and I got a lot of weird looks

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Aestheticchangeanon: Thanks for taking the time to reply even when I ask the stupidest stuff! I went to the goodwill yesterday with my mom and my dad, who insisted on bringing both the dogs to get them out of the house. But my mom and I make fun of him and call them DDD or Triple D because its Dad, dog, and dog. I found a lot of the kind of shirts that I was looking for, buttonups with flames and I got a lot of compliments on my new hair. The gel I found is great and the bleach blonde is perfect

as i read this message, a series of questions went through my mind:

am i being punk’d? has this whole thing been an elaborate set up for some kind of weird joke?

is this my fucking boyfriend??????????????????????

the answer is yes. to all of the above. 

i cannot believe this.

Lil’ NedSpa comic~!

  Well, it isn’t showed like a classic comic but anyway~! o/

Things to know before reading it : it doesn’t really have a real “story” since I got the idea to draw that after chatting and chatting a lot about it with my best friend on DA~ ovo Well, let’s just say this is just a “lil’ scene”~ uvu/ Also, it kind of started as a draft and I tried to keep it as simple as I can (’cause difficult things scare me o~o) so that’s why some things may look weird, heavy, strange, too quickly passed or some things may be missed (and I apologize for that ovo”)

Also, no title since I have no idea for a title °-°

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it~! o/

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dragonofmordor, allthepapercranes, and @melkola-refreshingtasteofangband: I hope y’all don’t mind if I give y’all all an answer at once! The three of y’all all asked what Mairon actually did yesterday, and I figured it’d be smoother just to make a separate post for all of y’all. Sorry it’s a day late– wasn’t able to get back on last night because life got weird, but here we go!

I imagine that like a lot of things Mairon does to please Melkor that eventually go pear-shaped, it started off with nothing but good intentions.Despite being very attached to his dragons and creative in spoiling them when he thinks no one is looking, Melkor is quite a busy man. Actively trying to expand his empire is time consuming, and can often lead him to neglect things he enjoys. Because of that, by the time this particular incident rolled around, it would’ve been at least several months since his last visit to their den or breeding grounds– something I’m certain that, piled on top of his hectic schedule, would’ve had him in a terrible mood. 

Noticing his Master’s grumpy spell (as the one most often at the receiving end of Melkor’s anger, the Maia is always the first to notice) and wanting to make the time more bearable, Mairon decided to take matters into his own hands.At that time, I imagine that a fresh batch of dragons would’ve been recently hatched. Half of the Ainu’s terrible mood would stem from the fact that he didn’t have time to oversee hatching and ensure the newest additions to the den were up to par. Mairon would have very little understanding of what made young dragons acceptable, I think– the breeding and care of them would’ve been Melkor’s territory, with the Maia focused so intensely on his own animals– but having spent a lot of time with newborn animals, he’d have felt fairly confident in his ability to figure out what they needed. 

After a quick check of the den, a new pen for them to play-fight in together seemed like the perfect idea. The one in which they were currently housed wouldn’t have been repaired in several seasons most likely– singed and chewed and dented nearly everywhere– and nowhere near sturdy enough to house rambunctious dragon pups. Having made dozens of pens for his own animals, Mairon was certain it would go well. And it did, initially. There was plenty of spare scrap metal laying around, and constructing the pieces/assembling it in the den took barely a week. What he hadn’t counted on, however, was how much more difficult young dragons would be to move into new pens than wolf pups. 

The second their enclosure was opened, the swarm of them stampeded and took clumsily to the air; they wouldn’t have been too skilled at flying yet, but their wings would’ve been strong enough to make them much more difficult to chase than puppies that can’t stop tripping over their own paws. 

Needless to say, within minutes the young dragons had scattered themselves all throughout the the fortress and the grounds, and Mairon had no idea how he was going to get them back in time to save his own ass.


sailor moon trio set~

OK the first thing i thought about when i saw his tweet was a cute little imagine. So imagine you just got done with your last class of the day and your boyfriend Luke texts you,Hey! wanna come over and watch spider-man movies! Of course you would giggle to yourself about how childish your boy is but you’d know youre just has childish. You text him back, I’ll be there in ten!He’d text you back immediately with “PICK UP A LOT OF GUMMY WORMS!” This would make you actually laugh out loud receiving weird looks from those walking around you. When you arrive at Luke’s place with three bags of gummy worms. Luke would be sitting on the floor in front of the tv looking through the movie selection and surrounded by blankets and pillows. As you walk in wearing fuzzy socks, old sweatpants and tshirts you throw one of the bags of worms at Lukes head but he easily catches it. he gives you a smirk and says, “ that wasnt very nice” “well you caught it so i would say im very nice for getting three bags of gummy worms!” You flop down next to your boyfriend and cuddle up next to his warm and soft chest. “which one do you want to start with?” he asks. “oooh lets watch the amazing spiderman! andrew garfield is hot,” you reply. Luke looks at you with a hurt expression, “is he hotter than me?” You laugh, “ No one is hotter than my boyfriend” You give him a soft kiss in his lips. “ Okay…..” he says. you cuddle further into his chest has the movie starts. Lukes arms wrap around you as you both settle in for a days worth of superhero movies and gummy worms…….i think i just died

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The only explanation as to why the boys might NOT be using tumblr is them purposefully avoiding it, which i don't think is the case here at all. Tumblr is much more organised than twitter when it comes to some profound discussions, so it's much more resourceful to go here, if they (or their management) want an inside look of what we're really thinking about this or that. An incredible lot of twitter posts lead on tumblr anyway.

