and I could go on because of beautiful and precious details you are the queen of it

SQW Day 1: Confessions

“Exactly how drunk are you, Miss Swan?”

Emma doesn’t think she’s ever seen Regina’s eyebrow quirked quite so high and if it were any other time, she’d probably burst out laughing. As it is, she’s got something on her mind — something that, if she’s being honest with herself, has been on her mind for way too long now — and she’s too busy trying not to vomit to find much funny.

“Pleasantly buzzed,” she deadpans. Or at least she hopes it comes off that suave. “On a scale of one to completely shit-faced, I’d say I’m at about a four point five.” Okay, maybe closer to an eight, but Regina doesn’t need to know that. Emma screws her mouth into a smile she hopes to gods says “endearing and irresistible savior” but is pretty sure translates a little more “struggling to stand up.” Oh well.

“Eloquent as always, I see.” Regina, clad in silk pyjamas and a matching robe, is trying to be the picture of sternness but Emma can’t fight the little somersault her stomach does when she sees her son’s other mother trying to suppress a smile of her own  — rather unsuccessfully, she notes. Nice one, Emma.

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I think it’s time to show you guys my Anticipated Books of 2017. There are so many incredible books being released and I tried to narrow them down into a short-ish list.

I spent over an hour reading summaries and discovered books I didn’t know about. Hopefully you’ll be adding some of these to your Goodreads too.

I’ll be doing an Honourable Mentions and ARCs I Already Own at the end. These are books that definitely deserve excitement and ones I will be picking up in the New Year if I don’t already have an ARC. But I’m very lucky to have early copies of some of the books I want to read.

These are in no particular order. You can click on the titles to be taken to the Goodreads page for the full synopsis.

External image

Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza

I saw this on someone else’s list. I can’t remember who it was but I’d seen it all over Twitter too and looked it up!

And, oh my god, it’s definitely my kind of book. It’s great for fans of The Lunar Chronicles which I am and the synopsis just sold it to me.

You’ve got the Empress, Crown Princess Rhiannon. A fugitive, Aly and a madman that Rhiannon and Aly have to band together to defeat. It seems like it’ll be such a great read and the cover is beautiful. Do you see that cover? It’s gorgeous.

External image

Wires and Nerves Vol. 1 by Marissa Meyer & Douglas Holgate

I have been so, so excited for this since I read the Lunar Chronicles this year and found out about IKO GRAPHIC NOVELS! Hell yes, Iko going on badass missions.

I live for this girl and the comments she makes. And, I hope there’s appearances from the Rampion Crew in this or I’ll cry.

The art looks fantastic in this and I like the style of it. I can’t wait to hold the finished thing in my hands and to read the story Marissa has written for it.
I just need anything new on the TLC universe because I miss it everyday and I’m always ready for new content.

External image

Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh

When you find out Renee Ahdieh is writing more kickass books, you can’t help but be excited for it.

It’s basically a Mulan-ish re-imagining and I am so down for that because it sounds EPIC!
There aren’t enough retellings or books inspired by Mulan and it’s one of my favourite films.

It’s diverse, intriguing and sounds brilliant. I loved Renee’s writing and I know she will tell this story brilliantly. I can’t wait to read it and I’m sure many people will have it on their lists.

External image

Throne of Glass #6 by Sarah J Maas

(Let’s pretend the pre-cover thing is for the last book)

Ahh, I have such a love hate relationship with this series. It’s been such a rollercoaster and I’m kind of glad it’s coming to an end because I just need it to. It’s put me through so much and I’ll always love the beginning of the series since it gives me nostalgia of when I read it for the first time.

The end books are getting too much but after all these, I obviously need to see how it concludes because it’s about time. There’ll always be a place in my heart for Chaol and Dorian. I have loved them from the start. I want to see what happens now because after Empire of Storms a lot had to be done and I want it to be a smooth end. I’ll be so annoyed if things are rushed or there’s a cop out. Ugh, I need closure from this series.

I’m also going to throw in the CHAOL NOVELLA! in here. YES MY PRECIOUS BABY IS GETTING A NOVELLA! Which, I am beyond excited for. I need Sarah to do the book and Chaol justice for all the crap she’s put him through. She made Chaol hate himself and ugh, I want him to have some happiness. He’s lost just as much as everyone else. I’m forever Chaol trash.

External image

Now I Rise by Kiersten White

I read AND I DARKEN and didn’t get a chance to review it but I LOVED IT.

The way Kiersten White represented Muslims was great around the time of the Ottoman Empire.

At first I felt uncomfortable about how Islam would be portrayed but she did it well and I enjoyed the story so much.

I love Lada and Radu so much. After being left in this new Empire under the Sultan’s rule, I loved seeing their character growth, how they were in this Islamic setting and dealt with a new religion they’re not used to and another way of life they’re unfamiliar with. I’m intrigued to see what Kiersten does now after the ending of the last book which left me in awe.

External image

Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas

This was one of the books I found browsing through Goodreads and soon as I read the synopsis I was like ‘Woah, this sounds pretty damn amazing.’

The main character was never meant to be Queen. She was 23rd in line to the throne but after some deadly things happen, the King and others in line to the Throne are poisoned.

She then finds herself in power and her life is in danger, people are trying to control her possibly the only person she can trust is the King’s son. This book is my kind of fantasy that I would immerse myself in.

There’s also a book in my Honourable Mentions (below) that sounds quite similar to this so make sure to check that one too if you like the sound of this book.

External image

Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer

This is a Sleeping Beauty retelling and funnily enough, I haven’t read any Sleeping Beauty retellings even though there’s a few out there.

This one’s about two half sister’s, Isabelle and Aurora. Isabelle is quite headstrong and the King’s illegitimate daughter whereas Aurora is the opposite of her.

After some occurrence, Aurora falls into a long sleep so Isabella races against time to find a prince that can wake her with a kiss all the while an evil Faerie Queen is advancing. But Aurora is in this enchanting land in her sleep and meets this Hunter that could help her escape.

