and 2) he will somehow survive it

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Tell us how Steve managed to cause a disaster on his bicycle, only hours after he was banned from using motorized vehicles.

you must know steve pretty well, because that is exactly what happened.

the morning after throwing yet another motorcycle at a supervillian, steve woke up early and decided to go out and get bagels. not at all unusual, except that his favorite bagel place is in brooklyn. so naturally steve decided to just bike there.

tony keeps a dozen or so bikes in the vehicle garage, and pretty much every one of them is weirder than the one before. one is a concept made by ferrari; another one is made from bamboo and was a gift from an MIT student whose research he funded. one appears to have some sort of rocket engine attached. with selections like that, you can see why steve chose the oldest, plainest bike in the group.

what steve did not know was that this was the Deathbike.

see, when tony was 14 and starting at MIT, he wasnt licensed to drive and needed a way to get around campus quickly. so, like many other college students, he got a bike. a very nice, high-end bike, of course, but otherwise perfectly innocuous. (it was a bit too big for him. he insists it wasnt, and that he’s not short.)

tony rode it home and painted it black.

within the first month of owning the Deathbike, tony ran into two people, was run into three times by other cyclists, and just barely missed being hit by a car. tony refused to admit that either 1. the bike was cursed or 2. he was just a terrible cyclist, and instead painted a tiny white skull on the side of the bike for every collision, and rode it for the rest of his time at MIT. somehow, he survived, and no one was seriously injured. (he admits that there may have been a few broken bones. but he paid the medical bills, so it was fine.)

by the time steve took the bike out, there were twenty-seven little skulls.

steve knew none of this, and headed out on the sidewalks aboard the Deathbike. he made it a block or two on thankfully empty sidewalks before tony’s modifications kicked in.

little 14-year-old madman stark, drunk on alcohol and puberty, decided that his two-wheeled killing machine didnt go fast enough. so, using the genius and lack of foresight the stark bloodline had given him, he made some changes. and now the Deathbike has a little electric engine that kicks in after a certain speed, which basically increases how fast the bike goes per pedal. tony says the fastest he was ever clocked on it was about forty mph–but insists he could have made it faster, except he didnt want to make it too bulky.

steve was doing fifty miles an hour by the time he was six blocks from the tower.

since steve is himself, instead of maybe slowing down when he realized how fast he was going, he decided to see how fast he could get. and it turns out that a supersoldier on a bike built by teenage tony stark can go plenty damn fast.

a traffic cam on the brooklyn bridge clocked him at nearly 115 mph.

but dont forget–this is the Deathbike. it earned its name, and would fulfill its mildly inconvenient legacy regardless of who was riding it. 

also, its tires were never built for that kind of stress. 

steve turned around the corner of the block where the bagel shop is going some eighty-odd mph (having slowed down to turn), and hit a heap of cardboard. if he’d been going slower, or if the wheels had been in better shape, he might have been able to brake in time. as it was, he was still going pretty fast when he hit it. and since the universe loves to laugh at steve, the pile of cardboard was shaped pretty much like a ramp.

steve and the Deathbike went airborne.

somehow, the early morning commuters failed to notice captain america hurtling through the sky on the worlds most sadistic pedal-powered monster, so when he landed in the bed of an old metal pickup, nobody checked on him when he didn’t pop right back out. instead, the Deathbike, steve, and steve’s shiny new concussion remained right where they were, in blissful unconsciousness.

when steve finally woke up, he was somewhere in southern virginia, and there was a very confused pickup truck driver wondering how the heck he’d wound up with a giant man and a bike in his truck.

we would have made steve bike back, but we didnt want to tempt fate. instead we sent a quinjet.

the Deathbike was unscathed.

steve is not allowed to use bicycles any more. 

I just want to point out something to those of us who haven’t waited years between episodes of Sherlock. The time between Episode 3 and Episode 4 was two years, meaning fans had to wait TWO YEARS to find out what happened to Sherlock and John at the pool with Moriarty. There was a massive cliffhanger and then fans WAITED and then it turned out to be nothing of importance. What a let down! Oh but wait! That’s exactly what happened between episodes 6 and 7. Sherlock fell, but he survived somehow, and then fans waited TWO YEARS to find out how, but it didn’t matter how because the massive cliffhanger was nothing of importance. AND THEN they DID IT AGAIN between episodes 9, 10, and 11, spanning THREE YEARS and the Moriarty’s return massive cliffhanger turned out to be NOTHING.  

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Meta Post: How did Shiro get his scar?

So a few days ago I did a post about Shiro’s prosthetic arm and the response was amazing! Many of you also showed interest in me doing one on Shiro’s scar as well, so here we are. This one took me a lot longer to make because it’s not as cut-and-dry as the arm. There’s a lot of variables and speculation. We can’t really know for sure what DID happen, but we can most likely deduce what DIDN’T happen. (WARNING–I’m going to discuss some graphic stuff, blood/gore/injuries, etc. So be aware.)

In this post we’ll go through the possibilities and see which ones are the most likely to occur. There will be one numbered point per general option, and I will narrow them down to the ones I think could happen. I would love for you to share your thoughts on the matter! At one point most of us, myself included, assumed Shiro got the scar on his face during battle, so this brings us to the first option:

1. The scar is the result of a sword or other blade swipe during battle

Let’s take a look at what would have to happen for this option to be the case. There’s an easy way to visualize this in 10 seconds or less.

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Vague Reckoning

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 3467

Warnings: Angst to Fluff to Smut. NSFW gifs.

@kazekagegirl​ asked “Could you do a Bucky x reader where the reader is hard on herself every time she’s messes up or does something the wrong way, she thinks she has to perfect, she thinks she screws up a lot when in actuality she don’t. Well one day her and Bucky get into it and she becomes emotional and he tells her she is not a screw up, she more than what she gives herself credit for, they argue and he storms off they make up and possibly smut. It’s different but if you can please and thank you.”

A/N: So I finally have time for all the requests! Request away people :) I changed the request a tinsy bit. Hope you don’t mind. Let me know if you want to be tagged.

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NCT as Horror Movie character stereotypes

Taeil: the weird little nerd guy you expect to just accidentally fall off a cliff but somehow manages to turn some sticks and a string in his pocket into a trap for the thing chasing them. saves the day. gets the hot barbie girl in the end

Hansol: that one guy that gets revealed to be the killer and you’re like ‘tf he was there the entire time! how!?’ and you rewatch the movie and realized he disappeared after the first 3 minutes

Johnny: the big tough guy that logically would be the one that would survive but is really slow and gets fucked up by a zombie but doesn’t tell the group he’s been bit until his skins falling off 

Taeyong: the attractive nerd that is immediately put in charge when shit got real. makes sure everyone eats. doesn’t know how to stab someone tho. nearly gets killed every time something happens but gets saved by his buddy.

Yuta: the buddy. the dickhead everyone kinda wants to trip and get jumped by Jason but he just keeps on goin and survives the whole film unscratched. massive douche but is redeemed by saving everyone in the end miraculously 

Doyoung: the complainer. whines about the shitty food and places they have to stay in when its literally an apocalypse outside rn. dies half way through the movie trying to grab a can of spaghetti-os while zombies are breaking down the door

Ten: weird, nature dude. lives in the city but somehow knows exactly what berries will kill you in 2 minutes and how to track and hunt. no one questions how city boy knows it but yeah. really good hunter. basically Daryll. 

Jaehyun: the second buddy. comedian dude. cant shut up to save his life. keeps attracting zombies with his loud ass mouth, but hes the one making sure yall dont have a mental break down over the end of the world. dies last minute of the movie after the final comedic break. rip.

