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Will surprising Hannibal with a kiss in unexpected moment, leaving Hannibal a bit baffled (just for a second naturally)

“How will you take your life back?”

Will took two calculating steps forward, crowding into Hannibal. His hand was warm where it pressed into the center of Hannibal’s chest. Blood sputtered and pumped beneath skin, penetrating down through Hannibal’s sweater.

“I’d like to resume my therapy.” His words came out a whisper against Hannibal’s lips. He leaned in and pressed the warmth of his kiss to the corner of Hannibal’s mouth.

Will pulled back and took his seat, quiet. Hannibal stood stunned, breathless for a flash of a moment. A smile tugged where Will’s lips had left their tender mark.

Things I’m still thinking about post-Gravity Falls finale

In no particular order

- Mabel made sweaters for EVERYONE

- Stan and Ford love Dipper and Mabel SO much, and it was heartbreaking to watch their pain and desperation when Bill lost his shit

- Bill came THIS close to snapping his fingers and killing Mabel

- Mabel sprayed Bill (all-powerful chaos demon who is in her face threatening her) in his new eye with spray paint, and Grunkle Stan was proud

- Bill singing

- Bill saying he has children to torture and make into corpses

- Bill in general for that whole episode holy shit

- How we all realised it was Stan and not Ford making the deal at the last second

- “Oh, hey there…kiddo. What’s your name?” & “Ha…Grunkle Stan?”

- Ford hugging Stan and crying

- Mabel desperately grabbing her scrapbook and sitting by Stan’s side to try to make him remember



- Bill pouting like a fucking baby when Ford reminds him of the rules

- Touch the hillbilly

- Blubbs and Durland

- “Oh no, it’s Bill…that’s what you’re all thinking, right?”

- Stan O War II

- “What’s an anime?”

- McGucket forgiving Ford

- “Guess I WAS good for something after all…”

- “I invoke the ancient power that I may return.”

- Pacifica wrapping presents for Dipper and Mabel

- The entire closing credits scene

- The fucking Shacktron

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i bought my peach ver pt.2 today and i literally got my hoseok pc in between yoongi's this is too yoonseok for me even my album ships them

/mind whispers/ This is your chance…turn the fandom into YoonSeok shippers…here comes the YoonSeok feels fam..It’s now or never…I was born for this moment.

When being straight was a phase.

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When Yoongi couldn’t hold back the lovesick thirst.

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Look at this skinship FAM ARE YOU GETTING THIS

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When he back hug was all it took for me to self combust.

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When Hoseok and Yoongi bought couple sweaters.

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And this gif that looks like it came straight out of a goddamn fanfiction.

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When even YoonSeok decided the origins of ‘Sobi’.

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And though Yoongi is dead inside, he can’t stop finding Hoseok cute like?

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When the freaking prologue sold my feels to the YoonSeok side.

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And finally this precious gif that should seal the deal for anyone who isn’t shipping YoonSeok yet.

If yall don’t feel this, you don’t have a heart. I certify this with my YoonSeok heart.

70% Wool (Wonwoo)

type: oneshot

genre: fluff/crack?

synopsis: Wonwoo is convinced you have a chronic obsession with his sweaters

a/n: Eternally obsessed with wonwoo’s grey sweater. Also I might’ve gone too extreme lol

“Is that…my sweater?”


“Yes, it is. I know that sweater. I wore it last week.”

“Uh, no you didn’t…”

Wonwoo’s glare cuts through your lie. You stand awkwardly from your spot on the stairs. You know he’s aware of you taking his clothes, but you really don’t want to go back and change when you just came downstairs. Besides, his clothes always look better on you. 

Wonwoo sighs before leaning back into the couch and looking up at the ceiling. “What is with you and my sweaters?”

“Nothing. I just like to wear them.” You shrug, playing with the overly long sleeves of his grey pullover. “Why do you care so much?”

“Because I just wanna know.”

“I mean, I’m not a special case or anything,” You laugh. “Lots of girls steal their boyfriends’ sweaters.”

Wonwoo lifts his head to look at you. “Okay, but I want a solid reason. Does it make you feel a certain way? Does it…make you feel proud?”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s not like you’re a celebrity and I’m a fan.”

