and I got a lot of weird looks


I’m sorry if this is weird, I thought it was kind of cute, but I don’t know…

Zayn remembered the first time he met you as if it was that very night. He got nostalgic over that day a lot when he watched you sleep. He had gotten on after you.  You had fallen asleep on the tube on the way back home. It was late. There were few people awake and about this hour. Even fewer on the train. He noticed there was a guy or two watching you with a look that he didn’t like at all. He tried waking you. You grumbled five more minutes, and that you were awake. So at the next stop he scooped you up into his arms and carried you to his flat. He knew you would recognize him because you were wearing a sweatshirt that said ‘1D AF’ across it. He thought about how insane he’d be if one of his sisters had fallen asleep on the train and someone else got a hold of her.

So Zayn carried you. Your skin was warm and clammy and he had a good mind to take you to the hospital. Because he thought your skin was going to melt. But he was being selfish that night and he just wanted to go home without drama. You were sleepy…you moaned a bunch about how you didn’t feel well and he shushed you. “You can sleep, darling,” he said gently to your slurred words. He pulled your sweatshirt off. You were left in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He really wanted to take your jeans off, but he knew how uncomfortable that would make you.

So obviously he didn’t.

Instead he put a cold cloth on your forehead and asked you to hold it together to change into a pair of his shorts. You put the shorts on backwards, but overall it was a win. He fed you cold medicine and made sure you weren’t overheated as you slept. When your fever seemed to stabilize he felt comfortable enough to leave you in his bed and sleep on the couch.

He checked on you every hour or so feeling your forehead and making sure you weren’t dehydrated. He pulled one blanket off you and he covered you with just the sheet. You were beautiful when you slept. Even sick, you were gorgeous. Your hair was long and swirled around your head against his pillow reminding him of the sweetest ocean waves that curled like the imaginary ones seen in cartoons. He thought you were Sleeping Beauty. 

He made the blinds close lower and he let you sleep for a long while. He slept on the couch. Then in the morning he checked on you again to find you still asleep. He woke you–he didn’t want your brain to have melted from the fever you had. Your eyes fluttered open. Once you gathered your bearings you noticed this was not your apartment. And Zayn Malik was in your vision. This had to be a joke.

“Is this a dream?” You asked. He chuckled.


You blushed and looked at the bed shyly. “Then I’m dead. Because Zayn Malik is looking at me and I just woke up and I have drool and snot all over my face,” you said. “So this is heaven or a dream.”

He laughed a bit more. “Neither, love,” he said. “And you’re doing well on snot, I may have to charge you for the drool on my pillow,” he joked as you blushed. He helped you sit up so you could have some fluids enter your system.

He spent the day convincing you to stay another night so he could keep an eye on you while you weren’t feeling well. You watched superhero movies, talked well into the night on a cough syrup high, and ordered pizza. Zayn never wanted you to leave. He wanted to know more about you. Wanted to know everything.

You were amazed he kept talking. Zayn was given the mysterious title–but after an entire of day of talking to him, you didn’t know how you could possibly think that. He seemed like an open book. There was so much you didn’t know but so much you could see. You felt blessed that Zayn opened up to you. You figured he didn’t do that with a lot of people.

“I uh…I don’t talk to a lot of people like I talk to you,” he said quietly and looked at the couch cushion that separated the two of you.

You smiled gently. “Your secret’s safe with me,” you promised and squeezed his hand. He grinned weakly and bit his lip a bit unsure. But after a month of talking to you, the paparazzi didn’t know you two were dating, none of his secrets had been spilled to the tabloids, and you had proven yourself more than trustworthy. He was amazed he found such a beautiful and sweet girl. There weren’t enough of you on the planet and he was so happy he literally found you.


Five months later, you were sleeping on the train again. But this time you were sleeping against his shoulder. He smiled as he looked down at you and he scooped you into his lap. You curled up a bit and made it easier for him to carry you. You used to protest, but now you just accepted it.

“Thank you,” you whispered to him as he held you.

