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There is a constant message being put onto us that we must all look like the typical ‘perfect’ human, with complete body symmetry and zero flaws. It’s terrible, because not only does this person not exist, but it makes everyone feel like they will forever be striving to change into someone who they’re not! It leaves one feeling dissatisfied and down on themselves. Do not allow for this to be the case! Do not allow for this illusion to take over your own self concept! You are beautiful in your own right, and forever will be.

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Favorite supercorp fics? I want to read some tonight.

i’ve got a bunch more if you want but these were the ones on the first page of my bookmarks

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Hi ! I saw your superhero power post and I'm having trouble with my character . Basically he has the power to see people's fear and manifest it into himself and transform himself . He can also go into people's dreams too , now I'm just struggling with weaknesses he could have

Your character doesn’t sound overpowered if that’s what you’re worried about, but I’ll try to come up with some suggestions as to his weaknesses. 

Part 1: As stated in that post and the followup responses from other writing blogs, there are other weaknesses besides side effects to the power. He could have a debilitating illness, past trauma, or some other drawback that limits him. He could also just be inexperienced and incapable of ultilizing the full grasp of his abilities, only able to use them sporadically because he doesn’t understand how they work. Maybe these abilities have ostracized him from the people he loves and he’s suffering from loneliness and depression.

Part 2: Let’s consider other characters who have similar abilities.

This is Spooky, a lab experiment from the Lilo and Stitch TV show. He physically morphs into people’s greatest fears because that’s what he was created to do. The only way to disarm him is to face the fear he presents you with, and then he’ll run away because he’s otherwise quite vulnerable.

This is Nightmare from Marvel comics. As the name implies, he can go into someone’s subconscious and wreak havoc. When he’s not in their subconscious and they’ve pretty much faced that fear, he’s about as vulnerable as lil’ Spooky up there. Also, Dr. Strange is constantly foisting him out of people’s minds using Magic and Stuff™, so that helps.  

This is Nightmare’s son, Trauma, and he can also manifest as someone’s fears. This ability backfired on him in his origin story when he turned into his crush’s fear and ultimately got kicked out of school. When he became his mother’s fear, she had to be institutionalized. Beyond these issues, he too is easy to take down because he’s only human.

Part 3: Consider how having that ability would affect someone, like really affect them. They have to see other people’s greatest fears. What if other people share their own greatest fear? What if those other fears are more terrifying, disgusting, or unimaginable than your character’s? If you force your character to see fear every time he interacts with people he will either become a desensitized, apathetic boulder or a trembling, traumatized wreck.

The other side of the coin is that maybe he starts confusing his dreams and fears with other people’s. Perhaps he even starts confusing these with reality, thinking a dream someone had really happened, or mistaking someone’s fear for an actual experience he had. 

In this X-Men strip, Emma Frost’s telepathy has gone haywire after a certain incident. Her ability used to be putting thoughts into people’s heads or just talking to them telepathically. Now, after a private inner monologue, she realizes Scott Summers, a non-telepath, heard all of it.

Maybe your character could lose control in that way, or maybe his goal is to gain control by the end of the book. Even losing control in smallish ways like, I don’t know, becoming the fear of his potential employer during an interview? Or when he’s pulled over by a cop? Maybe the drawback of entering people’s dreams is that they always know he was in there, or like Inception his presence actually shatters the dream once they recognize he shouldn’t be there. Maybe his ablities are even limited by things he cannot control, like the “fear monster” in The X-Files episode “X-Cops” that only appeared on a full moon in dangerous suburbs and disappeared as soon as the sun came up.

There’s potentially a long list here of weaknesses for your character’s particular skillset. You will find a lot of media that goes over dreams and fears to give you further ideas.

To all of my favorite writers out there [!!!! PLAGIARISM]

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Yesterday, I stumbled on a blog by starryoongs (i blocked her now) I praised her “work” entitled ‘SLEEPINGWALKING TO YOU’ (J HOPE X READER) only to find out that her posted works were STOLEN FROM ASIAN FANFICS.
I don’t have an account there but @madrabbit15 sent me a private message here on Tumblr and sent me this post regarding that starryoongs

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Okay but honestly I have so many feelings about Newsies right now. I’m in love with them all.