Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

Soulmate - Luke

Something that always confused you was how you would find your soulmate. It was something most kids were confused about, and learned at a young age that nearly everyone had someone out there for him. You just had to watch for the signs.

Nothing. That was your sign was nothing. You couldn’t figure out what special thing you had with your soulmate. Something that would make him, or her, stand out in a crown of thousands and let you know they were there. “Mom, how will I know if I have a soulmate?” “You’ll know by the time you turn thirteen, something will change.” “Okay.”


Thirteen was the magical age when you finally found out what you and your soulmate have in common, whether it be the same eye or hair color, a birthmark that was visible, scars that would appear out of nowhere, random food cravings the two of you would end up having. Most of your friends would get together and gush about what they learned about their soulmate, except you. You had nothing.

“Mom, I don’t think I have a soulmate,” you cried on night, hiding your face in your pillow. You had just turned sixteen, the weight of the world finally crashing down on you. “Honey, you have a soulmate, don’t worry. You could be late at developing something. Your dad didn’t developing. He didn’t get his sign until he was twenty.” “I know, but that was him. Our teacher told us that not everyone has a soulmate. Mom, I don’t wanna have to be alone forever.”

Days passed, your depression only becoming heavier as you weigh in on the fact that you most likely did not have a soulmate. Nobody could feel this bad, and you hoped that one day soon something would happen, a sign.

“You heard that 5 seconds of summer is coming to town, right?” Your best friend asks you, her soulmate coming up behind her and kissing her head. You nod. It was one of your favorite bands, but sadly you had been to depressed to think about getting tickets. “Lets go today after school and pick some up, okay?” She smiled, standing up and turning around to give her soulmate a kiss. You looked away, not only to give them privacy but to hide the internal pain that you were in since you didn’t have a sign.


You got to the ticket stand not long after the final bell rang, running with your friend to get in line and try to get the best seats. “I know meet and greets will already be out, but I’ve been checking online and it says theres still two seats left in the front row.” “Okay,” a small smile forms on your lips, something about seeing the band that close making your depression ease a bit. “It said the concert is tomorrow night, but they didn’t wanna sell the tickets early since its such a small town. They didn’t want a lot of traffic coming through here so its like only open for us, how exciting!”

You weren’t as thrilled as you normally would have been. You knew (y/bff/n) was excited, but you couldn’t bring yourself up to that level.


Finally, the night of the concert. You were a little more pumped, the fact that you were going to see one of your favorite bands live excited you, like, a lot. Dressing in your all black attire, you straightened your hair as you got ready, waiting for (y/bff/n) to pick you up. Its going to be a fun night, you told yourself, just forget about your soulmate for one night, it will be ok.

It seemed to be forever before the opening act came on, jamming out to the music with your friend as you both clapped and screamed. The band was getting ready, and with each second anticipation began to grow inside of you.

It seemed like it took forever for the boys to come on, Ashton running out and going over to his drums, Michael throwing his hands in the air and jumping around, Calum stemming on his bass already, generating even more screams, and finally Luke took center stage, running over with his guitar and going to the microphone. Thats when you suddenly felt sick, dizzy like you were about to pass out. “(y/n), are you okay?” Your friends voice laced with concern, her arms wrapping around you. “I feel really sick,” you mumble, taking a seat. You glance up one last time at the band, knowing you would miss the beginning songs until your sudden illness had passed. What surprised you though was Luke, leaning against Michael as he rubbed his back. It was intended for Michael to hear only, but Luke said it into the microphone too. “I’m sick, I feel like I’m going to pass out.” His eyes open slowly, looking down to meet yours.

And in that moment, you saw it. The tiny glow around Luke, the way the dizzy feeling disappeared, the way your heart felt like it was racing in your chest. “Luke,” you muttered, standing up and taking a step closer to the stage. He was in just as much shock, but his shock slowly turning into a smile. He leads down, trying to get as close to you as possible. He yells over the screaming girls, half to you and half into the microphone. “Hey, I don’t know your name, but why don’t you come backstage. I think I finally found my soulmate.”

part 2 –>


Please enjoy the marvelous expressions.

I’m looking at Widowmaker and reassessing how I feel about the idea of her already knowing Tracer before this.

She doesn’t look surprised that this is happening, which would seem to be a huge mark. But then Widowmaker isn’t really prone to showing an emotion so huge as “surprise”.

Her gun is still lowered, which doesn’t seem an intuitive response to me, if she were surprised. Throughout this, we’ve seen her reflexes are pretty much superhuman. I can’t believe she wouldn’t have already been aiming and firing at Tracer the second she started to recall, if she hadn’t known it was possible. It’s not that Tracer moved too fast. Widowmaker’s staring RIGHT AT HER. She just isn’t planning to shoot her.

