her and, even after practicing her lines, Felicia flubs through them and it’s so cute (she gets kisses and hugs for her trouble)

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wheezes i really need to work on overhand serves i can never make one over the net but they usually fall short as in like right in front of the net?? i feel like as long as i get my serve down i have a better chance of making it onto the team (pt 1)

(pt 2) but do you know how to improve them? i try hitting them with my fist because that usually gets them farther but i kind of want to know how to do it just “traditionally”. will improving arm strength help?? im sorry if this is a bit much!!

okay, so first off, yay on working to improve!!  I totally feel you, though, because when I first started, serving was the hardest thing for me.  I was super weak when I was in middle school and had 0 upper body strength.  So yes, improving arm strength (push-ups, using dumbbells, etc.) will definitely help!

One thing, though, that is really important to NOT do is to hit it with your fist.  Even though it ideally works, you have 0 control over the ball besides the fact that “hey, it got really close to the net!”  Its okay, though!  A lot of people make that mistake when they first start.

What I would recommend (that helped me start to get my serve over) is to use 2 steps.  So you’re standing there to serve, and (THIS FOR IF YOURE RIGHT HANDED.  IF YOURE LEFT HANDED DO THE OPPOSITE!) you take a step with your right foot, take a step with your left foot, toss the ball and serve.  It gives you a little more momentum and strength to help get it over the net, at least from what I did when I was younger!  And now that I’m older and have more strength, I can serve normally (step, toss, drag your back foot, serve).

I hope this helps, friend!  Good luck! <3