It just sounds phenomenal and such a brilliant set up. I am really looking forward to this just from the synopsis on Goodreads.

External image

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas

I don’t think anyone is anticipating this book(!) 

I definitely can’t wait to see how this series concludes. Two of Sarah’s series are ending and I’m kind of apprehensive about it. In the past I’ve noticed how both series influence her writing and a lot of it it similar across both which she probably doesn’t realise.

But nevertheless, I’m ready for the final book and whatever the remaining ACOTAR books will be. I’m pretty sure they’ll be novellas or colouring books.

After that ending, the characters, AND RHYS! Oh Goodness, my small but amazing Rhys. Azriel is the one for me but I love the inner circle. Mor is actual goals.

A part of me knows that they’ll be put through a lot but Sarah definitely won’t have the heart to kill her favourites. That much I can guess.

External image

Traitor To The Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

After the last book, I’ve been dying to know what happens. I just love books in an Eastern and desert setting. I enjoyed reading about Amani and the ending of Rebel of the Sands blew me away.

I wonder what will happen because Alwyn said she wrote some perilous scenes… *sweats nervously* I’m not prepared for Amani and Jin to be thrown into more danger.

It’s such a hyped book which I completely get. I definitely need a reread of Rebel because I’ve forgotten some details. There’s also been a US cover change but thankfully, the UK has a vibrant matching pink cover.


I’m definitely excited for these books and will pick them up some time in the New Year. I may or may not get them right away (I might not even get the above books right away), but they’re still new releases I need in my life and hope to read in 2017.

BY YOUR SIDE by Kasie West
THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas
THE SCARECROW QUEEN by Melinda Salisbury
BECAUSE YOU LOVE TO HATE ME by Various Authors and Booktubers
DIVIDING EDEN by Joelle Charbonneau


I’m incredibly lucky to own these ARCs. The publisher’s kindly sent me these and I haven’t read them all yet but they’re making the list. If I didn’t already have these books on hand, they’d be on the list anyway.

CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber
HUNTED by Meagan Spooner
HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer (UK ARC - Out in 2017)

So that’s it for my list. We’ve got quite a few books here and I think it’ll be a fantastic year of new releases. I know I’m missing amazing books that I probably haven’t even heard of. I’m also going to be on the hunt for diverse and #ownvoices books. I’ve added two of them on this list. It’s hard to find or discern which are #ownvoices so I’ll be doing more research on that in my own time.

I might even make a separate Anticipated List just of diverse, own voices, LGBTQ, diverse author books. Let me know if I should do that. I’ve heard of a few but need to look into them before I compile a list. 

Or, if you know of a diverse/ownvoices book coming out in 2017, please reblog or message me about i!

Same for if you have any recommendations, please reblog them here or message me. I’d love suggestions or your thoughts on this post. Did you find a new book to add to your list or are we looking forward to the same books?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope everyone have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Magic - Prince Calum and Witch Reader (Part 1)


You could feel the magic course in your body, the surge of power leaving through your fingertips, to the small child in front of you. You could feel the strain from using magic already starting, since part of your energy was being transferred into healing magic you were performing. You started reciting the words you had spent months remembering and perfecting to suit your needs and already started to feel the young child get better. The woman around you watched in awe as she prayed that you could help her child.  

You were finally done, asking her to bring you something to drink. You picked up all the materials you brought, a number of clear quartz to draw out any negative energy for the child and other stones to promote healing. You were tea, to soothe your body and kindly thanking her for it. The mother asked if her child was going to be fine, you told her the he would be fine, all he needed would be rest and he should be better than ever.

You reached into your rucksack and pulled out two different stones, a clear quartz and selenite. You told her to occasionally rub the stones on the child, guiding her on how to do it, since both would promote healing.

“thank you so much, I can already see that he is getting better,” noticing that her son was resting peacefully, “is there any way I can repay you,” she asked you, grateful that you were able to help her.

You smiled as you searched your little satchel and took out two stones and placed them in her palm, “there’s no need, I healed him because it was the right thing to do, not because I expected anything in return,” you said with a smile, seeing the mother look at you with awe, “but there is one thing I need you to do for me,” you finished.

“Anything,” she answered.

“Just don’t mention this to anyone,” you asked worriedly, “you know what happens if they capture witches, just please if you can keep this between us,” you said this time taking her hand in yours pleading to not tell anyone.

“I promise,” she said with a smile, “but at least take this basket filled with small treats as a token of appreciation,” she said as she walked over to retrieve a basket for you.

You accepted it knowing she wouldn’t let you leave without some sort of thank you. You thanked her and bid her farewell and walked outside into the busy town. You pretended to be as normal as possible, not wanting to draw out any attention to yourself and blend into the crowd. You had to hide your witchcraft from everyone, since it was deemed evil. 

You would be lying to yourself if you weren’t scared every time you stepped into town. Your body shook in fear when you would see the royal guards thinking that every time they neared you it would be to capture you for being a witch, but so far you had remained off their radar. You would help out the town, only to those you trusted, but you wondered if one day you would be captured.

You never understood why witchcraft was deemed illegal; you knew that while magic can be used for ill gains, you understood that most didn’t because of a crucial rule that every witch knew. The Rule of Three, which states that any action done you preform whether good or bad will return to you three times as much, good deeds done with magic, you get three times as much goodness that you created, and if you used magic for ill gains, then that gets returned in three times as much. Karma with a greater price. The Rule of Three was the main reason why many witches didn’t perform such evil magic; no one wanted three or more of the damage the cause returned, especially you.

Yet despite that rule being so recognized in witchcraft, those who didn’t study magic didn’t understand that. They named magic evil regardless of what it does; even healing magic was thought to be evil, deeming it unnatural to cure anyone.  You looked towards the castle, wondering if the people inside thought of people like you, or only went with the rules against witches because that’s what they were told. You were walking to your cabin closer to woods, wanting comfort in isolation then being surrounded by people who would be a risk to you if they turned you in.

