and I don't even think he realizes it


“not at all exploding”

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I used to love Todae too but then realized they're prob not very close off camera. :( Top was the only member who never went to support any of Dae's solo concerts even though he was free and was also in Japan at the time. But he was able to go to GD's concert twice during the same period. Top and Dae are also never spotted hanging out together when it's not for work related stuff.

Awww man. That’s really upsetting about T.O.P not going to Dae’s solo concerts. I had no idea (I’ve only been a huge fan for about a year aha). I suspected that it was only really an on-camera thing, but I guess we’ll never know.

So I’m laying down to sleep, daydreaming about star trek stuff, and all of a sudden my mind decided to start pondering the construction of ship names.

So then I was thinking how Spock/Bones is Spones and Spock/Kirk is Spirk; first half of Spock’s name, then the last half of whoever else’s name. But then I realized I’d seen a ship name for all three, Mcspirk. And I started wondering, “what if instead of adding Mc to Spirk’s ship name, they just mushed Spirk and Spones together? what would that be??”

My brain’s immediate reply: Spork.


I laughed so hard I drooled on my pillow.