and I am le tired

it has been like at least eight years and sometimes I still think to myself, when I am tired, “but I am le tired… well then take a nap! AND THEN FIRE ZE MISSILES” even though in retrospect that is like one of the most embarrassingly unfunny videos to ever come out of the internet 

Revenge is Gonna be Mine - Chords

Music and Lyrics by Alan Zachary & Michael Weiner
Transcribed by @lillpon

1. I’m posting them in screenshots, because the spaces between each chord may get messed up in different Tumblr themes. If you want it in text format, message me and I’ll pass it over.

2. I don’t play guitar, so I don’t know if the transitions from chord to chord are too fast. Maybe you’ll need to ignore some of the chords if that is the case. On the piano however you can play them easily.

3. This is my interpretation/analysis. I did this for free, so even though I double and triple and multiple checked every chord, ymmv on what chords are used in the original song.

it’s so cute and by cute I mean transparent af that all these people who have spent seven years of this show not giving a single crap about carol are suddenly deeply concerned about her well-being when we’re over here loving the hell out of her, shipping just as we always have, and wondering precisely how it’s romantic, positive, or healthy when ezekiel ignores carol’s clearly and repeatedly expressed desire to be left alone.

emeraldsage98  asked:

A challenge for you, if you should care to accept it: Magic AU, engaged to be married Prince Alfred (not to Ivan), and Alfred says the sentence below. Also, faeries. "If you can logically explain to me how we just took part in our own wedding when the last time I saw you, you were invading my castle, I will forget this ever happened and we shall never speak of this again." Have fuuuuun~~~~!

So you know how I have this awesome tendency of not following prompt instructions? Yeah, that happened here. But!! There is a castle invasion and Fae and stuff so that counts for something right? Right??

Inital GerAme, End RusAme, Magic/Fae AU, 3.8K, rated T

Fata Morgana

Everything was on fire. Alfred skidded to a stop, fingers scraping against hot and rough stone as he launched himself into the castle corridor, not daring to even glance behind him as he ran. The clatter of armor in the distance rebounded off the walls, mixing with the battle screams of men and the sick electric hiss of magic. The Cinder King was closing in on him and there was nothing Alfred could do.

How could it be that hours ago Alfred had been sitting with his betrothed, happier in that ordinary morning than nearly any other time in his life? It had been so simple: breakfast laid out on the terrace and hiding under the flowering dogwood tree. Alfred had watched the pink petals drift down around him and Ludwig and had traded kisses between bites of sweet and warm peaches. His skin was left sticky from where the peach juice had dribbled down, brushed away by Ludwig’s lazy fingers. That morning, as the sun awoke hot and rose red over the mountains of Bereland, Ludwig had told him that the Fae High King had finally blessed their union. They would be wed that summer.

And then the Bone King had attacked their lands. The Cinder King.

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i h8 disney in general but especially how they deal with diversity or progressiveness in their movies. like they make a movie about animals with a super basic racial metaphor, not to mention the fact that the black ppl in this metaphor are referred to as predators while the white ppl are the prey, and then treat it like the most revolutionary thing ever? if disney wanted to make a movie about black people couldn’t they have just, you know, like made a movie about black people?? they don’t need to hide behind furries, they’re disney! they’ll still make millions with any movie. and then they hit us with this le fou shit folks i am tired


yeah long story short: don’t repost or post traced versions of my art and don’t pretend to be me either thnx

CR Binge: Where the Cards Fall

You know what? I’m tired. You’re just going to get everything I wrote down during the ep.

You know, I thought Vox Machina in chains would be disturbing. And it kind of is. But the BDSM jokes are just so funny.

Senokir is the embodiment of “Am I humaning correctly?”

I love Keyleth and her total awkwardness!

“You’re not pickpocketing the giant without some high rolls. Mind you, you can certainly try. I would love for you to try.”

“Artisanal half-elf slaves.”

Awwwwww, Pike teaching Grog. 💜💜💜💜 I know it didn’t take, but it was sweet. And kind of sad!

Bahahaha the twins being weirded out by their love interests looking like them. So weirded out. It’s wonderful.

The slave market is distressing.

Yaaaay, Vex’s alignment went back to good!

This is slightly terrifying.

okay but what if courfeyrac came home with a parrot one day? 

ferre falls in love with it immediately and has the bird squawking “égalité!” within 5 minutes. it is not uncommon to see them trying to have a conversation

courf creates an instagram for it so that the entire world can see what an awesome parrot they have and he totally spoils it and on its birthday he even DIYs a mini birthday hat

and enjolras hates it because even though it’s saying “liberté” and “égalité” and “fraternité” and stuff like that, it’s really fucking loud, but ferre swears he once caught him taking a selfie with it

(bonus: the selfie was snapchatted to grantaire. #patrioticparrot #myloudestlieutenant)