You entered your cabin, setting down the basket of treats as you went to your book of magic, to make sure that there were no other things that you needed to do for the healing cleanse that you preformed. You put away your quartz stone in a small sack, reminding yourself that soon they will also need to be cleansed but you would do that later seeing as how right now you just needed rest.

The next day you headed out to gather plants and herbs necessary for some of your rituals and spells, and were thankful for the basket that was given to you, because it would hold everything nicely. You emptied the basket and reached for your small sack of quartz and other stones, making you feel more protected and safe then when you were without them. You mentally noted what you would need to gather and left your home.

You were strolling back to your home, when you noticed that something felt off, something was wrong. You quickened your pace, but grew more cautious as well. You could see your little cabin, but what you weren’t expecting was there to be many people…no, knights. Their clothes bearing the royal family crest entering your home and throwing everything away, breaking the vials and cases filled with herbs that you collected, as well as storing some of your other stuff into a carriage that you assumed was ready to take you as well.

Your heart was being torn, your only sanctuary had been taken from you, you couldn’t even run inside to take your spell book, because that would put you in danger, some of your precious heirlooms and trinkets all gone, all because you were a bit different.

A twig snapped behind you, your head turned to where the noise was, and there approaching you was a guard, you immediately started running as fast as you could, hoping that by some miracle you could lose whoever was chasing you but that you doubted you could. You heard the shouts telling you to stop, that by order of the king and queen you had to stop, but those shouts came on silent ears as you continued running,. Your quick steps alerted everyone, and before you knew it you were cornered.

“Please let me go, I’ve done nothing wrong,” you pleaded taking steps back, your lungs and legs on fire from the run you had done.

“You are under arrest for the practice of witchcraft,” one of the guards said as he opened a scroll with order of arrest, details of your crime all there as well as a sketch of your face.

Your blood ran cold, there was no escaping this, “please I’ve never hurt anyone, yes I practice magic but I mainly just charm and heal, please you can’t do this,” you said taking more steps back, your voice cracking as your vision clouded with tears.

“Being a witch deems you as evil,” his voice firm, “arrest her!” he shouted.

“No, no, no,” your voice whimpering as you took more steps back and landed against a strong chest. You turned around and noticed that right there was another royal guard, quickly holding you in place and no matter how much you squirmed you couldn’t break free.

You felt the shackles around your wrists and legs, your freedom had been taken, and you had been captured. You were dragged back to your home and taken to the carriage, more like tossed, tears running down your face, your arms hurting from the grip that you had been in. you already knew that they would bruise, the stinging sensation proof of that.

You had enough mobility to feel the small pouch still with your precious stones, and prayed to the Three Goddesses to keep you safe from whatever was to come. The road was bumpy and with your arm and legs both shackled it made it impossible to keep balance, making you fall at every turn and making the soon to be bruises on your arms hurt more and your body ache.

The carriage finally came to a stop, sending your face to hit the floor, more stray tears rolling down your face. The doors opened making your eyes squint from the bright light.

“Move!” the guard shouted.

You were barely getting used to the bright light before you were yanked out and being led into the castle. Your shackles were then attached to a chain, as another guard pushed you from behind. Your chains were yanked forcing you to walk inside. The shackles were chaffing your skin, seeing the irritated skin on your wrists, you wanted to pull them but that would hurt you more and didn’t even want to think what the guards would do to you if you resisted.

You were lead to a large empty room; there at the end were the seats for both the queen and king, and for the royal children, Calum and Mali koa. Sitting in the chair deemed for the king was none other they future king, Calum with his advisor standing to the side. This was the first time you had ever seen the royal prince. You could see why when you were around the town you would hear the young females and even some males swoon over Prince Calum, he was gorgeous, the way his facial features were so defined and strong almost as if they were chiseled by divine beings. His tan skin looked like it was glowing from the sunlight that shinned through the large glass windows. Ebony colored haired framing his face beautifully; all in all he had the physical appearance of a prince, regal and beautiful.

“Your highness, we have brought the she devil,” they said as they pushed you forward, nearly causing you to trip.

“Sir Evan, would you please not treat anyone like that,” his voice kind, opposite of you thought it would be when addressing you, “and I already told you, I do not wish to participate in this,” he finished.

“Your highness, you know since the king and queen are away for the day it is your duty as the future king to attend to the land and that includes in trials, especially when they deal with witchcraft,” his advisor stated.

Calum nodded, before his eyes landed on yours, somewhat widening when they landed on you, not believing someone as young as you would be a witch, his mind usually imagining the stereotypical witch instead. The returned to normal, but still there was no disgust in his eyes or hate as you imagine it would be, “you, state your name and crime,” his voice gaining the assertiveness of a king.

“(full name) and I am accused of witchcraft,” you admitted knowing that there was no point in lying since your crime would be worse if you dared lied.

“witchcraft, that is a serious crime, you know how we look down upon witchcraft, it is a crime with punishment by death by fire or life sentence in the dungeon,” you gulped, not knowing it would be that bad, “how do you plead?” his voice free of any emotion.

You looked down, feeling the tears stream down your face, this was it. You had spent all your life being a good person…a good witch to still end up as every other witch…dead. You didn’t want to die. You felt one small stone slip out of the small sack; it was a small rose quartz. You didn’t even know that there was one in your ruck sack but there it was lying on the floor. No one seemed to notice it and fell to your knees, pretending to cry harshly, but your hands reached for the stone.

You remembered the main reason rose quartz was used for…love spells and rituals. You remembered charming some for couples to ensure that their love will remain pure free any ill energy that would surround them. Giving them to people who needed to learn to love themselves and be content who they were. The possibilities were endless, but you also remembered another way they could be used…love spells…forced love spells.

