and I feel like unity of the family is really important for them

Time to get this post out before I die hyperventilating into my “Raven Reyes” paper bag because I honestly don’t know how to deal with her anymore, but here we go. You know that moment when Raven breaks down in front of her friends and how Bellamy then calmly speaks to her to build her up again?

I didn’t know how much I needed that type of scene until I saw it to be honest - I was fully unprepared let me tell yall lmao - but now that I’ve seen it and have witnessed in which context it unfolded itself it’s honestly become one of my favorite moments in the episode, because Raven gains back her strength through the presence of all her friends in that one minute of total weakness.

Like, the writers really do love to rough it up for our characters during very critical situations, but in this particular case it’s very touching because it’s seriously not a moment created for the kicks, but the kind of moment that wants to make room for “optimism” that brings this wild set of characters even closer.

And I love how we dial down through the stress there, especially when focusing on Raven, because her breaking point is the catalyst for the unity. I absolutely could go on and on about how significant that short conversation between Bellamy and Raven is for me alone, as he inspire her the same way he inspires Clarke or the others, but I am even more affected by the fact that Raven truly isn’t able to hide herself anymore, but, as I’ve said above, works herself out of her own insecurities with the help of her friends and gains back her strength.

I mean, just look at this moment when she gradually starts to snap while standing in the middle with everyone surrounding her, watching her: 

Or how she ends up so bound and buried deep inside her own fears that all she feels she can do is sit down and hate the situation she finds herself in:

It hurts and GOD I love it here, because Raven’s feelings carry the kind of realism that many can relate to, she hates failing and she hates not being able to pull things off so she puts distance between her and the issue by practically giving up. But the point of this scene as a whole is not that Raven isn’t smart enough - as she states - because she got rid of ALIE’s code in her brain. We are actually past that already. What this scene communicates on a fundamental level is that Raven comes to realize that she is not alone in this.

In fact, all of her friends are by her side:

The “We need you” line is so important for Raven (and me obviously), because it creates a very dramatic call-back to that one time when she wanted to leave camp in season one. You know that time when Finn - the boy she loved and pretty much considered her only family - couldn’t even see why she was doing certain things (like working on the bullets) and how useless she felt because of that reaction she got from him - essentially tried to shut herself completely off from everyone around her, because they, as she believed, didn’t *need* her. Bellamy though, our heart’s guy, is the one who reminds her that they do need her with intense honesty, twice - back in season one after her confrontation with Finn and now in 4x13 when she believes she is not enough.

Being faced with the full array of cards against you is one thing, Raven has been through that ever since she landed on the ground, especially thanks to Finn and how their relationship changed on earth, but actually coming to consciously develop a sense of “team culture” through emotional connection with her friends is something else for her since Raven used to have only one person to turn to and that person failed her back then. Bellamy does what Sinclair used to do. He doesn’t simply apply to Raven’s ego, instead the writer’s manage to open up a path to her heart through faith, love and understanding.

And that pushes her forward. That love she receives from Clarke, from Bellamy, hell even Murphy (4x09), that is the game changer for her in this moment. Raven loving herself and the things she’s capable of doing is otherworldly, but expanding that love and stretching it out over this little group of messy people - that’s what she really wants, not just for herself but for everyone in this lab:

So Raven goes for it. Through the presence of her friends she not only learns as much about having people to rely on and consider a family as she can, and resolves to continue operating in a way that not only shakes everyone free - which essentially creates this sense of teamwork because there is unwavering trust radiating from every important team player here and if ALIE, a computer, can do it, so can they - but it also makes her a leader in her own right.

She’s prepared to face these obstacles with them just in time, as she’s confronted with a more mature set of challenges with her friends - the emotional progression - and inspire everyone in the room to get back to work.

And it’s beautiful. In season one she came down for a single person, now in season four she goes up and back to space with and for all of her friends.

She’s more than just an awesome person. She’s a growing, dynamically self-improving one, someone who is able to establish these deep connections with all of these people, who can navigate and bring in optimism as well as pragmatism, who is still in the process of learning, and will only get better at doing what she does - not just by herself, but with her friends, her family.

Let’s Talk About Zionism

off the back of a discussion that happened on facebook I wanted to compile some examples of different Jewish perspectives I knew on how they relate to ‘zionism’. Mainly to highlight that 1. this is a Jewish word the precludes any aspect of the modern state of Israel. 2. Jews are not monolith, and thus just because you know one accepted way a Jew relates to it, doesn’t mean you have the whole picture. & 3. (probably the most important one) that there is a systematic cross purposes happening when you have groups of activists who have only come across the word ‘zionism’ or ‘zionist’ inside the strict paradigm of acceptable I/P conflict discourse. (By which I mean, where pro-Palestine western discourse has dominated the definition of this word by unilaterally equating it with complicity, support & tolerance of violence against Palestinians). 

“I’m a Zionist..” what it could mean when a Jewish person says this:

1. I’m saying this because I support the state of Israel, including its policy and sanctions against the Palestinians, and believe that the modern state of Israel should expand and control all territories.

2. I’m saying this because even though I do not support the modern state of Israel, and I abhor what is happening to the Palestinians, I believe that the Jews who currently live there should not be forced to leave. 

3. I believe in the Jewish right for self determination, that is my end goal but I truly wish it could be established in a way that brings solace to both the Palestinians and the Jews who currently live there. I am open to a one state or two state solution as long as the end goal is a homeland for the Jewish people and the end of mistreatment against Palestinians.

4. I’m saying this because my family were forced out of Egypt/Yemen/another mena country, and to suggest that we have to go back to the people who mistreated us is violent, and thus the treatment of Palestinians can only get better when mena countries end their own antisemitism.

5. I don’t support the modern state of Israel, or the politics, however I’m a religious Jew who believes in the commandment of not ‘insulting’ Israel, and using the term zionism best encapsulates that for me. 

6. This word represents revolutionary unity between Jews in the face of antisemitism as codified by Herzl (& others), even though I reject most ways in which it is used now by the modern state of Israel, it is an important and historic word to my people in a political manner and I refuse to give it up. 

7. I am very critical of the Israeli government, and I wish (although I don’t always know how) for peace and better living standards for Palestinians, simultaneously however Israel is the epicentre of the Jewish world (even if I’ve never been there) and I don’t think modern politics can detract from that.

8. I never use to use the word zionist but ever since the UN ruled antisemitic and ahistorical statements denying the Jewish history in Israel I realised that anti-zionism is in fact often antisemitic, for me it is only by working with other zionists that we can change the future of Israel to a more peaceful one.

9. I plan to make aliyah one day, this doesn’t mean I agree with everything the government is doing or that it is fair that the Palestinians have had to suffer. I still plan to join the Jewish nation and be able to live religiously near our ancient sites.

10. There are pogroms/riots against Jews/”anti-Israel” demonstrations that chant things like “gas the Jews” where I live right now. I never planned to go to Israel but I am now. It is sad that me & my community are giving up our diaspora community, I am glad Israel exist for us to flee to.

11. Since the diaspora community in [x] (for example, Yemen) has been completely obliterated in the face of violence and forced conversion to Islam, even though I don’t live in Israel I believe it’d be wrong to not support it as that is the only place where my family’s culture still exists through no fault of their own. To me the Jews didn’t create Israel, they were forced there & thus it’s insulting that we are treated as the ‘one true oppressors’ in this discourse.

12. I have family in Israel, to not be a zionist would be saying I want them to be harmed/that if they were murdered that would be just. 

13. Because so many Jews were forced to flee their countries into Israel, to not be a zionist would be saying I think they deserve to be made into refugees/sent back to countries that seek to enact violence on them. That doesn’t mean I support the government of Israel however.

14. I am a convert and part of my conversion meant joining a community that sees Israel as their ancestral homeland. Calling myself a zionist helps me feel close to me (new) identity and is my personal tie to this history. 

15. I am Israeli, no matter what I believe politically this inherently makes me a zionist because I live here & do not wish to be murdered here. 

“I’m Not a Zionist…” this could mean any of the following:

1. I do not support the state of Israel, although I of course don’t want the Jews living there to be ethnically cleansed, the most important thing is to focus on the plight of Palestinians right now.

2. I love Israel, and I fully support the state of Israel including its sanctions against the Palestinians because I believe that’s the only way to keep hamas at bay - who themselves enact violence against Palestinians - I’m not a zionist though as I never plan to make aliyah.

3. I have visited Israel/plan to visit Israel & I see it as a Jewish historical place, I don’t feel like I know enough about politics to have an informed opinion on it though, and I am sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. For this reason I just tend to say I’m not a zionist.

4. I used to call myself an anti-zionist but have since realised that anti-zionism is a movement entrenched in antisemitism and after being systematically abused and belittled for merely being a Jew - even when I openly said I’m anti-zionist - I have given up the title & now say non-zionist.

5. I believe in the Jewish homeland, and that it should be Israel. One part because it is our ancestral home, another part because that’s where Jews live now. I don’t support the actions of the government however, so I choose not to call myself a zionist in light of that. 

6. I am really tired of being dragged into the I/P debate just because I’m a Jew, so I say this to try and get goyim to leave me alone. 

7. I think the time of the usefulness of the word ‘zionism’ is over, and instead we should be looking at the viability of a bi-national state. 

8. I support the right for Jewish self determination, and that Israel is our ancestral homeland, furthermore I think that modern pro-Palestinian activism is often antisemitic and ignores the fact that destabilising Israel will lead to a genocide of the Jewish people who live there. However, many people who use the term zionist are racist/believe things I don’t believe in, so I don’t associate with that word.

9. I’m frum* and to me zionism is a secular word and movement that I don’t associate with, this doesn’t really tell you anything about my politics however. (**note to goyim: frum means ‘religious’ in yiddish, but is better translated as part of a community that strictly observes religious law.)

10. I am Israeli, I don’t need to be zionist as I just have political opinions about my country. Zionism is more for people in diaspora.

“I’m anti-Zionist…” this could mean:

1. I do not support the modern state of Israel, I don’t support people who do, I actively fight the political movement of zionism & would be happy to see “Israel” dismantled and Palestine returned.

2. I believe in the Jewish history and ties to Israel, and I also understand why it was created, but for me Zionism stands for enacting violence on Palestinians and thus I will actively fight against it. 

3. Although I am not wholly comfortable with the term, I use anti-Zionist as goyishe activists would probably throw me out of left wing movements if I don’t constantly prove that I’m not a zionist. 

4. I am Israeli, thus when I say I’m anti-Zionist I obviously am not saying I want Israel to be dismantled, or for Israelis to be harmed, I am instead saying something about the political rights of Palestinians.

5. I think Zionism has come to dominate too much of the Jewish identity, for that sake I distance myself from it. This doesn’t say very much about my political opinions.

6. I don’t want Israel to be destroyed, and I fear for the lives of Jews who live in diaspora and may not be able to flee there if Israel were to change, I am also fearful for the lives of Israelis as Israel’s neighbours have often promised death upon them and hamas’ charter has been one of wishing genocide upon Jews. However, I don’t ever want to go to Israel myself, I don’t agree with the government, and in any way I can I support the pro-Palestinian activism. 

7. Everything about Israel makes me really embarrassed and angry, I wish Israel would stop its violent actions as in the long run it is Jews like me in diaspora that face the brunt of it. 

8. It makes me really angry that right wing politicians and bigots can be antisemitic and even enact/incite violence against Jews, but just because they ‘support Israel’ Jewish safety is ignored by the left, and many Jewish institutions will ignore them in hopes of not rocking the boat. 

