and 2 of these are going to be rereads

I tell everyone this and I mean it. Buy a journal. Carry it with you everywhere you go. And I mean everywhere. Write about your favorite moments, your least favorite moments, ideas, grocery lists, people you’ve met, strangers you’ve walked past on the street, favorite quotes, words to remember, what the sky looked like at 7pm, new songs you’ve discovered and what they mean to you, your childhood, places you want to go or places you’ve been, write about your passions, how you feel in this exact moment, draw out the mountains, scribble all over the pages. And when that one gets full, buy a new one. Reread it in 2 years, 20 years, when you need a good laugh, when you’re crying on your bathroom floor, read it to your children. You need to remember these moments in your life. They are so important.

She was so much closer than he’d realized, their faces inches apart, her expression wide and hesitant and vulnerable.

“My Lady,” he whispered. He was helpless in the ocean of blue that was her eyes; whatever had seemed so awful also seemed very far away. Nothing was dark or brutal or hopeless when they were this close, and he wasn’t the only one moving closer.

My vacations are oveerr so now It will take me more time to be able to post any finished pics, sadly D:. I have to paint a lot of new pieces for a college project ´v` BUT I will still have tons of doodles.

While my actual piece for State of Grace (by the awesome @dragonsinparis) is on the making (it won’t show up until at least next month thanks to all this stuff I gotta paint), get this quickie for one of the moments that broke me.

Drug Wars (Pt. 1)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

“She’s a babygirl Yoongi, and I think I’m in love with her.”

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything, so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered. 

A/N: None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. There are mistakes, I’ll reread it later. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

It’s the last class of the day and you can’t wait for it to end. Your head hurts from the pale lights, the stuffy, unventilated room is making you sick and you just want to go outside and inhale the cold air.

Finally you get up from your seat and storm out of the room in the middle of the lecture. For once, the building wasn’t filled with students and you could clearly hear the tapping sounds of your shoes as you quickly rushed down the stairs.

You could feel little bits of fresh air coming in your direction as you neared the already open front door.
The first thing you lay your eyes on when you exit the building is the black G-Class Mercedes-Benz and instantly, you can feel your stomach twisting – you’re excited, but there is fear in your body and you can’t explain why. 

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10 Things Book Addicts Understand
  • 1: the absolute shame in not finishing a book in the time you thought you'd be able to complete it.
  • 2: you literally have five thousand unread books at home but you still pick up a novel or two from Barnes and Noble
  • 3: you love Harry Potter.
  • 4: again, you have hundreds of unread books at home but you still reread (insert favorite book here)
  • 5: The book cover matters. So does the size ok
  • 6: not enough shelf space
  • 7: have multiple copies of (insert favorite book here) in different covers
  • 8: spend literally all your money on books
  • 9: never want to pay full price for a book
  • 10: you have that one book that you'll always go back to because it makes you all warm and cozy inside.
My Favorite South Park Fanfictions:



 1.  Don’t Touch Me - Soul Flash

 2. Falling From Grace - jusAgurl93x

 3. Better Left Unsung - Cutie Pie 9335

 4. Boundaries - Cutie Pie 9335

 5. You’re All That Matters To Me - xEmerald Isle

 6. A Knife To The Back - Rigato Caravl

 7. Well - Takethe Blanket

 8. I’m Just A Killer For Your Love - StalkerDex

 9. The Art Of Sneaking - Yummykyman


 1. The Deepest Cuts Don’t Bleed - scarylolita

 2. Bromance Is For Pussies - inu382

 3. The Other Table - SekritOMG

4. In Pieces - scarylolita

 5. Impossible - Suki-Itami


 1. I Will Die For You - South Park Trekkie


 1. Do You Wanna Touch Me? - MoonAngelNine

 2. Bittersweet Bundle Of Misery - StalkerDex

 3. Significant Other - everlasting-luv


 1. High School Reunion - Monthadog

 2. Sexual Tension - BattyCore

 3. Two Faces - everlasting-luv


 1. Blue Days - Koi Carp

 2. Cursed - scarylolita

 3. Liar Liar - scarylolita


 1. Some Boys Are Monsters - Eerily

 2. Best Bet - IDRC

 3. If You’re Bored, Then You’re Boring - scarlettshazam

 4. Addict - mr. eames

 5. Broken - eksley05


 1. About Last Night - scarylolita

 2. Life’s Worth - Cap’n Morgan

 3. Poison - McTuckerAddict

 4. I Don’t Need A Superhero - scarylolita


 1. Talking With His Mouth Closed - Druekee

 2. Rain Go Away - angelhamby931

I personally love all of these stories and have reread most of them at least three times. Go and support your Fanfiction authors, because they deserve it!

Some of these may be fairly obvious, but I feel that sometimes people (me included) overlook the obvious. Hopefully by following these tips you’ll be able to study more effectively and see an improvement in your language learning!

