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It’s the quiet before the storm of the last major exam for at least another year this Friday, so with that in mind I’m attempting to get the queue for the upcoming week set up amidst my studying. I’ve already gotten a few requests already (which I should be responding to in the next day or so), but further request from others are always welcome in the Inbox. Guidelines for requests can be found here.

Well, in the meantime, time to get back to studying. Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and a great week ahead.


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way

Bucky x Reader Christmas Oneshot

Summary – You and Bucky have to decorate the Christmas tree, but he does it completely wrong.

Warnings – Christmas Fluff!

Word Count – 1,293

Notes – I wanted to write some Christmas fics because I don’t already have enough on my plate!!!  I decided that I would dedicate each one to one of the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower since they were so nice to allow me to use them in my 27 Dresses series!!  There will be six Oneshots and they will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for the next two weeks!!!  I have another special surprise for you guys the week before Christmas, so look out for that as well!!!!  I also have another Drabble series starting this Friday, so from now until Christmas you guys are getting a new fic every day!!!!  Merry Christmas!!!!  I love you all so much!  

This one is dedicated to Anika @avengerofyourheart!   Merry Christmas, my dear!


Christmas Fic Masterlist

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The end of December was fast approaching and for once, Hydra was laying low.  You weren’t sure if it was because of the holiday season, or if they were just working on something big.  Either way, you were glad for some much needed time off.  This was going to be your first Christmas with Bucky and you were really excited.  Most of the team had decided to head home for a few weeks, or at least until the world was in danger again.  Since Bucky didn’t have any family other than Steve, you’d opted to stay at the compound with them and Natasha.  You would have liked to go somewhere alone with Bucky, but it was Steve’s first Christmas with his friend and you didn’t mind sharing.

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we had a snowstorm on monday but the snow was too powdery to do anything with but now we’ve got another huge one apparently coming for friday and i hope its good bc i have a great idea for my next snowman


November: Thanksgiving, Dia de los Muertos, Veterans Day

December: Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, Christmas

Here are all of the illustrations/icons I made for the @gfhunklescalendar2017! The captions for each image tell which holidays they are. Some of them were hand drawn, some where traced over to save me a good chunk of time, but there’s a lot of detail that didn’t quite make it in the final project. My favorite of all of these are the turkey hands I did for Thanksgiving. Ask @thedobermutt, I was at her place when I made them, and I got emotional. She can confirm. XD 

Hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do! If I do another calendar next year, I’ll have to do some new material, but you can bet some of these will get used again. :>

I Want Crazy (Part 5)

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Summary: You and Jensen spend more time together on set, and things get interesting when he asks you to help him rehearse

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,500 (i’m sorry it’s so short, but there’s a reason)

Warnings: nothing?

A/N: I know it’s not Friday, but since so many of you have expressed your love for this series, I decided to treat you with the next part a day early. That, and it’s on the short side, so I hope you’ll forgive me. ENJOY MY LOVES

This is a series! Catch up here!

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On Friday, an elementary school teacher poses her students a challenge...

“If you can tell me who said the following quote, they don’t have to come to school on Monday: ‘We have nothing to fear, but fear itself’”
A hand shoots up and little Billy Tran says “Franklin Delano Roosevelt”.
“Correct, Billy. You can have next Monday off” the teacher replies.
“I’m Vietnamese, we value education I’ll be here Monday”.
“Ok” says the teacher “Lets try another one: 'Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.’”
This time the hand of little Susie Hou rises.
“Abraham Lincoln”
“Correct Susie.” the teacher asserts “Enjoy your day off”
Susie says “Oh no ma'am. I’m Chinese, we also value education I’ll be here early on Monday morning”.
“Fucking immigrants!” a voice says from the back.
“Who said that?!” the teacher snaps.
“Donald Trump…” says little Johnny “…I’ll see ya Tuesday”

Two Men, Same Name update

So, y’all might have noticed that the normal two weeks between new chapters of Two Men, Same Name has stretched out a bit.  Thanks to real life and Nanowrimo, @melsanfo and I haven’t been able to work on this fic very much.  But we are working on it, and using this extra time to try and get ahead of the posting schedule.

