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Hi Red! I hope you don't mind me asking... you're exactly what I aspire to be in terms of art skills, I can only dream of one day being as good as you. But I don't know where to start and sometimes I feel a little lost and don't know how to improve at all. I thought I'll ask you for a bit of help? for example what drawing apps you use or if you have any quick tips? sorry I'm sure you get this all the time but it would be helpful. Thank you!

Hello nonnie! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments, first of all. I’d be happy to help if I can. 

So… for my art the applications I use the most are the following:

Photoshop: This is a given. Most artists who do art professionally tend to prefer PS over any other program for the simple reason that it’s a really amazing tool. The brush sets available for it are great and unlike other applications, it doesn’t crash or struggle when you push it (say working on really big canvas dimensions and whatnot). Learning how to master PS fully is, however, quite hard and time consuming. But worth it. I use PS for all my more complex pieces, for paintings and pretty much anything that’s not simple, quick art. 

Paint Tool Sai: Now, Sai is as accessible and easy to use as it is lackluster in certain departments. You’ll find a lot of beginner artists using Sai because of how easy to master it is, and it gives you good results. If you struggle a little to learn how to use complex applications, this might just be your best friend. I use it occasionally for sketching or any simple, quick work (like the doodles I do for this blog). 

PureRef: This is an application I’ve never seen anyone talk about around here and I often wonder why. I get most of my income from commissions, and this application is so useful I just can’t go without it. But the concept is simple. Essentially, it allows you to create a collage of references and this window will always stay open on top of any other windows while still allowing you to operate on the windows below. For example; you can have PS open and you can be working on your art while PureRef stays on top (wherever on your screen you might want it to be) and that way you can look at your references while working on your art comfortably. Simple but neat.

Now those three are the ones I use the most, but I also occasionally use these: 

Krita: This one is great because of the unique way in which layers work in it, the brushes look great and it, for me, functions like a professional application. It is essentially a Photoshop replica for free. But fair warning, it crashes and lags at times.

Paintstorm Studio: Another one I never see doing the rounds anywhere on social media. This is a wonderful application and I dare say superior to Photoshop on the brush department. I’m only learning how to use it now, but so far I’m quite impressed with it. 

As for tips, I don’t know… because what helps and doesn’t often varies depending on the particular artist. Not everyone learns the same way. I’d recommend watching a lot of art related videos; tutorials, speedpaints, even just people talking about art programs and tools often helps. There’s a really good website called Skillshare where professional artists make videos to show you in detail how they work and how they produce their art. I’d definitely recommend it. Also just check out art in general, all the time, all kinds of art, different styles. Pay attention to the details that make certain art styles unique and appealing. If you’re self taught like me, trying to figure out how someone produced a certain piece of art, what technique they used, is often the way to learn. 

And last but not least the thing everyone’s sick of hearing but is the ultimate truth so I’m sorry, here it goes: Practice. Draw your heart out. My right wrist sounds like an old creaking door while my left wrist rolls smoothly, there’s a reason for it. (DISCLAIMER DON’T HURT YOURSELF WHILE MAKING YOUR ART OMFG. Get yourself a table of wrist exercises and stretch often.) I draw all the time and I draw every day. Every. Single. Day. I don’t usually take off days, for me an off day means I’m drawing for an hour or two instead of six or nine hours. Practice truly does make perfect, and try to balance the things you’re good at with those you’re not. Practice more the stuff that you’re worst at if you want a balanced skill set. Don’t be scared of trying new things and going out of your comfort zone, otherwise you might get stuck on doing the same thing over and over and will never learn new stuff. There’s nothing to be afraid of, worst case scenario some of your art will suck for a bit but keep at it, and you can be good at just about anything. 

And don’t half ass things. Try to put passion in everything you do. This is harder than it sounds. There might be things you don’t really feel like doing at a certain point in time but even those deserve your full attention. Give it your all and your art will always have that something special! Commit to it, and you’ll achieve anything you want, trust me. 