(2) Tumblr’s also got a certain reputation amongst media, i’d say we’re pretty credible in their eyes (heck, the amount of articles inspired by tumblr’s digging/researches/weirdness is overwhelming). Tumblr is a huge part of any fandom, a band like 1D (who are notable for engaging in contact with their fans) would never ignore us. Besides: it’s absolutely possible for the boys to use it for their own interests, just like normal people would (i can easily picture Harry running an NSFW blog lol)


Yep. One Direction is a band very dependent on social media and a huge part of social media is tumblr.

Doc Fails at Hero Job #2
  • Doc Fails at Hero Job #2
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So. . I went to work today. . and as practice for warming up I decided to read this thread that hyperioncompanyman and I have going on. .
Someone please take my job away from me. I literally had to re-record the last one because I couldn’t stop breaking into hysterics as soon as I read ‘is the biggest piece of shit to ever sit his ass down in the CEO’s chair-”

today I walked around multiple airports while lugging my ps4 in the totally conspicuous DESTINY SPECIAL EDITION GLACIAL WHITE PS4 box and got a lot of weird stares for it

I know a lot of you lift alone or with same sex partners but I find it makes me less suspicious (especially in stores like target or Walmart) to go with my male lifting partner and play out the boyfriend girlfriend act. Especially if I look at clothes and he plays with his phone looking bored and stuff. This also works well at ulta because then it’s not weird that he’s there with me. Grabbing a shopping cart or bag at a store and filling it up, then leaving as if he got judgmental about me spending a bunch of money on clothes or makeup makes me feel more comfortable sometimes. It also works well for him because he loves the men’s section at ulta but feels super weird going to look at stuff like that alone haha Not sure if this actually throws off SAs but it’s a thought that’s been floating around in my mind and I’ve been curious to see what you guys think about it.

I’ve been on this site for a long time and I can be anywhere from friendly to cranky and it can often show in my interactions. So if I’ve ever wronged you or upset you or anything like that, I apologize and hope you can find it in you to forgive me.

I’ve had a really weird year and I’m looking forward to hopefully better things. I’ve got a lot going on and it would mean the world and more to me if you could send duas, well wishes, good vibes, anything this way. Just keep me in your thoughts, is all I ask, and be kind to one another.

Thank you so much for putting up with me, for reading, supporting, tagging along in this journey and for letting me be a part of yours.

After Meeting Summary, T.E.N. #6

Hey there T.E.N. members, Rem here! 

I’ve never done one of these after-action reports, but I figure that can’t be much different from my expedition logs, so let’s dive in.

This week, we decided to go somewhere a bit more tame. There were a few places we could have gone, but we settled on the beach in Everstar Grove. It was a smaller gathering than last week, but no complaints. 

(Sri kicking off the meeting at the Sylvan Glade Explorer’s Union HQ)

(Nine took a pic of Vireo looking grumpy, though this one he put that weird text on. One day I need to figure out what it says!)

Shortly after, we hopped on the taxi to Woodhaven and made our way up to Everstar Grove. Lots of the area was still really badly damaged when we got there, thanks to the destruction of that big sentient tree.

We were making our way down to the beach until Tammy’s woolie starting giving her trouble. While Sri attempted to calm it down with her bug crackers, Sythina noticed something buried down the shoreline. After checking it out, she found an old gun in the sand and brought it along to inspect it.

(This radish thing was along for the ride. I think it belongs to Sri? I dunno but it was smoking a cigarette and I was too confused to ask.)

After we spooked a herd of dawngrazers, and nearly all got infected with some toxic waste being casually dumped in the ocean, we made it to the cove. Elk surveyed the area while a few of us prepared to swim. 

(The cove, just upon arriving.)

It was at this point that people began doing their own things. I headed down the beach to be taught how to swim by Vireo, Syth decided to forego the swimming and inspect her new find. Everyone was startled when a gunshot rang out, the weapon Sythina found having gone off. Luckily, no one was hurt! I’m not entirely sure what was going on over there, since I was too far to hear and saltwater was stinging my eyes, but I think I could make out Sri sitting next to Syth calming her.

Eventually, we decided to break for the day, and a few of us headed back to the Boulder for a pint… and to plan the next Expedition!

(Bonus: Here’s a few more images Nine snagged.)

(Which one is Sri, which one is Sythina, CAN YOU TELL?)

(Sevena looking majestic on her obviously happy Woolie!)

(You can barely see him, but that’s Vireo right before diving off of that into the ocean. Maniac!)