So what’s the good news, you might ask?  

1) Chapter  10 will be posted on Friday, December 2.  And this chapter is a good one.  :-)

2) Here’s a spoiler for the next chapter!  There will be another spoiler next Monday, too.

3) Last but not least, we will be showcasing the amazing artwork that our call for art has yielded.  Feast your eyes on this gorgeous work by @watchchristmastv!

Thanks for your patience and your interest in our fic!

I have never let myself be as vulnerable in therapy as I did today and I’m very proud of myself for it. I let my psychiatrist read my journal, which contained everything I’ve written down during my psychotic episodes and suicidal moments. I also cried A LOT which I never do because I usually control my emotions but you know what, today I really didn’t have the energy and I was done trying to appear strong when I’m clearly struggling to stay alive. It’s the first time I’ve seen him look genuinely worried about me and I think it’s because he knows I don’t show I’m struggling unless things are REALLY bad. I have an appointment next Friday with him and another psychiatrist to see if they can get to the bottom of what is going on. It’s going to be a really tough task to get through the next week but like he said, they can’t work out how to help me if I’m dead. I’ve just got to keep going even if it’s the last thing I want to do right now.

Zelus (3/5)

im so sorry it took so long to get this chapter up - life had different plans for me and i had to deal with that. everything is back under control now, which is good, but at the same time i have a lot of uni work to deal with and since this is my last semester i gotta make sure i do decently good.

the positive that came from all of this is that i have a pretty strict schedule for the next few months which means i have regular times i can write and as such im gonna do my best to upload regularly, every friday. i dont know if there’ll be another chapter this friday but i’ll try my best!

also this sounds really weird but honestly i channeled my inner DJ Khaled while writing this.

Characters: bucky x reader

Summary: Y/N tells Bucky that she isn’t the jealous type and so it turns into a sort of competition to see if he can make her jealous. based on this prompt by @buckyprompts​ 

Warnings: mentions of Stockholm syndrome. 

Word count: 2,250 words

Also read here: AO3

Part I, Part II,

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Weeks passed without another incident, so much so that you’d honestly completely forgotten all about Bucky’s little challenge. The entire team was scattered about on the Quinjet, each tending to their injuries, with some even tending to the wounds of the hostages you’d just rescued.

This mission had been a little different to the things you usually dealt with. You had been trailing and apprehending a businessman who was also involved in illegal international arms dealing - and by ‘involved’ you meant that he was singlehandedly responsible for about 80% of all guns and weapons bought on the black market in the entire world. The mission would have normally been something you’d leave to the international community, perhaps the team would offer their assistance to NATO or whoever, and be done with it. But this mission had been particularly personal to Tony, understandably so, and as such the whole team had gotten involved. Even Thor was on standby in Asgard, ready to travel through the realms at a moment’s notice.

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Sunday w/ czech literature.🤓📚

Today I made my second - Study w/ me! ☺️🎥 Many people asked me to do another. I wrote some czech literature notes for next week exams. Next week is going to be very busy, we have exams everyday..again.. and on friday we are going to have School ball (we prepared it-our year). Wish me luck! 🍀

btw. lately I have started listening to Russian rap 😂 even though I don’t understand Russian, I understand only Czech, Vietnamese, English and French. lol.
Jah Khalib - Szhigaja Dotla

Instagram - @ordinarylinh

Second Chances Preview

Yet another preview for the next chapter of Second Chances. Once again, I hope to have it up by Friday or Saturday.

“So you’re really leaving?”

“I am.” Riley sat down on the couch and motioned James to join her.

“And nothing I can say or do will change your mind,” he said as he sat, draping one arm across the back of the couch, almost touching her shoulder.

“No,” Riley said. “I’m going home.”

