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The Tenth Doctor and Alec Hardy introducing their partners to important people from their past (and then dashing off)

Doctor Who - Series 2, School Reunion
Broadchurch - Series 2, Episode 1


Went shopping today with my love 💕

Soooo my camera came in yesterday just in time to meet up with @evelynxannexmayxxxx and get some Christmas shopping done. Also, I FOUND AN APARTMENT!!! 🎉🎉🎉 It’s so lovely and I’ve already started moving all of my stuff in so expect pics soon! It finally feels like I’m finally officially back on tumblr and I’m so happy about it :)

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hortus - eve!

Hortus - garden

In December, when her father and brother pass away, the garden is withered and lifeless, and she—understands. She takes little walks through it—Benjamin ordering her to put on a coat first—and sees the gray, brittle ghost of what was a beautiful rose bush, and tears flood her eyes because she understands.

But there’s no stopping spring from coming. And when it comes, she realizes that if the gardener is gone, then she must repair the garden on her own if she wants it to be beautiful again.

So Eve Genoard steels herself, and she gets to work.

I don’t have set plans for New Years yet but it’s never too early to prepare and be ready for anything that my friends throw at me. These are my top three choices for a new dress for the festivities. Should I get the Modern, Girly Glam, or Gorgeous Unique one?

Also, did I forget to mention that my Lady Love will be visiting me from our college town four states away? I’m super super excited and I gotta look amazing for myself, and for her. I love that women with my entire heart and miss her every day. ❤️