“Well, you must be if you’re taking my sweaters all the time.”

That’s really not it. You think, stretching the sweater sleeves over your knuckles. It’s embarrassing to admit, but Wonwoo is the first boyfriend you’ve ever had. You always dreamed about wearing “the boyfriend’s hoodie”. It was a cute concept to you and you loved how Wonwoo’s sweaters felt on you; warm and comfortable, just like Wonwoo. But obviously, I’m not telling him that. You blush at the thought. That would be embarrassing.

Wonwoo waves a hand in front of you. “Hello? Are you gonna tell me?” 

You roll your eyes. “Fine, I’ll tell you why.”

You walk over to him and bend down to meet his gaze. Your lips briefly smack his ear as you lean in closer. He visibly stiffens and you resist a smile before whispering, “Just kidding.” 

Wonwoo’s jaw drops and you peck him on the cheek before stepping back with a smug expression on your face. Satisfied, you grin at his expression before turning on your heel and walking away. 

“Why can’t you just tell me!” He wails.

“Tell me.” 

You jump in surprise, dropping your phone onto the hardwood floor, as you turn around to find Wonwoo’s deep feline eyes piercing through your soul. His breath is warm on your neck and you can feel his lips touching your ear. The prickly ends of his inky black locks tickle your skin and his hands are resting on the back of your desk chair. 

“Jeez, don’t do that.” You blink rapidly before shaking your head. 

Wonwoo leans back. “Well? Why?”

“Why what?” You sigh, feigning innocence as you lean down to get your phone. 

“Why do you borrow my sweaters?”

You knew this was coming. Even though you had managed to successfully avoid him the past few days, today he found the chance to pounce on you about it. It’s confusing as to why he’s so persistent, but you had brushed it off as typical Wonwoo. Eventually he’ll forget about it. You thought.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out.

“Wonwoo, it’s not a big deal. Honestly, it’s just me wearing my boyfriend’s clothing.

“If it’s not a big deal, why won’t you tell me?” 

You open your mouth before slowly closing it. You don’t want to go there. “I just. Can’t?” 


You feel the heat rising on your neck. Feeling the pressure of his stare, you look down at your lap. “It’s embarrassing.” You mumble.

He steps to the side and swivels your chair away from the desk. A squeak leaves your mouth as he stops you from spinning and kneels in front of you.

“I’m not gonna laugh at you. Promise.” He says softly. 

Fidgeting, you feel the tips of your ears burn. Your fingers dig deeper into the cushy fabric of his bunched yellow crewneck. You look at the space around Wonwoo’s face before glancing at him. His dark eyes glint as the light passes through them and your cheeks flame. 

“When you’re not there…” You mumble. Wonwoo raises an eyebrow.

“I like to wear your sweaters. They remind me of you when I’m lonely.”

Eyes downcast, you stop pressing into the sleeves of Wonwoo’s buttery yellow sweater. The awkward silence filling empty space forces you to open your eyes. Blinking, you see Wonwoo curled up in a ball, crouched with his hands on his face. To your amusement, his ears are pink. 

“That’s really cute…” Wonwoo mumbles in his deep voice. 

Embarrassed, you slap him on the head with his sweater sleeve. “You’re making this situation worse for me!”

“Why are you hitting me!”

Face red, you hear Wonwoo curse under his breath before looking up. His cheeks are just as rosy as yours and it makes you laugh. 

“Don’t laugh at me.” Wonwoo cutely whines as you pat his head with a smile.