9. To me it is a simple binary: do you accept what the modern state of Israel is doing now? If yes: you’re a zionist. If no, you’re an anti-zionist. I fall on the latter, but that doesn’t actually tell you about the other layers of opinion I may have. 

To write this I genuinely just ran through all my Jewish friends and tried to summarise their position and sort it into the three headings. As you can see, from just one British Jew in London, I rub shoulders with a multitude of opinions, feelings & perspectives on Israel. And none of these are even supposed to adequately sum up even one Jew’s feelings on the place Israel or the word zionism. 

Hopefully those reading will see why I get so frustrated when they assume that Jews are either sharing the same opinion on the word zionism, or that they are talking about the same thing Jews are when we use it. 

Finally I will say: zionism is a Jewish word, for my own sake I have a complicated and not particularly happy relationship with it. However, I don’t believe any non-Jew have the right to take away the Jewish control over its definitions. This is especially the case as ‘zionist’ is more easily used as a placeholder for Jew, to the extent that the stormfront created ‘zio’ was in fact common place in ‘anti-zionist’ spaces for a long time & used even by ‘woke’ leftists. Asking goyim to stop using zionism as a catch all term to rile against in regards to Israel doesn’t detract anything from pro-Palestinian activism, the activism itself is still there unless your support for Palestinians was just preformative, to show off your ‘wokeness’ or worse: because you’re explicitly or latently antisemitic and don’t want to give up the ‘acceptable’ means of manifesting that. 


it’s insane that there are people who don’t think Gideon is the embodiment of white. He believes 100% in that which is greater than him- his irregulars, the gatewatch, the boros army, the allies on zendikar, the gods- and fully believes that without the unity and structure of the whole there is no path forward. Gids has been adrift since losing his faith in Theros and getting his spark, and everything he’s done in the story since then has been towards the end of finding and rebuilding that belief in the greater. He’s maybe the perfect essence of White.

And really, i’m tired of listening to folks disparage the idea of being lawful good paladin protector or whatever. it’s tough to give of yourself so much, to put yourself out for little to no reward, simply for the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone else. Gids resonates with me because of his legit selflessness and desire to be the best support structure there is. He’s extroverted, vulnerable (emotionally, not physically), and willing to go to any length in order to make sure the group is happy.

This leads into yesterday’s magic story and a little personal context.

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The Ribbon

Request: Hi! Can i please request a legolas imagine where he and his s/o makeup after a big argument?

A/N: So here is a try on this request, I kind of focused more on the argument than the make up part but I hope that is ok! This is very long as well so a heads up there. Other than that, simply enjoy!

Word Count: 1604

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Is it a coincidence that both Sansa and Tyrion are the black sheeps of their families (though in different ways and Sansa mostly from audience’s perspective)? And that they were both tormented by the king, accused for treason, suspected of kingslaying, hated by Cersei from the beginning? Is it a coincidence that they were married? Well, no.

The fact that Littlefinger and Varys are interested in them and that they actually saved them from certain death in King’s Landing…. It’s just making me curious…… Petyr and Varys saw something in Sansa and Tyrion.. And we all know WHO Petyr and Varys are, and how they’re also connected by, I don’t know destiny? No, it’s George’s amazing brain, actually.

Anyway , they saved them, and took them to different parts of the world (from different reasons, I know) and after that we have Daenerys sailing to Westeros and Jon becoming the King in the North..

So, it’s Daenerys and Jon, Littlefinger and Varys and Sansa and Tyrion.. The’re all connected somehow.. But how?

 Is George trying to tell us something? D&D??

(GRRM smiles while Sophie talks about Sansa and Tyrion)

I don’t know, it’s weird.. I’m not offering you answers, I’m just noticing all those parallels.

But even in the Vale they were in similar life danger.. Remember that Robin wanted to make “the little man fly”, and Lysa was threatening to push Sansa out the Moon Door… Coincidence lol ?

Also, the reason why Cersei always hated/disliked them, is maybe because Sansa is Stark and Tyrion is a dwarf who “killed” Cersei’s mother, or maybe it’s because Cersei believed/believes that Tyrion is the “valonqar” from the prophecy and that Sansa is “the younger, more beautiful queen”. (though I believe that Jaime is the valonqar and Dany is the queen and I don’t fucking know what Cersei believes now, after season 6).

Now, seriously..

Sansa and Tyrion are like the saviors of their houses, and no one expected that from the “little bird” and “little lion”, from the “disgraced daughter” and the “demon monkey”, from woman and dwarf

Sansa is not Robb, and Tyrion is not Jamie, they are woman and dwarf and they’re like the new hope for House Lannister and Stark. Nobody can deny their contribution (Tyrion is the hand of the queen and Sansa is the main reason why Stark banners are over Winterfell again). Both are very interested in politics, and  being a Lannister and Stark who have a good opinion of each other and who are advising and supporting Targaryens.. that’s Westeros’ greatest chance for peace and unity, you know.

They are politicians who won, who really won some battles no one expected them to win (Tyrion-Blackwater, Sansa-Winterfell) and didn’t get enough credit for it (at least I think that) And now they’re like the second most powerful people (Sansa in the North and Tyrion in the east). 

I feel like they are meant for each other. And tbh it would be such a BEAUTIFUL IRONY but also another aspect of Sansa’s character development if she remarries Tyrion Lannister, and because she wants that

Remember that we all kinda hated Sansa Stark in the beginning, because of how naive and arrogant she was. All she wanted was a beautiful prince and blah blah. She judged people by their physical appearance and didn’t care much about her own Northern identity (she tried so hard to be the new Cersei). But Tyrion is a Lannister dwarf who thinks that Sansa is beautiful and smart, and who actually likes the Starks, and knows how important is to never forget what you are.

And it was Tyrion, the imp, who saved her from her beautiful prince/king Joffrey and “noble” knight Ser Meryn Trant. She wanted a handsome prince, but she was forced to marry Tyrion.. who was kind and gentle. The traits Eddard Stark wanted in Sansa’s potential husband..

Life taught Sansa valuable lessons and Tyrion is definitely one of them. 

Remember that they both want to be loved and married for love (I’m too lazy to post quotes, but if you read books, you know).



Her true husband is a dwarf, and her true knight is a woman (Brienne). How ironic is that? 

But I really think that something big is hiding is there.. just the way their scenes were filmed, LOOK AT THIS: 

or the scene after Joffrey’s death, when Tyrion said that Sansa is not a killer (he said “yet” lol) and when Sansa said that she just knows that Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey. Or that beautiful wedding night scene.. Or the way Tyrion looked at her, the way he understood her surviving games in King’s Landing.

Yeah, I know.. I ship them. But just think about it OK. It’s better to ship her with Tyrion Lannister, one of the best GoT characters, than with the man who betrayed her dad, or with her cousin, or with men she never shared a scene.


They’re going to be amazing parents!!

anonymous asked:

In your point of view, what made Bellamy fall in love with Clarke Griffin?

The short and obvious answer here is “who she is,” but I highly doubt you came here for that, nonny, so let’s go through this shit moment by moment.  (And this is less “what made him fall in love” and more “the evolution of Bellamy’s feelings for Clarke from his standpoint” because that’s something I can unpack for days, and also it is easier to talk about because “what makes someone love someone else” is a very ephemeral thing and hard to parse).

1) Mercy-killing Atom.  I don’t think he fell in love with her then, but Clarke’s willingness to do what he couldn’t– even though he knew it was necessary– completely upended Bellamy’s preconceptions of Clarke Griffin: Privileged Princess.  That had to happen for him to fall in love with her, and the look on his face (awe, sadness, confusion) is fucking epic.

2) The shooting lesson in Day Trip.  That’s the moment where you see Bellamy be like “oh shit she’s pretty oh shit oh shit oh shit.”  It’s really him being aware of being attracted to her, even if he doesn’t really follow through on it.  Not love yet though, I don’t think.  But Feelings + Attraction.

3) The moment under the tree in Day Trip, obviously.  Bellamy getting forgiveness he doesn’t think he deserves and Clarke being there for him at his lowest– that’s a pretty fucking key moment in their relationship, because Bellamy is used to being the one giving emotional support.  Receiving it from someone else, especially someone he values as much as Clarke, was clearly a game changer for him.

4) Literally every time Clarke checks in with him in season one on leadership decisions.  She’s showing her trust in him and his decisions and for Bellamy that is a sign of enormous respect.  He repays her in kind by trying to shield her from any negative fallout, like when he tells her she doesn’t have to be there for Lincoln’s torture.  She shows him she values him so he shows her how much he values her.  God, these two.

5) The Hug in 205.  Up until that point, I don’t think Bellamy had really thought about what Clarke meant to him.  It was just instinctive– I need her and therefore I will protect her/do my best to find her/do my best to lead our people the way she did.  He had a few moments of “oh god she’s pretty” in Day Trip and Unity Day, but I think it took Clarke tearing across the camp and jumping into his arms for him to be like oh yes you are my Person.  Mostly because I don’t think he realized that her feelings for him were just as strong until that moment, and he’s very much a Conceal Don’t Feel person.

6) I can’t lose you too.  It’s a reprise of the Hug, but this time it’s verbal and it’s Clarke saying I just lost someone I love and I am putting you on that level.  It’s an explicit acknowledgment of how important he is to Clarke and he can’t even look her in the eye afterwards.

7) I was being weak.  This is a step back for Bellamy, because I think this is the moment he put his Clarke Feelings on hold.  He’d been tentatively getting used to acknowledging that he cared about her a lot more than he cared about any one else, and while I don’t think he was planning on saying anything about it (especially not after Finn) I think he was mentally preparing himself to be in the “I am in love with Clarke and she loves me but not like that” feelings area.  But then Clarke basically says “no, actually your life is totally expendable to me” and so he’s like BACK INTO THE BOX THESE FEELINGS GO NEVER TO BE SPOKEN OF AGAIN.

8) Of course, those feelings are like, constantly lurking under the surface and breaking through for the rest of season two, like when he smiles at the sound of her voice or decides to help her commit mass murder to save their people or tries desperately to convince her not to leave him alone.  But he’s officially Not Talking About It.

9) The moment when Bellamy decides to infiltrate an enemy army because he cannot stand the thought of Clarke being in danger not one more second.  I think seeing her tied up was the moment his heart went “yeah remember how you were Not Dealing With These Feelings?  They’re baaaaaaack.”  He just completely gives in to how much he loves her and touches her face with wonder and then when he loses her again he just snaps.  

10) The fight in Arkadia when Clarke comes back after the massacre.  I think this is the moment where he’s just completely given up, both in terms of fighting his feelings and in terms of thinking they could ever be reciprocated.  Which is not to say that he’s upset with her for not reciprocating them– he’s mad about a whole lot of other things but definitely not that– but just that he’s dealing with about 400 different feelings at that point and all of them are negative.  He knows he loves Clarke and he knows he chose her over Gina and that resulted in Gina dying, and he “knows” that Clarke doesn’t feel anywhere near as strongly about him as he does about her (this is a misperception on his part, but an understandable one) and he knows he needs Clarke to center him and he “knows” she doesn’t (again: not true, but I get why he would think that).  He’s legitimately angry with Clarke for leaving him behind to deal with the fallout from Mount Weather alone, which is completely separate from his romantic feelings for her, but that compounds how awful everything is for him right then.  It’s a sad moment, but I think it was a very clarifying one for Bellamy.  He loves her and she left him and everything fucking hurts.