But it’s possible Widowmaker’s just turning over the possibilities in her mind, too. Not surprised then, but thoughtful. Very thoughtful.


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SAD SHEITH TIME So you know how the table in Keith's desert shack is literally just a concrete slab on top of cinderblocks and he has a stack of books /underneath/ it like he's afraid to put any actual weight on it? He'd get a real one but he wants to keep the shack the same way he and Shiro left it

o shit……….maybe that way it somehow puts keith’s mind at ease that nothing has changed………that shiro will come back…………someday………….and not dead……….

Every now and then I have these moments where I’m really aware of just how much I hate living. Since I was at least ten? years old I’ve just been switching between desperately clinging to something distract me from my life, and dissociating when that wasn’t an option. There are huge chunks of my childhood missing. I literally don’t remember what it’s like to want to live but at the same time I have an idea of what it was like and now that’s gone, and it’s like. how do you recover from that? How do you ‘recover’ from nothing? There isn’t a constant desire to die but I don’t want to live either. How am I supposed to put effort into improving a life I don’t even want? There’s no motivation. I don’t like myself and I have no idea how to change that or even if I have any desire to

5:47am Rambling/ A letter

One day I’ll sit down and write you a letter describing every emotion I’ve ever felt. Ill let you in on all my secrets they’ll be yours to keep. I’ll tell you about the time I thought we could be more than friends and how it drove me crazy hiding from you. One day I’ll tell you about the time I wanted to fall off the face of the earth with you and how I imagined exactly how you wouldve saved me. I’ll share all my fantasies about what your touch would feel like and how you would visit me in my dreams. One day I’ll invite you into a world that never existed but felt more than real. I’ll show you where I planted our seeds in gardens that never had a chance to grow. One day I’ll tell you how you changed me for the absolute better by being nothing and everything at the same time. I’ll tell you about the night I cried when I saw someone else hold your heart and how much I prayed youd find the love I was willing to give you in someone else. One day I’ll write you a letter describing my version of being in love with you while you never knew.

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How do I get thick/gain weight? I weight only 92 pounds and am around 4 feet and 9 or 10 inches. I am 20 years old and my body Is making me feel insecure. I don't eat too much and when I do all the weight goes to my stomach. I do weight lifting exercises targeting my legs and butt but still nothing plz reply I really need help in how to gain weight and be happy about my body. I already feel so low about my height but there has to be away to change my weight.

Eat a lot of protein and carbs and do muscle workouts to gain weight and stay healthy at the same time. For your abs continue to do ab workouts and eat things like bananas and healthy foods with a lot of healthy fats and oils (for ex olive oil)


Part two of two, as always in order!

@xxstephany-summersxx || Stephany Summers and her husband had a baby girl who acts, JUST like her mom. When her mommy dyed her hair, she dyed her hair. Just like her mom she’s popular, very popular, an cheer leader and daddy’s little princess! Her mutation is like her family’s yet she controls it from her hand. Stephany is the cool mom, the popular mom. When she goes to Xavier nothing changes.

@caralinexavier || Her baby boy EJ, Erik JR, is just like his mom and dad. A bad ass. He’s the schools bad ass and he’s actually proud of that! Just like his cousins (go back to part one) he spends his time in the office and just like his family he got the same mutation but also healing. Caraline knows how smart EJ and how he doesn’t show it off because he’s is just how like she use to be. Though she just make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble.

@erin–summers || Erin and her s/o (to me Erai shippers yes you can pretend it’s me :)) had a baby girl. SASSY! That’s how every single person Describes her after getting to know her. Nina knows she hot but doesn’t mean she’s going to let anybody take advantage of her. Erin passes down tips to Nina: Fashion tips, how to control her mutation, and how to keep away from fuck boys! Erin is the concerned mom, she’s wants to know everything before letting her little girl do anything.

@jazzxavier || Jazz just like her siblings named one of her children after her parents, Rowan. She tried her hardest to find a name like a Rogue without stealing the name Rogue. Jazz is a friend-mom and Rowan didn’t get hers or her cousins aunts mutation. She got Rogues actually! How? Don’t know. She learns to control it and then she goes to Xavier’s, there she’s well known, and always happy.

@adelaine-cassidy || She had a baby girl named Ciara! Ciara does have the famous Banshee powers like her uncle and healing power like her other uncle! She’s very quiet and loves tea, because she grew up to drinking her moms amazing tea! She’s close to her mom even at Xavier’s, she spends most of her time reading or visiting her mom and family. She likes to stay close to them!

