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13!!!!! ❤️

13: “It’s pitch black in here and I can see you’re blushing”

It felt like things like this only happened in movies, the classic mistake of arriving at a hotel and releasing there is only one bed in the room for two people who definitely haven’t confessed their attraction to one another. At first Spencer were mortified, the last thing he wanted was to make you uncomfortable or let you figure out his crush on you.

He tried avoiding going to bed until the last possible minute, pouring over the case files hoping that for once you wouldn’t be so kind in helping him and instead just go to sleep. It would be far easier to sleep next to you knowing that you weren’t awake to feel his tenseness.

But of course, you had to be the nice person and stay up until neither of you could keep your eyes open. You went and got changed in the bathroom and Spencer hurried to get changed before you came out and caught him in his underwear, he didn’t want to make this anymore awkward than it had to be.

“What side do you sleep on?” You asked once you came out of the bathroom, dressed in short cotton shorts and old band t-shirt. Spencer glanced over at the bed then back at you, awkwardly playing with his hands.

“Oh, I. Um, left. I sleep on the left.” He said before walking over to the bed, it was thankfully a double but there still wouldn’t be much space between you once he laid down.

“Good, I like the right.” You watched as Spencer climbed into bed, tucking himself in under the blanket before looking over at you, he had positioned himself as close to the wall as possible to give you the majority of the space.

The awkward silence that occurs when you too climbed into bed and switched the lamp off was immense, you tried to move around to get comfortable but your hand brushed against Spencer’s thigh and made him tense up. Your crush on the doctor had been around since you arrived at the BAU and while it was extremely awkward being so close to him with your feelings hidden way, it felt ridiculously right.

“It’s pitch black in here and I can see you’re blushing.” You tried to clear the tension in the air, Spencer let out a breathy chuckle but you could still feel how tense he was, clearly uncomfortable from your close proximity.

 “Yeah, well. It’s not every day I’m in bed next to a beautiful woman.” His words trailed off as he realised that his one goal to hide his crush wasn’t going so well, instead of hearing a reply you turned over so you were facing Spencer’s direction. With a lot of hesitance, you moved closer and rested your head on his chest, he was so warm and smelt so good that it almost instantaneously lulled you to sleep. 

It took Spencer a little longer, too busy gushing over how you weren’t freaked out by his words before eventually slipping his arm around you and falling asleep, perfectly content by your side.

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how do i become a part of this skwad?

idk rlly,,,,   just like befriend one of us and we’ll probs add you to the squad chat tbh we’re weak 4 new members in our shit storm

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1, 4, 6, 11, 13

1: What brand of strings do you use?

I use Evah Pirazzi strings

4: How often do you rosin your bow?

It depends how often I’m playing - if I’m doing an orchestra course it’s at least once a day, but if it’s just a normal week of practising then maybe once a week

6: Have you ever tried gut strings or a baroque bow or s baroque vln/Vla/vc/bass/etc?

I used to use a baroque bow regularly, but I’ve never tried any of the others

I answered 11 here

I answered 13 here

Thanks for these!

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Reblog from me and you shall receive: 1, 5, 9, 13

(For this ask meme)  Questions 1 and 5 answered here.

9) a passage from a WIP

Hmmmmmm, I only really have 2 WIPs for Zestiria, and since I don’t actually have a chapter in progress for Tainted AU, here, take the opening mini-prologue scene for MadoMagi AU:

Tick tock

The only sound in the empty city was the whistling of wind through the air.  In front of him, an enormous glowing white dragon floated, wings slowly spreading to signal its awakening.

Another failure.

“He really was quite impressive, wasn’t he?  He took out that dragon in one shot.  Of course, now that his job is done, well.  It’ll only be a matter of days before he takes the world with him.  But that’s not my concern.  That’s for humanity to deal with.”

He clenched his staff tighter – this wasn’t the outcome he’d been searching for. But that was fine.  He had time.  He just needed to figure out where he went wrong and fix that too.

There was always time, and giving up was never an option.

A bright blue glow of his staff as he cast his spell was the last thing he saw before falling back into darkness.