“This has been your home for the past three years,” James countered.

“No it hasn’t,” Riley explained. “Don’t get me wrong. I love it here. But it’s never been home. It’s where I ran away from home to.” Riley looked away from James at the blank wall where the pictures had been, their ghosts still visible. She stood up and looked at the wall, remembering a similar wall in a cabin in Upstate New York. “I guess I’m more like Uncle Shawn than I thought,” she said mostly to herself.

“I don’t think you’ve every mentioned an Uncle Shawn,” James said, still sprawled out on the couch. Riley turned to face him, and then pointed at a blank space on the wall.

“This was him,” she said. “It’s a photo I took of us on the beach one day. Uncle Shawn is the one who gave me my first camera and then taught me how to use it. Of course, he wasn’t really my uncle. He was my father’s best friend.

"When I was little, he lived with us. He was…jealous isn’t really the right word, but it will do. He was jealous of what my father had. He had my mother and me. Uncle Shawn never felt that he had anything or anyone. So he left. I did the same thing. All of my friends were moving on with their lives and I felt stuck. I came here more to get away from that than to actually do something. But even here was more a way station than anything else. This is where I dropped my bags while I went anywhere else. I was never really here, and once I leave, it will be like I never was.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” James said, standing up and coming over to her. “You made a definite impression on me.” He put his hand on her shoulder and she flinched away from it slightly. “But I guess you’re going back to that farmer of yours.”

Boyfriend! Changkyun
  • it took him 100 years to just get the courage to stand next to you and another decade to confess to you that he has a crush on you and would like to go out. tbh asked wonho for all the dating tips and how to seduce you into liking him back,. bad choice little one.
  • once he confessed it he stood there like a statue  for you to answer and when u said “yes” he was like “cool.. i’l pick u up at 7:00 on Friday” and when u left he screamed and ran around the building yelling at the hyungs that y’all had a date.
  • since it took him a century to just confess to you it took him another 4 months to just stand/sit next to you  around others not to mention another 8 months to even hold your hand.. it’s bc he’s worried that his hands might be sweaty or cold.. smh bby pls ur too much i’ll hold ur hands no matter what.. 
  • likes to have skinship when y’all are alone bc the hyungs always tease him and he goes super red and  they also scream like fangirls when he holds ur hand or even calls u… u can hear them yell ur name and say how I.M talks about u all the time.
  • once he becomes comfortable with skinship be ready for a 5′8   Chihuahua to be hanging on you at all times.. srsly he just comes out of no where and hugs u and just leans on u and u have to hold him back up. loves to hodl ur hand and wrap his arm around ur shoulder/waist whenever ya’ll hanging out.
  • BACK HUGS!! he will always give u back hugs no matter what the situation is tbh.. u could be cooking he’ll give u back hug, talking on the phone… back hug or just talking to someone and he’ll give u a back hug.. but it’s the most loving thing ever bc it’s way of showing love.
  • y’all always date in secret and somewhere the hyungs wont be there bc they always take u away from him and he’s worried looking for u bc he can’t find u and it’s all a mess. dates with him are simple but never boring since y’all always have something to talk about.. sometimes you guys even play board games and it’ll be super fun to spend time with him no matter what.
  • makes u have rap battles with him so he can laugh at u bc he’s a big meanie.. nah he actually loves to have u rap bc u look adorable trying to sound big and tough.. but you’re his smol bean. writes secret little raps for u and the hyungs threaten him that they’ll show it to u.
  • whenever he comes back home and u try to sleep he doesn’t let you bc he wants to talk even if you’re asleep he’ll be talking about what he’s been doin and staring at yo face and takes pictures of u.
  • keeps really embarrassing pics of u so he can use it to make u do things for him. y’all could be arguing about something and he’ll put the phone like a sword and show u the weird pic of u and u’ll be like ??? 0___0 and says that he’ll show it to the members.. and ur like -___-
  • loves to kiss ur cheek whenever y’all cuddling and plays with ur long hair. likes to rap to u when u get mad him.. and it works bc he uses his cringe worthy aegyo along with rapping
  • his kisses are always soo sweet and soft.. they’ll be a surprise kiss and he’ll run away giggling or smile really big after kissing u.. also gives u kisses that start from ur forehead and trails down to ur lips and then sometimes playfully nuzzles his face in ur neck while wrapping his arms around ur waist pulling u close to him.. bc he wants u all to himself.
  • fights with him are very rare bc he’s usually every easy to deal with but at times he won’t tell that he’s stressed or sick and u’ll get upset bc u want him to depend on u as well but after a while of him being alone he’ll confront his problems with u and it’ll be all okay.
  • whenever u go to see him while he’s getting ready for the next comeback or a performance he won’t even hesitate to just hug u ignoring everybody else as soon as he sees u in the room. ur like “I.M pls relax i’m all urs plus u kinda sweaty”.. but he just hugs u tighter bc he can never have enough of u.. but u hug him back bc he’s the sweetest little rapper.
  • his name for u in his phone is smthng silly tbh or a nickname he keeps for u. and his phone background is of u guys making the derp face and the screen server is of u sleeping on him.
  • he’ll be super protective of u when ur sad or hurt and he’ll do anything to get u to smile bc that’s his favorite thing in the world and he’ll be this protective little chinchilla who wants to keep u happy 
The Bar