1. Know how you learn best. You can take quizzes online to find out what kind of learner you are, whether you learn best by writing things out, listening to information, reading, etc etc. This might be obvious, but if you’re not using studying techniques that work for you, you won’t learn much (or it’ll take you much longer than necessary). Following on from this- DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE TELL YOU WHAT TECHNIQUES WILL/ WON’T WORK FOR YOU. This happened all the time at school, teachers would tell me I can’t study by just writing/ reading my notes. Jokes on them, I got 7 A’s.

2. Do a bit everyday. This doesn’t mean you have to sit down in front of a textbook for 2 hours a day. Even just reading over the notes you made the previous week will help commit it all to memory. Honestly, rereading notes is the way to go when you’re tried/ just feeling lazy (we all have those days). Repetition repetition repetition!

3. Use more than one resource. Only using one textbook/ app/ website is only going to give you one definition/ explanation for what you’re learning. Having a ‘back up’ resource will mean if you come across something you’re not sure about you can easily look up another explanation which should help you understand it better! It may also cover something that isn’t mentioned in your ‘main’ resource, so you’ll be learning even more! That being said, try not to overload yourself with textbooks and online courses. Using too much will slow you down. 

4. Set goals. Breaking it down into smaller chunks will prevent you from feeling totally overwhelmed with the idea of learning a language. Setting goals like ‘5 grammar points and 20 words a week’ will mean that you can easily progress and achieve what was set, which will not only make you feel great about achieving those goals, but it will also mean you will be learning at a good pace. Following on from that…

5. Go at your own pace. Just because someone claims you can be fluent in 3 months (ya’ll know who I’m talking about) doesn’t mean it’ll work out like that for you. Sure, some people can learn a language to a high level in a year, but for others it may take them 2 or 3 years to get to the same level. That’s totally fine! If you try to rush, chances are you won’t actually learn much at all. It’s much better to take all the time you need (be it 3 months or 3 years) than trying to learn it all at once but never remembering it or learning it wrong.

6. Use the language in everyday life. You don’t have to travel around the world to do this. You can change the language on your phone/ laptop, make friends online who are native speakers, writing a diary, even just talking to yourself.  Using the language will help cement it in your mind and make it feel more natural when you speak it. Even just narrating your day in your head will help you become more familiar with the grammar and words used. 

7. Write things down. Even if you don’t write out pages and pages of notes from a textbook, keeping note of new words or grammar structures you’ve learnt will help you remember them, and if you forget something it’s all there in writing! It will save you from having to look it up again online or in your textbook, and the process of writing it out will help you become more familiar with it and commit it to memory. 

sourwolfstories recent rereads

List 6

Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin

Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable.

The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)

Dating Backwards by RemainNameless

Pornstars Derek and Stiles work for the same company. Derek only shoots with werewolves and Stiles only shoots with humans. That’s not going to change after they meet. It’s really not.
(It might.)

[Sleep]Walking After You by relenafanel

Derek is a sleepwalker who keeps wandering into his downstairs neighbour’s bedroom.

Stiles is pretty sure the hot guy from the park is going to kill him in his sleep. He knows he shouldn’t have been so obvious about objectifying the guy’s really fine ass.

Too bad it turns out Derek is easier to get along with when he’s sleeping.

Cupboard Love by mklutz

He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain.

If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.

i want to say all those things that would be better unsaid by aeneapsych

Derek is a lonely professor who decides to call a phone sex line.

Stiles is a poor grad student who needs to make a living somehow.

“One night stands were never this good. Hell, his previous relationships were never this good. Derek was so screwed, but right now he didn’t care.”

Windows by dr_girlfriend

Derek has a new neighbor who won’t stop looking.


“You’re blind,” Derek said flatly, the anger draining from him so suddenly he felt almost woozy. His vision cleared, his claws sliding back into blunt fingernails.

“Thanks for the memo, genius,” the kid said acidly. “I can still fucking defend myself, so don’t take another damn step.”

“Fuck, I…I’m sorry,” Derek stuttered.

“What?!” The kid’s brow crinkled. “I mean — what?! You’re fucking sorry!?” His lips thinned into a harsh line. “What, is this some kinda Hallmark movie where you’re discovering the error of your ways because you don’t want to rob a blind person?! That’s fucking condescending, man. I’ll have you know that —”

“Just, wait.” Derek interrupted what was apparently the start of a convincing argument as to why he should rob the kid after all, feeling his head start to spin. “This is — it’s a misunderstanding. I’m — I’m not robbing you. You’re — you’re safe, okay? I’m taking three steps back. Just — just let me explain.”

“Explain why you came busting into my apartment? Yeah, go right ahead, man, I can’t wait to hear this epic tale.”

I don’t need any help to be breakable (believe me) by Oywiththepoodlesalready

He tried to kiss me.
“We know”, Scott says, placatingly, and Stiles rounds on him, fists clenched and eyes blazing.
“No. No, you don’t”, he spits, “You have no idea.”