overwatch characters as things I overheard during highschool
  • Genji:"It's ass-grab Friday."
  • McCree:"Put your shirt back on, you Sasquatch man!"
  • Pharah:"Hurry! There's no time! GRAVITY!"
  • Reaper:"Well, it's 8:52, I'm gonna go burn in Hell."
  • Tracer:"You were walking around the street, like some kind of walk-streeter."
  • Bastion:(Watching someone draw) "Leg. Leg. Head."
  • Hanzo:"This fucker made me let my lizard out!"
  • Junkrat:"He went to the bathroom and came back with a bag of chips. Tell me THAT isn't gross."
  • Mei:"I'm not gonna give you my sweater, so just imagine you're warm."
  • Torbjörn:"My whole body hurts cause I'm so mad."
  • Widowmaker:"That's the sound of thieving at Walmart."
  • D.Va:"I love CS:GO and wasting my grandparent's money!"
  • Reinhardt:(Looking at a picture of a Steelix) "Is that a minion?"
  • Roadhog:"I would strangle you but my hands are covered in chapstick."
  • Winston:(In regards to a certain way to peel a banana) "He didn't know you could pinch the butthole!"
  • Zarya:"They're over there talking about dicks... I thought they were all lesbians?"
  • Lúcio:"I'm done with life but I'm not done with Dance."
  • Mercy:"A bunch of accidents are accidental."
  • Symmetra:"I can't hold back the urge to repress the people."
  • Zenyatta:"Why do I have everyone's feelings?"

ok while im on the topic of booby lunchman i have a Story from my show i would like to share

so when Bo came out he was wearing a sweater and pretty early into the show he decided to take it off, and when he did a guy in the front shouted “toss it” and Bo was at first just like wtf but then he was like “ok you want me to toss it?????” and then he just threw the sweater towards the back of the stage lmao

but then he went into this whole improvised rant asking the guy if that’s how he goes about his life. just asking for people to toss things he hasn’t earned. like if he shows up to a job interview and he’s just like “i know i have no credentials but why don’t you just… toss it.” Walks up to a girl way out of his league and is just like “hey. [head nod] toss it.” I don’t remember all of it but he finished up with “boy you’re gonna love salad bars” and it was so funny Ok

then for the rest of the show he just kept working in the phrase “toss it” at random times. all the way up to the encore when he was doing oh bo at the part where he’s usually like “chorus is comin up” he fuckin said “toss it” i hate him thanks

So Romwe just came out with their Back to School Collection and first I love it so much and second I thought you guys would too so here’s some of my favorite pieces that are on sale right now (up to 75% off) until September 11!!!!! Plus I already have that backpack because I needed one of college and I’m amazed!

Have fun shopping and message me if you need anything!!

During the hiatus between seasons, fandom recovered, returning to softer stories that mixed humor and holiday traditions with Derek’s deeply embedded sorrow. Derek would never be alone, the fans vowed, and fic surrounded him with loved ones who wanted the best for him in all circumstances, and who would fight to make that possible.

Puppy Love | Jerakeen ( jerakeenc ) | 7,185 | Teen | Sterek
09 October 2013

“You stole half the dogs in town,” his dad says, hands on his hips. “I should arrest you.”

“They’re in protective custody,” Stiles corrects him. He’s trying to sound serious, but it’s almost impossible when you have a Pomeranian eating your hair.

Put That Wolf Back Where It Came From (or so help me!) | Jerakeen ( jerakeenc ) | 2,807 | Teen | Sterek
18 October 2013

“There there, you poor monster, you.”

Gift Shop | trelkez | 5,854 | Teen | Sterek
26 November 2013

The Christmas sweater alone should have sent any rational person running; the terrible customer service and delight in Derek’s suffering were just icing.

You Can’t Bury My Love | tryslora | 5,410 | Teen | Sterek
01 December 2013

When Stiles nearly dies, Derek refuses to leave his side in the hospital, unwilling to risk losing him.

Spend a Lifetime | PercyByssheShelley | 23,947 | Explicit | Sterek
10 December 2013

An alternate universe where Peter’s attack on Laura in the preserve ended in his death instead of hers. Concerned about Derek’s reclusive and aimless life following their return to Beacon Hills, Laura gives him a trip to Europe as a birthday present. While Derek insists that he’s not Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love, he does find himself drawn to another tourist, Stiles, who he keeps crossing paths with again and again. Derek is willing to write this off as a coincidence, or even luck finally being in his favor, until he realizes that one of Stiles’ travelling companions is an Argent.

Timshel | jsea | 12,569 | Teen | Sterek
21 December 2013

Derek lets Scott kill Peter for the cure at the end of S1. This is the story of how that choice changes everyone’s fate.

“Sir, you should know…” Derek starts to say, then snaps his mouth closed when the Sheriff takes one hand off the steering wheel, and holds it up in a halting gesture.

