and Gamzee grows up so pretty

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Ok I'm sorry if I'm being dumb but I'm a little confused- in these flashbacks, does Karkat like Terezi or does he like Gamzee? Because he told Terezi not to "tell him" but then Terezi agreed with Gamzee that Karkat liked her. Or was she holding back? Sorry again, I just realized that I didn't really know what was going on.

/It’s okay! It is pretty complicated, that’s my fault.

So, it goes like this.

Karkat has ALWaYS had a crush on Terezi. Even when they were growing up together. And Terezi liked him back, but it was never in their best interests to be together, so they stayed friends(friends who really liked each other, but never made a move, ya’ know?) In high school, Karkat comes out to Terezi about his sexuality(she’s dating Dave at this point, so Karkat tries to dial down his feelings for her out of respect), and tells her he’s starting to feel attracted to Gamzee (high school, various crushes, raging hormones, you know the drill lol). But she’s sworn to secrecy, because for all he knows, Gamzee is straight as a ruler(he’s not HAHA). So, yeah, she knows that Karkat has deep feelings for her, and she knows that he has a pretty big crush on Gamzee now too. Unnecessary love traingle/square/polygonorwhatever? Abso-fucking-lutely. HAHAHA.

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umm im sorry but gamkar IS kind of abusive..





There are absolutely NO in comic implications of Gamkar being abusive. People decide ‘Oh the situation with Gamzee and Terezi makes it alright to glorify the FUCK out of abuse as long as it’s with Gamzee’ and that’s like, really really gross…

There’s nothing to even suggest there being abuse, and I’m honestly really fucking sickened by the glorification of abuse that I see spread around in this fandom like I’ve dealt with actual real life abuse and HOLY SHIT it isn’t fun and people romanticize it A LOT. And running around making ships that have never actually been abusive into that is really tiring and I’m sick of seeing it, specifically with a ship which I tend to go to when I feel shitty.

Is gamkar an especially healthy depiction of the pale quadrant? Absolutely not. There are a lot of issues they have, obviously. But that doesn’t mean that people need to pin it down as abusive simply because they don’t like Gamzee.

We don’t even know enough about their break up to know what happened. Karkat said he figured that Gamzee DIDN’T NEED HIM ANYMORE. And so far as I can see, that’s got to be something pretty popular in the pale quadrant. If a troll can get their shit together they can grow from their moirail. That’s not abusive at all so uh?? That isn’t what happened with Gamzee, but until recent events it sounds like that’s what Karkat THOUGHT.

They have a really broken ex relationship and they’ve both done shit to ruin it but abuse never played a part of that and I’m personally really sick of seeing it passed off as an alright thing. Sorry, I don’t like dealing with that kind of thing outside of my personal life and I don’t like seeing Gamzee being turned into that glorified ‘psychopath rapist’ trope and just