WinWin: basically the baby. little brother of one of the group. got dragged along and now hes trapped with yall while the world falls apart. doesnt really talk. doesnt really do much. kinda just a lap dog that you cant really get rid of. 

Mark: Little nerd boy no one knows how he got in the group. he’s not a friend or a family member. he was just there one day. no one questioned it. just accepts it. the groups secret weapon, uses his cute lil face to persuade people to give him supplies. really good fisher. on fishing duty 99% of the time.

Haechan: tiny buddy. mark n him go hand in hand. practically brothers. mark brought him back to the group one day. no one questions it. nearly gets killed on the daily but mark always got his back. only job is putting worms on mark’s hook. basically a puppy.


This is from the Superfruit Coffee table book!! 🍓


“I started developing a huge crush on Mitch and wanted to be around him all the time. He and I started iChatting everyday after school.

Finally one day after school, in his room, I somehow found the bravery to kiss him & it was one of the most exciting moments in my life up to that point.

For 2 weeks, we secretly hooked up in my Ford ‘05 mustang and had intense emotional conversations, one of them being me asking Mitch to be my boyfriend. He said yes.

Mitch dumped me pretty shortly after & sensitive 17 year old Scott was pretty hurt. Looking back, I’m not sure our friendship would’ve survived if we had dove into a serious relationship so young, so now I’m ironically thankful it happened and very glad we are just friends.”

- Scott

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What are Shiros motivations as a character? I know there are the obvious ones like "beat the bad guys" and "protect the team" but what goes deeper?

Oooooh what a good question, Nonny!  Shiro’s motivations can actually vary a lot by your interpretation of him, since a lot of it is implications rather than outright statements.  But I think we can guess at a few:

1) Redeem himself.  Shiro had to kill.  He was undefeated in the Arena, we know that from the other prisoners.  The fact that Shiro had to do some awful things to survive is heavily implied, especially by Sendak (you are broken, you’ve already been defeated, you’re just like us).  Shiro doesn’t know the specifics, but he does at least think he did terrible things, so he’s haunted by ghosts he can’t properly exorcise.  

2) Redeem himself Part II: Electric Boogaloo.  From Josh Keaton and various sources, as well as implications in show (his interactions with Pidge, mostly) Shiro has a lot of survivor’s guilt for how he’s gotten away from the Galra and survived, while the fates of the Holts are still in the air.  This is technically ‘protect the team’ but it goes deeper than that: Shiro wasn’t to succeed where he first failed.  He wants to do better.  Shiro wasn’t in charge of that mission, but he still feels like he should have done more, somehow (gotten them away in time, saw the Galra ship sooner, talked the Galra down, done more while he was conscious and being dragged away, saved Matt without hurting him).  Now he’s actually in charge, and of the daughter/sister of the people he let down.  Shiro needs this to succeed.

3) Revenge.  Shiro is hurt.  Shiro is angry.  Shiro was violated, on a basic, fundamental level.  He was made into a weapon, an object, a tool.  His body was altered in ways that can never be undone.  Shiro feels a duty to fight the Galra, but it’s also deeply, achingly personal.  Shiro wants them to go down.  Shiro wants to see their kingdom burn.  Shiro wants to dash everything they’ve made, break it apart and save the universe in the process.

4) To be better.  I don’t think Shiro wants to recover, except in an abstract way.  I think Shiro wants to be better, skipping all the trial and error and work.  He wants to just will himself into being less broken, into not needing sleep, into being the perfect commander.  Healing is messy, and it’s hard, and it takes time, and it implies there will be mistakes and back-sliding and mess.  It means he needs help, that he has cracks running through him, that the gouges in his skin will never go away and he’ll never the the idealized version of himself that he strives for.  This is what drives him to hide problems, to shove them down deep and offer advice and a friendly ear rather than ever reach out.  

I could write a ten page thesis on Shiro, honestly, but I think that’s enough for now.

Rick’s sister (Daryl Dixon x Reader) Part 3

Fandom: The Walking Dead

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me that long guys! I’m doing my best to keep up with everything in my life right now so I hope that you will forgive me :) 

Imagine being Rick’s little sister. He thinks you’re dead but you survived somehow to find him and his group at the farm months after the outbreak. Now you live with the group and Shane decides to be a ‘jerk’ to you. After your argument with Daryl you find out that Andrea shot him. 

Part 1

Part 2 

You smiled softly as Carol joked about being happy to see a potato and being able to cook in a real kitchen. Maggie chuckled with the others and smiled at you while helping you dress the tables for tonight’s dinner. You had to admit that helping in the kitchen was soothing and it gave you the opportunity to think about something else than Daryl’s mean words and behavior. Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps into the hallway next to the living-room made you look up in the direction of the doorway.

“Maggie, what’s this?” Hershel’s voice said from the living-room’s door. You gulped as you could hear the annoyance and the disappointment into the old man’s voice. You looked up at him for a second then quickly turned your eyes to glance at Maggie who already seemed pissed off.

“I’ll help the girls with the potatoes…” You said just above a whisper and excused yourself in the kitchen to give them some space. As you walked next to Carol, you looked back at Maggie to see her arguing with her father and you sighed as you grabbed a potato and smiled at the grey-haired woman. Carol smiled back at you but her smile was tainted with pain and sorrow, you wanted to tell her that Daryl would find her daughter, that he was the only one who could do it but only thinking about saying his name out loud brought tears into your eyes. You looked down, listening to the girls with a neutral expression until you heard Lori complain about life once again. You loved Lori like a sister, after all she was your sister-in-law, but you knew what she did while Rick was fighting for his life in the hospital.  

“I’m glad to finally eat something else than squirrels over a camp fire.” Lori said and the other women laughed. Even if you were hurt and pissed off at Daryl, you couldn’t help but feel the need to defend him and his hunting skills. Lori’s words were meant as a joke but you were already too sensitive to catch the humorous tone in her voice.

“If it wasn’t for Daryl’s squirrels, we would all be dead right now… We would have starved to death, Lori. Try to be a little bit more grateful for what he’s doing for this group.” You said, not even bothering to look at them. “As far as I’m concerned, he’s the only one who’s still looking for Sophia and it’s the end of the afternoon.”

“(Y/N), honey, I didn’t mean it like that…” Lori started to explain but suddenly you heard a loud scream from outside the farm house.

Your heart skip a beat as you dropped the knife and the potato you had in your hands. Your head wiped to the side, looking out of the window and straight into the field before the farm. You could see some people running around and fear gripped your heart.

“That voice…” You whispered, your eyes meeting Lori’s frightened ones.

“Rick!” She gasped and suddenly she bolted out of the kitchen with you right behind her.

You ran as fast as you could, your heart beating against your chest as Lori kept screaming Rick’s name. Hershel and his family were also running outside and the old man asked what was happening but your eyes were focused on Rick and Shane. They were carrying an in unconscious man, Andrea was apologizing and tried to say that she couldn’t have known it was him. You frowned as you caught Glenn looking at you with worried eyes and that is when you understood.

This man was Daryl.  

You gasped and covered your mouth with your hands. Daryl was covered in blood and mud, his side seemed hurt and his head seemed… shot? Your eyes started to water without your consent and you glared at Rick, the fear of losing Daryl was overwhelming.

“What the hell happened?!” You almost screamed and rushed towards your brother to look at the hunter. You cupped Daryl’s cheeks and lifted his unconscious face up to inspect it closely. You bite your lips and shook your head in disbelief. “What happened?” You asked again but Rick only sighed and looked at you with sad eyes before continuing his trip to the farm’s front door.

“Rick!” You called out, hating that your own brother was walking away to avoid your question.

“He’ll be fine (Y/N), he’s unconscious but the bullet only grazed him” Rick said over his shoulder, making you stop in your tracks and turn around with your mouth slightly open.