“For what, bird?” He asked.

“Thank you for taking me off the train that day,” you said thankfully.

“I didn’t know you were missing a piece of heaven,” he chuckled. You smiled against his neck and pecked a line of kisses along his jaw.

“Really Zaynie,” you whispered and lightly stroked his cheek. “You know what might have happened,” you trailed off. “You saved me that day…every day.” He didn’t like to think about it too, too much or he started going insane. He didn’t want you to take the train alone, ever. Especially at night.

You sleepily sighed and he squeezed you to him. When you got to the appropriate stop he lifted you up and pulled you close to his chest carrying you back to his apartment. “Zayn,” you said softly as he laid you down on his bed. You took your shirt off and he smiled dreamily at you as you blushed before he pulled one of his T-shirts over your head.

“Yes, bird?” He asked as he pulled your pants down. It wasn’t in a sexual kind of way. It was sweet and you told him from a fangirl perspective, he’s allowed to pull your pants off any time of the day. He laughed at the idea but him being so busy there was still so much you hadn’t gotten around to in your relationship. He regretted it, but you wouldn’t trade a second of your time with him.

You bit your lip. As he sank into bed beside you. It was warm and cuddly and you were so incredibly happy to be with one of the most beautiful people in the world. “I–I’m not really good with words and I don’t know when and if is the right time to say them, but–” He watched you struggle with a smirk.

“I love you too, baby,” he whispered and kissed your forehead. “Go to sleep,” he said softly. Your heart almost popped at the casualness of his words and how simple it was. He loved you. You bit your lip and Zayn’s eyes slipped closed as he held you loosely to him with one hand on your hip as you faced one another. “Go to sleep, baby, you’ll be tired in the morning,” he said gently.

“I need a minute,” you told him. He sighed and rolled his eyes and opened them to look at you.

“Go ahead,” he chuckled. You rolled over on the other side of the bed away from him and kicked your feet and giggled into your pillow and shouted “ZAYN MALIK LOVES ME!” Into the pillow case. Zayn smirked and rolled his eyes at your fangirl performance you rolled back over to him. You smiled shyly at him. “You good now?” He asked. He loved when you did that. You were literally adorable. You never overdid it and you always made him giggle.

“Yes,” you smiled sweetly and pressed your lips over his gently and he chuckled on your mouth. “I love you,” you said softly.

“I love you, too, Sleeping Beauty,” he cupped your face and pressed a kiss to your forehead. You giggled excitedly and burrowed closer to him. He rolled his eyes again and wrapped you closer to his chest. He kissed the top of your head and sighed. He thought you were silly, but he loved you anyway.

He loved a girl that could sleep as much as him.

today was actually pretty good. :) Been running a lot of errands, disinfected Gucci’s terrarium, and got in a lot of good practice for tomorrow’s show! I’m ready, despite how weird things have been lately they’re really looking up right now @_@ 

So the 1d-artists-community has proposed this wonderful collaboration and what else came immediately to my mind if not hippie-goober extraordinaire, Mr. Harry Styles, and the obvious fact that his true calling in life is to be a free-loving, tree-hugging, animal-rescuing bongo player for your run-of-the-mill indie-folk band with the psychodelic roots and that long ass name you can barely say on one breath. 

And then there’s this kid.


Aaron + Charlie | 2.15

“It’s like ‘The Matrix’.”

I play a lot of dress up games and yeah a lot of them are garbage but I don’t care. These ones though are really good. Most of them are all in the same format by the same creator, but they all have snap, layering, really great customization and some even have a layers panel. So yeah if I have any followers that play dress up games, here you go, I hunted a bunch down for you.

evening gown creator
street style dress up 
wedding lily 
winter lily 
rococo costume creator 
easter lily 
scary lily’s halloween 
manga lily 
summer lily 
sci-fi geek dress up 
ascension couple creator 
videogame avatar creator 
mega steampunk dress up 
mega street fashion dress up 
mega action heroin creator 
mega wedding day dress up 
mega geek girl creator 
a bunch of other games


Theory time!

