and I feel so immature for doing this in my tags

I might be quiet, but I eat lunch with friends, crack jokes and talk about music and makeup. every minute I spend in their presence tears at my being, but I persist, I grit my teeth and take your immaturity and stupidity, your small minded remarks. why do I do it? I do it so no one will harass me for being alone, even if that’s when I feel most comfortable. I do in hopes of it benefiting me–someone will give me cash or know someone who will help me in my career.every day my mind wavers between people being obstacles standing between me and my goal and people being tools and stepping stones I can use to achieve my goal.

Ereri Hate

SO! I have been made aware that recently, my ship’s tag has been spammed with a bunch of immature idiots who have nothing better to do with their lives, therefore will go troll on other people and be assholes for the best of it. 

BUT!! I just think they may be feeling a little under the weather. What do you guys think? ;) 

In this case, why don’t we give them a little something to cheer them up eh? HERE WE GO

Some kissing

Some more kissing

Just a liiiiiiiitle more


We can’t forget the cuddles now, can we?

No. No we most certainly cannot. 

How could we?

Aw come on, one more for extra measure.

AND LASTLY, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. A nice, good, hicky. After all, what’s a relationship without one? :3

Feeling better now? :D

fly pupa fly...!

i wonder what theyll say before they meet kanaya or will this just be them flying to kanaya

oh boy what did you even do on that fucking laptop

this is fucking anarchy, theyre arguing arent they? and rose is too busy angsting about jasprosesprite to bla—- oH MY GOD ROSE HAS BLACK FEELINGS FOR HERSELF DOESNT SHE



its adorable but hilarious because theyre being so fucking immature theyre about to go off into a final battle and its just lets blackflirt by shittalking each other on the lilypad (i want to hear what theyre saying but its probably him calling her crazy and her calling him a dork while rose bites her lip because she already ate the pillow)

how many years of tension is being released very suddenly now

roxy returns to find them hatesnogging, an awkward conversation follows

meenah joins the selfcest x3 combob

teeniest tiniest ot4


they dont know what to do


callie jade gets more and more material while johnrezi are hatesnogging,, rose contemplates black feelings for herself slash her cat, and everyone<>mayor is made official

wow wat an upd8

ROXY: callie in times such as these…
ROXY: ya know
ROXY: words have trouble cuttin it
ROXY: ca'mere

are they gonna ask each other out or will this be a  beautieueuifful hug

we dont even see it? it could have been ANYTHING!

ROXY: keep me in ur thoughts ok?
ROXY: in the luckiest and magickest way you kno how

oh god that sounds ominous…


(shes stealing pm’s role)

Just a heads up, please don’t make or support posts or ideas that rag on white/straight/cis/het/male/neurotypical/etc. people. I don’t really care if you saw a post saying it was okay to do that because “they’re privileged so it’s okay! Their hurt feelings don’t matter! They can take it! It’s harmless compared to what [some kind of marginalized group] go through!” 

You don’t seem to realize how childish, petty, and completely ignorant it is. There are a lot of people on this site who all they need is someone saying immature stuff like that about them to throw them into an emotional state. You know that, yet that’s really your goal, isn’t it? You bully people in the name of altruism. That’s wrong and makes you a bad person. You don’t know what anyone on an individual level has gone through, and no one should be made to feel inherently inferior. Not by a system, and not by you. I don’t care how you try to rationalize it, you’re probably running things through your head right now about what you’ve read on tumblr that tell you it’s okay to do. If you feel like anyone is inferior to you just because of the way they were born, no matter how privileged tumblr told you they are, that’s objectively wrong. You don’t make people equal by bringing people down. That’s what immature people do. That’s what bullies do.

Maybe you do it to cope with how people have made you feel. Maybe you think that the people who made you feel inferior deserve a little bit of it back. That’s understandable and common, but unfortunately for you, it’s still unacceptable behavior and an unhealthy mindset and not productive at all. An unhealthy way to cope. I should know. I’ve done it myself, and I’m the queen of inferiority complexes. I know exactly where it comes from and recognize my unhealthy behavior and quickly apologize for it and try to learn from it. 

Do your best to not make excuses and learn to be better. Apologize when you do bad things. Don’t promote the idea that anyone is inferior no matter how harmless you think it is.

Ship Hate

Like I literally don’t fucking get it.
I literally don’t understand how a fucking site that’s so anti harassment and shaming can then turn around and fling shit at other people over what they choose to ship fictional characters with.
And what gets me is that in order for these people to feel better about flinging crap at others they need to make tumblr esque sjw posts that may or may not have any basis in what actually happens to characters in the respective fandom to justify being an asshole.