“Bullet? Someone shot Daryl?!” You said in disbelief, this was insane. You looked around and your eyes landed on Andrea. The blond took a step in your direction and looked at you with pleading eyes.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I thought that he was a walker. I was only trying to protect the group…” Andrea said but you jumped in and cut her with a shriek.

“Are you kidding me?” Andrea took a step back and looked at you with watering eyes. “You shot Daryl!” You screamed again, your fists clenching at your side.

Andrea nodded her head and you lost it. You lunged at her, seeing red and don’t even understanding what you were doing. Your fists keep connecting with Andrea’s face until you felt someone grab you and tore you away from the blond as they lift you up in the air, your feet not touching the ground.

“Let go of me!” You screamed, kicking and fighting over the person’s arms.

“Calm down (Y/N)! Stop it!” You heard T-Dog’s voice say then Glenn appeared before you, his face showing fear and irritation.

“(Y/N), listen to me! Daryl will need you, what is done is done. Beating Andrea won’t help Daryl now! It’s not like you, (Y/N).” Glenn tried to reason you as he tried to lead you away from the group and into the house. Your breathing was laborious and your knuckles were bruised but you didn’t care, no one in this group really cared about Daryl and that was what made you lashed out. Finally, Glenn lead you into the house and you let him, you knew that he was right and you also desperately needed to see Daryl.

“You’re okay?” Glenn asked when you entered the hallway that lead to the bedroom where Daryl was. You looked at Glenn and shrugged your shoulders but suddenly everything caught up to you.

“I… I don’t know what to do if he… I don’t know Glenn. I’m…” You stuttered, your voice breaking at the end and tears went down your cheeks. Glenn sighed and brought you in a warm hug, you hugged your friend back and let your feelings take over for several seconds before pulling away and smiling weakly at him.

“Thanks.” You told him just above a whisper, making him smile then open his mouth to answer but suddenly the door a door at the end of the hallway opened and Rick ran outside.

“(Y/N)! Can you help?” Rick said in a rush before going back in the room. Your heart jumped in your chest and you rushed in the room, looking back over your shoulder to thank Glenn with your eyes. The young man smiling softly to encourage you as you stepped into the bedroom.

“What can I do?” You asked in a rush, your eyes glued to your injured hunter. Hershel was starting to cut Daryl’s undershirt as he looked briefly at you then focused back on the task at hand.

“(Y/N), can you come over here and hold his head still, please?” Hershel asked in a calm voice and you nodded your head before rushing to the other side of the bed and kneeling next to an unconscious Daryl and you placed his head carefully on your lap.

Hershel nodded in approval and removed the shattered undershirt of Daryl’s chest. Even in the current circumstances, you couldn’t help but blush at the sight of the hunter’s muscular chest. You glanced up at Hershel to see him smirk knowingly, indeed his behavior made you blush even more. Hershel turned Daryl on his side carefully and your eyes widen as you saw his back. It was covered in scars, some were hidden under the thick layer of dirt and mud that was covering his skin but you could see what kind of scars they were. Your heart hurt for him and you could feel the tears in your eyes threatening to fall but you swallowed them back and closed your eyes to calm down. As Hershel started to tend to his injured side, you softly ran your fingers through Daryl’s short hair trying to give him as much tenderness as you could with this simple gesture. You were lost in your thoughts but suddenly your brother’s voice brought you back to reality.

“What happened to your hands?” Rick asked as he got closer, his features wearing concern and confusion as he saw you being soft with Daryl. You looked up at him, biting your lips and shrugging your shoulders in hope to avoid the conversation.

“Nothing.” You answered but Rick tilted his head to the side and you knew that you were in trouble.

“(Y/N) …” Rick warned and you groaned in annoyance, rolling your eyes.

“Fine! I knocked Andrea on her ass for what she did, that’s all.” You mumbled, playing with one of Daryl’s short lock.

“You did what?!” You heard Shane scream and your brother turned around to calm him down.

“She got what she deserved!” You defended yourself and glared at Shane as Rick tried to make him sit down once again.

“You stupid girl! You’ll see what I’ll do when…” Shane started but Rick got in his face, staring him down.

“When what, Shane?” The tension in the room was palpable at this point. Shane breathed in and out heavily while Rick kept glaring at him. “Don’t forget that you’re talking to my little sister, Shane. I won’t let you threaten her without saying anything.” Rick told the taller man before him, Hershel looked at you as you observed your brother closely.

“Rick, drop it. Doesn’t matter.” You mumbled again, wanting to only focus on Daryl.

Hershel kept working as the two men calmed down but suddenly the man on your lap jumped awake and looked around in fear. Your eyes widen and you couldn’t help but smile and let out a sigh of relief.

“Easy son, you’re hurt, easy.” Hershel tried to calm the hunter down but Daryl was still trying to get away from him and, consequently, from you too. You took his head carefully into your hands and tried to make eye contact with him to soothe him down.

“Hey, hey, Daryl. Don’t worry, you’re fine. You’re fine, Daryl. You’re at the farm, everything is alright.” You whispered to him while softly caressing his cheeks. Daryl’s breathing started to calm down as his eyes locked on yours. You smiled softly at him and kept caressing his cheeks. “You’re safe now, Dare. I’m here don’t worry.” You said in a soothing voice and Daryl finally calmed down and let Hershel tend to his wounds.

You kept playing with his hair while Hershel patched him up and you could have sworn that you saw him lean into your touch for a second. After a while, Hershel patched Daryl’s head up and you sat next to him on the bed while the old man finished his work on Daryl’s side. Rick asked Daryl what happened and where he had found Sophia’s doll as he laid a map on the bed just before your knees. Daryl pointed to the map, his voice slightly rougher at he was still emerging from his daze. You couldn’t really hear what they were saying as your attention was entirely focused on Daryl. You were suddenly feeling tired because of the stress’ aftershock but you were happy to see Daryl safe and sound in the bed and talking with your brother.

You smiled as you watched your brother and the others leave the room, you got up in reflex to follow them as you saw Rick waiting for you at the doorframe but before you could follow him Daryl gripped your hand in his to make you stop. You looked down at him, frowning in surprise.

“Stay? Please?” Daryl asked you just above a whisper so only you could hear. You looked at him for a second then nodded your head and smiled as you sat back down next to him. Rick smirked at you and slowly closed the door behind him to leave you and Daryl alone.

The silence in the room was oppressing, you knew that he was feeling guilty. You saw it in his eyes but you also felt awkward. You couldn’t be mad at him after seeing him hurt and after thinking that he was dead, you simply couldn’t. You watched as Daryl tried to sit up in the bed, holding his side and wincing.

“Daryl, you shouldn’t push yourself too much.” You tried to make him lay back down but Daryl talked before you could move.

“I’m sorry.” He suddenly said as he looked down at his hands, Daryl was tensed and seemed worried. The man knew that you wouldn’t accept his apologies and that he had screwed up big time but he still wanted to try. “I’m sorry for what I said to ya earlier today. I’m an ass and I know that I don’t deserve it but…”

“I forgive you.” You quickly said before Daryl could bring himself down even more, surprising him with your soft smile and your forgiving nature once again.

“Ya… Ya forgive me? Why?” Daryl asked his eyes slightly wider than usual. You blushed slightly then shrugged your shoulders.

“I know you’re not a bad guy, Daryl.” You started still smiling but your heart jumped when you remembered the previous events. “You almost died today and I… I lost it. Completely.” You answered a bit ashamed of what you had done. You looked down at your bruised hands and sighed, scared of how Daryl would react if you showed too much interest. Daryl extended his hand and reached to hold yours to catch your attention. You looked up into his bright blue eyes and let him hold your hand in his strong and calloused one.