“You’re not a bad kid, Derek.”

“I’m a werewolf,” Derek says, before he can think about it. For the first time in his life the word feels dirty, like something to be ashamed of. It makes him feel like a little kid again, using a curse word without understanding what it means.

Hold the Door | Hatteress ( goddammitstacey ), maichan808 | 16,700 | Teen | Sterek
22 December 2013

When Derek is killed by a rival alpha, the pack will stop at nothing to get him back. Even if that means blackmailing the most dangerous hunter duo this side of hell. Whatever. That whole devil thing was probably totally exaggerated, anyway.

Secret Santa | rainbowninja167 | 7,543 | Teen | Sterek
23 December 2013

Derek is already thoroughly sick of Christmas by the time Erica bullies him into dressing up as Santa for a holiday charity. It was only supposed to take a couple hours. Until some kid starts accosting him all over Beacon Hills, insisting that Derek is the real Santa.

if i built you in miniature | keskasi | 6,836 | Teen | Sterek
24 December 2013

Derek quietly loves Christmas and is not afraid to wear the sweaters to show it. He hosts a children’s TV show about science and history, builds model trains, and is painfully awkward. Stiles works in a Hallmark-type store that sells Christmas decorations and model train pieces, and might have an unhealthy appreciation for sweaters. Of course he was going to fall for Derek. Of course he was.

Haunts the Blood | @sullymygoodname | 38,066 | Mature | Sterek
09 January 2014

Set a few months after the end of season 3A (so not 3B compliant at all): After the events on the night of the lunar eclipse, the Nemeton’s influence pervades the town, affecting Scott, Allison, Stiles, Lydia, and Derek. Something in that creeping darkness is calling out, drawing them all back together. Derek feels it from miles away, but it only becomes more complicated upon his return to Beacon Hills.

Or, in which: the Nemeton is doing things; Lydia is also doing things again; these things are definitely related, but Stiles is distracted by the new things he’s doing with Derek. Derek is just confused and angsty. (This fic isn’t as silly as I’m making it out to be, I swear.)


I LIVE.  Finally winter seems to be ending and the snow melting has made me come out of hibernation.  Seasonal depression hit be BAD this year.  I really apologize for how my plush art came to a halt for almost 2 months there…

Expect this blog to come back hard and fast.  I also am selling at Zenkaikon in 1.5 weeks, so what you see in this post is part of stock for it!  :)  Hope you like the progress pics of 5 Vintage Style bunnies, and a celestial Tip Toe Bunny made from recycled sweaters and cottons.

Part 6: Luke and you grow apart because of his girlfriend

Before I could reply, I heard a loud pounding on my door causing me to jump out of bed and lay my phone on the nearby night stand. I adjusted the sweater and shorts I wore to sleep in as I stumbled to the door, my sleepy state still not gone from my body. The pounding only got louder until I yanked the door open and came face to face with Luke. His hands grabbed the sides of my face as he pressed his lips to mine. My eyes stayed wide opened and shocked, until he used one hand to grab the back of my neck, and the other to grab my lower back, pushing me flush against him. He kicked the door shut with his foot as the kissing became more needy and desperate. I placed a hand on his chest to gently push him away and regain my breath. We both pulled away panting and a small smile began to form on his face. 

“I would say sorry for doing that but then you’ll get mad at me again,” he spoke.

I giggled before replying, “you’re lucky the guys went to breakfast so they didn’t have to see that." 

"I wouldn’t have given a fuck if they did,” he laughed reaching over to grab me by the waist. He turned me around a pressed me against the wall as he pushed himself up against me. I could feel his boner against my leg and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t turned on. Being able to finally kiss the guy I’ve loved for so long is a indescribable feeling.

“Now,” he began looking down at me smirking, “I can’t just be friends with somebody that makes my dick hard, baby,” he whispered in my ear. 

My cheeks grew red as he pulled away from my ear to look at me. “Can we start over?" 

Still unable to speak, I just nodded my head and a smile grew over both our faces.