This could be your ticket out, if you made the prince fall in love with you…if you forced him to fall in love in love with you, he wouldn’t kill you, and his love for you wouldn’t let him. You would manipulate him and his emotions just to make sure you lived. This was your only chance of survival…and worth it no matter what the cost. Magic was used to help so would it be so wrong to finally use it to help yourself.

In the back of your head the only thing you could think of was The Rule of Three, this was evil, this is ill magic, manipulating someone is what you deem evil especially forcing them to think something against their will. But you needed to live.

You remembered the spell that you memorized from your book, with your forehead against the cold hard floor, the rose quartz tight in your hand, you silently recited the spell, praying to every love god you could name, begging them to force Calum to fall in love with you. you could feel the little power you had surge in your body, this was going to work, the rose quartz felt like it was burning in your palm, you wanted to drop it, but this small was pain worth it if you would live.

“I ask you once again, how do you plead,” Calum repeated.

Chanting the spell one more time, you held the rose quartz tightly in your hand, as you got up off the floor, feeling the spell at around you; you just needed to focus on where you wanted to send it. you lifted your head to stare at Calum, your eyes locking with his, focusing on them to send the spell, all you needed was to say his name and finish the spell.

“I plead guilty, Prince Calum Hood,” and just like that the spell was completed.

You could see the small flicker in his eyes, somewhat hazing over as they momentarily softened for you, before going back to normal. You could see the small changes in his posture giving away that the spell worked, Calum was in love with you.

“So your highness, how do we punish her,” his advisor asked.

“What?” his body shocked, almost as if he wanted to protect you to ensure your safety, more signs of the spell working, he didn’t want any harm to fall on you.

“She is guilty of her crime, what is her sentence?” his advisor repeated.

Calum looked over at you, his eyes broken and guilty, not wanting you to get hurt, but you knew that those emotions that he was expressing weren’t real, they were fake, because you placed…forced them there. His eyes showed that he was sorry for what he was doing, but you knew he would help you out.

“Life in the dungeon,” he let out almost painfully.

You were relieved but at the same time you knew that he wouldn’t let you burn, he was in love with you and there was no way he could let the person he was in love with die. It would only be a matter of time before you were free; you would manipulate his feelings to make sure he granted you freedom. You were taken to the dungeon, still not believing that the spell had actually worked, the royal prince was in love with you.

You remembered the rule of three, but at this point you were willing to take on any punishment your magic would bring because nothing would be worse than having to die.


Alright this I part one for the witch Calum series, hope that you all like it, please let me know that you think. It would really help, so far this is planned to be 4 parts but maybe a bit longer. I plan to take a small break from werewolf ash till I finish this to have this finished ASAP, since I love what I am going to write.

So yea



WELL BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other masterlist

Dee’s OQ fic MasterList

Two years ago today, it was Sunday, the 20th of April 2014, and 3.18 aired, and Regina and Robin kissed for the first time - so to celebrate the second anniversary, and given that I’ve read a shameful amount of fics in these two years, I’ve decided to write my first MasterList - and it’s gotten long, but who cares. All my personal favorites, not in particular order, with my recs full of feelings by their side - and I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes in the tags or the links oopsie - there’s all sort of things here, AUs, Missing Year, Storybrooke, OutlawBandit, Christmas, smut, fluff, angst, one shots, ultra-long monsters, and a poem! All under the cut - and happy anniversary, babes!

Here’s the list - have a good time!

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Thorki Author Appreciation

I decided to kick off the fanfic author appreciation early because well, why not!

In alphabetical order, here are all the writers in the thorki fandom (separate post for other fandoms) I appreciate and why.

1. @angrymadsygin aka sigynthefaithful on ao3. I love her stories for the vivid reality they paint, there is nothing holding her vision back. I love and adore all of her works, but that isn’t all I appreciate about her. She is incredibly kind, a true thorki goddess who I adore and hold dear to my heart. Never stop being amazing Siggy!

2. @curds-writes
aka curds-and-wheyface on ao3. Her storytelling has some of the best pacing I have ever read in fic, with each moment, each scene gripping me and refusing to let go until I’ve read the next page. Very few works strike me as heavily as her works have - I am so lucky I discovered her works over the holidays or I’d probably be in so much trouble. Also, have you ever talked to her? She melts me away with her precious love and *huggles* I wish I had the eloquence to truly describe how great she is.  Not only that she has amazing analytical ability when it comes to people, I have noticed her insight on multiple occasions and it always leaves me in awe. You’re the best <3

3. @emilybailey6 aka emybaily on ao3 - She was my secret Santa! I loved the fic Emily wrote for me, thank you so much! It was heart wrenching and captured their characters so perfectly I couldn’t ask for anything better.

4. @fourletterwordsstartingwithl aka hiddleston_loki_lover_au - Sonia writes the BEST AUs I have read and that is saying something. I don’t normally read AUs because I do not trust them to carry over the characters well, or the situations etc. Sonia proves me wrong.

5. @full-of-hiddles aka Cassy27, whose epic thorki fics are all PLOT, PLOT, PLOT. It’s amazing. I love the stories and detail, they are inspiring and beyond entertaining. I love them!

6. @half-ancient aka furiedheart on ao3 - more towards Hiddlesworth than anything else, these works are incredible and I highly recommend them! The stories I have read I have loved, and you can tell the amount of effort put into them.

7. @kadorienne aka Kadorienne on ao3 - her Born to be King’s holds a special place in my heart. It is a thorki epic and one of the greatest works EVER written. Please, please do yourself a favor and go read it. Oh and Eve is easily one of the most incredibly talented, kindest and compassionate individuals I have ever had the luck to speak to. Gosh Eve, you’re the light in this dark world <3

8. @lokincest aka Lokincest on ao3 - just wow. She reached several of my kinks that literally ~no one~ else shares. Not to mention her writing is INCREDIBLE, so well written, I highly recommend her writing, especially if you’re kinky as hell. Read the tags.