11) The Beach Hug.  This is another clarifying moment, because Bellamy realizes he can let go of his anger towards Clarke.  He’s never had the ability to choose to forgive someone, remember, because his whole world before about six months ago was his mom and his sister and no one else.  He always had to forgive the Blake women because he loved them and they were his family and that’s what family does, but Clarke presented a new challenge: someone he loves who hurt him, but whom he has the choice to forgive.  If he wants to never speak to Clarke again, well, it’ll be difficult, but he could do it.  He could nurse that grudge until the end of time if he wanted, but he decides he doesn’t.  He chooses to love her even though she hurt him, and I think this is when we shift back to 2B Bellamy: In Love, But Not Talking About That, and we stay with that Bellamy through the rest of the third season.

12) The List.  I think this the moment where he came closest (so far) to admitting to Clarke that he loves-with-a-capital-L her.  He’s so gentle with her even when refusing to let her win the argument, and it’s just so clear that he doesn’t see the point in living in a world without her.  But he didn’t say anything, and I suspect it is for two reasons: 1) out of respect for Clarke’s feelings (he knows she was in love with someone else who just died) and 2) because he doesn’t see the point in saying anything.  He thinks the world is ending, and if Clarke isn’t ready to hear I love you from him he’s not going to say it.  It’s enough for him that he knows it, at least for now.

Okay, so in summary: it’s hard to say exactly when Bellamy fell in love with Clarke, but I think it happened at some point in late season one and he officially started to realize it in mid-season two, shortly before Finn died.  He shoved those feelings back where they came from (or so help me) until early season three, but when he actually admitted those feelings to himself it was when he was in a very dark and bitter place.  I think he has finally made his peace with those feelings, and as of now (404) I think Bellamy would say “Yes, I love Clarke Griffin but I can go to my death without telling her so.”  

anonymous asked:

I want to ask why do you think that zuko is better for katara then aang? I think there both good for her but aang would be destroyed if she would go to zuko.

I’m not the most eloquent person out there so bear with me here. Also, please don’t take anything I say personally. For me these things are all just a matter of perspective on relationships, love, and your own lived experiences.    

First of all, I have absolutely nothing against Aang. The wonderful thing about Avatar was that all characters were perfectly flawed and yet still grew as the show progressed.

The thing is, Aang’s relationship with Katara romantically speaking did not; it was forced.

(very long post ahead. Read at your own peril. Can’t account for credibility or coherence) 

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anonymous asked:

Rhaegar is born a girl. What changes?

What doesn’t?!

The two obvious changes that immediately jump at me are Steffon And Cassana Baratheon’s drowning, and Robert’s Rebellion. If Rhaegar is a girl, Steffon and Cassana do not go to Volantis in search for a bride for the crown prince, and thus do not go down with the Windproud in Shipbreaker Bay, neither does Lyanna Stark get snatched leading to the Starks’ murder and sparking the rebellion. But there is a lot of changes beyond that.

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Steven Universe Review: Seasons 4 and 5 (PART 1)


Okay, so, I haven’t done one of these in quite some time (I think like two or three hiatuses ago). But we’re once again at a point where we don’t know when SU is coming back to us, so I feel like this is a good time to get caught up on my thoughts of the show. This is gonna be a two-parter since I’ve skipped over so many episodes.


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i really loved this episode, especially that it was so luke heavy. but it also focused on the political side of this world and it was interesting to see how everyone acts in such situations

- even though magnus understood that it was the right decision to keep his and alec’s professional and private lives seperate, he was still hurt. their decisions are already being questioned, on both sides. so it’s not easy to make this work, especially now when they are both leaders of their people
magnus is still in so much pain and his insecurities are even more visible now, that ‘have i done something wrong’ absolutely broke my heart. because he just blames himself for everything, even when none of it is his fault

- even though i know alec and magnus are dating, every time they mention it, i live. alec calling magnus his boyfriend, i need more of those small but important moments

- MR. LIGHTWOOD AND MR. BANE I SCREAMED they tried so hard to keep it professional but they managed to sound flirty even in such a situation. they’re so in love and they can’t stop themselves even for five minutes

- magnus congratulating alec on his promotion and then supporting his decisions… I LIVE. power couple af

- and magnus’ face when raphael called him out was amazing haha ‘son, i don’t need this right now’ ‘dad, please’

- alec being the head of the institute is everything. he’s been waiting his whole life for this and finally it has happened
and izzy being a proud sister? i have so many feels about this, i love it

- alec and izzy tried so hard to keep straight faces when jace said book club… bless their solidarity

- alec reaching out to luke specifically to show him respect was such an important moment
alec is trying really hard to unite everyone, even when the clave is so unhelpful (to say the least) and he realises it too well, he knows that luke has every right not to want to attend those meetings or cooperate with shadowhunters more than is necessary

- alec being there for his mother, making sure that she’s doing okay… i just love alec so much. because no matter what happened between them in the past, he’s still making sure that maryse is somehow dealing with her situation and he reminds her that he’s by her side 

- i loved the scene between alec and luke. alec knows he needs to do A LOT to gain luke’s trust because so far shadowhunters were only failing him and he suffered too much because of them. even though alec doesn’t approve it, he understands very well why luke wanted to kill valentine on his own 

- it was a bad decision to go to valentine’s cell. but honestly? i really can’t blame luke. he tried to give the clave a chance, he tried to let them handle it. and how did that end? the clave doesn’t care about the downworlders and luke has lost too many people, he suffered too much because of valentine. of course he wanted to kill him 

- jace playing on the piano was such a beautiful scene. and that comparison to him and sebastian playing at the end. showing just how similar their lives were when they were kids, yet so different. valentine using angel and demon blood on both of them but destroying lives of both of them
(no, i’m not trying to defend sebastian in any way. but he could be a normal person if it hadn’t been for valentine… who just killed his first son and created a monster) 

- jace’s smile when maia’s name was mentioned is the most beautiful one and i loved every second of it
even though i know they could never be an actual couple, i still love the fact that their relationship or whatever it is, it brings both of them happiness

- can we talk about the fact that jace didn’t want to make another move on clary just because she had a boyfriend? because jace would never want to do something so horrible like stealing someone’s girlfriend, he didn’t even want to think about his own feelings

- jace was so worried about his boyfriend when they were about to go to the seelie realm, it was just so adorable

- 'that tree almost tore simon’s pretty face off’ 'you think i’m pretty?’ please tell me how either of them is straight, i’ll wait 

- all those cute things jace said about simon… yeah, tell me how jace isn’t in love with simon 

- maryse congratulating alec on his promotion and supporting him, i love everything about this. and when she mentioned alec writing his own memos in crayon when he was a kid, i was in tears. i love when she mentions all those moments from the past that show they are family, a real family 

- maryse trying to fix her mistakes, make things right with everyone she hurt… i can’t wait to see that. she’s always wanted to do the right thing but in doing so she hurt a lot of people. and now she realises this. i hope we will get to see more of this, especially that her situation with luke still needs more work on her part

- izzy supporting maryse, telling her to leave robert. yes, i cried a lot. even though izzy has always felt like she wasn’t enough, she still loves her mother deeply and wants her to be happy

- maryse acknowledging alec and magnus’ relationship, FINALLY realizing that her son is happy and in love and FINALLY she understands that. this means everything

- i cried even more when maryse was actually behaving like izzy’s mother. she apologised for everything wrong she’s ever done to izzy and she wants to be there for her daughter
it was one of the most important scenes in this episode

- izzy’s training scene… oh boy sign me up
but it hurt a lot to see izzy thinking that maryse wouldn’t accept her. it did happen way too many times and now izzy thought it would be the same. izzy deserves people who will love her for being her

- but can she just throw me like she threw sebastian? please and thank you

- no matter how horrible izzy feels, she’s always there to support clary. izzy is the best friend anyone could ever ask for

- seelie realm is so beautiful and all seelies that live there are just so much different from the ones who live in the real world. i hope we’ll get another look in the future 

- seelie queen is AMAZING. you can see she’s at least 10 steps ahead of everyone and she has just began plotting

- it’s really interesting that the seelie queen wanted simon to be her ally. makes you think what exactly she is thinking about

- raphael hating sebastian from the second he met him is my aesthetic 

- 'all shadowhunters look the same to me’ meliorn delivering iconic lines

- i honestly couldn’t care less about that clace kiss. the only thing i actually think about when it comes to this scene is what a huge impact it has on simon. not only was he betrayed and cheated on right in front of his eyes but it also proved everything that the seelie queen had told him. and it’s that the shadowhunters will always choose their own. whether it’s true or the queen was just using the situation, nobody can deny that this will break simon into a million pieces 

- clary needs to finally leave simon alone, she doesn’t deserve him. she needs to let him move on because she’s never loved him, at least not romantically 

- rizzy is finally dead and i love everything
it’s clear that raphael still cares about izzy but in the end, he knows that they could never be truly together 

- sebastian needs to leave maia’s name out of his evil mouth

- sebastian was freaking scary when he talked to raphael. and even though he was correct, he had no right to say any of this to raphael. sebastian is a million times worse ugh

- the last scene with sebastian was freaking scary… and also, who did he kidnap?

- sia and bjork are seelies, i love name dropping on shadowhunters

- ollie is adorable but she needs to stop snooping around or she’ll get herself hurt… or worse

- 'i’m all for unity, but does he have to bring them here?’ sounded so much like 'i have nothing against gays but can they just not do it in front of me?’
and it only proves further how horrible people most of shadowhunters are

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I don't know if you have noticed, but they have some serious clothing issues in season 12. Seasons 1-11 we just had Sam and Dean. But now that there's Mary, they can't all wear plaid. Because there would be too much flannel with three Winchesters. I'm being serious. I've rewatched season 12, and there's no episode where all three Winchesters wear plaid. One of them always has to sacrifice the hunter look.

Yeah, they don’t all wear it all the time anyway - Dean’s always had a bunch of stock shirts which are so boring he can wear them all the times he’s going to get killed or whatever gets him covered in blood to the point that he can’t use it any more :P Sam has slightly more variety, I think, because he doesn’t wear as many block colours in general, wears his shirts buttoned up so Dean can get away with wearing a block colour shirt and t-shirt, and Sam’s on the wrong side of the self-imposed class divide so doesn’t wear henleys either, all adding up to him needing at least subtle stripes on his shirts a lot of the time… Sam wearing boring grey in 11x22 should have been a warning something pretty horrific was going to happen to him because that’s Dean’s choice of colour for “I’m about to have a bad day and I don’t know it yet” which he at least also mixes into his regular wardrobe to add the element of surprise :P

Buuut yeah I bet there was at least 1 time they had a moment where they did all wear plaid and looked at each other and had to work out who had to go change immediately.

Anyway since we have a whole season now, let’s look at Mary because I like looking at Mary :D

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Encantadia what happened to you?

Credits to my bessies who gave me the idea to post this 😘

The many rant-worthy sh*ts of Encantadia 2016-2017:
These are my thoughts on Encantadia 2016-2017 so far and why I seem to be uninterested lately.

