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Living with Yamada

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  • Waking up to the smell of breakfast entering your nostrils
  • “Good morning babe !” 
  • Greets you while wearing an apron
  • Feeds you his piece of meat 
  • Chuckles everytime you open your mouth waiting for the food
  • Adopting lots of dogs 
  • And turtles too
  • Also lots of presents , gets you a present every Monday
  • Matching rings and clothes
  • Practices his lines with you 
  • Him singing for you
  • Lots of nagging and yelling 
  • Fighting over small things
  • But feels guilty and apologizes with soft shoulder kisses
  • Nose kisses too
  • Kissing your neck whenever he has the chance
  • And so much caressing..
  • Until you find yourself on your bed with him on top of you

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Hey hey hey!! So, I see you are taking requests, and I absolutely love your art style, so I was wondering if you could do Louis in a famous Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie outfit and Harry in a Mick Jagger outfit? If that isn't too much to ask 😍😍😍 P.S. I love your blog so much, you are an amazing artist and I hope all good things come to you xoxo

this is lateee im sorry !! but i hope u like it x

inspo x and x

How the Munakata/Sakakura Friendship Works
  • Sakakura: Hey bro, how's your day goin'?
  • Munakata: It's been difficult, old friend. Chairman Tengan has delegated many new responsibilities to me that I'm struggling to complete in a timely fashion.
  • Sakakura: That old bastard. Want me to punch 'im?
  • Munakata: That won't be necessary. His time will come. I could use your help filing some of the paperwork when I'm finished, though. I need to try and get out of here on time. Chisa feels that she isn't seeing much of me lately, and I'd like-
  • Sakakura: Needy chick. Want me to punch 'er?
  • Munakata: -to leave... wait, what?
  • Sakakura: Yukizome. Should I punch 'er for you?
  • Munakata: ...No, Juzo. NO, you should not punch my girlfriend.
  • Sakakura: Ten-four on that, buddy.
  • Munakata: She's your friend, too, you know.
  • Sakakura: Damn right. A real good one, too.
  • Munakata: ...all right, then. At any rate, I apologize for complaining. I'm grateful to be entrusted with my responsibilities. I'm just under a lot of stress, and it's making me tense.
  • Sakakura: You've gotta lighten up, man. Lose some of this stress.
  • Munakata: How do you propose that I do that?
  • Sakakura: ...
  • Munakata: ...
  • Sakakura: ...
  • Munakata: ...what are you-
  • Sakakura: Do ya want me-
  • Munakata: NO-
  • Sakakura: -to punch it for ya?
  • Sakakura: Then what the hell am I supposed to do about it?

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Prompt: The Titans and the Doom Patrol encounter each other in the middle of the same mission, given an AU where the DP isn't cripplingly dysfunctional so Gar never left.

Wow, this took me a while. I apologize, anon. I hope the wait is worth it! 

The first thing she noticed when he removed the mask were his freckles, and not the green skin.

It was funny, really. Everyone else was fascinated by the gold robot, or the one covered in bandages.

But Raven?

She noticed the shapeshifter; young, shy, awkward; he stood out to her amongst the crowd.

Unlike the rest of the Doom Patrol, he appeared to be close in age to her and the other Titans. 

“So, are you the good guys, too?” Robin queried, treading carefully. The wary leader still brandished his bo staff, just in case.

[follow the cut!]

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Hunk and Lance

“Back off, it wasn’t my fault.”

Keith is seconds away from pulling his own hair. They haven’t gotten along to begin with but shiro assigned them to a mission together and Lance has refused to accept any of his ideas.

They are suppose to persuade the aliens on this planet to join them in the fight against Zarkon but Lance tried showing off, which interpreted as a challenge on their planet.

“How is this not your fault!?”

Keith exclaims while he points at the bruises and cuts on his face.

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Sometimes I think yoongi likes feeling cute and pretty,, i mean he thrives with those snow filters,, ,I bet one night he puts on a little makeup with pink and sparkles and pulls on some cute socks and a cute sweater and panties and texts hobi to come to his room bc he has a surprise for him !! And he's rlly nervous and embarrassed bc does he look good or ridiculous?? He's about to back out before hobi arrives and omg I legitimately have butterflies wtf

this is so cute?? I love it??

I bet he’d be in the process of changing because he decided it’s too ridiculous, but hobi walks in before he has the chance. he’d just stand there, flustered and embarrassed that hobi is seeing him dressed that way. he’d begin fumbling with a half excuse and apology when hobi just smiles

“I think you look amazing.”

