and I have another next friday

UPDATES. Please read.

Hiya, I know I been gone again. I was doing alright there for a while huh?
Well, I start college next week. I’ll be at a community college for a year at least then I’ll be movin on and transfering to a bigger and better school…hopefully lmfao.
My boyfriend of almost a year broke up with me. THAAATS a story for another day. I’m handling okay though. I was pretty beat up but I’m okay. YALL KNOW MAMA CAN SLAY A WHOLE GOTDAMN ROOM OF MEN.
I work Monday through Friday as well. Weekends off. Birthday next month!!

But I’ll be honest. I don’t have time for this blog much anymore. Or passion.
I’ve…I’ve grown out of making imagines. Of course Sammy and Deanbean will always be in my heart. And this blog will always be a part of me. It helped me through so freaking much. I love all of you. You’re all special and unique. KNOW YOUR WORTH PLEASE. PLEASE. It took me so long to find mine. 

If it’s okay, I’ll still post on here from time to time like I have been forever now (i.e. selfies, purchases, stories.), but please don’t expect anymore imagines. Maybe on the off chance I’ll upload one or two but I don’t know. I hope y’all don’t just drop me. And don’t take it personally.

Thank you for reading. Bless all of you.

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Hi guys, my school is starting again so I’ll be busy for another year. I really don’t know how it’s going to go since I’m moving to a new city and all. It’s gonna take me a while to get use to everything and even though I don’t really want to go back to school, I’m also excited to learn. I won’t be as active with my updates and will probably have to figure out a schedule. I’m thinking friday night or on weekends but we’ll see. There’s going to be a lot to post next year anyway since the members are coming back from the army and SJ will also have a comeback. :/ I hope I can cover all those. 

Anyways, I thought I’d just let you know. :)

Everyone should have returned from SummerSlam by yesterday.  And I know a few of you set to perform at MTV’s VMAs will be heading out today to prepare for that, along with those presenting or attending leaving within the next day or so.  For the rest of us, this is another off day.  We’re going to be traveling to London, England, and everyone should be settled in by Friday night.

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I think that Louis has been in London a few times while Harry did the movie in Europe. Another thought: Maybe Harry also flew home? Who knows when he's to be on set next. He could have flown on Friday already etc. Imagine them both meeting both families, meeting the puppies, just having some big family reunion 💜

*pats sofa*

Nonnie, you can come sit by me. ❤️

ngl if there’s another battle back i’m gonna be pissed off (apparently theres an episode next friday)

having one person come back every season is whatever but at this point, we could have victor in the house, someone coming back with the roundtrip if they have it in the next 3 evictions in the house, and someone ELSE coming back with another battle back. of course i’d be ecstatic if day or natalie if she got evicted to come back but in reality its STUPID

that means we could possibly have 3 people who were evicted previously in the game at final 6 ( ? or something idk if thats the right placement) just like, what a load of bullshit. having one buyback is enough. they shouldn’t have done the prejury one if they wanted to do the roundtrip and a jury buyback. like just let this season end already and move onto bb19 it’s so stupid and unfair. 

This morning was my Friday, which means…well, that I get to go back to work tomorrow morning for a manager’s meeting (hey, at least I have 26 hours off between today’s shift and the meeting, and then I’m off for another 37 hours before my Thursday night/Friday morning shift – assuming my schedule doesn’t change next week).

On the down side, I won’t be the bartender Thursday night, so no bar tips (although the bar was REALLY slow the last two nights so there weren’t a ton of tips anyway). On the upside, I have a bartender and don’t have to juggle managing a casino with tending bar. And on the other upside, when I leave work Friday morning, I’ll be leaving with a paycheck. And that generally makes for a good day.

My parents also get home on Friday, and I’m gonna give them some money towards the car. I’ve also got to warn them that with school back in session now, there’s a stretch of the drive home that is a 15mph school zone – and the cops are HEAVILY enforcing it. I can’t use cruise control to keep from accidentally going to fast at that speed (can’t set that until I’m at 25mph), so I’m kind of considering finding a route home that doesn’t go through that zone. I mean, the past two days there’s been enough traffic in that area that it’s slow anyway, but a cop pulled a U-turn and fell in behind me in that section today, and even barely touching the pedal my car wanted to go 19-20mpg (and if I didn’t touch the pedal at all, it wanted to go 10mph). I was really happy when the cop found someone else to pull over instead.

Trying to catch up with some of what I’ve missed here over the past couple of days, and I’m also going to try to stay up a little longer (even though I got up about 22 hours ago) so I can have a decent (bot not excessive) amount of sleep before my 9:00am meeting. Then I have to get back in graveyard mode after that. 

Oh, and I have a couple of noon training classes next week too, so sleep will not be plentiful for me for a while.

But overall, the job is still going groovy.

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I don't how in the world you are cranking out the dark horizon chapters so fast, but I have to say it is making me extremely happy (albeit less productive). Killian's turn to Hook is so interesting and I love how you've shown it. For your anon that asked about watching black sails, I've never seen it, but thanks to it being historical fiction and the fact that google and Wikipedia exist, if there's anything I'm confused about I just look it up, but for the most part, I haven't really needed to.