“I don’t deserve your kindness (Y/N) …” He said, his eyes never leaving yours. “But I’ll try to redeem myself … again.” He said the last word smiling slightly, making you chuckle and reach to touch the rose into your hair. Daryl smiled at you and intertwined his fingers with yours, a gesture that take you aback.

“(Y/N), I lied when I said that I didn’t care about ya. What Shane said this morning was kinda true. I mean, I gave ya my breakfast because I know you’re giving yours to Carl and I care about ya too much to let ya starve yourself. I’m not good with feelings, I don’t know how to do this…” Daryl said making you smile at him and squeeze his hand.

“We take it slowly so you’ll feel comfortable around me. That’s the most important thing because… I care about you too Daryl. I can’t lose you.” You said and bend down to kiss Daryl on the cheek, lingering a little bit longer than necessary. Daryl nodded his head, blushing furiously as he felt your soft and warm lips against his skin.

“We can do that.” Daryl agreed, clearing his throat nervously.

You smirked at him and chuckled softly, your heart finally filled with relief and happiness. Unfortunately, you didn’t know that someone in the group was listening to the both of you from the outside the opened window.

Shane smirked as he heard your conversation, determinate to ruin your life. The dark man had enough of the Grimes’ luck and happiness, Rick and his sister had to pay for what happened to him.

In his eyes, Rick and (Y/N) were responsible for everything. They were weak and he will take care of them, for the sake of the group. Or more precisely, for Lori and Carl.

I hope that you liked that part guys! What do you think Shane is going to do to ruin the reader’s life? 

We left John’s story then entered Sherlock’s then ended with Mary’s

If TAB is a decoder ring (which it definitely is) then it tells us that the story begins being told by John. He narrates the opening to TAB. But as we should see with a typical Framing device like this, he doesn’t also narrate the ending. A framing device left hanging; like it was forgotten, like a writer oversight but definitely not accidental. The decoder is showing us that despite ASiP beginning very obviously from John’s POV, somewhere along the way we left his and entered Sherlock’s, and we stayed there. It’s why Nurse Cornish thinks Sherlock writes John’s blog. 

(When I say POV, I’m not talking about filming perspective so much as the symbolic aspect of the storytelling).

Series 4 followed the path of the ending of TAB; making us think Sherlock was awake, but sneakily ending still in his mind. It ended with Sherlock sort of trapped there in an 1895 parallel universe Baker St, looking out the window longingly at the modern world where he could really be himself. We’re still stuck in 1895 as TAB ends, AND as the series “ends”.

But then we do sort of get an ending to the framing device of John’s opening narration in TAB: Mary’s narration of the end of TFP. It’s like the bookend to John’s. So we get John’s narration to start, Sherlock’s inner journey takes over, then Mary’s virus takes hold of Sherlock’s mind. I think that’s because she represents the villain inside of Sherlock, the ghost. The villain who defeated Sherlock in S4. But ghosts aren’t real, they’re only in our minds.

So Sherlock becomes the author of John’s blog like Nurse Cornish thinks he is. Then the virus in the data (Mary) essentially kills it. Which is why there’s the message on John’s Blog that it’s no longer being updated. 

Hello there again fourth wall. 

[BONUS: Also when did we enter Sherlock’s mind? Now there’s a good question. In terms of POV and framing, that moment in TEH when John goes to Sherlock’s grave is about the most obvious contender. We zoom out of John’s eyes and into Sherlock’s headstone. Perhaps zooming in on his headstone is a clue. I would add a gif but I’m on prehistoric internet speeds and this draft won’t let me. We’re either in Sherlock’s head, or somehow symbolically, Sherlock is already “dead”. We will come back to this point in the narrative and Sherlock will live, because there are two parallel universes, one where Sherlock survives the fall, and one where he dies. Maybe we’ve only seen the one so far where he “dies” inside his mind, after a journey that took 2 seasons, and ended with his inner ghosts defeating him after all. Sorry, I hate this perspective and I’m not a fan of EMP starting after TRF, but this headstone clue is now freaking me right out.]

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oh it's game night and patton makes everyone play messy twister

Logan downright refuses to play at first and he fights it until eventually Patton uses his puppy dog eyes.

Roman jumps right into and is the first to slip after only 2 turns. 

Virgil is pretty stiff but he manages to do better than Princey and makes sure to throw it in his face.

Logan falls immediately and glares at Patton because he fell face first in a pile of green paint. 

“I think it looks good on you” He says and Logan feels his face burn. 

Patton wins, somehow managing to survive more than 4 turns. But he doesn’t gloat. He’s just happy to see his kiddos and Logan spending time together.

But someone should probably stop the incoming paint fight that’s bound to start in seconds. 

Or… He could join. 

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About the Tobi learning fuinjutsu because the Uchiha couldn't copy it: Okay, but I headcanon that he got GOOD at them because his sister-in-law is an Uzumaki and the prankster thing is DEFINITELY genetic and she is not above using seals in pranks. Also, self-defence against future nieces/nephews who would be the unholy offsprings of Hashirama fucking Senju, aka idiot daydreamer idealist extraordinaire with the ability to manipulate plants, the things that are everywhere in Konoha, and (1/2)

Mito fucking Uzumaki, seal-mistress who subdued the bijuus, prankster extraordinaire and somehow insane enough to marry his brother. It was a survival thing, definitely.

YES. I will accept no other reasoning. 

Rick’s sister (Daryl Dixon x Reader) Part 2

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Imagine being Rick’s little sister. He thinks you’re dead but you survived somehow to find him and his group at the farm months after the outbreak. Now you live with the group and Shane decides to be a ‘jerk’ to you. 

Part 1 

Originally posted by reedusgif

Your eyes fluttered open as a ray of sunshine warmed up your skin. You sighed softly and stretched your arms, making your rugged blanket fall off your body. You sat there, a small smile on your lips as your eyes adjusted to the dim morning light. It must have been early in the morning because you could still hear the soft sound of Daryl snoring on his cot next to yours. You chuckled silently and turned your head to the side to look at him. Your cots were at two opposite sides of his tent but you were still slightly flustered by the approximate closeness the tent provided. Your eyes trailed up to his face, he had his right arm over his eyes and the left one gripped his pillow. He looked peaceful, and for once, he didn’t seem pissed off or sad. You shook your head slightly and sat up in your makeshift bed, your head still disoriented and your stomach aching from the lack of food.

It has been three days now that Daryl found you in the woods and brought you back to your brother but you were still too weak to go out and help finding Sophia, even if you desperately wanted to help. You could see how much it meant for the group, Carol was hardly eating or even living. The poor woman was already grieving the loss of her little girl and any trace of hope had already left her heart. Rick couldn’t help but blame himself for what had happened. Even if he tried to stay strong for everyone, you knew your brother. You knew that he had to find her in order to forgive himself. Then, there was Daryl. Your redneck savior was the one who seemed to care the most, even though he wouldn’t admit it out loud, Daryl was out into the woods every single day to find the lost girl.

You closed your eyes for a second then took a last glance at Daryl’s sleeping form and got out of the tent with new clothes and your knife. You were too scared of changing into the tent and taking the risk of Daryl seeing you. As long as you could remember, you had always been modest and shy around people, especially men. As you exited the tent and zipped it back up, you looked over the camp. Everybody was still asleep except from Shane who was on watch on RV’s rooftop. The man looked down at you and smiled, his eyes roaming your body in a way that made you gag. You turned your eyes away and started to walk toward the farm house. You’ve become good friends with Maggie and Beth over the past few days and Hershel gave you the authorization to use their bathroom to change and clean up. You climbed up the small set of stairs before the pavilion house, looking back over the camp to see Shane now standing on the rooftop and looking in your direction. You turned away again and knocked on the wooden door, waiting for the authorization to enter the house. Soft footsteps approached the door quickly and you looked up to be met by Hershel’s squinted eyes. You smiled and the old man opened the door, returning your smile.

