and 2p!!!

Being romantic with the 2p Allies
  • 2p America: *makes a tatoo that says "s/o name's trophy". On his butt.
  • 2p England: Will make the person so much sweets that he/she will question who is sweeter: Oliver or his/her blood after eating it all.
  • 2p France: "I brought you a bouquet made of carrots, at least they have an use."
  • 2p China: Cliche love boy. Expect anything ever made in a romance movie.
  • 2p Russia: Saying "I love you" is the limit of his soul.
  • 2p Canada: Breakfast in bed for the win. And he'll eat with you, because "you expected that I just happilly watched you eat? That is creepy."
Game of Life (JubyPhonic) on 2p

2p Canada: My first life was so boring just forget mentioned it

2p America: And my second seemed to let me do all of the things my first life didn't 

2p France: Third life was a hateful man all poison to the bone

2p Austria: In my fourth, I played piano but just didn’t have the eyes to read the notes

2p Germany: In my fifth life, I supported girls - of course that wasn’t all

2p Italy: My sixth life was corrupted though I guess it was little fun

2p Prussia: Seventh life I cried so much and all I did was mourn

2p South Italy: In my eighth life, was so rich I could’ve bought the world and EVERYTHING 

2p Japan: By nine, I drew some manga but the deadlines left me dead

(no one): My tenth life was a teacher, as a pedo***** I worked part time

2p England: Next life, what, eleven? Sorry I try to forget…
Never could describe how awful - no I’m terrified to think of all

The 2P's irrational fears

2P! Italy:
- eating expired food
- he always makes sure that everything he eats are fresh and still hasn’t gone past the expiration date
- he’s weird lmao

2P! Germany:
- mirrors
- he always gets pretty anxious whenever he’s alone in a room with a mirror
- he has watched plenty of movies to back him up

2P! Japan:
- garden gnomes
- he swore he saw one of them move
- Kuro doesn’t trust them

2P! Romano:
- hair fall
- once woke up and saw strands of hair on his pillow
- he’s scared that he might lose all of his hair lmao

2P! Prussia:
- skateboards, wave boards, etc.
- he once tried using Lutz’s skateboard when he was a kid but he slipped and fell head first
- never again

2P! Austria:
- escalators
- he’ll never admit it tho
- his clothes might get stuck and that’s pretty dang dangerous tbh

2P! America:
- mascots
- he thinks they’re fucking sketchy
- actin’ all shady with their giant head and unblinking eyes

2P! Canada:
- doors
- he never keeps doors completely closed in a room
- unless he knows there’s another way out

2P! France:
- ferris wheels
- he isn’t afraid of heights or anything, just ferris wheels
- if you somehow end up riding one with him, he’ll refuse to let go of you

2P! Russia:
- splinters
- he’s always very cautious when handling wood
- who knows they might get into tour bloodstream or some shit

2P! China:
- large couches
- Kuro made him read a manga about a person being inside a chair and it practically haunted him
- he makes sure a person couldn’t possibly be in there before sitting on one

2P! South Korea:
- empty spaces on a bed
- always crowds his bed with pillows when he sleeps
- someone or something could end up appearing there, and he ain’t dealing with that bullshit

I love the concept of ancient immortal beings being so completely done with life and all its bullshit that they just don’t care about anything anymore. Like, they could fuck you up a thousand times over but they’re more interested in seeing if they could drive backwards while making a margarita to care