Maybe it’s because I’m and adult. Or maybe it’s because I’m not over sensitive tissue paper. But hating on people for different opinions of fictional characters just really gets under my skin. It’s so fucking immature. Like if the same crap happens to you, how would you feel?
People who ship these characters are able to separate fantasy and fucking reality.
The reality is that a ship like Pewey probably won’t happen in the show. The people who contribute to the tag know this. But like with all ships they want to explore how two characters interact with each other in a fictional setting.

If you think it’s gross, than fine. If you think it represents something negative to you than fine. But unless those things have an actual basis in the show, why make vicious and/or long ship hate posts claiming this is fact when it isn’t true?
Just keep it to yourself and your blog. But they don’t WANT to do that. They want to make sure the target of their ire also sees it as well.
Yet the moment some of these people get any kind of anon hate or harassment it’s all fucking tears and crying to followers.

Fucking gross.

I implore you guys that if you don’t like a ship simply ignore it and move on. Focus on the ships you do like and contribute positivity in the community.
Don’t be an ass and add negative vibes to parts of the fandom you don’t care for. That can really sour someone’s day

I personally don’t even care for Pewey. I just think they both have a lot of similarities that equate to the ultimate duo of flustered panicky flustered parents.
But when I see shitty ship hate I’m going to fight that like no ones business.

No one should have to feel like crap because of a ship they like.

Dear Anti-Hartwin/Anti-Harry Harts,

Hi, my name is Erin. I run this side blog which is very Hartwin-based but mostly serves as a place to scream about the awesome movie that is Kingsman and its cast. (Now that that’s out of the way.)

1. Please tag your hate. I understand that you may not like a character or a ship due to triggers or squicks in the characterization or nature of the individual/ship. That’s understandable; everyone has a NOTP or a problematic character that goes too far to be even a problematic fave. Even so, most people tag their ships or characters so that you can blacklist it. Please extend the same courtesy. There are still other characters or ships we can talk about, but a dialogue cannot occur without some sort of courtesy or understanding on both sides.

2. Please do not go to Hartwin blogs (that are clearly labeled as Hartwin blogs) and then shame them for posting Hartwin content. It’s rude, it’s immature, and it’s unnecessary. Their blog is there for them to enjoy a ship and the characters in it. It is not a blog personally tailored to your taste. That’s what your own blog is for. If you find yourself disliking the direction the blog is taking, there is an unfollow button. Simply press it and do not notify the blogger about it. Leave and go find more blogs to follow. Here’s a tutorial:

Originally posted by ohlucybear

3. This is going to be a passionate defense on Harry Hart (partially assisted by a conversation with yeseggsy​ yesterday.) Two of the main problems people seem to have with Harry Hart is that:

a) He “abandoned” Eggsy and his family to be abused, and

b) He should have taken Michelle and Daisy away from Dean while Eggsy was in training.

We have no backstory about Harry’s past, nor do we have any information about his relationship with Lee outside of mentor/mentee. When Harry gave Michelle/Eggsy the medal, he did it thinking that they would use it if something ever went truly wrong. He gave it to them so they could get help. Obviously that never happened until the film, but why would Harry keep an additional eye out for the Unwins while he is occupied with missions. He gave them a method to obtain help, and it was never used. There was no way for him to know that Dean would eventually enter the picture. (Not to mention that I’ve noticed the people who use this argument somehow excuse Dumbledore for abandoning Harry for eleven years even though he had Mrs. Figg spying on Harry *sips tea*)

In addition, when he found that Eggsy was in an abusive home situation, he gave Eggsy to option to leave and become a Kingsman.

As for relocating the Unwins, do remember that Harry was taken out very early in Eggsy’s training. He was preoccupied in finding out who killed Lancelot, and was then unconscious for weeks. There was little time for him to think about moving Mrs. Unwin and Daisy, and then after waking up from a coma, it may have slipped his mind. Especially because right after waking up, he woke up to Valentine’s Sim Card distribution and was immediately sent out on assignment again. Then Kentucky happened.

4. The Hartwin ship is not pedophilic. The definition of pedophilia is as such:

sexual feelings directed toward children.

Harry is probably in his 50s, yes, however Eggsy is over the age of 21 (making him an adult.) I have yet to see any indication of someone writing that Harry falls in love, or is sexual attracted to Eggsy on the night he tells Michelle that Lee is dead. Eggsy was born on September 6th, 1991 according to his file, making his 23 at the time of the movie.

Additionally, by labeling the Hartwin ship as pedophilic, you are invalidating and essentially belittling actual victims of sexual abuse due to your inability to handle one fictional ship. A ship that does not hurt anyone built on two consenting ADULT characters should never be compared to the emotional, physical, and mental abuse of a child by an adult of a sexual nature.

Yes, there is a giant age difference. If it squicks you, or if it triggers you, block it. Black list it. Do not, however, shame or hate someone who ships it.