“Good morning, sir.” You greeted your host, the old man smiled at you and stepped aside to let you in.

“Good morning (Y/N), you’re up early today.” Hershel said, his voice filled with kindness. You didn’t know why the old man was that nice to you, you knew that he was a good man but Rick had told you that he wanted you gone when Carl would be healed and ready to travel. You suspected that Maggie had something to do with the old man’s behavior towards you.

“Yes, I’m used to wake up early. When I was alone I couldn’t sleep that much.” You answer sheepishly as Hershel closed the door and walked into the kitchen.

“I understand.” He simply answered. “Maggie is already awake if you want to go see her in her room.” He added, already distracted with a book. You nodded your head and thanked the man before quickly making your way upstairs and knocked on Maggie’s door.

“Come in!” You heard her voice say. You smiled and open the door to see her looking out the window toward your camp. You chuckled as you sat on her bed with your new clothes still in your arms.

“Trying to have a good look at Glenn?” You teased her with a mischievous grin, making her groan and turned around to look at you.

“Will you stop?” She said and rolled her eyes as she walked in your direction and sat on the bed.

“Never!” You answered in a chuckle, loving to tease the two love birds. Maggie tried to convince herself that what she felt for Glenn was nothing more than a crush but you knew better. You saw how she was looking at him and, more importantly, you saw how Glenn was looking at her. The young man was completely in love with the farmer’s daughter, it was obvious.

“Look who’s talking, you’re sleeping in the tent of mister crossbow over there. I know how you feel about him, you can’t stop looking at that flower he gave you.” Maggie said and it was your turn to roll your eyes and try to hide your flushed cheeks.

“Please Maggie, he’s way older than me. I’m sure he doesn’t care about me as much as you think he does.”

“Keep telling yourself that, (Y/N) but I’m telling you. This man has feelings for you.” She smirked knowingly.

“It’s only been three days, Maggie!” You argued but Maggie shook her head.

“And so what? He saved you, he brought you back to your brother, he looks after you, he gives you flowers!” Maggie tried to convince you but you shook your head.

“Because he wanted to apologize for being an asshole to me before that, not because he wanted to make a love declaration.” As the words left your lips, Maggie groaned in exasperation.

“You’re so stubborn in the Grimes family, I swear!” The southern girl said as she slapped the palm of her hand on her forehead.

You laughed at her antics and so did she, after several more minutes talking with Maggie you decided to use their bathroom and take a quick shower before changing into clean clothes. You told Maggie that she could ask for you if she needed any help with the chores she had to do and went back to your camp. It was still early but some people were already awake, including Dale, Glenn and Rick. You smiled brightly and hugged your big brother from behind, wrapping your arms roughly around his shoulders and jumped on his back. Rick groaned but quickly grabbed your legs as if he was carrying you on his back.

“Morning brother!” You said as you laughed at his grumpy face. You jumped down and he turned around with a small smirk on his lips.

“Good morning sister, you’re already up?” He asked you and kissed your cheek in a brotherly way. You smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I went to talk to Maggie while waiting for your lazy ass to wake up.” You teased him, making him shove your shoulder slightly. Glenn and Dale laughed and you stepped aside to greet them.

Dale had started the fire back and T-Dog was cooking eggs as Carol made her way towards the man to help him. You were chatting with Glenn when suddenly, Daryl emerged from his tent, his eyes wide open and quickly putting his crossbow over his shoulders. He seemed agitated and worried as his eyes looked over the camp in search of something. Then, his eyes landed on you and he seemed to calm down. You smiled at him as he exited the tent more at ease and made his way over the log you were sitting on with Glenn.

“Good morning Daryl.” You greeted him with a nice smile. You didn’t know that but your smile always made his heart skip a beat.

“Mornin’.“ He grumbled out in his morning voice, making you blush unintentionally. “Where were ya?”  He asked as Glenn passed him a plate of eggs and squirrel.

“I went to have a little chat with Maggie.” You answered with a raised eyebrow, taken aback by his concern.

Daryl nodded his head and grumble something before making his way behind his tent to God knows where. You turned your head towards Glenn who was looking at Daryl’s direction as if he had just seen a ghost then his eyes shifted to look at you.

“Well… that was weird.” Your friend said making you giggle and nod your head in agreement.

Daryl came back after a few minutes and sat on a camping chair next to Glenn, his eyes shifting from his food to you as you finished your small share of eggs. You knew that Daryl was suspicious about you giving your food to Carl sometimes but he had never said anything about it… until now.

“Here…” You heard Daryl’s voice say, making you look up at him. He was extending his plate in your direction, his nodded his head towards the plate gesturing for you to take it. You shook your head and tried to decline the offer, Glenn looking from Daryl to you as you answered the hunter.

“No, that’s your share Daryl. You have to eat, I already had mine.” You tried to lie with a smile on your lips. Daryl groaned then grabbed your plate and shoved half of his food into it. You sighed and glanced at Glenn who was smirking at you. Daryl set the plate on your lap and groaned again.

“Eat.” He said sternly making you scoff but eat anyway. Glenn let out a chuckle at your pouting face, making Daryl and you glare at him.

Your eyes met Daryl’s, his stare made you blush but you nodded your head at him and mouthed a small “thank you”. Daryl’s lips tugged slightly into a small smile then he looked down at his plate. You smiled softly and started to eat the food Daryl had gave you, hopefully this interaction would go unnoticed by the rest of the group but it was without taking Shane into account.

“Well, well, well!” You heard Shane’s loud voice from the other side of the fire, your heart stopped as you knew what he was about to do. “Look at that! The stone-cold redneck seems to have a little crush on my best friend’s little sister, huh!” His voice was so loud that everyone stopped talking and looked at Daryl then at you.

“What the hell man?!” Daryl quickly said in a pissed off voice, glaring at Shane in a way that made you shiver. Daryl could really be intimidating.

“I saw you give half of your food to (Y/N), man.” Shane said as if he had seen something forbidden. You looked at Daryl to see him clenched his fists and glared even more at Shane. Glenn shifted on his seat beside you, clearly feeling uncomfortable about the situation.

“And so what?” You stepped in, trying to defend Daryl. “What’s your problem Shane?” You glared at him then looked at Rick who seemed really tired about Shane’s mess.

“My problem? I don’t have a problem. I just think it’s funny to see a man like him trying to get to a girl like you.” He said and you saw Daryl’s shoulders tensed. Your face flushed in anger, knowing how Daryl felt about his origins.

“Shut up Shane! It’s not because you have your freaking little heart broken that you have to be a jerk like that. I’m not stupid Shane, I know what you did.” You said in threatening voice, making Shane tensed up and glared at you.

“You know nothing, little girl.” He seethed getting ready to get up but Rick stepped before you.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Your brother told Shane in an authoritative voice. Shane sat back down and everyone looked at Daryl and you.

You felt so shy and embarrassed about what had happened that you looked down and stared at your plate. You felt Glenn’s hand on your shoulder and this simple kind gesture made you feel intently better. Suddenly, Daryl shove his plate to the ground and got up before storming away towards the RV. Rick followed him and several people gathered around a car talking about the searching plan for today. You were still pissed off about what had happened with Shane even if you saw Rick lecture him about it, it wasn’t enough. In addition, you knew that because of that Daryl would push you away.

You were hanging clothes with Carol when you saw the group separate from the car and going in different directions. Your eyes searched for Daryl and you saw him walk towards the stable. You quickly excused yourself to Carol and tried to catch up to him. The man entered the stable as you finally caught up and called his name.