The Amihan-centric first season

-This is where all the shits began. Back in 2005, the story revolved around the four sisters who conquered their differences and saved Encantadia against Hagorn’s forces and became the most well-known and well-loved guardians of the four elemental gems. Now I’m not gonna be biased and say that the first season of the original trilogy didn’t have their own fair shares of Amihan-centricness, and it is unavoidable since Amihan was the queen the during the first season so a huge part of the story will be about her, BUT the original book DID NOT FORGET that there are other main characters in the show and they had the chance to tell everyone their story, each of the sang’gres were given the spotlight, they had their own struggles, and showed how they overcame it to become pillars of Encantadia. That was the very reason why the original sang’gres were loved and recognized equally and became such effective quartet of heroines. The biggest mistake this new version has ever committed was making Amihan the center of the story, and while it’s not bad to give Amihan’s character a lot of scenes since like I said, she was the queen in book one so naturally her character will be involved in so many things that happened in the first book, but they focused on Amihan’s story way too much to the point that it degraded the other main characters ESPECIALLY Alena, she turned into this useless, lovesick, self-centered sang’gre who’s always MIA, and who by the way contributed very little to the story’s progress (in general). Danaya was way too dependent on Amihan back then instead of Danaya being Amihan’s anchor and shoulder to lean on when she needed it the most, that role was given to Ybrahim when the YbraMihan love team rose to fame, and as much as I love YA, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Danaya’s character to be downgraded in such a way that she was remembered as Amihan’s sidekick. The team has been heavily implying that there are four main characters in the story, but for me, there was only one. I love Amihan, but Encantadia is not just about her story or the love story of Ybrahim and Amihan.

The inconsistent storyline, The Unforgivable Plot holes and Plot fillers

A. Lira, the so-called savior of Encantadia

-I remember before that Cassiopeia mentioned that Lira will become the savior of Encantadia and will become queen in 2005, Lira wasn’t the typical hero, but what made her “savior” is that she was the one who mended the broken relationship of the sang’gres, she was the one who made the sisters realize that family is more important than anything, she saved Encantadia by saving the sang’gres, she united all of them together (which also paved way for the gems to become one again) and faced their common enemy, Lira became queen but relinquished the throne in exchange of a peaceful life with Anthony in the mortal world. But it was forgotten in this new version, sure Lira became the sisters’ conscience at some point of the story, but her story especially in the first book told the viewers that she was an epic-fail sang’gre, the irony of her character was interesting, and while her failures were understandable except for those times when she was being ridiculously stupid or just plain stupid, the story this 2016 version never emphasized how she became Encantadia’s hero, Lira playing a pivotal role for Pirena and Alena’s character redemptions wasn’t heavily implied in the story, Pirena redeemed herself after choosing to kill Hagorn and succumbed to Ether’s curse as a consequence in order to save Mira. Alena solely redeemed herself by choosing to let go to heal herself from pain, it was more on the sisters’ choices to redeem themselves and although at some point Lira became their guide, this little heroine focused more on shipping her parents way too much than reaching out to her Ashtis or coming up with “mischievous” ideas to bring the four of them together was cut down to a handful of scenes. She seriously would have used her playful character to come up with something to make the sisters realize how much they still love each other despite of their dispute. Lira was like, “Ashti, come on team up with your sisters to fight the baddies” instead of making them realize or point out what was wrong which will eventually lead to Pirena and Alena’s self-realizations, like hello? Alena was alone most of the time and found comfort in Awoo, Lira’s persistence would have been more emphasized in that timeline. Lira is a very wise kid, she was the eye-opener to everyone, she think and act the way she did because of the many struggles she went through, but in this new version, she turned into a forever fan girl of her mom. She wasn’t even given the chance to step out of Amihan’s shadow. And in the end, it was Amihan and Kahlil who saved Encantadia and brought the evil Hathoria down, in contrast to the sisters fighting together with the Sapirians, mandirigmas, and other encantados who by the way would have joined the battle because of Lira’s efforts (remember in the original series? Lira was the one who convinced the other encantados like the barbaros and adjantaos to join them in the war against Hagorn), Lira’s weapon to save Encantadia was her heart, Lira was the symbol for unity, that  was the very reason why I loved her character as much as Amihan’s. In this series, Lira was a hard-core shipper of her parents and DanQuil, she clinged on her mother way too much, and forgot that she had an entire realm to save.

B. Cassiopeia’s incompetence
-This is probably one of the biggest plot holes in the entire show. That episode made the viewers believe that it was an accident, unintentional, blah, blah, blah. No, it was just Cassy’s stupidity. She knows and she’s fully aware that the Etherians are evil, being able to live during their reign, she had her own doubts about Avria’s peace-making act, she knew that Ether has been keeping a close eye on her, and yet she failed to grant protection to the island to prevent intruders from finding them. But what really frustrated me is the fact that she failed to realize that she just spread information to a fake Danaya, the sang’gres have a chance to win against the Kubur, they even would have figured out that monster’s weakness even without her, the youngsters have very limited skill and power, and if she sees them as saviors, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to save their lives first?

C. The epic fail adventures of the seven guardians
-They made us see how this whole set of new guardians thing unfold, yet this subplot ended so badly which is another factor why the show was brought down to it’s worst. They say it was major plot device, they wrote this story so badly for what? Give way to nonsense plot fillers like the finding Haliyah thing?

D. The promised “character developments” for Lira and Mira
-I’ve had enough grand comebacks, they promised character developments for Lira and Mira yet they killed their characters, if they were up to something for these two, I don’t think killing them was necessary, it’s bad enough that Amihan died in the show and the next generation of heroines perished as well. I did not see how Lira and Mira evolved from immature diwanis to being sang’gres, I wanted to see their transformation from being girls to women, I wanted their story to be just as great as the four sang’gres. I don’t know what the hell are they up to, but this season is more sang’gre-centric than a balance between the stories of the current and future guardians. Major plot device they say? I’d say it’s their lame way of getting people’s attention because the sarkosi plot did not work.

D. The golden hourglass theory
-How can Pirena not realize that if Avria kills Alena and Danaya she can just turn back time and kill the bitch after saving Lira and Mira? I don’t see the whole point of this, and I therefore conclude that this is an arc filler, bow!

E. The sarkosi plot
-Like I said this is probably the reason why they had to come up with a major plot device, because this subplot is the REAL EPIC FAIL in this story. Amihan was given the prize to create her own destiny which turned out to be a curse, now here’s the thing, if Ether is able to resurrect a thousand-year-old Etherian using her power and the brilyante, then why can’t Emre do the same? I know this plot was necessary for Kylie to leave the show without Amihan’s story being left hanging, but still, seriously? If Emre is the god of life, shouldn’t he have granted Amihan another shot at life without her going through some shit and be a sarkosi or “creating her own destiny?” And why did it take so long for that to happen? Then Arra would have had more time to improve, and if Amihan was given that extraordinary privilege, then why didn’t Emre allow her to go back when Amihan asked him back then? That plot hole is so obvious. And in addition to that, I’m just not buying the Ybriana romance because it seems rushed and not well thought of, even Ariana being motherly to Lira is just, no. Honestly this would have been an interesting subplot if they casted an actress who can play Ariana’s character a million times better than Arra.

F. The lame and unconvincing love triangle
-I just feel so bad for Ru and Joross, these gentlemen are really working hard to cover up the lacking which Arra’s supposed to provide. I’m sorry but I consider this more of a plot filler than a subplot.

G. The poor characterization of the supposedly interesting characters
-Ariana: I wanted to kill her so badly when she let Lira die. Just when she needed to be Amihan-mode the most. Kapal pa ng fez para umaligid kay Rama ‘king ina, there was neither guilt nor trauma in her, she never thought of apologizing to Ybrahim and admit her pagkukulang, in short punyeta.
-Muyak: disappointed that she didn’t even felt that urge or desire to seek justice for her beloved Lira whom she looked after eversince she was a baby, I liked her when she was a lambana, but now—I’m not so sure.
-Pao Pao: what have they ever done to his character? He was such a joy when he was a little boy, so brave and optimistic. When will he stop being a useless jerk?
-Avria: All baddie, but they never really narrated her story the way the original Avria’s story in the original Etheria was told, if it weren’t for Ms Eula’s acting, Avria would have been an epic fail.
-Alena in book 1: the queen of MIA
-Memfes: a major plot filler, I know Encantadia loves to make surprises, but some stories or characters doesn’t need a grand introduction, seriously just who the hell is he?
-Hagorn: they just turned him into an all out psycho, this would have been the perfect time to redeem his character and see his good side. But RaquiMin is returning so…

The Endless introduction of nuisance characters and their REALLY BAD choices of actors

Arra San Agustin (Ariana)- she will always be the A-lister among the worst cast members in the show, you don’t have to read my reviews about her to know the reasons why, just watch her scenes, and the narrative of her character. I encourage you to do it.

Jinri Park (Juvila)- Juvila is my fuckin’ favorite Heran what the hell?! And she was Amihan’s mortal heran enemy too. Why are they doing this to me?! Clearly Jinri Park is not fluent in Tagalog and speaking En-chan would have saved her face in the show, but Jinri is far from Conan Stevens who played Vish’ka (and he was awesome btw). She’s struggling even in En-Chan which another factor why she is ineffective as Juvila aside from her bad acting, because she’s supposed to sound fluent in that language, like Arra, she seems to be reading the script. Learn from Solenn girl!

Lance Serrano (Memfes)- he’s good at acrobatics, he’s cute, that’s all.

Valeen Montenegro (Haliyah)- not complaining her performance but her character is clearly introduced just for the sake of it, most useless character ever.

There are so many other things I can add but these are all I think that are necessary to point out, hopefully Mine-a’s return will redeem the show, because at this point of time, I’m so done with the usual “soap writing.” The twists are clearly shocking and unexpected, but what came after the twists were truly disappointing, introducing of new characters and re-introducing old characters especially pivotal ones should be given to REAL actors not some “raw talents” who’s raw talent I don’t actually see. We are no longer in July 2016 when the show is just starting, we are on the near-end of the saga and this is Encantadia, I don’t settle for less when it comes to this show. I expected so much in this season but they took everything I have rooted for and gave me some really uncool storyline and torture me with some lame performances. Everything is just disappointing, where’s Kylie when the show needs her the most?

P.S. I want Lira and Mira back too.

Starlight Questionnaire Results!

Hey everyone! I’m finally ready to release the results of the Starlight Questionnaire and I’m really excited to do that but first I want to give a brief explanation of how you should interpret the results.

I closed the questionnaire at 240 entries because the data was starting to get a bit unmanageable and I figured that it would make a decent sample size. But of course, this was a sample of convenience (aka survey) and is certainly a better representation of Starlights on tumblr than on any other social media site. 99% of all the numbers were calculated with excel and I would be happy to share that data with anyone who is interested. (Although to be honest it’s pretty messy looking.) Most important thing is to take all these calculations with a sizeable grain of salt–I found patterns because I was intentionally looking for them. It’s very possible that these patterns disappear with a larger sample size. Even so, I think there are some interesting patterns here and I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Warning: this is going to be text heavy under the cut!