I Am Just So Tired

Its memorial day and i just woke up about an hour ago so that may or may not be adding to my exhaustion but i digress. It is memorial day and even though this is technically a “holiday” here in America, I do not have it off. Not in the way you may think tho, I dont have a job… basically ive been unemployed for a year now… but that doesnt mean I havent been working. I unfortunately have become something of an entrepreneur and i dont mean that in a bragging way at all, I didnt choose this life - its literally my final and only option. I could go on about my employment search struggles but Ive already posted that video so Ill continue on with the real reason for this:


tired of begging for money

tired of people wasting my fucking time

tired of people not being able to get their shit together

tired of being the second option, the OTHER

tired of people thinking they have to go elsewhere to do good for themselves and find success

tired of not getting any responses when I put in hours of effort to reach out

tired of people sacrificing honesty to keep everyone on good terms

tired of people blatantly lying and not saying how they feel, instead substituting it with outlandish stories so there’s “no hard feelings"

tired of meaningless hangouts

tired of not getting invited

tired of people talking about groups i give 0 fucks about

tired of people affiliating with organizations for #SquadGoals and new friends instead of an organization’s actual purpose

tired of seeing people who have lied and cheated their way to “success” continuing to succeed

tired of seeing a community full of fakeass self righteous hand holding positive preaching assholes continue to thrive

tired of people saying lit, dabbing and wearing the same clothes

tired of dance fashion

tired of dancers wearing hats

tired of dancers not wanting to dance

tired of people using the term “community” as a front for self benefit

tired of nosey ass bitches

tired of people settling for being basic just so they can fit in

tired of being around people who want to fit in

tired of being around people who NEED to fit in

tired of hypocrites

tired of people using fronts like “the benefit of all” when it literally just benefits them

tired of “positivity”, “positive vibes” etc - youre unbalanced

tired of the perception that if it isnt right, its wrong

tired of people not focusing on their commitments

tired of people overwhelming themselves with too many commitments then acting like theyre doing a lot of quality work when theyre giving minimal effort to all of them

tired of everyone only liking and practicing dancehall because its mainstream right now

tired of people who dont know what theyre talking about

tired of people who dont know what theyre talking about being teachers

tired of people who dont know what theyre talking about being teachers, misinforming and then being respected as masters of their trade

tired of people who want breaks

tired of this dying city

tired of trying to build up and cultivate people with no talent

tired of trying to fool myself that people change

tired of giving people the benefit of the doubt

tired of social media, especially Facebook

tired of the gay community’s various hypocrisies racially and within the LGBT acronym

tired of biphobia

tired of having to explain my sexuality

tired of people trying to bait me into proving my bisexuality

tired of white girls acting like theyre spokespersons for the whole gay community

tired of the same white girls being so offended by a critique, but displaying social media bullying tendencies at the drop of a pin

tired of ed sheeran’s toxic masculinity

tired of kpop

tired of dancers lip syncing

tired of people lying about opportunities

tired of going out of my way for people

tired of people not being on the same page

tired of poor communication

tired of trying so. fucking. hard.

tired of taking class day in day out among everything else i do

tired of taking responsibility because others dont want to work hard

tired of people trying so hard to impress everyone

tired of people being all talk

tired of people not taking action

tired of hearing people sing kumbaya (metaphorically)

tired of thes holier than thou types who are no better than school children

tired of kids who went to expensive private schools who think they know everything

tired of communities thriving off mob mentalities

tired of people who think they can sing

tired of people who think they can dance

tired of people who think they can act

tired of people who talk about their sex lives, its nobodies business but you and those involved

tired of couples only being able to talk about their significant other

tired of insecure people

tired of seeing so many white dancers who dont get the culture benefiting from “hip hop”

tired of the white standard, and seeing people of color adhere to it

tired of caucasians, our whole race been tired

tired of misogyny

tired of men treating women like delicate flowers

tired of women believing theyre delicate flowers

tired of women hitting men then saying men “cant” hit back

tired of people resorting to violence because theyre literally too dumb to out argue an opponent

tired of being the only person staring at their phone all the time

tired of people being on their phones without purpose (scrolling into oblivion)

tired of being the driving force of something that wasnt even my idea

tired of human impulses and bodily functions

tired of how slow evolution works

tired of being on my computer in my room every damn day

tired of seeing people succeeding for doing exactly what theyre told

tired of people just trying too fucking hard at anything

tired of people not thinking for themselves

tired of the people around me not sharing my ambition

tired of being misunderstood

tired of the status quo

tired of people


glad I got all that off my chest, now back to work.

Post Announcement!

As you are well aware, we are a year older now (well.. our blog is anyway). We are also a little wiser. Our wisdom is telling us to starting listening to our bodies, and our bodies are telling us to slow the f*ck down.

Basically what we’re trying to get at, with our body wisdom, is that we’re too disabled for the Disabled Life blog, at this pace.

Long story short, we will now be posting every Monday, once a week!! DON’T WORRY, we’re not going anywhere. We’re just le tired.

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[GIF clip from The End of The World video. A cartoon French woman says “But I am le tired!” The man in a barrette responds “Well have a nap… THEN FIRE ZE MISSLES!!!”.]

Thanks for understanding, we love you all very much. Even if you don’t understand, we guess we’re cool with that too.

Wow, this is starting to sound like a break up post or something. But we’re not. We’re just slowing it down a bit? Like, our relationship is going so fast… you know what. We should probably stop here.

So ya, see you next week!! XOXO (oh my, is the XOXO too needy?? IDK. bye)