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Base on the prompt “Can I buy you a drink ”  Cas meets Dean in a bar  one Friday night after a rough week at work . Not excepting much from the one night spent together .. he surprise to find himself  going back the next week…

They say when it rains it pours but in Castiel’s case not only did it pour but  it flooded.  His week had  consisted of one disaster after another .  Now that his work  week had finally come to an end  instead of going home like he normally would have  he found himself  at the little bar that was just a couple blocks down from his apartment.
   Normally Cas wouldn’t be turning to alcohol to solve his problems but  at this point  he felt  like a good couple  drink would do the trick.   He had only been inside the  small bar once or twice  and  since it was fairly early still it wasn’t crowded just yet.
   He  slip inside and made his way over to the bar where there was only one other person sitting at . Cas took a seat  at the other end where he felt he could drink in peace.  As he waited for his drink to serve he glanced around him.
 It was low lite and music was playing low from the speakers that were set about the room.
Cas happen to glanced over to the other man on the other end of the bar. He was hunched over  playing on his cell phone a half drunk beer in front of him.  
 From the little bit that Cas could see  the man was good looking but luckily before he  could get caught  staring  his drink was put I front of him.   “ here you go  sugar  anything else I can get for you ?’  the bartender  asked
” No thank you"  Cas said raising the drink to his lips and he just happen to glance back over and was startled to find a pair  green eyes watching  him intently . The man  across the bar looked away quickly ..
 Cas  looked down at his beer  wondering why his heart had suddenly picked up  in speed.  To try to resist the temptation to look back over at the stranger  again he pulled out his cell phone.
   He discover he a couple text from his brother and one from  his sister .  Cas sigh and went to reply to the texts.  He looked up from his phone and glanced at the stranger again  finding the stranger  glancing at  him  both look away at the same time .
“ should I say something ?” Cas wonder ? He normally wasn’t one to  make the first move. But  maybe that what he needed . Cas  finished off his drink in two gulps and took a deep breath putting down his phone .
He turned into his seat  and took a deep breath to say something  he wasn’t sure what he was going to say but that problem was taken care of when  he looked up and the green eyed stranger was  sitting right next to him
 He looked just as nervous as Cas felt  the stranger spoke first holding out his hand .. “ I am Dean ” he said  Cas took his hand returning the shake feeling the touch throughout his whole  body .  
 " I am Castiel  but  everyone calls me Cas for short “  he replied .  Dean grinned  ”  I dont  think  I have seen you in here before .. “ he said   Cas sigh ” yeah  well I  had a rough week “ he  replied
” Well how about I get us another drink “ Dean suggested Cas raised his eyes to meet  Dean’s a smile on his face..  He nodded  ” sounds good to me “  he replied
    The next morning Cas rolled over as the sunlight pouring in from his window  hit  him in the eye. His head started pounding as soon as he moved. As he rolled over a arm came over his middle  pulling him back into a solid chest.
For the briefest second Cas panicked trying to  remember who was in his bed . But then last night came back to him . He turned his head slightly and once again he found himself staring in   pair of bright green eyes still filled with sleep.
” Morning “ Dean  said softly watching  Cas carefully  as he though he wasn’t sure   how Cas was going to react to finding him in his bed this morning. To be honest  this was new for Cas . He never brought strangers home from a bar .