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Reasons Why Leo RULES OOTS:
  • That fiending grin as he snatches the pizza box from Mikey. Whaddya mean he’s got no playful side??
  • Chilling with his bros to watch a Nicks game. Leo, it’s all the times you are the leader that makes the times you’re not so beautiful <3
  • Actually, that whole from-the-top-of-empire-state city run, what was that about? Was that Leo’s idea? Why did they have to go to the top of the Chrysler in order to get to the stadium? Was this Leo’s way of sneaking in some training? Or did he just want to show off? I think he just wanted to show off. 
  • “We got the best seats in the house right here, anyone can sit down there” - Leo’s gonna do everything he can to convince his bros they got it sweet. You just know he’s been doing it since they were five: “But this Peaches N Cream Barbie has a missing arm!” “Hey Mikey, you’re the only kid in the world with a one-armed Peaches N Cream Barbie! Your Barbie is totally unique! Your Barbie is the special one!”
  • The brief look that passes his face when Raph talks about how they saved the city. Nice try, Leo, but you can’t hide everything.
  • Mr. Portrait of Sensible Responsibility is right there cheering his pea-shooting bros on, not to mention flapping his arms and chirping like a goon. We saw you, Leo. You’re too goddamn cute.
  • He makes the ‘F’ sound with his lips when Mikey drops the pizza. Don’t go judging your little bro, Fearless Leader, you were all set to drop a goddamn F-Bomb!
  • “We’re ninjas, we live in the shadows! Let’s go!” Yeah, you tried so hard to make that sound more fun than it is when you don’t have a choice, Leo. E for Effort.
  • Trying desperately to get control over Mikey. Leo, you’re so cute when your authority is being undermined. <3 <3
  • His smile when Splinter says “go get him!”
  • “Thanks Dad!”
    that! Stop! You’re killing us, Leo! You’re killing us with your adorable cuteness! We’re dying, on the floor, like dying flowers.
  • Leo the Sass Master #1: “which button, there are a million buttons!”
  • Barking orders in the truck like a Boss. *fans self*
  • The dirty he gives Raph when he leaps back into the truck. “Fuck you, and your showing off, and your disobeying me, and your recklessness and fuck you generally Raph because, fuck you.”
  • “Wuuuuhere’d he go?” I just really love the way he delivers that line.
  • His crushing, consuming guilt and shame that he ‘failed’ to prevent Shredder’s escape. And notice - he says “I” failed. NOT “we”. “I”. That’s so important to understand. Leo really sees this wholeheartedly as HIS failure. He did not lead the team effectively, because if he had, they would’ve stopped Shredder. It’s his fault. He was responsible and so he failed. He believes he failed his brothers and betrayed his sensei and father’s trust in appointing him in charge, and that this is unforgiveable. This is Lpo. This is what twists at the heart of him and explains so much about the decision he consequently makes. He will not fail again.
  • Just standing there. Arms folded. Like a tower of muscle and don’t-fuck-with-meness. Silent. But deadly. Do you feel it, Casey?
  • Leo the Sass Master #2: “are you done?”
  • “Sorry we’re late, April. Wanna walk me through what’s going on here?” He’s just so nonchalantly authoritative, and it gives me butterflies.
  • Leo the Sass Master #3: “ - grab Friday the 13th here - “ And the up and down he gives Casey, ooooohhhhhhhhhhh!  That should probably count as #4, right?
  • Trying to shut down his bro’s shennaningans, but in the end he can’t stop himself cracking a smile.  Leeeeooo! <3 <3
  • Polishing his sword. I mean, he’s just so attentive
  • How he walks away from Donnie so his bro can’t see the struggle he’s going through at Don’s revelation about the ooze. I mean, this is IT. This is THE thing. That’s gonna risk the unity of the family. He knows it. Yet - it’s also a fucking miracle. But he can’t show any feeling that might compromise his authority. He can’t show any weakness. He can’t show any indecision, or excitement, or wonder or conflict. He has to be strong, no matter how he feels inside.
  • The way he looks down after he breaks Donnie’s heart. Leo. You’re FUCKING KILLING ME.
  • He’s giving Don an order, but his eyes are begging him to obey.
  • Practicing. Guh. Just. GUH.
  • Goddamn that smug little grin that sidles up his face before he launches into his practical demonstration of the most important traits of the ninja. Oh, you’re a bad ass, Raph? Are you a bad ass WITH SWORDS?
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about” - holy shit, you can fucking hear he’s ashamed of himself. But he can’t back down. He can’t concede. He made a decision and he’s gotta stick by it. Otherwise he’s a weak leader as well as a failed one. 
  • “MINE”. Guuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh. Why are you so sexy when you’re an ass, Leo?
  • Leo the Sass Master #5: “No. I don’t, Donnie.” squeeeeeeee!
  • The way Leo looks when he hears Mikey’s heartbreak at being called a monster. He wants to break some cops, BIG TIME. This is what he’s been trying to protect you from, Mikey, goddamn it, why wouldn’t you just listen to mama Leo!?!?!
  • “You’re a mess”. Fucking CALL IT, Leo. Raph did a fucking reckless thing and their best friend - and hogosha - is in jail.
  • His frustration and turmoil at Mikey’s pain is so immense all he can do is walk away. He couldn’t protect his little bro. *cries*
  • Leo covering his anguish for his brothers with bullheaded self-righteousness. Oh, Leo, you choose such a hard path for yourself. <3
  • Fearless Leader panicking mid-plummet: “I’m off! I’m off! I’M OFF-TARGET!!!!!” You goon, Leo!
  • Saving Raph. (*o*)
  • Actually fighting Bebop instead of just brawling like the others. Look, he’s got ninjitsu skills and he’s damn well going to use them! He doesn’t do all that practice so no one ever gets to see him okay! Sssspin-KICK!
  • Leo the Sass Master #6: “Thanks guys. Real team effort.” LEO, YOU FUCK.
  • “Fair enough”. He’s the only one none of the others defends. He waits. IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. OH MY GOODDDDDD! And because he never lets it show just how much it fucking hurts to always be so fucking alone, he just hits them back. GODDAMN IT LEO YOU’RE BREAKING MY FUCKING HEART STOP IT.
  • Handing the decision over to his brothers and trusting them with it. SEE, you CAN learn new tricks, Leo. <3 <3
  • Handing out orders so fast and sure he blows the panties right off Chief Vincent. Whoooooosh, there they go!
  • If Leo ever looked at me like that, I’d be a puddle of goo. guh.
  • Checking in on Raph. “You got this?” That’s just fucking sweet.
  • Leo the Sass Master #7: “Let’s send this jacked-up disco ball back where it came from.”
  • Leo the Sass Master #8: “Hey Bubbalicious! Let’s see what you got.”
  • “Turtles BITE!” *zing* Yay, Leo got to use his swords!
  • “Hang on, little bro!” awwwwwwwwwwmmmyyyyyygooooddddddddddddd! <3
  • “Yeah. I knew that would work”. God bless you, Leo. After how hard you were on your bros, and you KNOW they all look up to you even if they try not to (lookinatchu Raph!), being all casual we’re-the-rockingest-team ever and giving them all a surprise boost of supreme self-confidence and pride, you’re making up for your assery and being a damn awesome leader and brother at the same time.  You really are the leader of our hearts. <3
  • HIS GODDAMN GOOFY SMILE AS HE STANDS THERE PLAYING WITH HIS KEY TO THE CITY!!! He can’t get over it! He can’t even stop touching that thing! He’s just turning it over in his hands and being all “holy shit I got a key to the city, hee hee hee!” He’s so proud and happy and Leo you’re just so pretty when you let your feelings show! <3
  • Fortunately, the still-pantyless Chief Vincent is there to exchange a meaningful look with him and save his dignity. 
  • “You ever need us - “ *suggestive eyes* 
  • Leo is the prettiest.
  • Leo is also the one who makes the hardest decisions for what he truly believes is for the good of the family, regardless of whether or not the others appreciate him for it. And yeah, he can be an ass. He can be a prideful, arrogant, stubborn jerk who can’t admit when he’s wrong. But he’s gonna protect his bros and keep them together no matter what, and if that makes him unpopular so be it. Because he loves them more than anything else in the whole damn world and if that means keeping his inner heart under lock and key, then he’ll do it, because that’s how much they’re worth to him.
  • And that just makes it all the sweeter when he comes around. LEO WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! 
Let’s talk Wynonna Earp 2x10

I don’t know about you guys but this episode had me on the edge of my seat and I didn’t think I was able to hold my breath for so long. Welcome to the episode I’d like to call “Temptations in times of weakness” after 2x09 where everyone had a secret and was hiding it from someone else.

I’m gonna start with Wynonna because l felt she was the character most hurt in this episode. Wynonna at this point has embraced her role as the Goddamn Earp Heir, but let’s face it her strength comes from Waverly, from the trust Dolls, Doc and the rest of the team have in her. They’re the foundation, the pillars of Wynonna’s resilience. Having Dolls at the beginning of the episode admitting she was right regarding the Gardiner sisters is a boost to her confidence. Having a team that follows her lead and her instincts is what makes her fight and be the leader she didn’t thought she could be at the beginning of season 2, with Dolls out of the equation. So bearing all of this in mind, as soon as we find out that Nicole has been bitten Wynonna is also the only one that doesn’t  succumb to a dramatic reaction, she kept her cool and immediately said to Dolls “we’ll do whatever it takes”.

Waverly is in such an emotional decay with everything else that has happened lately (gooverly, not being the heir, secrets hidden from the people she loves, identity loss, kissing Rosita) that I believe Nicole’s condition is the pinnacle of a most expected breakdown. She has no rationality at this moment or ability to process. She is surrendering to her emotions completely, which is why I believe she revealed her kiss with Rosita to Wynonna and couldn’t help but reveal her Revenant nature. Leaving Wynonna wondering why she’s been left out of this information. It’s interesting how we deal with stress and grief, how easily our judgement becomes clouded with insecurities and fear. Waverly also finds out her sister has kept the third seal a secret from her. Another slap on Waverly’s already damaged trust. So far we’ve seen these two being nothing but supportive, but we see these thin walls breaking and some resentment from both of them, for keeping certain things from each other.

The foreshadowing starts as soon as Waverly says to Widow Beth “I would never betray Wynonna”. Although we can tell by her face she is considering the option of finding the third seal. Proving me once again that Waverly acts irrationally when threatened and scared. She is also very easily tempted. But wouldn’t you in this situation? Wouldn’t you feel tempted with the easy way out if it was your loved one? I know I would.

Nicole and Wynonna’s scene was incredibly emotional. They are so different from each other but have such a strong understanding between them. It was intense watching Nicole completely trusting Wynonna to take action, if needed, regarding her condition. She might not want that responsibility but it feels like another reassurance of trust for Wynonna. After this scene the team is gathered outside trying to find a way to cure Nicole, while Jeremy (OMFG I love his guy) is talking about Komodo dragons and clearly needs sensitive training. This show rips my heart out in a second and next i’m laughing like a lunatic. Anyway, Waverly desperate times calls for desperate needs Earp suggests luring the widows with the seal to get the venom. I’m gonna stop right here and say that I’ve never seen a character going through the five stages of grief so quickly, she’s already bargaining and we’re only 15min into the episode. But Wynonna reassures her that she’ll do everything to help Nicole and asks Waverly to trust her. “We all love Nicole babygirl and there’s no way in hell she’ll die today. Do you trust me? Trust us?” (stab me in the heart why don’t you Andras?)

While Nicole is sedated and under pain relief, we find out she also kept a secret from Waverly. Meet Shae, her rock climbing /Britney fan doctor and wife. I’m still torn to what I was most shocked with, the fact Nicole has a wife (which wasn’t must of a surprise considering the amount of fan fiction i’ve been reading) or the fact that she has terrible taste in music. Now, this is how much we don’t know Nicole at all, and I’m including Waverly on the we. This is also a secret she kept for her own reasons, but before we jump into conclusions, I’m gonna say that Waverly and Nicole haven’t had enough time to get to know each other. Mostly because Waverly wasn’t herself for however many weeks and because their lives are constantly being threatened by demon entities. Saying that, we know they love each other deeply, they don’t need words or “I love you” , their body language speaks volumes to how much they care for each other. They might not be at in a great place right now but they’re both aware of their mistakes and actions. Saying that, Waverly not knowing Nicole’s allergies and being told by Shae “If you thought that worked you don’t know her at all” was, for me, the trigger point for Waverly’s desperate reaction. In order to prove to herself and Nicole how much she loves her she forgets Wynonna’s words and rushes out to make a deal with the Iron Witch. Actions always have consequences, this is clearly the theme of the season.