Ok, so there’s been a lot of changes with Qunari design between 3 games. A lot of that can be attributed to different game engines and limitations, but let’s imagine that it’s not.

In Origins, we meet Sten. He’s hornless, which is a Big Deal in Qunari culture, but looks a lot like a really big human. In DA2, the Qunari are very different- they’ve all got horns, black sclera, and claws. Much more intimidating. In Inquisition, the horns are still there (unless you rolled a hornless Adaar), but the sclera is white and no claws.

So let’s imagine that these are all valid Qunari physiologies (is that the right word?). We know that the Qun is strict on who gets to mate with you- the Qunari want the strongest, the smartest, the best. I’d argue that a Qunari’s appearance is (to an extent) pre-determined by the job the Qun ideally wants them to fill. Do they need more spies? Soldiers? Farmers?

And here’s the thing- Sten, the Arishok, and Bull have different designs. They also all have different jobs. Sten was part of the army, but was acting as a scout. The Arishok wanted to know about the Blight, so he went to find out. Besides the fact that he’s incredibly tall, Sten could sort of pass as a human. Wear a helmet, don’t talk a lot, blend in and try to learn what he could. So “blending in” is good.

The Arishok, and all the Qunari with him, are part of the core Qunari army. They’re a far cry from regular humans- big horns, claws, black eyes. They’re terrifying, and that’s what they want. On the battlefield, being able to scare your opponent (aka all of Thedas) is a huge advantage. Also having claws is undoubtedly a great asset in a fight.

Bull is somewhere in the middle of the Arishok and Sten. He’s there to gather information and spy, but he’s nowhere near quiet about it. Having an enormous wrack of horns is great for intimidating people, but the claws and black eyes are, I guess, a little too much. Humans have to be comfortable hanging out with him if he wants to get them to talk, after all.

And Adaar, who was born outside the Qun and Par Vollen, didn’t necessarily have the gene pool for claws/black sclera.

So yes, that’s my sort-of convoluted take on Qunari designs.

I got bored so started looking for the weirdest things it’s possible to buy on Amazon...

I was not disappointed - I mean what is…

1. Uranium Ore - $39.95

“The quality of this Uranium is on par with the stuff I was bying from the Libyans over at the mall parking lot, but at half the price! I just hope the seller does not run out, because I have many projects on my list including a night vision sasquatch radar, an electromagnetic chupakabra cage, a high velocity, aerial, weighted Mothman net and super heated, instant grill cheese sandwhich maker.” Helpful Customer Review - 5 Stars.

Complete bargain right here for a mere $39.95

And who would want…

2. Canned Dragon Meat - $13.95

“I was a little disappointed that there was no warning label on the can alerting consumers that after eating this that they would sh#t fire for three days. On my last trip to the bathroom the shower curtains melted and the wallpaper caught on fire, quickly spreading into the attic. I managed to throw a wet towel around my seared bottom and crawl to a neighbor’s house where I called 911. Although the fire department responded quickly, they had to call in additional fire departments from surrounding counties to assist with the rapidly spreading blaze. After several hours they finally enlisted the aid of the local airport and brought in a sprayer using Class A Fire Retardant Foam to put out the fire. Sadly, by the time the flames were finally extinguished the town was reduced to ash leaving only the carousel at the mall intact.” 3 Star Review.

Yours right here for a mere $13.95.

I just don’t…

3. Liquid Ass - $9.05

“My bottle of liquid ass arrived in the mail the other day. I wanted to try it at home before unleashing it at work. Entering the kitchen, I sprayed one tiny little “poof” and waited. Within one minute, the kitchen smelled as if an entire college football offensive line had overdone it at the taco stand the previous night.It was so bad that the cat came into the kitchen and was scraping the bare tile floor with his paw as if he was trying to cover up a huge invisible turd! I’ve owned other fart sprays that didn’t quite smell “right”. But Liquid Ass really smells like the real deal.” 5 Stars.

It can be your own here for a $9.05.