But he couldn’t pull  his gaze away from  Dean’s  and he was uncomfortable like he thought the morning after would be. ” Morning  " he said ..“ How is your head ?”  he asked earning a grin from Dean
“ good considering  how is yours?” he asked  " I do have a headache but nothing a couple dozen cup of coffee won’t cure “ Cas replied Dean chuckled   ”   a man after my own heart   “ he said
Cas sat up ” I can offer  you a cup or two  over breakfast “ he said as he reached for his shirt. Dean sat up running a hand over his face.  Before reaching down and grabbing his pants from the floor and fishing for his phone.
 One quick glance  had Dean sigh ” I will have to take a rain check on that coffee  my brother needs me “ he said as he stood up .  Cas couldn’t help but  sneak a glance as Dean quickly dressed
Memories of last  came flooding back  the feeling of his body pressed up against his..  Cas took a deep break and  concentrated on dressing.  
   Once they were both dress Cas walked  Dean to the door  as  Dean slip on his jacket    . Cas was not sure what to say at this point  .  He thought Dean would just  give a  line and disappear  out the door.
 But he did something that surprised him Dean reached out and pulled  Cas to him and before Cas could react  he was crushing his mouth against his.  It took a second for Cas’s brain to catch up with what is going on. Dean was pulling back by the time he did  so Cas grab him by his jacket pulled him back for another kiss
” As much as I would like to continue this .. “ Dean said grinning as Cas let him go . Cas nodded ” have a good day “ Cas said   Dean shot him a wink and a grin and left  down the stairs.  Cas watched and wonderful briefly if he would ever see Dean again . He sure hope he would .
 The week past  a lot more calmer than the week before  to which Cas was  very thankful  . But no matter what he did  his thoughts  reaming center around  Dean  .  He kicked  himself for not  getting his number or giving his number.
   He thought he had felt connection with Dean and he hope Dean felt it too. So maybe that why he found himself  going back to that bar that next Friday . That why he took the same seat  he had before and order the same drink .
Looking around he didn’t see  Dean  but it was still early  but the bar was a little more cowered  tonight  then last week.  He finished  his drink and order another one . The longer  he sat there the more foolish  he felt .
Maybe it had been all in his mind and Dean wouldn’t be coming back to this bar . Maybe  he would never see Dean again . The thought  made Cas very sad for some reason . He hardly  knew the man .
After finishing his 2nd drink and being there for a good two hours  Cas sigh and stood up throwing money on the bar  to leave .   ” Are you  going  somewhere so soon ?“  Cas ’s head snapped up at the voice .
    Dean was suddenly standing next to him with  a usual charming grin.  ” I was “  Cas said   ” thinking of calling it a early night “ he said .. Dean chuckled ”  Think I can  talk into  having a few drinks"  he said leaning  in Cas.. His gaze dropping to his lips
Cas’s heart sped  up  and  reaming steady not backing  up .  " I think  I can stay  for a little while. “  he said earning another grin.  "Perfect "Dean said  ordering  two more drinks
    "so did you go out tonight  looking for  me ? ”  Dean asked as him and Cas laid in bed much later that night.  Cas rolled onto his stomach and cradle his head in his arms looking at Dean.
 " Maybe “ he said ” or maybe I just really need a drink  " he said grinning  .. Dean laughed and  stretched   letting  a hand run  down his  chest and over his stomach..  Cas couldn’t help but follow  the movement as his hand disappear underneath the sheets.
