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Varric + Excuses? v.v

Varric skillfully evaded the tankard that was hurtled towards his head, wincing as the pottery shattered against the wall of the estate in a burst of ale and earthenware shards. He hit the ground with a dense thud as a second tankard quickly followed its irreparable counterpart.  

“Andraste’s tits,” the dwarf hissed as he scrambled to his feet, hoping to dodge the next attack that was surely coming his way. He couldn’t hear anything as he pulled himself up by a table, couldn’t concentrate as a dull roaring filled his ears. His heart was thrashing against his chest almost painfully, and he was surprised at how alien it felt; he hadn’t experienced fear like this in a long time. 

“H-hawke,” he began as he backed up, eyeing the towering brunet as he advanced, “I am truly sorry about what happened to Bethany in those damned Deep Roads, but-“

Garrett picked up a bowl and flung it at him, his eyes filled with fire as he began, his voice eerily cool despite his actions, “You’re sorry? Varric, you, the swindling and lying dwarf, are sorry?” He scoffed and folded his arms, his amber eyes burning a hole into Varric.

“For once, I don’t know what to say,” Varric said, unable to look the warrior in the eyes, “What Bartrand did was-”

Hawke cut him off once more, “This is more than just Bartrand’s fault. Don’t make excuses, Varric. It’s your fault for involving us!” His voice grew louder with each passing moment, increasing in volume until the vein on the side of his neck was grotesquely bulging, “It’s you’re fault for everything! Maybe Bethany would be locked away in the Circle if you didn’t stop that damn thief, but at least that would be better than her being dead!”

His bellows echoed across the manor, and Varric could feel his throat tightening, his eyes pricking in preparation for tears. He just stared at the scattered fragments of mug around his feet as Hawke continued.

“I never wanted to fall for your idea, but she pressed me on it, she insisted that it would work and we could have some money if I just trusted you. And now look where it’s gotten me! My sister is dead, the only one I truly cared about! All because of you.”

Varric felt the tears spilling over at what Hawke said, realizing that it was true. He swiped at his eyes and looked up at the warrior, “I’m sorry Hawke…”

“Get out.”