and I got a lot of weird looks

Greetings, my devoted followers.  Many of you have been wondering with your senpai has gone in this time of extreme weirdness.  Mysterious earthquakes, UFO sightings and chunks of fruit salad washing up on the beach have all been seemingly ignored by this online encyclopedia of unearthly oddities.

But fear not, because I HAVE been documenting ALL of the things keeping Beach City weird for my latest project - a Keep Beach City Weird BOOK!  This is what I got so far.  

Pretty good start, right?  Now all I have to do is write that chapter.  And then a few more chapters.  And then find a publisher.

Look, making a book is a lot harder than I thought, and it has been sucking up all my time.  Not only have I neglected the blog, but I have had to cut back on my shifts at the Fry Shop.  So until those book checks start rolling in, I have decided to bring in some big name sponsors to Keep Beach City Financially Solvent.  So please enjoy this sponsored content courtesy of… sigh… GUACOLA.


I know, I know, you’ve already heard the World’s First Guacamole Soda advertised on every podcast out there, but I’m here to share my personal endorsement of this… ugh… “extreme soda snack that is not at all whack.”  I’ve tasted Guacola and I can confirm that, technically, it is edible.  Although sometimes you have to chew it.  But I’m sure Guacola has lots of other great uses, like mortaring in a brick wall or clogging a drain that runs too smoothly.  

So do your throat a favor and order a case today!  Guacola will ship a case right to your door (provided your door is not in one of the 17 states currently involved in the lawsuit against Guacola Inc, a subsidiary of Gluggman Industrial Adhesives).

Guacola.  It’s a soda that pays people to say they like it, so you know it’s good.


Here I am.. in all my skateboarding glory! I don’t know if I’m plus size or not - and I don’t care really. Still struggling with my body image most days, but stuff is getting better and I cherish this body, for what it’s able to do - not how it curves and bends. I thank it every morning, for being this strong vessel for me to feel climaxes and lows of life.

This journey of selflove is a combination of so many things; From being a dancekid which didn’t look like all of the other girls, and being a weird teenager, with curvy features - to this woman I have become.
I’ve done a lot of sports to test my limits and it’s been one hell of a ride! But… nothing felt like the first real ride on my board or the first slams: where I hit the ground, got bad bruises, and almost smashed my glasses. I was back on the board for full speed again in 5 minutes!

It’s a tiny thing and I’m no champion at this. I don’t ride on verts or rails yet, but thidsmakes me feel so badass! Skateboarding has honestly taught me to take my kicks and love every minute of it.
I’ve never thought I was able to do it because of my size or weird joints - but there I am… riding a fucking skateboard.

Be happy, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid getting bruises - life is a beautiful thing and fucked up bodyimages shouldn’t stop us from what we want.

Feel free to send me a message if you wanna talk - I love new people 😃

SnO RokuBeni parts ch. 33 summary?

DISCLAIMER: I’m still learning Japanese so please forgive any mistakes -since I probably have plenty of them- this is in no way a translation and was done just because a lot of persons asked me about the newest chapter, it was supposed to be a small summary of the RokuBeni parts but it got a bit large, sorry about that. If it sounds weird in english it’s because I suck at english too… LOL

+ Benio get’s out of her room, she has been there for a while all depressed, she decides to at least take a bath. She sees herself in a mirror and notices how awful she looks -Benio, my dear, you have been crying non-stop I’m sure, it’s fine- Surprise, Rokuro was also taking a bath, Benio has a violent outburst while Rokuro tries to defend himself by saying how he entered the bath first.

+ In the living room, Benio apologizes to Rokuro for losing her composure. Rokuro says that it was also his fault. They are acting rather awkward to each other. Rokuro asks Benio if she can go out with him for a bit. They are in a graveyard, Rokuro is searching for a tomb, he finds it and Benio asks about the tomb. Rokuro answers that it’s the Hinatsuki kids tomb.

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I’ll Make Sure

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Requested by anonymous:  Hey! i love ur blog and your writing. Can you please do a Dylan O'Brien imagine where him and y/n have been dating for a while and live together. And one day when Dylan is filming late, someone tries to break into their apartment/house but she escapes and calls the cops. And y/n is really scared after so Dylan comforts her, with a lot of fluff. Thnx so much :)


WORDS: 645

WARNING: violence(?)

A/N: Thank u very much :)I changed a bit, I hope u like it.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I was almost finishing reading my new book when I got a text from my boyfriend, saying that he will have to stay for one more hour on set. I closed my book and walk to the bathroom, I heard a noise, and a weird voice, I look and I see someone trying to break my door, I run to the bathroom and lock the door, I get my phone and call the police.