I can’t…

4. Dancing With Cats - $11.25

“A quote from a cat dancer: “At those levels, an unstable etheric oscillation could collapse into an astral vortex and suck my spiritual reserves into a state of negative sub-matter.” Any author who can publish that sentence with a straight face deserves to sell as many books as they can.” 5 Star Review.

Dance with your cat right here.

None of this makes sense…

5. Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken - $7.99 

“Any serious situation can be deflated by the introduction of a rubber chicken, but traditional rubber chickens are so impractically large for daily use. This vinyl Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken slides easily into any bag or purse waiting to be introduced at the exact moment a little levity is needed. 16" (41 cm). Illustrated display tin. Shrink wrapped.”

“The fire raging through the fields threatened to destroy all the straw huts and kill dozens of innocent women and children. Luckily I had my emergency inflatable chicken and managed to stop the fire and rebuild the village.” 5 Star Review.

Apparently good for all emergences right here

Perhaps the least worst choice…

6. Nothing - $9.21

“Do you people not understand what awesome and epic forces you are meddling with here? Sure, it’s safe for now in the cute little package, tee hee you giggle as think of the look your friend will give you when they open it, but what about when they OPEN it?”

It is literally nothing.

I’ve been watching Daredevil and I seriously got so many feels when Foggy mentioned the time he let Matt touch his face.

He said is only happened once, because it felt weird, but it’s so sweet to me. They had probably been friends for a little while, and Matt was really starting to care about him and wanted to know what he looked like. He probably felt a little unsure about asking, and Foggy was probably really surprised, but still said yes. 

I’m sure it meant a lot to Matt, because he clearly cares so much about Foggy. Even though Foggy says that Matt does it to touch cute girls’ faces, clearly when that happened, it meant a lot. 



[EN] askcharoki: Photobomb, I can’t fall asleep :c Tell me a fairy tale? *shiny eyes*

 ~ I have something better than fairy tales! It’s an old notebook which I’ve stolen from my bro’s drawer. Actually, it’s supposed to be his work reports, but it looks more like a mix of fantasy novels, science fiction and detective stories. And there’s a bit of horror, too. It’s so weird… I’ve always been interested in what my brother does, but he refuses to talk about this with me. I’ve even filched this notebook to find out at least something, but I only got more confused. And this whole lot of the terms, which make me fall asleep. It’s so interesting and so hard to understand at the same time! If only he finally told me everything.

Hell’s Angel

AN: this is what happens when you do a personality swap and flower shop/tattoo shop (switched) AU. It was like doing a weird math problem but I like it… you can blame neferkiki for the latter AU.


Sasuke was tending to the lilies when the door chimed open. “One moment,” he called, wrapping the flowers in nice peach paper and turned to the costumer. The dark haired woman had went to look at the Amaryllis. “How m-may I help you?” Sasuke coughed, cursing his stuttering habit.

When she turned to him, he noted her arms of tattoos first. The young woman, no older than him, had on a black crop-top shirt with bold writing on it: Hell’s Angels. He noticed her navel was pierced and she had Azalea flowers tattooed just above her hips and disappeared into her jean shorts and running down the sides of her legs turning into the most eccentric version lilac and lavender he’d ever seen.

“You done staring,” said the woman. She crossed her arms.

The poor guy shook his head, paused and nodded then shook his head again. “I-I…”

She waved him off with a smile. “Kidding, I work next door. I’m Hinata Hyuuga,” greeted the opal eyed woman. “And you are?”

“S-Sasuke Uchiha, I work here.” He blurted out as if she couldn’t read his apron. “I’m new here.”

“I figured,” mumbled Hinata. “Where’s the pretty blonde girl?”

Sasuke blinked twice and figured she was talking about Ino. She left him for her lunch break two hours ago. He huffed at the thought of his talkative supervisor and surprisingly his childhood friend. “I…I don’t know. The mall, maybe…”

Hinata laughed and walked up to him…really close. She smelt really good, not like cigarettes and cheap perfume like he assumed but actually like candy…maybe cinnamon. He was taller than her but she felt like a giant, he supposed her confidence gave her the last few inches. “Then you’re going to have to help me, Sasuke.”