In which Derek has an accident and doesn’t remember anyone except Stiles.

Not Mine to Love by Sabeley

It should have been awkward then, as the haze of lust left them, but Derek really didn’t mind the fact that Stiles was collapsed on his chest, breathing heavily. He didn’t care that he was naked in his roommate’s bed, coming down from the best orgasm he had ever had. He didn’t even care that he had just lost his virginity to someone who wasn’t Jennifer.

“That can’t happen again,” he said simply.

It happened twice more that night and it never really stopped.

Developing the Godphone

Many people have asked me publicly and privately about how to develop a relationship with the gods. I cannot speak for everyone, but I can certainly give you tips that worked for me. 

1. Learn how the gods communicate. There are many ways the gods can communicate with us, and developing the “ear” to hear them is both difficult and important. Some examples are:

  • Divination - runes, Tarot cards, etc.
  • Animals - if the gods are associated with an animal (like Anansi with spiders or Ishtar with lions), you might start to see them (or images of them). Pay attention to what they’re doing, but don’t be convinced that every bird or everystray cat is trying to tell you something. Use your discernment.
  • Weather - like animals, if the gods are associated with a particular kind of weather (Thor with thunderstorms, for example), those might be a good time to reach out to them.
  • New cravings/interests - you’ve never liked cinnamon before, but now you really want it… but you don’t want to eat it either. What gives? Put it on an altar and see who responds.
  • Other people - Sometimes the gods use us as mouthpieces, so listen up for when someone says something profound that you don’t expect. Maybe they aren’t the one holding the strings just then.

2. Listen. Once you start paying attention to these things, the gods will communicate more. But you can’t just hear what you want to hear; just because you really want a relationship with Freyja doesn’t mean that she’s going to talk to you just yet. This is okay. Don’t judge what you hear, just hear it.

3. Show that you’re listening. When you realize you suddenly love Mr. Ibis from American Gods and can’t figure out why, reread that part of the story. Or look him up, do some research. Show them that you hear them. In the “godphone” metaphor, it’s you picking up the phone when they call so you can start a dialogue.

4. Ask for help if you need it. So some of this stuff isn’t working for you and you’re frustrated–ask for help. It’s okay to say you don’t have an intuition for this stuff right away. I spent the first three years of my practice praying specifically for the ears to hear their messages, even when I got pretty good at it. 

5. Give them gifts. There are so many ways to thank a god for their attention, or ask for it, and just like any human, they really love it! You can:

  • Offer them food they like
  • Light incense with a scent they like
  • Light a candle with their colors
  • Wear a piece of jewelry to honor them
  • Write to them (especially true for wordy gods and tricksters)
  • Do divination
  • Make projects for them (I’ve made key rings, calligraphy, and illumination projects, while my friends have done devotional embroidery or even research papers for their gods).
  • Collect jokes (if they enjoy jokes of course)
  • Wear their colors
  • Talk about them to others 
  • Share tea/alcohol/water with them
  • Research them and talk about the results of that research

6. Go back to step 1. Go back to listening. Did they like the jewelry you wore today? It’s okay if they didn’t, just ask them what they’d prefer instead. You develop these relationships like any other.

Trust that they’ll tell you what they want.

Trust that you’ll be able to hear them.

Trust yourself.

Drug Wars (Pt. 3)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

‘…you always look like a little angel when you’re beneath me’

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything,so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered and please don’t do drugs.

A/N: None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. There are mistakes, I’ll reread it later. I’m anxious as fuck, so please, please tell me how you feel about this part and feel free to ask questions. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

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canon divergent rec list

canon divergent is my favorite genre of fanfic, hands down!!!! lemme show u my faves <3 (as usual, please look at the warnings per fic) leave comments and kudos even if some of these r old af, they deserve all the love.

1. Bear Your Soul on the Ice by @diedraechin. Mature, WIP, 143k.

childhood!!! friends to lovers!!! coming of age!!! i love love love this fic. the portrayal of the friendship between yuuri and viktor (and chris) and the way they grow up and change together is So Good. i’m so invested in this fic 😩

2. Just Hold On (We’re Going Home) by @kiaronna. Mature, Complete, 23k.

VIKTOR FORGETS THE BANQUET BUT YUURI REMEMBERS. i swear, god, this gave me so much feels, and i’ve been dreaming of a fic like this and kiaronna just shows up and exceeds all my expectations and ajldjalskdjas. (sometimes i reread this and i cry)

3. Impossible Year by lainadraws. Teen, Complete, 6.7k.

short and sweet AU where they meet when they’re younger <3 their personalities are still on point. i love their story and the beautiful simplicity of it.

4. i know my madness by @astoryaboutwar. Explicit, Complete, 14k.

pretty sure i read this once a month lmao, this is the kind of story u don’t mind reading over and over bcos it’s So Good. I feel like almost everyone’s read this, but it still deserves to be here. i love Viktor here ❤️ friends w benefits ish that turns into more.