Rosita was outstanding in this episode. The confrontation between her and Wynonna was superb. She also came to find that Waverly was the one who revealed her secret, but I loved how she was so quick to say how she trusts Doc and was sure it hadn’t been him. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Rosita’s loyalty considering her journey. She could’ve walked out, she could’ve refused helping Wynonna but she didn’t. She stayed and told Wynonna she didn’t need threatening, she was keen to help just by being asked to. I believe Wynonna’s slightly cruel tone was more out of jealousy after seeing Doc and Rosita kiss. Deep down she does like her, but she doesn’t know her story and Wynonna is not quick on trusting people. Let’s just say she has her reasons.

This team is so supportive though, Jeremy was so quick at reassuring Rosita’s importance “You’re not strictly like us, but you’re one of us”. Again we get the sense of teamwork and unity between them. It’s an unorthodox family but it works and they all love each other deeply. I’m not sure of Dolls’ intentions behind the suggestion for Waverly to get the seal to save Nicole, but I want to believe he also succumbed to his emotions and empathised with waverly’s feelings. We would also sacrifice the seal to save Wynonna. I believe she is his ultimate weakness.

Shoutout to Nedley, the hero of this episode. He is the epitome of morality and bravery. He may not appear in every episode but he sure does make it memorable when he does. Truly inspiring to see such loyalty and trust in Wynonna and her abilities. He wants these demons out of Purgatory as much as we do. I loved when Widow Mercedes proclaims that Wynonna only cares about herself and the writers answer to that was “ here’s a truck with the Earp heir. Who’s the selfish one now?”. Such a memorable scene.

And we finally get to the end of the episode that broke my heart completely. Wynonna’s realisation of Waverly’s lack of trust in her. How will this impact on Wynonna? Like she needed a reminder of her previous missteps, of how people saw her as a failure. How waverly, the person she loves and cares for the most shows signs of not really trusting Wynonna’s instincts and leadership. Waverly’s irrational actions that are now responsible for both Doc’s and Wynonna’s disappearance. How will they move on from this? I can’t believe we only two more episodes left but I’m not leaving the bus at all. This show is just absolutely phenomenal.

Thank you for reading and see you next week.

the promised rant about Hindu deities and their place in neo-eclectic spiritual practice

A long ramble of thoughts I’ve had a lot regarding non-Hindus, including white people, including eclectic practices & attempts to work with Hindu concepts, deities, etc:

1) I often see outsiders mistakenly think that people who follow “polytheistic” religions* have equal relationships with every deity in a given religion, or that we can just cherry pick which ones we pray to and admire. Like “hm today I’m going to think about Saraswati” as if we were choosing a lipstick.

This isn’t the case at all; we respect and honor and pray to different deities at different times, but often have closer and more devotional relationships with select ones, depending on our upbringing and our family lineage. My family worships Lord Shiva. I would also place special importance on our worship of Durga and Ganapati. Of course we honor the rest — we might do prayers to specific deities personally during certain times in our lives or during holidays. When we go to the mandir, we pray to every deity present, of course. But we don’t have an equivalent relationship with them all.

Different Hindus will describe this differently — some interpret these relationships more hierarchically, others are more flexible, still others don’t worry about the philosophies underlying the practice and just practice Hinduism however they were brought up to. My point is, no Hindu is casually trying on worship for different gods based on their mood and then forgetting about it.

A lot of people who were raised with good old Jesus Christ or maybe not much religion at all seem not to grasp these details, and this feeds into a bunch of other misconceptions. These misconceptions often lead to misappropriation, especially when people outside of Hindusim enter into eclectic spiritual practices.

*“polytheist religion” isn’t the best way to talk about Hinduism but that’s an explanation for another time because this is turning into a tangent.

2) To me, the above “mistake” is because of a larger misconception that non-Hindus have about Hindu deities. I think many people’s impression of polytheistic traditions is shaped by the simplistic way that, like, the Greek pantheon is often taught in school — “so and so is the ____ goddess of ___”. It flattens the deities into representations of concepts.

The problem is, this is nothing like the relationship most Hindus have with the gods they are devoted to. We have nicknames for them, we think of them as friends and family in more than one sense, we talk to them as such and think about them sort of like PEOPLE, not just essences of keywords or concepts. Sure, “lord shiva” is the god of “death and rebirth” and “the destroyer”. I love those parts of him, they’re meaningful and real, but that alone doesn’t say enough about the relationship I have with him. I think of him by his nicknames, I don’t think of him as an abstract cardboard cutout or a symbol. The stories about him aren’t just vague and fantastical but often have aspects of, like, amusing anecdotes you hear about a friend. He isn’t like the paternal judgmental sky dad of Christianity, nor is he a two-dimensional shorthand for some kind of idea. I don’t get afraid of him and I don’t think of him as some kind of static figure. I think of him more like a close friend and really wise mentor I respect to an incomprehensibly great extent.

(Side note: I believe we need to be more aware of that difference in perception when we talk about and worship deities from various ancient polytheistic traditions as well; I feel like it’s possible their historical devotees would have had a similarly intimate and playful but reverent and loving relationship with whoever they worshipped. It’s a mistake imo to think of them as flat and representational rather than complex and rounded and even interactive. They are often “"humanized”“ for reasons.)

3) From that misunderstanding, there’s so many things people misunderstand. The idea of ”“nirvana”“ you always hear about, for example, means so much more when you understand it as a devotee attaining complete unity with the vast and intricate personality of their god. Embodying and assimilating into all of their qualities, all of their wisdom, all of their permeability, indistinguishable from each other. The loss of the ego as a total dissolution of the boundary between a soul and divinity at large.

Emotional anecdote time: when my grandmother, mother and I went to our family "guru” to know if my grandfather achieved moksha, he confirmed that he did, and all we could do was sob with joy. We all collapsed and wept and couldn’t say anything. And my relationship with Lord Shiva became so much more complex when it really clicked that my grandfather was one and the same as him, and I therefore had a truly “personal” relationship with and guidance from the god I know, that this person, this spirit I knew and know exists within and as him and is listening to me, open to my access.

It has nothing to do with just some state of bliss that you can just eat pray love your way towards. To reduce our concept of the relationship between divinity, deities, and souls to a blandly articulated state of “oneness” achievable by any Becky who spends enough time meditating with her Lululemon mala beads burns me up. It’s so reductive and even mistakenly individualist. It misses so much about the context and practice and livedness of those ideas and what they really mean.

4) Similarly, admiration or good intentions don’t mean much when white folks take images of deities and do not learn the rituals and procedures of their worship. I’ve seen white folks tattooing deities on parts of their bodies that are downright disrespectful and if these people even talked to one Hindu they would’ve known that. They would have been advised about how to convey respect. You can’t just have them lying around and pray to them however you like. There’s specific ways to honor them and specific ways to disrespect them. One kind of funny example — some would find it impolite to partake in marijuana in front of Lord Shiv without /offering him some/. Similarly there are other gods you would not do that in front of at all.

Different deities, to be truly honored, require different /detailed/ types of worship, procedures completed beforehand (cleaning, etc), placement in the home, bhajans and mantras, certain days of the week…This is why Hinduism gets called a “way of life” and not just a religion. It’s so beyond buying a Ganesh statue and saying some random om phrases you found on Google when you feel like it. I see too many crystal workers buying “Shiva lingam” and leaving it on a shelf like it’s just another rock or mineral. To a Hindu, a Shiva lingam is a literal representation of him and should be honored and worshipped as such through placement, display and offerings.

5) the final point and the cause of all the above: these are ALL THINGS that would be COMMON KNOWLEDGE and easily avoided if those who were interested in working with Hindu deities and beliefs didn’t seem to always, always sequester themselves from any actual, born and raised, practicing Hindus. I see so many white people practicing Hinduism in their own little groups without us. We don’t do that. Hinduism is situated within collectivist cultural values and the context of family and community is intrinsic to its practice. There are mandirs that /I/ feel uncomfortable praying at because they seem to be nearly exclusively for white convert Hindus. That’s not okay.

There is a LOT of debate about the openness or closedness of Hinduism. I’ve met scholars and priests who believe Hinduism is strictly carried through blood and family and in fact believe certain knowledge, ancient scriptures and such, are similarly carried through this blood connection. My grandmother loves introducing people to our religion – it really pleases her when they take interest – but she always says that our connectivity and “soul power” as she puts it is unique to us because of our bloodline and heritage. Our “dharm” – another word that white Hindus seem to completely misunderstand. Not that it’s better or more important than other people’s/peoples’, but it’s only ours and innately ours. All paths lead to the same place, all can seek god in their own way according to our beliefs, but this path is our way to reach the divine and it is our duty to follow it and live our lives this way because it is inherent to who we are.

I’ve also heard from Hindus who interpret the above to mean that Hinduism is a VERY open system that is downright compatible with other religions. I don’t think those two interpretations are even mutually exclusive or diametrically opposed. My opinion continues to develop the more I connect and learn.

My real point is, if you experience an attraction to our beliefs or gods, learn about them WITHIN our communities rather than without them. Read what we write about. Talk to our elders. Come to the same mandir we go to if you want to see what our communal worship looks like. Observe our practices before deciding to integrate pieces of it into your own. Know that you may be misconstruing the foundational concepts behind our worship and behind the explanations of our deities if you take them out of the context they have always been a part of. Understand that our culture is a collective one and we worship in families and communities as much as we worship alone.

And most of all, have /respect for us/ as human beings – don’t separate the people who practice a religion from your interest in the religion itself. How can you say you respect a tradition when you have no respect for the people who have given it life for centuries? Can you really, casually chit chat about the “connection” you feel with a deity when all you did was read their Wikipedia page? When you’re not interested in connecting with the people who have constructed their lives around a tradition of expressing love and respect for that deity? When you don’t want to learn more about that deity from those people?

I believe our deities are open to working with and inspiring non-Hindus, absolutely. I often recommend non-Hindus introduce themselves to or research or meditate on given aspects or forms of them. I believe they can impart really important knowledge to various people, particularly some marginalized groups, and I want them to be appreciated for that. Hinduism has core beliefs and concepts that can be transformational, especially in relation to gender and compassion and unity and various forms of distress, especially for those who have been ingrained with the toxic aspects of Western culture and Western religion. I want people to be able to participate and engage with our traditions because of that. However, meditating on a deity isn’t the same as devoted worship, and that should be understood – you’ll simply never have the same access to Hindu deities if you aren’t Hindu. You aren’t going to get the same out of worship for them, even if they point you in the right direction. If you understand this and choose to incorporate them into your worship anyway, I ask that you research and understand their context. Don’t go buying statues and posters without reading about or talking to a Hindu about how to properly respect them at even a basic level. If you choose to worship our deities within a communal setting, there had better be South Asian Hindus present and actively engaged with and leading the environment. Actual, practicing, regular Hindus going about their lives, not “gurus” who have figured out how to make a buck off of pandering to white exotification.

I find my traditions to be so rich and stimulating on intellectual as well as spiritual levels. I just wish people would truly engage with them instead of USING them in the superficial way I see very often. Particularly our beautiful, wise, imperfect, friendly, three-dimensional deities. I am tired of seeing a treatment of them that is at best reductive/underutilizing and at worst disrespectful. They deserve so much more than that, as do we.

The Locket (Oneshot)

Made with the idea that Neville was the BWL, James and Lily survived, and Harry found himself in TMR’s grasp the more he dived into the Dark Arts. Created last year, but still one of my favorites.

“I want to see every part of you – your mind, your heart, your soul.”

Slytherin’s Locket was something beautiful to him.