I really take issue with tumblr’s whole thing of “one strike and you’re out” AKA “it is impossible for anyone to ever learn and grow as a person and here is a callout based on stuff this person said 3 years ago and even though they don’t believe that anymore and apologized it is indisputable proof that they will always be an evil person so let’s all harass/shun them”

I’m not saying you have to interact with or be cool with people who did or said things that weren’t ok in the past. You never have to interact with or be ok with anyone for any reason, stuff like that is totally up to you. But if someone is really making an effort to learn and grow and move on from who they were in the past constantly undermining them with “well you say that now but on September the 25th of 2011 you said _______ so no matter what you do you’ll always be a horrible person” is not good. You don’t have to accept an apology from them or ever speak to them, you don’t have to trust or like them but please give them the chance to grow. I promise that when people want to and are given the opportunity they absolutely can change for the better. How do I know you possibly ask? I feel like the set up here is probably too obvious for a surprise reveal or anything but I know because I did.

I used to be a pretty awful person. I’m not saying I’m great now or anything, but I’ve definitely made progress from where I started out. I’ve mentioned before that I was raised in a very conservative Christian family and environment. I haven’t mentioned that it took about 18 years for me to start to question all the stuff I was taught at church and by my family. I thought abortion was wrong. I thought being gay was wrong and totally bought into the whole “love the sinner hate the sin” thing. I went right along with my family in looking down on a relative who, horror of horrors, moved in with her boyfriend without getting married. I freaking tried to evangelize kids at school when I was 7 years old, focusing particularly as I was taught on any kids of different religions to my own and I live in fear that I said something really hurtful to any of them. I volunteered for the salvation army another thing that makes me shudder in retrospect (never donate to them ever) and worked for an organization that is stubbornly and horribly anti LGBTQIA+. I was a judgmental holier than thou brat who blithely parroted my parents rhetoric in pretty much all aspects in an attempt to win approval and never stopped to think about how any of this could be hurting others.

You know what really helped me stop being that awful? Tumblr actually. I forget how exactly I found the blogs I used to lurk on before I actually made my own account, I think it was something to do with me searching for advice on google (I had finally started to realize that my crushes on girls were not just “I think she’s a really really really great person and I would love to be best friends with her” when I got crushes on boys too and the feeling was the exact same) However I found them I found blogs that helped me learn and gave me the space to actively find out more and see that I was wrong about so much and I learned that I wanted to change and more importantly that I could change. Since tumblr is tumblr I did see people with their “once a bad person always a bad person” thing but luckily I decided not to listen to that, I decided to believe the people who said trying to change was a good and possible thing not a pointless endeavour that would make no difference in the long run.

So yeah, people on here seem to think I’m nice and I really hope that that’s true. But I definitely wasn’t in the past. It’s up to you whether you think I actually changed or if I’m just pretending to have for some reason, and I’m not saying “look at me I’m so much better than I was before, what a success story, give me praise” because that’s really not the point of this and if it comes off that way I’m sorry, the point is I think I’ve made progress and so I would be a hypocrite if I did not believe unequivocally that other people can do the same, no matter how much I dislike how they have been in the past. I’m still learning and I always will be. I mess up and I always will. I am so grateful that I had the chance to learn so much and unlearn so much of what I was taught, and I truly hope that others get the same opportunity. So please, please if you see someone making an effort to grow and change don’t tell them they can’t. I will never tell you that you should forgive them or like them or encourage them or have anything to do with them, but please believe that people have the ability to change and don’t try and stop that process.


Beneath the bravado:  Joe MacMillan’s moments of vulnerability. (Halt and Catch Fire rewatch 1x01)

Title: Sounds Good to Me
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 910
Characters: John Allerdyce x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Mentions of family issues
Notes: Request from anon for “Are requests open and if they are can u do a John/Pyro X reader were the reader has the same powers as sun spot in X-men dofp (days of future past) and the reader is pregnant and she has to tell John and it’s SUPER FLUFFY. I love your blog! I hope you day/night what ever time it is where you live!” // Thank you very much, sweet pea! Also, I sort of omitted the part about the powers, because I didn’t know how to write it in a way that the powers would be relevant. But it’s still super fluffy!

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You were no stranger to fear. You feared numerous things: spiders, failing tests, disappointment, losing your loved ones, etc. But you weren’t sure that you had ever felt quite the same fear as you did when those two pink lines appeared on the small stick in your hand.

First came the panic. Were you capable of being a mom? Did you have it in you to be a decent parent? Would the kid hate you? Would John hate you? And oh dear god – John. You two hadn’t even discussed kids yet! How would he react? Would he leave you? Resent you?