5. You can have everything….. by @shysweetthing. Teen, Complete, 12.6k

AHH THIS IS SO ADORABLE??? i love their flirting, and this is so sweet, it’s honestly such a great pick me up if you wanna read something feel good. yuuri finds vik’s phone before Sochi and !!!

6. les chemins by shakeskp (translated into English by Edgedancer). Teen, Complete, 12k.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. misunderstanding at the beginning by media that yuuri and viktor hate each other, but obvs the angst doesnt last long because they’re them and they love each other and so so sweet <3 (original fic is in french, linked in the english translation i gave!)

7. feel like i win when i lose by @2iren. Explicit, Complete, 8k


8. turntables by Vitali. Teen, Complete, 4k.

short and sweet and so so so cute :(( their Yuuri is so good. vik tweets out a ‘date me’ tweet and yuuri replies w his pic AND OF COURSE VIKTOR WOULD WANT BANQUET BOY.

9. Viktor Effing Nikiforov by @shysweetthing. Explicit, Complete, 13k.

Yuuri goes to World’s, sees Viktor, and Viktor is obviously In Love but Yuuri doesn’t remember lmao. AHH this was such a fun read, laugh out loud funny and you really feel for Viktor.

check out my other recs. the social media rec list also includes great canon divergent fics that i left out in this one since it’s already featured there HAHA, namely stay close to me, Setting Sun, we’ll always have paris, and the Rivals series.

as always, i’m open to more recs <3

IB Tips

Hey guys! Those of you who follow me know I’m a senior in the IB program at school. Over break I was reflecting on all the things I’ve learned over my years in IB classes that help me succeed and I decided to share these tips with you guys to help out any fellow IB students.


- Make a summarized study guide after each unit. This will come in handy for practice IB tests and the actual IB exam at the end of senior year. You will have a couple pages per unit to study instead of combing through all your notes from 2 years of curriculum. Trust me it’ll make studying easier

- For in class essays bring your own watch so you don’t have to keep looking at the clock

- Give yourself 10-15 minutes to outline your response to an in class essay before jumping in. This helps organize your thoughts and the essay is written in a way where the grader can understand your ideas much easier

- For classes like English and foreign languages participate in class. This is the best way to practice your speaking skills for the exam. The people who participate in class almost always do better than those who don’t.

- Always do practice problems from the IB textbooks (especially math) because there will be extremely similar questions on your test and the IB exam

- For history and science classes create a list of essential terms and define them for yourself. These will help you recall info during a test. (In my school our history department would decide our essential terms and we would find the date definitions context and significance of these terms. This really helps for essays)

- Read and reread the material for your English class. Once for the general plot and another time for actual analysis. It’s too hard to do both at once

- For paper 2’s in English memorize a few scenes from each novel that you deem important and then integrate those into your essay. There is no way you’re going to remember every scene in two entire novels. (While you’re at it, memorize a few key quotes form each novel it will show you have a deeper understanding of the texts and boost your score)


- Make sure you choose an Extended Essay topic that you enjoy. You’re never going to want to write 3,000 plus words on a subject that you have no interest in. There are some subjects that seem easier to write on but it will be just as hard to write on those subjects if you don’t pick a topic you’re passionate about

- Don’t pick an Extended Essay Topic that you haven’t taken as an IB class. Chances are you won’t know how to write a formal paper in this subject and this can lose you major points.

- DO NOT write the entire thing in one day. It’s not possible and you will end up with a terrible grade.

- Talk to your supervisor multiple times. Email them over the summer while you work on it or even skype them. It’s their job you’re not bothering them. They are there to help you.

- Don’t pick a supervisor who has never taught an IB class before. They will not know how to help you write at an IB level and in the way that IB wants you to structure an EE.


- If you take TOK after school always bring extra food or set up a system with your class to bring food because I guarantee you will be hungry if you stay after for the extra hour and a half

- Participate!!! You can’t get graded if you don’t talk in a seminar based class like TOK. It doesn’t matter what you say, just talk. I promise you that it will make a difference and you will start to improve if you keep doing it .

- Don’t worry, everyone is just as lost as you are. TOK is extremely confusing, complicated, and mind boggling. It’s philosophy, it’s supposed to be like that. Enjoy it because there’s not
other class that will make you question your entire existence.


- Make sure you buy/borrow the sources early because they might not come in time if you don’t

- When doing research, read the abstract first (fully don’t skim). T his will give you a good idea as to what the source is arguing and you can decide if it’ll be beneficial to you before trying to skim through 200 plus pages of work

- Don’t try and write it all in one day you need to do an adequate amount of research to get a good grade and it will be obvious to your teacher if you haven’t done enough research

- Your teachers often times have a lot of sources you can use for your paper. Ask them what they have on your topic before you go out to buy your own sources

So that’s all the tips I’ve accumulated so far! I hope this helps any current and future IB students. Good luck!!