This has been an open letter. Seeing unwarranted hate towards a friend made me a little upset. Feel free to discuss any of the points made above. 

full offense, but would it kill you to ask before doing this shit?

like, it cost you $0 to turn to someone and say “hey, i know you made this character week with this specific rule that i feel like it limits me, would you mind if i made an alternative week for people who wants to make other content like me?”

and the answer would most likely be “sure, whatever, just use another tag and maybe other prompts because i worked hard to come up with them”

and there you go, you have a week that you like better without actively ruining it for others

you cannot claim that you made this shit so that it’s fun for everyone and not to compete with other character’s week when you are actively invading other people’s safe space and ruining their harmless fun 

this is the second time you lot did this, and i just can’t fucking believe how fucking immature you are considering how quick you raise your voices to call us whiny children  

anonymous asked:

ever since gency has been confirmed ive gotten so much hate mail. i shipped it at first because my boyfriend and i played a lot of mercy and genji together, then i searched the tag and fell in love. i just wish people would leave me alone though ;-;

as far as the hate mail goes, the best thing for you to do is block them (you can block anons in your inbox when you click the “…” button in the lower left). we know that it really sucks to get hate, but just remember that he people that are saying those things are the people that feel threatened by the ship and feel the need to tear other’s down because of it. they’re immature assholes. 

at the same time, what you definitely shouldn’t to is go around and saying that gency is confirmed canon. as gency fans, we are well within our rights to take all of these genji/angela interactions and call them gency! but people who don’t ship our otp can translate them differently, and that’s well within their rights too. 

the only ship that is confirmed canon is tracer x emily since blizzard has 100% confirmed that in canon material. every shipper wants their ship to be canon, but screaming that it is to the world is the kind of thing that just insights hate from those whose ships are either threatened by yours. part of staying in your own lane with shipping is not saying anything that hurts other ships. in that sense, saying that gency is canon is threatening to any ship that isn’t gency that involves either genji or mercy (even if there’s no venomous intent involved). 

that being said, i didn’t mean this to get so long. stay strong, friend. hate really sucks, and no one should have to deal with it. just remember that our blog is a safe haven and we will always accept you no matter what you may or may not ship. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think about K project fandom? Sometimes I feel bothered by some people. They took things too seriously. What they do is ranting, critic-ing like they got nothing to do anymore in their life besides complaining. It's a small fandom but sometimes I dislike some people because they're immature and have no respect.

Generally my experience in this fandom has been that there are plenty of people who are perfectly welcoming and nice and interesting, but there is a small and unfortunately rather vocal minority that has deemed themselves the Fandom Police or whatever and are determined to shout down, shame and bully people who they feel are not engaging with the fandom in the “right” way. It makes me a little annoyed because I’ve seen people who I liked and thought had things to say end up leaving fandom (or at least the Tumblr side of it) because one small group decided to ruin it for everyone else. And then these same people start complaining that K fandom is so “toxic,” like no, I think the people who make fandom toxic are the ones who berate people for not liking the ‘correct’ fictional characters in the ‘correct’ way and seem to think that fandom is their personal crusade for justice and if they hit all the right points they will achieve the unassailable Moral High Ground of Fandom Righteousness, when in reality that actually just makes you a jerk who ruined someone’s day for no good reason.

Also I see a lot of stuff that makes me think this is reference to something about shipping? Like, I get that sometimes people being too into all ships all the time can be a bummer if you’re not into it too, but the shipper heart and the analytical brain can coexist peacefully and neither one is objectively better than the other. Sometimes I will see, say, Yata blushing as he thanks Fushimi and I will think “See, this is interesting because Yata’s kinda got to swallow his pride here, I think he’s nervous because he doesn’t know how to interact with Fushimi at this point, like he doesn’t know if helping Anna was a one time deal or an olive branch or if he owes Saru a favor now and I think it’s very awkward for him, and Fushimi blows him off because he wants hatred not gratitude and he doesn’t want to Yata to try and pry into the deeper reasons why Fushimi might have helped him”….and sometimes I will see that same scene and think “Eeee look look he’s blushing so cute Yata you so in love.” Both of these reactions are okay to have. No one should be shamed for having one over the other and nothing’s to say you can’t have both, and at the same time. Just because someone’s posting the “eee look look cute babies” stuff doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of the deeper character stuff, it means they want to post cute shippy stuff. It’s having fun and harming no one and I see no reason to jump on people about it (and if you want to talk about the deeper stuff, go for it! Make a post! Do it, it’ll be awesome! Just don’t yell at other people for not doing the same). Shippers have been squealing over shippy stuff since the first cavemen painted on walls and someone started shipping Cow with Stick Figure while everyone else agreed Cow belonged with Giant Bird. But K’s a small fandom as it is and it’d be nice if people didn’t run off new people because they didn’t read the super secret Rules for Being a Good K Fan that no one but tiny vocal minority apparently knows about.