Yes, this AU is still in progress - only so many hours in a day/week/month, and I spend so many of them working/commuting to/from work.  orz  If only there was a way I could have the time to work and write/play like I want to.  *sigh*  For the interested, I teased another early anime scene in a separate post.

13) who are your favorite writers?

Oh god, this one.  There’s quite a few of you who I actually started following here on Tumblr because you had it listed in your profile and I really enjoyed reading your writing.  In no particular order:

@shippy-things/seraphic_gate, @fortunesrevolver/FortunesRevolver, @eachainn/spirithorse, @amarietie/OccasionalArtist, @koko-ai/Kokoai, @talesofsymphoniac/talesofsymphoniac

And just for you: Blind Date is hands down one of my favorite Soymilk fics, because of just how well you set the scene in the opening chapter (and Mikleo’s growing disappointment) and Sorey just sweeping in to save him is just one of the sweetest things in the world.  I just miiiiiight be a sucker for college AU +/- love at first sight, haha.

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It's 7:13 here and I'm thinking about how much I want to draw but have no inspiration

i totally understand sweetie. i want to be a photographer and i lose inspiration sometimes with taking pictures. but don’t let that discourage you. i’m sure you’re really good at drawing and i hope you find that inspiration soon. i really don’t know how to help you get it back because i also have trouble getting it back but it’s going to be okay (*´ω`*)

Anonymously tell me where you are, what time it is there and what you’re thinking about


Honestly it’s a three-way tie between Zexion, Axel and Xaldin.

As much as I tease the kid and he accidentally falls prey to my ‘alleged pranks on Vexen; we found that his illusion abilities paired with my spacial control are great for disorienting and destroying most, if not all, enemies we’ve encountered thus far.. But they don’t send him out much, seeing as he’s more needed at the castle itself.

They also don’t tend to give me back up as often as I’d like.. mm.

As far as the other two go though; Axel and I work nicely together, funny enough, hell we even get along depending. His ability to juggle both short and long range attacks really comes in handy since I’m primarily a long range fighter, so while he keeps them at bay I can usually bring down a bulletstorm on the target. It’s also pretty amusing porting his chakrams into enemies to save his own ass.

And the same more or less with Xaldin. We’ve been fighting alongside eachother for over ten years, so it’s almost like habit. We know exactly what the other is thinking or what they’ll respond with and it’s become a ridiculously fluid attack-scheme. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in those terms at times.

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1, 2, 3, 4, 13, and 19 for the identity asks? pls. and thank.

umm here we go

1. if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to? 

oooh. if u really want to get me, somebody would have to read all of Tolkien’s middle earth stuff,  the last unicorn by william debuys, the summerking chronicles by jess owen, the moral lives of animals, and age of myth by  Michael J. Sullivan.

for movies that would be lord of the rings, james camerons avatar, brooklyn nine nine and parks and rec, the new jungle book, planet earth and planet earth 2.

for listening to, the music i listen to is really random. there’s no rhyme or reason to it, so it just anything i like the sound of

2. have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? if so, who? 

ooh that would be jess owen, author of the summerking chronicles. I don’t know what it is, but her writing just really speaks to me. Its a lot of stuff that i really like. Would highly recommend her, by the way.

3. list your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.

well i have a really long list of things that i like so i’m only gonna include a few.

lord of the rings-faramir

song of the summerking-einarr

moby dick-Ishmael

star wars-rey

silmarillion- I identify with Finrod, but I like Maedhros better

marvel(sorta)-captain america

thats all im gonna do now. There are a ton more books and movies im into but i don’t feel like listing them now

4. do you like your name?  is there another name you think would fit you better? 

nah i like my name. its unusual but its also rly cool

ill finish the other asks later because i gotta dash now. thanks for asking!!

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I was gonna send these earlier but I normally send stuff on anon because I get anxious sending asks for some reason but here you go :) 13, 85, 97, 100

13-Me and my dad were talking about taxidermy and I could not stop smiling! (I know, weird hobby, but I love it)


97-ISTP, Taurus or Leo IDK, and Hufflepuff

100-5 years into the future, because then I can leave the house.

Thanks for the ask! (;

Surrogate Boyfriend (Joe Sugg Christmas Imagine)

Christmas Imagine- Day 13 

‘What are you doing here?’ Joe asked as he stepped through his front door. 

