and 20 pounds more

Day 63/100

The dreaded weigh in was met with some VERY happy results.

My heaviest was 250.
My starting weight was 234.
Last week’s weight was 226.
And after a week of ups and downs and kicking butt, this weeks weight is…


I never thought I would be happy posting my actual weight for people to see, but this is a huge accomplishment.

Only 20 more pounds to go until I reach my first goal!

Proper weigh in

Was mad excited before haha.

SW: 241
LW: 231.9
CW: 229.9

Woo! 29.9 to go til my first goal!! I’m already 20 pounds down, what’s 29 more?

My husband is more obsessed with my butt than usual since I started doing squats haha.

Ah it just feels so achievable right now! My husband was proud when I told him. He’s so perfect (my bad ex was horribly unsupportive the last time I was doing well on health).

After all my complaining on here about stalling and not being able to get comfortably in the 160s…I just had the biggest whoosh of my life. Hello, 165!

I’m three pounds shy of 30 pounds lost this year – which is kind of crazy. I’ve never lost more than 20 pounds prior to this – and it took 5+ months, hours upon hours of dreadful cardio, and food that made me hate my life.

Wins like this just make me more motivated than ever. Off to make some bacon and eggs for lunch – as all I had for my lazy breakfast this morning was an avocado sprinkled with garlic salt and some Mio water.

Keep on and keto on!

x SK 

I have been missing!!! LOL

I was locked out of my Tumblr for like ever and this morning I tried and I am finally back in……..a year later! HAHAHAHA

sorry everyone!

Good news is I have lost 150 pounds now!!!!!  

Highest weight was 320

Current weight is 170!!! :)  

Still wanna loose about 20 more pounds.

anonymous asked:

what got you into gaining and how did you decide you wanted to gain?

Well dear anon I’ve always been fascinated by tummies and a little over 2.5 years ago I found the feedism tag! I lurked for a longgg time but then I made my own blog in August of last year. After seeing all of the amazing bellies on here I decided to gain a little bit myself :) not too big, but big enough to be extra squishy ;) I’ve gained about 25~30 pounds since I’ve gotten into feedism and I’m looking to gain 20(ish) pounds more!

so i’ve gotten back on track with going to the gym. i’ve been a pretty solid 240ish since the first of the year. when i worked at applebee’s, i had gotten up to 263 but i lost 20 pounds just by working at bww. i walked more and ate less (because no more free food).

so now i’m at 243.6 (as of monday).
but even though i’ve gained a pound since i started this whole weight loss journey, i am already noticing subtle changes in my body.

i feel slimmer and my ass actually exists. and i just feel more energized.

i burned over 1100 calories today.

let’s just pray i keep this up.

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aufeeder  asked:

Wow just look at those shorts piggy, when did you buy them? 20 pounds ago? 30 maybe? More? You can barely see them between your new chunky thighs and growing pot belly, they must be really elastic if you can still get them to fit at all. How do you feel when you look at those pictures piggy? Fear of gaining more and outgrowing even more clothes, or hunger, a reminder of just how squishy and empty your belly is, just how much bigger and rounder you could be if you were eating right now?

I bought them soooo long ago. I think it’s a cute pic! Also I want donuts.

Now that I have a steady job I decided to join a gym and part of their introduction is that they schedule you with a personal trainer to access where you are.

So I met with mine a couple weeks ago and we went through the whole thing. Turns out I weigh 20 fucking more pounds than I thought I did. My BMI is crazy high and with my family history that just not gonna cut it. Plus for a woman my height that is A LOT of weight.

Of course I immediately signed up. Yesterday was my first session. We did arms mostly and I was kinda sore, but afterwards I went to the supermarket - got veggies and fruit, everything whole grain, lean, white meats only.

Well today was my second session and holy shit. WTF did this guy do to me. I almost fell down the stairs, i’m nauseated, I’ll be surprised if I make into work tomorrow. I literally have never been this physically spent before.

Coworker acting odd...

There’s a woman I work with who has always been kind of…awkward. She frequently interrupts people when they talk, runs into people without saying excuse me 3-4 times a day, abandons the jobs she’s suppose to be doing to go “help” other people… She also asks people a lot of personal, border-line inappropriate, questions. The list goes on, but you get the point.

A few weeks ago, I had to tell my boss that I was pregnant (because I can’t lift more than 20 pounds, and shit like that). Obviously, word got around. People started saying “Congrats!”, asking me questions, etc.

Immediately, she started acting very pissy with me on a daily basis. The invasive questions got worse, the “suggestions” about my pregnancy started to pour in, and she got visibly pissed off when anyone would ask me “Are you feeling sick today?”, or anything like that.

Today, I was informed by a coworker that she was complaining loudly about how she was “trying to get pregnant for a year”, but was “too old” and kept having miscarriages. She’s 45, atleast. No kids. I understand that must suck. But apparently, according to her, I’m “stealing” the attention she “should” have been getting. She’s also mad that a “unhealthy” person can carry a child, but she can’t (I’m slightly overweight, but not rolling down the stairs, or anything. lol).

On one hand, I know she’s just projecting her bad luck and feelings onto me, because it’s the easy thing to do. I know I’ve done nothing wrong. Buuuuut, at the same time, I feel bad for her. But I also don’t want to be her punching bag for the next 6 months.

If I say something to management, then I (and the person who heard her complaining) will be public enemy #1 to her. But if I say nothing, I kind of just… have to shrug it off? I dunno’. It sucks.