9. @mia-a03 aka mia-a03 on ao3 - her works ARE SO CUTE, so incredibly creative and incredibly well written. Also she’s so nice *hugs*

10. @pohjanneito aka Umakoo on ao3, gosh her thorki works are AMAZING, so incredibly detailed and well written I could go on about them for hours. Not to mention she is one of the few authors to be into some of my weirder kinks like lactation kink *cough*. Also she’s an incredible person. Read her works :D

11. @pro-antagonist
aka proantagonist on ao3 - geez okay. I cried. Her fic “Bargaining” hit so close to home I didn’t even know what to do, I’m still lost sometimes as I envision the very perfection of it. It is a true masterpiece. And when you’re done crying over that, there is a wonderfully smutty piece to get your mind off things. Easily one of my favorite authors! Another incredibly nice person too :)

12. @radiatorfromspace aka radiatorfromspace on ao3 - DO I NEED TO SAY IT?! This bunny is one master of writing I can’t even. Her dragon! Thor work still holds a place in my heart and her daddy kink *dies*. She is a precious bunny marshmellow who can write thorki fic like a boss. Highly recommend everything she ever wrote. And highly recommend going to send this author a big HUG because she deserves a billion. But get in line because I’m first. *squish*

13. @sexualthorientation aka sexyscholar on ao3 - well, the queen of daddy kink herself, her works are the bestttt! I love her writing, it blows me away. I will never be over it, though her Roman AU holds a special place in my heart. Another author whose every work I highly recommend reading. She’s also the loveliest most creative human ever *huggles*

14. @teresa-dances-in-sequins aka cunninglingus on ao3 - Black is the Color is one of the greatest thorki works I have ever read, such incredible writing, with such well thought out plot twists and characterizations, it’s genius. I also love the filthy smutt and degrading scenes, Gah, work straight out of my heart. Also she’s adorable.

15. @thor666  aka FILTH on ao3 - THIS IS RINA. Have you read Rina’s works? Yes? No? Well too bad because you NEED to. Her works are delicious, have my mouth watering and other parts well, let’s not go there ;) heheh. Ahem. Anyway, her works are FILTHY yup, accurate username! No shame, we are going to hell reading it but we are gonna love the ride so let’s do it! Besides Rina is so much FUN she’s the one who makes you wanna log into tumblr every day :) precious human being too good for this universe <3

16. @thorduna aka missnefer on ao3 - whoo, I could GO ON about Diana’s works just wow. Her epic, IMO, is Lights Out, one of the earliest and best fics I ever read. Lights Out is one of the reasons I’m into thorki now. It is a beautiful work, and so are her daddy kink shorts and her current WIP Arenas Temporis which I am in LOVE with. Her writing style and brilliance will never cease to amaze me. Also, she’s really nice if you ever talk to her! All the hugs for Diana :)

17. @thorki-goddess aka vahisa1975 on ao3 - GREATEST HUMAN TO WALK THIS PLANET. Wait I should talk about her works first *ahem*. Her works have inspired me more than any other, I spent a LONG time on ao3’s search function trying to find EXACTLY what she wrote. I will never forget how it tugged at my heart and soul. Her writing is so beautiful, the words so well placed together that I just… Sigh. I wish I could tell you, I truly do, but let me just recommend that you please go read the works instead.

18. @thorki-trash - amazing tumblr author with smutty, filthy goodness. Highly recommend giving these works a try.

There are some authors who I feel I should mention because they have a reputation but I have never truly gotten around to reading their works, or they don’t have a tumblr so I don’t really know them. Or maybe they do but I don’t know it (I am relatively new to the thorki fandom! There are plenty of people in the fandom I don’t know yet so this is very likely).

These authors are:

1. Hermaline75 - may or may not have a tumblr, I don’t know of it. But I have read their works and love all that I’ve read! I love their works.

2. @incredifishface - I swear I will read your works ;-; they are praised so much! I love your presence in the thorki fandom.

3.  Dorkylokifan - does not use tumblr but they write great works that I have enjoyed so much! They contribute A LOT to the thorki fandom and that must be love n___n!

4. Thisdorkyficthing - I see their name everywhere, will read them one day. I just appreciate that they write for thorki!

5. Lies_d - some of the best thorki works I read! I loved them so much I purchased her original fiction which was not a disappointment, I highly recommend it!!! It’s basically a thorki AU!


Thank you to all of the above, amazing authors. You’re what keep this fandom going and I am so happy I met you all. To those I didn’t list, I love you too! I love and appreciate everyone who loves and contributes to thorki. This is an amazing fandom with many amazing people. *hugs you all*

i need more friends in my life to read jacqueline carey’s kushiel’s legacy series. or i need anyone to read those books. i hardly know anyone who does, and they’re so wonderful and such a rarity for fantasy fiction.

  • well written female characters are all over the place in this, with two of the three trilogies being narrated by women who are canon bisexual.
  • the books are a blend of character study, intricate plots full of mystery and drama, and grand epics (angels are the main ‘fantasy’ force in this series, but dragons and faeries are also minor players).
  • clever use of history altered for fantastic uses. it takes place mostly in fictional alternate europe, but other books expand to this series’ version of russia, china, india, mexico, and africa (!).
  • a large cast of characters from different backgrounds, cultures, creeds, ethnicities, and languages – because of that, the author did a shitton of research.

that being said, there are a few things in the series that require a content warning:

  • the series is often given the erotica sub-genre, which i feel is a bit of a mistake. sex does feature strongly in the series, but with plot reasons and without some kind of throwaway, randomly titillating feel to it.
  • it features bdsm, or Dominant/submissive relationships.
  • while i said there’s no gratuitous violence against women and children, there ARE scenes of abuse/abusive characters, and one of the major plot points in the last book of the first trilogy involves saving a child from slavery/sexual abuse. the text makes a point to always condemn the characters and these acts, and (in my mind) is careful to emphasize healing and recovery after the fact.

i consider myself incredibly sensitive to content featuring sexual abuse and related traumas, and i have honestly never felt unsettled, disappointed, or even remotely triggered by its content.

like, if you’re bummed out by how fucking dog garbage shitty game of thrones is and you’re dragon age trash like me, PICK UP THESE BOOKS.

a few more details below the link, but nothing spoilery. if you’re already convinced, pleeeeeeeease look these books up and give them a chance. they’re easy reads and incredibly engrossing. you’ll find it hard to pull yourself away.

if you’re still not convinced but you want to see more details about the books, read on.