So I'm rereading EOS and found THIS in Ch. 2.

“Her family—and her kingdom.

Two dreams long believed lost, she realized as the northern wind ruffled her hair. That she would do anything—ruin herself, sell herself—to protect.

Aelin was about to head for the camp to spare Evangeline from Rowan’s cooking when she noticed the object atop the boulder across the stream.”

Guys, SJMaas literally told us exactly what was going to happen but we blew past the warning signs because we love Aelin so freaking much.

His Friends hate him! Local man discovers easy cheap way to destroy 500USD competative decks in a casual format!


Hi there! Do you play MtG? Do you want to dominate the game in a terrible fashion? Do you want a deck that your friends imeadiately scoop when you play them casually? Do you want to lose said friends? ……. Do you have 50 dollars? Great! Here at Dr. Devilshorts Inc. have just the solution! Introducing Pox! Never heard of it? Your opponents probably haven’t either but tHEY’LL NEVER FORGET THE SUFFERING. I was like you, I was broke as fuck and lost to my friends constantly but with Pox I destroyed both their decks and their willingness to talk to me! Let me show you the secret to my dark success:

24 Swamp

4 Liliana’s Caress
4 Quest for the Nihil Stone
4 Pox
4 Smallpox
4 Waste Not
4 Chain of Smog
1 False Cure
4 Hymn to Tourach
4 Rotting Rats
3 Abyssal Nocturnus
3 Sign in Blood
3 Reassembling Skeleton

66 Total Cards (because this deck brings you ever so slightly close to Hell)

Now let me explain this evil thing here…

For starters, your opponents have protection? They think they are safe??? POX CARES NOT, IT TARGETS EVERYONE, WE MUST ALL SUFFER.

So the average player at turn 3 against this deck has 3 land, a creature or 2, 4 cards in hand, and 20 life. Starting with life, and Pox ALWAYS rounds up, your opponent now has 13 life. They now have most likely only 1 creature, 2 land, and 2 cards in hand. You have the same, so how do we win??? Easy! Let’s run a good hand of Pox to see!


Swamp and….

We will get to why this baby is important on turn 3!


Swamp and…

Would you look at that? Still doesn’t target anyone!


Swamp and POX

So if we go off of the previous knowledge your opponent goes down to 13, then when they dicard 2 cards Liliana’s Beautiful face slaps them for 4 more so 9 life left and go back to Nihil Stone and read it, now look bakc at me, now back at the stone, it has 2 counters on it, but more on that in a minute. Now your oppponent is sad and has very little lands and thigns to do.


From my experience people have about 2 cards at this point so blam 4 more life because Liliana and they are at 5 life and no cards (also read it carefully, discard at random!)


They have no hand, reread Quest, look at your opponent untap his things with 5 life, look back at Quest, look back your opponent, your opponent has 0 life.

Pox is possibly the strongest deck I have ever built from scratch, it is my Opus Magnus. It was simple not too expensive, has great synergy, but has no reliable weakness to it. It keeps pace with other decks because it ruins mana curves by balsting creatures and land. It hurts you too, but you only ever need 2 or 3 mana to be a dick. I hope at least 1 person found this deck fun, but do me a favor. If you build it and your friends look into your cold dead eyes and ask “Why? Why have you done this?” Shrug and tell them, “Gary was done taking shit from Slivers.”

So you lost your muse for a specific character? Don’t worry we all do every once in a while. I’ve noticed a couple mistakes I often make when trying to find my muse again though and have pointed them out in hopes to help some people like me out! If anyone else has other bad habits they do feel free to send them into me and I can add it to the list.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, so like if they had done an actual cap 3 instead of cw where sam and steve went after bucky and you go to write how that would go down, how would you have had the reunion/recovery go? do you think bucky would' want to be found?

I’m on mobile so I’ll have to format this later and put a read more in, but here’s what I would have wanted. Again, it’s long, I’ve thought about this at length.

We would have seen Steve and Sam, probably in Sam’s apartment reading and rereading files, crossing out leads, there’s a map with locations marked and also crossed out, Sam’s on the phone about another possible lead. Steve looks kinda defeated, it’s been 2 years and still he feels like they’re no closer than they were in 2014. Sam hangs up the phone, sits down next to Steve and says something like “Hey man, when he wants to be found then we’ll find him, and I got a pretty promising lead in Romania that says tin man is ready.” And Steve’s all “Sam, you gotta stop calling him tin man” - but he’s already collecting stuff to get ready to leave. And Sam’s close behind him like “Fine, how’s Robocop? Terminator? Man with the Midas touch?” “His arm isn’t gold Sam, can we go?”

