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The Signs as VMAs Moments
  • Aries:kanye’s acceptance speech
  • Taurus:kanye rest
  • Gemini:miley's reaction to nicki dragging her
  • Cancer:justin beiber crying
  • Leo:nicki minaj calling out miley
  • Virgo:WHAT'S GOOD
  • Libra:jaden smith drinking a carton of milk
  • Scorpio:billy ray cyrus recording miley being dragged by nicki
  • Sagittarius:taylor swift calling kanye up for his award
  • Capricorn:kanye for president 2020
  • Aquarius:kanye dragging mtv on mtv
  • Pisces:rebel wilson’s reaction to nicki dragging miley

If you’re worried about Rose looking suspiciously like a visual callback to the antagonists in the extended intro and how it’s likely because Steven’s starting to fear his mother in light of recent developments clap your hands!!!!!


Charles saying Erik’s name


“there’s a prophecy of four heroes who fell from the sky, an ancient prophecy thousands of years old -” “oh thank god, we have five heroes.”



Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes

Stiles licks his lips. “I just…never thought about it, never considered, you know, that some people can’t hear. It’s kind of blowing my mind because, I mean as you can tell, I read your blog religiously and I never thought, well I don’t know what I thought you would be like.”
Derek looks at him without giving him a single hint and then pulls a pen out of his pocket, dragging the napkin Stiles was torturing away from his fingers and under his pen.
He slides the paper back to Stiles. Disappointed?
Stiles laughs, rubs his hand over the back of his neck. “No, not disappointed. Not at all, actually. Intrigued. And, uh, a little bit excited. I mean, your food is how I survived college—literally. I thought I was going to die with the bad food I was eating.”
Derek smiles and scribbles down on the napkin again. I take that as a compliment.
Stiles grins. “It is. Though I have to call you on the false advertising, good food alone will not get you laid. I think you’re giving your work too much credit for your conquests.”

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anonymous asked:

did t. rex's have feathers? i've been getting conflicting answers

I hate to have to tell you this, but the reason you are getting conflicting answers is because the answer itself is unresolved. But never fear, my friend, you came to the right place! I will gladly muddy the situation further by explaining why. No, no, don’t thank me. I am here to serve.

The main problem is that so far no large, fossilized skin impressions attributed to T. rex have been discovered, which is why we can’t say for certain if they were or were not covered in scales, feathers, or some ungodly mix of both.

Without direct evidence, reconstructions of T. rex are forced to rely on skin impressions and fossils from other dinosaurs, with the likelihood of similarities being based on how closely they’re related; whether or not the species is an ancestor or descendant of the tyrannosauroids; whether they are the same size, same environment, same niche… you get the idea. It’s complicated.

And we do have many skin impressions of dinosaurs that were definitively scaly. Stegosaurs, allosaurs, ankylosaurs and many other species have had soft tissue impressions found, all with scales. It is not completely unreasonable to say that T. rex could also have been entirely scaled.

Of course, this is all without taking into account Dilong and Yutyrannus. Dilong was a small, basal tyrannosaur - an ancestor to T. rex - and in 2004 a fossil was discovered with preserved filamentous protofeathers.

Then, in 2012, Yutyrannus huali was discovered, a tyrannosaur from the Early Cretaceous with definitive impressions of feathers. Also, much closer T. rex in both size and time.

At this point, even without significant soft tissue impressions from T. rex itself, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that T. rex was entirely scaled. It is surrounded on all sides, evolutionarily speaking, with feathery species of theropods. It is still possible, of course, since the feathers of its ancestors could have secondarily lost for any number of very valid reasons, but it is just as possible, if not more so, that it would have been covered in some kind of feathery integument.

Anyway, I hope this cleared absolutely nothing up for you, as it has for me. You’re welcome.