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Book: A Court of Mist and Fury
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Pages: 640
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Series: Book 2
Rating: ★★★★★


Feyre survived Amarantha’s clutches to return to the Spring Court—but at a steep cost. Though she now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, and it can’t forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin’s people.
Nor has Feyre forgotten her bargain with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre navigates its dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms—and she might be key to stopping it. But only if she can harness her harrowing gifts, heal her fractured soul, and decide how she wishes to shape her future—and the future of a world cleaved in two.
With more than a million copies sold of her beloved Throne of Glass series, Sarah J. Maas’s masterful storytelling brings this second book in her seductive and action-packed series to new heights.


“When you spend so long trapped in darkness, Lucien, you find that the darkness begins to stare back.”

So, I’ve given myself a few days to stop and process my feelings and thoughts about A Court of Mist and Fury, but I still don’t think I’ll be able to form a logical review. Why? Because whenever I think about this book and its predecessor my brain shuts down and all that is left is fangirl screams. Just wow.  WOW. This book was excellent. ACOMAF picks up exactly where ACOTAR left off. Feyre and Tamlin are back at Spring Court and adjusting to their lives… or at least trying to. Feyre is still bound to Rhys but hopes that he has some how forgotten about her. Of course that doesn’t happen and can I say thank the Lord for that!

This book was heavy guys, not just physically, I mean the book is huge, but emotionally. It was like an earthquake; all that I believed was solid and sturdy was shifted and uprooted. I’m not kidding when I say that at one point I could feel my heart drop and break, only to be picked up and dusted off again. This book was intense.

Possible spoilers from here on out. 

When I first read A Court of Mist and Fury, I was obsessed with Tamlin and Feyre’s relationship. I thought they were a perfect match. I loved that she would do anything for him and he would do anything for her. A few months after I had finished reading ACOTAR I came across an article saying that Tamlin was weak and didn’t really love Feyre. Part of my could see their points but another larger part of me screamed how dare you. In ACOMAF all those details in the article were brought to reality. I finally saw what the author of the article was talking about, but it was magnified by 100. In A Court of Mist and Fury we get to see the real Tamlin and I am so incredibly disappointed in him. I went from loving him, to hating him. Tamlin and Lucien’s character do a complete 180. Where I believed their was love, loyalty, and friendship there was nothing but control, manipulation and betrayal. Feyre, a character who had been so incredibly strong was broken by the end of ACOTAR only to be broken further in the beginning of ACOMAF. Tamlin and Lucien neglected her and controlled her in the most brutal way and my heart broke for Feyre. 

“Yes, he’d fought for me -  but I’d fought harder for him…. He’d given me everything I need to become myself, to feel safe, and when he got what he wanted - got his power back, his land back… he stopped.”

In steps Rhysand. Now let me just preface this by saying that in ACOTAR I was meh about Rhys. I loved his character and his whitty banter with Feyre but I had shipped Tamlin and Feyre so hard I didn’t dare get attached to another character. I didn’t love him but I didn’t hate him. I see Rhysand in a COMPLETELY new light now and be still my-freaking-heart, I love him. He is hilarious and strong and sensitive, but mostly I love him because he is selfless. He puts his friends, family, and peoples needs before his own. What he does for Feyre in this book was so much more than what Tamlin ever did for Feyre; he let her be herself. He didn’t try to rule her, or manipulation her, or stop her from living or starve her emotionally. He supported her and that is what makes him a better person and mate than Tamlin. That first half of the book where Rhysand sees Feyre again for the first time and sees the state she’s in, I just can’t. Watching him guide her to recovery was the most beautiful thing to read. And don’t even get me started on what happens in the second half/end of the book. I didn’t survive ya’ll. I didn’t. Like I’m not ready to talk about. That whole scene in the cabin where Rhys explains everything and the scene with the Hybern king. I’m just a mess, don’t look at me. 

This book has some serious character development.  Sarah J. Maas is queen of character development after this book - she has to be. Feyre was thee most well written, well developed character I have read in a very long time. She was broken. Her foundation was in pieces and Sarah rebuilt her to be even better. Don’t get me wrong, she is still Feyre, but she’s better and stronger than she has ever been. What I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED is that she saw she was being mistreated and she saved herself. Then with the help of her new friends she put herself back together again. As for Tamlin, Lucien, and Rhysand they were all beautifully crafted as well. Sarah had me loving Lucien and Tamlin, believing they could do no wrong. Then she had me despising them and vice versa for Rhysand. (Though I still really hope that I’m wrong about Lucien because he was so precious.) The character development was extraordinary in this book. Another thing that was extraordinary was the world building. The imagery and the setting was just so incredibly vivid. Living inside Sarah’s brain/dreams must be magical.

Some other quick notes about this book:

  • There were tons of new characters in this story and I’m already in love with them all. Feyre’s new crew is too freaking adorable for this world and I will protect them at all costs. 
  • The sex scenes. alksdfjlasjdf;lkasjdflksdfa TOO HOT TO HANDLE. Seriously though, this book can’t be considered YA in my opinion. There was some NA graphic sex scenes going down in this book and let me just tell you I bookmarked them all. Haha. Rhys, wings, hands, as;kldfj;asjdf. ::dead::
  • Speaking of bookmarking, I highlighted about half of this book. I’m not joking. There were so many good quotes and sections! 
  • I loved the writing, obviously, and I thought it was pretty well paced. There were a few dry patches that dragged on but overall the pacing was so good. I really took my time reading this one because I didn’t want it to end. 
Olicity: Married Life

gordamental said:

Ok, what about: Oliver goes to pick Ava from kindergarten and in the ride home she tells him that she no longer wants to marry her dad, because now she has a boyfriend.