Once a thousand questions had worked their way through your mind, you began to accept the situation. After all, you had always wanted to be a mother. And it didn’t matter whether or not John was happy about it – how he chose to handle it was entirely up to him.

Now for the small matter of actually telling him.

You texted John and asked him to come see you as he could. When he asked if something was wrong, you weren’t sure how to answer. It wouldn’t necessarily be a pressing matter for several more months, so you told him no. He arrived thirty minutes later, his brows already furrowed together with concern.

“What’s up?” John asked simply, joining you in the living room and sitting in the couch adjacent to the one you were in. He automatically knew that you had lied about nothing being wrong, simply by observing your body language. That only increased his apprehension about the entire situation. “And don’t sugarcoat it.”

“I’m pregnant.”

John’s entire demeanor changed almost immediately, and all you could think was ‘I probably should have sugarcoated it.’ Based on the way his entire body seemed to go slack, from the way his mouth fell open slightly to the way he sunk back into the couch cushions, you would have thought he had fainted, if his eyes hadn’t remained wide open. You waited patiently for any further reaction, but it never came.

“John, please say something.”

“You… are you sure?” he managed to croak out, his voice a hoarse whisper, still staring at the floor.

“Well, I haven’t been to the doctor, but I took 10 different tests, and they were all positive. So, yeah, I’m pretty sure.”

John only nodded slowly, still not meeting your eyes. Your fear that he would leave you increased with each second that he spent catatonic. The next few words he managed to speak made your heart drop.

“I can’t be a dad.”

He looked up at you, his eyes still wide – you actually weren’t sure if he had blinked since you told him – and repeated, “I can’t be a dad.”

“Well, you’re going to be a father whether you want to or not. If not, then just leave. Now. Don’t stick around because you feel obligated, then disappear weeks, months, or years from now. If you don’t want this, then just leave right now,” you stated, as strongly as you could manage, but your voice still wavered a bit.

“That’s not what I’m saying,” John said quickly, shaking his head as he leaned forward to rest his forearms on his knees. He ran his hand through his hair and licked his lips a few times, attempting to form the right words. “I’m not saying that I want to leave. I’m not saying that I can’t be a father. Hell, it’s easy to be a father. All a guy’s gotta do to be a father is make a baby. That’s easy. I’m saying that I can’t… I can’t be a dad. I never had one of those. I don’t know how….”

You couldn’t stop the pitying “Oh, sweetheart” that fell from your lips as you stood and went over to him. John didn’t move, remaining leaned forward with his hands clasped together so tightly that his knuckles were white.

“It’s gonna hate me,” he muttered with a humorless laugh. He added, with his voice breaking, “The kid is gonna hate me.”

“Stop that shit,” you said sternly, and John finally looked up at you. His eyes were watery, and you sighed, wrapping your arms firmly around him. “The fact that you’re worried about that is a sign that you’ll be a fantastic dad – and I don’t doubt that you will be. You don’t have to know exactly what you’re doing right off the bat – you’ll figure it out as you go along. We both will. I just need to know that you’re in this with me.”

“Of course I am,” John said instantly, his arms winding around you and holding you close to him.

“Good,” you murmured against his chest, before pressing a kiss there. “It’s gonna be okay.”

He exhaled slowly, before kissing the top of your head. “Yeah, it’s gonna be okay.”

That night, you were nearly asleep in John’s arms, when you felt his hand drift over to rest on your lower abdomen.

“I love you,” he said softly, his lips brushing against your temple. “Both of you. And I’m never gonna leave unless you get sick of me and tell me to.”

“Well, I’m never going to get sick of you, so it looks like you’re stuck with us,” you retorted, grinning.

“Sounds good to me,” he replied, and you could hear the smile in his voice. You snuggled further into John’s embrace, and sighed contently.

“Sounds good to me, too.”

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I'm not saying that, you know, Chris loves butts more than life itself, and I'm not pointing out that Sebastian does, in fact, have a pretty damn glorious butt. And I'm also definitely not suggesting that Chris would love to shove his face against that 'fuckin' tight' little ass of Sebastian's. And I'm not referring to the amount of beard burn Sebastian would get while Chris went to town eating out his favorite butt. Except that's exactly what I'm doing. *__*

L I S T E N 

It’s not like Chris purposely dropped that ‘don’t look at my phone, career over’ bomb just to rile Sebastian up–because Sebastian knows exactly what’s on that phone, and the memory alone does things to him, ok?–, except he totally did.

Because Chris is an asshole, but that’s ok because Sebastian is an asshole too, and they love being assholes together. Also, you are what you eat, so there.

