and I couldn't be more blessed by my friends like I am so happy and is love them so

Phantom of the Opera and its adaptations sentence starters
  • <p> <b></b> (Feel free to change pronouns around as needed)<p/><b>Leroux:</b> <p/><b></b> "The angels wept tonight."<p/><b></b> "Tonight I gave you my soul, and I am dead."<p/><b></b> "All I ever wanted was to be loved for myself."<p/><b></b> "You are afraid of me! And yet, I am not really wicked."<p/><b></b> "He fills me with horror and I do not hate him."<p/><b></b> "She is singing tonight to bring down the chandelier!"<p/><b>Kay:</b> <p/><b></b> "Hell is full of burning bridges."<p/><b></b> "None of us can choose where we will love."<p/><b></b> "There is no better way to raise a demon in my mind then to tell me something could not be done. Impossibility was not a concept I acknowledged."<p/><b></b> "Let me paint him a rainbow."<p/><b>ALW:</b> <p/><b></b> "The Angel of Music sings songs in my head."<p/><b></b> "You have come here for one purpose, and one alone."<p/><b></b> "I remember there was mist."<p/><b></b> "Is this what you wanted to see?"<p/><b></b> "I was just fourteen and soaked to the skin!"<p/><b></b> "Why have you brought me here? We must return!"<p/><b></b> "His eyes will find us there. Those eyes that burn!"<p/><b></b> "Forget this waking nightmare."<p/><b></b> "Yet in his eyes, all the sadness of the world."<p/><b></b> "All I want is freedom, a world with no more night."<p/><b></b> "I must go, they'll wonder where I am."<p/><b></b> "He was bound to love you, when he heard you sing."<p/><b></b> "But why is it secret? What have we to hide? You promised me!"<p/><b></b> "You were all that mattered."<p/><b></b> "So it is to be war between us."<p/><b></b> "What I once used to dream, I now dread."<p/><b></b> "Go now! Go now and leave me!"<p/><b>2004:</b> <p/><b></b> "No one would listen."<p/><b></b> "No one but her heard as the outcast hears."<p/><b></b> "Learn to find your way in darkness."<p/><b></b> "Who will be there for you, comfort and care for you?"<p/><b></b> "Learn to be lonely."<p/><b></b> "Laugh in your loneliness."<p/><b>Love Never Dies (AU):</b> <p/><b></b> "The moments creep, yet I can't bare to sleep."<p/><b></b> "All agleam, like a dream."<p/><b></b> "Every fantasy set free."<p/><b></b> "Starting soon upon our stage, the performance of the age."<p/><b></b> "Is there music in your head?"<p/><b></b> "What a child. Full of life! Full of you..."<p/><b></b> "Help me through this sadness."<p/><b>Love Never Dies (OLC):</b> <p/><b></b> "Are you ready to begin? Are you ready to get on? You're about to start out on the journey of your life."<p/><b></b> "It's a fun house where the mirrors all reflect what's real, and reality's as twisted as the mirrors reveal."<p/><b></b> "I should've known that you'd be here."<p/><b></b> "I should've known it all along."<p/><b>Alonso and Tilford musical:</b> <p/><b></b> "Pity her, ____. She couldn't bare to look at her own child."<p/><b></b> "Any kindness that we receive is a blessing."<p/><b></b> "Whatever you want me to be, I can be."<p/><b></b> "What twisted measure of human worth condemns a child at birth?"<p/><b></b> "Come what may at morning light, the world is yours tonight."<p/><b></b> "Skin deep, poison in the mirror."<p/><b></b> "You fool the world with your thin veneer, but you're not worth the salt in my tears!"<p/><b></b> "Pain is proof that you're alive."<p/><b></b> "Through it all, what truth is left behind, someone cared enough to break your heart."<p/><b></b> "The love you never had will haunt you like a shadow. So close, but when you reach there's no one there."<p/><b>Ken Hill:</b> <p/><b></b> "While floating high above, I hear you speak my name."<p/><b></b> "We'll share paradise."<p/><b></b> "If only you could weep for me like that."<p/><b></b> "In time you will learn to love me, I know it."<p/><b></b> "Share with me my dark domain."<p/><b></b> "Oh, free me from this dark despair."<p/><b></b> "Weave your magic spell."<p/><b></b> "How dare she!"<p/><b></b> "We are finished. Our love is over! I say it's over... Ended!"<p/><b></b> "I did weep for you, once."<p/><b></b> "Out of pity, ___, not love."<p/><b>Yeston and Kopit Phantom:</b> <p/><b></b> "Why was I born to this grave?"<p/><b></b> "Not a day I'll rest 'til that voice is found."<p/><b></b> "Well, that's obviously something she doesn't know."<p/><b></b> "Well, someone should tell her!"<p/><b></b> "What has happened to your sense of humour?"<p/><b></b> "You were the only one, my only chance of happiness."<p/><b></b> "I wondered how long it would take you to tell me it's true."<p/><b></b> "What did you think of it?"<p/><b></b> "It could've been better."<p/><b></b> "There was a time I thought I was only dreaming."<p/><b></b> "I went through that phase too."<p/><b></b> "This place is mine!"<p/><b></b> "Here, where fables come alive."<p/><b></b> "She is as innocent and natural as a rose."<p/><b></b> "You are music, beautiful music, and you are light to me."<p/><b></b> "I will find a way, through fear and doubt."<p/><b>Charles Dance miniseries:</b> <p/><b></b> "I know what to do about it. I'll kill them both!"<p/><b></b> "What kind of horror are you leaving me in?"<p/><b></b> "The gods smiled when they imagined you."<p/><b></b> "She is the reason I was born."<p/><b></b> "I was born so that she could save me!"<p/><b></b> "Do you find that apt?"<p/><b></b> "You are magic, too, I think."<p/><b></b> "Magic is my friend. Magic cannot hide from me."<p/><b></b> "Hat, do you think? Formal touch?"<p/><b></b> "Do you like these woods of mine?"<p/><b></b> "One can get quite hopelessly lost in these woods if one does not know the path... Or have a guide who does."<p/><b>Rosen and Schierhorn Phantom:</b> <p/><b></b> "I am whatever you want me to be..."<p/><b></b> "I am perfect spirit, imperfect man."<p/><b></b> "I'll always love you, I'll never leave."<p/><b></b> "I will always be your fulfillment and you'll always be my desire."<p/><b></b> "If you are the creator of such beauty, why have you forsaken the world?"<p/><b></b> "What do they know of beauty?"<p/><b></b> "We'll leave the world to its madness. We can live in bliss, alone."<p/><b></b> "Here nothing is missing, nothing is gone."<p/><b>Robert Englund slasher Phantom:</b> <p/><b></b> "Love and music are forever."<p/><b></b> "Everyone dies, I just choose the time and place for a few."<p/><b></b> "You're a thing from hell!"<p/><b></b> "And you sir, are hell bound!"<p/><b>Claude Rains Phantom:</b> <p/><b></b> "Hear the bells ringing soft and low, bringing peace through the twilight's glow."<p/><b></b> "Night has begun."<p/><b></b> "Who would pay any attention to a baritone and a detective?"<p/><b>Spooks:</b> <p/><b></b> "What does a chicken say when it lays a square egg?"<p/><b>Mystery Legends:</b> <p/><b></b> "One day, God willing, I would have my revenge."<p/><b></b> "You were the light in the darkness of my existence."<p/></p>