“Daryl! Wait up!” You said as you tried to catch your breath. Daryl stopped and turned around, his face only showing annoyance.

“What do ya want?” He asked harshly, making you sighed.

“I wanted to know if you were alright. You know, after what Shane said…” You mumbled shyly.

“I don’t give a shit about what he said. It wasn’t true anyway…” He answered as if he didn’t care at all. You looked up at him but he was already walking away towards one of Hershel’s horse.

“But… I mean, he’s an asshole you know. It’s not personal, it’s…” You tried again but Daryl turned around and his anger took you aback.

“I said I didn’t care! I don’t care about ya! I don’t care about what he said! I could never love a girl like ya! Love is stupid and if ya think that I was giving ya my food because I care then ya’re stupid too!” Daryl shouted at you, almost getting in your face.

You took a step back out of instinct and looked at him with slight fear and sadness. Your eyes dropped to the ground trying to hide your tears as they trailed down your cheeks without your consent. You didn’t want to cry before him but you couldn’t help it. You took a shaky breath in, on order to calm down.

“Well… You made it pretty clear now. Good luck out there.” You said before turning around and almost running out of the stable, tears now running down your cheeks freely.

You ran away from the camp and from Carol who tried to call your name but you couldn’t face her right now. You felt so exposed and stupid as you ran behind the farm house to hide from everyone. You lent your back against the wooden walls and slid down until you sat on the ground and buried your face into your knees. You stayed there, sat in the dirt, crying your eyes out in shame. You didn’t know why Daryl’s words pained you that much, after all, you had met the man only three days ago. You knew that a friendship couldn’t develop in this short period of time but his words still stabbed your heart. Maybe it was because you cared about him when he didn’t care about you in return? You sighed and tried to calm down, a few sobs escaping your lips before you harshly wiped under your eyes and got up at the same time as Maggie walked out of her house by the back door.

“(Y/N)?” She asked in surprise, seeing the miserable state you were in. “What happened?” She seemed worried as she took you into her arms and hugged you close. You tried to talk but your throat felt soar so you simply shook your head as she pulled away.

“It’s Daryl, isn’t it?” She asked in an annoyed voice. You looked up at her briefly then shrugged your shoulders before nodding your head ‘yes’. Maggie sighed and took your hand to lead you into the house. “Don’t worry, whatever he said, he doesn’t mean it.”

“I highly doubt that.” You said just above a whisper, making Maggie look at you with sad eyes.

“Come on, you’ll help us with dinner. It will make you think about something else.” Maggie said as she took you with her into the house and made you help her, Carol, Beth, Patricia and Lori.

Daryl was laying in the dirt, his head and side hurt but he could only focus on the voice of his brother. He couldn’t believe that he let this happen, the horse he had took to search for Sophia sent him down a cliff and he was now hurt with one of his own arrows piercing though his side. Even if it hurt as hell Daryl couldn’t help but think that he deserved it. He could still see your pained eyes, your tears trailing down your cheeks as your heart broke in pieces. Seeing you hurt was the most horrible thing for him, and knowing that he had caused you so much pain made him hate himself more than anything.

“What did you think, man! You’re not good enough for a sweet girl like her! Nobody will ever care about you lil’ brother, except for me.” Merle said and Daryl groaned in exasperation.

“Shut up man!” Daryl said as strong as he could. “Ya don’t know what ya’re talking about.”

“Oh, but because you do?” Merle laughed, making Daryl close his eyes as he tried to stay awake. Merle shoved Daryl’s feet, making his little brother open his eyes once again.

“Hey man stay awake! You have to make it out of here or I’ll go back to your camp again and shot officer friendly in the head then take care of your sweet girl for you!” Merle laughed again, making Daryl groan in anger and opened his eyes widely.

“Don’t ya dare hurt her, man!” Daryl searched for Merle around him, ready to beat him to the ground even with an arrow through his side.

“Why did you say you didn’t care about her if you do, man?” Merle asked and kneeled before his little brother. Daryl felt suddenly too dizzy to even keep his eyes open.

“I… I don’t know man… I don’t know…” Was all Daryl could say before he passed out, hearing his brother laugh at his answer. All he could think about was if he would ever see (Y/N) Grimes again.

“I’m sorry angle.” He thought before falling into darkness.

Hi guys! So here is the second part! I hope that you like it! Tell me if you want a part 3 ;) 

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How would the RFA, V and Saeran try to protect MC if someone broke into their house or if they were both hostages somewhere for example ?

I present to you: Putting my Children in Traumatizing Situations and Making Them Suffer. 

Hella spoilers and tears in 707′s scenario.


  • If someone broke into your home, he would blame himself. How stupid he was to leave his home address up for everyone to see.
  • Oh, if anything ever happened to you because of his dumb mistakes, he’d never be able to forgive himself. 
  • He dialed the police and handed you the phone, then motioned for you to stay quiet and hide somewhere.
  • If it were just him living alone, he might not have been as frantic about it, but you’re too precious to risk.
  • Best case scenario, it was a crazy fan who he could sweet talk into leaving. Worst case scenario…… he didn’t even want to think about that.
  • He had to protect you from any and all danger, for both your sake.
  • He literally fist fought the intruder, putting all his strength into keeping you safe.
  • You on the other hand had a near panic attack in the bathroom, waiting for the police to show up, and wondering whether or not you should try to help Zen.
  • Police had to pry Zen off the intruder.
  • Even with his bloody nose, swollen cheek, and bruises covering his body, he was more worried about you. 
  • After the matter, Zen is even more protective than he already was.
  • He took his address down from his fan site, then insisted that the two of you move.
  • Once you two are moved into a third floor apartment, he feels a lot safer, but he’s still more careful about revealing his address.


  • The second he hears glass shatter, his immediate thought is you. 
  • His instincts immediately kick in and he’s doing everything in his power to protect you.
  • He doesn’t particularly like confrontation, but he’s ready to fight anyone who puts your safety at risk.
  • He opens the window in your bedroom as quickly as he can and forces you to crawl out.
  • There’s not any confrontation with the intruders, but when they flee, he’s totally on edge for the next few weeks.
  • It’s bad enough that Seven offered him an old Samurai sword he didn’t really want anymore. 
    • He told Yoosung that it was to defend himself, because everyone knew that Yoosung would never shoot somebody.
    • He told you it was only to make Yoosung feel better. Seven got ya’ll some hella security and you would hardly need to worry about intruders again.
  • About two months after the break in, it happens again.
  • Yoosung opens the window again, but doesn’t follow you.
  • The boy runs out of the bedroom with the sword.
  • He’s going to fight them holy s h i t.
  • You run back in and he starts freaking out because “MC what if you get hurt”
  • You convince him to come with you because you’re not leaving until he does, and the cops show up soon after. 
  • The intruders are chased a couple miles until they break down and you get your couch, TV, and Yoosung’s computer back.
  • He’s still hella jumpy, but he calms down again after a few months.


  • You guys had just finished up buying engagement rings together when you heard gunshots.
  • As soon as she figures out what’s going on, she immediately throws you to the ground, her only real concern being your safety.
  • She does not care about the money or the rings or anything besides your life. 
  • The two of you are held there with other customers and workers for two hours, but it feels like so much longer for both of you.
  • Laying face down with your hands spread for an hour, unable to see each other or anything that’s going on freaks you both out.
  • When gunfire is exchanged between police and the robber, she grabs your hand tight and tries to keep you calm.
  • After the first shot, she wraps her arms around you and sort of cradles your head.
  • She’s trying to comfort you, but her fingers are grabbing so hard into your shoulder, so you throw your arm around her as well.
  • You sit on the floor, holding on to each other until police come in to clear everyone out, because neither of you want to let the other see anything gruesome.
  • She insists that she’s okay, but you know she’s still scared.
  • At night, she just holds you for hours
  • She was unable to protect you. What if the criminal had been a little more crazy?
  • She was able to think logically and obey what he wanted, but what if that hadn’t been enough?
  • She cried a lot, because she kept thinking about what would have happen if she’d lost you.