“I think we can’t play weddings any more, Daddy.”

The curiosity peaked his eyebrow as he drove. Ava was usually very talkative on the way home from school, filling him with details about her day whether or not he asked for them - one thing she had inherited was Felicity’s ability to talk without taking many breaths.

“Oh?” he asked her.

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Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: I had started writing this a few weeks ago, but was not sure if I would share it, then this imagine happened. It is not entirely along the lines of the imagine, but similar enough to make me want to post it under this. 

Actual warning As the imagine states, there are referencing to slave trading, which is obviously a terrible and real thing, but I will not be going very deep into that, there is no beating, raping, etc in this fic. 

As you walked through the great golden gates and into the grounds of the great golden palace, you stared at it. You had never seen anything so big, and it was more than a tad intimidating. You found yourself wondering how many people resided within it, and how many staff, what would be your position, and would you ever see the Aesir royal family. In a building that size, you knew there was a high chance you may never even see any of them. You had heard of them even in another realm. The warrior king, the Allfather, and protector of the realms, Odin, and his beautiful and fair wife, the Queen, and Allmother, Frigga, and their sons, the strong and terrifying Thor, and finally the conniving and intelligent Loki.


Thinking back over the past few days, you prayed to all the Norn’s that everything was going to be okay. It had all started when you were dragged from your bed in the middle of the night by three brutish men and informed your father, who had recently passed away, owed a ridiculous amount of money to beings it would not be considered wise to owe money too. They informed you that your home was theirs, and it was still not enough to pay off his gambling debts, thus you were the rest of their payment. Your own father had signed you down as leverage. You prayed he would never get through to the great halls of Valhalla for his sins.

Thus you were sold for work, forced to stay in a hovel with about fifty other girls from different situations who were also sold off. In your time there you rarely slept. The first night you cried, as did many of the others, but after that, you realised that there was precious little you could do about it and tried to just accept it. There were rumours of what you all would be sold for, to brothels, workhouses, even to Lords and other dignitaries from different realms to work in their homes. Some feared the brutality that you all could be forced to face, others optimistic, though it was clear to see, those girls came from horrific conditions beforehand, where anything else could be seen as better.

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When the Night Keeps You From Sleeping (i will be your remedy)

Based of this prompt that came across my dash, that I couldn’t resist. So have some Olicity angst, with a tender side of smut. Thanks to @machawicket for fixing my sh**** grammar and the lovely @fanmommer for helping me believe it wasn’t terrible.

I hope you enjoy it! xx jen

Felicity wasn’t much of a cleaner. She generally left those types of chores until she ran out of clean underwear or she had to use her finger to stir the creamer into her coffee.

So the level of dust that’d collected beneath the bed didn’t surprise her in the least.

She grumbled to herself about doing better as she took out the dry mop and floor cleaner, remembering how he used to handle this task with the utmost care.

“It’s been months, Felicity,” she spoke to the empty room as she sprayed and mopped. “You can at least say his name in your mind.”

But, she really couldn’t. It hurt to think of him and how happy they’d been and how foolish he was and—

“No,” she said, halting her chore for a moment. She would not go down that road. She would not give in to more tears, not today if she could help it.

She continued her chore, pausing every so often to spray more cleaner, the rhythm becoming steady and calming.

She pulled back when she felt the edge of the mop hit something beneath his side of the bed. Or, what used to be his side of the bed. The side she did her best to ignore.

Crouching down, she saw a small, gray box against the wall. She dropped the mop and got down onto her stomach, stretching her arm out, her fingertips gripping enough of the box to pull it towards her.

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love your artist week

there is a ton of artists i admire in this fandom, a ton of stellar muffins that i follow and love and look up to and without whom my dash or even my life wouldn’t be the same. they give and they share, freely, not always acknowledged, and this is to remind them that they are loved, constantly breathing new life into a fandom that would otherwise be a lot more stale, keeping us all afloat. thank you for being here, for contributing despite our struggles and petty fights, despite lingering negativity. thank you for working so hard and making our dashes a better place. your efforts are appreciated, and i love you

i can only name those whose art i am more familiar with, but there’s most likely a hundred more worth following. you’re all important, and i wish i knew every single one of you. if i’ve missed anyone, do point me their way!

and my love goes to…

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Her Mother's Eyes

This was inspired by a theory, posted by kitkattin92, in which she speculated that the child Zelena’s carrying may actually, somehow, be Regina’s.

Robin feels his breath catch at the back of his throat and warm tears well in his eyes. He can feel his heartbeat quickening and he finds it nearly impossible to keep his thoughts straight, his mind reeling with so many questions—questions that will likely go unanswered.

A surge of emotion rushes though him. He doesn’t know how it’s possible, only that it somehow is.

He watches vigilantly, unable to take his eyes off the tiny girl, watching as she flails her arms and kicks her legs, wailing as the nurse tries unsuccessfully to wrap her in a soft pink blanket.

“This one’s got spunk,” the nurse tells him in a sing-song voice, though the comment barely registers. “A real firecracker,” she adds, “But a cute one.”

Then suddenly, the nurse lifts the child and places her in the crook of his arm and once more he feels his breath catch. He cradles her gently, rubbing his palm in soothing circular patterns over her back, as he counts ten little fingers and ten little toes, looking over her and memorizing every precious detail. He strokes his fingertips over her dark wispy hair, smiling at her softness. Within minutes, she begins to settle and her cries reduce to mere muffled whimpers, her wide brown eyes meeting his for the first time, and in that moment, he knows that it’s love.

She’s beautiful, he thinks—absolutely beautiful, just like her mother.