“I will accept all of you, everything that your friends would condemn you for – everything your family would never forgive you for.”

And the person inside of it – Tom Marvolo Riddle was made of such pretty words, however empty they might be. But it didn’t matter – it didn’t matter whether his words were lies or the truth, because at that moment, at every moment Harry was with him, he could forget all of the bad times.

He could forget the bodies strewn across the Great Hall in the form of the Dark Mark, sewn into the house flags –  could forget the way the four houses turned against each other instead of supporting the unity Neville preached –

He could forget the hospital wing and the pale, lifeless bodies Madame Pomfrey was forced to move away from in order to help those severely injured – he could forget the way the children who had just started the term trembled as they found out Hogwarts was not the sanctuary they had believed it to be.

He could forget the role he played in it all, opposite to the Boy-Who-Lived, who both helped in the battle and sent those who needed aid to the Hospital Wing.

In reality, he was a coward – but he could forget all of that.

“Thinking about Hogwarts will do nothing for you but cause you pain.” Ghostly transparent arms wrapped around his waist and he could easily identify the intoxicating smell of the Dark Arts that mingled in the air. He could imagine the way warm breath would brush against his cheek if Tom were real, could imagine the warmth that would seep through his shirt –  but Tom wasn’t real despite his wishes.

“…I know.” He murmured, wanting nothing more than to lean back and feel him instead of the form that was behind him now. “I know.”

“Then why do you continue to reminisce?”

He didn’t answer, blurting out the question that had plagued his thoughts for quite some time after the battle.  “How was it so easy for you to forget the ones you killed, Tom?”

There was silence.

He didn’t expect an answer right away – though he wouldn’t have been surprised if he did respond immediately. Tom was different than the rest of them, different than his friends, different than his parents.

He was in a locket, he was isolated, he knew more about pain than any of them.

He knew hate, he knew betrayal, but love… Harry wasn’t entirely sure that Tom knew what it felt like.

And it was strange, to love something – no, to have feelings for a person who thought love was a foreign concept.

Parental love… Tom was strangely close-lipped on that issue, so Harry could assume that he had gotten nothing of the sort.

Romantic love… If Tom didn’t know the concept of a family’s love, then why would he know anything else? He didn’t do friends, something Harry had found out about him early on when they had just met. Even when Tom presented him with the fact that he considered Harry someone dear to him, they were simply pretty words.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Harry just had to be okay with that, and he was – or so he told himself. In truth, he wanted to be the one to teach him of love – but how could he do so when Tom never knew what it felt like? How could he explain what love felt like when it differed from person to person?

How could he explain love to someone like Tom?

He couldn’t – he wouldn’t. He was too fearful, too afraid to bring up the subject when that would delve into his feelings for the enigma that was Tom Marvolo Riddle. And if he wanted to explain friendship, to explain love when all Tom knew was hate and anger and everything in between…

“…I did not care for them.” The soft admittance sent chills through him. “I did not care for them like I do you, I did not care about their petty little lives and all of the things they wanted to accomplish. They were such disgusting creatures – they were greedy, seeking for more than they can have and committing the most notorious crimes to obtain their desires.”

Hearing the words made him feel no better about what happened that night – hearing Tom speak made him realize that there was no hope for getting him to feel remorse, to feel regret, to feel –

“But you – you are different. You are… you are special, Harry. If you existed during my time at Hogwarts, I do not believe I would have killed you.”

But it was a possibility.

It was a possibility and Tom was trying to make him feel better about the chance that he could have disposed him as easily as he had done the others – and Tom would not have regretted it, would he?

He could have been killed like Myrtle, the Basilisk taking his life mercifully.

He could have been killed like Tom’s father, his grandparents, the old woman who he briefly mentioned – he could have been killed with a simple Avada Kedavra.

But if he was so important to Tom, even back then, would Tom really go through quick means?

If he was special to Tom, then his death would be special.

His throat could have been slit with a simple spell from Tom’s wand, his organs could have decorated the floor, his blood could have painted the walls with a deep red that would rival Gryffindor’s.

His heart could have been taken out, replaced with the most beautiful of flowers – maroon and gold, or perhaps emerald and silver to represent who he was supposed to be, who he truly was. Who he represented, what he abided by, who he wanted to belong to.

But it didn’t necessarily matter how Tom Riddle would have gotten rid of him so long as it was elegant, refined, fit for someone like Harry – someone who he cared about.

And it didn’t matter if Tom Riddle would have killed him back when he was alive, back when he had a body to call his own instead of a soul that had no room for meaningless emotions –

What mattered was now.

What mattered was the present.

“But will you kill me now, Tom?”

He wasn’t aware he had voiced the words until everything stilled downstairs – Sirius’ mother’s screaming, the laughing from the Weasley twins and the shouts from Ginny and Ron –

The faint, indignant voice that belonged to Hermione, the way Neville tried to calm them down –

It all went quiet, it all disappeared, leaving Harry to deal with the sudden weight of his words and the silence they left behind.

But despite the way that the question was one he could end up regretting, he found he didn’t care all too much.

“Would you… would you still kill me if I told you I wanted to find a way to give you a body of your own?”

The darkness of Regulus’ room was oddly comforting in this moment, in this moment where he decided to ask, to let go of his anxiety and get some relief –

For he found that he did not care if it was hopeless to look forward to the day that Tom could be lowered to the same tier as he was with both human remorse and love intermingled in his array of emotions. He did not care if all he had to look forward to was disappointment. He did not care if it was seemingly impossible for Tom to feel anything other than negativity.

“I will do it for you, I will do anything for you, Tom.”

Harry would make it happen, he would make him understand, he would make him feel.

Chilled hands reached up – Tom was trembling the tiniest bit – traced around his eyes, his nose, his lips before –


Tom did not respond.

Harry did not expect him to.

anonymous asked:

That personality post was superb! I've made note of it, but how do you go about developing those different aspects of your character's personality naturally? Without writing the book itself or relying on a list? (That doesn't seem to help me get them in my head)

Thank you!! Okay, so I’m going to explain what I do personally. I also make a lot of jerks, so their positive/negative traits won’t be very balanced. You can always go back and edit them. The first draft does not have to be the final draft. And the character post I made, it does not need to be used as a skeleton, but these are details you should know. It’s more like a guide.

As you start filling out one part, it’s very likely that you will think of a characteristic for another. When you fill out one part, consider how it will affect the others.

When I start making a character, I usually pick one thing to go off of and then work my way around it. You don’t have to start with their traits, you can start wherever you want. So, for you personally, I do not recommend starting with their traits. I suggest starting with their values or beliefs, etc., and work your way around from there.

A character I’ve recently made, I thought of one event I wanted to include in his background. He made a decision, knowing full well what the consequences would be, which got his friend killed. Now, I kind of have a feel for him.

So, going off that one event, I can pick out some traits that might fit his character. I know you mentioned that you don’t want to pick from a list, but try to feel what traits might fit your character. For me, I feel that pathetic, desperate, and decisive will fit him. I also feel that assertive, lonely, and quiet suit him. I’m still working on him, but I’m considering these traits; defensive, argumentative, petty, reserved. I feel that I’m missing a trait that I want for him, but I’ll probably discover it as I develop him more.

I just decided that he has a dog because he’s lonely.

Alright, so there’s still values, beliefs, wants, recurring feelings, self-image, behaviors, and the majority of his background. I’m only doing the essential aspects, not his quirks or likes/dislikes, etc.

Going off that one event, I can easily say that he values himself; selfish. A new trait, but not the one I think I’m missing. I want to think of another value, because it’s best when there’s two. Love, health, friendship, power, stability, unity, adventure, wisdom, justice, recognition, attention… I know you said you don’t want to pick from a list, but I’m feeling that recognition might fit with his character. I always try to feel if something will work. I don’t usually just pick at random.

Now, once I have a few details down, I can start to ask myself, why does he value these things? What happened in his history to lead him to make that awful decision? If he’s so lonely, why did he purposely let his friend die? Why is he quiet, assertive, and defensive, etc.? You want to ask yourself these questions constantly. This is generally where I start thinking about the character’s background more.

When I picked recognition, a few things popped into my head; maybe he did something really awesome once when he was younger and his family didn’t care, just brushed it off. Though, this probably happened on more than one occasion if he values it so greatly. Another possibility is that he’s living off old glories; he did really great things as a child and was recognized for them, but as he grew into an adult and stopped doing anything worthwhile, he still expected people to praise him. Maybe he’s defensive because his family started mentioning how he used to be such a go-getter, and now he’s not. Perhaps he’s lonely because of his other traits; what person wants to hang around with someone who is argumentative, selfish, and petty? A recurring feeling just came to mind; angry. He’s angry a lot because he feels like he isn’t appreciated or recognized for his achievements. Another possible recurring feeling is resentment.

Right now, I’m sliding into his head a little bit. I’m starting to see things how he views them. Now, onto his wants, which I already discovered; he wants to be appreciated. Now, there’s already some contradictions in his personality. He wants to be appreciated, but he values himself, and he’s selfish, petty, and pretty heartless when he feels he isn’t being recognized for whatever great favor he’s done. How can you appreciate someone like that?

That one trait I couldn’t think of before, I’m pretty sure it’s entitled.

Now, beliefs. What does he think about other people? What does he think about the world? What he thinks about himself may or may not be the same as his self-image. Hm, I’m not entirely sure what his beliefs are, so I’m going to pick a random one and see if it’ll fit. “People are selfish.” This is funny because that’s how he is! Contradictions. I’ll leave him with that one belief for now.

Okay, so self-image, behaviors and the majority of his background still. I can go either way with his self-image, but because he’s such a jerk, I think I’m going to let him suffer from a poor one. He doesn’t think he’s very good at anything, but he still wants to be appreciated because it makes him feel nice about himself for once.

Behaviors take me a while, so I’m just gonna stick one here. Sorry! One of his behaviors is that if he helps someone, he’s not doing it to be nice: he’s doing it because he wants to feel good. Backgrounds sometimes take me a while, so I’m not going to do it here, but one key thing has already been established; his parents never praised him and were not supportive of any skills or hobbies he liked. Or alternatively, depending on what way I want to develop him, he was praised but grew up to be an entitled jerk. I’ll probably go with the latter.

Demeanor is easy, it’s already been established in his traits. He’s quiet and defensive.

As for that dog, I mentioned that he got one because he was lonely, but now I can connect it to the rest of his personality more. A dog is always going to appreciate him because he is the sole caretaker. A dog is always going to love him. A dog isn’t going to care if he’s defensive, quiet, angry or resentful. A dog is never going to criticize him and make him feel bad.

I’m going to skip posture, likes/dislikes, quirks, hobbies, and his speech pattern in this answer because those aren’t nearly as important as the other aspects.

So, as you can see, I started off with his background and naturally worked my way around.

This is still a rough draft of this character, but I have the basics of his personality and how I generally want him to be. Some characteristics may or may not change or be edited as I think about him more. I feel one or two details might not suit him as well as I want them to. He doesn’t feel completely developed yet, and that’s because I haven’t thought of solid reasons for connecting his personality together, they’re a bit loose at the moment.

When you start building a character off one event, there is more than one way it could go. Instead of him being selfish, he could just have been careless, or maybe he was depressed, or he didn’t entirely realize what he was doing. I still haven’t thought of if he feels guilty about it, but I’m pretty sure that he feels resentful towards his friend for leaving him with that one choice. (That’s not actually what happened, that’s the character coming out and telling it from his view as I’m writing. There is always a choice!)