I hope this was of help in some way? I wish you luck out there doing your art :) 

See you around~


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Could you maybe do a tutorial on how to makes gifs? Like picture by picture? I have photoshop cc 2017 and I can never find tutorials on that version, or at least ones for gifs like this. (everything on youtube is for like, animating your own gifs)

so i’ve actually done a gif tutorial here but i can show you a different method in which i use Adapter to use screenshots of videos to make gifs. i believe this works for both mac and windows however you can also use KMPlayer if you have a Windows computer. the other tutorial also goes more in depth in the timing and dimensions so i won’t mention them on here.

i’ll be showing how to essentially make this:

materials you need: 

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hi what app do you use to make your edits and typography? ♡

I use:
• Phonto: an application for iPhone
• Pixlr: A free online photo editor and application for computer and phone
• Gimp: A free downloadable alternative to Photoshop
• Picsart: A free downloadable application on all phones, tablets, and even kindles
• Superimpose: An app created to help with transparent and masking
• PhotoScape: A free downloadable quick fix photo application and gif maker as well (although I haven’t used it in awhile)
• I usually use more than one application per edit. Also is your bff when it comes to finding colors and shades
If anyone wants to reblog this please do. I’d much rather people have this resource than constantly steal my content :,)


“When the direction of the wind changes, some build a wall, some build a windmill.”

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve overworked and hurt my hands in the past, and how now I can no longer draw as much as I used to. I have a more ergonomic set up now, but the damage that has been done can’t be undone.

I was pretty sad about that for a while, and had started using 3D backgrounds as short cuts. Now that I’m exploring more into the world of 3D art, I’m actually really happy and excited. I received a  lot of great applicants to help me build 3D models for my comics, and I’ll be announcing the new team in a week or two. I’m also starting to learn more about 3D character modeling myself and will be teaching myself with online tutorials.

Like the Chinese proverb, when whatever you having going in life changes, you can either try to fight it, or find a new approach that’s even better than before :D

Recently I found a new Photoshop plugin called Filter Forge, and I tested it out on the 3D classroom to give it that painted look. I still had to paint out the character and some other things, but it’s a great time saving short cut for all comic artists out there who want to put out chapters faster! I highly recommend it!

In other news, I have an Instagram now!

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To Whoever It May Concern: May I just say that your art is excellent? As an aspiring digital artist, your shading and technique is amazing! I hope to one day be as great as you! You seem to have it down to a habit, and so, some tips or tricks with digital software would be much appreciated! I use Clip Studio Paint and I am willing to show you pieces of art to help you visualize a way to help me! I would definitely credit you for your help in having me understanding lighting and shading!

Thank you so much!! And sure! You can DM me and send those pieces if you want!
Now, tips and tricks can be very software specific and I sadly have no experience with that program x: I don’t know if the stuff I do in my old oold photoshop will be applicable in Clip Studio Paint. Though if it’s digital painting itself I can try and help out, or at least direct you to some helpful videos!

I have a playlist for such videos that you can glance through here:…
There’s a big mix of stuff I’ve found either inspiring, motivational, or helpful, all on an art based level.

Like, here’s a video specific about digital painting:…
And here’s one on traditional shading:…
((BTW, sidenote: don’t limit your search for how-to videos to your exact needs specifically,,for example, tipps on shading with a crayon, can very much give you ideas on how to improve your shading in digital painting too!))

I myself have also bought some books on the supject of light/shadow physics, that ,even if you don’t read through them entirely, can give you references and a better understanding on what kinds of rules there are:……

Now if you have any specific questions or stuff you want my help on, feel free to ask!! Narrowing down the topic will help me know better what kind of advice I can give you nwn//


Commissions are open!!!! more examples of my art can be found HERE

Price List

Headshot - coloured $6 - inked $10
Full Bodied Character - inked $10 
Full Bodied Character - coloured $15
Other/Group/Couple/Scene - inked $18-20 - coloured $22-26 
The last will vary depending on the number of characters and what sort of scene is required.
(Footnote: USD Dollar to Pounds at present seems to be £1 - $1.50)

All drawings will be done digitally in photoshop on at 300dpi so it can be printed with no issues.

Other Important Details:

When paying for your commissions it is to be done through Paypal and full payment is required before starting the commission If you don’t have paypal then message me and we can discuss other ways of payment.