Just a little thing I noticed

It’s nothing ground breaking.  For the sake of design, animation characters often are only designed one costume. Lampshading gags like these show up everywhere. 

But it’s a little interesting when you realize that the Gems only change clothes when they poof, which didn’t happen often after Stevens birth.  

Those are the same clothes for how many years between this scene and Gem Glow.

The clothes are a part of the gem’s form. Meanwhile we see this:

Every time Connie shows up, she’s wearing something different.  And this is also noticed with people like Kiki, Jenny, and Lars.  The humans wear different outfits. The gems don’t.  Steven met them halfway


It was a strange friendship, but they managed. She helped him manage the worst of the bloodlust, and he helped her gather plants under the full moon’s light. Not that the moon had any effect on a plant’s potency, but it was the look of the thing that mattered.

“How’s life treating you?” she asked one evening. “Or rather, how’s unlife?”

It had been some time since their last meeting. He considered the question, hands curled around a mug of tea. He didn’t particularly like tea, but he enjoyed its warmth. “Same as always,” he said eventually. “Nothing ever changes.”

Cleaning This Gun | Sof + Mark

      “For the last time, I am not hiding anything, he is a good guy, and there is absolutely no reason for you to meet him.” 

      Sofia felt like a broken record. How many times now had she had this same conversation with the man before her? Way too many to count. Nothing ever changed, though. Mark was so insistent that he meet her boyfriend, and she didn’t understand why. Okay, sure, he was her father, but Sofia was sixteen; he was going to have let go of the reigns sometime. 

      “Daddy, I’ve only been seeing him for – what – a month now? It hasn’t been that long! Even I am still getting to know him. I don’t understand why you’re so persistent about wanting to meet him. You’re gonna end up interrogating him so much that you’ll scare him away, and that isn’t fair to me.” 

      Crossing her arms, she stared her father down. It wasn’t often that she took a stand against a request from any of her parents, but it did happen occasionally, such as moments like this where she felt she was in the right and he was in the wrong. 

      “I promise you’ll get to meet him sometime, but insisting that it happens before you’ll let me go out on another date with him? That’s ridiculous! Can’t you see how overprotective you’re being? Show some trust in me. Please.”


Tumblr problems, you too?

I need to know if it’s just MY problem or other people have this problem too.
I can post just text posts, when I try to post a picture so I upload a picture I have on my pc and then click the button “post” tumblr logs me out and makes me reset my password saying that there are some problems, in particular suspicious code on my theme, this happened so many times, tumblr changes my theme and if I change the theme and post something it logs me out etc.. I thought it was because of the code of that theme but no because today I’ve put another theme and yeah the same thing happened.. I can’t stand this anymore…

Do you have this problem too? If yes and you fixed it, tell me how please! I wrote two emails to tumblr but nothing… HELP ME <33

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Hello! I just found your blog and I am fascinated because tinhats are so much alike. I'm apart of the swift fandom and there are tinhats too. I don't know if you've heard about K*ylor (Taylor and Karlie). A lot of them are l*rries so it really shouldn't surprise me. But these people track Taylor's plane to see if she's with Karlie and you would think that would stop them because her plane is never where they want it to be but nope. They think Karlie met her boyfriend 4 years ago to stunt now

Hello there!

Yeah, the startling reality is that tinhats really ARE virtually the same. There is really nothing new under the sun. The names change, and different information must be assimilated over time, but at this point you can mostly predict what they will come up with, or what detail they will retroactively say is Checkov’s gun, or how they will interpret their failed predictions. And as you’ve already seen, once people have bought into one tinhat fandom, it’s so easy to jump over to the next, because it actually bolsters their view that EVERYTHING they see is fake and that it’s basically on them to uncover the bullshit and realize the REAL things happening underneath that the SHEEP don’t see. It’s just conspiracy theorizing, as has been recognized for decades upon decades, with an upgrade because there’s a doomed, romantic ship at the center.

Nevermind that they never, EVER get payoff or recognition outside of the supersekrit signs they interpret from color coding and labels and armchair body language and microexpression analysis.

Good luck to you, anon, because when the l*rries have mostly crossed over to other fandoms such as yours, they will be holding court to larger and larger audiences.

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10:33 in Vancouver and I can't stop thinking about a guy I knew. We both had feelings for each other but wouldn't admit it, and then he broke my heart and left me when I needed him most. Now, he's coming back and I'm confused because I still love him so much but I don't want to be hurt again.