And remember, you can always go back and edit them!! The first draft does not have to be the final draft. And the character post I made, it does not need to be used as a skeleton, but these are details you should know. It’s more like a guide. As you start filling out one part, it’s very likely that you will think of a characteristic for another. When you fill out one part, consider how it will affect the others.

Sorry if it’s messy, it’s just my thinking process and it is a first draft…

I’m going to leave this here and hopefully I answered your question!! If not, please send another! I’d hate to leave you hanging with a disappointing answer!

anonymous asked:

Please talk to me about the relationship between Madison and Jefferson!

Could you be less specific?  Are you aware that there are entire books written about this?

I can give you the basics, at least.   This is off the top of my head, so bear with me.  

The two were aware of each other’s presences as early as 1776 (ironically, they were always “connected” in a way, given the familial climate of pre-highways America; Madison and Jefferson both had certain relations to the Pendletons and other mutual acquaintanceships and family members…for example, Jefferson was acquainted with the Reverend James Madison, James Madison, Jr.’s second cousin, quite a while before he got to know James Madison, Jr., and both knew the Randolphs) because they both had a stint in the Virginia Legislature that year.  But it was in 1779, when Governor Jefferson inherited Madison as a part of his council, that they started getting relatively warmer.  We can’t know exactly what council Madison may have provided to Governor Jefferson that impressed the latter at the time, but there are signs that this is when their friendship acquired its preliminary spark.  I.e., Madison showed some measure of solidarity by being one of the only ones to give Jefferson the benefit of the doubt over fleeing from British raiders.  There were a few false alarms of Jefferson getting called to work abroad, during which time the two visited each other intermittently.

It was somewhere around this time that Madison began to garner the vehicular usefulness of having somebody distinguished and accomplished like Jefferson as an ally, so my guess is that he endeavored to instigate the friendship.  (Remember that Madison was hella shy, yet was the first one to sign a letter with “Your Friend,” rather than, “Your Obedient Servant,” which back then was a big deal).  Jefferson sailed off to Paris shortly thereafter, but Madison wrote to him pretty soon and relatively often, commentating on both the political and literal climate; however, Jefferson was slow to the starting line.  He had a tendency to ignore Madison’s early letters, not getting to them until /months/ after initially receiving them, if ever at all, (incidentally, this was a rule when Madison tried to push pecuniary policy because Jefferson didn’t know jack crap about it), which Madison took note of.  He probed Jefferson by mentioning these silent patches with something to the effect of, “If your excellency has received these correspondences, I have received no indication of it.”  To me, the flowery endearment speaks to how /badly/ Madison wanted this to work out for himself.  As a manipulative collaborator and a details man, a conspicuous and impulsive figurehead icon like Jefferson would be perfect for his political machinations, and he knew it.  To me that explains why somebody who is apparently so painfully timid would try so hard to strike up conversation with an established superior politician.

Eventually, the correspondence picked up a little, but Jefferson was mostly too concerned over crying about Maria Cosway, and Madison was dealing with political turmoil at home (war and taxes and requisites and conventions and ew) for it to really flourish.  Over the years that Jefferson was abroad, their letters were sporadically exchanged, with periodic and mysterious patches of silence going on for sometimes as long as six to eight months.  Nonetheless, Jefferson was still buying books and sending books for Madison, many of which the latter used in his studious preparation regime for the Constitutional Convention.

The two didn’t really get all that close until Jefferson got back from Paris.  Before then, the latter caused some problems for Madison by purposefully inciting the circulation of a correspondence he had written saying that states shouldn’t ratify the Constitution unless there was a conditional agreement for a Bill of Rights.  Madison had to put words in Jefferson’s mouth for the good of the order (by pointing out that Jefferson wasn’t even in America, first of all, and second of all, he had Washington on his side, so who cares what Jefferson thinks?), something that would become a trend in their relationship for years to come, because Jefferson had a habit of passively screwing things up by expounding his feelings in many different underhanded ways.  At this point, the two weren’t really interdependent–both had noticeably different ideas and it was only by their mutual tolerance and gentlemanliness that there wasn’t a falling out right then and there.  Jefferson liked Shay’s Rebellion, which Madison didn’t, and also disliked the Constitution, which Madison largely framed, and that led to one or two issues–namely that Jefferson was campaigning against Madison’s grand project behind his back.  Luckily, needless to say, Madison triumphed in the end with his comrades in getting the Constitution through to Congress, largely by recognizing the benefit of a Bill of Rights, something that appeased Jefferson, but did not (NOT) require Jefferson’s probing to get a hold of.  It’s often said that Jefferson “talked Madison into” the Bill of Rights, but in reality Madison was moved to action by a gradual conclusion that the document would ensure domestic unity without necessarily taking away from the federal power instilled by the Constitution that he fought so hard for (and who wants to keep listening to all that southern butthurt anyway?).

  When Jefferson returned from France, Madison had him over for a while and caught him up on what happened during his absence–by now, Madison was all ready weary of the implications coming to light in the Federalist party (read: screwing over original bond holders, many of whom were veteran soldiers, with a plan for redemption of public credit), and was convinced by secessionist sentiments to move toward the Bill of Rights, making it easier to congeal with Jefferson’s intrinsic sentiments.  The reason I point this out again is because I so desperately want people to stop believing, with virtually no legit historical evidence, that Jefferson had //anything to do// with the shift in Madison’s political alliance.  (Also Madison was never Jefferson’s “protege”???  Please stop saying that???)

From them on, the relationship became progressively more political and symbiotic.  For the rest of his life, Jefferson relied on Madison to make important decisions and advise many of his publications and actions (even before he returned to America, Jefferson had sent his draft of Notes on the State of Virginia and explicitly informed Madison that his was the only advice that he cared about; later on, Madison would be coerced to revise and edit/withhold many of Jefferson’s papers, including his personal letters, and the Kentucky Plan, and as President, Jefferson expressly refused to make a single decision unless Madison was present in the cabinet).  Tellingly enough, some of the lowest political points that Jefferson had post-Paris ambassadorship were incidences in which Madison had zero involvement, such as the prosecution of Samuel Chase, and the prosecution of Aaron Burr.  Conversely, on the few occasions that something went wrong under Madison’s supervision, such as the Embargo Act (honestly I can’t even think of anything else right now), Jefferson received the blame for it and simultaneously gave no indication whatsoever that he minded the misdirection at all.  That’s either a) because he had these grandiose notions that he contributed as much to the pragmatic decision-making as Madison did (he basically said at some point that his administration was as much as Madison’s as it was his own because he hardly made any moves with Madison’s council), or b) he really thought Madison could do no wrong and refused to point a finger because it was /everybody else’s fault/. 

 If you think I’m kidding, Jefferson legit thought Madison was a godsend.  Some of his appraisals include calling Madison “the greatest man in the world,” the “father of agriculture,” a “pillar of happiness,” and so on and so forth.  Jefferson put in Madison’s name to become a member of the American Philosophical Society, tried /repeatedly/ to have Madison buy/rent property near/with him (including having him stay in the Executive Mansion while Jefferson was president, which didn’t happen), and unquestioningly entrusted the care and education of one of his nephews entirely to Madison while he was away.  He also assumed that Madison wrote pretty much 90% of the Federalist Papers, because he happened to think that they were a work of genius, and couldn’t imagine that anything he read that he appreciated could have been penned by anybody beside his best bud.

Now, there’s a whole other world of discussion on why this historical collaboration was /so/ successful, but to say it simply, Jefferson’s and Madison’s psyches were compositely made for each other.  Jefferson was everything that Madison wasn’t–conspicuous, impulsive, wistful, sentimental, dramatic, volatile, eccentric, and imaginative.  Meanwhile, Madison was quiet, strategic, pragmatic, austere, shy, and barely noticeable at all.  Madison’s entire political career consisted of his purposefully identifying the impactful traits in others that he inherently lacked, whether it be genetic or psychological, and digging his heels into the subsequent alliance in order to convey his political maneuvers.  Jefferson fell under Madison’s spell and was at the latter’s disposal ever since–there’s a conspicuous shift in their correspondence wherein Madison was compulsively corresponding with Jefferson in hopes of garnering some telling response, to little avail, to where the roles are reversed and suddenly it’s Jefferson who’s feeding into the friendship and Madison becomes the reticent and cerebral counterweight.  The relationship lasted as long as it did–fifty years, twelve hundred letters’ worth of time–because Madison never lost his political edge with Jefferson in the backseat.  He never lost control.  The falling outs with Hamilton and Washington, on the other hand, are telling of his stratagem because they occurred at moments wherein Madison began to disagree with their fundamental political philosophies–Hamilton and Washington, as some point, became out of control.  The symbiosis wasn’t there, so Madison walked away from the kinship because he could no longer get things done with it.  He then subsequently showed little emotional upset over these schisms (contrast Hamilton, who wrote twenty pages of butthurt about it to Edward Carrington, and Jefferson, who called Washington a whore at some point).  Jefferson was useful for the purposes of replacement, and Madison never lost his control.  As far as correspondences and testimonials tell us, their friendship lasted all fifty years virtually uninterrupted, no turmoil the likes of the Jefferson-Adams love/hate, or the periodic problems Hamilton had with Washington, for example.  All the while, Madison operated under the guise of subordination to Jefferson, sometimes blatantly to the latter’s face, because this was both convenient for him and an effort to maintain the latter’s sense of individuality enough to keep the inauthenticity down.  Now, I’m not saying that Madison had zero genuine feelings for Jefferson.  I’m sure he did.  I’m sure there was a lot of sincerity in the spark between them.  But all I’m saying is, if Jefferson ever indicated that he would irrevocably split from Madison’s stringent goal of keeping the Union together for as long as possible, Madison would have dumped him on the sidewalk in a hot second.

A lot of people were fascinated about this collaboration.  Plenty of firsthand observers commented on the differences and similarities between the two men, including John Quincy Adams, who famously likened their linkage to the “mysterious” movements of “magnets” or whatever.  It makes sense because, after all, these two lovebirds noticeably accomplished a lot together, almost always in sync–starting up the Democratic-Republican Party, piecing together the National Gazette, publishing the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, press wars, covert intelligence, the presidency, et cetera.  Joseph J. Ellis actually basically said that he thought the relationship was kind of boring because it was so damn perfect.  Where’s the fun in zero drama whatsoever?

Side note, these two got arrested together once as well.

Anyways, like I said there are books.  Written.  For you and me, about this.  I strongly suggest picking one up, particularly “Madison and Jefferson” by Andrew Berstein and Nancy Isenberg, and if you can get your hands on “Republic of Letters: the Complete Correspondence Between Jefferson and Madison,” I would also recommend that, the physical copies, because there’s a lot of editor incite into the origin and accomplishments of the collaboration.  Much more than I can /possibly/ articulate to you on social media.  It’s also late at night and I’m barely rereading this, so there are probably many factual, chronological, and grammatical mistakes littered throughout.  But hopefully you have a gist.  If you actually read it.  

Honoring the Sacred Feminine ‘Moon time’ Cycle

Many moons ago, the female menstrual cycle was celebrated as a gift of fertility and femininity. Our cycle naturally aligned with the waxing and waning of the moon. Shedding of menstrual ‘blood’ was considered a special time for rest, purification and rejuvenation.

Various cultures including Native American, Aborigine, Druid and African, regarded a menstruating woman to be incredibly sacred and blessed with a gift to heal, protect or to bridge into the higher realms of awareness. Some cultures still do honor this, although much of the knowledge has been suppressed, distorted and lost to the sands of time.

During this phase a woman is endowed with enormous power of the divine feminine, so it is no wonder that a patriarchal world of control would be afraid of it.

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