I will show you initial sketches but after that there no more edits unless you have a thought about colour before I get to that stage etc.

If you wish me to say draw have your OC in my style, I would like a reference please. This is also applicable for types of clothing you wish the character to be wearing just so I can give you exactly what you want with no cut corners! The more information you give me about the character the more I can do with it.

Your commissions will take as long as it needs so that you get the best for what you pay for. The Busts and the Waist up should take shorter time than a fully body however just because there’s less to do.

Payment is to be expected a maximum of 5 days after asking for the commission, this is to let me know your serious about the piece, and gives you enough time to get together funds.

When the Commission is complete, it will go here on my tumblr but I will have a watermark over it so only you have the original copy!

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I have a questiooooon!! >A< what art program do use? What brush do you use?? D: one artist to another OVO PLUS YOUR ART OMFG DKDHSKSHSLSJS SO CUUUUTE 💕 please keep up the amazing work!

AAHh TthHaaANK YOoOU!!! ♡

I use an ipad! I lineart in medibang and color in procreate (i also do all my sketching and doodles in procreate) I own a wacom tablet and ive tried Photoshop and paint tool sai(i think thats it?) once or twice but i needed something portable because i work a lot. And those art apps are too advanced for me o_o like wtf is a magic wand??? OKAY SO as far as brushes go I don’t really use another fancy just whatever comes with the application. I have a folder with my go to brushes in it. i totally recommend going in and fucking with all your brushes settings until you get it just how you like. Almost all art applications allow you to change the brushes settings and i really gottah say if you get it just like you like it it’ll really help you go faster and smoother while drawing. OKAY AND LAST THING– i make a lot of my own brushes. (Anything you see in my art like stars or clouds or hair tuffs, etc are brushes i made) i can not recommend making your own brushes enough. most applications allow you to do this! there are lots of tutorials out there that can help with that (i use youtube tutorials for this but theres a lot online in different places)! I have two brushes named “sexy boi” and “best friend” and they are my favorite!!! i spent a lot of time making them to be my dynamic duo.  BUT YEAH I love making custom brushes there’s no end to what you can create! (sorry if the image below is blurry tumblr hates me)



Hello lads! I’m rolling into the last months of production of my film, “Bookaneer”, which means I need help with coloring! I’ve worked as a colorist on past films and through that I’ve developed a really fast efficient coloring method I’ll be teaching. I work in photoshop to color animation but it can be applied to other programs too.

If you have extra time in the next couple of months and want some extra cash, please consider joining my crew! Send applications and questions to!! Applications end 1/22!!

Even if you can’t help with coloring, just reblogging and spreading the word around would mean a lot. Thanks so much!!

Some thoughts on drawing software

I’ve dabbled around with a few drawing applications over the past few years. This is my own subjective opinion, and the situation around each software is very likely to change down the road from here (August 2016)!

Painttool SAI -

It was my first drawing software back in 2010 and I do still love it a lot. I no longer use it much though -  the lack of filters and text input can be quite frustrating. However it’s still a really solid software to start with and tons of amazing artwork get produced on it (iirc the top chinese artists on pixiv all use SAI).

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i've noticed you tend to steal the gifs of big name bloggers, crop them, zoom in really close and then post them as your own? why?

I’ve never stolen any gifs. I make them all myself using an application called Instagiffer. I’m guessing I’ve just made gifs before out of videos others have also made gifs out of. The reason my gifs tend to be so zoomed in is because of the program I use to make them.

I don’t know where you’re getting this idea? Since I’m poor and can’t afford Photoshop, I use Instagiffer, which causes most of my gifs to be of much lower quality than those of big name bloggers, lol. I started this blog because I couldn’t find many stim gif blogs that didn’t exclude certain people, so I figured I’d make my own gifs.