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Gemma doesn't like you part 2

A/N: hi my loves! As requested, here is part 2 to ‘Gemma doesn’t like you’ . Thank you all so much for enjoying part 1 and for your feedback. I hope this is up to your standards and is okay. I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. Please feel free to send in your feedback, love hearing from you all. Happy reading!

Part 1:

He immediately noticed you left the party without saying a word to him about your whereabouts. Even in his drunken state he noticed you were gone. At first he thought you had just gone to the bathroom, but after a while, he knew something was wrong. So of course, Harry being Harry, he stumbled away from the group with phone in hand, making it his mission to find where you went. To his disappointment he didn’t catch you in the bathroom. Maybe you went back to the group he thought. Upon arriving at the private section where the rest of the bunch were, he saw you weren’t there as well. Where the hell did you go? he thought to himself. He briefly stepped out and tried to call and text you to no avail. With a sigh, he reluctantly went back inside. Concern rang through his mind, just as he was about to get up and leave, a person went on the loudspeaker. With the final call for drinks before closing time, he brushed it off and resumed to chugging some more shots back, ending his birthday bash with a bang. Oh was he going to regret that the next day. That was going to be some hangover. He had asked Gemma about you and if she had seen you leave but of course she denied it. Out of sight out of mind right? She was glad that you were gone with such ease, although a part of her wished you put up a fight for the dramatics.

••••2 weeks later••••

14 days, 336 hours, that’s how long it’s been since you last saw/spoke to Harry.
He was hysterical. He didn’t know where you were, if you were safe, nothing. Like you had disappeared into thin air.

After you had left the club, you told your cab driver to drop you off at the nearest hotel by the airport. Once you got to your room, you jumped on your laptop in search of the earliest flight back home. The earliest one was at 1am the next day, so of course you booked it. You safely landed home, (without being seen) and quickly phoned your parents about where you currently were and to not worry about you. You stayed at a local motel that was about a 45 minute drive from your family home.

Throughout the 2 weeks, you were bombarded with a million and one texts, missed calls, voicemails and even emails. All coming from the one who you cared for the most. You thought that as days went on, he would get the hint and the calls and texts would decrease but to your dismay, it was the total opposite. The more you ignored him, the more he tried to reach out to you.

time skip

It has been about a couple of months now and that was when the calls and texts started to dwindle, at first calls, texts came in by the hour everyday but changed to every other day then to once a week then once a month to now almost non existent. Just because you never answered him didn’t mean you didn’t see it. You read every text, listened to every voicemail, read and reread every email. A part of you longed for him, to let him know the truth but you knew it was going to make the situation worse than it currently is.

You haven’t spoken to anyone since this all happened. Although you never once replied to Harry, you checked up on him regularly through social media and the news. Once word got out that you weren’t together, Harry went on a downward spiral. He missed important meetings, and cancelled interviews. He refused to leave his apartment only to be bombarded with questions about the relationship. To say he was a mess would be an understatement.

Two months later, you find yourself still being a complete and utter mess. One night, just as you were going to bed you heard a ‘ding’ meaning you received a text. You rolled your eyes as to who would be up in this ungodly hour at 4am.

unknown number: hi Y/N, I don’t really know what time it is your end but I apologize if it is at some ungodly hour. It’s me Gemma, I know you probably don’t want to hear from me because of Harry’s birthday, but please, talk to him. Let him know that you’re okay if you are and if you aren’t let him know. He’s been driving himself off the wall, he’s missed so many interviews and isn’t himself, he’s so worried about you. I actually want to talk about the night of his party. When you left, I was stoked. I had my brother all to myself after months of not seeing him. We could catch up and I didn’t have to worry about our time being cut short whenever someone came to greet him or if you were by his side the whole night. Anyways, to make a long story short, he eventually found out that I was the one who told you to leave. He was furious. It accidentally slipped the next day when we were home. He kicked me out of his house and told me to never speak to him again. We haven’t talked for a solid 2 months now. I truly hope you’re okay.

You read and reread the text again. Why is she texting you? And how did she even get your phone number? She made it clear as day that she absolutely despised you and here she was texting you hoping you were okay and whatnot. Like no! You are not okay! You decided that the next time Harry texted/called you, you were going to pick up to tell him you were in a safe place and that you were okay and how he needed to talk to his family.

Just then you received another text. unknown number: sorry Y/N, I was wondering if you’d like of course if we could meet up so I can properly apologize and tell you everything’s that happened. I completely understand if don’t want to. But I’d like to do this for Harry’s sake.

of course she’d use the Harry card

and to no surprise you didn’t sleep that night. I mean who could after receiving a text from their ex’s sister?! After she was the one who ruined the relationship?!!

Reluctantly, after weeks of pondering her offer over and over, you agreed to talk. Now you were back home and she was in London. This was to happen face to face and not on a phone/ Skype call. So after getting the details, she was going to fly to you and you were to meet up at a hole in the wall cafe. You scheduled to meet at 2.