“Hello, this is…”

“Please, someone is trying to break into my apartment right now, I need help.”

“Ok, calm down, what’s your name?”


“Ok, Y/N tell me your address and I’ll send someone to your house right now! And try to calm down, don’t try doing anything.”

I gave her my address and she says that they’re coming. I deal Dylan’s number and I hear more noises, someone try to open the bathroom’s door and I almost scream.

“Open the door or I’ll break it!”

I don’t answer.


“Please take whatever you want but don’t do that.” I cry.

The guy kicks the door and I scream. I held the door but the was kicking so hard that it was almost breaking.

“Please.” I cried. “Stop.”

Dylan wasn’t answering his phone and the police wasn’t here yet.

The guys breaks the door and I fall, he holds my arm tightly and shows me that he has a knife.


“Shut up or I’ll hurt you!”

He throws me on the couch and looks at me.

“Please don’t hurt me. You can take whatever you want, I have some money.”

“Great, great, shut up.”

I hear the police and the guy looks at me.

“You called the cops!”

He held me again and I cried, the police entered my apartment and pointed their guns to the guy.

“Let her go!” One of them said. “Let her go or we will shoot you!”

I closed my eyes and the guy pressed the knife on me.

“Please don’t!” I yell.

When he’s about to hurt me I heard the gun and I scream, he falls and I run as fast as I can. I get out the apartment and there’s others cops there, I couldn’t stop crying.


I looked to my right and I saw Dylan trying to get thought the cop. He pushes the cop away and runs in my direction, I hug him tightly.

“Babe, are you ok? Are you hurt?”

I couldn’t say anything, I just cried even more.

“It’s ok, I’m here. You’re safe now. I’m sorry for leaving you alone.”

“Sir, does she want to go to the hospital?” I hear the cop.

“No, she’s fine, just scared.”

“Ok. We got the guy. We will stay here tonight to make sure nothing is going to happen.”

“Ok. Thank you.” Dylan said.

“Dylan.” I cried.

“Are you ok? Look at me, babe.”

I look at him and dry my tears.

“I’m here. Is everything ok? Sorry for not answering the phone. I should have come home.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Are you hurt?”

“I think I scratched my arm when I fell but…” I look at him. “He was going to hurt me, h-he had a knife and…”

“Shhh, it’s ok. I’m here now. No one’s ever going to touch or hurt you again.” He kissed my forehead. “Do you want to get inside?”

I nod and we enter the apartment, the door was broken, and the bathroom’s door too, Dylan closed our room’s door and locked it.

“I think you need to rest a bit.”

I nod again and he looks at me.

“I’m so sorry. I’ll take the day out tomorrow and buy a new door, well, two doors. Ok?”


“I love you; no one will ever do this to you. I’ll make sure. I promise.”

“Thank you, Dyl.” He hugs me.

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Hi I'm looking for a fic where Oliver and Felicity go on a buisness trip to Russia. I don't remember much but I do remember they were staking out a Russian group and Felicity got pulled out of the car while Oliver was inside and Oliver had to say some weird shit in Russian to make them think that she was "his" so they wouldn't hurt her and idk they were staying in the same hotel suite and they ended up together in the end and ye lots of protective Oliver and I'm pretty sure Isabelle was in it.

What Happens in Russia…

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Sorry this may be a lot but you do not have to answer them all if you do not want to.... 🐰👀😘🐾🎁🌺

-I’ve told Remy all my secrets so :P
-It was really weird actually, it started with Lala and I shopping and we went to look for some clothes and we pushed aside some hangers where Pyro and Bobby were making out and then they were like ‘oh hey let’s join you’ and they did and we got a bunch of clothes then went to a bar where Laura was and we all got drunk
-Remy is the best in the whole world, don’t know what I’d do without him, he’s perfect
-I’m scared of wasps and yellow jackets the most, those little fucking shits, I don’t think I’ll ever overcome them
-Remy never fails to make me happy, also cats
-Just English, I wanna learn French though

Interesting day

Lets recap:

  • Missed my follow up appointment with my doc about trans stuff
  • Had to wait an hour and a half for the next
  • Got referral to Gender Identity Clinic, although also heavily misgendered
  • Got pet hamsters on a whim
  • Severely upset my girlfriend with tactlessly not-thinking
  • Had a smoothie for breakfast and a milkshake for dinner and not much else
  • Overheated, a lot
  • Bought a fan, for me and for the hamsters
  • It took visiting 6 stores to find one that had any in stock.
  • Alienated my housemates acting troop as she introduced me to them as Kat and her and I was in boymode and they all looked weirded out
  • Spent a lot of today sat in traffic travelling not very far at all
  • Did no work.
  • Like none.
  • Again.
  • Girlfriend is still very upset
  • Its still very warm
  • Bedtime?