He nodded, not sure what to say. He was his job to help everyone that walked in. “Y-yes.” His cheeks were already burning but with her staring at him, Sasuke was hot red. She seemed to enjoy his torture.

“That’s yes ma’am,” teased Hinata.

He bumped into the counter and nodded again. “Yes, um, m-ma’am.”

She laughed again and trailed his collar. “Oh, this is going to be fun.”

His eyes widened just as the door chimed again. “Hey, hey, get off of him!” Ino shouted as she walked up to Sasuke and removed Hinata from her friend. “I should have known you would try to sink your teeth into Bunny,” said Ino.

“Ino!” Sasuke hissed. She had been calling him that since elementary school and his mother dressed him up as a bunny for Halloween. It was embarrassing and she couldn’t care less.

The blonde woman rolled her eyes and looked at Hinata. “Now, Hinata, how can I help you?”

Hinata ran a hand through her hair. “I’m just looking for a new flower,” she looked at Sasuke for a moment then back to the frowning blonde. “But I see you’ve been hiding some.”

“Nah, nah, I know you well enough to know that you weren’t looking for any flowers.”

Sasuke panicked. What if they started fighting? What was he supposed to do? Hinata looked like she could fight grown men and he knew how strong Ino was. She was the only girl on the wrestling team in high school! She broke a guy’s nose for breaking her nail! He was just a frail worker!

“Please d-don’t fight.”

They both looked at him and giggled. Sasuke was so confused. Ino wrapped an arm around Hinata’s shoulder. “She’s one of my very best friends, Sasuke. Remember the one I told you moved away?”


Hinata nodded. “Anyway, I getting another tattoo finished and I need help finding the perfect flower to decorate it. I need something new…maybe a hybrid.”

Ino gasped and grabbed her apron. “I know one, come in the back with me.”

Hinata walked back up to Sasuke and placed a finger just under his chin. “I’ll be back, Bunny.

Onyx orbs widened when she bit her lip and walked in the back room after Ino called her name. He swallowed and watched the fierce woman disappear. He finally released a breath. “She’s trouble,” said Sasuke.

And she knows it.

I use to suffer from severe social anxiety which started off as being shy, being a bit too shy then later on panic attacks, fear of going to uni, fear of going on public transport, fear of going out. It took a lot of help combined with weird situations, which may or may not have helped now that I think of it, to get me out of it. I got better and was ‘adequately social’ but now and then I get drawn back into it and though it’s not as severe as to when I was housebound, the anxiety does a good job at persuading me to be isolated. I’m fine when I’m required to be social due to my job (meetings, presentations - which takes weeks of anxiety and a good week till of insomnia and panic but I ‘look forward’ to it because apparently the more you do it, the better you get at it) but still struggle with things like “hanging out” (minus a close group of people). I have certain “safe” places where I find myself being totally okay but its a struggle, even if it doesn’t look like it, for me to break out of a mind of anxiety and step out. I’ve learned enough from the help I’ve gotten to be aware and recognise when I’m feeling panic-y, unwell or withdrawing to do something about it and remember to align myself back in tune with the ways of living and reality. For that I am very thankful for the people who have helped me. Maybe even those that weren’t so nice.

A friend once told me about a situation around mental illness they experienced in which their partner was turbulant with depression. They’d always made excuses to friends and relatives about not hanging out or the “what’s going on” and when they finally opened up to their friends and family, the amount of people responded with, “Actually, me, my friend, family, partner, friend of a friend etc is/has suffered from X or Y mental illness.” — It really is still one of those things that unfortunately holds a lot of shame which shouldn’t. And perhaps it is because of the detachment to people, the seperation of you and I between our screens that I am able to write candidly about this, or just Beth Orton playing in the background making me feel weird.

I’m having one of those moments where I am filled with anxiety and writing is good. We should all give it a go even if we suck at it.