You arrived there early and found a quiet little area for you both. As you waited for her, the more hesitant you became. Were you doing the right thing? Your palms started to become clammy and you felt like you were going to pass out. Shortly after, you saw her coming into the cafe. You stiffened and stood up so that she’d be able to see you. She went up to the counter and placed an order. After getting her tea and pastry, she walked up to your table.

“Hi Y/N. sorry I’m a bit late. ”

“Hi, no, you’re fine, I just got here as well.”

Talk about awkward. You could totally feel the tension in the air.

Gemma then proceeds to talk about that night, and the aftermath the next day while going through that hellish hangover. And how her brother had kicked her out of his house and told her to never speak to him again. She knows she’s the root of all of this but she still stands her ground.

Gemma: “look, I know I caused this but can you blame me? I’m so sick and tired of watching my brother fall head over heels for someone only to be hurt in the end. I was the one who picked him back up and told him that the right one was going to come. I was looking out for him. I knew the moment I saw you, you were going to do exactly what the rest did. And I sure as hell made it my mission to stop this train wreck before more time was wasted and to spare Harry from all the negativity. ”

Had she thought so little of you? You thought to yourself.

Y/N: “look, I know you are looking out for Harry, but you refuse to give me a chance. I knew how hesitant he was before we got into the relationship but we worked through it. We got to know each other. He knew I saw him as Harry and not as Harry Styles. He was so sure that we would get along well before he actually introduced me to your mom. I know he takes into consideration both of your opinions.“ by then, you were cut off.

G: “you can’t seriously be playing the ‘I got to know him for the real him instead of Harry Styles’ card. Everyone’s done it. Just stop the charades. I call bull when I see it. He should know by now a genuine person when meets them.” she roared.

you inhaled deeply. With tears welling in your eyes, you spoke.

“ look, I don’t think this is going anywhere. I understand that you’re looking out for him but that doesn’t give you the right to judge me. You don’t even know me. I see that you want to fix your relationship with your brother, so do that. I know nothing I say or do will change your mind about me and now I don’t really care. You can think what you want. But what I had with your brother was real. So you can go back to London, call your brother and tell him we spoke. Whatever. You do whatever to fix your relationship, you can’t do this to your mom. It’s killing her to know that her children aren’t on speaking terms. ”

G: “ don’t you bring my mum into this. You don’t even know her, you never had the chance to meet her so don’t go bloody talking about her like you know her” she seethed. She threw her mug unto the floor. The sound of glass breaking echoing in the little cafe; earning a few stares from the other patrons.

Complete Sims 4 Pose Tutorial

PART [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4]

Revised: Missed an important step. Please reread!

Now that we have our rig open in blender, we can start posing! Are you ready?

You should have this screen open if you followed the last tutorial.
1) You should see your rig here. If not, go open it!
2) This is important! Make sure this little dropbox is set to “Pose Mode.”

Let me first start by explaining the keys you’re going to be using. There might be other ways to do this, obviously, but this is the way I have learned and still do it.


Mouse Wheel - Rolling –> This will ZOOM in and out.
Mouse Wheel - Press –> This will ROTATE the camera.
Mouse Wheel - Press + Shift –> This will MOVE the camera.


Right Click –> This selects the BONE(little dots on the rig’s skeleton.)
Left Click –> This is for MOVING what you have selected. Generally, I only use it for the RBG Arrows.
R (one press)–> This is for rotating the bone relative to where you’re looking.
R (two press)–> Press R twice, this is for full rotation of the selected bone.

It looks like a lot, but the most important thing to remember is that the movement/rotation of the bone is RELATIVE TO WHERE YOU’RE LOOKING. I’ll give you some examples.

1) Here, use RIGHT CLICK to select the small dot on her shoulder.
2) This is important for now and later! To make sure you have selected the right bone, look here. This comes in handy when posing the face and fingers.
3) Now that you have the bone selected, press R once to rotate the bone up and down (relative your view.)
Note: If you accidentally select the wrong bone to move, it’s okay! Just right click on any other bone, then go back and try again.

Now as you can see here, I have changed the camera view to look at our rig from the side. Using the same method as above, you can now move the arm up or down from this angle.
1) Select the shoulder bone by RIGHT CLICKING.
2) Make sure you have selected the correct bone.
3) Press R once and move the arm up and down!

Now follow the same steps for full rotation.
1) Select the bone by RIGHT CLICKING.
2) Make sure you have the right one.
3) Press R TWICE this time, and now you have full rotation. This means you can move the mouse all over and the bone will move with it. Master this!

Same as before, if you rotate the camera to different agnles, you can move the bone in different ways.
1) Select the bone by RIGHT CLICKING.
2) Make sure you have the right one.
3) Press R twice and move the mouse to rotate the bone.

In my opinion, the most important bone to master is the ROOT, circled in the pic above. This bone allows you the rotate the ENTIRE rig, move it up and down. This is the bone you will use to make sitting, laying, even flying poses! More on this later.