If things have changed enough that things might be different this time around, then just try to relax and see how things go! But if nothing has changed to prevent things from ending the same way again, then maybe just keep moving on with your life and don’t let him back into it xx 

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“I know exactly what I’m doing.”

Snarky RP Meme

The midoan huddled in her dark box, nose to her knees and her gaze unfocused. How long had it been, now? She’d tried keeping count at the start, at least going on how long she figured a day to be. But that game got old quickly as dismay crept in. What was the point? Did time even count when nothing ever changed?

Not even the footsteps outside were ever any different. Always the same measured pace, always the same intervals. Day in, day out - except when they wanted something. She knew by now her cue to cover her eyes, when the door slid open and let that horrid fuschia light pour in. The steps were always irregular, unlike the sentries - some guard or another come to shuffle her off someplace. She could never recall where. By the time they were done with her, everything was a blur and she was right back in her cell with a dull headache for her troubles.

Last time, though - that was different. They’d left her a memento of the occasion. Idly reaching back, she felt at it - a bandage, still a little damp, taped to the nape of her neck. She shuddered, knowing the significance of it. She’d heard the screams in the corridors. She knew there were others of her kind imprisoned there, and that they were having the exact same things done to them. But why? What good was there in letting them go mad?

Approaching footfalls broke her from her thoughts. Unusual ones. It was already time again, it seemed. Something was off, though - the steps were heavier, but much less urgent than usual. She could pick up faint chatter, but little of it made sense. The tone sounded questioning, perhaps even a bit nervous, but it was cut off by a voice she couldn’t recognize, the words forming ice in her stomach.

“I know exactly what I’m doing.”

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Take Me Away to Nowhere Plains

im posting this publicly because lemme tell you something about this fic.

i remember when it was first posted on lj.

it was like.

i don’t know late at night probably.

and, like, it was just….there.

in two parts.

because lj couldn’t fit the whole damn thing

this fic changed my life.

i don’t know how but it was the best thing.

i printed out the damn thing so i could read it in my bed (i didn’t have a laptop at the time and phones weren’t so amazing yet).

i mean, there was a point where i just ripped out the set up just so i could read the porny part (and later realized it’s nothing without the set up; it doesn’t have the same impact)

god i wish i could go back to the first time i read it because fucking hell i want to live in this wifeless au forever and soak up all the homogay goodness.

where does this fic even lead to?

do they have more sex?

is there an awkward morning after?

who cares, because it’s a one-shot and one-shots are perfectly contained universes where everything is right and the sex is spectacular and the kinks are shame-worthy.

do u ever get depressed bc ur thinking of the awful person you used to be and maybe (definitely) you are still an awful person but not the same kind of awful except there are people in this world who still think you’re the old kind of awful and that’ll probably never change because either you’ll never see them again or, despite how much you’ve changed that person you were for the time you knew them is forever stuck in your mind and when they tell stories about back then it’s always, always going to be about your old brand of terrible and there’s nothing you can do to change that because I do

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Your opinion on my situation would be lovely, I'm only asking cuz I really need advice. I've been in a relationship for almost 3 months not long. But he already expressed he doesn't see marriage in the future at all and more than likely no more kids(he has 1 boy). And I want kids and marriage. He wants to go to college, I don't see college in my future. Lately the connection isn't there and communication is not there, no matter how much I ask for it. Do you think it's time to let go?

I mean, all points lead to yes. This decision is completely up to you, nobody can make it for you. But it seems like you’ve already made up your mind. There’s nothing wrong with leaving someone because you don’t want the same things. Don’t stay with the thought “maybe he’ll change” or “maybe I’ll change him”.

The positive spin is at least he’s being so upfront and honest with you about what he wants instead of waiting until you’re 2-3 years into the relationship. Do with it what you will. If it were me, I’d move on. All the best xo

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this deployment has me so hurt all the time. lately I've been feeling disconnected from my bf, but at the same time there's nothing more I want than to see him again. don't really know how to feel right now, but I feel kind of lost in terms of my relationship.

To be honest I dealt with this myself. I loved him so very much but the distance became noticeable and I became busy and filled the time slots without him being home. it ended up changing my emotions a tiny bit and when I didn’t notice it HE did. He brought it up to me because it was starting to hurt him. Thats when I realized that it wasn’t that i didn’t still love him it was just the distance apart. I then had to rethink how I lived and my thoughts. It took me awhile to let it all sink in but I tried my best to make it back to how I once was and it did eventually happen. 

I am not sure if this is what you are going through but if it is. I hope what I have said kind of helped. If not I am so sorry and I can somehow help.