and I have on my application 'photoshop'


Hello lads! I’m rolling into the last months of production of my film, “Bookaneer”, which means I need help with coloring! I’ve worked as a colorist on past films and through that I’ve developed a really fast efficient coloring method I’ll be teaching. I work in photoshop to color animation but it can be applied to other programs too.

If you have extra time in the next couple of months and want some extra cash, please consider joining my crew! Send applications and questions to!! Applications end 1/22!!

Even if you can’t help with coloring, just reblogging and spreading the word around would mean a lot. Thanks so much!!


(Bonus scrunchy: This one is a bit difficult since it’s made of a more thicker fabric. I might be willing to include this if you buy more than 4 scrunchies in one order.

Please message me if you are interested! I am also planning on making bunny scrunchies for people with short hair! That’s pretty much in the makings for sure since a lot of you have asked and I think I may have gotten the right shape and the right application of some sorts for it!

My paypal is


Sometimes I consider streaming, but then I remember how distracted I get sometimes. It would probably be a very strange stream. Oh well, my little laptop probably wouldn’t handle it very well anyhow, especially since these Photoshop files are getting huge now.

Happy belated holidays everyone! c:

I am NOT accepting anymore hoodie applications for the time being. Only doing the ones that were in by the due date. I will eventually have another giveaway, so keep watch for that! uwu