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ok i followed that tutorial and it should be installed but its not like an actual app that i open is it? how do you make gifs using it? sorry if this is annoying i appreciate your help so much <3

yeah, it’s not an application so you will have to use photoshop as well it’s more of just a video editor ! so what you do is you get the video cropped, sized, trimmed, and with the settings you want ( how to do it here and you can find my settings here ) and once you’ve exited out it will save to video file to windows>video>temp>video.avi you then open photoshop and import frames to layers and then you proceed as normal when making a gif. Note: that if you use debilinear then you don’t need to sharpen much more. Also if you need a photoshop gif tutorial let me know 💕 and it’s not annoying at all !! i’m happy to be of help 😊

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How do you stay motivated to do lineart? Whenever I finish the sketch I lose all motivation to do the lineart and never finish any of my pictures. Please help.

Afternoon dear anon❤ Oh I know how you feel (ノ)‘д`(ヾ), I actually have a folder on my desktop called ‘The Black hole’ where I store all my unfinished sketches sigh ; - ; 

Emmm… there are few different ways that works nicely for me. Its a little bit long so under the cut.

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Working on a Cafe! Yuugi because I haven’t drawn anything for this in a while XD Recently I have decided to experiment with coloring without the use of a harsh black outline. Even thou this is only partially done, I think it’s coming out really well. I will be using this style for my ‘doodles’ and maybe some of my more detailed work.

Haven’t gotten into krita just yet, I have spent all weekend getting used to the new tablet first. So I will be dabbling in it at some point this coming week and I am looking forward to trying a new drawing application. Photoshop and SAI are great but learning other programs is nice too. I am going to put this away for the night though because I am getting tired, almost that time to head to bed lol. Hoping to have this completed soon so I can get back to my 666th follower post!

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So after this fall semester I'll have 6 classes left to finish my BA. During the last couple of weeks I've been freaking out over my degree. I've always been excited about doing English .But for some reason, now that I'm pretty close to being done, I'm just worried as hell I won't be able to do anything with it. I've had to defend it to a ton of people as well? So I guess I'm just wondering, since there are so many E majors here, if anyone had advice on how to kind of deal with this? Thanks xxx

First of all, remember that it’s a common experience to be filled with doubt or self-doubt. I say this because sometimes, when we get caught up in these feelings, they feel even larger and more overwhelming because we feel like we’re the only ones experiencing them and forget that others experience them too.

With six classes left, I can’t tell if you’re a junior or a senior, but either way, you still have time be proactive in making decisions that will help you career-wise. If you have a long January break, pick up a winter internship. If you have a lot of flexibility in the six classes you have left, or if you plan on taking classes in addition to those six, consider taking courses that will help prepare you with career skills. Which courses you take depends on your career goals. If you have set career goals, look up entry-level jobs in that field and see what kinds of experience and skills they’re looking for. Identify what skills you already have, or will have by the time you graduate, and then identify what skills you don’t have. Take courses or online classes/certifications/tutorials to learn those things.

If you don’t have particularly specific career goals, check out my English Major Success Stories tag for some inspiration. also has a fabulous collection of interviews with people who’ve gone onto some pretty cool careers with their English degrees. Pick a career and search it in the jobs section on LinkedIn and read some job postings for entry-level careers. Figure out what you’d need to learn in order to be a stellar applicant for a job you’d like to have. (My success stories tag and Dear English Major are also great things to show people who think English degrees are pointless.)

I’m currently pursuing communications associate-type jobs (I’d had such a job but chose to leave it for personal reasons), so if I could go back and add courses to the college curriculum I ended up creating for myself, I’d add courses in web development, marketing, or statistics/data analytics. (Other people looking for a career in this field might need to learn more about InDesign, Photoshop, WordPress, or Drupal.) Fortunately, even though I graduated last year, it’s not too late for me to learn these things, since there’s so many resources online.

Have conversations with whoever you can: professors (if you have access to them during office hours), your career center, alumni, and people who have or have had jobs that you’d be interested in pursuing. You’ll learn a lot about what careers are our there, what skills you need, and best practices for applying to jobs. Also, if the feelings of doubt or worry or however you choose to describe them are significantly interfering with your day-to-day life, do not hesitate to seek out whatever mental health counseling services your school offers.

I wish you the best of luck!