Sebastian had started it, really. Hints and not-really-casual mentions and quirked eyebrows and teasing smirks. For months, Chris had had to endure the endless talk about that fucking sex scene, and he’d known it couldn’t possibly include everything Sebastian was insinuating, it couldn’t (the world wasn’t ready to see that, let’s be real), but that hadn’t stopped Chris from thinking but what if…, hadn’t stopped Sebastian from making the most of the situation… And it had driven Chris completely nuts.

So now that it’s actually out there, can you really blame him for teasing Seb right back? From taking revenge and punishing his sweet submissive for every single comment and impish smile?

Those pics Chris keeps in his phone aren’t even the worst of it. And that’s saying something, considering how fucking stunning Sebastian had looked that day: with darkening bruises where Chris’ hands and teeth had met skin and sweat trailing down his spine and beardburn between his thighs and asscheeks.

“The whole world has seen your perfect little ass,” he’d said, and the shudder that had visibly run through Sebastian’s body had gone straight to his own cock. “I ought to show them who it really belongs to, right?”

Sebastian, shivering and pupil-blown and already leaking, still had found it in him to be a little shit. “We should do a sex scene together, some time. That way you could actually show them, sir.”

And maybe that’d made Chris fucking growl, had spurred him on and made him go way overboard with the rimming and the scraping of his beard againt soft, easily-bruising skin, but Sebastian had had it coming, really, and the resulting orgasm had been earth-shattering, for both of them.

After he’d come down from his high, the mere sight of Sebastian had almost been enough to push him over the edge again, so he’d had to snatch those pics. It hadn’t been optional, really.

Sebastian rolls eyes and plays the offended party every time Chris makes a reference to the sex scene. Or to those pics. Or to the amazing sex that had followed the confession about the contents of Chris’ phone, because it had riled Sebastian up. Revenge is best served hot and on its knees at Chris’ feet.

So maybe they’re mostly even now, maybe it’s the first time in weeks that Sebastian’s backside isn’t a canvas for Chris’ handiwork, but Anna had to go and ask that question, and well… Chris is a bit of an asshole. And most definitely and ass man. Way way way, clearly way more of an ass man. And so the new bomb gets dropped, and he knows Seb will be listening, will know exactly what he’s thinking. He’d be lying if he said he’s not looking forward to getting home.

Sebastian is naked and wearing a cock ring when he arrives.

Chris eats him out until his skin is raw and he’s crying through each orgasm and not even able to press back against Chris’ tongue and beard anymore. And then he takes a whole new bunch of pics.

iskabee and I were talking about makorin cooking class au, so have this.

They are gross, and Rin is not as smooth as he thinks he is.

Take out…?!” Rin hisses, with a dramatic scoff.  “What does Sousuke take me for?”  

Arms folded across his chest, he frowns up at the sign of the cooking school he’d signed up for.  If there’s one thing Rin hates, it’s being shown up by his best friend.  He’s going to make Gou a birthday dinner so amazing that Sousuke will be forced to eat his own words.  

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// [ I apologize if this isn't specific enough, or is TOO specific, but for the doodle request: Something cute with Ten and Donna, Ten and Jenny, Ten and Susan Foreman, or Ten and Wilf, please. The world needs more of those duos. Do anything you'd like! Whatevs floats your boat. c: ]

He just can’t resist a good banana daiquiri…

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Sorry if you're busy or if you don't have energy to do icons, but could you do an icon for Ryouma if it isn't too much trouble?

My apologies if this looks weird- it’s my first time drawin’ the guy. ;;

Anyways, here’s a Hunko Enhoshima Ryouma icon! Thanks for asking. :)

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Jin.. Maybe you can help me... :( I am in love with this boy and I can't tell him, I am way to scared. All my friends tell me that I should confess but what if he doesnt like me? :(

It’s best to confess before it’s too late, you know? The worst that can happen is he says no, but that’s just his loss! There is no use crying over a boy, dear. Especially one that doesn’t know what he’s missing out on. ♥️

Good luck! I’ll be cheering for you!!

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I'm really missing your GMW rants :/ everyone is turning the Legacy plot into a Lucas and Maya episode when it's not the case. They're upset that Lucas and Maya won't talk alone and pretty much blaming Riley lol I can't be in this fandom anymore everyone is so annoying lol. If Lucaya happens they will cheer it on but if he picks Riley she will be dogged out and called every name in the book. This isn't fair.

Disclaimer: I did not use the full ship name. The anon did. If this goes into the LM tag, I apologize. Do not read this if you ship LM. 

