and ALL of the pencils..


my favourite pens & pencils! i don’t keep all of these in my pencil case, but they’re the ones i use when i’m doing work that needs to look nice.

   uniball signo 207 - black, blue, red (.7)
   pilot g-2 - black (.38)
   pilot precise v5 - black (.5)
   uniball eco - black (.5)
   papermate stick - black (1.0)
   bic cristal - black (1.0) [not shown]
   zebra m-301 (.5)
   bic pencil #2 (.7)


                                ✓  SCHOOL SUPPLIES 101  ✓

I just bought a new pencil case because it wasn’t big enough for all the supplies I need plus this pencil case is both cheap and adorable. Along with my pencil case, I also bought some school supplies for the 2nd Quarter (I didn’t include some in the picture). 


1. Avoid Buying Expensive Pens

I struggle a lot in this step, as studyblrs or students in general we always need to take notes and it is hard not to buy new pens every now and then. 

solution: find great yet cheap alternatives to save some money for other supplies duh

2. Only Buy the Supplies You Need

This step is extremely important especially if you need to save money. 

solution: go to the store with a list of the supplies you need and go to the store with a budget and don’t bring all of your money.

3.  Have a Friend to Come With You

Having a friend to come with you just makes the whole process easier, fun, and less torturous as you see your money go away.


  • black ballpen
  • blue ballpen
  • red ballpen
  • pencil
  • eraser (assuming that the pencil doesn’t come with an eraser)
  • highlighters
  • sticky notes
  • scissors
  • correction tape
  • stapler
  • tape
  • small ruler

In Bordeaux last week we went to the newly opened Cité du Vin, a big interactive wine museum. There was a special Nap Room, with fancy Nap Chairs and Sleep Guide to tell you about your biorhythms, but that was 4€ extra on top of the already kinda expensive 20€ ticket so we skipped it. My favorite part was where you could smell all the different notes that you could find in wine, like pencil shavings and licorice and dog fur and old books. There was a pair of leather gloves, and I made myself laugh thinking about This Is Spinal Tap, but neither Paul nor my friend got the reference. They obviously do not share my Love of Culture.

So I'm registering my laptop to access the internet

And my name gets called. So I turn to my friends (who call us “nihomies”, a play on of the Japanese word for Japan, “nihon”) and I say, “Watch my shit.”

They laugh and one says he’s going to steal all my pencils.

Me: I will find and end you.

And I go meet the Japanese guy who’s going to help with my computer. First thing he says to me (in English) is: “You’re American?”

Me: Yea, is it obvious?

Japanese Tech Guy: Your way of speaking gives you away, haha! “Watch my shit” “I’ll find and kill you”

Me: *is a little mortified* Oh wow

Japanese Tech Guy: ‘Murica?

Me: pfft, yup. 'Murica.

And he tells me how he spent some time in Michigan and thinks our slang and curse words are hilarious. It probably made my day.



Hi, tumblr. I’m not so rich 15 years old russian shit. I really want  watercolor pencils and pastelles but i don’t have enough money for it. I need them for some silly tradition doodles or OOAK dolls, because i need more hobbies to escape from all this shit around me. New watercolor pencils is about 20-40 USD and new pastelles is 9-12 USD. 

I’d like to buy them, and then maybe some  stuff for OOAK(hair, dolls, etc).  Soooo, yeah i opened comissions cuz i need money for all that things. If you want, you could check my DA

Things that i would draw:

Fandom fanarts, little gore, your humanoid OCs.

Things I won’t draw:

GODDAMN FURRIES(!!!!!!),  NSFW, backgrounds.

All of the money received from these commissions are going toward watercolor pencils,  pastelles, dolls and food.  If you would like to purchase send me a message me on Tumblr or note me on DA. 

Thank you very much <3

1 Has Entered the Art Room

Within the asylum was a small room lit by a single bulb on a wire. The room was full of black velvet paintings of all shapes and sizes… but they all were of the same things- A bull facing against a matador.

All over the floor were puddles of painting supplies, pencils, papers, empty canvases. The whole room looked torn apart, the paintings sitting on the ground rather than hung on the wall.

Edgar was focusing hard on building a house of cards on a small, round table in the middle of the room. He was very careful with it, making sure the cards didn’t shift one bit. It seemed almost like his life depended on it.

But a card slipped, and all his work toppled over.

Suddenly, Edgar grew enraged and abruptly stood up from his chair, knocking it over. Growling between clenched teeth, he took one of the paintings and crushed it in his huge hands, lunging it out the window and sending it crashing on the wall of the next building.

Why must the bull taunt me like this?” He shouted, clenching his fists. He hadn’t noticed the stranger looking in.


MP100 Artists recommendations: The Russians.

@just-harmonica - Superb coloring. Some posts are quite funny, but most of the time it is sad that it hits you out of nowhere. Warning: don’t get unnerved, the art is quite nice.

@threi - mostly ink work. Scary art but very complex and interesting to look at. Warning: also, don’t get unnerved. The art is not exactly idyllic but it can hit you in the kokoro.

@giovannirammsteiner - I don’t think they do any sort of digital art at all. Superb coloring made up of markers and coloring pencils. However, can be quite uber gay.

All of these guys are highly recommended. If you have someone else to recommend, please tell me so. These artists are the proof that Russians are creative.

anonymous asked:

hey! so im going to the dollar store and i thought might as well look for some supples. could you rec some stuff i could get thank you

im guessing you just mean general things, and i have no idea what would be at your dollar store but here’s some ideas!

  • notebooks! they’re a must, i think. or if you prefer binders and loose leaf paper, you can get that instead!
  • folders, especially if you’re going with the notebook way
  • pencils (mechanical and/or traditional!)
  • pens
  • sticky notes + page flags
  • highlighters
  • ruler
  • glue (stick or bottle?)
  • erasers
  • tape
  • don’t know if a dollar store would carry a planner/agenda book at all?
  • paper clips / binder clips
  • markers / colored pencils / art supplies if you know you’ll need them
  • scissors
  • a mini stapler?

some of them might be out of reach, but those are off the top of my head! you might not need everything on the list or you might already have these. additionally, if you need specifics or other stationery recs, i have a masterpost for it!