 " I am sure drinking was the only on your mind “Dean said with a smirk.   Cas chuckled ” So what about you ?“  What were you doing there?”  he asked as he allowed his own hand to slid over to Dean to replace Dean’s hand .
Dean’s eyes closed  as he  let out a deep breath . “ I had plans to go there tonight anyways .. ”
he said a moan escaping as Cas began to move his hand. “ but  I was hoping to see you ”  he managed to get out as Cas squeeze.
   Dean breathing became rapid as Cas kept going pushing Dean to the edge   . It was fascinating  to watch the emotions  play across his face.  Over the last few hours  they had talked more and found they had more in common .
    It didn’t take much more to send Dean over the edge  the sight was enough to drive Cas crazy  .  Reaching over  he grab a abandon t-shirt off the floor to clean up  before Dean was rolling over and pulling him into his arms with a yawn
It felt right  so right for being so new  so instead of analyze it Cas just relax into Dean’s arm and let himself drift off
It became sort of a routine without either one of them saying .  Every Friday they find each other at the bar for drinks. Always ending up back at Cas’ apartment  in his bed . Neither one push for  anything more
 But after a couple weeks Cas began to wonder  if they could be more than Friday night drinks and Saturday mornings .  So gathering his courage Cas decided to ask Dean that tonight when he saw  him.
He walked into the  bar and went straight to the table that had become  their table  and order a drink while he waited.   He only had  drunken half of his beer when his phone lit up from a  incoming text .
 When he looked and saw it was from Dean  his heart dropped  "Can’t make it to the bar tonight have plans “   Cas didn’t bother to respond  he sigh and took a swing of his drink. He suppose that he shouldn’t have expected Dean to want to spend every weekend with him. They had never  really talked about it.    
   So   he left the bar shortly after that  heading back to his apartment trying not to think how lonely his bed would feel tonight .  He try to put that thought  out of his mind  and concentrate on what he needed to do this weekend.
He was so preoccupied with his own thoughts that at first he didn’t see someone leaning up against his door until  ” Hey Cas  "  He looked up surprised  seeing Dean  standing in front of him.
   "Dean hey  what are you doing here  I thought you had plans for this evening  ?“ he said  Dean grinned ” I do “ he said lifting up a couple bags of Chinese food.  ” I thought  that maybe instead of drinks tonight we could do Chinese and watch some Netflix “ he said .
 "Of course if you don’t want to ” Dean said   Cas shook his head  "  No I do “ Cas said pulling his keys out of his pocket and unlocking the door. He stood aside and let Dean inside the apartment .
   Much later as they lay stretched out on  the couch Cas’s back pressed up against Dean’s chest arms wrapped around Cas’s body.   ” you know  we can make this a regular thing “ Dean said softly into  his Cas’s ear  making him shiver .
 "What ?” Cas asked  "This “ Dean said as he lowered his head down kissing around Cas’s ear causing a loan groan to escape from Cas’s lip as his eyes closed and head fell back .  ” you and me  ’ he said gentle nipping
“ tell  me you been thinking about as much as I have ” he said . Dean hands skimmed under  Cas’s shirt  " I have “ Cas said as he wiggled his hips shifting . ” I think about it every night when you’re not here “ he said
 He tilted his head back where  he could find Dean’s mouth in a heated kiss.   They both groaned  and soon Cas was shifting in Dean’s arms  . Dean was already working on removing Cas’s shirt.
 "Well  we are going to work on that ” Dean said as he freed  Cas from his shirt and  then rolled him over pinning underneath him on the couch.

