and I have another next friday

Today’s Goals


So I realized that daily goals aren’t very good for me because so much during my day changes that it’s hard to get done everything I want to. Sometimes articles take longer because I have more research or I get assigned higher priority ones.

Anyways, I think every Monday I’ll do a “Weekly Goals” instead and update it on Fridays just to see if that helps.

But I’ll do another day goal just for the hell of it and because I feel like I’ll stick to this since I don’t do anything on the weekends.

- Finish articles for one site (1 and a half I think) and pitch new ideas for next week

- Do articles for a new site (4 of them)

- Go to the gym because I skipped yesterday because I’M STILL SORE

- Do one article for another site (if time permits…those 4 articles are rather long ones)

- Work on TLS since I haven’t been able to the past couple of days because people keep wanting to hang out with me…weird.

- Go to my friend’s surprise Bday party (ugh)

That’s it for today! I’ll be working a SHIT TON on TLS this weekend so stay tuned for those updates.


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Now everybody stay calm. But they have to release 4 songs in 11 days.

I think we’re going to have another song on Saturday or Sunday probably during/after the livestream.
Another one on Monday or Tuesday.
One on Wednesday.
The last one pn Friday. This will be the next single, Night changes.

Basically we’re going to have a new song every two days.

Ok, you can scream now.

Livestream Draw session complete! Behold the result! Sassy ooT Ganondorf! Thanks so much to all the wonderful people that came to watch me draw and hang out! :D

I plan to do another session next weekend, and this next one will have new content relevant to the comic’s back story! So that’ll be fun. I’ll probably do it on friday evening, Michigan time. around 6ish to about 11pm. I’ll put up more specific details closer to the date.

Next comic will be done sometime later on Sunday. :)

Thanks again! :D

Notes on panel clarity

For a lyricstuck to flow clearly from one panel to another, each image must have a clear composition.

This post will focus on panel flow clarity, so examples will show multiple panels together to hopefully give you ideas of how to coordinate with other artists to make this project great!

Some basics:

Rule of thirds is a very comfortable composition. Best used for lyrics in a stanza.

This will be all for now. The next stuff I’m going to cover is how to effectively break the flow to achieve an epic effect. Will be finished by Friday when I get class off. :)


Breaking the Flow

Conveying emotion from the lyrics


Concrete Walls (technically paintings)
I’m always looking for new concrete walls so when I came across different concrete patterns on Google I decided to make a set of walls. Because I can’t make patterns I used Ilona’s wall mural mesh. The wall murals are four tiles wide and you can place them next to each other in order to fill an entire wall in your room. The set contains 8 different murals and can be found in the deco category.

As you can see in the pictures some textures are seamless and others have a small seam. If someone would like to turn the wall murals into actual patterns, please let me know and I will send you the original textures :)

Box / Mediafire

This is gift 1 of 6, I will post another gift on Friday!

So I was shorted by my employer on my paycheck this week. After calling 1000 people and complaining to my boss, they agreed to add the money that they didn’t give me onto my NEXT pay check, which i won’t get for another two weeks.
The trouble is that I’ve got two bills due on Friday that add up to 110$ total.
This isn’t the first time my job has done this, and I hate asking for help, but I’m scared to death of large overdue fees and having my credit go down more than it already has.
:’) thank you for listening to me vent. If you want to reblog this post, it’d be a great help and if you’ve got a few dollars (any penny is appreciated tbh) I’ve got a PayPal you could donate to.

Words cannot describe JK Rowling but we can try! 

‘Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.’

As you know, next Friday I’m meeting JK Rowling in Harrogate (England) at the signing event of The Silkworm and I would like to give her a little present for her birthday (next July 31st!).

Last year’s present was a complete success and she wrote me back saying 'thank you, thank you, thank you!’ so why don’t we give her another little present this year? I’ll give it to her personally next Friday and she’ll read it!

All you have to do is:

1.Choose 7 words to describe JK Rowling (or just 7 words you associate with her)

2. Send them on a Tumblr message here and put your name with them if you want it to appear in the present.

3. Reblog this post so everybody can get involved!

With all your words I’ll make a little book, every message you send me will be a page on the book, so you can send me all the messages you want (but 7 words in each!).

Deadline is July 15th! Get involved! :D

My happiness only lasted for 24 minutes.
Now, I have to suffer for 7 more days for my next 24 minutes of happiness.