Heh. I am writing it so fast because the muse is literally not interested in doing anything else right now (and I am on vacation so I don’t have any other commitments), so that adds up to a new chapter every 3-4 days or so. Maybe not as many updates this week, because I have birthday adventures with some friends over the weekend/start of next week, but I will probably still have another chapter before Friday. Alas.

And I am glad you are enjoying it, though I am sorry it’s knocking your productivity. Sort of. ;)

hah, so i think it’s time for a personal update. so almost 2 weeks ago i ended things with the guy i had been going out with for 2,5 months, and it was the closest thing to a relationship that i’ve had since i was 17. i ended things because despite of badly wanting a relationship i had once again chosen a person mistakenly. not really a someone suited for me or even that interested in me since he hadn’t gotten over several ex’es. 

5 days after the break up i had a date with a guy who to my surprise thought it was going to be a one night stand and we ended up in a very awkward situation where i basically insisted on my boundaries and said “no” almost at the last possible moment.

next friday i have another date…

all this led me to thinking that it is only with lots of hard and hurtful mistakes i’ve learned more about what i want, to be more precise, what i don’t want, what has absolutely no chance of working, what might work and so on. i am tired but still searching, and for some reason it seems that i’m building a more rounded personality and higher self-esteem, although i still feel like i have no idea what i’m doing and every new thing feels exciting yet doomed and pointless in some way.

also i’m at the crossroads job-wise, tomorrow i’m going for a training at an eyeglasses store, which is a fancy job in sales that has only small association with medicine. i had doubts whether i will get this job so i started checking out possibility to work in an ambulance car, which would be the perfect opportunity to learn more in my last year of medschool, but it would be 17-hour or 23-hour shifts, i’d miss class sometimes and i would have to do extra work for those classes i miss and it would definitely be a more stressful job.

and all of this has happenned while my therapist was on a vacation, and i feel as far away from him as ever… i really don’t feel like he is in my life or has any significant effect on my life anymore. yet he doesn’t think i’m done with therapy. i don’t know what to do. tomorrow i have the first session after his vacation. what should i discuss?

this is so frustrating. I’ve been trying to establish care with a doctor in my city for 6 months. I’ve waited for this appointment for 3 months. Then. I get there. It’s takes 20 thousand years to check in and by the time I’m done it’s 9:17, which is past the 15 minute late window the doctor allows. So I can’t have my appointment and I have to wait another three months. How is this even possible? What is up with American healthcare? The only positive thing out of this is 4 months ago I made every appointment I could get so I have another new patient appointment scheduled next Friday. Hopefully I like the doctor because it’s the last one I could get.

Gonna take my car to the dealership and then go punch things.

((OOC: M!A Schedule and Plans for Future))

((Hey everyone! So I’ve decided to make a schedule for the M!A since I’m mentally exhausted and don’t want to overexert myself.

Days I will post (4 posts per day): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Day I won’t post: Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday

There might be only three posts tomorrow since I didn’t really do a lot today, so sorry about that, guys. Health comes first.


Also I want to collaborate with another blog in the future. Not just have a character from another blog on here, but we make posts together. Almost like a roleplay, but in comic form. This will most likely be after the next Story Arc, since I’m still not comfortable with roleplaying and the next SA will be very emotionally draining (aka I need to be prepared).

I’ll be looking around other blogs, mostly my friends, to see if they want to do something together. As I said though, it will not be for a while (since I think the next SA will be in November-December-ish). 


Speaking of the next Story Arc, while it isn’t happening for a looooong time, there is a tag I will make in case you want to block the Arc. It deals with a lot of heavy subjects, and I don’t want to make others uncomfortable. I’ll say what the tag is about a week before the Arc begins.

But yeah. Stuff about the M!A and stuff I want to do in the future.


To the anon who asked very rudely on my masterpost

No, I have not been watching the news and I do not know what happened in Milwaukee and nor at this point do I have the will or energy to listen to such hate and violence. Friday August 12th it began raining, that rain did not stop completely, it is still raining tho now only in bursts (thank god) I have friends and family that have lost everything and no news broadcasting the horror of what has happened here because nothing was on fire, no one was violently attacked or murdered by another human being, just by mother nature. she didn’t care what color you were, what party you were or even who you prayed too, she took all and left next to nothing for some and nothing at all for others. When boats were launched no one cared about color here all we cared about was life but that of course isn’t very news worthy. I was among some of the lucky ones and there was no physical damage done to my house however there was plenty of damage to my home. Yes homes can be rebuilt and material items replaced, physical reminders gone. we’re survivors, we’ve rebuilt plenty of times before and will continue to do so. Why? Because we love it here, because this is our home. Thousands of homes that were in record high water were not considered flood zones because nothing like this has happened before in hundreds of years. Does it make what happened in Milwaukee any less significant who knows, I have long since stopped watching the news, even before the waters rushed in, I refuse to watch something so obviously bias toward whatever will get them the most views and the best ratings. I watch the local news for the weather occasionally but that’s all.

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hi there

You don’t have to really read the stuff below after the keep reading tag I’m just gonna say I haven’t been on here for the last like 2-3 days and my attentions may be sparse throughout the next while (like maybe a week or two?) cause I’m gonna try and work against my hermit habits. Aka get out some and exercise more aaaand I have a job from this Friday (the 19th) till the 5th of September so that’ll be another thing but MONEY yo!

Anyways, if any of ya’ll are interested in what’s gone down the last couple days WELL

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