  • Neither of you expected to be shot at while shopping. After months of doing this, it was quite a surprise.
  • His survival instincts kick in almost as fast as the bodyguards’.
  • He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you to the ground, then hunched over you to protect you
  • It was done and over with pretty quickly, but he was anxious to get back home.
  • You’d figure that if it was someone who wanted to shoot him, he’d be suuuuper uppity about your safety and his, but because it was just some random crazy with a gun, that was somehow worse.
  • He insisted that you must have at least 2 body guards with you at all times.
  • And that was only after talking him down from 6
  • He’s sorta on edge whenever you go out together because the unexpected could always happen again.
  • He holds your hand everywhere and is always ready to protect you if he needs to.


  • He was always afraid that someone might come after him, but he never expected it years after he stopped hacking.
  • He immediately panicked because they were after you too, and Saeran would probably be next.
  • It killed him to know that you were in danger because of him, and for a bit he thought that it might have been better if he had continued to push you away instead of giving in. At least then you’d be safe.
  • He didn’t even know who the organization was that held him captive, what with all the enemies he’d made over the years.
  • No amount of physical or psychological torture would make him give up information, but after a few days and some research, they found his weak spot.
  • Every time they’d bring his “cute little wife” into conversation, he’d falter a bit, but he had to keep convincing himself that you were safe with Vanderwood and Saeran.
  • When he opens his eyes to see you sitting in front of him with your hands tied behind your back and mouth gagged, he’s ready to let them have any information if it keeps you safe.
  • “If you lay a hand on her, you can forget about getting anything from me! Let her go and I’ll tell you whatever you want.”
  • He started giving them answers to every single question they asked in hopes that they wouldn’t hurt you.
  • It hurt him to let you know all the bad things he’s done and he’d never forgive himself for dragging you into this, but he just wanted you to go back to being safe.
  • After you were both saved by the RFA’s resources, and the other hackers were wiped out, he started pushing you away again. It hurt you both even more than the first time, but he had to keep you safe.
  • He actually kicked you out of the house, telling you that it was too dangerous for you to be near him,even with all the security. He felt that if someone came after him, at least you’d be safe if you weren’t in the same house.
  • You stayed with Zen, not knowing what exactly what other options you had.
  • After two days and 56 missed calls from you, he finally answered one of your calls.
    • “MC I’m too dangerous. Even years later, you can’t be safe with me. If something ever happened to you, I don’t know what I’d do with myself. You have to stay away from me.”
    • “Saeyoung, please. I still don’t understand what happened, but I don’t want you to push me away. You’re my everything. I can’t-”
    • “I should have known that I can’t give you a safe, normal life. If you’re with me, you’re in danger. I shouldn’t have convinced myself otherwise. I can’t let you get hurt because of me, MC.”
    • “Stop being selfish!” You had planned to be strong, but it was too much for you. The thought of losing him hurt you. You started sobbing into the phone. “I get that you think that you’re doing what’s best for me, but you’re not! You’re hurting me! You’re hurting us both!”
    • Neither of you said anything for a while. It was silent until you spoke up again.
    • “Saeyoung…. you’re breaking my heart…..”
    • He hung up on you.
  • Something about your voice trying to be strong through your sobs and the way you said his name and what you said; it finally clicked in his head that what he was doing was hurting you almost more than anything someone else could do to you.
  •  After sobbing into Zen, Saeyoung showed up at the door, begging for your forgiveness.
  • You drove around for a bit and ended up in the mountains, near where Mint Eye used to be based.
  • After hours of talking, you both fell asleep in the car.
  • He bumped up his security and it took him a few years to calm down again especially after the baby, but at least he didn’t keep pushing you away.


  • He didn’t know what to do
  • He didn’t think that a road trip stop by a gas station would ever turn hostile, but when it happened, he had to snap himself out of shock to protect you.
  • He immediately threw his hands up, urging you to follow, trying his best to keep you shielded behind him.
  • All he wants is for you to stay safe, so his plan was to just cooperate and hope the violence didn’t get turned towards you.
  • As soon as there was a gun pointed in your direction, he freaked out.
  • This man grabs the gun
  • As soon as the cops show up and literally pry V off the guy, he runs to you to make sure you’re okay.
  • He’s pretty cautious after that, but kinda sets it out of mind after a few days.


  • The first sign of anything wrong is a gunshot.
  • He immediately freezes, trying to bring himself back to reality, trying to forget every other time in his life he’d heard gunshots.
  • When your hand squeezes his arm, he’s able to pull himself out of his head
  • His hand shoots down to grab yours, and he just runs
  • He keeps trying to push you ahead of him, but as long as he has your hand, he keeps running.
  • Later that night, he has a really hard time sleeping.
  • You’re unable to bring him back for quite a while. He just sorta lays there and thinks about his past mistakes and betrayals.
  • You finally pull him into your arms and do everything you can to comfort him.
  • That nearly makes it worse because, what if he looses you too?
  • If he lost you, he’d loos himself. He couldn’t do that. He-
  • He had to protect you. If he couldn’t do anything else, he had to at least protect you.
  • He’s a little messed up for the next few days, but he comes down with your help.
  • His depression seems to be a little more intense, especially when he’s tense or under pressure, but as long as you’re there, he’s okay.

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Holy shit yes Lavi being the one who tells the story of DGM/that it is his recordings after the war we are reading is a fav hc of mine? Seeing your tags I just had to bring that up because angst potential. I kinda see it as only Lavi and Lena making it out of this war from main four and he moves on as a Bookman and gives up the name Lavi but still keeps the Ace of Spades and it kinda falls in line with Allen's "if I keep walking my path it might someday give hope to someone else" line and (p1)

“(p2) Lavi also gets to both accept that he did have a heart and move on with leaving his heart with "Lavi”, so he can be an impassive observer while at the same time having a heart, only now that heart secretly has a place so it also wouldn’t interfere with his recordings? (Lena might not survive too but it just somehow feels like she would?)“

I love the idea too because
1) it’s a great reason why Lavi should live
2) a hint that he does have feelings for Allen, the Dear Gray Man, either platonic or romantic
3) which leads me to believe that Allen won, against Neah, against the Earl, the war and potentially might even live as their successor.

I’m not sure about who will live and who will die, because I can line up arguments for both. Lenalee might survive because she comes off as less fortunate so far, but she might end up dying or have a fate worse than death, like losing Komui or be forced to work for Leverrier even after the war or he’ll get everyone killed.

1, 2, 3—1, 2, 3
1, 2, 3—1, 2, 3

You know that he trusts you
And I know that he loves you
But somehow you convinced me again
My foundation rumbles
And all my morals crumble
My father’s warnings run through my head

Your heart’s a vine that I’ve bled trying to climb
Yeah, you’re making a ruin of me
Try to survive, keep my spirit alive
But like a knife in the woods
Yeah, you hunt down {the good in me}

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Who in Bleach should you trust with your phone?

Author’s choice list. :)

This list was inspired by something I saw on tumblr for another fandom….which I saw weeks ago and so now I don’t remember what fandom it was. I apologize! But anyway. If you had to entrust your phone to a Bleach character, who might be a good choice?

1. Ichigo

He will protect your phone with his life. Unfortunately, he also spends 70% of his time getting beaten to within an inch of his life. Your phone will not survive that.