AUs I'd Like To See 02
  • Oh God we’re both locked inside the mall and the only stores that are open suck AU
  • It’s Black Friday and we both want the last ____ item AU
  • I still have my old Yu-Gi-Oh deck, do you wanna play AU
  • This line is taking forever to move forward so why don’t we talk to one another to pass the time AU
  • I can’t draw to save my life but you draw like a pro and now I feel bad AU
  • The stall I’m in has no toilet paper and now I’m stuck between asking the person in the stall next to mine for some or staying quiet AU
  • Let’s walk around the neighbourhood and look all the Christmas lights together AU
  • You’re writing a book and I’m your more-or-less editor AU
  • I’m not saying that you’re wrong but I’m right AU
  • Ugly Betty AU
  • Devil Wears Prada AU
  • I’m ___ years old and I still don’t know how to drive, you should totally teach me AU
  • Watching our old childhood cartoons and oh my God all these fucking innuendos that are in them AU
  • She’s The Man AU
  • I didn’t know that was the one you pressed to hit, I’m still trying to figure out the buttons so don’t kill my character AU
  • Let’s try a DIY it shouldn’t be that hard AU
  • Flipped AU
  • We’re going to have to work together if we’re going to get through this AU
  • Have you watched that one show yet? Well you should AU
  • The ending sucked and I need cheering up AU
  • Battle Royale AU
  • I don’t actually like Pumpkin Spice Lattes but I pretend I do so you’ll still like me AU
  • Oh god my friends just told my crush I liked them AU
  • We both have conversations on our balconies across from one another every night AU
  • Avoiding mistletoe like the plague until someone finally got me under it AU
  • I found this diary lying around and -guiltily- started reading it and I’m falling for the person who wrote in it and I don’t even know them AU
  • John Q AU
  •  Unstoppable (2010 film) AU
  • Pirates of the Caribbean AU
  • Cracking knock knock jokes back and forth with one another AU 
Valentines Day tomorrow/today

heres to us who’ll be inside reading elsanna fanfics and stuffing chocolate in our faces

Happy Friday friends! I have the winner of my Love, Chloe giveaway for you. Congrats to @bribookishconfessions! 💃🏻 please dm with 24 hours to claim your prize. And a huge thank you to everyone who entered 🙌🏻 keep your eyes out because I have another huge giveaway coming up in the next couple of weeks. I also have an amazing giveaway to celebrate 20k followers going on right now so check out the post a few back on the details! .
On another note, I just had some bookmail show up that I’ve very patiently/impatiently been waiting for and I can’t wait to show it to you!
What’s your #fridayreads today? I’m on book 5 of Elle Kennedy’s Killer Instinct series! .

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Poetry Week event for all you fans???

Hello to those out there in this small world in this vast space! I’ve been thinking about the Poetry Week event and since it was in April that the episode had been released and it’s so far away from now. And since there are a few out there that would like to hold our own even for this and have a week of poetry all of you fans of Welcome to Night Vale (or if you would like to just draw some art of a poetry, like a collab with a friend, or do fanart of the Episode Poetry Week that would be fine). I was thinking about holding it sometime in the next month from Monday the 29th of Sept. to Friday the 3rd of Oct. and probably have another on in April (a biannual) Poetry Week on this blog. 

If there are some of you that would love to participate, then I need feedback on this for it to be followed through, if there aren’t that many participants than we’ll try again when April comes up. Mostly because I have held some things that haven’t has enough people to participate. So I just want to make sure that there are some of you that would like to just share this so we can have this happen by the time October comes up. If you would love to participate then just like and reblog so then it can have your support and also others may see if they would like to join in.

[[ More information below ]]

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I met Daniel Avidan!

Story time: It was after the second show on Friday the 29th. We had went across the mall to the bathrooms cos I had unfortunately gotten sick.
After all that we had to call our cab to take us back to our hotel (will have another post about cab rides and shit)
He said he’d meet us outside target which happened to be right next to Levity Live.
While walking in that direction we saw Danny talking to someone by himself, and no one else was around.
We approached him calmly and asked if he wasn’t too busy could we get a picture with him.
He was excited and said ‘of course’ and said it was no big deal.
I think I was first cos my friends are awesome.
First thing he said was 'nice rush shirt’ and I dorkly replied 'thanks I wore it for you’
I took the first selfie but my hands were shaking so bad and so he was like 'do you want me to take it?’ And I said 'yeah, kinda’ so he took the second one. It wasn’t great but Dan has huge hands so whatever. Haha. My friend took the other two and honestly I think they are adorable.

So after the picture I turned to him and said 'hey I wanted to let you know that I recently came out as trans and when picking a name for myself I wanted someone that inspired me and I thought of you so now I go by the name danny’ (or something along those lines I was so nervous) and he was like 'woah, holy shit! No one has ever said anything like that to me’ he was really honored. He gave me a huge hug and he thought it was so cool. I told him he’s such a huge inspiration to me as far as creativity and music and stuff. I probably said I loved him but honestly I can’t remember.

He was just so sweet tho. He didn’t have to take pictures with us but he did and when I was talking to him he gave me his undivided attention and seemed like he really cared about what I had to say. I still can’t believe I met him and talked to him and got to tell him I fucking named myself after him.