NOTE: After you have moved the bone to the desired position, LEFT CLICK to commit! So the process is:
Right Click bone –> Move bone using R –> Left Click to commit.
If you move the bone and don’t like it, and haven’t Left Clicked yet, just Right Click anywhere to cancel. ESC also works for this.
If you move the bone and have already commited, you can use CTRL + Z to UNDO the last move.

Those are the basics of posing your rig. Start playing around with the bones and you’ll notice some can’t or shouldn’t be moved. Over time you’ll learn where these are and be able to avoid them easily.


Now that you have a basic pose, let’s save it and get it in the game!

IMPORTANT!! If you forget this step, your pose will not work!

1) Click where it says “Start” and enter 1.

2) Click where it says “End” and enter 80.

3) Click inside this box and enter 75.

You’ll notice the little green line move ahead. That’s perfect!

1) RIGHT CLICK on any bone.
2) Press the A key on your keyboard twice, or until all the bone dots turn LIGHT BLUE.
3) IMPORTANT!!! Press the I key on your keyboard and you’ll see a pop up like in the pic.
4) Select LOC ROT. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

1) Go to FILE.
2) Select SAVE AS.
3) Give your pose.blend file a name.

Congrats, you have saved your first pose file! Next time, I will show you how to get it back into S4S, and then into game for testing! We’re almost done with the basics, isn’t that great?

See you next time. Don’t forget, I am always open for questions!

ok im rereading GGT chapter 2 and frankly. if ACOWAR doesn’t do SOMETHING wrt the jacket Lucien gave Elain that she definitely still has i’m Going To Die

options (u can mix and match some of these):

  • Elain has nightmares and the jacket helps her sleep bc mate’s scent= calming
  • Elain feels VERY STRONGLY about returning it for a whole host of complicated reasons, hangs on to it to Nesta’s chagrin until they have their inevitable meeting and elain blurts “HANG ON” as he’s trying to get words out and she goes and gets the jacket and comes back and is very politely like “this is yours thank you for letting me borrow it.” and lucien is like oh fuck, she’s adorable.

  • (Extra bonus points if then HE’S fixated on it bc it smells like her)

  • (this poor jacket is never going to get washed at this rate)

  • Elain just Likes the jacket and can’t really articulate why but she takes to wearing it. the next time Lucien sees her she’s got it on rolled to the elbows and ofc it’s too big on her but in a Fashion way and lucien’s like !!!!!!!!!! and she’s like “OH GOSH I HOPE IT’S OK THAT I’VE BEEN WEARING IT DO YOU WANT IT BACK??” and he’s like “no no no you keep it it looks better on you” and 50 years later when they’re married he’s complaining about not having any shirts left because Elain’s always wearing them and she’s like “well this IS how our relationship started u don’t have anyone to blame but yourself for not seeing this coming”

  • Elain embroiders it really nicely as a thank-you and when she gives it back Lucien is !!! SO TOUCHED !!!!! (because really when was the last time anyone showed appreciation for anything lucien did ha ha ha) and then wears it all the time forever. He thinks he’s being subtle about his crush on elain but Feyre’s like “FFS YOU’VE BEEN WEARING THE SAME JACKET FOR TWO WEEKS JUST BECAUSE SHE TOUCHED IT. AT LEAST RHYS AND I DID LAUNDRY WHILE WE WERE MOONING OVER EACH OTHER.”

  • look, im just saying, the opportunities are there. The Jacket is there.

  • In other news i’m thirsty af for canon elucien content catch my soul leaving my body may 2nd
Tower of Dawn cover musings...

My box is flooded with Q’s for my thoughts on this cover. Here they are. Short and sweet.


It looks like an owl/parakeet/hawk/eagle thingy.

Chaol is from Anniel—a people known for their guardian warriors. And yes Chaol carried around/threw away his eagle pommel sword when he chose loyalty to Dorian over the king. It could be the pommel.

I still think the ruby in Damaris is a maybe witch mirror which has nothing to do with this cover other than if this is a sword pommel then all the emphasis on swords in this series is probably not a coincidence.

Last thought: We still don’t know if the creepy owl that sometimes follows Maeve around is a person or not. Was it @sparkleywonderful who thought it was her “dead” sister? (And before you all start to post that the owl is Maeve’s shift form, go back and reread. It chills in the room with her in HoF and it’s never clear when it flies off if it’s Maeve in a shift form or the owl that chills with her.)

some of the best things in life are free (3/?):

It’s Only A Beginning by sunsetmog

Nick & Louis, 33k

No, this year was not going better than last year, because last year he was with his friends, and everything was okay, and it wasn’t the case that every single last thing was crap. Last year he wasn’t the stupid sixth former who’d failed his AS levels and had had to move stupid schools to do them again.

In which the only good thing in Louis’s life was the person he talked to on Tumblr every night.