this is crash, bandicoot, he does lots of spins and yells and shiiiiit, so, thiiis is craaaaaaash, this is craaaaaaaash, he will proooooooooooooooob-ably kill you deeaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

look it’s aerith, she’s kinda hot, look at her weird lookin hair, she’s got a convoluted plot, she’s got poweeeeeeeeeers n shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit,

look it’s sephirothhhhhhhh,, oh fuck here he comeeesssssssss




for your crossover au thing i just want to be a part of

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hi! i was wondering what kinda area you live in, like is it more rural or urban, or mountainous or shore? pokemon types change with area, and i saw you caught one of my favorites so i wanted to get an idea of what kind of place i should be looking :) sorry if this is weird, i love pokemon and i got all excited!!

I’m mostly around the Valley in LA. I work at CN so I’m around Burbank a lot.

So! The Amsterdam trip! We actually got back already yesterday morning but I’ve been too tired to write anything about it and now it seems most of the things I planned to write have slipped my mind. Anyhow, we had a great time! We stayed on a boat which was really nice, and we walked around a lot, visited the Van Gogh museum, went on a guided canal tour and tried some herring (it was sooo goood!!!). Though it’s funny how, when we planned our trip we decided not to go to some country too far south since neither me or my brother does too well in hot weather. And that’s what we got anyway. I sort of died a little. 

Oh but most importantly!!! I finally got to meet @vogelvrind IRL!!!!! :D :D :D We went for lunch, walked around for a bit and looked at all the weird stuff in tourist stores and talked a lot and it was great

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hi ok I really enjoyed the update and y'all did a great job, the art is a+ and the character development is beautiful, but also gamzee's dialogue has a lot of weird verb constructions like "I was being to think" and stuff like that got used over and over, it sounds a little awkward

Hmm, Gamzee’s speech does tend to be constructed in unconventional ways, but it’s possible we created more of a pattern with them than canon does. We’ll look into it!

Thanks for letting us know, and I’m really glad you enjoyed the upd8 overall :o)

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I've been thinking about mermaids design from apocolypse, and I've come to the conclusion that the weird placement of the tail is supposed to represent them turning into legs in reference to the little mermaid story.

Yeah, it’s a real thing that happens in actual mermaid statues:

I was also thinking that I really can’t say the Mer-meido concept is that bad.

I mean, what’s bad is just the idea of this being in SMT, but I think the actual art is a lot more fun than the uncomfortable final product. (PERVERT DOI indeed)

Just take a look at this facial expression:

It’s like she just got hit on by this guy:

Yikes. Stay strong.

im passing…. a lot during this camp. ive gone into public mens restrooms with no issues whatsoever and the couple times i went into the womens out of fear i got weird looks. random ppl who are giving us presentations or whatever are using male pronouns. this is fuckin crazy. 

tbh i have no tips on how to grow ur hair cos i dont follow any of them…i just never cut my hair and take care of it as well as i can, i use lots of fancy conditioners and i shampoo only 2-3 times a week and rarely brush it .. otherwise its just years & years of growing it out & only cutting the ends & my curls / waves r natural but i get them to look better by literally never brushing my hair cos otherwise itll be frizzy nd weird
BUT i can give u lots of tips i just dono if theyll work super well cos i dont use them lol
i can give u ALL kinds of skincare tips tho hmu for that, ive suffered severe acne for Years nd ive finally got it mostly under control so ive tried EVERYTHING
and i can give u tips on good hair products !! pls hmu if u need any tips lmao i love to help

I think one of the things about Sevitus/Severitus that really gets me, specifically the idea that Severus plays an active role/raises Harry through infancy, is that baby faces are squishy. Any one who sees Snape and Harry together is going to assume they are father and son. And after years of this going on Snape will probably forget exactly what James Potter looked like. Raising a child takes up a lot of energy, he ain’t got time to actively maintain that grudge shit.

Veteran!father Snape finally pulling out pictures of Harry’s parents to show him, looking at James and tiredly thinking ‘Ew, they do look alike.’

And then just showing them to Harry like it’s not a big deal. They’ve been through too much, fought to hard for this to really affect either of them negatively.