He can hear Zelena raging across the room—making loud declarations that this wasn’t how it was supposed to be, this isn’t what she meant to happen, this isn’t what she wanted or the spell she cast. She curses her magic, blaming the magic rather than the practitioner for whatever error took place, and she laments her sacrifices, all of which are now for nothing, bewailing that she never wins.

But Robin doesn’t look up or give any sign that he can even hear her; and quickly, her voice begins to fade into the distance.  A wave of relief washes over him, as he realizes that she’ll no longer be a part of their lives. And then, he gives her no further thought. Instead, he cuddles the little girl closer, smiling as she stares up at him, her eyelids beginning droop and she drifts to sleep, cocooned in her father’s embrace. He leans in and places a feathery kiss on her forehead, murmuring to her his love. For a moment, he stands there, smiling down at the baby girl in his arms—completely captivated and completely in awe.

He tears his eyes away just long enough to ask the nurse if he can take her to the waiting room—there’s someone this little girl needs to meet; she nods her permission.

When they turn the corner into the waiting room, Regina looks up expectantly. “How did it go?” She asks as she rises to her feet.

“Better than I could have ever imagined,” he tells in a sincere voice. She tips her head curiously, watching as he nears. “Regina,” he begins, tears once more welling in his eyes, “I would like you to meet your daughter.” She shakes her head, not understanding.  But he smiles, leaning in and pressing his lips against her cheek. “She’s ours—yours, just as much as she is mine,” he murmurs, pulling back slightly as he transfers the sleeping infant into her arms.

He watches as Regina’s eyes slowly fall away from his, slowly looking down at the little girl in her arms. He can see the emotion stirring in her expression, her eyes confused yet hopeful, not quite understanding, but wanting to believe. She smiles warmly at the little girl, carefully keeping her tears at bay, as she traces the back of her fingers over the girl’s cheek. “How?” She breathes, asking him the question, though she doesn’t look up at him. “I don’t understand how that’s possible.”

“Neither do I,” he admits quietly as his arm slides around her waist and his hand settles on her hip. “But it is.”

 “What makes you say that?” Reluctantly, she tears her eyes away from the child sleeping in her arms. She looks up at him and her deep brown eyes are filled with a quizzical wonderment. “What makes you say that she’s…that she’s mine?”

A smile tugs at the corners of his mouth as he simply replies, “Because she has your eyes.”


So i was giving a second look to the stills from gmny and i noticed something pretty interesting. (Idk if anyone has noticed this before but yeah) As you can see in picture one (Maya not being very happy, my poor precious queen, Maya protection squad you’ll) she’s sitting in the middle of that big clock, you can see where her hand is and you can see the empty space. Now, we go to picture two, the empty space is not longer there and she’s placed in one side of the big clock, while Lucas (with no personal space whatsoever and yas) is in the other side, right next to her. With both of them right in front of the big clock. You may ask where am i going with this, so allow me to rant. I don’t know the order of these scenes to be honest but i feel like it doesn’t affect the fact that perhaps we might get a “May i sit with you?” kind of moment between Lucaya or a simple *look* and *moves aside* so that the other one can sit (you know how much they love their silent conversations). Maya is wearing the same clothes with no coat so i couldn’t really pin point a possible time for this scene and also in the first picture although you can’t see it here (but you know the still) Riley doesn’t have her (i think) white coat that she has when Farkle decides to make an announcement….(still lowkey pissed) But anyway. When I saw this little detail (You might think i’m being extra but i love mystery shows and i love to theorize, which means i keep an eye on everything happening in scenes) two possibilities came to my mind. The first one is based on this two scenes being connected and one after the other, after Farkle….well ya know. (I saw Riley hugging Cory and kinda smiling, so yes i do take that into account) but maybe after Farkle’s ‘headline in the new years paper’, Maya leaves upset and Riley follows (hear me out) a lot of people been saying that we might have a Rucaya conversation or the Core Four after people leave or a Riley and Lucas one and i agree but what if…WHAT IF the conversation is between Lucas AND Farkle, i mean not only did the boy disregarded Maya’s and Riley’s feelings but Lucas feelings too, for whatever his porpoises were (*cough* he’s desperately in love with Riley and doesn’t know how to handle it *cough*) and we might get a glimpse of Lucas feelings (with words) but just a glimpse, the agnst is still too strong. Also Lucas calling out Farkle would be something i would love to see. After that, they come back to the apartment and Lucas sees Maya and goes to her and sits next to her, maybe in an akward silence, until Riley comes along and sits next to Lucas and Charlie makes an special appearance with his “This is gonna be akward” (Ha. Ya think? *sarcastically smiles) The thing that i’m not really sure about is Riley’s smile motive tho but maybe is a fake smile who knows or totally in a different context but oh well… But now to option two, both scenes take place after the Couple’s Game and maybe something happens between Riley and Lucas that makes Riley have some kind of hope that he would come back to her. Meanwhile something happens between Maya and Lucas that makes them more aware of their feelings for each other and after the game is finished Maya finds herself confused or overwhelmed (which is a big possibility cs this agnst is stressing people out) After the game Lucas goes to Maya and maybe, just maybe they talk a little about what happened at the game and imagine if we get a few smiles there (hahaha i cried) and then they get completely akward once Riley followed by Charlie sit next to them. (Also, Lucaya in sync, sign me up!). I believe more on the first one actually, mostly because i want something like that to happen and if we get to see a little of Texas Lucas i’ll be fine. He loves both girls in two very different ways and seriously if the conversation after is of Lucas and Farkle i might scream. (It’s unlikely i know but one can hope) Like imagine (now this IS gonna be reaching but don’t care) some kind of parallel between their conversation in gmbelief and this. -You love Riley -Farkle….you did it. What i believe (feel) all wrong, i really respect how you and your scientific mind have changed me (what i feel) We know that ain’t happening but it would be gold!. So, this was just little theories but what do think about this little but interesting detail? Did you notice before? If so, how do you think this scenes could go? Seriously, if you have other theories or thoughts on this do rant about it. Thanks