Also Danny is skinny af, like hugging him, Jesus. But man, what a nice dude.

Nothing like a pair of awkward dorks having feelings about one another and not CATCHING ON THAT THE FEELING IS MUTUAL, COME ON NOW GUYS GET IT TOGETHER ^_-

And that’s it for this scene! ^_^ The next bit is a little add in before the chess scene that I wanted to do, it’s a two pager, so I’ll post a batch post of this scene on Friday, and then hopefully by Tuesday, the next scene should be ready to post together ^_^ Then, on to some chess ^_-


Previous Page // Next Scene 

The first scene in series, First Talk in Haven, can be found on Tumblr or Deviant Art, where you can also find more of my Dragon Age comics! The previous scene, Safe Return, is on Tumblr and Deviant Art too!

Or read all the scenes on the main Bellanaris site!


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As excited as I am about all this, I got alot of planning to do in the next couple days. Which also means continuing to bust my butt until friday (which is when I’ll need to have all the funds together to pay the down payment).

With how I set it up with the owner, technically I’d be paying another $500 on the down payment of $5000 (which I have technically). Because of this my monthly payment would be lowered to $825 instead of $850.

SO - hella amazing big news right?!? Yes. Very much so.

My currently goals right now after all this:

1.Transfer the money so I can pay the down payment friday.

2. Make $500 to pay off the rest of the down payment (which I can pay early on or next month with the other half of the rent)

So this is the first step. The first few steps and I need to kick into my second wind.


Not only do I now have a home, but I want to make it REALLY OBVIOUS that any further help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Please do take a gander at all these things because I want to be sure to get what i can done before I settle in to my usual day to day over there. I’ve got bills I have to still pay and on top of that, on top of that - monthly rent of course. I don’t want to get in there and suddenly be able to NOT pay anything as I’m sure all of you understand.




Thank you so much to those who’ve commissioned me thus far and those who’ve donated. I intend to do something special for those who’ve donated as well. I’m looking at aloooot more stress but ITS WORTH IT NOW MORE THAN EVER.

“The girl who love macarons and absolutely detests studying, I’m aminyan aka Amina duJean! I’ve come to Japan to live by myself at age of 18, this year.”

Thank you for everyone’s support in miss iD! I’ve gotten support from America, Japan, etc! Thanks so much. The second midterm total rankings were released and for the second week in a row I’ve made the top 40, meaning if I keep at this pace or faster by next Friday, I will most likely advance to a finalist, where I will have another photo shoot with Kodansha and an interview.

For those unfamiliar, Kodansha is a major major publisher (think Attack on Titan etc). This contest, miss iD(idol/identity) is for girls who don’t fit the traditional script/girls who will be idols of the new age/shows identity.

For how to vote and more information, please look at my other post!

Please keep watching my YT video! It also counts for votes 💗😆

Heyyy sorry, I was supposed to make an announcement yesterday but forgot about it. 

It’s kind of a POORLY PUT TOGETHER PAGE on my Storenvy since I’m still working out the details of the book (including the cover, which will be changed). It’s a placeholder in my store for now, but you can still preorder if you wish! I will be altering previews over the next couple of days.

Reminder that the shirts close on December 5th Friday at midnight PST. I’ll be raising the price of the unisex shirts starting tomorrow to $18 (rest assured, the ones who have already paid do not need to pay extra). 

I’ll make another announcement when I finalize the cover!!

Thanks for reading -v-/

Had a blast last night at Fan Appreciation Night! I heard we served over 400 floats!! Insane! 🙌 We’re going to have a bunch of events happening this Fall at The Soda Parlor! We’re doing another Fan Appreciation Night next month, In October were having a Fall Collection Release Party & the 1 Year Anniversary of the Soda Parlor opening! November we’re going to have the 2 annual Black Friday tournament! These are just to name a few but thanks to everyone who came out last night! 😊 @olanrogerssupply

900 Follower Drawing Giveaway!

So, I didn’t really have a whole lot of time to prepare for this one, but I’m ready enough to post the rules:

The way this giveaway works is raffle-style, and whoever wins gets a drawing by me of them in one of their cosplays!


- There will be 3 winners. 

- Likes and reblogs each count for one entry. (If you follow my main blog, skycosplays, it counts as another entry!)

- Winners will be announced next Friday, January 15th. If any of the winners do not respond within 24 hours, a new one will be chosen.

- The drawings will probably take a couple of days/a week to complete, don’t rush. These will be hand drawings.

And now for the rules!

- As usual, you must be following cos-tips to participate in this giveaway.

- No NSFW blogs.

- No giveaway blogs. Reblogging to side blogs is okay!

I think that’s about it! Message if you have any questions!