2. Kurotsuchi

When you get your phone back, it will be heavier. Because of all of the spyware and “upgrades” he added to it. Don’t give your phone to Kurotsuchi.

3. Szayel

Your phone will be the same weight when you get it back, but don’t be fooled. Your phone is still full of bugs now. And some of them got into your body somehow.

4. Kiyone

She will either lose your phone while spying on Ukitake or she will use it to take pictures of Ukitake. So this could go either very well or very badly.

5. Hinamori

She will take very good care of your phone, but she also gets stabbed a lot. So this one is risky.

6. Ishida

You will get your phone back safely, but it will have a new knitted phone case. And that knitted phone case will have a Quincy motif.

7. Yumichika

How confident are you that your phone is beautiful? If it is ugly, it will not survive Yumichika.

8. Nanao

Your phone will be so well taken care of. Definitely give your phone to Nanao.

9. Hiyori

Your phone will be thrown at Shinji’s head. Sure, that might hurt Shinji more than your phone. But are you willing to take that chance?

10. Ulquiorra

He will try to understand your phone. This he will fail at, but he will still take pretty darn good care of it. He may or may not make it a tiny espada uniform.

11. Halibel

She will give you many, many dire warnings about how she will willingly sacrifice your phone if she needs to. But after all that, she will still take great care of it.

12. Yoruichi

She’ll lose it. Cats don’t have pockets.

13. Urahara

He won’t lose it, but he will probably stick the hogyoku in it or something. 

14. Yamamoto

The chances that he will fall asleep and then lose your phone in his beard is frighteningly high.

15. Liltotto

She’ll eat it.

16. Chad

He will treat your phone like a precious baby bird. It will be very well taken care of. Definitely give Chad your phone.

17. Nnoitra

He will punch your phone just to be a dick. Don’t give your phone to Nnoitra.

18. Yachiru

Your phone is now somewhere in Byakuya’s walls. Good luck with that.

19. Byakuya

I mean…he tried to get his beloved sister executed. I’m not sure I’d trust him with your phone.

20. Orihime

She has the power to protect your phone, fix your phone, and she is all about helping others. She is basically the best person to give your phone to.

Okay so I want to talk about bubbles in Steven Universe. Things we know:

1) the bubbles have oxygen that seems to sustain itself. Steven and Connie were stuck underwater for a while and didn’t suffocate, Steven made a bubble in space that somehow had oxygen (we assume. Steven is half gem but needs to breathe as Lion shows, so the bubble in space must have had oxygen for him to survive.) Lars had his head trapped in a bubble for a few minutes during the trial. It could have been long enough to suffocate if he didn’t have oxygen.

2) Steven and the gems can teleport the bubbles. We’ve seen this over and over! It seems the bubbles can mostly just be teleported “home”, to the temple or the barn, but I see no reason why they couldn’t go somewhere else?

3) the bubbles can teleport some organic matter without destroying it. The chaaaps seemed fine after being teleported to the temple along with centipeedle.

So my question is: what are the limits of bubble teleportation? We’ve never seen it teleport an un-poofed gem or a living organic matter (the potatoes in the chaaaps are “dead”). But we’ve never been given proof that it’s impossible either.

I imagine the bubbles are limited largely due to plot. Being able to teleport anything would seem cheap. But listen, if the bubbles didn’t harm the chaaaps, maybe they wouldn’t harm living organic matter. Bring Lars home.

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What would being Steve Rogers little sister include?

Originally posted by softwintersoldier

Being Steve Roger’s little sister would include…

-          Steve would swear to himself the day that you’re born that he would protect you with his life.

-          He keeps to his word, as we all know.

-          Bucky becomes like a second brother to you and also protect you, and soon you become a trio.

-          A trio of accidents waiting to happen.

-          A man would comment at you, followed my Steve attempting to fight them, followed my Bucky finishing the fight for him.

-          When your mom died, Steve put aside his emotions to make sure you were alright, and then he’d deal with his emotions with Bucky.

-          When Bucky joined the military, he made sure that half his will is dedicated to you too, and on Steve’s demand, 75% of that would go to you. You have no idea about this.

-          When your brother has the serum, your first reaction is “Dammit Steve, now I can’t lie and say I’m your big sister!”

-          You hate that suit. But you like the shield. 

-          When you hear that Bucky had ‘died’, you’re as heartbroken as Steve.

-          So when your brother ‘died’, it tore you to shreds.

-          Luckily before he’d gone he asked Peggy to look out for you, and she did.

-          But you were a trio, and a trio you would be till the end, so you enrol in the army as well. From here three things would happen.

-          1) You’d die in action, leaving Bucky and Steve heartbroken when they find out when they wake up, but proud of you.

-          2) Survive and live out your life, and find your brother and Bucky as an old woman and make Steve and Bucky uncles and great uncles, and maybe even great, great uncles!

-          3) You somehow end up frozen as well and wake up around the same time as your brother.

-          If the third happens, then you get to be by your brother’s side and experience the new world together, as well as help him find Bucky and fight in every battle with him.

-          Despite you being a grown woman by now, Steve would still treat you like he did when you were 3 and had a boo-boo.

-          If Tony tries anything, there’s no verbal warning, its lights out for him.

-          Say you find a guy who both Steve and Bucky like (Unlikely), he’d still have to pass their interrogation. I mean this seriously.

-          But you love your brother to death and beyond.

Hope you like it!

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tfw u manage 2 miraculously survive puberty just to become a hateful little shit that can barely shaman right

the extent of pies shaman powers is barely managin to conjure up fire mmmmost of the time, but he makes the best outta that by keepin bombs on him. over the years hes gotten kinda practical with what little elemental powers he has (or rather, frustrated as shit and somehow managing to use what he has to as much of an advantage he can) and kinda became more of a fighter/brawler type (monk? warrior? rogue? we just dont know) that just happens to zap or fry people occasionally. the only time he can actually use elemental powers to some decent extent is when hes super pissed n even then it takes a lot outta him, so hes kinda come to terms with being a shitty shaman but a decent fighter. 

some shit went down in pandaria that messed with his head pretty good (one huge reason why hes such a prick) itd be cool if i had enough patience 2 make a little comic about it 

i like the idea of ghost wolves havin a ghosty skeleton underneath thats cool n at least he can ghost wolf right

My love letter to Return 0

I’ve meant to write this for a while, and I thought the finale’s first anniversary was the perfect date for it. Especially when I realize that it’s been precisely a year (365 days!!) and how this finale and the whole show still haunts me.

I’ve watched quite a few series end in the past couple of years. Of course, as POI was is particularly dear to my heart, I had lots of expectation for it, and was particularly emotional about it. And of all the series finale, this was by far the best one. The main reason why I loved Return 0 so much is that it totally delivered, both emotionally and in term of story. It was neither cheesy not over the top, it was exactly Person of Interest and everything I was hoping it’d be.

Well, ok, maybe the one teeny tiny little complain I could have is that we don’t know how the Machine won against Samaritan, and that bugs me a little. But this little plot handwave is by far surpassed by ALL THE FEELINGS.

As I was watching the episode that first time, both dreading and  hopeful, I felt that the show was truly saying goodbye, and that it was holding me by the hand, saying “it’s gonna be okay”. All the conversation between Harold and The Machine was basically this: the show holding my hand and telling me not to cry. And that they were sad too, but we had fun while it lasted. It truly felt like it was just as hard and emotional for the writers to say goodbye as it was for us. And that even though the show was over, as long as I’ll remember it, remember them all, it won’t be really dead. It was now up to me to carry the torch… And so I did.

That got a little long, so I’m putting a break, click to read the whole thing.

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