Feeling slightly less like death today, so gonna try to actually go be at work. It will be my first time out of the house in like a week so looking forward to that. Since it’s fandom friday and I’m feeling nostalgic about some of my writing I might queue up some of my favorite pieces I wrote for later today. 

Also I’ll probably be quiet the next few weeks, I’ve almost gotten through my commissions queue and will then need to start on my patreon art, so I expect I’ll be busy all through the month; I hope to have commissions open again by march though!

Also going to try to bang out some more writing in Feb too; I’m gonna aim for another chapter of Constellations or Antique Dreams, but if not maybe a drabble or some of Ashanna’s post trespasser shenanigans. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

First page of flash for the Friday the 13th special I shall most likely do next month :) sorry for all the copyright watermark nonsense, shit gets stolen on the interwebs. I shouldn’t have to say this, but DO NOT use these designs for anything. At all. Period. 

Anyways, I started off with mostly Colorado/nature themed stuff, including a columbine flower, dogwood flower, owl skull, fox skull, trout and wolf spider. I’m thinking of doing another page of not-so-nature related designs. What would YOU like to see on my next flash sheet?


-All packed for Mardi Gras. My flight leaves tomorrow morning. Me and my friends should have an excellent time.
-I paid my registration fee for Callaloo. No backing out now. Oxford, here I come!
-Seeeeeexxxxxx. If I was about that life, I’d get some in New Orleans.
-I think I’ll get a tattoo or piercing while I’m gone.
-Saw a double header of A Cure for Wellness and Get Out on Friday. Get Out was pretty good. ACFW was okay.
-I skipped The Internet show last night, but I have tickets for another show next week. Plus escape the room next weekend.
-“tis all.

Two things before I go to bed!

One, I just got done re-watching the whole dang thing of Sherlock..again! 

Second, my James Moriarty feels are through the roof, beyond that and up into space. It’s in the next galaxy!

So because of this, expect a little early surprise tomorrow after work. 

Also, expect another surprise on Tuesday!

Tuesdays and Fridays are when I have planned to normally put up my prompt requests…but you know, there might be another little extra something there on Tuesday that might satisfy your needs and hold you over until Friday…maybe…sorta kinda…naaaw.. 

You can never get enough of James. 

(I googled that gif, credit to whomever made it because it’s awesome!)

Goodnight peeps! 


Selfie from my fav bathroom on campus!

I’m so swamped with work this week and have noo idea how I’m still alive even tho it’s only Tuesday. I had a problem set, 5 page paper, and quiz due today, 15 page lab report due tomorrow, 20 minute presentation on Thursday, another paper and problem set due Friday, and a midterm next Monday. help

Wednesday Blues

I’m in a mood. What else is new, though? I’m upset because i’m not used to being “alone” for long periods of time. It’s not the momming part of the aloneness that’s bothersome to me. It’s when Stink is asleep, I just sit here bored out of my mind. AJ left for work at 5:30 this morning. I won’t see her until she gets home at 2:30a.m. After that, i’ll sleep next to her for three hours, and then she’ll leave again and I won’t see her until 2:30a.m. on Thursday night (technically Friday morning). It’s hard. Kudos to whomever is alone while their partner goes on business trips or vacations or whatever have you. This life is not for me.
I am dreading Stink’s visit with bio dad tomorrow. Four hours of real alone-aloneness. Ugh. I keep hoping for placement because then at least I’ll have something to occupy my mind. Another child(ren) that I don’t know like the back of my hand (Stink doesn’t, and never has, felt like a foster child to me). Someone I have to get to know, someone I have to learn to love. A new mess of emotions to distract me from the mundane days that i’ve been trudging through. 

On the other hand, my house is spotless. I have finished almost all of the laundry that’s been piled up in a never ending mound since we moved into this house. Probably about two more loads and i’ll be finished. What an accomplishment.

I’m also trying to pace myself on watching the last few episodes of Shameless, because when it’s over I don’t know what i’m going to do with my time. That being said, anyone read any good books lately? Maybe I can go to the library and check a few new things out tomorrow.