jay-beans  asked:

*poke poke* so i saw your lovely erronjin intro set, and i was wondering if you could do something similar with takedajin? if you dont ship it thats totally okay, i just absolutely love your work and i couldn't do half as good.

I’m sure you could, hun! My lists are not that great, but I have fun writing ‘em, and that’s the main thing, to have fun with them and release your inner Johnny Cage. :) Your own intros would be fine, I’m sure.

I’m not really a TakedaJin shipper, but …

Takeda: Cass, calm down.
Cassie Cage: You broke my best friend’s heart!
Takeda: I can’t love her the way I love Jin.

Kung Jin: You look hungry, Mama Long-Legs.
D’Vorah: This One wishes to devour your comrade.
Kung Jin: You ordered take-out - I’m gonna do just that.

Takeda: Ermac.
Ermac: We fail to see why the Shaolin finds you appealing.
Takeda: Wanna talk about peeling, mummy boy?

Kung Jin: East meets West.
Erron Black: Ready to go down South, Junior?
Kung Jin: Think Thailand’s got more to offer than Texas, Ranger.

Takeda: Pinky and the Brainless.
Ferra: Pretty Boy still likey Pretty Girl?
Takeda: Pretty Boy likes a Prettier Boy now.

Kung Jin: You better stay away from Takeda.
Goro: You actually care for someone other than yourself?
Kung Jin: I’m not as egotistical as you, big guy.