I haven’t ranted in a while, because I blocked a blog, which prevents them from appearing in the tag and I stopped frequenting the gmw tag as often, because it was pissing me off too much, but trust me, my anger is still there and as soon as Girl Meets Legacy airs, there’s a good chance you’re going to want me to shut up lol 

With that being said, here’s a reply to your ask, which doubles as a mini rant lol

If what you’re saying is true, and they’re blaming Riley, then they need to stop taking all of their anger out on her, because that anger is in no way merited. You don’t blame the gf/wife/significant other because the other woman can’t be with him…… You blame the other woman for flirting with the guy and pursuing a relationship with him, and the boyfriend/husband/significant other for flirting back (although, in this case, the only thing Lucas did “wrong” was nearly kiss Maya, after Riley broke up with him). 

Blaming Riley is an irrational side-effect caused by their shipping preferences. No one in the real world would blame the girl whose best friend started flirting with the person she was seeing. They’re going to blame the best friend and/or the significant other, depending on the details. But no one in their right mind would blame the person who was betrayed by her best friend and boyfriend (although, again, I do not blame Lucas as of yet, but there is a decent chance I will in the near future, depending how the writers decide to continue this). 

This fandom has a lot of double standards when it comes to Riley. They blame her for making comments about Maya’s home life, while ignoring Lucas when he does the same and ignoring Maya when she makes comments about Riley’s insecurities. It’s an unfortunate truth which often pisses me off, because with the exception of the hardcore LM shippers, everyone I know, on twitter (I only follow casual fans on twitter) and off the internet, are currently very angry with Maya. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen in Legacy or in season 3, but I hope that people stop blaming everything on RIley, who is right now, in the middle of a really shitty situation and in no way deserves this hate. 

p.s why are people bitching about Legacy when it hasn’t even aired yet? 

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I may be alone in my delusion -- but after PaleyFest, it seems to me that EBR seems to a little too touchy feely with SA?(I will preface that I am a huge Stemily fan, so that's kindof a good thing for me lol) But SA not so? I wonder if he's trying to hold himself back or he really isn't so inclined. What do you think? I feel like this two have more than friendly feelings for each other but not in the harmful debilitating to his marriage kinda way. Sorry for my english, non-american here! :)

Never apologize for your English, you should see some of the stuff native English speakers spew out!

As to your point, I feel like it’s important to understand what kind of man Stephen is. On the outside, he’s very opposite of Emily - straight faced, focused, very intense, dry sense of humor, almost military/regimented like (those of you who have career military in your family will understand what I mean). Like, look at interviews especially ones on the red carpets/etc. He’s always got a blank look as people ask him questions, leaning in and not making eye contact - he’s completely focused on what he’s doing right then. He cares so much about doing it right for us and the fans.

Emily is not like that really, she’s bubbly and random and you see her personality so well when she’s on camera whether it’s an interview or just randomly. 

You can tell in their interactions - Stephen constantly breaks that facade with her. He’s even spoken about it - David Ramsey has talked a lot about Stephen’s intensity in early season one and how it took awhile for him to loosen up on set (and now they’re great friends - not that Stephen was ever rude, just intense and probably didn’t show a lot of himself on set).

Inside, from what Stephen does and what he says, it’s so clear that it’s just an outward thing - he’s so warm and caring, loves his fans and cast, isn’t a diva (shares the interviews well with people) - so it matches Emily more.

So when you see her being handsy, etc. (which yay I agree) I feel like that’s just Emily - and she’s trying to break his intensity sometimes. And that’s why he always looks like he’s trying not to smile lol - remember the hair petting? And the Canadian question? And when she stumped him in her word video and he got all flustered? That’s just how they are.

I feel like she brings a much needed lightness to the set (it’s been spoken of a LOT, and not just in the show terms) and Stephen clearly connects and appreciates with that because her way of expressing her personality is so different from his.

I feel like Stephen doesn’t like not being in control, and Emily’s disposition and their connection probably threatens that so he maybe overcompensates in public =)

All in all, very good friends and despite the happy ending he has right now, I feel like without it he’d still get another version in Emily.

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I'm sorry this week didn't go so well and next week isn't looking good. I really hope it gets better. And maybe next week will pleasantly surprise you. Send love, hugs and well wishes <3

Ah, it’s all right, anon. I’m just in a bit of a funk lately, I guess. I’m trying not to let it affect the blog, but I’ve been falling down a bit on answering asks. I apologize for that. 

Thank you for your lovely message, though; I really appreciate it. :3 Well-wishes to you, too, friend. 

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