You were sat on his sofa watching The Holiday. 'Caspar let me in, I was bored and lonely so I though I’d come and see you but then you weren’t in so I just stayed’ you shrugged knowing Joe wouldn’t care, he was your best friend after all. 

'What are you watching anyway?’ Joe kicked off his shoes and sat beside you letting you rest your head on his shoulder. 

'The Holiday, although it’s making me depressed about the fact it’s Christmas and I’m still single' 

'So am I and I’m not depressed about it' 

'Yeah but you’re busy with youtube, I have nothing but work to occupy my time’ you pointed out. 

'But why do you want a relationship so badly anyway?' 

'Because I want someone I can go on dates with or go Christmas shopping with and cuddle on the sofa and watch films all day' 

'Errm Y/N I don’t know if you noticed but we’re cuddling on the sofa watching a film now aren’t we?’ Joe looked at you with a smirk. 

'Yeah but that’s not the same’ you rolled your eyes. 'You’re just my friend' 

'Then let me take you out and I can be a surrogate boyfriend for Christmas' 

'That sounds ridiculous’ 'You want someone to take you out though don’t you?’  

'Fine’ you agreed. 

'Go home, put on something nice and I’ll take you out tonight’ he told you. 

'What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?’ you joked gesturing to your t-shirt and leggings combo. 

'You know what I mean’ he said seriously 'Now go, I’ve got a date night to plan’  

'You’re stupid’ you told him getting off the sofa and throwing your coat on. 

'But I’m intrigued’ 'I’ll pick you up at seven’ he shouted after you as you left. 

You went home and showered, mainly to elongate the process of getting ready. You straightened your hair and put on your make-up debating whether or not you looked too dressy for whatever Joe had planned. You decided to text him. 

How much of an effort do I need to make tonight? Dressy or casual? X 

 He replied almost instantly 

You’re such a girl! Put a dress on, I can’t remember the last time I saw you not looking like a slob ;) x 

You laughed aloud at Joe’s response. You changed into a simple black and white bodycon dress admiring yourself in the mirror. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d dressed up for anyone, even if it was only Joe. You grabbed your phone again to check the time just as the doorbell rang. You opened it to see Joe standing there smartly dressed in a shirt and trouser combo. 

'You’re on time’ you said shocked, Joe was always late. 

'I’m not going to show up for a date late, you look beautiful by the way' 

'This is weird’ you laughed at the situation. Going on a date with Joe didn’t seem right. 

'Just think of it as us hanging out’ Joe assured you taking your hand. 

'OK’ you let Joe lead you down the street. 'So where exactly are we going?' 

'There’s a restaurant just down here’ he told you guiding you around the corner and through the door. 

'This is posh’ you admired. 'With dates like this how are you still single?' 

'Actually I only bring girls here if I really like them, I’ve not brought anyone here on a first date before' 

'I’m impressed' 

'Wait until you try the food’ he smirked you as you gazed over the menu. Usually on dates you went for simple food, something that wasn’t messy. But with Joe you realised that didn’t matter, he’d undoubtedly seen you at your worst already. 

You and Joe talked and laughed throughout the meal, it was great because you were already relaxed in each other’s company. Joe paid the bill at the end and helped you slide your jacket back on before you left. 

'I never knew you were such a gent’ you joked with him. 

'That’s because I’ve never taken you out on a date before’ Joe wrapped his arm around you as you walked down the street. 

Christmas lights hung above you as he walked you home. 

'I don’t normally let guys inside after a first date’ you joked as you reached the front door. 

'And there was me hoping we could put on a Christmas film and cuddle’ he sighed disappointedly. 

'Come on’ you opened the door for him to walk in. He headed straight to your living room. 'What are you doing?’ You asked him confused. 

'Setting up the second half of the holiday so you can finish watching it’ You sat down beside him on the sofa cuddling in to him as he pressed play. 

'So how did I measure up as a surrogate boyfriend?’ He whispered in your ear.  

'So good that I’m thinking we should make it a more permanent arrangement’ you smirked up at him. Joe instinctively leaned down to kiss you and you felt butterflies in your stomach. You never expected Joe would be the one to make you feel that way.