Takeda: Jacqui, I’m sorry.
Jacqui Briggs: I just wanna know why …?
Takeda: Cupid’s arrow pointed me in another direction …

Kung Jin: You look familiar …
Jason: (pulls the knife out of his neck)
Kung Jin: Well, horror movie nights with Takeda are done.

Takeda: I bet you’re happy now, sir.
Jax Briggs: Wasn’t my daughter good enough for you?
Takeda: I honestly can’t please everyone, can I?

Kung Jin: I don’t want to do this.
Johnny Cage: Thought you enjoyed getting your ass whipped.
Kung Jin: The jokes are wearing thin like your hairline …

Takeda: What’s kicking, Kangaroo Jack-ass?
Kano: Hopefully not the Shaolin when I see him …
Takeda: I’ll whip your legs off for that.

Kung Jin: You got something to ask me?
Kenshi: What does my son see in you?
Kung Jin: A lot more than you can.

Takeda: Your hair’s pretty beautiful.
Kitana: More beautiful than the monk’s mane?
Takeda: Wake up, princess, you’re dreaming.

Kung Jin: Emperor, how are you today?
Kotal Kahn: You meddled in the affairs of my employee.
Kung Jin: I’m sticking to my team’s affairs now.

Takeda: I mean no offense, Lao.
Kung Lao: Courting my cousin without my blessing is disrespectful.
Takeda: Guess I’ll have to earn your blessing the hard way.

Kung Jin: You’re not so wise, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I see the bigger picture.
Kung Jin: Takeda’s quite photogenic, don’t you think?

Takeda: Mileena …
Mileena: I’d like a piece of you.
Takeda: Jin’s not into guys who aren’t wholesome.

Kung Jin: You’re not taking my soul.
Quan Chi: The son of Kenshi has more to offer, I suppose …
Kung Jin: He’s mine, you second-rate pimp!

Takeda: Can you read, Raiden?
Raiden: I am not illiterate, Takahashi Takeda.
Takeda: Then read my lips: Jin trusts me, so should you.

Kung Jin: You’re easy to beat.
Reptile: You are very much mistaken.
Kung Jin: Takeda’s good, he never lies to me.

Takeda: Got any sage advice for me?
Scorpion: You shouldn’t tarry with the brazen Shaolin.
Takeda: Believe me, we’ve done more than just tarry …

Kung Jin: You hate me, don’t you?
Shinnok: You’ve read my mind correctly.
Kung Jin: Got a little help from a close friend.

Takeda: General Blade.
Sonya Blade: What’s on your mind?
Takeda: To be honest … nah, it’s too much information.

Kung Jin: Aunt Arctica, I need advice.
Sub-Zero: Never mix with the Shirai Ryu.
Kung Jin: Do you even take your own advice?

Takeda: Tanya …
Tanya: I was hoping to see the Shaolin monk.
Takeda: He’s seeing somebody else - me.

Kung Jin: Not you again …
Tremor: Were you expecting someone else?
Kung Jin: Takeda. With flowers. And chocolate.

Predator: (growls; clicks)
Takeda: Jin wasn’t kidding about cancelling horror movie nights …

Kung Jin: Get gone, granny.
Blanche: Where’s your handsome little friend, boy?
Kung Jin: I promised I’d wipe out the cougar population for him.

The grand finale …

Kung Jin: My arrow will find its mark.
Takeda: Hope you’re talking about your actual arrow.
Kung Jin: That’s for me to know and you to find out …

Takeda: I admire you for your mind.
Kung Jin: Same here.
Takeda: My mind’s up here, so stop staring at my butt.

I tried, hun, I really tried. <:3 But I hope you like them nonetheless.

Holler at me if you need an explanation on any of these intros. ^3^

fic: a hot drink and a Rose cuddle

Ten/Rose; The Doctor is ill. He wouldn’t mind, if only Rose would look after him.

“Last of the Time Lords? Oncoming Storm?” she reminded him. “And you’re making all this fuss over nothing! I’d’ve thought you’d try and ignore it, pretend someone else is sneezing every ten seconds. But you genuinely are just feeling terribly sorry for yourself, aren’t you?”

He growled at her. “Rose! I’m not making a fuss about nothing!”

“It’s just a cold, Doctor,” Rose sighed.

“It bloody isn’t!” he protested, sniffing despondently. “I’m dying!”

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