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A rainbow amidst the tall buildings of the Metro. 

On a different note, I’ve been having issues with my laptop for months now thus, the lack of blog updates. So, a couple of weeks ago I’ve decided to have it checked and eventually fixed (the perks of having a friend who can actually do the job for free). While I had to let go of a bunch of applications (my SIMS 3 included) and re-install some (meaning, I had to scavenge for copies of MS Office and Photoshop CS6 from friends and random people) in the process, I finally got my laptop back so expect more frequent blog updates from now on. 

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how do you colour inside the lineart?? im sorry be specific bc im done (love your art btw)

Well, first of all you have to have a program that uses layers. And because i have a tablet, I simply draw my lines on one layer, and put my colors on the layer (or layers) beneath it.

If youre dealing with scanned lines, heres a video on how you can make the lines transparent, and then add layers underneath that one to add color. This is done in photoshop, but i think it could be applicable to other programs as well?? honestly i just googled how to do this, so if its another program im sure theres other tutorials out there for whatever program you have. (if anyone has better advice for this, feel free to let me know or just tack it onto this post…. its been forever since ive done any traditional line work)

Hope that helps!

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Believe it or not amoung my former co-workers and family I’m know as being techie and am frequently approached for tech-assitance but that all just went way over my head. 😱

Shhh, shhh, no need to worry. I’ve got you babe. 

Handbrake is an application you can download free off the internet, there should be a spot to enter what specific parts of the clip you want to “rip” or “convert” if you have the file (say a spader movie or interview) already saved on your computer. 

Choose an .mp4 extensions and scrub through the file to know the exact time you want to use. Convert the file, then throw it into the sites I gave you since you don’t have photoshop. No problem babygirl, you’ve got this.

RoyalePSDS is a photoshop blog created in 26/02/2014 (it was formerly hitcoloring, but it was inactive for a long time). And, since i’ve came back with the blog, i’ve been alone, and it’s kind of boring. If you have some photoshop skills and some time, you can try and join the blog, by sending this on my submit box.

  • name, age, country:
  • how often can you post?:
  • links to your edits:
  • any other significant thing you’d like to share with me:

Good luck!

I’m looking for new members to help with running this blog. The new album is less than two months away and there will be plenty of news and events to keep this blog active. If you are interested in helping out, please submit:

  • Name and age:
  • Where are you from:
  • Link to your edits/gifs (if applicable):
  • How often can you post:

Photoshop experience is an advantage but not essential. You just need to be passionate about 1R and have time to contribute a few days/week. Optional: You can also include why you’d like to join or any other useful skills you have.

Send your applications here!

No deadline has been set yet. I’ll be in touch “soon”.

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RAM is how much memory your computer is using to run applications without significant performance issues. FCP and Photoshop require more RAM than say a web browser or Word. Higher RAM is good, though the standard of 8GB is enough to run FCP and Photoshop at the same time and not have slowdown on your computer.

Oh okay, that’s really useful to know. I just checked and I have 4gb of RAM at the moment, so that would explain why my laptop runs so slowly when I have PS and FCP going simultaneously. But I shouldn’t have those problems with 8GB?

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Hi! I want to apply to make gifs and edits however I need to purchase photoshop cs 6 first. I placed my order a week ago so it shouldn't be long before it arrives

Excited to receive your application! Just make sure you make a few edits/gifs before applying so you have some examples to link us to in the application

Hello, everyone. I apologize for the brief disappearing act. I had to get my wisdom teeth out & directly after had to get ready and go to europe for the next five months as I’ll be studying abroad. I’d like to keep this thing going though, so here’s what we’re going to do.

01. I am holding applications for a co-admin. Some photoshop experience is desired but not necessary. Please message me if you are interested.

02. Members, please like this post if you’d like to stay in the group. You have one week ( until August 27th ) to do so before your role is reopened.

Once more, I’m so sorry for not being around. See you soon!