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I know you have been asked this 10 million times. But have you listed out what programs you use to get quality GIF's in the Tumblr size requirement? What do you use? What is the easiest way with Final Cut X (Mac) or Camtasia (PC) editing software? Format types and sizes? :)

I’ve got a guide, although it’s slightly out of date. I use GifBrewery on the Mac. The latest beta version is really the one to get, especially if you’re on Yosemite.

The tl;dr version of my guide is that you want to be always at 500px wide. 501px will often have Tumblr make your spiffy GIF into a JPG, just to spite you. You want to be 2 MB or less (the old limit was 1 MB).

Since most of Tumblr is being viewed in the dashboard, when I can I’ll try for taller, portrait style crops.  My normal workflow is to load up a video (GIF Brewery likes MP4s but doesn’t like MKVs), resize it to 600 px high, find the action I want, then if I can I’ll crop it to 500px x 600px. Normally I’m shooting for about 10 fps, and I’ll start at 96 colors with the Ordered algorithm.  I’ll crank up the colors whenever humanly possible, often up to 256.

When that inevitably makes a GIF that’s larger than 2 MB, the choices are either to go for a wider but shorter GIF, so I’ll make a wider view, then resize to 500px, so the final height is more like 400px.  That’s less pixels to deal with and will give a smaller file. Or I can drop the fps down to 9 or sometimes 8. I don’t like going below 8fps, as it looks really jerky.  Or I’ll constantly fiddle with the start and end times of the clip until I reach the right limit.

These are my default application settings in the 3.0 beta (GIF Brewery 3>Preferences):

And this is the typical settings on an individual GIF:

The absolute key though is to have GIF Brewery calculate the frame count for you, and shoot for around 10fps. If I make the same GIF in Photoshop, it’ll do each and every frame, and that’ll waste a lot of space trying to do 24 or 30 fps. That’s really the secret sauce of GIF Brewery getting smaller files, as it pulls out key frames for you.

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hello there heather! first things first - i absolutely adore your art, 2D as well as 3D! it is just lovely and i'm very glad i've stumbled upon this gorgeous blog o' yours (*°∀°)! i'm actually not sure if i had asked u something about your 3D art before, but i strongly feel like i've at least been thinking about asking you. anyways - i was just wondering if u could shed some light on how you've achieved the look on the overland/farmhouse images .. (1/2)

(2/2) both have a .. sort of paper-ish texture and feel to them. almost origami-like and i was just curious if these are engine renders or if u just took em right out of .. let’s say 3ds max or whatever application you’re working with? i’m a great fan of low poly art, but some add a little extra, which i feel is definitely the case with the things u come up with. i can’t quite put my finger on it, but it makes for fantastic results, so .. thanks in advance for answering and have a great weekend!

Hi! The overland images have a charcoal paper texture and some color overlays on top of the Unity camera render. The farmhouse image was a flat render from Maya that I edited in Photoshop. 

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My brother physically assaulted me on Thanksgiving. He’s 13 years old and my family has supported him, saying that I am older and should know better than him– that he’s only 13, and doesn’t know not to hit people yet. He broke my astigmatism glasses, some of my other stuff, and injured me.
Because I didn’t feel safe anymore at home since everyone was supporting his abuse, I left home immediately. However, I left some of my essentials in my upset to leave, and now need some new medication and some computer stuff to prepare for class. My mom also ‘misplaced’ my wallet again…
The most important thing right now is to get my glasses and medication. I have a few non-astigmatism contacts left, but I injured my eyes wearing them for too long since they don’t really fit the curvature of my eyes very well this weekend. Therefore, I am now blind and have to walk to class from my dorm room and attend class using only my muscle memory and seeing colourful blobs. I also need my medication… I am already feeling nasty withdrawal symptoms.

It would be cool if you guys could consider donating a few dollars or reblogging this post for me. My PayPal email is I’m applying for a discretionary fund at school, but that can take a while to process and I sort of need help immediately. I was going to set up my print shop this weekend but I’ve been really overwhelmed and can’t really spend time on Photoshop or to go to the print shop…
After that, I can hopefully ask for extensions for my assignments long enough for the office to process my application. I hope that they will accept it, even though I have no person to back the events of the week up.

Tldr; I was physically assaulted, am basically homeless, and am basically blind from these incidents.