"I want to make you feel good,” he told me as he ran his lips down my neck. The contrast between his warm, soft, plump lips, and the coolness of his lip ring almost made me cum right there. This time I was one that made the first move. I reattached our lips holding one hand to his face as I dipped the other into his sweats. I pulled away, a moan escaping my lips once I felt him and realized he wasn’t wearing any boxers. He tugged on his lip ring with his bottom lip and extended his hand out to grab mine. He walked us over to the bed where he told me to sit. He leaned down pressing his hands into the bed beside my shoulders as he placed a gentle kiss to my lips. 

“Take your shorts and panties off,” he murmured against my lips. He pulled away slowly and grabbed the bottom of my sweater lifting it over my head. My breasts were extremely exposed to him which made me a little nervous. I’ve had sex before, but it was never with any guys that I actually liked, like Luke. He grabbed my wrists as I was about to cover my top half, halting my actions. He bit his lip as his eyes scanned down my breasts and to my shorts I still had on. He looked from them and back up to me, signaling to take them off like he had before. I mentally told myself to stop being nervous and just do it. I tuck my thumbs into the sides of both my shorts and underwear and pulled them down my legs as Luke stared at me. Once I tossed them across the room he kneeled down in front of me and began leaving kisses across my chest. His lips attached to one breast as he grabbed the other with his hand. His lips made their way down my body until he reached my inner thighs. He pulled away and lifted his shirt over his head before looking back up at me to wink. Next thing I knew his tongue was running up my slit and I was in pure ecstasy. My legs squeezed around his head as I dragged my fingers through his hair, pulling on the ends. 

“Fuck, Luke!” I moaned out pushing his head impossibly closer to my heat as I threw my head back. He grabbed my legs and draped them over his back and his fingertips pressed into my thighs. 

“You like that, princess?” He asked coming up to glance at me before he went back down. I moaned in response and laid back on the bed. I put one arm over my forehead and the other was gripping the bed sheets. After hearing Luke’s repeated dirty words of what he wants to do to me, I was on the verge of cumming. He stood up and slid his sweats down his legs and leaned over me, supporting himself up with his arms beside my head. His lips ghosted over mine, yet he never pressed them together. I took it upon myself to grab the back of his head and connect our lips. I felt him smile against mine and he pulled away a couple seconds later to run his tongue down my neck. He was breathing heavily as he started leaving hickeys on my neck. I tilted my head to the side and grabbed his hair encouraging him to go on. He rolled his hips into mine making me to moan his name and tell him to hurry up already. He let out a small chuckle as he slipped into me. He rested his forehead against mine as we both moaned out in pleasure. 

“Luke, move.” I spoke. He wasted no time in moving his hips as fast as he could. By now I was sure there were definite scratches down his back and multiple hickies on my neck. 

“You feel so good, fuck I could stay deep inside your pussy forever.” He groaned. I was breathless as he continued to pound into me with all his force. If I had known he was this big and would feel this good to be with him, I would’ve done this such a long time ago. 

“Fuck, babe, I’m about to come.” He told me biting down on my shoulder. I barely got to whimper out that I was too before my back arched and I felt his cum deep inside me. My legs were shaking and I felt ecstasy release throughout my entire body. We were both a hot and sweaty mess trying to regain our composure. Luke pulled out and rested his head against my chest as delicately traced my fingers through his hair. We lay there in silence and enjoying each other’s presence until we hear the hotel door room open causing both of us to panic. 

“Fuck!” Luke whispers to me as he stares wide eyed and frozen just like I look at him. We only hear Michael, Calum, and Ashton’s voices getting closer which makes me hit Luke on the chest repeatedly. He gets off of me and quickly brings the covers that had landed on the floor due to our rendezvous, and lays them on top of me so I’m covered. He realizes he has nowhere to go so he jumps in bed right beside me as the guys walk in.

“What the fuck!” Ashton is the first to yell. Michael ends up dropping his entire drink on the floor as Calum just stares at us. I turn as red as a tomato sliding my body under the covers and cuddling up to Luke’s side. They all knew what we had done. Clothes were scattered across the entire room and our sweaty state just gave it away. 

“Why my bed?!” I hear Calum groan in annoyance. “You two were so into it you didn’t even realize it was my bed?” He yelled which caused laughter to escape from everyone.